Peter L. Berger

Peter Ludwig Berger is an Austrian-born American sociologist known for his work in the sociology of knowledge, the sociology of religion, study of modernization, and theoretical contributions to sociological theory. He wrote this article during his time as a Professor at Boston University.

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Human Development And Economic Alternatives

By Strict Empirical Tests, Democratic Capitalism is the Best Hope for Economic Growth with Human Rights History, as we have all learned in school, is about “important events.” Upon closer scrutiny, these events, most of them bloody and senseless, were undertaken by very few individuals. Even fewer individuals wrote about these events, interpreted them, preserved … Read more

Toward an Alternative Vision of the Welfare State

Paper presented at the conference of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, July 28, 1983.  The topic of the welfare state is rather dismal, and not only in right-of-center circles. In American English the phrase has attained a particularly pejorative connotation, because “welfare” has come to mean the dole, handing out public money to people, … Read more

The Bishops Wash Their Hands

A non-Catholic sees the Bernadin Committee increasing the danger it seeks to lessen. In November 1982 the National Conference of Catholic Bishops received and discussed the report of its Ad Hoc Committee on War and Peace, which had worked for over one year under the chairmanship of Archbishop Bernadin of Chicago. The Conference is to … Read more

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