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Overcoming Pride Month

Catholics are starting to fight back against Pride Month, resisting the dominant forces that demand we endorse sin and corrupt our kids. What practical steps can we take this year to overcome the deadliest of months?

Were You Brainwashed?

Starting three years ago the world was bombarded with one of the greatest brainwashing campaigns in human history. Did you fall for it? Did your family or friends? What can we do to make sure no one falls for it in the future?

Which Is Greater: The Pope or Tradition?

Pope Francis has made a habit of denigrating those who look to the past for answers. But isn’t tradition an important part of Catholicism? We’ll look at the proper relationship between the pope and tradition.

The Attack on Adoration

Leftist Catholics such as Cardinal Cupich have shown an increasing disdain for Eucharistic adoration. What is the origin of their contempt, and what is the proper Catholic understanding of adoration?

30 Years a Catholic: Would I Do It Again?

30 years ago I was received into the Catholic Church. Based on what I’ve seen over that time, would I still become Catholic today? I’ll take an honest look at the state of the Church today.

The Future of Donald Trump…and America

As always, Donald Trump is in the news—this time for being indicted. What does the future look like for the former President, and how should Catholics view both his campaign for President and the campaign to destroy him?

Is the Banking System Collapsing?

The recent collapse of multiple banks has led to worries about another financial collapse, perhaps even worse than 2008. We’ll look at what happened, what it means, and where we go from here.

The Plight of Ukraine (Guest: Fr. Jason Charron)

Ukraine is of course in the news now, but most people know little of its history that led to its current conflict with Russia. We’re going to speak to a Ukrainian Catholic priest about both the history of Ukraine and the situation today.

The Growing Divide Among Catholic Bishops

The recent debate between Cardinal Robert McElroy and Bishop Thomas Paprocki brought into the open the growing divide among Catholics bishops. Can there be unity when bishops are following essentially different religions?

Theistic Evolution vs. Creationism: A Catholic Debate

Two Catholics – Dr. Douglas Darnowski (Professor of Molecular Biology) and Dr. Kevin Mark (Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation) – debate whether theistic evolution or creationism is most compatible with Catholic teaching.

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