Michael A. Scully

Michael A. Scully's articles and reviews have appeared in Harper's Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, and The American Spectator.

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A Thunderous Ovation

Once upon a time, the gods sculpted ice with lightning. So, at least, it must hayed seemed. Indeed, perhaps someone said as much of Clare Boothe Luce, in the first third of the century or so, when the eminent borrowed pagan varnishes to ennoble the achievements of their time. The world was overcapitalized then: the … Read more

Observations: Catholicism in the World

Even as the Catholic Church in America suffers the greatest crisis of its short life, even as rebellious Dutch priests proclaim their independence, elsewhere in the world, little noticed, something remarkable has been happening. Catholicism, in our time, and to a degree never before equaled, is becoming a worldwide religion. At the beginning of Vatican … Read more

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