Jonathan B. Tombes

At the time this article was published, Jonathan B. Tombes was assistant editor of The National Interest.

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The Idler: Listening to Cecilia

A few encouraging trends in popular music suggest that the ongoing cultural war is not all lost. Thanks to a recent change in the tracking of record sales, for instance, we now know that country music is enormously more popular than was once thought. And country remains almost the only place in popular culture to … Read more

The Idler: Shooting at Rose Hill

The fence is set back about ten yards from the two-lane road several miles east of Culpepper, Virginia. I get out, swing open the gate, drive through, get out again and shut it behind me. There, up ahead of me, behind the maples and cedars and boxwoods, stands Rose Hill. I drive up on the … Read more

Vietnam’s Dirty Secret

Before Recognizing Vietnam, Let’s Recognize the Truth About Religious Persecution There Radical activists with anti-war records have long pressed for reconciliation with America’s former enemies in Southeast Asia. As early as October 1976, for example, the National Council of Churches (NCC) was advocating full United Nations membership of the newly established Socialist Republic of Vietnam … Read more

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