Pablo Antonio Cuadra

Pablo Antonio Cuadra (1912–2002) was a Nicaraguan essayist, art and literary critic, playwright, graphic artist and one of the most famous poets of Nicaragua.

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Responsibilities of the Church in Central America Pablo Antonio Cuadra

Since Pope John Paul II’s visit to Central America,  something has become evident that had earlier drawn little attention: the religiousness of our Central American peoples and that religion’s moral and civic force. But in the same measure, a crisis could be observed: a new awareness, an uneasiness, a search by these great religious forces. … Read more

Two Views from Inside Nicaragua (part 2)

Notes on Culture in the New Nicaragua Editor’s Note: This remarkable document, by Nicaraguan poet, essayist, historian and journalist Pablo Antonio Cuadra, was published in August in Vuelta, the distinguished Mexican journal of letters and culture edited by the world-famous poet, anthropologist and diplomat Octavio Paz. The translation from Spanish is by Mark Falcoff. In … Read more

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