Dissent Trumps Faith in New “Catholic” LGBT Film

“Human beings procreate male-female, but human sexuality isn’t just about that. It’s about so much more, which is self-evident.”

So says Fr. Patrick Conroy, chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, at the outset of a recently released short film promoting the normalization of LGBT lifestyles within the Catholic Church.

The film is entitled “Owning Our Faith,” which is richly ironic in ways that the director, Michael Tomae, surely did not intend. Except for Catholic writer Eve Tushnet (a complicated case, whose work has been discussed on Crisis in the past), all the featured participants clearly and openly dissent from Catholic teachings on sexuality. They are indeed interested in “owning” their faith. But the ownership they seek is of a distinctly proprietary nature.

There’s little point in trying to refute the film’s arguments as such, because there really are none. If the word “Catholic” were omitted from the audio track, almost nothing would suggest to a listener that the content of the film had anything to do with the Catholic tradition. There is no serious discussion of theology or doctrine. The quote from Fr. Conroy above is the closest it ever comes to “engaging” the Church’s teaching on sexual ethics. It’s clear throughout that the individuals featured are not interested in learning what their faith might have to teach them. As they see it, they are the teachers, appointed to remake the Church in their own image.

Thus we see Fr. Conroy lamenting that gay and lesbian Catholics cannot be “fully participating in the sacramental life of our Church.” In case anyone is unclear as to what he means (because of course, experiences of same-sex attraction do not exclude anyone from full participation in the Church’s sacramental life), this is juxtaposed against “married couple” Matt and Rick Vidal discussing why they choose to remain “faithful Catholics,” despite criticism from their LGBT friends. “We are the Church,” declares Rick, “and if we leave it, if we abandon the Church, then it’s never going to change, so we have to continue living here, being an example, and encouraging other people to be that example, because that’s what’s going to change the Church.”

Is there anything these men like about Catholicism as it is? Any reason not to seek out one of the (numerous) other communities and churches that would be happy to affirm them in whatever sexual lifestyle they might choose? They don’t say, and neither do any of the other featured speakers. Here and elsewhere, we are left with the distinct impression that most of them remain in Catholic communities primarily as a favor to the rest of us, so that we can benefit from their gifts and unique insight. A review of the film at National Catholic Reporter stated that, “Not every viewer will agree with every opinion expressed in ‘Owning Our Faith,’ but only the most rigid of believers would question the love these Catholics have for their church.” At the risk of joining the ranks of the rigid, I do indeed feel moved to ask: what do these Catholics love about their church? They don’t tell us. We only hear about what needs to change.

It’s difficult to argue with a film that isn’t working on the level of rational argument. Nevertheless, it’s worth responding to the general thrust and ethos of the film with three important points.

The first relates to the claim, made on the film’s website and in other promotional materials, that productions of this sort are created as part of an effort to “promote open dialogue” about same-sex attraction and related issues. This is exactly the opposite of their intent, and it’s important to be clear on this point. Propagandistic videos of this sort are intended to bypass, or even to shut down, any real or serious discussion of the moral dimensions of same-sex attraction.

In a dialogue, morally relevant issues are stated clearly so that they can be analyzed and considered. What we have here is a long string of emotional appeals. “My gender transition was immensely spiritual to me,” says Mateo Williamson, who self-identifies as a transgendered man. “Sexuality is how we express our inner soul, our inner energy,” enthuses Mike Roper who self-identifies as gay. In a particularly shameful piece of emotional blackmail, grandmother Nana Fotsch urges parents of same-sex attracted Catholics to accept their children’s declared sexual identity and related lifestyle choices or “you’re going to lose them.” (Don’t all of Christianity’s hard teachings have the potential to alienate us from loved ones? Shall we just jettison the whole Catechism right now? Our Lord has some rather stern words about those who prioritize family relationships above the truths of the Gospel.)

Though there’s nothing Catholic about its message, Owning Our Faith pursues a strategy that is entirely consonant with a larger (and thus far, remarkably successful) progressive project. Don’t try to win the argument about sexuality and marriage. Play for sympathy. Appeal to emotion. People today are so thoroughly confused about sex and marriage that they have few defenses against an onslaught of politically loaded sentimentalism. And you can’t lose an argument that you never have.

This leads us to the second important point. Uncomfortable as it may sometimes be, loving people just doesn’t entail approving everything they do. Neither should we accept anyone “exactly as he is,” because of course all of us are sinful, fallen and in need of transformation by grace.

This is not a message that these “owners of faith” want to hear. Katie Chiarantona, one of the film’s representative “straight” contributors, sums up the film’s prevailing view even more neatly by declaring that she cares enormously about the place of homosexuals in the Church because she has many LGBT friends and, “it is unconscionable and unthinkable for me to support an institution that doesn’t celebrate them and encourage them to live fully as who they are.”

Who among us can really say with any confidence that we know who our friends (or we ourselves) really are? This is a dangerous conceit. None of us here below have yet realized our perfected state. Most of us, I expect, still have a significant way to go. But progression towards supernatural fulfillment is not possible if we begin by issuing ultimatums to God about the conditions under which we will accept divine grace.

Such an effort brings to mind the parable of the wedding banquet, in which a king invites all and sundry (including the poor and commoners) to his son’s wedding, but ends up evicting one guest owing to a lack of appropriate wedding attire. Quite obviously, the king in the story is not a philistine when it comes to standing on ceremony; he’s just ushered the local riff-raff into the most formal of state affairs. Nevertheless, the guest who refuses to dress properly is forcibly removed. Clearly there is a lesson about the importance of accepting grace on God’s terms, and not our own. All of us are welcome at the Lord’s table, but we may not simply come as we are. Being Christian means looking for faith to change us, not the other way around.

This leads to the final point. While there is some space for discussing the appropriate pastoral response to deep-seated same-sex attraction, the Church’s broader position on same-sex attraction is perfectly clear. It is intrinsically disordered, and homoerotic relationships are immoral. There is no reason to think that this teaching can, should, or ever will change. Quite the contrary, once one understands the Catholic position on sexuality, it becomes clear that it cannot possibly be tweaked in such a way as to allow disgruntled LGBT activists the affirmation they seek.

Fr. Conroy’s position, as stated in the opening quote, is a straw man. Of course no reasonable person supposes that sexuality is “only about” procreation, if by that we mean that sex should be viewed in a coldly clinical light as a utilitarian means to achieving pregnancy. Clearly, erotic love involves far more than that, and how could it not, given the magnitude of what procreation really is? To even begin to do justice to that tremendous good (the begetting of immortal souls and perpetuation of the human race) erotic love must be a noteworthy thing indeed.

However, the Church has consistently maintained that erotic love, at least among mere humans, must be ordered towards procreation. Every effort to slice and dice the relevant pieces of the conjugal package into more-palatable portions (by sanctioning sex without marriage or marriage without permanence or erotic relationships of multiple sorts that are intrinsically closed to life) has been rejected by the Church, and for good reason. Embracing the life-giving nature of sex is the key that enables Catholics to articulate a noble, elevated and meaningful portrait of erotic love, which makes sex into something more than a tangled mash-up of bodies and emotions.

The conversation that dissenting LGBT Catholics (and their “straight allies”) want to have is already over. On some level they know this, which is why they seek sympathy instead of engagement. But there is some good news. For those who really do love their Church, full participation in its sacramental life is always available. They need do only what all Catholics are expected to do: stop trying to fix our faith, and pray instead for it to fix us.

Rachel Lu


Rachel Lu, a Catholic convert, teaches philosophy at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota where she lives with her husband and four boys. Dr. Lu earned her Ph.D. in philosophy at Cornell University. Follow her on Twitter at rclu.

  • Beth

    Excellent, Rachel! Thank you for writing this review.

  • Daniel P

    “We are the Church, and if we leave it, if we abandon the Church, then it’s never going to change, so we have to continue living here, being an example, and encouraging other people to be that example, because that’s what’s going to change the Church.”

    This would actually be pretty good advice for people who feel like the body of believers (as opposed to the Magesterium) is making a mistake. The difficulty comes in when it is used as a recommendation for people to abandon one particular (and very significant) teaching that has been consistent throughout Church history. We might fill the pews and change the Church so that Catholics stop ignoring the needs of the poor, or so that Catholics stop dealing with the Eucharist in a casual way. We don’t fill the pews and change the Church so that the Church might ditch this whole “Trinity” thing or so that the Church might change its view on fornication.

    (If the Church were wrong about these latter things, the solution would not be to infiltrate and modify the Church; the solution would be to leave it).

    • “We might fill the pews and change the Church so that Catholics stop ignoring the needs of the poor”

      You have no idea what people do for the “needs of the poor”. Joe Biden may have donated less than $400 last year, but I know people that write checks of greater magnitude than that on a MONTHLY basis without “lunchbucket” Joe’s millions. One of my tax clients donated 1/3 of her modest widow’s income in a year (and was suprised to find out that it allowed her to itemize).

      If you want greater and more joyful giving, stop beating people over the head with it already. Stop having Bishops who led their Diocese into bankruptcy comment on the federal budget, stop telling me that poverty means an unwed mother with food stamps and an Iphone, rather than the widowed old lady in the nursing home desperately pushing a button so that an overworked staff might clean her bottom and be the one human contact she’ll have that day, apart from her roomie, who is afflicted with dementia.

      The materially poorest person in this time is light-years ahead of historical standards, if for no other reason that they don’t walk in streets filled with excrement and don’t fear plagues.

      The greatest poverty today is social and moral. We’re raising a whole generation of kids that don’t go to bed at night, secure in the knowledge that Mom and Dad are in the next room and should they have a nightmare, they can snuggle up in bed with their protectors. How many kids have Mom pouring a glass of milk at the end of school day?

      Money won’t fix these problems, especially when you have “charities” that are fraudulent like CRS and CHD.

      • Daniel P

        I’m afraid you read a heck of a lot into what I wrote. I was saying that one would be justified in working to change the attitudes of people in the Church, if Church members ignored the needs of the poor. Surely you agree, no? Then why do you assume that I disagree about the other things you wrote?

        • Phil Steinacker

          I’ll say. Evidently, DE has something in his crawl about the poor. Might this be an unintentional non sequitor? In every way his comment is completely unrelated to your making an example of giving to the poor in an entirely different context.

  • Gail Finke

    The wedding banquet parable is a great one to bring up here, as is the fact that this type of film does not “invite dialogue” or make arguments, it is all emotion. Our local newspaper has decided that propaganda on “LGBT issues” is a much better use of its shrinking space than news reporting, and recently featured a long story about a transgender teen getting a job in a drive-through and how difficult it was for “him” (the paper refers to one’s preferred gender) to tell the employer that his driver’s license said “F” instead of “M.” The story was all about the triumph of the teen’s acquiring a job and nothing at all about the teen’s life and state of mind, which were assumed to be just like everyone else’s. No options were presented other than to be a bigot and think the kid should not have any job anywhere, or to celebrate the kid’s bravery and success overcoming other people’s bigotry. I attempted to make a comment online, because I think rational people should, but was very difficult, because the writer and publisher set the story up so that any response that did not affirm the greatness of the teen’s spirit and courage would be definition be cruel and hateful.

    • (the paper refers to one’s preferred gender) to tell the employer that his driver’s license said “F” instead of “M.”

      Remember the movie “Kindergarten Cop”, with Arnold S?

      The little kid stood up and declared “boys have pe*ises and girl’s have va*insa”!
      That movie (1990) couldn’t be made with that line today.

      • Diogenes71

        I asked four year-old girl, the daughter of a neighbor, that I admired her dress, a nice Disney-princess something or other. She smiled and said: Thank you. When I asked if I could wear it she said, “You’re being silly. Boys don’t wear dresses.” Children must be corrupted, brow-beaten, intimidated, etc. to put up with the nonsense spouted by the immoral minority pushing these things.

        • Atilla The Possum

          The homomafia are attempting to grab ’em while they’re young.
          Children are honest and tell it like it is at your neighbour’s daughter’s age. This must be what Christ meant by being ”child-like” children as opposed to being ‘childish’ children?
          Your neighbour’s young daughter provides the unvarnished, honest answer as children do.

          • Diogenes71

            We must tell the truth always. Mother Theresa said: Preach the Gospel always; use word is you have to.” Every dya it is a challenge. Truth has bene marginalized. Virtue villlified and vice promoted.
            Few, from the president on down, have any moral principles; the truth is whatever serves the immediate ends. The presumption is that people are too bust keeping with the Kardashians and tweets to recognize the truth. Or too busy trying to earn a living.

  • lifeknight

    Great article, Dr. Lu.

    Here’s one thought that I cannot “square” with the acceptance and loving attitude we are called to have regarding the homosexual. The Baltimore Catechism (STILL THE BEST) clearly says that we sin in thought, word, deed, and omission. How can anyone entertain the THOUGHTS of same sex actions and not be sinning? Not just the temptation to have those thoughts, and fighting it, but reveling in them….and promoting their acceptance.

    Sodomy and other unnatural acts are still forbidden. Do we have to keep putting the thoughts of perversion out there for the world?

    • GG

      You make a good point and one frequently debated at Crisis. A well know “gay” Catholic claims that as long as one is “celibate” then the gay identity is fine and morally acceptable. Obviously, that is wrong and not consistent with the faith.

      • W2LJ

        I think there needs to be an agreed upon, standard definition that distinguishes between the term “gay” and those who are afflicted with same sex attraction. To me, “gay” means to be afflicted with SSA, but surrendering to those impulses and living in a manner that goes against Church teachings. Having SSA, and carrying that cross in true imitation of Christ and remaining faithful to Church teaching in spite of that, is another thing, altogether.

        • GG

          Well, that is part of the constant debate. What I was referring to was not people who have homosexual desires but completely bind themselves to the Church and are quite holy. No, I was referring to a class of persons who claim all that matters is abstaining from homosexual acts while definitely identifying with homosexuality as normal or gifted in some way.

          • MHB

            Some people abstain from homosexual acts and have accepted that they are same-sex attracted. Not necessarily claiming to be gifted or normal but – this is the way it is for them. Are you suggesting there is something immoral about that?

      • LarryCicero

        Matthew 5:28– “who looks at a woman lustfully has committed adultery in his heart”- so there is sin in thought, indeed.

      • MHB

        If a person is living a chaste life, that is moral. Celibate is not necessarily chaste. I am unclear what behavior you are referring to that is inconsistent with Catholic faith? Can you please explain your comment further?

    • MHB

      Can you square with having a loving attitude in the way that you address the problem to a person who is sinning- that is, if you clearly know they are sinning and not just assuming so because they are same-sex attracted. In other words, if someone you truly care about is engaging in a sinful act, would you hammer them and tell them they are going to hell, or would you engage them in conversation and try to teach them, in a kindly way? I think that is what is meant by having a loving attitude toward the homosexual…to understand that some people are so confused and like wayward sheep and they need to be led back to the fold.

      • lifeknight

        MHB, if you really care about a person’s eternity, you are required to “admonish the sinner.” All people should know these acts are mortal sins, unless they are totally unaware of sin. Even the thoughts of SSA are possibly mortally sinful. If you can commit adultery by lusting in the mind, can’t you commit sodomy as well?

        I am not trying to condemn, but understand the problem with thinking that these thoughts should be welcomed instead of abhorent.

  • Geoff Kiernan West Australia

    Very Good Dr Lu…. We were made in the image and likeness of God. Not He in ours


    Excellent piece.

    Who is this Fr. Conroy, from what order, and how did he become Chaplain of the House?

    • http://chaplain.house.gov/chaplaincy/

      “In May of 2011 Fr. Conroy was nominated as the 60th Chaplain to United States House of Representatives by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), in consultation with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and was elected by the House and sworn in by the Speaker on May 25, 2011.”

      I think that explains his position quite well, don’t you?

      Almost makes you wish for the days when people like former NFL wide receiver and Congressman Steve Largent was around, huh?

      • TERRY

        Thanks for the info.

        “In consultation with nancy pelosi” pretty well says all that need be said.


        • I hold the lachrymose one in no higher regard, unfortunately.

          • TERRY

            Shirley you would not imply that I do?

            The fact that she and George Weigel both grew up in Baltimore in the 50s still amazes me.

            I pray for her but I have no respect for her at all and refer to her as a cino – catholic in name only.

            This is Lent, folks, and these people – whoever or whatever they are – still need our prayers.

            “He among you who is without sin – let him cast the first stone.”

            • Not at all, I just wanted to give Johnny-cakes his due credit.

      • Tamsin

        gah. Fr. Conroy was my sons’ freshman theology teacher, before he left for the bright lights in the big city.

        • So sorry. I hope your son survived that trauma without permanent damage.

          • Tamsin

            oh, Fr. Conroy was fine… But I’m greatly saddened to be confirmed in my suspicion that, unless otherwise boldly declared, all Jesuits are pro-gay.

            If Jesuits are so smart, how come they haven’t figured out that redefining marriage undefines marriage, and hurts children first of all?

            • There was a certain former poster on here that had this line about certain groups of Jesuits living off of “single malt scotch and sodomy”.
              Of course having attended a Jesuit “University” that erected a mosque, I just think they are afflicted with obsessive xenophilia.

            • TERRY

              I graduated from Loyola in Baltimore in 1961 – 4 years before Tom Clancy BTW – and the Jesuits were nothing like the ones they have now.

            • MHB

              Not all Jesuits. Pope Francis is not redefining marriage and he is a Jesuit.

  • Vinny

    “There is no serious discussion of theology or doctrine.” In many Catholic churches as well.

    • TERRY

      “There is no serious discussion of theology or doctrine.”

      1) These don’t look like serious people.
      2) ‘Serious discussion’ is to be avoided like the plague, because anyone with 1/2 a brain knows how long they would last – not long.

  • Lou Iacobelli

    The LGTB community for the most part is not really interested in discussion and
    what the Church teaches about homosexuality. Instead its about the acceptance
    and normalization of homosexuality. I totally agree with all three of your major

    Here’s a personal example to support what you say. Recently here in Toronto a series of talks were held on the topic of “Human Sexuality in the Early Years” in a local hospital. The hospital, the Toronto school board and an agency that serves youth sponsored it. I was present the night a Catholic high school’s Gay/Straight Alliance was there to make a presentation. The school group was called, No Names. The students by and large enthusiastically talked about that they had joined the group to bring and to discrimination and homophobia. These students were on a mission for justice and civil rights. The teacher in charge of the alliance said that Catholic documents gave them a mandate to do what they were doing.

    At the end of their talk, nobody challenged that what they said and were doing was not
    Catholic teaching. I did. I told the teacher that Catholic doctrine doesn’t
    support what the group was doing. You can imagine the negative reaction in the room.
    Anyway, my point is this: there’s no real interest on the other side for dialogue and disagreement. You either agree with them or risk being called bigot and homophobic. I took the risk.

    • GG

      Thank you for standing with Christ. The Holy Spirit inspired you.

      • David Brandt

        It is really hard to stand against the crowd, especially when it is an ‘in’ crowd, with official local Church cooperation or affiliation. In seeking dialogue on whether a diocesan employee blogging that ordinary Catholics opposed to gay marriage were seething with sinful hate & anger could stand to nuance her views a little, I was roundly denounced by nearly all the active writers for a ‘Catholic New Media’ group blog, and strongly advised by a co-founder–Hello, New Evangelization!–to examine my heart for homophobia. “Dialogue” indeed. So it goes.

        • Atilla The Possum

          Catholic New Media – sheesh! Who runs that sham? Cardinal ‘Showboatin’, Cheesehead’ Dolan? The National Cat-Litter Refuse Dump?
          You are well rid of those Church of Nicey Nicey nasties! They stand for nothing but themselves. Remember that much, pray for them and pity them.
          They throw that canard ”New Evangelisation” (LOL!) and have the neck to ask you to search your heart but they won’t search their own souls! Unbelievable. It’s bit like their dog doing an unpleasant poo and asking you to pick it up because it’s a dirty, stinky job.
          If they won’t do it, David Brandt, by repentance and a firm purpose of amendment in confession – then Almighty God will do it for them … when it is too late to turn back from the heat.

          • David Brandt

            They’re a frustration because they aren’t Fishwrappy, and some of their writers are really good. But most of them appear to be kids whose faith formation was haphazard, but whose cultural formation- indoctrination in school and college- sank pretty deeply into the void left by the standard inadequate childhood catechesis.

            So, like, logic = tool of patriarchal oppression rather than the necessary prerequisite for philosophy, which is the necessary prerequisite for theology and for evangelization. Heck, I even quoted n.5 from _Fides et Ratio_ at them.

            If they were truly rotten, they’d have more sophistication in eg defending gay marriage. It’s that they don’t know they’re defending gay marriage, and to the degree that they can see that that’s what the written words mean, their defense is- no kidding- ‘well, I know what she _meant_ to say!’

    • TERRY

      Thank you & God bless you.

    • Thomas Sharpe

      There are a couple of older songs I recently listened to by the group REM, what angelic muse prompted them to write these songs I wonder:
      The first is “Stand” – “in the place where you are, now face right -think about direction wonder why you haven’t before…”
      The second is “This One goes out to the one I Love” – “this one goes out to the one I’ve left behind….”
      “I AM……”

      Keep up the good work!

      • Lou Iacobelli

        Thank you Thomas, Terry and GG for the kind words. I believe we all need to pray and ask for God’s grace to evangelize boldy and like the Angel Gabriel tells the Blessed Mother on this day as we celebrate the Annunciation of Our Lord: “Do not be afraid” to do so. Silence is no longer an option. Best wishes to all of you!

    • publiusnj

      I am trying to speak out, but who is listening in the Hierarchy? Cardinal Kasper clearly isn’t. Rather he clearly is, and now the Congressional Chaplain also seems to be, selling out to the spirit of the Age. And who knows where Francis stands? If the hierarchy sells out, I won’t go along.

      So, I face the future at Age 68 without the assurance that I will have the consolation of religion when I do have to face my end. Does Walter “the All Merciful” or Francis the supposedly Gentle Shepherd worry about how they are destroying the faith of Christians in Christ’s Holy Church? “Mercy” seems to be just another word for selling out to the spirit of the Age.

      • jcsmitty

        Pope Francis HAS spoken out for traditional marriage and against homosexual activity, etc. The liberal media only reports what will advance their propaganda war. It’s very troubling that some Catholic clergy, hierarchy and laity repeat the media lies–as we’ve seen in recent cases where those defending Catholic doctrine are the ones attacked. The Catholic school teacher who was removed by her pastor with the blessing of the bishop is a perfect example.

        • Atilla The Possum

          Yes. True.
          …And look out for the twisted spin of lies about Archbishop Cordelione of San Francisco… it’s already begun with the ‘sprinklers affair’. I’m waiting to read certain ‘Catholic’ media waste ink, paper and pixels to report it and for clergy to ‘tsk! tsk! Disgusting!’ and point their crooked fingers at this lionhearted Man of Christ… just because he wants the schools in his Archdiocese to teach Catholic Moral Teaching about such issues!
          Stay strong, Archbishop Cordileone! I have your back … and millions more, too… with our prayers.

        • accelerator

          Pope Francis HAS spoken out…

          please share where….

        • publiusnj

          He has shown incredible indifference to the way some of his statements have been treated. He repeatedly gave those interviews to atheists that are so problematic. His old buddy, Walter Kasper, is never corrected. Instead the Pope speaks very approvingly of Kasper (who has been identified as one of Francis’s campaign managers at the Election Conclave) while exiling a powerful conservative voice in Cardinal Burke.

          The interim report of the 2014 Preliminary Synod was stacked with “liberals” who so twisted the sense of the Synod that a revolt took place and a more conservative final report issued. However, Kasper is not giving up and he has launched a “Mercy” Campaign recently that treats the slimeballs who walked out on their families with supposed “mercy” but ignores the harm done to the children left behind in the marriage.

          And how much are you willing to bet on whether Francis is stacking the Synod as we speak?

          • jcsmitty

            The latest I read is that Cardinal Kaspar is quickly falling out of favor with the pope. I don’t know whether the pope is giving enough rope for some of these dissidents to hang themselves, but we have Christ’s promise that the Church cannot teach error. I’m currently taking a church history course that illustrates how many times in 2000 years the church looks like it’s going to go off the rails–yet is safeguarded by the Holy Spirit. Heresy has threatened the church from the beginning, as have unfaithful bishops and priests. Immoral popes have reigned, yet not one has ever taught error in faith or morals. This pope CANNOT teach error either.

            • publiusnj

              I hope you are right. We’ll see.

            • MarcAlcan

              Truly, that is all that I cling to right now – that the Church is Christ’s.
              Just looking at the statements of the Pope and Bishops, one can be forgiven in thinking that it is about to careen off to a cliff.

            • Akira88

              An older Priest gave a little insight re: classic Jesuits. He said they’ll throw some topic “out there” to begin a discussion, bring it to the forefront, and let people bandy it about. After the discussion, the Church’s teaching is explained. Pope Francis has brought up some tough issues, each time reiterating the Church’s teaching.

              Agree with you.

          • me, myself & I r all here

            you should write, a book perhaps, like a conspiracy theory type about the church, oops, my bad, the divinci code has already been written, but best of luck!

            • publiusnj

              You managed to say nothing substantive while spreading a good deal of innuendo. You should do well on the Internet.

        • Chris Cloutier

          If he knows the MSM will distort his comments, it is all the more important for him to speak with unfettered clarity. There should not be a scintilla of ambiguity concerning the doctrine of the church.

      • Lou Iacobelli

        In the end, we are people of hope and faith. Let’s not give up regardless of the times or what some of our shepherds do or fail to do but continue to pray for God’s help and mercy. Peace!

      • Jim B

        “And who knows where Francis stands?”

        Here is where he stands…

        Pope Francis Clarifies Synod Agenda



        0:02 our Holy Father Pope Francis has clarified his agenda for the senate on
        0:05 the family coming up this October
        0:07 in a recent interview given to the Mexican TV network Televisa
        0:11 Pope Francis directly addresses all the hot button issue circulate in the
        0:15 worldwide media
        0:16 he laments quote there are disproportionate
        0:19 expectations close quote these expectations and concerns
        0:24 especially the issue adulterers receiving our Lord Holy Communion
        0:27 have grabbed the most jarring headlines with many speculating
        0:31 that Pope Francis is pushing for these married persons an option a mortal sin
        0:35 to be allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist the Roman pontiff explains
        0:39 this misunderstanding
        0:41 quote “what the church wants is for you to be
        0:44 integrated into the life of the church but there are some who say
        0:48 no I want to receive Communion and that’s it
        0:51 land a badge a decoration. No you must to reintegrate yourself”
        0:56 Pope Francis concluded his interview by expressing his
        0:59 optimism that the synod will produce a clear and rapid response
        1:03 to the crisis at the family which is the holy father has mentioned in previous
        1:07 interviews
        1:08 is being bastardized by the world

        • publiusnj

          This is hardly a model of clarity: “what the church wants is for you to be integrated into the life of the church but there are some who say no I want to receive Communion and that’s it land a badge a decoration. No you must to reintegrate yourself….” I don’t know what that means and therefore still don’t know where he stands. I await the Synod’s action.

    • Atilla The Possum

      Good on you for telling them like it is, Lou lacobelli! Good on you! Well done! I have your back on this one!
      They tried – and failed – to get Pope Francis to watch their filth. Hopefully, those in the Vatican with a backbone and something resembling testosterone have put the film into the bonfire with an exorcism prayer to accompany it!
      Personally, I’d rather suffer being called a bigot and homophobic than renege on the Tough Love of God’s Truth. I’d go as far as to say that I’m more ”homosceptic” … see their faces twist like they swallowed a wasp when you say that!
      You can bet the lost Loony down the back of your Chesterfield that the ”Catholic documents” these people have scraped the already over-scraped barrel for begin with those words ”Who am I to judge?” (note: their quote would stop with the question mark and not an ellipsis … the ellipsis indicates the rest of the sentence ”… if they are genuinely searching for God.”) and finish with something distorted and misquoted from the Catechism.
      The LGBT wish to impose their twisted ‘religion’ and way of life and wish to have world domination, destroy the Sacrament of Marriage and anything good and innocent – including the Church. They have delusions and have not grown up.
      They will never grow up and mature.

      • Lou Iacobelli

        In short, one doesn’t want to be mean or unChristian but the LGTB agenda over the years has become homomafia. Thank you for your support. Best wishes to you.

        • MHB

          I would agree. I’m glad you stood up and spoke truthfully and thank you very much for that brave action.

    • James Shaw

      I second that Lou, good show! I live in Canada as well, and I can only imagine the crickets chirping or the derision after you had finished your piece, in Toronto no less!

    • Chris Cloutier

      God bless you!

  • FrankW

    Excellent article – thanks Dr. Lu. The quote “if we abandon the Church, then it’s never going to change” is quite telling. What these people don’t realize is that they have already abandoned the Church. What these poor souls are missing, or perhaps more likely choosing to ignore, are some basic facts about the Catholic Church and by extension, Jesus himself.

    The Catholic Church exists for one purpose: the salvation of souls. Within it’s mission to save souls, it also works to meet the needs of those to whom it ministers. This includes not only the poor and needy, but those with a misguided faith or those who have rejected the faith outright.

    It is NOT the duty of the Catholic Church to conform to the whim of society. It is the duty of the faithful Catholic to conform his life to the will of God. There is no possible reading of the Bible as it is written which can be interpreted as seeing homosexual behavior as anything other than a grave moral offense against God and His laws of nature. Anyone expecting the Catholic Church to change its teachings on these matters is fooling themselves. We would do well to remember in this Easter season that Jesus DIED for our sins. He didn’t come to tell the Jewish people of His day what they wanted to hear, and He wasn’t interested in being nice to everybody. He preached the truth, it got Him crucified, and in the process He laid the pathway for our salvation.

    There are plenty of Christian Churches (so-called) in existence which are perfectly happy to conform to societies wishes. If the Catholic Church is truly the Church founded by Jesus Christ to teach the truth of God to all nations, it should not be expected to conform itself to each age.

  • HartPonder

    To love the Church, is to love God, and what does that mean? “This is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments; and yet his commandments are not burdensome.”—1 JOHN 5:3.

    Loss of the sense of sin:
    Pope Pius XII said that “the evil of this civilization” — our civilization–is “the loss of the sense of sin: we can do anything… CCC1865

    Beware of Moral Relativism! Where God’s requirements are replaced with false mercy and one’s own desires. CCC 1790-1793. “For admission has been secretly gained by some who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly persons who pervert the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” (Jude 4).

    Sadly, 2 Timothy 4:3-5 seems to apply more than ever: “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths. As for you, always be steady, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”

  • Tony

    The photograph itself is an affirmation of grave sin, and an encouragement to engage in it. To see that this is so, imagine “swingers” draping arms over one another and smiling. What on earth does Father Conroy think that these adolescents are doing? If this is all right, don’t even bring up fornication and adultery and divorce.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    “….unthinkable for me to support an institution that doesn’t celebrate them…” If they go to Mass to be ‘celebrated’, sins of the flesh may be the least of their worries.

  • littleeif

    Thanks, Dr. Liu. You have made important points about the emotionalism vs. rationality of the arguments presented by the homosexual lobby. It does highlight the problem, though, that one cannot counter their appeal with reason. One further point that might be made concerns the aggressiveness with which they press those arguments. The film as you have reviewed it seems consistent with my experience that having staked out their position as charity itself, all loving and open, they will attack in the most personal and vicious way any who express an opinion to the contrary. It is curious to watch the transformation of these “loving” souls once one simply states the teaching of the Church. Then it’s all the hypocrisy of the Church and Catholics, screeds about pedophile priests … oh yes, and spitting green pea soup!

    • Seamrog

      “…having staked out their position as charity itself, all loving and open…”

      I don’t know how any ‘gay Catholic’ can reconcile this.

      If we are to accept same-sex relationships and sexual behavior out of charity and love, where do we draw the line with what not to accept out of charity and love?

      • Mary Kemper-Biemer

        This was very well written. Thank you. Everyone must lay their sins at the cross and die to self. Let Christ change you through the power of the Holy Spirit. Homosexuality doesn’t get a pass. It shows a great lack of faith on the part of homosexuals to think Jesus can’t or doesn’t want to change them.

    • GG

      Look at the other article on Crisis now about the poor teacher who is being persecuted for speaking the truth. She spoke the truth, yet she is punished

      because of “tone” or so-called lack of charity. The truth no longer matters to people. All they are interested in is how they perceive things.

      Reason and intellect are foreign to many people. They only value emotions and feelings. There is no way to reason or conduct a rational discussion if one part of the discussion lives by ungoverned feelings.

      • Seamrog

        I had a conversation recently about sex-ed programs in public schools. Sharing my objections to my kids being taught that homosexual relationships were normal, I was informed that my views ‘were not welcome in this community and in society.’

        This infection is growing like a virus, spreading like a virus.

        • Ebola.

        • GG

          Yes, well we could say that the truth is never welcomed in a society that is hooked on vice. To accept the truth means one must stop acting as they are acting. Who wants unfulfilled desires when they can get what they want all along claiming it is good?

        • David Brandt

          It’s worse, though, isn’t it, when the Church is persecuting her own faithful. But perhaps especially blessed are thise who are reviled for His name’s sake, and for His Bride’s.

        • MHB

          dangerous ideology.

      • MHB

        Has anyone found the teachers’ facebook page? I am curious if she wrote more than what was quoted in the article. It is pretty unbelievable what happened, unless there is more to the story.

  • Keith Cameron

    If the Church herself accepts and normalizes ‘Sin’ isn’t the Church herself then complicit in that Sin? Jesus didn’t have a conversation with the money changers about the economic benefits of usury or normalization of exchange rates: No! He cast them out of his Father’s house. It’s time we stop trying to appease deviants and let them seek a separate peace with God Almighty without our needing to condone their Sin.

    • Atilla The Possum


  • jpct50

    So well written! Thank you Ms. Lu; the truth does set us free.

  • St JD George

    Ask yourself, who truly relishes dissent in Christ’s mission, and do you really believe that this is a “single issue” or “just one issue” in a plan to divide, weaken and ultimately destroy or subjugate.

  • Vinny

    “…a film that isn’t working on the level of rational argument.” Nothing is rational anymore.

  • “But the ownership they seek is of a distinctly proprietary nature.”
    Yes, and as we know the only objectionable objects of ownership are publicly traded securities.

  • “Owning our Faith” should be called “Stealing the faith” because that is precisely what these hetrophobes are attempting to do.

    • Theft is intrinsic to the movement. They refer to the rest of the world contemptuously as “breeders”, but rely on the poductive unions of “breeders” for partners.

      • BillinJax

        Good shot DE-173
        That reminds me of the time we were discussing the priesthood with those taking instructions and one lady kept asking why we could not have women priest. I told her that women have more important things to do (which took the priest by surprise) and then I asked her if she had ever meet a priest who didn’t have a mother.

        • Atilla The Possum

          … and the priest took your answer by surprise! Why are we not surprised? Did he see the stereotypical in your answer i.e. having children, doing household chores etc. ? How narrow minded of him.
          Your subsequent question is a goody, too. Priests didn’t come into the world wearing a clerical collar! They, like Christ Himself, lived in the family unit until He called them to the priesthood … or did that priest you mentioned come down to earth via a spaceship or from under a cabbage?
          Women were at the most important events in the life of Our Blessed Lord – from the Annunciation right through to the Ascension – Mary, Elizabeth, The woman caught in adultery, Martha and Mary, the woman who had haemorrhages, the Samaritan woman at the well, Jairus’ daughter, the penitent woman who anointed Jesus at Simon the Leper’s house, Mary Magdalene, Veronica, the Women of Jerusalem, the Marys at the foot of the Cross – they were important witnesses to Christ’s Message of Love and Mercy! If I’ve missed any out, apologies!
          I’m so glad that subsequent popes have considered the matter of women priests closed.
          If those toxic cliques in the Church of Nice are anything to go by – mostly made up of those snobby lower-middle-class harridans who think they are above their pastor (the parish priest) and bully, intimidate and micromanage others in their ailing parishes – then the Holy Father has judged right.
          I’ve encountered women vicars, priests etc. in the Church of England etc. and I’m not impressed in the slightest. They are either just like ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ or the characters (apart from Saffy) from ‘Absolutely Fabulous!’

          • BillinJax

            Then you would agree with my note on what I think of Christian women??

            I say God bless you women of faith and conviction.

            You women who have given your life to your husbands and children, gone through childbirth, cooked and cleaned, dried the tears and bound our wounds all the while praying to God to
            guide and protect us have the natural gift of eternal love and
            survival for those around you. Men may be physically stronger but we tend to be short sighted looking only at what is affecting us at the moment and what to do about it. We are the first to mope about when things go wrong instead of accepting life as it comes to us knowing nothing good comes with out some pain
            or discomfort. It is in the nature God gave you to be the heart
            and soul of what we call humanity. Neither Man nor earth was complete until woman came upon the scene and made life fruitful and abundant. Don’t let anyone try to deny this truth.

            And the woman God made especially for Himself, our Mother Mary Queen of heaven, also naturally with her heart of eternal love wants to gather all of Gods children under her maternal care and lead them through Christ to the Father. Like you women she has taken it as her duty and commitment as His bride to care for the children of God. Bless you!!

      • Atilla The Possum

        POW!!! Right on the phizzog once more, DE-173!

  • Elat

    well said.

  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    Ms. Eve T’s book is not “complicated”. And it has nothing to do with her being faithful or not to Church doctrine.

    Once one grasps her language (gets the hermeneutics of it) one grabs the point of it.

    A honest textual/source/audience (inter-text, if you wish) analysis of the book would be a decent beginning. Is Ms. T. willing (or able) to identify and jettison all textual scent of Queer/Gender Theory (regardless of the Catholic dressing it has been cloaked in)?

    [From the Mother Lode; now perched on my stool at the Black Cat Bar – 700 Block Montgomery St, S.F.]

  • Martha

    Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. When will people get out of the gutters and realize that SEX isn’t what EVERYTHING is about? What happened to consecrated virgins? What happened to celibacy? What happened to carrying your cross, whatever sacrifices that may mean for you? Lord, help us. Sex is about procreation.

    Your 2nd to last paragraph was excellently put, Rachel. I especially liked this,

    ”Embracing the life-giving nature of sex is the key that enables
    Catholics to articulate a noble, elevated and meaningful portrait of
    erotic love, which makes sex into something more than a tangled mash-up
    of bodies and emotions.” Exactly.

    That opening line “Human beings procreate male-female, but human sexuality isn’t just about that. It’s about so much more, which is self-evident.” is disgusting, perverted, and extremely confused.

    • somebigguy

      Fr. Conroy is a great Episcopalian.

      • Atilla The Possum

        Fr. Conroy should be dragged into the street, denounced as an apostate and given two stark choices: repent of your sins and toe the line with AUTHENTIC Church Teaching … or you will be defrocked, excommunicated and thrown out of your parish.
        I can hear the do-gooder, corduroy-elbowed liberal whingers shriek ”Uncharitable! Call this mercy? Call yourself a Christian? What happened to turn the other cheek? etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda… ”
        Facing this scenario would be more merciful and charitable than the uncompromising pain that awaits you before Almighty God.

    • winslow

      To practicing homosexuals, sex is all that matters. Morning, noon and night.

      • Atilla The Possum

        Six years ago, my superior at the radio station where I worked asked that the programme I was involved in was re-scheduled an hour EARLIER than the gay programme. His reason? ‘It is after the watershed of 9pm and the LGBT culture is – let’s face it – all about sex.’
        Says it all.

    • redfish

      “Sexuality is how we express our inner soul, our inner energy,” quoted in the article, is even more confused. What are the limits to that? Is every fetish, every paraphilia, some undeniable expression of our soul that we need to act out to express ourselves? Is someone not having sex crushing their inner soul? The only person who would say something like that is someone obsessed with their own sexuality.

  • kentgeordie

    Once again we have to ask, where are our bishops?

  • somebigguy

    It’s just like the case of dissenting parents and teachers in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and elsewhere.

    Rhetorically, I repeat the question: Why don’t they simply join the protestants, who’ve long worshiped gods created in their own image? They could have their cake and eat it, too (pardon the expression). The answer, of course, is that they’re not interested in the Church and her truth… even with a capital tee: Christ. They’re interested only in comforting both to the world, no differently than any other dissenters of any previous century.

    • As a general rule, I would agree-however in this case, the enabler is a priest.
      There are some Protestants that are better defenders of naturally ordered sexuality than many Catholics-and I’ll bet most Jesuits. If I had my way, the entire order and its gnostic tendencies would be removed.

      • somebigguy

        Sure, this Fr. Conroy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Many, but not all Jesuits, are.

        I, too, know many protestants with a greater understanding of the natural moral law than a lot of self-identified Catholics; however, if there’s one characteristic common to all flavors of protestantism– indeed, this is practically a definition– it’s a penchant for revising Christianity to suit themselves.

    • Atilla The Possum

      The answer to your question is: these miscreants wish to destroy the Catholic Church and everything she stands for. Nothing more, nothing less

      Why would head lice wish to go onto a head of dirty hair when their normal instinct is to thrive on clean hair?

      The treatment for head lice is a strong solution to suffocate and starve them and their eggs (nits).
      Unfortunately, the media gives them the oxygen of publicity.

  • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

    The LGBTBDSMQAZ* movement is all about evangelization, by force if necessary, requiring everyone to adjust their thinking and their theology to the “anything goes” agenda. (*I know I have a few extra letters in there, but I don’t want to be too homocentric. Aardvarks and Zebras should be in the mix too.)

    • Tamsin

      they worship the god of sexual satisfaction, who is a jealous god, and will have no other gods before him. her. it.

      • David Brandt

        Such *exclusive* language! (Not Enough Genders!)

  • BXVI

    If this priest really said that, then he needs to be severely disciplined. Who is his bishop? Oh. I see, he’s chaplain to the House of Representative in Washington. That would mean it’s Cardinal Weurl. If so, there’s zero chance of that happening.
    You know what? A Church that allows its members to believe, say, and do whatever they please and remain in good standing, fully participating in the sacramental life and even serving as priests, can’t be an effective witness to the world. This is why we can’t evangelize anyone.
    Frankly, we need to clean house. People need to either get on board with what the Church teaches on human sexuality or get out. Someone in charge, somewhere, please read 1 Corinthians, Chapter 5 to see how our sheperds are supposed to deal with open and flagrant sexual deviancy by Church members. “Cast out the wicked man from among you.”

    • MHB

      Could you please explain your viewpoint about Cardinal Weurl? I am not aware/familiar.

  • cestusdei

    Propaganda nicely packaged. They are good at it.

  • Piddingworth

    This ‘dance’ between the sexual revolution and the Catholic Church has been playing since Humanae Vitae; a magnificent document that confronts all the delusions insidiously promoted by the secular powers-that-be; including and increasingly through mass media.

    It’s a fools game. The Church, guided by and utterly embraced by God, the Holy Spirit, clings to that faith given to us once and for all; there is no ‘small print’ of exceptions of doctrine in the baptismal ‘contract’. Human life is not defined by psycho-sexual experimentation and neither is the Christian life. Eugenics, that favourite Nazi pastime, was very popular in the 1930’s and has found new life in au courant western culture. The promotion of the ‘Pill’ as a means of separating sexual intercourse from reproduction and Mr. Kinsey’s fraudulent report each afford a firm foundation to the myriad shapes of secular libertinism that have morphed into this current discussion concerning the LGBTQWERTY ‘community, the Gay ‘community’, the NAMBLA ‘community, the Divorced ‘community’, and, of course, the Right-To-Choose ‘community’, et al.

    The clergy and bishops of the Church are playing a dangerous game by entertaining some kind of accomodation to perverted science all dressed-up in sentimental clothing. Let the camel’s head into the tent and one will soon be in deep dung. And, to what purpose? Evangelisation? The Church cannot preach an ‘all new’ adapted screenplay of the Gospel. Like the illusory Trojan Horse of this libertine cutlure, it can only bring greater suffering and dissension and so find its’ inevitable death. Mercy? When the unfaithful son took his inheritance and wasted it on the pleasures of the world then realised what a mistake he had made, he repented and began his journey home. It was, however, not until he actually returned home that his father embraced him and forgave him and slew the fatted calf. What’s being demanded by the Sexual All-Sorts ‘community’ is that their Catholic home travel to the place where they live and have a party of ‘inclusion’. The origin of these promotions is based upon a fundamentally atheistic lie about the nature and purpose of humanity of each and every human soul. The Church cannot show mercy with a band-aid lie to make some people ‘feel better’.

    Granted that the sophisticated technological achievements and the resources of the political/cultural progressive tag-team that dominate western culture today is applying enormous pressure on the Church to ‘just give in’ and be nice. It’s uncomfortable for the faithful Catholic Christian, from laypeople to Cardinals, to be required to stand for those things that are anathema to the Hollywood set and defend that which we know and believe to be true. The voice being shouted is ‘come, join us in the rainbow coalition!’ but our Lord taught that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him.

    There may be attempts by the rebel leadership in the Church to quietly accept the demands of the progressives and just not talk about it but the Light shines in the darkness and they will have no place to hide.

  • brucenyc

    Repentance as a component of the Catholic faith seems abandoned and forgotten, perhaps because it requires personal change

    • Jason

      Its being abandoned and forgotten because people refuse to accept that there is, or indeed CAN be, anything wrong with them. The secular faith that Christians unconsciously accept is that we are already perfect ‘the way we are.’ Therefore the idea of repentance is moot, actually it is an offense against self assumed perfection.

  • BXVI

    We need to face the facts here, people. Only a very small percentage of baptized Catholics (at least in the United States) has a Catholic mindset. Rather, they have a Protestant mindset. The vast majority of us have made ourselves our own authority, We have decided that we will believe what we want and reject what we don’t want from the Church’s Magisterium. And we will agitate and make demands that the parts we don’t like be changed. We give primacy to our “conscience” – no matter how well or poorly formed. Of course, a well-formed conscience is primary. But a well-formed conscience will by definition lead to acceptance of the Truth. The honest thing to do if your conscience tells you that you can’t accept a required doctrine of the faith is to separate yourself from the Church until and unless you can accept all of the teachings the Church says you must hold. If you refuse to separate yourselfyou are a hypocrite, and the Church should separate you against your will and for your own good. This state of affairs can’t go on. We need a far greater willingness on the part of the Church excommunicate people if they won’t get on board. Otherwise, we can’t evangelize anyone because we are stuck fighting against our own people all the time. The biggest spiritual battle going on today is not between the Church and the World but within the Church between those faithful to the Truth and the Judases who want to impose the “new truths” of the secular world on the Church.

    • winslow

      Unfortunately there are far too many homosexual priests and bishops in important positions in the Church that present a brick wall to your proposal. First on the list is Cardinal Weurl, the bishop of the priest who is touting this propaganda film. Our Pope appointed him to replace Cardinal Burke on the Vatican office that selects bishops. With that kind of organizational power only the Lord Himself can right the ship.

  • John Mainhart

    The beauty of truth is that the Holy Spirit is in our hearts reminding us of truth. Since we all know the truth we must not take too seriously those souls who try to change it by using those self centered arguments to support that which is not true. We shall serve them better if we pray for them

  • Brother George

    This homosexual propaganda film is really about the inmates taking over the insane asylum, not about Catholic doctrine. The mentally disordered sexual deviants are trying to to browbeat the church into accepting their derangement as something wonderful ugh. It’s like Satan sitting up front in the first pew telling us he’s really the priest in this new church and we better get used to it. All I can say is SATAN GET THEE BEHIND ME and never darken our church again.

  • lady2bug

    From the article: Quote, Matt and Rick Vidal discussing why they choose to remain “faithful Catholics,” despite criticism from their LGBT friends. “We are the Church,” declares Rick, “and if we leave it, if we abandon the Church, then it’s never going to change, so we have to continue living here, being an example, and encouraging other people to be that example, because that’s what’s going to change the Church.” Unquote. Well, Matt and Rick Vidal, my husband of 35 years and I, who are heterosexual, stay for these very same reasons! We will quietly, lovingly and firmly stand our ground on this issue. And there are more of us than there are of you! We are the counterweight to your negative example of what a marriage should truly look like! Nevertheless, we love you, and hope and pray for both of your conversions and acceptance of Catholic teaching.

  • Guest

    This is getting out of hand. First I am a former Gay person (I have posted here before) and recognize and follow the Teachings of the Church and this nonsense totally offends me!! There are plenty of other religious affiliations that will welcome them (probably more likely so they can poke the Roman Catholic Church in the eye with a stick) and they should go where they are called and stop trying to change our Church from within. This is the same as the fifth column attacks of World War II and every war since. What they want is welcoming on their terms. This should not be a negotiation based on their interpretation.

  • ColdStanding

    When faced with a difficult moral quandary, especially when Screwtape has muddied the waters, it is best, I find, to turn to a reliable commentary on the Holy Gospels to give guidance. None better than Fr. Cornelius &#224 Lapadie. Here he is on St. Mathew’s chapter 7, the famous and misused “Judge not least ye be judged…”


    please make sure you read at least as far as “cast not pearls before swine.”

  • Meister80

    I enjoyed watching this at the Los Angeles Religioius Education Congress for Catholic educators…:-( Their email is congress@la-archdiocese.org . All feedback welcome!

    • GG

      what was enjoyable about it exactly?

      • Veritas

        I am from the LA area. The Religious Education Congress for Catholic Educators has been on the cutting edge of heterodoxy long before heterodoxy became in vogue. I attended the Congress one year and saw for myself. Pass this comment on to Susan, above.

    • Susan

      Why did you enjoy it?

    • Meister80

      Nothing was enjoyable about it. Cringe-worthy. Excuse my unclear sarcasm.

  • Jim Russell

    Great article! On the money.

    For two more 20-minute video doses of OOF, sure to leave faithful Catholics scratching their heads in disbelief, here are the two (so far–new ones to be released weekly) “extended” videos on some of the participants:



  • Susan

    Absolutely disgusting. They are not faithful Catholics. They choose to not know Christ by making up their own rules. In listening to the characters in the videos posted, these people are speaking as if in a bubble, their own made-up bubble with their own made-up “alliegence” withe God.
    Please God, wake them from their sleep!

  • Paul Tran

    Great analytical piece, well observed !

  • Ruth Rocker

    This is just another example of the policy that if you call a fish a tree for a long enough time in a loud enough voice everyone will start to question whether or no they truly know what a tree is. Maybe a fish really IS a tree after all. You control the language, you control the discussion and the surrounding society.

    It is also a perfect example of a bunch of naughty children having a collective temper tantrum because they can’t have what they want – which is to have the one true Church change the dictates of God for the dictates of man. The fact that they could easily move to one of the heretical sects that is recognizing their “rights” as fast as they can but don’t speaks volumes. They want to stay where they are and make everyone ELSE change because they are obviously so much better than the rest of us.

    Lord protect your people!

    • eddie too

      how deep has Lucifer penetrated the American consciousness? the public schools and their leaders are consciously placing sexual thoughts in the minds of children whom, because of their ages, would never have yet encountered them. they are attacking innocence and claiming righteousness.
      and, where, in the past, temptations to sin were considered private and only fit topics of discussion between confessors and trusted advisers, they are now encouraged to be exposed publicly, by the teachers and principals and superintendents and school boards.
      resisting temptation is meritorious, but there is no need to publicize our private temptations. encouraging shameful thoughts in little ones by leaders is demonic.

  • Jacqueleen

    Clearly, the church is re-miss in not recommending a Catholic Psychiatrist instead of pampering their disorder. Then, should not the church talk about whether or not they are active gays? Love the sinner and hate the sin! If the gay Catholic is chaste until normalized by Therapy, there is no problem. The problem enters in when they are actively engaging in sex with another of the same sex. This is explained in the Book of Leviticus that says (paraphrased) that two people of the same sex lying together is an abomination in the sight of God. It is very clear that God is against such a relationship. Then, consider that marriage is a Sacrament. Would the Church administer the Sacrament of Marriage to someone in such an improper state of soul? The answer is NO..NO..NO! The same applies to heterosexuals who engage in sex outside of marriage….fornication is a serious sin for all! I agree with Lou Lacobelli that this is a much bigger agenda for public acceptance of an immoral act as normalcy….Satan and his army of believers at work, big time! Shepherds of the flock, either teach the Word of God, step down or go back to formation classes and get it right this time.

    • David Brandt

      The local Church may employ Catholic therapists as supervisors of family counseling, but this can be of little avail if said therapists privilege ‘feelings’ and ‘nice’ and ‘acceptance’ over hateful & divisive language like”intrinsic disorder”. The inroads gay theology have made may vary from diocese to diocese, but on the whole this would seem to be an area where lay action, perhaps neither officially nor tacitly affiliated with diocesan structures, may be of greater effect- if only in the hope of positively affecting the ‘pastoral practices’ of the diocese.

    • MHB

      I would say, “If the same-sex attracted Catholic is chaste there is no problem”. The Church does not require therapy to be normalized. The Lord only asks us to follow Him and this requires growth in virtue, moral character, prayerfulness and faithfulness to the Gospel. Therapy isn’t always possible nor is it always successful.

      • Jacqueleen

        Yes…but gays feel that they are cheated of a sex life. Our Lord did say, go and multiply!!!!! Thus the recommendation of a psychiatrist or therapist to help them got over the same sex attraction. If successful, then, a heterosexual relationship can be formed which could lead to marriage..and a normalized sex life. If not, then the same sex oriented person must remain chaste just like every other single person regardless of sex orientation! Fornication is a sin for all!!!!

        Just offering suggestions to help them realize a normal sex life within marriage that is recognized by the church. No one has convinced me that a person is born that way….

      • Jacqueleen

        I agree if they remain chaste. However, if the gays want a sex life and refuse to be inactive. Then, to remain Catholic, the recommendation of a Therapist to help them to change their thoughts of attraction to the same sex would be necessary. The Lord did say, “Go and multiply!” The Lord intended sex to be an expression of the love between a man and a woman and the means to pro-create…go and multiply?

        I find that in this article the priest is pampering their disorder without the follow through of being Chaste like everyone else! The Bible says clearly that fornicators (anyone having sex outside of marriage and it includes masturbation) will not get into heaven….Why is this not preached???? Certain Priests would rather change the church than teach what will save the gays’ souls…..Lord have mercy on us sinners.

  • Sue

    Those that have intense desires for homosexual activity sometimes rationalize that the behavior is “natural” because it is engaged in by many animals. It can’t be a mistake to participate in this behavior because God would not make us desire any behavior that is unnatural. And it follows that God, Providence, or whatever code we adhere to intends for us to satisfy all our desires. How do we explain the naturalness of the fact that it takes a male and a female to procreate, and certain hormone driven erotic behavior drives that procreativity? And what about the fact that the vast majority of human beings are born with physical characteristics that identify them emphatically as male or female? Rarely and distressingly nature sometimes leaves gender identification a puzzlement. Is God (for people of faith) making some mistakes and is it desirable and to be celebrated that some people reject their gender and procreative sexual behavior? How do we explain men and women who desire their own biological children but reject making the effort to establish a loving, compatible, and responsible relationship with an opposite gender person who would be the mother or father of those children and therefore seek surrogates to serve not a a mother but an incubator and a sperm donor who will never embrace true fatherhood?

    • SnowBlossoms

      I’ve heard them use the homosexual animal excuse but that’s absurd and completely false. Animals, lacking reason and freewill, do not go against their nature they simply are what they were created to be. Not to mention the fact that if they jump another male, it’s a dominance play- not a mating issue.

      • bassbait

        Hate to break it to you, but the jury is in – we are animals too. We are primates, evolution is a fact. Getting that out of the way, animals have “free will” and “reason” as much as we do. You just don’t see it because you haven’t researched animals enough and you can’t communicate with them very easily.

        Here’s a demonstration of why you don’t have free will – don’t eat. Just stop eating. You’ll get pretty hungry. You have to eat to live, you have no choice. If you choose to die, that’s a “choice” but your ability to make that decision is still based on something – maybe you’re extremely depressed, or maybe you’re just trying to prove me wrong. But you don’t have the free will to choose to not eat, you have to eat. Animals are the same way. Similarly, libido and attraction are not a case of free will. If being attracted to the opposite sex is the only option, then why aren’t you attracted to extremely obese people of the opposite sex? Are you exercising that free will? Why be attracted to a celebrity but not a homeless person? The reality is, and explanation is a rationalization for an instinct. You had the instinct before you came up with a reason. The reason is IN the instinct. Gay people can not help being attracted to the same sex, because it’s an instinct. It’s caused by birth related and developmental related factors. Libido is also not something you can control. Often, people who don’t have sex/masturbate end up having wet dreams. For people with really high libidos they can have wet dreams frequently, sometimes up to 4 or 5 times a week. Are they sinning by having a dream? Dreams are completely out of our control, and sometimes they aren’t even sexual dreams, they just have nocturnal emission as a side effect anyways. LGBT people can not be held accountable for things that are demonstrably natural.

        I know exactly where you’re going to go with this as a refutation, so I’m going to squash that too – “violence/rape is natural too!” Well that’s where morality comes into play. You see, I am LGBT, and I assume you are not. On the topic of homosexuality, we disagree, but on the topic of violence and rape, we DO agree. Neither of us are for violence or rape, at least I’d hope that’s the case. So you can’t use something that I don’t agree with to deflate my worth as a human being. If you can compare LGBT to rape and violence, I can compare your own belief system to rape and violence, because God specifically commands both in the bible. It also supports slavery, executions based on homosexual activity, etc. But the reason why LGBT stuff is not the same as violence or rape is because of harm and consent. LGBT people are not harming each other or themselves. You can say that they are but you can’t say it in a way that’s exclusive to LGBT people. STDs are present in all sexualities, so is rape, domestic abuse, etc. Bad parenting is present in all sexualities. So is good parenting, so is STD-free life, so is celibacy and proper child-bearing and caring. It’s special pleading to say that, between a gay couple and a straight couple, the straight couple is ok and the gay couple isn’t, even if the gay couple are superior in every way at being parents and citizens, or at least equal to the straight couple.

        At the end of the day, human nature does allow for murder and rape and all sorts of bad things. Laws are designed to filter human nature into a form that is most conducive to human well-being and happiness. Anti-LGBT laws and sentiments facilitate unnecessary harm and suffering and worsens the lives of LGBT people and non-LGBT people alike. It is needless “separate but equal” rulings that reduces us to second class citizens. It’s time to grow up and accept us for the great people we can be when allowed to be ourselves.

        • SnowBlossoms

          The ‘Parade’ has arrived.

          • Scott W.

            Yep. Jamming.

            • John200

              Of course, it is jamming. Good call.

              He is refuting himself and has great need of pastoral help.

              Now bassbait, I am just wondering – are you a worm? a frog? a newly hatched bass which is about to be cannibalized by your own mommy? maybe a mouse trying to swim across the pond? or a…

              It doesn’t matter.

              I invite you to stick around, everything that is wrong with you is curable. The Church has heard it all before, and corrected it, and can do the same for you.

          • bassbait

            I’m sure Jesus would make snide comments to dismiss groups that he didn’t like out of hand without listening to them. You’re a good Christian.

            • bonaventure

              Yeah, actually, he did. And he didn’t need to “listen” to them, as he knew all about them.

              The Pharisees –> the “cool” guys of his days
              The Sadducees & Herodians –> the political guys of his day
              The Pagans –> the sexual perverts of his day

              All the above = the homosexuals and liberals of OUR day.

              • bassbait

                Congrats on making a comparison that doesn’t follow? Here, I can do it too –

                Jesus —> The “Jim Jones” of his day

                If you think that’s a bad comparison then I can just selectively pick bad traits of Jim Jones that sync up with Jesus’ traits in order to make the comparison fit.

                If your comparison is “oh well both the pagans were gay and modern gay people are gay, and the pagans were bad therefore modern gay people are bad”

                one simple fact for you then – Jesus was middle eastern. So was Osama Bin Laden. Good luck with that one.

                • GG

                  Wrong again. The gays claim to be in the height of morality and demand all follow their law while they reject the teachings of morality. It is called hypocrisy.

                  • bassbait

                    That’s not true. In fact, “the gays” don’t have a completely unified belief system or set of rules like you seem to think. I never claimed to be the height of morality, and I never asked for everyone to follow my law. There’s a difference between asking that we not be treated as second class citizens, and demanding that you follow our law. It’s not “our law” it’s THE law. The constitution supports equal rights for everyone, and if the institution of marriage is legally set up for an adult man and an adult woman, then it has to also be legally set up for gay couples on that basis, because not doing so is discrimination. If one group of people has the right, then everyone should have it. Remember when interracial marriage was banned? Do you support re-banning that? Because the principle is exactly the same, you’re declining equal rights in order to give yourself more rights than people that are different from you.

                    The biggest irony is that christians actually DO claim to be the height of morality and DO demand that everyone follow THEIR laws. You’re showing exactly the hypocrisy you describe. It is only because of Christian rulings that we aren’t allowed to have gay marriage in America, which in it’s very first amendment starts immediately with saying “congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion”. In other words – God is not the king of America, regardless of how much you believe in him, you HAVE to allow us to marry because your religion can’t determine our rights.

              • GG

                Exactly correct. The libs and gays are Pharisees.

            • SnowBlossoms

              That is so old and tired, honestly.

              • bassbait

                so kind of like catholicism.

            • Michael S.

              They have no free will. It is “pointless” to “judge” them. Why do you continue to criticize will proclaiming that none have free will? Because you behavior contradicts your belief in the lack of free will. Therefore, the more you debate the more you reveal yourself to deny your own beliefs.

        • Jim Russell

          And by being “ourselves,” you mean being creatures with zero actual free will who absolutely *must* behave in a certain manner because of “instinct”–utterly incapable of choosing otherwise? Is that really the “self” you choose to be (oh, wait…)?

          • bassbait

            By definition, all aspects of human behavior are natural. This is impossible to contradict. Murder is not in a rock’s nature. Murder is in human nature. A rock cannot be held accountable for anything but humans can be held accountable. Our modern moral system is based on learning when somebody needs to be punished or rewarded, and punishing homosexuality is absolutely pointless. If you can come up with a single argument for why homosexuals should be treated any differently than heterosexual people, WITHOUT appealing to your religion (which is not the law of the land, it’s just your personal belief system), then let’s hear it. You’ve got nothing.

            • bonaventure

              You just compared homosexuality to murder.
              But don’t worry. We all understand (deep down, even if we deny it) that homosexuality is indeed a criminal behavior.

              • bassbait

                “we all understand” because you definitely know what other people think. Not just “other people” but ALL other people.

                Homosexuality and murder are both natural processes because all processes are natural. We form a language barrier when we switch the term “natural” around to mean different things. Natural means it occurs in nature, nature means existence. So literally all I say by saying they are both natural, I’m saying “they exist”. You can’t say “homosexuality is unnatural” because that doesn’t make sense. You’re really claiming “homosexuality doesn’t exist” by saying that. By your definition of natural, computers are unnatural too. We can’t use that as a foundation for morality. Something being unnatural, or being a choice, have no actual indication on whether or not something is ok or not. You can say it goes against God but you have to demonstrate that to be true. Meanwhile, in a secular worldview, we can demonstrate that there is no relation between homosexuality and harm. If you claim “oh well homosexuals get aids” well so to heterosexuals.

                The problem is it’s special pleading, you need to find a reason to differentiate homosexuality from heterosexuality, that is able to apply to ALL homosexuals, and NO heterosexuals. Name a thing besides “God doesn’t like the gays” that is a reason why ALL homosexuals are bad, and NO heterosexuals are bad or can be bad for that same reason. You cannot, because you have nothing on us but your bible, which is already refutable.

            • SnowBlossoms

              God. He is above human law…and you.

              • bassbait

                God is also above “existence” as Christians already believe. He exists outside of existence, which makes total sense if it wasn’t a logical contradiction and thus impossible.

                • GG

                  That is not accurate and is your own illogic. God is outside of time which is quite logical.

                  • bassbait

                    You have to explain why “God exists outside of time” is logical. Explain a logical way in which God can exist that doesn’t just add a meaningless term. “He exists in the spirit realm” makes no sense because the spirit realm is defined by what it isn’t, not what it is. You can’t explain the mechanics of existing outside of time. You can’t demonstrate that God even exists at all. This is why it’s not logical. If you disagree then you don’t actually know what “logic” is. You’ve made a claim that “God is outside of time”. In order to demonstrate that it is logical you must provide an explanation for HOW that can be. I guarantee you won’t be able to do it in a coherent manner.

            • Atilla The Possum

              Hold up! Beelzebub is missing a devil…. look no further than the likes of bassbait!

            • Michael S.

              murders should not be punished because they have no free will. Under you animalistic philosophy, sociopaths and psychopaths are the most advanced form of evolutionary man like Hitler, Stalin and Mao.
              “Punishing homosexuals is pointless”. All life is pointless. That is evolution, there is no purpose. You, like so many others, argue a appeal to evolution but defend the good based on Christian Ethics..
              Stalin, Hitler and Mao all had modern moral systems. Just sayin

              • bassbait

                the christian worldview is similar to this –

                Imagine I draw, I’ll say, 3 stick figures. Then, I tell you their backstories. I tell you about how one of them committed a robbery, so I’m going to put him in jail. One of them did nothing wrong but I’m going to put him in jail because I can. One of them murdered someone but he likes me and I like him so he can go free.

                Do these stick figures have free will? No. I created them. I created their actions, and I created the punishment for those actions, and the rules for which someone can be punished. From start to finish, their entire existence and all of their decisions are entirely dependent on my whim.

                The christian worldview is the exact same thing – God made everything ever, so we can’t be held accountable for our actions in an eternal sense because we had no choice, he made us, he made our natures, he made our actions, he made our punishment. He gave us the illusion that we have a say in the matter but we don’t. Your worldview has no free will. We would have to have a power over God in some way to have free will, but since he has all power over us, that means that he determines absolutely everything.

                Mine doesn’t either, but it also doesn’t appeal to an absolute. On a relative scale I can still live my life according to how I best see fit, and I can still urge others to come to an understanding that is beneficial for everyone. I can learn to reason better and develop. I only lack free will in the sense that my actions are based on human nature and reactions to the world around me. But besides that, I have to be held accountable for my own actions, by the actions of the society around me. We all collectively determine what is right and wrong. And that can unfortunately lead to Hitler, Stalin and Mao, but if you didn’t notice, God created those people in your worldview anyways, so God is still accountable for those people if God exists.

                • mitch64

                  While I don’t agree with the other posters and their hysterical view of homosexuality, you have it all wrong about the Catholic World View and free will. God did give us free will, that was what the fall was all about. God gives us many many hurdles to overcome in our life, be it a tendency to lie, to feel lust (though I have to laugh that I think some of the people focusing on the whole sexual morality thing are people with lower sex drives. I don’t have a tendency to steal, so of course I think that is one of the worst things to do..) etc, etc. But God gives us the free will to fight those urges. Its not pre-destination that you are going to go to heaven or hell, God gave us all limitations in one way or another.) The Church says, and most of the posters on here agree (though a lot of them just love that they can indeed use their faith to justify their own personal bias, and bigotry..not all but I can tell from the posts a lot..its nice to have a God given right to marginalize a set of people and feel superior to them) that gay is a sin, much like a temptation to steal..the urge to do so is not a sin, actually doing it is, and that is where our free will comes from.

                  So yes, we all our animals but we have evolved not to take a crap in the woods and eat with forks and to control ourselves in other areas too. We ourselves are only accountable for our behavior, that I do agree with everyone here on.

        • Sue

          If one uses free will to make the decision not to eat then eventually starvation will end that person’s life. No matter how strong this “uncontrollable libido” you speak of, rejecting undesirable and unnatural sexual activity for human beings will not cause eventual death. Sexual activity of any kind is unnecessary to individual survival. The well funded LGBTQ “community” seems determined to bring harm and suffering to many of us who want as many children as possible to be raised by loving, compatible, responsible, and legally married biological or adoptive mothers and fathers. This same “community” pressures for instruction about “gay” history and homosexual activity to be a part of the mandatory instructional program of our public schools K-12. Parents would not be able to opt their children out of assemblies and classroom instruction that conflicts with their moral values and standards. Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant, is about following the teachings of Jesus. And His teachings supported one man one woman marriage and He most certainly said or did nothing to encourage homosexual activity. Something has gone terribly wrong with a world in which any men want their biological children but not their mother, no matter how superior a person she might be, and women reject the possibility that their children could actually need a good father. Even many people who are not religious are not hoping for a completely affirming and accepting society of all kinds of libertine behavior.

        • SnowBlossoms

          I’ve been trained/schooled as a Veterinary Tech., worked with wildlife for over 45 years, worked with the DNR rescuing wildlife, bred exotic wild animals for release back into the wild and still breed animals..I could go on and on and on, so good try but no go. You know nothing about animals, obvious from your first sentence..which is where I stopped reading.

        • Michael S.

          If snow blossoms does not have free will, then there is not point in trying to convince her otherwise. She believes this way because she cant think otherwise. This is the irrationality of your whole post and of all those who claim that man has no free will. If man does not have free will then irrationality is rational. As other posters have commented, fundamental irrationality is the foundation of your faith.

  • SnowBlossoms

    “Any reason not to seek out one of the (numerous)
    other communities and churches that would be happy to affirm them in
    whatever sexual lifestyle they might choose?” This is not the goal. The only Church that is a threat to Satan is the Catholic Church, no other Church has any power over him and his minions. So they must infiltrate the Church and try and destroy it…which is never going to happen. Fr. Conroy has been deceived, completely. Good Lord…

    • bonaventure

      Nice to see you here, Snow. What a change from Crux, isn’t it?

      • SnowBlossoms

        Yes, but I’ve been here many times and I usually get yelled at because people think I’m a liberal 🙂 lol

        • bonaventure

          At least I won’t yell at you, because I know you from Crux 😉

          • SnowBlossoms

            Thanks! It’s the Pope thing again as usual.

            • bonaventure

              Of course, what else? Anyway, you might not always use the same strategies in answering liberals as many do on Crisis, but you and I are fellow foot soldiers on Crux! And whit what you wrote above, no way you’re a liberal. God Bless and have a great evening.

    • winslow

      On the nose!! That’s how we know for certain the Catholic Church is the true faith!

    • Johnny Rango

      Perhaps not every event of discord is evidence that the other side are conscious co-workers with Satan, conspiring to destroy the Church and lead others to perdition. Perhaps they are just ignorant of another point of view, or following their conscience, or basically, walking in their own moccasins.

  • richado

    Never mind Galatians 3:28 or Colossians 3:11. It doesn’t apply to LGBT Catholics because it is all about them and they know better than what Scripture and the Church teaches. Never mind anybody else. And there is no such thing as sin in their eyes: because it is all about feelings.

  • Concerned parent

    Thanks Lou for being the Catholic voice.

    Pope Francis and every member of the Synod need to speak loud and clear on Catholic doctrine in regards to marriage, Holy Communion, and sexuality.

    Ambiguous, contradictory statements by the Church leaders is not acceptable. Cardinals Kasper, Baldisseri and their ilk need to be silenced once and for all, by Pope Francis.

    False “gay theology” is making inroads into the Catholic Church, and we respect Cardinal Burke and the faithful hierarchy who are standing up against it.

    The courage of those who were once in the homosexual lifestyle, and now free from it through the mercy and grace of God ,is to be commended. See below.

    From Homosexuality to Holiness – Stephen Black



  • Jennifer Hartline

    Bravo, Dr. Lu. Bravo, and thank you for your clarity and candor.

  • bonaventure

    How’s this priest still in ministry?

  • Margaret Costello

    Well done article. Sodomites work on the emo, manipulative, all or nothing, catastrophic, shallow, narcissistic, hopeless level of thinking. They, like many in today’s culture, see love as self centered emotionalism, so why not let them love like all the rest? But love is NOT an emotion, it is a willing of the good for the other. And there is nothing good with perverted sex. That’s another thing, the P word. Until we start calling homosexuality what it is i.e. perversion, then we will continue to have the Gay Mafia running the show.

    We need to love those engaged in perversion by speaking the truth and not falling for their “I’m going to kill myself if you don’t let me do what I want” act. If you kill yourself b/c you can’t act in an unnatural way, then something is verrrrrrry wrong. Don’t believe the lie that “this is who you are”. Our identities are not disordered attractions whether they are to children, animals, or alcohol. Scripture says we are complete in Christ. How about falling in love with the God of love? And start by doing things on His terms, and not your own:+)

    God bless~

  • Scott W.

    –One would think that at least the idolatry of sex would always be an idolatry of love in sex. Amazingly, no. It is even possible to make an idol of the absence of love in sex. David Loovis’s description of anonymous intercourse is unmistakably religious: “an irresistible experience of beauty in the person of the stranger … one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring in the entire homosexual galaxy of experience.”
    Idolatry is so tiring. Even the idolater must sometimes rest from the toil of denial. His friends must stand ready for the moment when he relaxes the awful tension of his mental censors–Dr. J. Budziszewski

    Read the rest of his series Nature For and Against at his blog here: http://www.undergroundthomist.org/blog

    • Seamrog

      I highly recommend readers click this link and read the seven (very short and very profound) essays.

      Scott W. – I am truly grateful to you for sharing this – I hope others will share it with others.


  • MHB

    Good point, Rachel, about appealing to emotions rather than reason. That is exactly what is happening here. Thank you for exposing this film. I think I am going to start asking that question: What do you love about our Church? Excellent!

  • Pat M

    Terrific article!!!

  • Roberto Pilapil

    If only homosexuals would realize the beautiful gift of celibacy, which as taught by the Church, is a state superior to that of the married life. Sex is not, as too many people believe, the highest purpose in life.

    “Holy Purity, the queen of virtues, the angelic virtue, is a jewel so
    precious that those who possess it become like the angels of God in
    heaven, even though clothed in mortal flesh.”
    — Saint John Bosco

    Pope Pius XII, Sacra Virginitas, no. 32:
    “This doctrine of the excellence of virginity and of celibacy
    and of their superiority over the married state was, as we have already
    said, revealed by our Divine Redeemer and by the Apostle of the
    Gentiles; so too, it was solemnly defined as a dogma of divine faith by
    the holy council of Trent, and explained in the same way by all the
    holy Fathers and Doctors of the Church.”

  • For anyone who just might be interested, here’s the film’s website:

    Watch the film, THEN come to your own conclusions.

    • mitch64

      I didn’t see much about changing the Church in this film..though I did skim through it. Most of these guys don’t seem to be the vile, radical “homosexualists,” that want to destroy the Church. I see straight people who love their kids, etc. Even if you don’t agree with them and think that it is a sin, you can’t say these people are acting maliciously cartoonish as you all usually portray gay “activists.”

    • Crisiseditor

      Did you read the article? The first paragraph has a link to the film. I’ve been told by liberals that learning new perspectives is a good thing. I’m beginning to think that what they really mean is that it’s good when others learn from them.

      • John200

        From contemporary liberals one can learn three categories of truth:
        what not to do,
        what not to believe, and
        how not to think.

        From these unfortunate homo”sex”uals one can learn the same three truths about fake sex.

        But help is on the way! From properly formed and catechized Catholics one can learn the truth about real sex:
        what to do,
        what propositions to believe, and
        how to think about sex.

        In this movie, the cast of unfortunates present us with “new” perspectives that need to be refuted, as they were indeed refuted in the age of the Church Fathers. Paul VI gave a contemporary refutation in Humanae Vitae. Ten years later, St. John Paul II gave a second detailed refutation in Theology of the Body. The perspective is paganism. It exists to be refuted.

  • Jdonnell

    Whatever one thinks about homosexuality; it is a social reality. Lu approves of the virtue of loving others, but in a restrictive way: “Uncomfortable as it may sometimes be, loving people just doesn’t entail approving everything they do.” Maybe loving others should also mean much of the time, leaving the alone and minding one’s own business.

    • GG

      Love never includes affirming sin. That is not love.

      • Jdonnell

        Love always includes–always–loving everyone. That often means just minding your own business and not prying into their lives or judging them.

        • GG

          But, that is not the issue here. Homosexuals foist their ideology on society at every turn. That is not love. That is evil.

          • Jdonnell

            The issue is that we must return whatever it is with love.

            • GG

              Love is not s mere emotion. Too many today think truth is not loving.

        • ForChristAlone

          Minding one’s own business is not Catholicism.

          • Jdonnell

            It’s unchristian to meddle in other peoples’ business. That’s not love, even if rationalized as such. Take care of the beam in your own eye, slivers of which show up in your comments.

            “But let none of you suffer as a murderer, a thief, an evildoer, or as a busybody in other people’s matters.” 1 Peter 4:15

            1 Th 4: 11 “That you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you, 12that you may walk properly toward those who are outside, and that you may lack nothing.”

            2 Th 3: 11 “That you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you, 12that you may walk properly toward those who are outside, and that you may lack nothing.”

            • Jason

              And when they are foisting it on children in school and through the pedagogical processes it immanently is “our business.”

    • Amatorem Veritatis

      Is that a bilateral or unilateral behavior you are recommending? Because the record would seem to demonstrate that throughout history the general approach of various cultures, at least Catholic/christian cultures , was in fact to practice your behavior of “leaving the(m) alone and minding one’s own business.” There was in fact an unofficial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that acknowledged the reality of homosexuality as part of the broader spectrum of disordered sexuality. And I would suggest that over history, there was considerably more public sanction related to adultery than for homosexual behavior. This is/was because of obvious demographic reasons, but also the more fundamental acknowledgment/realization by homosexuals (and others) that this behavior is so intrinsically disordered that it must stay in the shadows of polite society. As we still generally consider similar disordered behaviors such as pedophilia, pederasty, incest, pornography, rape, etc., etc.

      What happened some 40 years ago, was that the radical homosex movement declared war on traditional sexuality and family, and has been working (successfully) to transform public opinion to incrementally mainstream deviancy, at least as it relates to their preferred form of deviancy. So minding one’s business is not really an option when one has been targeted for attack…and has been drawn into a cultural war not of your choosing. Defending your family, your faith and what you know to be ordered norms of behavior is not only common sense, but is demanded by our faith and by natural law. Just like the fight against Islamo-fascism, this is a battle that we would all prefer was not necessary. But surrender threatens not only our temporal lives, but our eternal lives. I will be happy to go back to minding my own business when the other side acts accordingly.

      • Jdonnell

        I’m referring to the present and not “throughout history.” Leaving people alone in the past has not been as much a Christian practice as you say, given various forms of inquisition, witch-hunting, etc over the centuries. Aside from that, it’s true that most people seem to have been willing to live and let live, despite harangues from the preachers about sex.

        • Amatorem Veritatis

          You seem to have missed the point. It is the homo-fascist movement that is presently engaging in “various forms of inquisition, witch-hunting…and…harangues from the preachers about sex”.

          Methinks thou dost project too much!

          • Jdonnell

            You miss the point when you say “methinks,” which you aren’t doing re. my comment about history. Dressing yourself up in Latin tags and fancy logos doesn’t add anything but suspicion to hwere you are coming from, speaking of projection.

            • Amatorem Veritatis

              “Methinks” is a play on words from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I guess I gave you too much credit in assuming you would understand the reference. And you have yet to actually address any of my points, other than an irrelevant juxtaposition of “present” versus “historical”. Your first sentence is a non-sequitur, and then you digress into ad hominem. And since you seem suspicious of Latin, that means your reply was both irrational and irrelevant. But thanks for playing!

              • Jdonnell

                Of course, I saw the allusion; I used it to apply to your non-thinking comment. Your hysterical reference to a “homo-fascist movement” is beneath comment.

                • ForChristAlone

                  Just about everything you write here is wrong.

                  • Jdonnell

                    Another unsupported, empty statement.

  • Maria Gabriela Salvarrey Rodri

    “For those who really do love their Church, full participation in its
    sacramental life is always available. They need do only what all
    Catholics are expected to do: stop trying to fix our faith, and pray
    instead for it to fix us.” Brilliant couldn’t be said better.
    Thank you very much Rachel Lu. Excellent.

  • My compliments and full marks to Rachel Lu. This has to be one of the most impressive and intelligently written pieces, exposing the deception and denial of the LGBT propaganda.

    I full agree with all that was stated. I found particularly interesting the photo that was used with this article. It portrays everyone as happy to be together, affirming the immorality that guides their lives. It is a telling sign of a deep moral crisis in society, which this article details.

    I also found the article’s underlying theme of making no compromises against the truth a wonderful inclusion. It is a perfect compliment to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s recent public statement, “any renunciation of the truth is lethal to the faith.”

    If I may just add to this, the truth is always the truth. No matter if any group or individual accepts, recognizes, approves or believes it. The truth does not change because of this. As Rachel so well concluded, if the LGBT groups want to live the truth in loving the Church, live a sacramental life, available to all.


  • Jcbathtub

    Thank you again for another wonderfully written article. May God continue to bless you.

  • ConcernedCatholic

    Thank you for this very well-written article. I had read the National Catholic Reporter article and was deeply troubled. Thank you for upholding our Catholic faith.

  • RaymondNicholas

    “catholic” LGBTs dread what they cannot have, an eradication of their sins by the Church. Therefore, with the help of complicitous heretics, they long to reshape the Church so that they no longer dread, no matter how long it takes. By the very nature of their arguments they know that they are living in grave sin according to Church teaching. But it appears that their love of sin is far greater than their love of Church.

    • SnowBlossoms

      and then there’s the final kicker..they die in the sin they fought so hard to allow and commit and face Truth, no getting around this…something they should deeply and soberly consider.

  • Guest_august

    Can a Catholic call himself or herself “gay”?
    Can a Catholic call himself or herself “homosexual”?
    Can a Catholic identify himself or herself as “gay” or “homosexual”?
    Can a Catholic say, “I am gay, but chaste, so I am okay”?
    Can a Catholic say, “I am gay, but I don’t engage in homosexual sex acts, so I am okay”?
    We say an emphatic NO to these propositions.
    Any Catholic (Clergy or lay) who describes a fellow Catholic as “Gay” or “Lesbian” is effectively seeking to blame God for the sins of men.

    • James of Clan Scott

      Can a Catholic identify himself as having flat feet?

      >Any Catholic (Clergy or lay) who describes a fellow Catholic as “Gay” or “Lesbian” is effectively seeking to blame God for the sins of men.

      That is not Catholicism that is Calvinism. God in his Providence may allow natural or moral evil but blame has nothing to do with it. A homosexual disposition may be a natural evil in the sense of a disordered sexuality the person did not ask for.

      You suffer from a Just World Hypothesis.

      • Guest_august

        Does someone with flat feet have the urge for abominable sex with another person? Is identification with flat feet an occasion of sin for the many? Does flat feet lead someone into danger of Hell-fire?

      • Guest_august

        Does someone with flat feet have the urge for abominable sex with another person? Is identification with flat feet an occasion of sin for the many? Does flat feet lead someone into danger of Hell-fire?

  • Margaret Costello

    Well done article. You nailed it. People engaged in sodomy are wrapped up in neuroticism i.e. emo, manipulative, shallow, narcissistic, all or nothing, catastrophic, hopeless and devoid of reason and objective truth. It’s part of the iniquity blindness God places on all unnatural mortal sins per Romans 1. “Accept them as they are” is devoid of reason and intellect. “As they are?” Do we accept pedophiles “as they are?” How about alcoholics? How about those attracted to animals? Or their own adult children? How “we are” are fallen sinners in need of grace. The whole “love them where they are at” concept never asks the question “where are they?” For where sodomites are is hanging over the pit of hell by a thin rope. And what is the truly loving response? Telling them to stay there and believe the lie that they’re fine? “Love does not rejoice in wrong doing but rejoices in the Truth” per 1 Corinthians 13. Love is NOT an emotion. It is a willing of the GOOD for the other. And there is nothing Good about perverted sex. Yes, they will go postal on you…as did the Pharisees, Saducees, Scribes, and others when Our Lord and the Apostles spoke truth to them. But they are addicts, and that’s what addicts do. They go postal on anyone trying to take their “fix” from them. For sodomite men, the fix is mostly sex. For the sodomite women, it’s all emo all the time. If you have a loved one lost in this struggle and are looking for TRUE Catholic support based in Tradition, check out the Yahoo Group called Encourage The Faithful. And in the meantime, let us love people struggling with sodomy by speaking the truth in kindness, even if it means we “lose” them in the temporal sphere. For they are lost already to us in the spiritual, and best we choose Our Lord and His will then the emo comfort of “going along to get along”. That is the road to perdition’s theme song. God bless~

  • Ryan

    This was a well written article Rachel, thanks for sharing!

  • James Shaw

    “Such an effort brings to mind the parable of the wedding banquet, in which a king invites all and sundry (including the poor and commoners) to his son’s wedding, but ends up evicting one guest owing to a lack of appropriate wedding attire. Quite obviously, the king in the story is not a philistine when it comes to standing on ceremony; he’s just ushered the local riff-raff into the most formal of state affairs. Nevertheless, the guest who refuses to dress properly is forcibly removed. Clearly there is a lesson about the importance of accepting grace on God’s terms, and not our own. All of us are welcome at the Lord’s table, but we may not simply come as we are. Being Christian means looking for faith to change us, not the other way around.”
    Well put.

  • Akira88

    Maybe this priest wants to keep his job. He’s going to have to make a decision.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that people have adapted a narcissistic form of Catholicism, which isn’t at all Catholic. For over fifty years doctrine has been replaced by feeling good about oneself, confusing the virtue of charity with “niceness”, to mention just two destructive themes. It shouldn’t be a .surprise that the group really believes the Church depends on their presence. It doesn’t.

    “…homoerotic…” — seems like the term we all should be using

  • juan323

    This quote says it all: “Most of us, I expect, still have a significant way to go. But progression towards supernatural fulfillment is not possible if we begin by issuing ultimatums to God about the conditions under which we will accept divine grace.” Conformity to the Divine Will is the point of the sacraments. Nothing in that film brings one to a state of grace and the perfection asked by Jesus Christ and proper preparation for receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

  • Charles Putter

    It seems to me the LGBT crowd are demanding equality of treatment under the law. They have “rights”. Yes, they have the right to choose Catholicism. And they have also have the responsibility of following the rules of the Church. Unfettered rights ……… mortal deliverance now.

    Isn’t it amazing that the two iconic models of modern scientific thought are completely shrouded in “mathematical wizardry”. Relativity is a 4D model for 3D humans. Quantum physics is based on our measurements or our perceptions. There is a quantum description without a quantum reality. The bedrock of science ……………. I must believe in mathematicians because I, myself, don’t understand the mathematical mumbo-jumbo.

  • ForChristAlone

    Homosexuals are hate-filled. Theirs is a self-loathing oftentimes misdirected instead at the Catholic Church. It’s their absent, unemotional, distant fathers and their over-involved, intrusive, needy and forlorn mothers whom they are really angry with.

    Practice what the Catholic faith teaches and you will find the peace that only Christ can give and which He has promised.

  • Blaise Pascal

    Thank you John Boehner. With Catholics like you who needs enemies.

  • djc

    I greatly enjoy reading your articles and admire your bravery.

  • mdawd123

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