Maggie Gallagher

Margaret Gallagher Srivastav (born 1960), better known by her working name Maggie Gallagher, is an American writer and commentator. She wrote a syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate from 1995 to 2013 and has published five books. She serves as president of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, a nonprofit organization which lobbies on issues of marriage law. She is a former president and former chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage and other legal recognition of same-sex partnerships.

recent articles

The Latest War Against Marriage

In America we’ve managed to do something extraordinary: We’ve managed to make marriage, the most basic of all social institutions, controversial. In the last 50 years, differing ideologies have taken up the campaign against marriage, sometimes directly, often more subtly. But lately, the war on marriage has taken a disturbing new turn that threatens to … Read more

Guest Column: Marriage for Life

It was among an audience of mostly conservative Catholics that the question (as usual) arose. I was speaking to a group of Fordham law students about my new book, The Abolition of Marriage, in particular about the many ways in which the federal government has helped promote unwed motherhood among young girls, from welfare for … Read more

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