Jeremiah Denton

Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr. (born 1924) is a retired United States Navy Rear Admiral and a former United States Senator from the state of Alabama. He spent almost eight years as a Prisoner of War (POW) in North Vietnam and later wrote a book which became a film about those experiences.

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When Hell Was In Session

In the spring of 1968, we celebrated Easter weeks ahead of the rest of the world. We didn’t know when it was to fall (April 14, as I discovered many years later), so we guessed and chose a Sunday in March. I said that we should pray for a sign that would deliver us from … Read more

We are Counter-Revolutionaries

Admiral Jeremiah Denton speaks from the heart about his life, his experience of culture shock upon returning to the United States after eight years in captivity in Vietnam, his struggle to help America recover its character, his love for his wife, and his support for Crisis. The only justification for my standing up here and … Read more

School Prayer — the Battle Continues

I was saddened by the Clinton administration’s destruction of one of my hardest earned Senate accomplishments, the Adolescent Family Life Program (AFL), which provides an alternative to the heavily-funded Planned Parenthood approach to sex education (Title X). The AFL calls for parental and clergy participation (at the child’s request) in the counseling, which emphasizes abstinence … Read more

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