Kenneth L. Schmitz

Kenneth L. Schmitz is professor emeritus of philosophy at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.

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Reconstructing the Person: A Meditation on the Meaning of Personality

The usage of the word “person” in our culture illustrates, simultaneously, its ambiguity and its curious power. Advertisers have caught on to the electricity in the word and have attempted to use it to their profit. No doubt you have received more than one embossed envelope marked “Personal! Urgent!! Open Immediately!!!” The first sheet that … Read more

Modernity Meets Tradition: The Philosophical Originality of Karol Wojtyla

Karol Wojtyla (now Pope John Paul II) has brought to the office of Peter the experience of student and worker, playwright and poet, philosopher, theologian, and professor. He exhibits a thoroughly contemporary understanding, rooted in a knowledge of the traditions of classical, medieval, and modern thought. That understanding is reflected in writings that range from … Read more

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