The National Catholic Reporter Calls for Reprisals against Catholic Trump Supporters

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The Biden Catholics at the National Catholic Reporter are feeling righteous. The editorial staff has demanded that the Catholic supporters of President Trump “confess their complicity in the failed coup.” 

Beginning with the fact that there was no attempted “coup,” the NCR crowd has provided much high-flying moral outrage worthy of an SNL sketch—“Sackcloth and ashes should not be out of the question, but it will take more than a confession.” 

One can only imagine what this alt-liberal Catholic posse has in mind: probably some kind of official censure and threat of excommunication from their buddies at the USCCB. 

That the big brains at NCR talk about “nonexistent election fraud” tells us that they only read the New York Times and watch CNN. They suffer from self-inflicted ignorance and are proud of it. 

They’ve latched on to the agreed-upon narrative of the President “inciting violence” and promoting “domestic terrorists” while ignoring that Trump explicitly denounced any violence, as well as the fact that they looked the other way at the widespread Antifa and BLM-inspired violence of last summer.

But since the NCR beat is all-knowing commentary on all-things Catholic, they howl, “Catholic apologists for Trump have blood on their hands.” Only a journalistic logic driven by hatred could connect the violence to NCR’s most wanted list—Bill Donohue, Cardinal Dolan, Laura Ingraham, Abby Johnson, William Barr, Raymond Arroyo, and CatholicVote. 

But NCR claims the “the list goes on” and points their collective raised finger at 50% of “everyday Catholics” who voted for the President. We may not have surrounded the Capitol, but we “fanned the flames” by supporting Trump in exchange for trivial items such as Supreme Court nominees. 

All this blather comes from a “Catholic” magazine that has supported abortion-on-demand politicians for decades. Does NCR really want to talk about who has “blood on their hands?” Millions and millions of the innocent unborn mean nothing to them, which is why they celebrate the election of a “second Catholic president—a decent man,” Joe Biden. His decency, I suppose, will be quickly manifest by the ending of the Mexico City Policy and the resultant public funding for abortion both here and abroad. 

The NCR crowd cannot leave out scolding all the Catholic media who have far larger audiences and far more influence than they ever had, outlets such as EWTN and LifeSiteNews. This is quickly followed by a laugh-out-loud moment: “It must stop. If the church is to live up to the teachings of its founder….” If NCR had been controlling things, Jesus would never have escaped the wrath of Herod.

But that’s not all: NCR accuses the USCCB of “complicity in empowering the president and the Republican Party in this violence and denigrating the Democratic Party.” Huh? This comment makes me wonder if NCR is living in some sort of alternate universe, a bizzaro-Catholic world. But join me in chuckling as NCR scolds the “Democrats at prayer” in the USCCB. Only a crowd drenched in socialist self-righteousness could make such a claim.

Ever since Ted Kennedy was convinced by Jesuit moralists that he did not need to be pro-life, the Democrats have been trying to refine what “pro-life” means—remember the “seamless garment.” NCR announces it wants “to re-shift how we discuss what it means to be pro-life Catholics.” In other words, all Catholics, like NCR, can support abortion-on-demand but still consider themselves “pro-life.” Using this logic, a vegetarian can consume Big Macs with impunity.

The NCR editors have found Trump’s influence “frankly terrifying.” They need to remember what “terrifying” really is. The NCR editorial staff hardly risks the fate of the writers who published under Stalin—the poet Osip Mandelstam; the short story writer, Varlam Shalamov; and, of course, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, all of whom were sent to the Gulag. 

If NCR was truly terrified, they could congratulate themselves on taking the risk. As it stands, they can only congratulate themselves on proving, once again, their essential hollowness.

Deal W. Hudson


Deal W. Hudson is ​publisher and editor of The Christian Review and the host of "Church and Culture," a weekly two-hour radio show on the Ave Maria Radio Network.​ He is the former publisher and editor of Crisis Magazine.

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