James T. Johnson

James T. Johnson is Professor in the Department of Religion at Rutgers University. His main area of responsibility within the department is the field of ethics in the major western religious traditions. When he wrote this article in 1984, he was also Associate in the Graduate Dept. of Political Science at Rutgers University and his book Can Modern War Be Just? was soon to be published by Yale Univ. Press.

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The few examples of Christian churches that predate 313 A.D. were private residences. Following the Edict of Milan, issued that year, and the foundation of Constantinople in 330, Emperor Constantine I initiated a campaign to design and construct Christian churches to commemorate the significant landmarks of the Empire’s new religion. Over the next century, the … Read more

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One fashion in current discussion of Christian attitudes toward war and peace is to hold that the early church was pacifist and that acceptance of the possibility of military service for Christians came only with the emergence of just war thought in the fourth century. On this view the denial of military service to baptized … Read more

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