Marion Montgomery

Marion Montgomery (1925-2011) was professor of English at Georgia University. He also published poetry, short stories, and three novels, which focus on conflict between the Old and the New South.

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Milton and the Angels: The Long Shadow in Paradise Lost

Our age is so advanced that angelism has largely displaced the angels. Angelism is a doctrine suited to Modernism for which Milton supplies an epigraph, put in the mouth of Satan: The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n. C.S. Lewis, in his Preface … Read more

The Depths of Place: Eros as a Dying into Love

It is in relation to Percy as Southerner that we may look at his Last Gentleman (1966) as the most directly autobiographical of his novels. It is autobiographical in respect to family events, but more importantly to his own intellectual development in response to those events. Seen from this perspective, it is as if Percy’s … Read more

Observations: Deconstructionism and Eric Voegelin

Since the invention of moveable type, the precision of voice in the printed sign—the suggestions of gesture and tone accompanying voice—has been increasingly a challenge to the poet. The critic has enlarged his office largely in this ambiguous ground, appropriating to himself increasingly an authority whose culmination has been the establishment of ambiguity in the … Read more

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