When the LGBT Bullyboys Come Calling

A few weeks ago, I outed the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign as a “font of evil.” I asserted they are in the business of persecuting Christian believers who may disagree with the homosexual agenda. I explained how they are rich and powerful and want to force their agenda on school children.

I also said they worked out of their own very nice building only a block from my office in downtown Washington DC.

A few days later, I received a letter from one Darrin Hurwitz, General Counsel of the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign. It was a threat letter. It is a bully-letter.

He/she/zie/ze/ve/co/en/ey/yo (I do not want to assume Darrin’s gender), expressed “serious reservations” about my email. Hurwitz said my email promoted “an atmosphere that openly permits dangerous behavior and provide[s] a road map to those who may engage in physically threatening actions.”

Hurwitz said, “We are in regular communications with the Metropolitan Police Department, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies regarding such threats and take steps as necessary to address them.”

The funny thing about his/her/zie/ze/ve/co/en/ey/yo’s letter is that it came with HRC’s address right on the letterhead. What’s more, HRC’s name and logo is emblazoned across the front of their building. What’s more, if you Google HRC, their address pops up on the first page of the search results. In a follow-up letter, I recommended to Hurwitz that if they had such security concerns they may want to address the fact that their super-secret headquarters is easily found.

Hurwitz said they recognized our First Amendment rights to express ourselves. But, make no mistake, the letter was a threat precisely because we expressed our views. Hurwitz is HRC’s General Counsel, meaning the letter was a threat of legal action against us. There was a further threat that they would call not just the local cops but the FBI. Hurwitz said my email was a “threat” of violence against HRC. It was no such thing.

If HRC believed such strong language was a threat, then they would take down a vicious report on their website called “The Export of Hate” which is an attack on various pro-family Christians who work in the international arena. The report came with drawings of these men and women making them out to be monsters. It is still on their website.

If HRC was concerned about placing people in danger by identifying their office locations, they would not be so cozy with the Southern Poverty Law Center and their hate report which comes with a map showing where these “hate groups,” including my organization, are located. Hurwitz said he/she/zie/ze/ve/co/en/ey/yo was concerned about “our shared neighborhood” because of my email. But Hurwitz and his colleagues have not been very concerned about the threat to our “shared neighborhood” because of SPLC’s hate map.

Hurwitz might know that the threat of violence comes from the pro-LGBT left against Christians and not the other way around. After all, it was an LGBT “ally” who shot a security guard at the Family Research Council a few years ago and who had the intent of mass-murder. It was an LGBT ally who tried to murder a softball field of Congressmen and staff a few months ago in Alexandria, Virginia.

HRC is very good at bullying and threats.

Last year, Dr. Paul McHugh published a scientific paper questioning the claims of the LGBTs about homosexuality and transgenderism. HRC went to Johns Hopkins University and ordered them to condemn the paper since McHugh has been associated with Johns Hopkins for decades. HRC threatened Johns Hopkins with being taken off of HRC’s annual report of LGBT-friendly universities. This is a classic Mafiosi shakedown. That’s a nice university you have there. Too bad if anything happens to it.

HRC is one of the leading bullyboys in trying to force Christian bakers, photographers, and others to participate in faux-weddings. They are among the lead advocates of forcing schoolgirls to shower with boys who claim they are girls. They want to force school districts to teach kids about all-things gay.

HRC wants us to believe many lies, that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable, that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. They also want us to believe that they are concerned only with equality. This is simply false. They are about domination. They are about persecution. They are about discrimination against those who oppose them. Step out of line, you can lose your reputation, your job, your business, your career.

The LGBT bullyboys are at the peak of their power. They don’t know it; they think their power is permanent, but even that will wane. In the meantime, if you are so inclined, you can send a letter to Darrin Hurwitz at the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign. You can find his/her/their/hir/yos/zir/ver/cos/ens/eir’s office address right there on the Google machine. And by the way, Darrin, you don’t scare me.

Austin Ruse


Austin Ruse is a contributing editor to Crisis Magazine. His next book, Under Siege: No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic, is out from Crisis Publications in April. You can follow him on Twitter @austinruse.

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