Garrett D. Johnson

Garrett D. Johnson was first labeled gay at the age of seven. He resisted this labeling as long as he could but eventually gave in as the identity took hold. He lived a gay life for over 15 years and began using drugs and alcohol heavily to numb the pain of living this identity. As he neared the end of his 30s, he realized the emptiness and pain of his life and slowly turned back to Christ and then to His Church. He joined the Courage apostolate and has, with the help of therapy, the Church, and his friends and family, rediscovered his true identity and now lives it openly in hopes of leading others to the freedom of living their true identity as he does. His website is

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The Whore at the Well

God does not see people as “gay” or “homosexual.” He sees them as their true identity as His sons and daughters.

Coming Down the Mountain

At an early age, I started hearing the word gay used to describe me. I wasn’t sure what it meant the first time I heard it around kindergarten or first grade, but I could tell it wasn’t good.

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Orthodox. Faithful. Free.

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