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Eric Sammons is the editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine.

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Diverting the Focus of the Shepherd

The often uneasy relationship between bishops and the Vatican has come to the forefront in recent years, as increasingly unpastoral directives are being issued by Rome.

Jesuits Misbehaving Yet Again

A well-known Jesuit’s public rejection of transubstantiation raises a number of serious concerns about both the state of the Church and the validity of his Masses.

The Paradoxical Pope

In spite of the profound impact Pope Benedict XVI has had on my life (or perhaps because of it), I can’t help but have mixed—and confused—feelings about the man now that he has passed.

The Sad Case of Frank Pavone

While Pavone’s laicization understandably raises many emotions among pro-life Catholics, it’s not as simple as “ Vatican bad, canceled priest good.”

Chinese Army

Is China Really a Threat?

Too often conservatives conflate the internal policies of the CCP with a threat to the United States, so they support a belligerent attitude when it comes to China.

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Trump or DeSantis?

Conservatives face a real choice in the upcoming Republican primaries. Who will they choose?

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