John Schroeter

John Schroeter is executive director at and producer of a special illuminated edition of Thomas à Kempis's devotional classic The Imitation of Christ, published by Sophia Institute Press in 2019 to mark the 600-year anniversary of its initial publication.

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Making Saints in Our Shops

“Jesus has now many lovers of His Heavenly Kingdom, but few bearers of His Cross. He has many desirous of His consolation, but few of His tribulation. He finds plenty of companions of His table, but few of His abstinence. All wish to rejoice with Christ, but few wish to bear anything for His sake. … Read more

The Road to Christian Enlightenment

What if just ten percent of Christians actually lived the way Jesus calls us to live? What would that world look like? Can we even imagine it? The historian and theologian Ronald J. Sider writes, “I have no doubt that if 10 percent of the Christians today would really live the way Jesus called us … Read more

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