Michael S. Joyce

Michael S. Joyce (1942-2006) was an American conservative activist.

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Bad Economics

Ten years ago, the pastoral letter of America’s Catholic bishops, Economic Justice for All, was published, and though some troubling passages from earlier drafts were modified, it remained a document that failed to see clearly the limits of economic thinking. Five years later, when the Holy Father’s Centesimus Annus arrived, it restored economics to its … Read more

Guest Column: Safer Welfare

The return of Archbishop Weakland to the Milwaukee See comes at a critical moment for the future of Wisconsin’s communities. His comments about the human needs of persons confronted with changed rules for welfare in our state remind us that such needed reform demands the deepest involvement of our spiritual leaders. With all its powers … Read more

Showdown in Milwaukee

in Milwaukee, where the skyline is filled with church spires and where there are Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical Christian, Jewish, Islamic and non-sectarian community schools—in Wisconsin, where pioneering black Democratic State Representative Polly Williams and white Republican Governor Tommy Thompson can join forces when the interests of children are at stake—legislation was passed this summer establishing, … Read more

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