Glenn B. Siniscalchi

Glenn B. Siniscalchi currently serves as Assistant Professor of Theology at Notre Dame College in Sough Euclid, Ohio. He earned his PhD in systematic theology from Duquesne University in 2013. His articles have appeared in a number of academic journals including the Heythrop Journal, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, New Blackfriars, Theology and Science, Pacifica: Australasian Theological Studies, Journal of Interreligious Dialogue, Faith and Reason, Josephinum Journal of Theology, and Irish Theological Quarterly.

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No Excuses: Catholic Schools Must Evangelize

One of the most important documents for understanding the role of Catholic education in the modern world is Vatican II’s Declaration on Christian Education. This document explains and defends the various ways in which students should be formed in Catholic schools, seminaries, colleges, and universities. The Declaration affirms that Catholic colleges are an extension of … Read more

Retrieving Apologetics

A number of Catholics, including theologians, think that the Church should not engage in apologetics. These critics claim that Vatican II made apologetics obsolete by calling for the Church to embrace, and no longer turn its back on, the modern world. They say theology is supposed to engage pressing contemporary issues that affect everyone, but … Read more

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