Joseph Schaeffer

Joseph Schaeffer is the former managing editor of The Washington Times National Weekly.

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NYC Parade Chairman and Critic of St. Patrick Harvests Fetal Tissue

The new chairman of New York City’s iconic Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, who has proposed eliminating the honoring of Saint Patrick from the parade’s bylaws, is “a director” of a foundation that financially supports medical experiments that use fetal tissue harvested from abortions and acquired for a fee from a company at the heart of … Read more

Why News Corporations Protect Planned Parenthood

Conservatives and pro-life activists have bemoaned the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of the ongoing video exposé of Planned Parenthood’s efforts to harvest the body parts of aborted fetuses for money. An examination of the organization’s surprisingly close ties to major media corporations can help explain why leading disseminators of the news in the U.S. have … Read more

Making Wise Medical Decisions is Not Bruce Jenner’s Forte

It’s too early to gauge the amount of damage one-time Olympic hero Bruce Jenner’s garish public self-mutilation will inflict on our already morally battered society, but we do have a body count for another prominent manipulation he was actively involved in, a performance the mainstream media is making sure not to remind anyone of as … Read more

How Modern Post-Christian Liberals Watch Movies

As Christianity became less and less a cultural force over the last several decades, one of the great losses is our ability to make art that appeals to our common humanity, largely because a common humanity no longer seems to exist. While this may be a disappointment for the traditionalists among us who can no … Read more

Homosexuality & Diabetes: An Unspoken Likeness

As someone who tries to live a healthy, organic lifestyle, I have noticed more and more that in our culture today one is allowed to say things about people’s eating and fitness habits that you would never get away with saying when it comes to their sexual habits. Take diabetes, for example. Diabetes is a … Read more

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