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Spiritual Warfare (Guest: Dan Burke)

When we think of Satan and demonic forces we often think of spectacular events like demonic possessions or exorcisms. Yet how do demons quietly influence and impact us in our own spiritual lives?

Opposing Big Gay

One of the most powerful forces in today’s world—and today’s Church—is “Big Gay,” the LGBTQ+ advocacy conglomerate. How do Catholics oppose it in today’s cancel culture?

The Controversial Opus Dei

Perhaps no other organization within the Catholic Church has generated more controversy over the years than Opus Dei. We’ll look at the foundations and purpose of this group and explore why it’s so controversial.

Another Bishop Restricts Ad Orientem

Another diocese has announced restrictions on the celebration of the Mass “ad orientem.” Why are bishops afraid of this ancient practice spreading in today’s Church?

The Legacy of Joseph Ratzinger

With the death of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), we look at his substantial legacy as theologian, priest, cardinal archbishop, head of the CDF, pope, and pope emeritus.

Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves

Faithful Catholics know the Church is in crisis, and we know the hierarchy is often corrupt and even evil. So how do we navigate this storm effectively without losing our souls?

The Vatican vs. Frank Pavone

It was recently announced that the Vatican dismissed Frank Pavone, the founder of Priests for Life and long-time pro-life leader, from the priesthood. How should Catholics respond to this news?

From Neocon to Antiwar

The neocon narrative is crumbling, as more and more conservatives have rejected its empire-building foreign interventionism. What caused the growing rejection of neocon foreign policy, and why should Catholics also oppose the neocon narrative?

Dare We Hope That Twitter Be Saved?

With the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, many Catholics hoped the days of woke censorship were over. While things have gotten better, there’s still a strong bias against Catholics on the platform.

How Many Roman Rites? (Guest: Peter Kwasniewski)

A recent series of articles by three respected Catholic scholars argued for the superiority of the new rite of the Mass over the old. We’ll talk to a liturgical expert about the two rites, their relationship, their development, and how they compare.

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The Catholic Marriage Crisis

The number of Catholic marriages are plummeting, and the bishops have a solution: Extend the time for marriage preparation. Why does this solution badly miss the mark and what should be done to address the Catholic marriage crisis?

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Make Advent Great Again

Advent is the forgotten liturgical season, lost in the secular Christmas season insanity. What can we do to reclaim Advent, to help us be truly prepared for the coming of Christ at Christmas?

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The FTX Implosion and the Future of Cryptocurrency

The sudden collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has raised a lot of uncomfortable questions about the cryptocurrency industry. What happened, and what does this implosion mean for the future of Bitcoin and other cryptos?

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The Role of Fathers in Their Daughters’ Lives (Guest: Leah Darrow)

The role of a father in a woman’s life cannot be overestimated. Today we’ll talk to a woman whose father was a great example to her about what fathers should do to be good fathers for their daughters. We’ll also look at what women can do who might not have had the best fathers.

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Catholics, Voting, and Election Day 2022

Today is Election Day in the United States, so let’s talk about Catholics, voting, and the current electoral situation: Do Catholics have to vote? If so, who should we vote for this year?

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