Father Moloney: Say His Name

On June 7, Father Daniel Patrick Moloney, Catholic chaplain at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sent an email to his flock regarding the death of George Floyd in police custody.

According to news reports, Father Moloney said that Mr. Floyd “had not lived a virtuous life,” and that cops “deal with dangerous and bad people all the time, and that often hardens them.” He also remarked that, “In the wake of George Floyd’s death, most people in the country have framed this as an act of racism. I don’t think we know that. Many people have claimed that racism is a major problem in police forces. I don’t think we know that.”

Within two days, he resigned at the behest of his superiors in the Archdiocese of Boston.

But the mainstream media isn’t telling even half the story.

Find out the truth about Father Moloney’s “resignation,” his the contents of his letter, and the U.S. bishops’ capitulation to the Black Lives Matter mob on this, fifth episode of The Crisis Point.


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