Gary Sinise is Not Lieutenant Dan

Word is now circulating around the Catholic world that conservative hero Gary Sinise, along with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, both publicly professed faithful Catholics, cancelled their appearances at a Legatus Summit at the last minute under pressure from the LGBT crowd.

Legatus is the organization of Catholic CEOs founded by pizza billionaire Tom Monaghan to advance the spirituality of Catholic men and women in the higher echelons of American business. The primary work of Legatus and its members is the increased holiness of the members and spreading the gospel within corporate America.

Certainly there is a conservative tinge to the members of Legatus. It is almost inevitable that the CEOs of small and medium sized businesses who are also serious about their faith will tend toward the right politically and also toward tradition in the practice of their faith.

But, there is nothing liberal or conservative about the faith. There is only the faith. The whole of it, even and especially aspects of the faith the outside world finds offensive. Sometimes, with ever-greater frequency, the seamier aspects of outside politics will intrude upon the faith and upon the faithful.

There exists a highly organized cadre of LGBT activists whose job it is to monitor the American people for any deviance from what is approved thought and speech. But more than monitor, their job is rather like advanced scouts so that other LGBTs may then move in to target and punish. Their influence is pernicious, wicked and frankly un-American.

The body count continues to rise.

There are all those people who were exposed as donors to the Proposition 8 campaign. Many lost their jobs when LGBTs forced their names into the open. The most famous of these is Brendan Eich, who for a few weeks was CEO of Mozilla Firefox but had to step down under LGBT pressure because he supported the right of Californians to decide the definition of marriage.

Most recently, the fire chief of Atlanta was fired for stating his belief that homosexual behavior is immoral. There are many more who have lost their jobs, and more who self-censor, simply shut up out of fear.

Among the LGBT watchers is a man named Jeremy Hooper who runs a nasty little blog called Good As You, which he most certainly is not. Hooper is paid by the group GLAAD that is in business to defame and slander the good names of those who deviate from approved thought and speech. Professor Robert Oscar Lopez has documented the lies this group has spread about him. They have also lied about me.

Other LGBT outlets pile on, including something Joe.My.God. run by another gay named Joe Jervis, also in the business of slandering good people. He tells his readers that I support violence against LGBTs overseas even though I have spoken out against such things.

There are others who work mostly as trolls in the comment boxes. A man who calls himself Scott Rose actually threatened the life of Heritage scholar Ryan Anderson.

What happened this week is this: one of the LGBT advanced scouts was monitoring the website of Legatus and noted that a couple of famous speakers were lined up for the annual conference next week in Florida. Last year the gays were able to convince actor Bob Newhart to cancel his appearance there and so when they saw actor Gary Sinise and Fox News anchor Bret Baier scheduled to speak, they saw easy pickings.

Actors and anchors are not noted for either their smarts or their bravery.

Something called Pink News reported on Monday that Sinise and Baier were speaking. On Tuesday the odious Jeremy Hooper at Good As You picked this up. No doubt some of the LGBT staff members at Sinise’s operation, Fox News and the Washington Speaker’s Bureau raised the alarm. Their bosses were about to speak to a room full of haters.

There was no public outcry, no petitions, no press conferences pointing the finger at Legatus and its speakers. There was a charge made on some little LGBT blogs and poof, Sinise and Baier whimpered away like scalded dogs.

Sinise was already in Florida, just across town from Legatus headquarters and he refused even to meet with Legatus personnel. He agreed to a brief and perfunctory phone call with Legatus CEO John Hunt. Hunt emailed Baier through the Washington Speaker’s Bureau and so far has not heard a word.

Sinise issued a statement that he did not want his mission “which is designed to be unifying” to be disrupted by any controversies. He specifically mentioned “the controversy surrounding some of the participants, and their views on personal matters.”

The Washington Speaker’s Bureau specifically mentioned their worries about a speaker named Paul Darrow, former male super model who left the gay life when he joined the Catholic Church and who was the focus of a moving documentary about his conversion called Desire of the Everlasting Hills released late last year.

There is no controversy “surrounding” Paul Darrow. There is a tiny group of LGBT activists who cannot stand the notion that anyone would desert their ranks. These LGBT activists make up a tiny sliver of a tiny sliver, hardly enough to “surround” anything.

And is it really just a “personal matter” that homosexual behavior is morally problematic that should be resisted—and even more—can be resisted? Or is it an article of Sinise’s publically stated Catholic faith?

Sinise says he does not want what amounts to Catholic teaching to disrupt his unifying mission, but he has certainly taken sides hasn’t he? He has made it clear that the hard parts of faithful Catholicism are monstrosities to be shunned and he has done this in craven obeisance to what; 1percent of 1.6 percent of the population? And faithful Catholics say to Sinise, “You don’t’ want to alienate LGBTs? What about us?”

Gary Sinise has dined out for years on this notion that he is Lt. Dan from the film Forrest Gump. I have stood and cheered him talk about his work with wounded veterans. But—you know—that work is easy. It is right and good but it also comes with cheers.

Legatus did not ask Sinise to talk about gays. They asked him to talk about his faith and his work with veterans. But something else intruded, others intruded and brought a particular battle to him.

Frankly, none of us want to fight this battle. But the battle was brought to us and we accepted it. But when called upon to do something difficult, when called upon to stand with others who are also wounded and reviled, when called to stand with his faith and his church, Lt. Dan waved the white flag.

Gary Sinise acted cowardly. We have to remember, so did Peter. So do we all. But Sinise’s cowardice sure hurts today. It hurts real bad.

Austin Ruse


Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute. He is the author of Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data published by Regnery and Little Suffering Souls: Children Whose Short Lives Point Us to Christ published by Tan Books. His forthcoming book from Tan Books, written with His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, is expected this spring. The views expressed here are solely his own.

  • ForChristAlone

    There are Catholics and then there are Catholics ‘up to a point.’

    The LGBHT thugs are at it again.

  • St JD George

    Let’s face it, fear and intimidation are powerfully effective tactics. It has always been favored by the brutish minded, and now recently crafted into an art-form by Alinski and passed on to new legions of faithful antagonists. Gary is an easy target here because he is a public persona and I hardly know much about him, but how many of us would succumb or think twice in shirking to avoid controversy, particularly if we thought it might lead to loss of livelihood, etc. I suspect there are more Peters in the early morning before crucifixion among us than we care to realize. I know how I feel, but I wonder how I’d behave in the face of a threatening mob ready to feed me to the lions, honestly. That is why I find simple heroism in the countless acts of those Christians who are laying down their lives throughout the ME in the face of this IS monster undeterred today.

    • BillinJax

      “Let’s face it, fear and intimidation are powerfully effective tactics.”

      Exactly, and that describes the heart of the gay agenda being promoted and protected by the current administration and it’s adoring national media and entertainment industries. So it is imperative they attack and ridicule as fiercely as possible in order to destroy their detractors and their positions and livelihoods. This is sheer Evil at work in the only place available to it to complete its corruption of our society….in the hearts and minds of men and women who have chosen to deny Truth and all who attempt to preserve it.

  • Guest

    Again another example of the LGBT Lobby (or any group that far Left) which proclaims they support the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights, but only when they agree with the speech. They are taking the side of anyone and any group that is opposed to Catholics, most especially devout Catholics. We are described as pedophiles and haters yet they can say whatever they want, when they want unimpeded. The parallels to Europe (and the rest of the world) between WWI and WWII is unnerving.

    • The Bill of Rights only protects us from government infringement on free speech. Your knowledge of early 20th century history is similarly lacking.

      • Wow, you are a tedious obsessive troll (tot).

        • St JD George

          And quite a predictable one at that, unlike his friend the polish bear. My opinion from experience meeting people like him is that their trolling is a reflection on their lack of self confidence in beliefs. Who else would come to a place like Crisis to share their twisted views and try to agitate if they deep down didn’t have some self loathing.

          • I’m always fascinated by how he never comments on anything but homosexuality. You’d think he’d be interesting SOMETHING else, even if it wasn’t women.

            • St JD George

              Maybe he also likes cooking. He’s been brewing a frog stew for as long as I can remember.

              • Can’t wait to see him on “Chopped”. I’m sure Ted will be thrilled.

            • Glenn M. Ricketts

              For some it’s AGW, as we’ve seen recently here, for others, it’s homosexuality to a much greater degree. Strange fixation, isn’t it, to be so singly preoccupied with telling other people what you do privately on your own time, even if they’re not especially interested.

          • Augustus

            At least Chuck “Polish Bear” is not hiding behind a pseudonym anymore. That’s progress. He knows he has nothing to fear from us.

            • St JD George

              That escaped me. Was he here today? I could always count on him to reply to one of Austin’s articles.

              • Augustus

                His name is Chuck Anziulewicz. Yes, he usually comments on the columns of Mr. Ruse but I don’t think he showed up today. And unlike the other gay trolls, Chuck has commented on non-gay topics, though only rarely. As I say, there may be hope for him yet.

                • St JD George

                  I always try to show mercy in my replies to him, and most others though not always. His posts are usually thoughtful and not full of vile or of bitter fruit. There is always hope, right? Conversion to faith is rarely like a light switch moment. My thoughts are that 1) if they come here there must be something inside that calls them too, like a lingering doubt in their belief, and 2) maybe with the right approach we can plant the seeds that someday when the mind is fertile will take root and grow to be a healthy soul.

                  • Augustus

                    I agree.

      • Objectivetruth

        Take your evil garbage elsewhere. Begone….Satan.

        Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus immunde, in nomine Dei (X) Patris omnipotentis, et in noimine Jesu (X) Christi Filii ejus, Domini et Judicis nostri, et in virtute Spiritus (X) Sancti, ut descedas ab hoc plasmate Dei (name), quod Dominus noster ad templum sanctum suum vocare dignatus est, ut fiat templum Dei vivi, et Spiritus Sanctus habitet in eo. Per eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum, qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos, et saeculum per ignem.

      • guest

        Yes I totally understand about the Bill of Rights, however my point is they are using the Government and any other behavior or intimidation technique to stop our free-speech. If we disagree with their agenda in any manner we are branded haters. I am a celibate Gay person who has completely returned to God AND the Catholic Church and all her teachings. There are many in the Gay community who now will not even speak with me any more because of my beliefs. I can respect them for theirs but it is not a two-way street. This just proves it further! As far as early 20th Century I think you need to revisit the history of what was happening in Europe and how a small group of thugs terrorized an entire population.

        • St JD George

          God bless you guest.

        • Anglicanæ

          This post made my day. Blessings to you.

        • Craig

          Welcome home, my friend. May Saint Joseph and Our Lady protect you. Pax.

      • asmondius

        I sure am glad we never amended the Constitution or passed any other laws!

    • Laurence Charles Ringo

      Hey, that’s the price we all pay for”free speech”, isn’t it Guest? Sooner or later one finds out it isn’t free at all; there is a price to be paid after all.(The Inquisitors knew that, didn’t they?)

  • bosco49

    Think a bit here before condemning what might have been an eminently prudent decision.

    Remember the number of times St. Paul got out of town when he knew there were those who would seize him, etc.:

    “But his followers took him by night and lowered him in a basket through an opening in the wall.” (Acts 9:25)

    To quote an exchange between St. Thomas More and his daughter, Meg, in the film “A Man for All Seasons”:

    “Our natural business lies in escaping. If I can take the oath, I will.”

    • Objectivetruth


      • bosco49

        Thanks for your well-sourced and footnoted comment. Peace.

        • Objectivetruth

          “I’d rather you be hot or cold about Me, but if you are lukewarm about Me, I will vomit you out!”

          Both Sinise and Baier had a chance to stand up for Christ, His Church, and against evil, and wobbled. They chose mammon (their careers, money) over God.

          • bosco49

            “the charity of many shall grow cold” Matthew 24:12

            • Objectivetruth

              “And there will be enmity between the woman and the serpent.”

              Charity? The LGBT gestapo is trying to mock, attack and silence Catholic doctrine, and you DEFEND THEM?

              Seriously…..what side are you on?

          • bosco49

            Styling your thunderings as “Objectivetruth” does not for a moment make them so.

            I thank God that it is He Who I must give an account to at the end of my days no matter how many supposedly objective truths I have to endure during my life.

  • JP

    If you cannot battle someone on ideas it is best to go for their livelihood. The Nazis in the late 20s and early 30s were notorious for “boycotting” Jewish businesses. And to help things along, they would post a Brownshirt thug outside the doors of Jewish businesses and harass the customers as they entered and left the stores. This is no different, albeit it is s more sophisticated tactic.

    • Tamsin

      At least in some Muslim countries, you can pay a jizya tax and stay in business. Not so in these United States…

      Effectively, we have blasphemy laws, in which it is illegal to criticize the god of sexual satisfaction.

      • Just what until they erect phalloid symbols in the town square, and god state gives us not “Festivus”, but Climaxus. We can dress in elaborate costumes and distribute condoms. wait a minute.

        That’s starting to sound like any parade in San Fransisco, and the bacchanalia that will be included when his Corpulence leads a certain parade in Gotham in about two months. Personally, I think it should be held on March 15., not the 17th. The Ides of March is a more fitting day.

        • St JD George

          Funny story, I spent the better part of the year in SF a few years ago and my wife and I drove downtown one weekend. When we got off Rt 101 (mind you, not the Castro district) there were naked men standing around at a stop light waiting to cross to attend who know’s what. No police in sight, it looked as ordinary an affair as a walk in the park on a sunny day. Then reading the papers one would get the impression that the most important local issue of the day was whether it was proper for one to go to a public place like restaurants in the nude without a towel to put between you and where you parked your derriere. I realized then we weren’t in Kansas any more, and maybe not even planet earth.

          • Something tells me you wouldn’t like Europe.
            Are you 15 years old? Hardcore pornography is just for you!

            By the way, most Europeans wouldn’t even notice that nudity. The human body doesn’t come with clothes. Deal with it. Everyone’s seen a willy and a cooter, this whole playing around with political correctness is so 1885. It’s 2015, nudity is everywhere, and most rational human beings really don’t care that much about it. At least in places that aren’t prude.

            • St JD George

              Come back again any say something human after you take your meds. I lived in Europe 5 years of my life, 4 earlier and 1 recently. I’m quite well aware of the depravity that exists there too.

            • cestusdei

              Just another way to normalize child porn. It used to be that running around in public in the nude in front of children was something you would get arrested for. We called it “indecent exposure.” Golly we are such prudes. Or we were a bit more sane.

            • FJ Rocca

              There is this concept of civility that says that my public presence should not be forced IN ANOTHER”S FACE!!!! Walking around with your dong swinging about is uncivil and gross. Even societies that are almost completely nude usually cover the genitals. They are not pretty and they are not sanitary. The concept of modesty can indeed be taken too far as it is in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but a little decency and common sense is just respectful of each other in a civil society. But liberals are all about being IN YOUR FACE!!!! They are not about respecting others, tolerating others, or being civil to others. Their motto should be Respect ME; F**k YOU!”

              This is Dana R. Casey on my husband’s page

            • Chris Landreneau

              “most rational human beings really don’t care” where’s your facts to back up such a ludicrous statement?. Ancient Rome was infatuated by the phallic symbol, many engraving it on the door header of their homes & wearing phallic jewelry. Pedophilia, homosexual acts, adultery were rampant. Look what happened to Rome, self-destructed.

            • Terry Mushroom

              “most Europeans wouldn’t even notice that nudity.”

              Us Europeans are not all the same, you know!

              I live near a major English seaside resort. My impressions are that the nudist beach is generally regarded with the amused, bawdy tolerance in our tradition of seaside postcards.

            • accelerator

              “It’s 2015, nudity is everywhere, and most rational human beings really don’t care that much about it. At least in places that aren’t prude.”

              Please. You live in a bubble much less rational and far more tight than that of any conservative tight a**. Most people like people clothed, since sane ones realize that average folk are not as attractive naked unless you are under 25 or you are that special someone inclined to make love to them.

            • Asmondius

              Got a trench coat for Christmas, eh?

        • Glenn M. Ricketts

          You should check out the annual Sex Power God Festival at Brown or the Sex Week Festivities at Yale, Princeton etc. An Ivy League education is expensive, but gives you a lot for your money.

          • I am aware of those events, unfortunately.

            • Glenn M. Ricketts

              And they’re paying 55K per year for it – amazing, simply amazing.

              • Worse if they borrow it.

          • Asmondius

            Swallowing goldfish was becoming rather old, and my gosh what happened to all of the telephone booths?

            • Glenn M. Ricketts

              Yes, I should remember how hard it is to keep college kids entertained and amused these days.

          • intellectone

            Why would you want to spent your way to Hell?

            • Glenn M. Ricketts

              Beats me. A lot of people seem really eager to, though, don’t they? Very pricey damnation, I’d call it.

        • Catholic pilgrim

          Tragically sad & shameful what LGTB groups & even Church leaders (!) like Dolan have done to Saint Patrick’s holy name. Do they even know that St. Patrick was an exorcist (who drove snakes & demons away from Ireland)? Do they even know that Saint Patrick was a faithful Catholic who would’ve proclaimed the Church’s teachings on sexual morality?

        • Emma Duncan

          or mardi gras or the St. Patrick’s day parade, where you can’t walk two feet without tripping over drunken frat boys vomiting in the gutters.

      • Laurence Charles Ringo

        Wow, Tamsin…THAT was awesomely clever! ! -Thanks!

        • Tamsin’s comments are usually rhetorical platinum.

      • Chris Landreneau

        Correction: “disordered lust driven sexual satisfaction.”

      • Paddy

        Let’s see what happens when Cardinal Dolan leads the parade with a gay float in tow. he sees nothing wrong with it and should resign.

    • We’re so civilized. Our thugs wear black robes, not brown shirts.

    • Emma Duncan

      because as we know, when Christians, or conservatives boycott, they are just participating in the democratic process, when gays boycott it’s economic terrorism.

  • Dond

    I hate to say it, but our Pope hasn’t exactly been a pillar of courage on this issue either. If we don’t have strong, really strong, leadership from our clergy, we shouldn’t be surprised if the faithful seem less brave under pressure.

    • publiusnj

      This is precisely right. Despite a number of judges, the dam on “Gay Marriage” (GM) was generally holding until 2011 (when the NY Legislature passed GM) because the People generally opposed GM. California’s Legislature had passed GM but the People of California had a right not given the People of New York: the right to overrule their legislators by Referendum. Which they did (for the second time).

      Now, NY did have a very strong Catholic Church, but the “Powerhouse” as the NY Archdiocese used to be called did little to object to GM and it finally passed. At that point the dam started cracking and judges started to get even more bold in their support for GM. The next big move was Joe Biden’s supposedly getting ahead of Obama in supporting GM while Eric Holder was refusing to support challenges to the Federal DOMA law as the 2012 Electoral Campaign went on. In referenda held on GM that Fall, the anti-GM side lost for the first time (after a string of 32 straight wins). That was all the supporters of GM needed.

      In 2013 cases, the US Supreme Court “stuck a fork” in opposition to GM with its cynical pair of rulings that (1) undid DOMA on the supposedly “conservative” constitutional ground that federal politicians had no role in the question, and (2) affirmed the 9th Circuit’s overruling of the Will of the California Electorate as expressed in the referendum on the cynical ground that once the People had ruled on the Referendum only the elected officials of the State could defend the People’s Choice, not the sponsors of the Referendum. IOW, the People might have the right to overrule the Legislature by Referendum under te CA Constitution, but the elected officials could nevertheless ignore the Refverendum if they were not inclined to defend it under federal “standing” principles.

      Once the USSC gave the politicians the right to ignore their Constitutions and referenda of the People, the dominoes started falling despite the oft-repeated opposition of the People. Where was the Church in all of that? Sitting on the sidelines bewildered and more worried about supporting the Democrats on Immigration and welfare Issues than in saying anything about the GM issue.

      • Antonja Cermak

        The New York Chancery could have learned from the Chicago Chancery. The Chicago Chancery, led by Cdnl George, hardly a liberal, went all out against civil unions. It still passed. By the time gay marriage came up for vote by the state leg, the Church was weaker, due to mortality among its members and a walking away by its former members (4 former Catholics for every 10 active ones, and active includes those who attend Church infrequently). This time the IL bishops said if gay marriage passes, then we won’t do adoptions or foster care. And the state yawned and got Lutheran family services and Christian family services (the former employees of southern IL catholic charities) to do it for them, instead.

        If Catholics want to be able to direct legislation, they have to have the numbers to do so. Obviously NYC has lost Catholics (it’s closing parishes) and Chicago has also lost Catholics.

        • publiusnj

          The Church needs to start somewhere. If the Church stands for nothing mutely as it did on GM, it will continue to lose members. If instead, it stands for what it has always stood for and does so loudly and cogently, people will see that the New Order of Things is something that the Catholic Church (that Catholic Church that has been around since Apostolic Times) finds the New Age problematic. That can start people thinking.

          If the Church stands mutely, though, as the politicians do what they want and poll afterward to get people to recognize the fait accompli, it looks like the only people who oppose GM are troglodyte “Republicans” and the people polled endorse the politicians’ course. Someone with authority needs to stand up and say this is madness or the public, that is, the crowd, will follow where they are being herded.

          • Antonja Cermak

            Well I can say that IL politicians (in our state Lege) are not really profiles in courage. They wouldn’t have acted without being convinced that they would not lose votes from constituents, so I don’t think it’s a matter of politicians do what they want and then poll afterward. No, the people of IL (esp north if I80) were convinced first and then the political effort was launched. It took time, but it eventually prevailed. I think the fight for civil unions was harder, and IL has them for all pairs of citizens so a male and a female can get a civil union, too as well as a gay couple; and of course marriage is available to both now, too. When gay marriage came up a few years after civil unions, it was somewhat anticlimactic.

            Chicago and her suburbs are largely culturally liberal. The rest of the state is a mixed bag with some areas much more conservative, but the bulk of the people reside in the Chicago metropolitan area.

            I think that is similar to NYC and its burbs. It seems that the message of the Church has a harder time making inroads into metropolitan areas even though that’s actually where Catholics have historically resided. Ironic that.

            • publiusnj

              Whatever the views of the N. Illinois electorate, Illinois did not go along with GM until after the USSC decisions in 2013. In 2011, all that Illinois had approved was the “compromise” of civil unions. Illinois’s legislators were as tentative as they were probably because of the 32 referenda in a row that went against GM subsequent to the 2003 MA Court ruling that first legitimated GM. What really finally resulted in Illinois GM was the fact that defeat after defeat had not changed the determination of the GM Movement to keep pushing.

              So, when did the “Great Awakening” that led the people of N. IL to believe in GM take place? I don’t think it did, any more than it did in other Liberal Bastions such as CA which voted against GM despite two court rulings and a Legislative act. What changed the result was the constant pushing and the exploitation of every victory as the inevitable next step. In effect, never taking “no” for an answer. until the US Supreme Court gave politicians all over the country carte blanche to follow their GM-pushing donors instead of the electorate. Now, GM is presented as a fait accompli and dRepublican politicians just keep their mouth shut and pursue only fiscal issues.

              • Antonja Cermak

                That compromise of civil unions was pretty far though. It is in essence a within state equal legally with marriage. In fact the bill essentially said that where ever the word marriage or spouse went in the current law, civil union and civil union partner were equivalent.

                After the DOMA law came down it became clear that this was setting up couples who could only be in a civil union (i.e. same sex couples) to be unequal under the law because they were now being deprived of the federal benefits that marriage would bring. So that’s when the movement to have gay marriage go through the Leg came from, but by that time public opinion (especially among Catholics) had galvanized in its favor anyway.

                • St JD George

                  The slippery slope you mean. Others view it as not an accident but a strategy. Morality chiseled away inch by inch while dulling everyone’s senses under the sweet sounding language of tolerance until quite by surprise they spring to reveal his true intent all along and everyone is numb. It’s called cunning and deceit, something the dark prince of this world is masterful at.

                  • Antonja Cermak

                    When less than 20% of Catholics attend weekly Mass and the majority religion is Catholicism, seems like morality is already in understood to be not identical to what the Catholic church says it is.

                    • St JD George

                      Indeed, no small problem to overcome. It would help if the church seemed to speak with one voice, but then when it does they have an accomplice in the world happy to twist its words. I’m afraid all we can do Antonja is be a light in our corners of the world and work hard to try and spread it.

                • publiusnj

                  Politicians compromise when they have to. The difference between 2011 (civil unions only) and 2013 (GM) had to do with the extra-IL developments that I have described. BTW, one person’s “galvanization” is another person’s “conditioning.”

                • AnthonyMa

                  Where is this great support for homosexual marriage of which you speak? Every time it’s put to a democratic vote, the people vote against it. It is only passed by perverted judges and the effeminate elite.

        • Let’s be honest. The disaster of the Chicago Archdiocese was Bernardin and his “seamless garment” excrement. That filthy wretch paid for Barack Obama to attend Alinsky training-Alinsky the guy that dedicated “Rules for Radicals” to the first radical, Satan.

          Blaise Cupich of course is all chummy with Obama.

          • Antonja Cermak

            Cdnl Bernadin has not been the Ordinary for some time. His replacement was quite conservative. However, the exodus from the Catholic church picked up under his watch. It puts the lie to the argument that all you have to do is put a conservative in as Ordinary, what happened in Chicago is many people just walked or hunkered down in liberal parishes (which to George’s credit, he didn’t unduly tamper with as long as the rubrics were being followed).

            Politics is a numbers game. Less Catholics means less political voice. Also the IL state lege were able to see polls that said that the Cdnl spoke for roughly 33% of Catholics, that meant his political capital was substantially discounted. Without a major change, the days of Cardinal Cooke actually having a real political voice are gone. So take heart, Cupich will only have the political voice of himself and as many people as he can convince. It doesn’t really have much to do with the Church any more, other than he’ll have access to some microphones.

            • “Without a major change, the days of Cardinal Cooke actually having a real political voice are gone”

              But Bernardin had a long tenure and an intellectual carbon copy like Cupich can easily call the guys up in Joliet and tell them we’re getting the band back together.

              What good was it? Chicago has been a political cesspool for some time.

              • Antonja Cermak

                Ouch. Mea culpa I meant Cardinal Cody. The man had real political power and he used it. But that was then. And no matter how much Cupich might like to rally Chicagoans politically, he’ll have to do it the old fashioned way by forming alliances. Because his agenda doesn’t seem to be as politically out of step with the average Chicagoan, he might do better than George did, but it won’t be by virtue of his office. Religious authority is pretty much a dead letter in a society where anyone can dodge its obedience via defection or just ignoring it.

      • Gail Finke

        You are discounting the efforts of GLBT groups, which banded together with extraordinary efficiency for a lot of small, independently run groups, many of which promoted odd or generally unpalatable things. There have been several good and thorough essays explaining it. A strong central group of strategists got all the small groups to lobby for exactly the same thing — saying that gay people wanted to get married and have families and were just like everyone else — and to be quiet about anything (“man-boy love,” lowering the age of consent, promoting having multiple sex partners, risky or public sex, etc.) their groups promoted. NY churches and groups who did not want to redefine marriage were not prepared for this disciplined, unified, and newly respectable campaign, one which struck many people who were not familiar with any of the groups and had rarely given the matter any thought as just being “nice” or “fair,” which was the strategy.

        • publiusnj

          If you read the whole back and forth on my comment, you will see I have recognized the persistence of the GM Movement. My point had to do with the tentativeness of the hierarchy.

    • Diego F. Ramos F.

      Hey, I dont’ know about your local clergy, but for sure that Pope has make a stand, even if media don’t want to make any news from it. Just today, at Phillipines, he warned against the “ideological colonization” that destroys the family. , . And this just happened today, the Pope has been talking about the family for a entire month.
      We haven’t heard carefully enough.

  • lifeknight

    Those in the media have never been courageous about the Faith. Mel Gibson, a self described Trad Catholic, would not openly defend the life of Terri Schindler Schiavo, but kept in touch privately. His publicist advised him to stay out of the controversy. This lack of personal commitment to the Faith is common.

    How many Catholic physicians fail in the courage department when they prescribe contraception? The number would be astounding, even though the caveat regarding “be fruitful and multiply” is part of the Catholic Magisterial teaching.

    • RooforLife

      Slowly but surely on the contraception part I think that may be turning because of Dr Hilgers & Naprotechnology. On EWTN it is prolife month the Catholic Channel shares about Naprotechnology.
      Name of shows NAPRO, VOICES IN THE DESERT, ECHOES OF OUR CHOICES link to my sharing of schedule on The Blaze Faith facebook
      Is the Pill Medically Necessary? — An Introduction to Na-Pro

      Natural Procreative (NaPro) Technology uses fertility cycle
      charting, timed bloodwork, and cooperative hormonal therapy to address a number
      of women’s health issues including infertility, ovarian cysts, premenstrual

      (PMS), and irregular cycles

      The Creighton model Creighton Model Fertility Care System is
      99.5 effective at avoiding pregnancy 3:36 Pope Paul VI Institute: The
      NaProTechnology Revolution ~

      • Yeah people want to pop a pill and forget about it, good luck. If A is easier than B and they do the same thing people are gonna use A. Logic. Birth control isn’t exorbitant in price, the pills are not made of crushed platinum. Oh and teenage girls like them because of what they do to their breasts. Lets not forget, it also works very very well, making it an even easier choice.

        • bonaventure

          You keep saying the pill is affordable. Please send the memo to Sandra Fluke.

    • Mel Gibson is a fraud and a PHO. His appearance on a late night TV show where he joked about being “octo-Dad”, showed a complete lack of contrition and him to be a complete waste of time and a jerk. He’s an embarrassment., a abusive drunk and a whoremaster.

      Let him be anathema.

      • lifeknight

        Anything good he ever said about NFP and no contraception has been negated by his depraved lifestyle. Sad.

      • slainte

        Mel Gibson is a sinner like the rest of us…whom God chose to make the “Passion of the Christ”…a film which is one of the most profound and powerful witnesses to Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection.

        God brings good out of all things and all persons.

        • I’m a sinner, you are a sinner, true enough, however, I’m insulted that you compare me to him. If I someday have Mr. Gibson’s assets, I’m going to relieve my Parish of its debt, rather than construct a private Church. I take my sins to a dark box, in shame and anonymity. I would never publicly and scandalously chuckle about them on television.

          • slainte

            He suffers from bi-polar and its unpredictable consequences; overt sexuality is one of those consequences. Perhaps this fact explains why his wife Robin would not condemn him despite the press corp.’s unrelenting efforts to take him down. Robin who had every reason to lash out at him elected instead to publicly defend him against the “other woman’s” malignant and false allegations of abuse.

            He lived in a neighboring community and he continues to be respected by many locals for his significant contributions to film including “The Passion of the Christ”. I would not be so certain that he did not make anonymous contributions to Catholic Churches which benefited others.

            I think you err in your evaluation of his person. Yes he is a sinner..and yes, he sinned against his wife and his family. Yet they will not condemn him.

            Shouldn’t we also exercise restraint and choose mercy instead of condemnation?

            DE, in your passionate defense of Catholicism, you have consistently demonstrated an underlying sense of fair play….I think Mel Gibson deserves a second chance…especially from fellow Catholics.

            • Its not up to me to judge his soul, and my opinion of his actions won’t affect him in the least. If that’s your closing statement, it wasn’t persuasive to this jury.

              By the way, ‘overt sexuality” is a condition of being human and especially male, not bi-polar depression. Wealthy, powerful men never seem to have a problem getting the likes of Oksana Grigorieva to their company. And then there’s the bizarre connection to Jodie Foster. Let me get this straight-his wife is hell-bound, despite putting up with him, but he never seemed to publicly question a sapphist who conceived two kids out of wedlock.

              That having been said, overt sexuality wasn’t the impetus to laugh about being “octo-Dad” on TV, nor to treat the arresting officers to an anti-Semitic tirade or to leave that “malignant” voice mail to the other woman. If he has a diagnosable condition then “‘I slapped Oksana one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality.’ is really hypocritical. Of course, I laugh at the “justice” system that allows him to have his record expunged.


              We have to accept the fact that there are frauds In the Church, who fool people for years with conspicuous displays of piety and orthodoxy, only to be exposed later. Cardinal Bernardin misused the offerings of widows to finance Barack Obama, John Corapi leveraged a baritone voice to build a small empire.

              By the way, I’d be happy to treat Mr. Gibson to the same method of returning him reality that he employed on his paramour. I’ll even give him the first shot, but I’m a male and overt aggression is another feature of the male coin, and since ol’ Mel starred in the violent orgies of the “Lethal Weapon” series, he knows that.

  • vahillbilly4

    As a 67 year old Catholic we used to be taught about white martyrdom, where you sacrificed yourself for what is right without shedding blood. This was a perfect example for Sinise and Baier to do the right thing even if it meant sacrificing themselves.

    • bosco49

      Do the ‘right thing’ even if it meant sacrificing their families and friends? Prudential judgements are made with a view to how they not only impact oneself but also others for whom we have an immediate duty of care.

      • Austin Ruse

        Sinise and Baier are bullet proof. But, Paul Darrow and the men and women of Courage, and the members of Legatus are not. They tossed all of them under the bus in order to protect themselves.

      • vahillbilly4

        Obviously you don’t agree with my opinion and I respect that but I appreciate the same respect in return.
        “Courage stands in the middle between cowardice and foolhardiness; humility in the middle between arrogance and servility . Modesty is a mean between timidity and boldness. Dorotheos

        • bosco49

          I regret if you perceived any disrespect in my earlier reply to you. Certainly none was intended I simply wanted to point out that we are often constrained in what we choose to do by consideration of the impact on the lives of others for whom we have a more immediate responsibility before God.

      • Objectivetruth

        “Do the ‘right thing’ even if it meant sacrificing their families and friends?”

        We’re going to be judged by Christ at our deaths, not family and friends.

        Austin’s right, Sinise and Baier were cowards. The Holy Spirit put them in a situation to truly be an example of their Catholic faith, and they wimped out. Alas….just like Peter. And hopefully both men might possibly read Austin’s article and realize their denial of Christ.

        I might send both men a copy of Opus Dei founder St. JoseMaria Escriva’s book “The Way.” The handbook on how to truly be a Catholic man.

        • bosco49

          So St. Paul was a coward when he avoided plots to kill or arrest him even when he had the example of St. Stephen still before him?

          ‘Prudence’ is a cardinal virtue and a Gift of the Holy Spirit. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines ‘Prudence’ as:

          “Prudence is the virtue that disposes practical reason to discern our true good in every circumstance and to choose the right means of achieving it; “the prudent man looks where he is going.

          “65 “Keep sane and sober for your prayers.”66 Prudence is “right reason in action,” writes St. Thomas Aquinas, following Aristotle.67 It is not to be confused with timidity or fear, nor with duplicity or dissimulation. It is called auriga virtutum (the charioteer of the virtues); it guides the other virtues by setting rule and measure. It is prudence that immediately guides the judgment of conscience. The prudent man determines and directs his conduct in accordance with this judgment. With the help of this virtue we apply moral principles to particular cases without error and overcome doubts about the good to achieve and the evil to avoid.”

          To call Sinise and Baier cowards is rash judgement of the worst sort.

          • Vinny

            They caved.

            • bosco49

              A Charlie Hebdo moment avoided perhaps. Every radical group has it violent fringe.

          • Objectivetruth

            Bovine droppings.

            Tell me…..where were Sinise or Baeir’s lives in peril?

            They had a chance to standup for Christ. To become martyrs, Saints.

            And they said no, “non serviam.”

            • We actually don’t know what pressure was applied. They may have been contacted by some of the people who engineered Brendan Eich’s departure from Mozilla and caused them to issue a lachrymose apology (because the founder of the company donated to a political campaign, years ago) and told, we’ve hacked your identity and we’ll disclose it.

              When you realize how much effort the activists put into commenting here and hunting down someebody for a political contribution years ago, you realize that they will stop at nothing.

              • Objectivetruth

                Good points….

  • Wannabeapoet

    It is one thing to regret the decisions of Mr. Sinise and Mr. Baier to cancel their appearances and to express the wish that they would not have done anything that would encourage or embolden those who would seek to have their way by threat, intimidation or lies. It’s quite another, however, to presume to know what’s in the hearts of Mr. SInise and Mr. Baier and to accuse them of cowardice. Is the purpose to shame them or to hold them up to ridicule and condemnation? That’s not a Christian response to what they did, and hardly a model of our faith to present to those who oppose us.

    • Austin Ruse

      Sure it is. Totally Christian to call them out. Yours is a feminized faith. Mine ain’t.

      • banjo picker

        No, yours is a nasty unchristian “faith.”

        • Austin Ruse

          Nah. Its something you are not familiar is manly.

          Too many of us have suckled on the teat of the Church of Nice for far too long.

      • bosco49

        You insist on forcing an “I am Spartacus” moment for these men. I suppose St. Paul could have disregarded the many threats made against him and, rather than escape, just stuck his chin out and died a martyr on day one rather than live to evangelize another day.

        There is a recklessness you seem to be insisting on that militates against Christian prudence.

        The full quote from “A Man for All Seasons” is thus:

        ” Listen, Meg, God made the angels to show Him splendor, as He made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity. But Man He made to serve Him wittily, in the tangle of his mind. If He suffers us to come to such a case that there is no escaping, then we may stand to our tackle as best we can, and, yes, Meg, then we can clamor like champions, if we have the spittle for it. But it’s God’s part, not our own, to bring ourselves to such a pass. Our natural business lies in escaping. If I can take the oath, I will.”

        • Austin Ruse

          Don’t be so dramatic. Drama, another aspect of our overly feminized faith. They did not face death, just criticism, which to many Christians these days equals death. But it ain’t.

          • bosco49

            I dare say one of us has created a drama out of this matter, Austin. In any event there is nothing necessarily feminine about drama. Consult Shakespeare or the Greeks dramatists. Heroes are refined in the cauldron of drama.

            • Austin Ruse

              I knew Shakespeare. Shakespeare was a friend of mine, and you are no Shakespeare. You are a dime a dozen modern day drama queen.

              • bosco49

                Ah! Sad. The ad hominem retort. Last refuge of the defeated man.

                • Austin Ruse

                  Oh, poor, bosco49, got no sense of humor. Look, you are not going to get any satisfaction out of this exchange. I am going going to give even one inch, not a quarter of an inch, nor an 8th. So, maybe you should just move along.

                  • bosco49

                    I’m not asking for an inch, merely a civil reply to straightforward observations in any exchange between us.

                    I assure you bosco49 has a sense of humour, but bosco49 was taught long ago by the good nuns that it is morally wrong (5th Commandment) to deliberately goad another by way of insult and for the purpose of arousing anger.

                    If you now find yourself flailing out at those who are on your side (I believe the LGBT lobby is bestial and voracious) then your article might have been constructed without all the opprobrium directed at Sinise and Baer.


                    • Austin Ruse

                      Right, peace.

                    • bosco49

                      While my professional opinion writing days are long over, may I be so bold as to suggest that the very telling points you sought to make (and did) in respect of the LGBTs and their damnable Gestapo like tactics were muted at best, scuppered at worst, by the choice of headline: “Gary Sinise is NOT Lieutenant Dan”?

                      As it developed, the discussion (it seems to me) is/was all about Sinise and Baier and not the menace of the LGBT tribe.

                      The piece might have been more precisely and accurately developed along the lines that the Catholic world was deprived of the opportunity to hear Gary Sinise and Brett Baier due to the tactics of the LGBT, etc.

                      I don’t mean to offend. Peace.

                    • Austin Ruse

                      Bosco, perhaps you are not aware but i have written extensively along those lines! This is new information and the news was how rapidly these powerful guys caved to the LGBTs and in the process besmirched the reputation of good people and at least one person who is utterly powerless, Paul Darrow. That is the news today!

                      Peace back.

                    • bosco49

                      I live in a village of 32 souls in rural southwest Ireland, Austin, and have done since moving here from the US upon my retirement 16 years ago. Some things do escape me and I confess (but not overly much) I have not read your past writings on the collapse of the rich and famous and powerful in the face of venom spewed from the LGBT side. Notwithstanding I am au fait with the over-arching nightmare of it all and agree that it must be resisted vigorously by all who have the moxy and wherewithal to do so.
                      I confess I have not detailed knowledge of what has been visited on Paul Darrow by the LGBT crowd but thanks to the internet I will shortly acquaint myself.
                      I suppose there will be those such as I who, upon reading this piece as their first exposure to your thoughts, will not be able to intuit what Paul Darrow has to do with any of it and how Sinise or Baier besmirched Mr. Darrow in refusing to speak at this event.
                      In my dotage, I find that I think I have said something during a conversation with friends but actually (like Homer Simpson) only thought it and presupposed my thoughts were verbalized.
                      Keep up a keenly focused fight and do try to understand how Sinise and Baier’s prudential judgements may not be condemnable.

      • Wannabeapoet

        I see you’re an equal opportunity offender – you’ll presume to know what’s in both the heart and the mind of someone you don’t know and then characterize the nature and quality of his faith by labeling it with a currently popular pergorative. Is that what you would call is a “manly” faith? I have seen very little of such things among the many priests and other Catholic men of great faith it has been my good fortune to encounter.

        • Austin Ruse

          Of course, you haven’t. You have been brought up in the Church of Nice where all the priests are feminized.

          • Wannabeapoet

            I’m tempted to pass that last one on to several priests I know who are hardly “feminized” and whose parishioners would laugh at the suggestion that those holy men are “feminized.” But they’ve got more important things to do then to respond to an accusation made against them by someone who doesn’t even know who they are.

            • Austin Ruse

              Ok, a few priests are Burke..but many? Most?

    • Doyle

      The accusation can be countered. If this provokes a dialogue, perhaps there can be healing. Being nice for its own sake is not healing; charity is healing.

      • Wannabeapoet

        I’m all for dialogue, but I question whether it can be healing or charitable when it begins with accusation and name-calling.

        • GG

          Hold on. He is not trying to read anyone’s heart. He is “reading” their actions.

          • Wannabeapoet

            And it’s perfectly understandable that he would regret those actions and even try to persuade them to reconsider, especially in light of what appears to be a “victory” by opposing forces at the expense of truth and real justice. But he’s reading into the actions of Mr. Sinise and Mr. Baier a motive that by its very nature must reside in their hearts, places which from his article Mr. Ruse knows only by conclusions he presumes to draw from those actions.

            • GG

              Why are their actions regrettable?

              • Wannabeapoet

                Because as eloquent and persausive popular public figures, they’re in a special position to draw positive attention to our Catholic Faith at a time when it is under frequent and often bigoted attack by opponents who are either uninformed or malicious, or both. For them to forfeit that opportunity is an unfortunate loss, especially when it leaves open the inference that they’re not willing or able to stand by a tenet of the Faith that is under attack. But I’m not willing to sign on to what is mere surmise that it was fear that prompted their decisions.

                • GG

                  You think it was simply scheduling conflicts?

                  • Wannabeapoet

                    Beyond what they’ve said or authorized be said for them, I don’t know what it was, and that’s the point. I see from other comments that Legatus favors reparative therapy for persons with same-sex attraction. If that’s true (and I don’t know if it is), I can understand why a public figure who believes homosexual acts are wrong might nonetheless want to avoid being associated with a purported treatment that has been criticized and even condemned by many in the psychiatric community. Understanding that God insists we refrain from homosexual conduct does not of necessity mean the He insists that those who are tempted to engage in such behavior can be “cured” of the attraction that lures them to it.

                    • GG

                      If your conjecture is true then it is an example of bullying and ignorance. That Legatus may support certain therapies is no legitimate justification for rejecting their offer to speak.

                    • Wannabeapoet

                      First, it is only conjecture on my part. But, second, given the cautious approach to reparative therapy taken in this article from the National Catholic Bioethics Center, and given the headline version of most news reports that don’t come close to making the careful distinctions made in that article, I don’t understand why it’s “an example of bullying and ignorance.” And third, you’re moving the goalposts. My complaint about Mr. Ruse’s article was that he jumped to the conclusion that Messrs. Sinise and Baier are cowards. You now want to take them to task for failing to provide a “legitimate justification” for their actions. While I’m not sure what obligates them to do that (except perhaps to Legatus which likely was caught off-guard), if Mr. Ruse had accused them of that, this whole discussion would be different from what it’s become.

        • Austin Ruse

          Dialogue, right. Sinus and Baier initiated NO DIALOGUE. They headed for the hills under cover from their handlers.

  • russell snow

    I am not surprised that a small but powerful minority, whose views reflect most if not the majority of Americans in sexual matters, can intimidate others. The radical secularist elites who control the most important aspects of our culture and society and who share their views, got there by the ballot box. What we have in the United States is a moral order in which intrinsically evil practices are seen as moral goods. The prevailing world view of the radical elites is Gnostic to its core and one thing that Gnostics of all types–religious and secular–is a challenge to their fundamental, privileged “insights” into the nature of reality, which does not include natural law. I think that it pointless to try to change society at this stage in our descent into madness and to concentrate on the salvation of souls, ours and others. As a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather I shudder to think what it will be like in coming years. As an historian of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, I think I see a good indication of what it is likely to be. To those it think that the politics of extermination could not happen here, ask the millions of aborted babies, destroyed in the name of personal freedom if that is the case. Having said this, I believe it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness and trust in the providence of God in Jesus Christ.

    • Oh go stuff yourself. I want to have sex and not have 50 babies over the course of my sex life. Having a baby would be irresponsible, and sorry pops, women and men both want sex, so it’s gonna happen. There are so many born in the developing world we have a big enough problem as it is, 7 billion people out there and CLIMBING. Your millions of aborted babies could have caused the human race to descend into squalor without birth control the human race is boned. If everyone on this planet had a baby we’d have 14 billion, I’m glad those babies were never conceived, many people had better lives, and if we all went and screwed like rabbits 100 years ago your generation would have sucked. Be realistic, NOT EVERYONE CAN HAVE A CHILD. Overpopulation is going to destroy society, resources in developing nations are already becoming strained.
      Even where I live if drought conditions continue to worsen the massive population will be in dire stakes, we are already strained as a species…you are completely unrealistic.

      • Objectivetruth

        After reading your rant, it’s a shame your mother didn’t use birth control……..

        • She did. Before I came along. Because she wasn’t able to support a child when it occurred, so she used good judgement and called it off, and later when I was conceived I was able to have a good life, not a crummy one which would have ensued had she NOT had an abortion. And she had a hard time getting one because of people like yourself. So, no points scored there!

          • Objectivetruth

            Wow… you got the lucky lottery ticket? And having been denied brothers and sisters because of your mother’s birth control and abortion was a better life?

            • Who says I don’t have any? My family even adopted after having conceived two brothers, and we are all happy and work to further society. Except maybe the brother who’s a bartender. Also, I know we are butting heads, but, unless something drastic happens in 2016, America has spoken – the government has declared contraception basic care for women. Since everyone has sex, and you’d be shocked at how many children over the aeons are accidents, I think the cat is out of the bag already anyhow…
              Edit: shame, didn’t work, that gif is really funny, oh well, use your imagination…

              • Objectivetruth

                So God and nature has not provided a way through a woman’s menstrual cycle to prudently and prayerfully discern God’s will as far as reproduction in the marriage embrace? That you believe it’s way OK for men to use women as sexual objects for their own gratification? That “basic care for women” is for their horny boyfriend to treat them as no better than a ride at Disney, an inanimate object of gratification no better than a six pack while watching Monday Night Football? Really….that’s good for a woman? Just a warm vagina to deposit their lustfull, masturbated sperm in to? Really?

                • HAHAHHAHA. Okay buddy, if you think women don’t want sex as much as men you are in for a shock. Everyone likes sex. Except maybe you. And I think I’ve hit the crux of the problem. Are you getting enough sex objectivetruth?

                  If the sex isn’t mutual it’s called rape, and I’m not in jail writing this, and rape claims are really not that common, yeah, I think there is a lot of consensual(and casual!) sex going on, maybe you are in denial because you aren’t getting any of it.

                  Also, THROUGHOUT HISTORY, religious figures, icons, heroes; yeah they all had sex. And they probably had a lot, how else did we get to 7 billion people, lots of sex, lots of accidents without birth control. How do you know YOU’RE not an accident? Do you think your parents would tell you?!?
                  Also I don’t watch football. Football sucks. “I know, lets make a sport where 11 minutes of play is 3 hours of broadcast, and concussions are common!” Please.

                  Someone can argue that one better than me even:

                  • Objectivetruth


                    Good luck. Read commentaries on St. John Paul’s “Theology of the Body”, if you truly want to see the Catholic Church’s position.

                    But I’m not going to place any bets you will…..

                    • I might, because it appears you did read what I wrote, and I can see what you are on about. But I don’t think anyone can avoid an inescapable fact. Animals are wired to mate, reproduce, and be successful. The simian ancestors we evolved from have sex, have homosexuality, have sex for the purposes of enjoyment AND reproduction, and even have been documented to play with their genitals in all kinds of manners that would anger “god”. *cough* Penis Fencing *cough*. The point is, we don’t fall far from the tree, and since so much of our DNA is similar, we are going to have similar traits, tendencies, and desires. Animals, Monkeys, and finally people, all want, and will all continue to have sex. I’d even bet as birth control and the neutralization of STDs improves, society will start having EVEN MORE SEX! Since this is an ingrained nature to our and other species very existence, effectively controlling sex is like the war on drugs, no matter how hard you try, you will never, ever win.

                    • RufusChoate

                      How do Homosexuals have sex for reproduction? You need some rudimentary biology in the nature of both Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Disease which are opportunistic infections in an very easy to infect area of the Human anatomy. Sexually Transmitted Diseases by their very nature will increase and new ones will develop in this world of sexual license you envision.

                      Homosexuals who have far more sexual contacts have an infection rate of STDs much greater than the same demographic of Heterosexuals.

                      You’re living the delusional life of a poorly educated child.

                    • You make it sound like gay people are trying to have a baby when they have sex. Yeah sex isn’t all about babies, it’s called intimacy, and everyone has a desire for it.
                      Guess what? STDs might be flourishing in your neck of the woods, but there are many places where science and mankind are progressing in that field, because MOAR SEX, thats why. There is a lot of money in that, and if you read what I am linking, you’ll see they ” will not rest until we get to zero HIV infections in the District.”
                      Sounds like progress to me!

                    • RufusChoate

                      You modified your original post to conceal your inane claim of reproduction for homosexuals.

                      The CDC infection rate for STD in the United States in 2014 is about 120 million incidents. STD have been on the rise since the 1960’s and the demographics are now all age groups.

                    • When I edit I post, I put “Edit – ” at the bottom. I do not resort to tricks to reveal the truth.

                      Edit: like this, I used poor grammar in the first sentence, should be “When I edit a post”

                    • Also, this could make you fume, but looking into the crystal ball, the future could really piss you off. In theory, scientists could take the chromosomes from two gay lovers and make a child from an egg implanted inside a surrogate mother. I give it 50 years. Money could make it happen, and I’m sorry but there are gay people with enough wealth to fund that already! Tell me that it is impossible to artificially create a child from two women or two men. We can do remarkable things and that doesn’t sound outside the realm of possiblity. Is it sensible? No, probably a giant waste of money. But in theory gays could make a baby in future. A proper-organically-conceived-blessed-by-the-eyes-of-the-lord-baby? Nope, but doesn’t change the fact we can manipulate genetics quite well these days…

                    • RufusChoate

                      The chromosome recombination is irrelevant and surrogate motherhood for homosexuals is also a common practice and it is an grotesque counterfeit.

                      You really are quite immature. What you claim might or might not happen but it will always be an unalloyed evil and deleterious for the Civilization and Culture. I suspect another Homosexual Venereal Disease Plague will be the more likely outcome from the brave new world you pretend to understand.

                    • ForChristAlone

                      EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen.+.

                    • slainte

                      “…In theory, scientists could take the chromosomes from two gay lovers and make a child from an egg implanted inside a surrogate mother…”

                      Women and children should never be articles of commerce.

                      Your view of the future is insulting and gravely offensive to the human dignity of women and children; it also dehumanizes any man who participates in such callous and degrading activity.

                    • ForChristAlone

                      EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen.+

                    • ForChristAlone

                      EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen…….

                  • ForChristAlone

                    EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen……

              • ForChristAlone


              • Why is it left wing libertines are always assured of their utility to society?

                • I’m an independent. Good try. By the way, I actually do substantial volunteer work, charitable work, and make a living trying to improve technology for the benefit of mankind. What, did you think I was a thoughtless hate machine? I’ve worked hard FOR FREE and saved actual lives, I do have utility to society. I am not flipping your burger or stealing your bicycle. Nice stereotyping though.

                  • GG

                    Too funny. Your posts incorporate every single post modern sign of “relevance” to make you sound good to the masses. No educated and reasonable person would buy into your propaganda. You must think we are as credulous as you.

                  • We all do that stuff. We just have the class not to brag about it.
                    Sorry, I have no connection with burgers, other than the occasional guilty pleasure.

                  • ForChristAlone

                    EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen…..

              • ForChristAlone

                EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen….

          • ForChristAlone


          • ForChristAlone

            EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen..

      • RufusChoate

        You know the science and the facts don’t support your demographic projections. Insufficient birthrates threaten the well being and wealth of a society far more than high birthrates. Most the claims of the 1960’s Population Explosion were based on faulty and incomplete data that never replicated the reality while agronomy and scientific agriculture produced a superabundance of food . Population densities in the most impoverished parts of the World are invariably lower than the most prosperous societies.

        Singapore has a higher population density than Rwanda and no agriculture was is considerably wealthy, healthier and more productive than most of Africa.

        I am glad you Mother didn’t use Birth Control and deprive us of you because you seem to be a nice 12 year old. Now run along and play outside.

        • Needs a good whack across the head with some Julian Simon.

          • RufusChoate

            A truly great and good man…. I miss him.

      • ForChristAlone

        Have you run out of your Thorazine?

      • kmk

        CrashingOut, what brings you to a Catholic website?
        You are obviously being educated by something, but it’s not the Catholic Church.
        I pray that you will eventually experience authentic love.

        • Not educated, indoctrinated.

          • Laurence Charles Ringo

            Thank you, DE -173…the roman catholic church doesn’t educate, it dictates and indoctrinates.You cannot seriously…”loyally submit your wills and intellects “…to your presumed ecclesiastical masters, I.e the so-called”magisterium “, and consider yourself”educated”.

            • You mean like Georges LeMaitre?

        • Someone linked me here and I found the comments disturbing. Someone was saying “This is sheer Evil at work” while discussing the gay agenda’s actions, and I say harumph. Sheer evil at work were the people who believed what they were doing was okay when they tortured Matt Shepard. If you call people evil, satanistic, and have so much vitriol for a segment of historically quite harmless people, there is something seriously wrong and I could not read these comments without trying to provoke SOME thought. Gay people are not evil, and I think I see some serious indoctrination and it is not mine…

          • Objectivetruth

            Are you gay?

            • Nah I love love love women. For so many many reasons. But I know gay people who are great people, and they deserve what I have.

              • We love people with same sex attraction, and think they have enough of a cross to bear, without being afflicted with what you have.

          • Objectivetruth

            But you have absolutely no moral compass at all. I don’t think you’d know evil if it came up to you and hit you square in the face.

            Or are you just another gay troll, wanting to somehow justify to yourself and the world that your lifestyle is moral?

          • “Someone linked me here and I found the comments disturbing. ”

            Your comments are deranged, so of course you find these disturbing.

            There’s the door. It is bidirectional. Don’t let it strike you on the posterior upon exit.

          • Objectivetruth

            When one such as yourself has a twisted, malformed morality, goodness looks disturbing.

          • kmk

            I don’t know where you see evil and vitriol here, hopefully, it’s not only in your mind. The Catholic Church did not torture Matt Shepard, please try to come up with some other reasons for the torture of Matt Shepard, instead of merely implicating that it was the CC.
            As for trying to present those that practice homosexuality as being quite harmless, I suggest you look into NAMBLA and read some recent history about Gay Pride members disrupting Catholic Church services in the NE by tossing new and used condoms, bloody tampons and obscenities during Mass. We do not come after you, and I’m incredulous that ‘disturbing’ comments would bring you to a Catholic website.

            • That is an exception, there will be extremists in every group and if you use them to try and poison the well, then there are far far far too many offenses made by religion against homosexuals to even put here. To even make the claim your claiming you are ignoring how fringe extremists are visible like a glaring torch, the whole point of extremists is to be in your face about it, which is why the Phelps march at soldiers funerals, and why supremacists hang and burn effigy’s, for visibility and to get in your face. After ages of repression, some gay people are going get in your face because they are no longer afraid of the power of religion. The balance of power has shifted, and you need to get it out of your head that gay people are sick and twisted. A few people are sick and twisted, and an even fewer amount of them are gay, now YOU only see them because they will stick out like a sore thumb for you. The vast majority of gay people do not want to ruin childrens lives, you are letting the actions of a few dictate the status of many. That’s a ridiculous argument, just like how many many muslims are peaceful and there are a few jackasses who are brazen enough to pull off something like Charlie Hebdo – meanwhile MILLIONS of muslims across just Europe alone all facepalmed and went “not this sh*t again”. They too have to deal with persecution, and they too are almost overwhelmingly peaceful. When that attack happened I guarantee you there were many muslims just as made at the attackers as Americans were.


              • ForChristAlone

                EXORCIZO te, immundíssime spíritus, omnis incúrsio adversárii, omne phantasma, omnis légio, in nómine Dómini nostri Jesu+Christi eradicáre, et effugáre ab hoc plásmate Dei +. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui te de supérnis cæaelórum in inferióra terræ demérgi præcépit. Ipse tibi ímperat, qui mari, ventis et tempestátibus imperávit. Audi ergo, et time, sátana, inimice fidei, hostis géneris humáni, mortis addúctor, vitæ raptor, justítiæ declinátor, malórum radix, fomes vitiórum, sedúctor hóminum, próditur géntium, incitátor invídiæ, origo avaritiæ, causa discórdiæ, excitátor dolórum: quid stas, et resistis, cum scias, Christum Dóminum vias tuas pérdere? Illum métue, qui in Isaac immolátus est, in Joseph venúndatus, in agno occísus, in hómine crucifixus, deinde inférni triumphátor fuit. Sequentes crucis fiat in fronte obsessi. Recéde ergo in nómine Patris +, et Fílii +, et Spíritus + Sancti: da locum Spirítui Sancto, per hoc signum sanctæ + Crucis Jesu Christi Dómini nostri: Qui cum Patre et eódem Spíritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus, per ómnia sæcula sæculórum.Amen.

              • kmk

                The more you comment the more you ramble. One thing is apparent though – you are the only person here to see people as sick and twisted. Many are praying for you. Peace be with you.

          • Anglicanæ

            Curious, and a serious point: what’s your highest level of education? I’m asking because your rants have zero coherence.

            If you want to *really* debate, just say so: we’ll all do so if you’re earnest. But you did come here sounding overtly foolish, so people are answering you in the manner you are presenting yourself to make a point.

          • ForChristAlone

            Your name is Legion#…..

        • Objectivetruth

          Seriously….it seems his morality is a car going downhill without brakes or a steering wheel.

          • Hey, you forgot the drunk driver!!!!

      • In addition to be gratutitously insulting, you are innumerate and incredibly shallow. If a girl becomes fertile at age 12, and remains fertile until menopause at age 55, with 43 years of fertility, with a gestation period of 39 weeks, and let’s give this hypothetical woman six weeks to heal from the episiotomy between births, fifty babies are impossible.

        If you are so concerned that human beings are a blight, do the right thing and join the Hemlock society. Crank up Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the
        Reaper” and reduce the surplus population.

        Quite frankly, I can think of one baby from your generation that is awful.

        • Too bad I wasn’t thinking about having sex with the same woman 50 times over, guess what deflates your statement? The fact that a man could easily have sex with 500 women and if each one resulted in a pregnancy, yeah, that would make an excellent reason for there to be birth control. You just looked at it from one side, the one you wanted to see. I said I don’t want to have 50 babies. And guess what, seeing as I’ve had relations with a number of women, I’ve already prevented countless kids from having to be adopted. I would know how much that sucks, my family has an adopted child, because his parents were hopeless worthlessly irresponsible in having him. We took him in because we could, but that would have been impossible had my mother not aborted her first child when it was inappropriate to have one.

          • Its an excellent reason not gto have sex with 500 women, apart from the risks of STDs.

            Don’t worry. I doubt that you have enough money to procure that many willing women.

            • You did nail that. That takes a lot of money. Fortunately I am already doing great because my mother had an abortion, which allowed me to get the resources I needed to flourish. Wouldn’t have happened if I was that aborted baby, born into much poorer conditions, at a different time and place. Your opinion of success may vary, but I’d wager my AMG in the driveway, the half a million dollar plane I regularly fly, and the fun I have doing what I do means I won’t have any issue trying to pursue as many women as I want. The biggest obstacle to that is finding an amazing woman you want to settle down with.
              Edit: wrote that too quickly, meaning that if you find a keeper then everything is irrelevant, 500 women can’t beat 1 you love.

              • GG

                Sound like a sociopath.

                • So you just dated one woman and settled down with the first person you met? You sound the guy who married is cousin. If you can’t come to terms with the fact that people look around for mates, constantly, then I don’t know what planet you’re on.

                  • GG

                    You pass over all the other propaganda you wrote because you cannot even see the pathology. Funny and disturbing.

                    • Propaganda? Made my day. This WEBSITE is propaganda perpetuating ill will towards homosexuals. The “evil gay agenda” here, hoo, that raised my hackles. The only agenda here is correcting evil religious dogmas saying homosexuality is not okay.
                      If the shoe were on the other foot you would feel like a repressed minority oh wait thats what gay people were for the last 1000 years, sorry(Romans and Greeks from then weren’t so fussy about this funny enough)

                    • Anglicanæ

                      Not only is your grammar indicative of subpar public schooling, you have zero sense of history. I’ll wager you know nothing about the Greeks and Romans.

                    • ForChristAlone

                      Your name is Legion#….

                  • You are pathetically obbious as a poseur.

                  • ForChristAlone

                    Your name is Legion#..

              • You aren’t “flourishing”. People who have AMG’s or million dollar planes are too busy making money to troll. Get lost, troll.

                • Hahahah, then check out this….

                  • ForChristAlone

                    Your name is Legion#.

                • Okay, I’ll just go get a coffee in my sweet Mercedes. Maybe I’ll race my neighbor in his Tesla. I think you’re just jealous, I don’t have to work hard for my money because I created my wealth from hard work that is now done. And I get to fly that sweet sweet glass cockpit plane all I want, because I use it to save lives. So go suck a bitter pill, because I am about to seriously irritate you….

                  • St JD George

                    For the dear love of mammon CrashAndBurn, it appears as if you’ve found your treasure on earth. Have fun with that in your earthly life. God indeed will be impressed and I know is DYING for you to come and share all your stories with him before discussing your salvation, and then sending you on your merry way.
                    Don’t bother replying, your responses are quite predictable also and I think I could safely type it for you having read a few of your retorts now. I will invite you to go away though until you’re feeling better. Know that God loves you too believe it or not, even if the rest of us struggle to catch up to him.

                    • If there is a god he’s such a screw up with this world he’s created, I wouldn’t want to meet him. I mean what kind of guy sends his kind down to THAT and lets him go through what he did. (also, Isaac and Abraham? What an @$$hole!) I’ll tell you who a god who is massively contradictory and shouldn’t be a factor in my or others lives. Do not pray for me. There is no afterlife, just the one we have which is why we shouldn’t be making babies left and right with no recourse.

                    • St JD George

                      I’m sorry to hear about your miserable view of life, and your lack of honesty and love. Ever wonder why you are in the state you are in? Did it ever enter your mind that he sent his son our of love to show us the truth, the way and the life, and to die on the cross for our sins. God’s ways are not man’s ways, his death is not like the death inside you are experiencing, but it can lead to your salvation. We have the gift of free choice, including whether to love him and his creation, or reject him. But like with all choices in life, they all have consequences. Trust me when I say, true happiness is not found in any car, even an AMG. I will pray for you that you come to find what the rest of here have already found, peace.

                    • That where you’re wrong. I love fixing things. I like working cars and planes. I have peace, and I find it when I shredding powder or flying or racing or fixing people’s stuff for exorbitant sums they are happy to pay. I came to comment here because I aghast at the outlooks I saw, what you see as doom(gay marriage), I see as promise, what I see as doom(birthcontrol/overpopulation) you see as hope. It’s quite ironic right, we are polar opposites, that we can agree upon?

                    • St JD George

                      We are both God’s children, that we can agree on. Being unhappy can be a temporal state, and despite your claims to the contrary it is obvious to all here who is the unhappy one. True, there is much pain in the world today, but mostly born by those who are of it, not in it. It’s good to use the talents that God gave you to do productive work fixing machines, but that doesn’t bring true and lasting happiness. They are just “things”. True love is only found in loving Jesus Christ, including bearing his cross during our brief stay on earth.

                    • I will readily admit to having been momentarily unhappy reading the comments here, but I am now moving on to acquiring lunch; I was awaiting your reply, and with that I leave this site forever. I am now filled with joy at how nice a day it is outside, for nature is my church. I can see you can interpret that from the intensity of my postings, they are a result of my disappointment with the comments here. When you speak of true and lasting happiness….yeah all I can think of with that is retiring in Vale with a ski-in-ski-out cabin, maybe a place in Panama for the non-winter months….that would be true and lasting happiness! I don’t know if you’ve been to Central America, but yeah lobster tails for $7 fresh on the beach sounds better than heaven to me, in fact, if I died and heaven was what I wanted to be, it would still be Panamanian and Costa Rican beaches. So, yeah, I don’t know about you, but I do not feel that my stay on earth here is brief, especially considering average lifespans these days, I don’t feel a need for eternal glory…I will have my moment and that is it, we are a blink of the eye as a species in geologic time and cosmological time scales. Have you ever heard of a black widow quasar? The magic and mystery surrounding us is seemingly far more amazing than anything a deity could create, because just about everything we find has an explanation, and for us to be marooned on this rock without one of who we are, I don’t find it to be a mystery. We arose from nothing, and it was simply a matter of time. Everything came together in just the right way, and it may never happen again in this galaxy…but there are are one hundred billion galaxies out there, and that makes you think…some think there could be 17 billion earth sized worlds in those 100 billion galaxies, and it makes everything mankind has ever dreamed, created, or done, seem vastly insignificant. And with that one can only relish in what they have or create for themselves, so since I see no evidence of an afterlife or eternal glory, I am making this life glorious and cherishing it. Now it is time to go out play. In the Sun. A sphere of fusion and fire 4.5 billion years old that will swallow up our planet in 5 billion years. So, in 5 billion years there won’t be an Earth, and time will march on, until the universe slowly dims from every star burning out and entropy proves to be a painful thing, either things will restart or…unknown. Which is why, upon assessing the relative insignificance of humankind, I don’t see a reason to dwell on religion, or dictating what others can and cannot do if it has zero impact on you. It was these messages I hoped to convey, but I will leave it at that if you want to understand.

                    • St JD George

                      So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye …

                    • Anglicanæ

                      So, why even worry about the coming ecological apocalypse? Seems your nihilism is at root contradictory.

                      “Eat, drink, and be merry,” since death is it.

                    • ForChristAlone

                      Your name is Legion#

                    • ForChristAlone

                      Your name is Legion!!

                    • Asmondius

                      ‘….when I shredding powder …..’

                      You Jane!

                    • Anglicanæ

                      “God doesn’t exist and I hate Him!”

                    • That’s some serious cognitive dissonance.

                    • ForChristAlone

                      Your name is Legion!

                    • Asmondius

                      The tip sheet sez: “$5 bonus for making atheistic remarks….’

                  • Objectivetruth

                    Boy…I’m impressed! You know how to spell “Mercedes!”

                  • Any child can put a sticky on a car.

                    At least one did.

                    • Yeah but this a-hole still has the AMG you said he doesn’t, so he’s got a big fat grin on his face. Want me to make burnout marks spelling out 173? Would that satisfy you? Ha, time to go, you’re a joke. I make statements and then I back them up, deal with it.

                    • Like I said, any child can put a sticky on the car.
                      It would be more impressive if you washed it. It’s kind of filthy.

                    • Objectivetruth

                      He had to do it quickly before the real owner saw him.

                    • It’s probably his parents’ car.

                    • Asmondius

                      His Mom.

                    • ForChristAlone

                      Your name is Legion<….

                    • Asmondius

                      Let me guess – you’re an Ethiopian prince with a large inheritance and you just want a friendly American to front some cash for your legal fees…..

                  • ForChristAlone

                    Your name is Legion<…

                • So your reply when I post my AMG, thus proving my statements, is oh crap don’t let him talk more he’s making me look bad!

                  • ForChristAlone


              • ForChristAlone

                Your name is Legion<..

              • slainte

                “…Fortunately I am already doing great because my mother had an abortion, which allowed me to get the resources I needed to flourish…”

                Wouldn’t you rather have had a brother or sister to love and share your childhood with? I wouldn’t trade my siblings for anything in this world.

                I am sorry for your loss.

              • Asmondius

                ‘Fortunately I am already doing great because my mother had an abortion….’

                Merciful God – a SURVIVOR!

          • ForChristAlone

            Your name is Legion<.

          • Asmondius

            ‘I’ve had relations with a number of women..’

            (Mrs. Palm and her daughters, no doubt….)

      • Anglicanæ

        “I want to have sex and not have 50 babies over the course of my sex life.”

        “I can’t imagine a less tolerable situation than having to raise 50 kids with my temperament and selfish outlook.”

        • Did you completely ignore the problems regarding population control?! Where I live we are running into alarmingly serious problems regarding a lack of resources for our growing populace. We are pushing closer and closer to our breaking point, and you are not going to like what happens when people can’t drink or breathe. Things are going to spiral into chaos if the conditions where I am continue. Having 50 babies is untenable.

          • Anglicanæ

            “Where I live we are running into alarmingly serious problems regarding a lack of resources for our growing populace.”

            So you’re doing your part by…. engaging in baby-making activities that you hope you can control with latex, jellies, and murdering tiny humans?

            Sounds like the graver danger isn’t between your legs but between your ears.

            • Hah, I guess every potential life unexpressed is MURDER! Man you are on the highest horse I have ever seen. If you were having a baby and I said either you can live but the baby has to die to come out of you and save your life, you would choose your own life and have another baby. Give me a break, if it was between your life and an unborn one most people would choose their own and give things a second go. There’s a instinctual human self preservation tendency, and most importantly, do you think when the doctor is going to ask you this, he’s going to say CAN WE MURDER YOUR BABY? No, he would say we can save lives, but not all of them. This isn’t about murder, this about principles and being responsible, too many kids is reckless and that would make your attack a distraction, this isn’t about Murder!

              RED HERRING! Try again!

              • Anglicanæ

                “I guess every potential life unexpressed is MURDER” —

                Your words are nonsensical. If life is potential, then it is unexpressed.
                If it is expressed, it is not potential as life: it is life.

                Working through the broken grammar, I’m assuming you mean that any life that is yet expressed is inherently less important than your “expressed” life?

                Two questions:
                (1) What is the definition of an “expressed” life?
                (2) What is the definition of a “potential” life?


              • ForChristAlone

                Your name is Legion>…

          • ForChristAlone

            Your name is Legion>..

      • kmk

        God loves everyone Crash, even you. God loves us all so much that He wants us to make more of us. I would think that assertion and your ego would have you trying to make babies everywhere. Something’s rotten in Denmark . . .

        • I feel no need to sire and seed everywhere I go, for a billion jackasses before me have done so, and I see how big a mess my environment is in. I work with things pertaining to natural resources, and yeah, screw making more babies we need less we are in trouble and what I’ve seen is only the tip of the iceberg. We aren’t heading towards the apocalypse, we heading towards some serious discomfort. Take a look at how bad the water situation is already worldwide…there’s a reason people are freaking out, and it’s not about gay people and making fewer babies…

          • ForChristAlone

            Your name is Legion>.

          • Asmondius

            ‘I feel no need to sire and seed…’

            You’ll feel differently after puberty.

      • ForChristAlone

        Your name is Legion>

    • The ballot box has been defeated, even when it is not being overturned with the pounding of rosewood. Bread and circuses, dependency and patronage have all made the vote, to quote one recent appointee to the Supreme Court “a vapid and hollow charade”. We largely vote for what flavor of sugar the feds will dispense to control us, and eventually make us dependent on federal insulin.

      • You sound bitter because most Americans do not express your views. The times are changing, your generation is dying and leaving the podium, it should be no surprise that whatever you voted for, my generation and ilk were probably against it. This will get worse and worse for you, people are waking up with open minds to opinions other than yours. Most of the folk I know are happy with how things played out because our side won. Gay marriage is becoming legal everywhere and things like that are putting smiles of many Americans faces because you’re views, opinion, and beliefs on the matter are not the majority, and I would argue, are out of date with what society has determined. Gay people are people too, and after eons of poor treatment, it gives me zero surprise that they are pursuing their newfound freedom with the zeal and vigor one would usually see out of…..a fervent Christian.
        Times are changing…and they are not changing in your favor if you do not think gay people should have equal rights.

        • Objectivetruth

          Hmmmm…..seems you’re a moral relativist. That morality is determined by majority vote, or an individual whims, desires, feelings. I’m correct, right?

          So I’m guessing you believe anal sex between two men (or even a man and a twelve year old boy) is OK and moral? How about sex between a mother and a son? All good with you?

          Because according your relativistic beliefs…..this is all good, right? No probs from your end, correct? Thinking your “logic” through, if two men can get married, why can’t a mother and her 12 year old son? Or a woman and a golden retriever? Your not going to “persecute” them, are you?

          • There we go, RICK SANTORUM I KNOW THATS YOU HIDING BEHIND THAT CURTAIN! The slippery slope argument. A GIGANTIC RED HERRING. Let me put some gravel on your lubed up hill. Most people, straight or gay don’t want to bone children. When someone is gay that doesn’t turn them into an automatic deviant. It means they like the other sex, often with romance and all the regular emotions straight people express. But I guess it’s too much of a stretch for you to think of them as people who are just as normal as anyone else. A form of blindness perhaps.(insert excessive masturbation joke here)

            • GG

              Oh yea, because deviant sex acts are “normal”.

            • Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads, eat then up, yum.

            • ForChristAlone

              Your name is Legion……

            • Craig

              No one said all those with same-sex attraction are pedophiles. But do not call a sin that is one of the sins that Cry Out To Heaven For Vengence (the acts themselves) normal; they are sinful and in the less than 5% of American minority.

        • GG

          How facile and vapid. Are you 15?

          • Anglicanæ

            By the all indicators: poor command of language and sentence structuring, incoherent argumentation, stereotypical parroting of leftist dogma, and an unwavering commitment to self — I’ll venture to guess a 20 or 30-something white American female.

            So yes, about 15.

            • GG

              IQ or age?

              • Anglicanæ

                In aggregate, both.

            • That’s funny, maybe it’s because I’m punching these out left and right responding to all of you with lengthy responses hammered out rapidly. I don’t care about grammar and structure today, I care about ideas and principles, things unimpeded by small mistakes. If you are going to make ad hominem attacks, go for it, but it just means you lose. Attacking my grammar but not my logic, why you get a gold star! I was unaware my rapid replies were being graded Ms. Stickler.

              • Did you draw that picture all by yourself?

                • Carl

                  Someone in a blue hazardous materials suit—how apropos!

                  With all the toxic waste being heaved around this thread, I’m wearing blue nitrile gloves, respirator, and goggles myself!!

              • ForChristAlone

                Your name is Legion…..

            • ForChristAlone

              quite astute (and funny, too)

        • Carl

          No such thing as “equal rights.” The Constitution was created to “promote the general welfare.” The Bill of Rights was provided to give you equal protection under law and prevent government from “abuse of its powers.”
          But of course you alternative life-style communists promote the over bearing federal government along with with your so-called new equal rights to finance and promote your life-style choices.
          What’s left today is enforcing your propaganda like any other good communists. Today it’s the secret police of bloggers, internet trolls, and other people of influence. Tomorrow you dream is of Storm Troopers who stomp out non-believers in your new world.

          • That’s right! there’s a new star wars coming this year, watchout stormtroopers comin to getcha!

            Seriously? Alternative lifestyle? You act like equal rights and birth control are expensive. They are not. Birth control is cheaper than overpopulation, sorry. Oh and what does it cost you for gay people to marry? I don’t see a “vindictive retroactive anti-homosexual tax” reaching into your wallet, and I don’t foresee that in the future either.

            • Carl

              Are you going to give Shira Law proponents “equal rights?”
              Your selfishness and inhumanity really shows with your singular purpose to avoid or kill all “unwanted babies!”
              What does the marriage title do for you really except open up the government corporate largesse?

              • Oh no ##ck Sharia law. Seriously fu## that noise. That is some barbaric monkey garbage. Everyone knows that. More absurd ad hominem garbage you are bringing up. Even most educated, civilized Muslims don’t want it, I just studied the topic, it’s disliked most of the world over. Yeah in Afghanistan/Pakistan it’s not the case, but we aren’t barbarians over here, and American Muslims? I recall the number of American Muslims who want Sharia law in America number between 5 and 8.8 %. Thats not much. There are more fringe crazy religious groups like scientology that will outnumber that number and cause the chaos that they already do.
                Try again.
                Just because harmless gays want to marry you want to go full-barbarian and cut peoples hands off? Going for the slippery slope garbage again huh Carl?

                • Troll.

                • Objectivetruth

                  Go on an Islamic website, coward. Why are you spewing that vomit here on a Catholic site?

                  Then post back here what Muslim website you posted on so we can take a look.

                • ForChristAlone

                  Your name is Legion….

            • ForChristAlone

              Your name is Legion.

        • I don’t check my views against the winds of whim.

          I also don’t make pretentious statements about cas and airplanes.

          Get lost, troll.

          • Oh it’s only pretentious now because I’ve proven you wrong huh? I am getting lost, in a cloud of dust and burnt rubber. The sun has come out and now the top will come down. First you say I don’t have it, well, I relish in your error. Also, I will enjoy this pickle relish, we are barbecuing over here in our warm, sunny, severe drought-stimulated-by-overpopulation. Yep, nothing is playing out like it should, it’s raining horses and sheep, and WAIT WHAT GAYS CAN GET MARRIED IN FLORIDA?!? Ok you guys should all just give up now. FLORIDA! The state that gave us Terry Jones. Wow, game over man.

            • Troll.

            • Objectivetruth

              Why are you still here?

              I’ll challenge. Go spew your views on “gays” on an Islamic website. See what kind of responses you get.

              Or are you a coward? Spouting “tough guy” comments and mocking ridicule on a Catholic website get your rocks off? Why don’t you tell the Muslims on their sites your diabolical thinking.

              But you won’t.

            • ForChristAlone

              Your name is Legion..

        • ForChristAlone

          Your name is Legion

        • Craig

          Everyone deserves Charity. Sodomy or support thereof is not a right as taught to us in nature (“Natural Law”) or by God, Himself (“Divine Law”).

      • Laurence Charles Ringo

        That’s good stuff, DE-173;the sign of a healthy, sound, clear-headed thinker…Thanks.

  • W2LJ

    Again, we get into this whole “hate” thing. Disagreeing with someone, even vehemently is not “hate”. Calling someone “a hater” just because they disagree with you, or object to your lifestyle is banal and immature. If LGBT types really want to look hate in the eye and witness it first hand, I suggest they go with their cause to any Islamist nation. THERE is where they will see hate directed towards them.

    • Anglicanæ

      I muse over this term “hate”. It’s funny because its worldly opposite, “love”, reminds me of what Chesterton described as an unchain virtue. We are taught to love love, but not the kind that lives in harmony with the other virtues of justice and truth.

      The “hate” rhetoric is another way of appealing to virtue in isolation. There’s a thin veneer of righteousness stuffed with bloated self-interest.

      • Hate is a convenient way to dismiss opposition to irrational emotionalism. It is emotional slavery. What’s worse is the term “hate on”.

        • Anglicanæ

          “Liberals”, like everything they touch, steamroll and flatten everything that requires nuance, thoughtful engagement, and hierarchical consideration. Propaganda doesn’t work well if you ask your audience to consult the canons of logic and common sense – and you can just forget tradition.

        • Captain America

          I suppose there’s also “resent” or “dislike.” Anyone will dislike someone who disagrees with him, at least a tiny bit, subconsciously. But calling everyone who disgrees with you a “hater” really just sets that person up to be a Little Emperor on a Cushion.

      • The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. Think of it like a vector. Love has magnitude and direction, as does hate. Indifference has neither.

        • St JD George

          Like the luke-warm, worthy of being vomited out.

    • RufusChoate

      Me I’m a hater.

      • Anglicanæ

        Hater here. I hate all kinds of things. Glad to hate. Unashamedly hateful about the things worth hating.

        • I hate Nazism, Socialism, Communism, Cronyism, Totalitarianisn, Sin….

          • RufusChoate

            I hate Peas and Beans (allergy) but I am with you on the Socialists and Nazis too.

            • St JD George

              I always laugh out loud when I here these stupid people scream out “You Nazi” totally unaware of the irony in their ignorance reflecting on the mind set that was the National Socialist German Workers Party – tolerant of nothing that stood in their way.

  • Cimarron Slim

    Couple of thoughts… One’s attitudes about how to deal with LGBHT issues are different when one has family members lost in that community. Important to remember that we are to hate the sin and love the sinner AND remember we ourselves sin… As for Gary Sinise and anchor Bret Baier lets remember this battle will be a long one and choosing one’s battles makes sense and doesn’t disqualify one from the struggle.

    • GG

      They were to give a talk, right? Backing out from such a trivial thing does not lend one to think they would stand tall against something worse.

    • RufusChoate

      Actually I hate sinners who fail to repent and then insist up attacking the roots of Christian rationality and decency for good people to accept them. In that role they are agents of Satan.

      I guess that is a character flaw.

      I also don’t accept the sin of anyone in my family merely because of blood relations which is almost a primitive tribal demand inappropriate for Christians.

    • kmk

      I have family members that are trapped in this sin. They know that I love them and they also know that I do not support their choice to participate in homosexuality. When I sin I want to be told if I am not aware of sinning. Loving others is wanting the best for them. No sins are healthy.

  • John Albertson

    It is ironic that throngs demonstrate in the streets of Paris when freedom of expression is intimidated but not here. The LGBT vigilantes are light weights compared with ISIS and would be among the first to be executed under Shariah law, but they do not realize that bullies fey or fierce are bullies nonetheless.

    • St JD George

      Just read today as a matter of fact about a number of deviants who were made to walk the plank. Unfortunately for them it wasn’t on the side of a ship and into the sea. Their plank was 10 stories up on the side of the building and there wasn’t a kiddy pool at the bottom to pull of some miraculous stunt. Nope, their one way ticket to their final destination was terra-firma.

  • Klaus Michael Adam

    What a shame. He missed earning the crown of martyrdom. I guess that this life is just too precious for some. They do not realize that the eternal life with God is worth any price.

  • Senior lady

    Both are afraid of their careers. I wonder if they remember when they were confirmed that they’re supposed to be “soldiers of Christ” and uphold the truth. Yes, they would undergo a white martyrdom and get lots of criticism or even lose their jobs but the more people let this movement run their lives and careers, the more evil will triumph. And there’s no hate speech involved., also dissapointed that Bob Newhart opted out of this last year. I truly thought he was above this sort of thing. This LGBT movement is almost like the terrorist groups, only they eliminate people by smearing their names, threatening their families, jobs and associates rather than murder.

    • Antonja Cermak

      I’m not sure it’s about their careers, to be honest. In the case of Mr. Sinise, he runs a charity for wounded veterans. He believes in that cause and did not want to see that cause get muddied up by another cause. The plight of disabled veterans is something that can, right now, be supported by both the left and the right. If you link the issue to issues that only the right care about and that tick the left off, you risk cutting the support for that issue by half in a divided nation. Not good if you care about the original issue.

      The same would be true for the other gentleman who was supposed to talk about caring for a sick child. The care for families caring for sick children is, again, something that people on every side of the political aisle can support.

      And the other matter for Legatus is that they not only support Church teaching (if it were just that it could be both individuals could have continued to attend the event by stating that they were members of the Church and those were the teachings of the Church), but goes beyond that by supporting gay reparative therapy, something the Church doesn’t require or teach.

      • Austin Ruse

        He is also a Catholic and decided that it was OK that it get muddied up. Nice.

        • Antonja Cermak

          Catholics don’t have to support reparative therapy or Legatus, for that matter. I’m sure he would be happy to give a talk to the K of C, and they’re hardly anti-Catholic, they also abide by the catechism, which states that gay sex acts are intrinsically immoral, but that gay people themselves are to be treated with charity.

      • Have you considered the possibility that Sinise was pressured by the CoC or DoD?

  • I won’t speak for Jeremy except to say that I believe his work for GLAAD is as a volunteer. I am also uninterested in Mr. Sinise’s politics except to say that “conservative” and “religious conservative” are entirely independent. Perhaps the most vilified conservative in America, David Koch, is a proponent of both marriage equality and reproductive choice.

    Regarding Mr. Darrow I doubt that you will find much criticism of him by the gay community. Darrow is an admittedly gay man who decided to be celibate. Most criticism is reserved for those individuals who promote reparative, reorientation or pray-away-the-gay crackpottery.

    As for Mr. Ruse my problem (and Jeremy’s I think) is not with Legatus the group but with Legatus the magazine. Articles therein have characterized homosexuality as a disorder that can be cured. Of course the entire medical and counseling establishments disagree. The sentiments expressed in Legatus are efforts to conform science with religious beliefs which are no different from people claiming that the Earth is 6,000 years old.

    • Objectivetruth

      Evil should not be tolerated on this site. Go away.

    • RufusChoate

      The Koch Brothers are not Conservatives but Libertarians and it would have taken you 30 seconds to research that.

      Homosexuality in the experience of the old Western Institution for the care and edification of the Human person is a grave disorder against the very nature of the sexual act, it is a sin if acted upon and like all sin is able to be repented of and cure.

      There is no fixed rational impulse to confuse the digestive tract for the Reproductive system. It is a narcissistic and nihil choice like all sin.

      No one really and honestly cares what Homosexuals believe is justified about their sin any more than sane and good people care what Murderers, Adulterers or Thieves believe the justification for their sin is.

      It is irrelevant. Repent or don’t.

    • Your knowledge of contemporary political camps is deficient. Koch is a libertarian, identified with the Cato Institute, not the Heritage Foundation.

      For all their claims of rational intellectual purity with a long historical pedigree; you can see that it is not true. Milton Friedman once made the observation that you cannot have a welfare state and unlimited immigration, the likes of Don Boudreaux of George Mason Univ. make unlimited immigration an article of libertrarian faith, and no doubt that is swayed by the Koch brothers involvement with the Mercatus Center.

      Similarly, the concept of two members of the same sex marrying is a decades old novelty. It would have been seen as ridiculous to many libertraian heros-many of whom would have realized that it gives the state broad power over social relations and would have been appalled by the use of judicial power to create forcible commercial relations.

      Libertrarians obsess about inconsequential things like marijuana legalization as a top priority, while not considering the elimination of the IRS as anything but a remote dream, not realizing that legalized or forced narcosis is a capitulation to tyranny.

      They walk around with copies of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, oblivious to the fact that she despised them, calling them among other things “hippies of the right”, and Murray Rothbard returned her contempt.

    • kmk

      Yes, homosexuality is a choice, therefore it can be changed. Just as bisexuals prefer men some days, and females other days. You are also baldly lying about entire medical and counseling establishments. I belong to both and know that you are wrong. Admit it, you can do it, your life will only become so much better.

      • The AMA disagrees with you. So does the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association. So does the American Sociological Association. So does every medical and counseling professional organization.

        Hmmm, who to believe? You or the AMA et al? Ponder …

        • RufusChoate

          Two examples of the lack of infallibility of the Medical Profession along the even worse Psychiatric claims. You do understand that the AMA has long history of recommended therapies and procedures that did not address the disease and in many cases exacerbated what they believed they were treating. Look up the story of the Peptic Ulcer and H. Pylorus. Treatment of chronic Peptic Ulcers was a multiple billions of dollar industry for Pharmaceutical and Physicians that is now treated for next to nothing.

          In the 1970’s the APA catalogued a disease called Multiple Personality Disorder based on the completely fabricated clinical examination of a Woman called Sybil who was an aspiring actress. She came forward last year and detailed the layers and levels of fraud in the study. It never existed but there are about 100,000 reported cases of MPD currently under Psychiatric care based on the diagnosis of the original study including manifest amounts of Pharmaceutical good to treat it. One honest Psychiatrist reportedly said that he always had the impression that patient play acted to having MPD to support their need for Psychiatric care.

          Homosexuality is a highly politicized and aggressive ideology that defames and attack anyone who runs counter to their mythology.

          • Anglicanæ

            You do them too much credit using the word “mythology”. Myth typically harbors great truths about the human condition; this nonsense hardly rises to the level of an interesting lie.

        • GG

          You mean those political groups? Are you that credulous?

        • kmk

          Those associations very, VERY recently (except ASA) changed their opinion of homosexuality. The majority of members (again, except for the ASA) know the difference between right and wrong, yet have caved to intimidation.
          Hmmm, any consideration given to homosexuality . . . ?

        • Austin Ruse

          Who cares? We know we are right.

    • Austin Ruse

      The Church teaches that homosexual desires are disordered and that acting on them is objectively evil. the Church is 2,000 years old and the APA is 60? Something like that? The Church has watched kingdoms and empires come and go and She is still standing. The APA will die and so will the evil theories of the sexual anarchists and guess what? the Church will still be here.

      We stand against the evils of the times. Always been that way. Is that way now.

  • Peter Arnone

    “The Cross,” is no easy undertaking.

  • I can’t object Gary for doing this but I highly object the attack on him and I am strongly against that behavior.
    I support LGBT but I doubt they will support any action from the handful of the mindless people from that page.
    I stated mostly the same opinion like you, but maybe little different. Have a wonderful day.

    • “I can’t object Gary for doing this”

      What a gramatical mess. It explains the rest of the post.

      • I doubt it explains anything to you.

        • Wrong again.

          • My pseudo means Rude Shit and I tend to be both for the people of the thin blood and pale complexion. I don’t understand why do you keep on replying if you want me out of this discussion. I have no intention to be a part of any rhetorical flat debate. I have better things to do. Have a wonderful day.

            • I know what your “pseudo” means, and your post was grammatically the second word.

              • I’m so glad that you don’t think it was the first word. I wouldn’t be able to comprehend hurting your feelings sweetheart. Aw, by the way I am so sorry Gary Sinise done it already, by the way he got another fabulous gig. I guess that hurts too. Anything else?

  • Tom

    I watched this unfold. I know some other Steppenwolf Theater members and saw their facebook comments light up with immediate responses such as “I didnt know he was one of the haters” “What happened to Gary, he has been in Hollywood that long and still doesn’t get it etc”… It was a tidal wave. I am a veteran and have been very proud of all that he has done. He was already being ostracized for being conservative but when you “join the haters” they will go out of their way to destroy you. We have much prayer and penance to do. We need to listen to Our Lady of Fatima and get working.

    • Austin Ruse

      Can you share that information with me at

    • And we have no way of closing ranks to fend off the wolves.

      • Tom

        don’t underestimate the communion of the saints. More prayer and apostolate to help those who fall easy prey to the wolves. Whether they be clergy or celebrity.

  • Captain America

    Austin: it’s time for someone — you? — to begin a website just listing and charting the facts of homosexual revenge. To me, it’s an ugly story so often swept under the rug.

    Even worse is the damage caused by people who are fearful of homosexual pressure and repress you in advance, from fear of potentially triggering negative homo pressure.

  • RufusChoate

    I have trouble with the oft used aphorism that Catholicism in neither conservative nor leftist. It manifestly obvious that a Faith founded by Christ that values the Deposit of Faith in both Scripture and Tradition while eschewing novelty is Conservative. Maybe not the Libertarian Conservatism of many in the political right but definitely closely aligned with the idea of preserving the good of the past.

    The Left on the other hand worships novelty which oddly enough mirrors the pagan culture of the world before Christianity: embracing homosexuality, pederasty, adultery, fornication contraception, abortion, degeneration of sexuality and family life

    It is odd that members of such an abused and defamed body as faithful Catholics who have paid out close to $1.7 Billion to a handful of males (~1400) who claim abuse by Priests where the vast majority post pubescent males (which in more honest time was called Pederasty) are fearful and intimidated by the ability of the people who hold have done such incalculable harm to their church. It is the lack of leadership and courage in the Church that produces such easy exculpation of duty when a collection nasty and vile children assault you.

    Their aggression is based on their knowledge that they must destroy normative values, truth and rationality before they can achieve their goals.

    Unrepentant Homosexuals are the enemies of the good and their acts are evil. I have long held opinion from careful observation that people who engage in homosexual acts without guilt or concern are among the most hardened in sin and vile personalities that perpetuate a score of other evils in addition to confusing the digestive tract for the Reproductive system.

  • kmk

    I cannot call to mind any other group that exists to have its sin accepted by society like those that choose to participate in homosexuality.
    Most groups form to change for the better, to accept accountability for their sin. Alcoholics (or overeating or other addictions) Anonymous comes to mind as an example of people that admit that their behavior is sinful and they meet to try to change their behavior. Those that participate in AA meetings are trying to change a sinful behavior. They do not expect society to accept their sinful behavior. They are certainly not militant in their actions.
    Everyone desires to be in a relationship. The Ten Commandments tell us how to enjoy healthy relationships. The Ten Commandments are as useful now as they were 2,000 years ago. We need them now, sadly, more than ever because people are still murdering each other, stealing from each other, and hurting each other. We must keep up the good and right fight, to not be intimidated by those that are trying to promote homosexuality, and to always promote love.

    • Antonja Cermak

      The reason there are gay groups is an outgrowth of the history of gays in America (probably the world). At one time, gay sex was outlawed in many states and police would make it a habit to occasionally raid gay bars to enforce said laws. This led to people’s livelihoods being affected as most gays had to live closeted lives.

      That began to change in the 60s (IL was one of the first to repeal its anti-sodomy laws in the late 60s) and accelerated to the 80s. One HIV/AIDS hit the community, there was an attempt within the community to get people out of the closet because the closet led to unhealthy lives in many cases. As more and more people came out of the closet, more and more non-gay Americans realized that they knew and cared for gay people. This led to more solidarity. This was especially true on the left where feminists and gay people realized they had shared view points on many issues.

      As this solidarity increases, it became apparent that civil unions was something that could improve the lives of gay partners and with the increasing support of non-gay Americans, it was politically possible. So a fight was begun, and this was the internet era so organizations and blogs such as Joe My God were formed to carry on the struggle.

      But civil unions weren’t meant to be, there was too much opposition from the other side, so a strategic change was made to just fight for marriage, since that could be fought both politically (as it was in IL, though IL retains civil unions for any pairs of citizens who want one, and New York, 2 big states) AND judicially (as it was in many others states such as MA and IA).

      • kmk

        Gay sex, as other mortal sins, has been around for all time. It wasn’t healthy (or respectful) then and is not healthy (or respectful) now. Just because civil law changes does not make a behavior unsinful.

      • RufusChoate

        Actually the growth of the Homosexual movement had little to do with suppression and more to do with Sexual License in the 1960 and the collapse of the stable Family. The Anti-Sodomy laws were repealed because they were not enforced and had nothing to do with the explosion of public Homosexuality as much as the climate of Sexual Liberation.

        Alfred Kinsey was an active homosexual who tailored his research and his writings to detailing the perverse world that he lived in by targeting Criminals and convicted Pedophiles to lower the inhibitions of .the general population.

        Homosexuals are well documented to have considerably more sexual contacts at a younger age and target other youth of the same age or younger for paramour. Pederasty is a necessary function of the Homosexual act for very gross physiological reasons.

        • RooforLife

          the Homosexual Revolution came from the research of Alfred Kinseys, which is based off of sexual abuse of infants as young as 2 months old ~ Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution

          Kinsey’s acolytes have taken over the world of sex education, and have adopted his mantra that children are “sexual from birth” as the basis of their educational philosophy. And thanks to their “comprehensive” sex education curricula, many elementary school children are sexualized at an early age…….
          Another sordid, contemptible aspect to the story of Alfred Kinsey is the research he and his team compiled on children and sex. In his Male volume was a table called “Pre-Adolescent Eroticism and Orgasm.” The column labeled
          Data from Other Subjects” indicates that the 214 children analyzed ranged in age from one to 14 years old. According to Kinsey himself, “Of the 214 cases. . . all but 14 were subsequently observed.” Reisman points out the obvious but disturbing fact that this means that 12-monthold infants were “observed”having an orgasm. How? And by whom? The same table also has a column labeled
          “Erotic Arousal,” which is divided into three categories: “In Any Sex Play,”
          “In Heterosexual Play,” and “In Homosexual Play.” Those research subjects ranged in age from 4 to 15. Once again comes the mind-boggling question of who arranged and observed—to name one small segmentof the data—eighteen 4-to-6-year-olds in “homosexual play”?

          As if that weren’t bad enough, there is the book’s next research table, “Ages of Pre-Adolescent Orgasm,” which includes the notation that the chart is “based on actual observation of 317 males.” Starting with two-month-old babies, the chart records statistics on the ages at which the observed boys supposedly
          reached orgasm.

      • Civil unions were merely a deceptive transition. I will not serve the strange god state.

  • RooforLife

    Dr Ray Guarandi a clinical phycholgist has a show on EWTN Catholic tv
    channel called “Living Right with Dr Ray” In some of his episodes he
    asks Who has more wisdom on living right, the Catholic Church found by
    Jesus Christ some 2,000 years ago or modern ever shifting, ever changing secular ideas.

    With God All Things Are Possible… Well… Except THAT! …..
    So, in all things I must emphatically profess the Scripture
    verse from Matthew 19:26: “with God, ALL things ARE possible”… yes, even that.

    What Is Reparative Therapy?
    Examining the Controversy
    by Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

    Not all
    stories deal with reparative therapy but since each person is different there
    are different ways to help people

    Stories of Change

    Rich Wyler: A Change of Heart

    Rich was in a complete state of crisis as he entered reparative therapy for homosexual
    sex addiction. His wife had caught him in yet another lie that was supposed to
    cover up his double life. He had “hit bottom.”

    Finding a therapist he could trust, and who had himself overcome unwanted same-sex
    attractions, Rich threw himself into the deep emotional work he had been
    running from all his life. It changed his life.


    Former Gay Activist Marries Woman; Addresses
    Critics Who Condemn His New

    Heterosexual Lifestyle

  • faithmore

    Great comments despite the internal contention. I am reminded of what Padre Pio told the politician who asked him in confession: “Father, is it OK to tell a small lie on occasion in order to save my job?” Response: “Absolutely not”. “So what do I do?” Response: “Quit and find another job” He did and he prospered. I hope that all of us have the same courage. We all are being tested. Am disappointed in Sinise and Baier. Yup they are cowards. Our turn is coming.

  • Objectivetruth

    I was watching HBO’s documentary the other night on the Islamic terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya several years ago, killing sixty seven. If you recall, the terrorists were walking around asking the patrons if they were Muslim or Christian. If Muslim, you were allowed to leave. If you answered Christian, you received a round from their leveled AK 47.

    A witness described the death of a young, pregnant African woman. The terrorist asked her if she was a Muslim, or Christian. Without blinking, she answered “Christian.” He shot her, killing her and her unborn child. Our faith teaches us she and her baby at that moment were being seated at the heavenly banquet along Sebastian, Paul, Thomas More, and on and on….

    Would I have done the same? Would I have possibly lied, to save my life?

    We are called to eagerly declare “Jesus Christ is Lord”, even if it offends someone. Christ and His angels will come to our protection. The LGBT lifestyle is a mortal sin. It is love and charity to let them know that. To be acomodating in anyway to this sin is to tell Christ, we do not know Him.

    • What a $hitty way to go, she should have lied. Then again, you don’t have any common sense. Why lie to a complete piece of garbage with a gun in your face if he is an uneducated barbarian? Your pride isn’t going to make any difference at all, he will just have one less bullet, and he won’t care, he’s a barbarian. Such a stupid argument, eagerly declaring something to someone who will murder you for declaring that is…retarded. She’s not sitting at some holy table playing craps with Jesus, she’s decomposing on the ground because of the retard who shot her, you’re living in fantasy land. That terrorist wasn’t taken out by prayer either, he was taken out by another bullet. If you want to live in delusion thats fine but stay far away from me, because people who are rational realize this life is the one they’ve got and they are going to cherish it, what evidence is there that there is life after death, there is none, ZILCH, NADA, NOPE. She’s bacteria, you have your magical “holy safety net” and I am reminded of Jihadis, and their quest to reach their version of heaven. Yes, you remind of Jihadis. If you could picture the parallels, maybe it would even sicken you.

      • Objectivetruth

        Why are you still here?

        • Yeah, shouldn’t he be putting a sticky on somebody’s Gulfstream?

  • I read this several times and I understand what motivates Mr. Ruse to write it. However, upon reflection, these men are celebrities, not people who are supposed to serve as Shepherds-they are just prominent laity.

    If they are exhibiting a certain amount of vacillation on the matter, consider that they may be scandalized and compromised by things like this:

    Unfortunately, Dolan is as good a judge of football talent as he is of political integrity.

    Sheep don’t venture to far from the Shepherd and survive, especially when the wolves are hungry and on the hunt. Gary Sinise might not be Lt. Dan, but nobody is mistaking Cardinal Dolan (and many others) for General Patton.

    And now I am reminded of this:

    We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence.”

    – St. Catherine of Siena

    • St JD George

      If it only were rotten because of silence, the belligerent brutes screaming for acceptance, or else, only seem to be ratcheting up their rhetoric now that they feel they a friend in the WH and the wind at their back.
      Or do you think Catherine (beautiful town named after her by the way) comments applied today are more appropriately a reflection of the church’s reaction (lack of, by and large) to the madness in the world?

      • We need another Catherine.

  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    Even Catholics with public profiles are on the look-out for signs and signals, a small slap on the back of support.

    If the nation’s bishops won’t, don’t, or dodge this issue, why should Catholic gentlemen of the laity buck up and stand alone, exposed. OK, OK, a bishop here and there may do just that; yet, usually, done quietly so as not to offend, drive away – or, God forbid, tarnish the now fashionable mission of mercy.

    Why should these two fellows be the stand-ins for national Catholic leadership? Where is the thundering voice of an aroused national Catholicism raising its banner against LGBTQQI,B&D/S/M political and cultural totalitarianism? Maybe this is one place where the now fashionable New Homophiles can step in and defend their non-LGBTQQI,B&D/S&M brethren. Maybe Ms. Eve T. can write a book titled “Queer, Catholic: Thanks for the Respect, but Hands Off My Bros and Sisters”?

    Yet, we all know from where these Gay Hetero-Bashers get their unexpected encouragement: from the deep well of silence of Catholic clerical leadership. Little echoes from its weakened voice (worn out from what you know what); its public timidity silences any still small voices which threaten to broil and roll across the land against tyrannical agenda of the LGBTQQI,B&D/S&M lobby.

    Why should any Catholic gentleman stand naked before the world when the armor of Christian soldiers is boxed and closeted away?

    For instance:

    The State of California has just changed the definition of “family” for purpose of laws regulating housing. Changing it by completely, utterly eliminating any logical, common law, historical, (Natural Law, understanding of the family. (There is, now, no commonality here except what the state imposes.) Counties are in a scramble to update their codes and enforcement protocols. All this done under pressure from the LBGTIQQ,B&D/S&M lobby, to award their triumph over Prop 8 – and to secure their political funding. This new administrative law is a moral and legal cancer; it will feed upon the social flesh of California even more than Prop 8. This triumph of the Queer Will is insidious..

    This seemingly nuanced change in California’s administrative code even took me by surprise – sitting here as I am in the Mother Lode Foothills. Can I say the for the California bishops – or even the well-heeled evangelical leadership? This is one instance where I should expect the bishops to be on top of things (ahead of the game, and all that); this is where the ecclesiastical hierarchy should be charging down the Sierra-Nevadas as she-bears and little Pope Urbans: barreling down upon Sacramento, shouting a clever, well-placed insult at the LGBTQQI,B&D/S&M lobby to get them out on “J” Street for a shoot-out. Bishops strapping on Gospel pistols; that’s what we want to see! That’s what Catholic gentlemen of the laity need to witness – for their own courage. But, sadly, there was not a Catholic peep.

    Why the ecclesiastical hush? For the same reason the gentlemen profiled in this article backed off from attending the Legatus Summit event – fear, with, maybe for a minority of the hierarchy, a tinge of political care for the concerns of the LGBT[. . .] Lobby.(Reported on dutifully here and the likes of LifeSite News.)

    More of a factor, though, the bishops’ silence (on this particular item and other legislative ones in Sacramento) may be a self-imposed act of public self-humiliation for the still roiling church sex abuse cases in this state, from Santa Rosa to San Diego. My beloved Mother Lode has had its share. God only knows, the BANKRUPT Diocese of Stockton recently got slapped with 30+ more potential charges.Still, I would hate to think that the bishops’ reluctance to do battle with the LGBTQQI,B&D/S&M lobby comes down to this.

    The agenda of The Lobby is well-funded and powerful. It is out to destroy. Why should these two men – or even a bishop – be fodder to their canons. There are other battles to fight in which a weakened Church can, sort of, win: armor up for these, leave the LBDTQQI,B&D/S&M crowd alone. Why get bloodied when its easier to lay down the welcome mat for the giftedness of homosexuality, and all its kin. Now that Ms. Eve T. has appeared as a glossy celeb on WaPost’s style section that war is over

    Earlier we highlighted the crucial role that strong signs and signals have in stiffening up the backbones of Catholic gentlemen, and bishops. And yes, the strongest signal possible would be a papal one. That’s the sort of sign Catholic gentlemen need to see in the darkening
    night sky hung murderously over our culture. Will we get it, or something similar, from,
    the Vatican?

    After Pope Francis presents his Climate speech at the UN will he surprise us with an addendum, while at the podium, and do a slap down against the totalitarians of the LGBTQQI,B&D/S&M lobby? Most likely not.

    Regarding the rising star of Queerdom in the earthly Kingdom of Christ, I am discouraged. Why should I put up with it there if I don’t in my own heart or bed? Did God yank a second rib from the slumbering Adam and mold from it a Queer twin for both he and his wife? The words and behavior of some prompts me to think that satisfaction will not be had until homosexuality is utterly folded into the Body of Christ, and its sacramental life. That is the expectation of the powerful few who hold disproportionate sway.

    Is it any wonder that Catholic gentlemen stand down – for the lack of bishops coming to their aid (like priestly Aarons) holding up their arms?

    It all comes down to Rome.

    Along with a quivering world anticipating, breathlessly, for some expected revolutionary document, the whole Catholic world is holding its own breath to see what will exit from the final Family Synod this fall. Meanwhile, in the empty vacuumed air between now and October, the LGBTQQI,B&D/S&M lobby is doing its darnest to blow into it its stale and foul breath.

    Why should you expect a couple of Catholic gentlemen to take it, gulp it in – alone?

    [As always, from the BANKRUPT Diocese of Stockton: the Mother Lode]

    NOTE: Why do I add letters to the infamous alphabet string? Because that is where the next battles will be fought. The ‘welcome.mercy” lobbying, within and without the Church, for the B&M/S&M as recognized states of sexual identity with their own spiritual giftedness. Yes, sir, its coming. Which Catholic gentleman or bishop will pull his Christian armor out of the closet and do battle in that war?

    Frankly, in my letter adding, I acted with restraint. I could have included “CAA&AAC”, as the APA attempted to do in their Diagnostic Manual: “Child Attracted Adult & Adult Attracted Child”. That one will most likely be reserved for a final battle, when the Church of Christ is thoroughly bludgeoned and beaten down in the public square.

    NOTE: Make no apologies for tugging Ms. Eve T. into the conversation. Since publishing her book she has become very much a public face for a certain point of view. When reading her book (well written and argued as it is) ask yourself: From whence comes her language, her choice of notions and phrasing? Concepts and notions have parentage (talking about notional structures and substructures, here). Her personal story – as mine would be – is interesting but irrelevant to the argument. What matters is the notional domicile her concepts are born from and nurtured – her way of insisting upon Queerness in all things.

    In short, what is Ms. T’s. gnosticism. For that is what New Homophilism is: ancient gnosticism sneaking in through the portals of the sex organs; of course, with their castration of the created, covenant purpose of said organs: scooping them out, filling them up the spiritulalized giftedness of Queerness.

    By the way, what happened to Robert Reilly’s well-argued book about the “Gaying of America”? It structured the conversation properly, upon Natural Law.

    NOTE: Does anyone know a good realtor in Moscow? I would hate to leave my beloved Mother Lode, but I could make do in the Urals. In the meantime, think I’ll saunter off to The City for some missionary work and talk it up with the boys at the Black Cat Saloon.

  • ForChristAlone

    For those with intractable same sex attraction you might seriously consider Reparative Therapy. It has proven to be most effective in reducing and in some cases even eliminating altogether the sexual desire for members of your own sex.

    • Joanne

      If by “in some cases” you mean “in less than one half of one percent of cases, according to self-reported statistics” then yes, your statement is accurate.

  • kidglov3s

    You should be ashamed of yourself for the “body count” quip..

    • St JD George

      Why be ashamed of stating the truth? There is a murderous rampage dimension to this mayhem after all, so the metaphor seems to be quite apropos.

      • kidglov3s

        The actual dead bodies in this ‘culture war’ belong to LGBT people far far far more often than not.

        • St JD George

          Ah ha – who am I to argue that point. The truly dead for sure are those who don’t have Christ in their life, whether their corpse has a pulse or not.

          • *REDACTED*

            • St JD George

              ??? I agree and thought is was quite an accurate metaphor. I think what we had was a simple failure in misunderstanding, and I was glad she clarified.
              An old VP once had a bit of wit in saying “the number one failure in communication is assuming that it has occurred”. The reference being that two people never walk away from the same conversation with the exact same impression of what was just said or agreed on. When you get to know someone better you pick up on nuances, and in these forums where that often isn’t the case, coupled with restraint to be pithy, “things aren’t always as they appear” in black and white.

              I see you see my point.

        • Austin Ruse

          Try 50 million dead babies. Try thousands of dead gays from sexual diseases? This is what we are talking about. The body count from the sexual revolution is in the hundreds of millions.

    • Austin Ruse

      Why? The body count of the sexual revolution is into the hundreds of millions.

  • 1984 is here
  • 1984 is here

    The Trinity:

    One Divine Nature, Three Distinct Persons – As told in Genesis, Marriage is a Sacrament

    are two conditions necessary for total self gift: a shared identity
    (nature), and difference. If you don’t have these two conditions then
    the total giving and receiving which forms a “Communion of Persons” is not possible. As explained in The Theology of the Body
    – Adam was created in God’s image and likeness … in friendship with
    God. Mankind, being created in the image and likeness of God, is called to image the relationships within the Blessed Trinity to the world: The Father begets Life through His Word and fully gives Himself to the Son. The Son, The Word of God made Flesh, gives Himself and all of Creation (Life) back to the Father. And the love between the two of them generating
    (spirating) a whole new level of Life — Holy Spirit. Within the
    Blessed Trinity we see the shared identity: the 3 distinct Divine
    Persons of the Trinity are all the one God, one Being ( I AM )- They
    share the same nature, the Divine nature. And there is difference: They
    are relationally different – the Father begets, the Son is begotten,
    and the Holy Spirit is the manifest Love ( I think that is correct

    Adam is called to enter
    into a relationship which images – a divine “Communion of Persons” …
    in time …and within creation. But, in order to do this he needs
    someone with whom he shares both identity/nature and someone with whom
    he is different. In the Scriptures it says that Adam is “alone”,
    which is a strange thing to say because he is in the garden with God and
    they are friends. But, if we go back to the idea of a “Communion of
    Persons” which Adam is called to, then he is alone. Adam is searching
    for someone with whom he can enter into this “Communion of Persons.” —
    another life that shares his human nature but that is different. Adam is
    not able to enter into a “Communion of Persons” with God because they
    do not share the same identity/nature. The Son of God has not yet been
    begotten of time/creation/flesh. God is Divine, Adam is man. Adam looks
    to the animals and the rest of creation, he names them all. Again Adam
    finds there is no possibility of entering into a “Communion of Persons”
    because they do not share the same nature. Adam has known/felt his calling and can not find a means to image/live it. He is “alone,” and it is “not good,” as the Scriptures say.

    After God allowed Adam, mankind, to experience this yearning, God provides
    the temporal means to image/live this yearning. God puts Adam into a
    deep sleep and takes out a rib (which shows the shared identity – they
    are made of the same “stuff”) and creates Eve. When Adam sees Eve for
    the first time he exclaims: “This one at last is bone of my bone and
    flesh of my flesh!” Finally, someone with whom he shares the same
    identity: they are both human persons. And someone with whom he is
    relationally different: he’s a man who begets life into the woman, and
    she’s a woman who gives birth to life, which she returns to the man.
    Now Adam/mankind is able to form a “communion of persons” with Eve and
    the love between them will generate the new life giving fruit of the
    Holy Spirit: children.

    If we take this a
    step further we see that God intends for us to enter into a total
    “communion of persons” with Himself, that is why Jesus, the Second
    Person of the Blessed Trinity became flesh. During Adam’s lifetime and
    the Old Testament times it was not possible for man to enter into this
    total Love with God, because we did not share identity with God. It was
    not until the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus, took on flesh… took
    on our identity… that we were able to then enter into this type of
    “communion of persons” with God Himself, through Jesus Christ who is
    both God and man.

  • St JD George

    Well how about that, SCOTUS has just agreed to hear the appellate case to decide on immoral marriages this April with an expected ruling in June. Once and for all? Anybody care to wager on this outcome (just kidding)?

    • And its not like Congress is going to execute its right to limit their jurisdiction in the matter.

      • St JD George

        So what’s your wager?

        • I wouldn’t go short the Swiss Franc.

  • Tigertiger

    While I do understand your points about Mr. Sinise and Mr. Baier canceling, i have to say I find this article extraordinarily judgmental. Mr. Sinise has a cause of his own and he is one celeb who has used his fame to do a lot of good. He also works for a living. So does Mr. Baer.
    Should they have stuck to their guns and sttended? Perhaps. But let’s not pile on. I don’t know enough about Legatus to comment.

  • smittychap

    Never, ever, ever believe it when you read that some Hollywood actor or celebrity is a “conservative” and a principled person merely because they have done something commendable (like lending support to wounded servicemen) that, however commendable, is very easy to do and requires no courage whatsoever. Sinise is a classic case in point. His work for wounded servicemen is commendable, but also easy, probably pleasant in most cases, and good public relations; but he demonstrated that he is a typical gutless Hollywood celeb in caving in to the pressure from fascist-like homosexual activists on the crucial issue for civilization of preserving the sanctity of natural marriage between a man and a woman.

    • St JD George

      I feel more torn even though I recognize all your points. I want to support people who have faith in Christ no matter how fragile because let’s face it, we all have frailties and need the support of others in courage. I don’t know anything about him so I’m assuming what I read, and will take it on faith that he is a man of God. Let’s face it, there is a dark force growing in the world today that feels emboldened in it’s quest to destroy Christ’s church on earth. This movement is quite happy to destroy people’s lives one by one and to put fear into the heart of others to stay quiet creating a more fertile environment for their cancer to grow throughout society. Most of us when singled out would melt away under that heat. We are at a time I’m afraid where we need to lock arms a little more tightly, pick up our brothers when they stumble, and brace for the culture wars ahead lest they consume us.

    • Antonja Cermak

      Actually he converted to Catholicism in a town where to say that’s no asset to your career would be an understatement.

  • Enoch14

    When are people going to wake-up. The “gay” thing (which is the sodomy thing) is simply one of the key signs of the end of the End-Time

  • wc4mitt

    Now who is doing the slandering. You don’t really know why these two good men cancelled their appearances; nor do you really know about Newhart. Stop slandering people by assumptions. It’s pathetic – everyone will be judged by God – not by you.

    • GG

      Uh huh. Right.

  • Elaine Steffek

    Excellent piece Mr Ruse. I am having a mutual friend forward this article to Mr Sinese.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    always nice to hear from the “loving and tolerant” hate filled, bigoted, “religious” people. Which part of ALL in the phrase liberty and justice for all is the difficult part for you “Christians”?

    • You mean like the liberty not to bake a cake for an event you don’t want to be associated with?

      • Anglicanæ

        But, but, but that’s different! You as a private business owner do not have a right to decide who you are willing to do business with! After all, it’s the State that is allowing you to make a living, ergo you must ask the State the limits of your business.

        Liberalism is the epitome of ignorance.

    • ForChristAlone

      Obviously, we are fulfilling our calling as Christians to elicit such venom from you. I will quote you from the scriptures since I am sure you are unfamiliar with what our Divine Savior told us: ” They will hate you as they hated me.”

      If you hadn’t informed us of how hated we are, we might not know how well we are doing as followers of Christ. Thanks. Check back in with us every now and then to tell us how we’re doing.

    • Objectivetruth

      Nice to hear from you, the hate filled, bigoted atheist people!

      In regards to liberty, how about NOT taking my religious liberty away?

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        keep your Christian fairy tales to yourself. If you want to worship a mass murdering child killing sky daddy called the Christian god, that’s fine, but you keep that load of horse manure called Christianity out of politics, out of laws, out of public view, and quit brainwashing impressionable children with the christain nonsense.

        • gullycat

          So. Are you “Guest”? Or are you “Bobbie Jo Justice”? Either way, you’re a troll. And either way, homosexual conduct is both sinful and stupid. You want to die from AIDS? Keep going to the bathhouses, keep having anonymous sex, keep doing perverted and disgusting acts. And you will die. Or….you could change.

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        keep your Christian fairy tales to yourself. If you want to worship a mass murdering child killing sky daddy called the Christian god, that’s fine, but you keep that load of horse manure called Christianity out of politics, out of laws, out of public view, and quit brainwashing impressionable children with the christian nonsense.

        • Objectivetruth

          I’ll wager you know really nothing about Christ, His Church, or holy scripture……correct?

          But are more than willingly eager to ignorantly attack and mock them. Why? Why attack something you know nothing about?

          • Bobbie Jo Justice

            I will wager you know NOTHING about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (which has already been proven my many of your posts).

            let’s see, “christians” have a church on nearly every corner, they place bibles in hotel rooms, they put religious billboards on interstates in the south, they are building a replica of an ark besides an interstate in frostburg, md, they build crosses besides interstates in tennessee (never mind using that money to help the homeless or feed the hungry, huh)?, they stand on street corners holding signs, they insist their imaginary man be on money and in the pledge of allegiance, they knock on the doors of strangers to ‘spread the good word”, and they brainwash impressionable children with their bible, but oh hey, please tell me again about the “gay agenda”.

            • Objectivetruth

              You have certainly answered my question that you know nothing about Christ, scripture, and the Church. But once again, willing to ignorantly attack it.

              So you have made the choice to make “gayness” your “god?”

              Because all I see from your postings is that you worship at the altar of the LGBT lifestyle.

    • Objectivetruth

      I don’t get it…..

      “Gay” marriage has been essentially legal in this country for quite some time, but a very low percentage of “gays” actually get married. WHY?

      No “gay” troll has ever answered this simple question coherently.

      The answer of course is “gays” actually don’t want marriage. They just want some type of backwards justification from society that their lifestyle isn’t ridiculously sinful.

      But news flash, “gay” trolls……your lifestyle is sinful and can NEVER be moral, or acceptable!

      Get it?

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        sinful? and who decided that something is sinful, the load of horse manure called the Christian babble?, er, sorry I mean bible.
        what’s really sinful is “Christians” who worship a mass murdering child killing sky daddy.
        what’s really sinful is “Christians” who MURDER their trans daughter. RIP Leelah Alcorn/
        and if gay marriage has supposedly been “legal”, then WHY are some bigoted southern states fighting the court rulings?, and in fact why is there a need for court rulings in the first place?

        • Objectivetruth

          So where do you get your concept of sin and morality from? If you’re an atheist, why would you even care about a moral code or law, at all?

          • Bobbie Jo Justice

            I certainly don’t get morality from a bible where a sky daddy demands that everyone be murdered who work on the Sabbath. I don’t get my morality from a bible where the sky fairy demanded that Abraham murder his only son to satisfy the Christian sky fairy’s sick sadistic need for an ego boost.
            The Christian lifestyle has caused far more damage and brainwashing than any other “lifestyle”….

            • Objectivetruth

              Yes… truly don’t know anything about the Church.

              I suggest you go to a Muslim website, where you probably equally know nothing about their faith, and attack them. Attack them on their teaching that someone caught committing the sin of sodomy is to be stoned to death. Tell them your thoughts on that, let’s see where that’ll get you.

              Or would you rather attack a faith here that preaches “love the sinner, hate the sin?”

            • Objectivetruth

              So where does your moral code come from? You avoided my question.

    • CadaveraVeroInnumero

      Meet me at the Black Cat Bar, San Francisco (710 Montgomery St) and we’ll have a nice little chat. Drinks on me. You’ll know me, will have my bible open.

      Life seen from a stool at the Black Cat. Am setting/plotting a novel at the place. A perfect pitch seat to watch the parade: a whole world (culture) has passed down Montgomery onto Market, on its way to oblivion. Shouldn’t go into the night without narrative. Maybe by the telling the story of the Black Cat we’ll understand how Queer Theory came to shake and stir our cultural drink.

      Maybe Ms. Eve T. will write a puff.

    • GG

      Liberty and justice, not perversion.

  • M.J .

    The silver lining in the controversy might be , that those who sponsor such events would focus whole lot more , on themes such as deliverance and family /generational healing , which, in turn could help all involved ; it is unlikely that Holy wood actors are experts in such ; that we need those who know what the power of The Cross , the real Holy Wood ( my, the enemy knows how to be counterfeit – Holy wood indeed ! )
    The flood of narcissism , with its message from mental health ‘experts ‘ , of being a hopeless situation of inner emptiness, incapacity for empathy , parasitic traits of wanting to use others to feed the ego , desire for abuse in its varied formats, including unjust control, greed , are all possibly affecting many in our times and those who are the focus of discussion here , pretty much , in same league !
    Looking deeper into ways to bring healings , such as from effects of idolatry , with its curse of – ‘ their makers shall be like them ‘ , can be even unifying themes to help all involved , esp. if those afflicted in The Church can be helped , for example , by the Legionares ( The Lord might have shown us The Way , to use what the enemy might have meant to be strong holds against him, by choosing Rome ! ) and those thus delivered and healed , through repentance of all idolatry, in family lines , personal lives , thus being able to help deliver others !
    One might need to look even into areas such as football, with its attire , body contacts , capacity to foster the false ego, by taking excessive gratification for the skills of others , abusive /injury prone ways ..if that robes and numbs one of time and focus on The One , who might need to re parent one and many , in one’s lives, even generations down, by breaking enemy claims from idolatry , bead by bead , in The Spirit , as in Rosary , Divine Mercy prayers …trusting that the efforts would not be wasted and can help to bless and protect the coming generations !
    God bless !

  • BillinJax

    It is not justice it is not compassion it is not fairness it is not equality. It is the heat from the fires of hell that is warming the passions and arousing false courage in those whose perversions are erroneously being deemed worthy of mainstream morality.

    The gradual softening of Judeo-Christian will to protect the truth of scripture and its traditional values which with reliance on Divine Providence allowed western civilization to prosper and flourish over the last few centuries has now, by the last sixty years of easy living and the daily drumbeat of the live and let live lullaby of the secular progressives who convinced themselves they are more than simply God’s children and have ordained
    themselves His counselors among mankind, brought us to the brink of modern day
    Sodom and Gomorrah.

    As a result of our growing indifference to the truth we seem to never get it when it comes to recognizing Evil and its intent when it is wrapped in politically correct language or persuasive but corrosive compassion by legislators, news media, and the entertainment industry. This has been going on for so long that we now have some of our spiritual leaders falling victim to the mountain of madness being released as an avalanche of appeasement upon us by the aggressive gay agenda, abortion on demand despots, and most destructively those wise but devious secular progressives who cleverly challenge us and want you to turn the other cheek, not judge lest you be judged, love and accept everyone AND their sinful behavior lest you are less than the Christian you claim to be.

    These masters of deceit only quote and use scripture to serve their need to dilute and dissolve our traditional values one by one until the few truly faithful remaining are deemed enemies of society and antiquated bigots.

    The new Christian persecutions have begun and will increase rapidly just as prophesy has foretold that the flock will be scattered when the shepherds are smitten but ultimately those who remain faithful through the purification of the Church will, in the end, share in the glory of our savior Lords triumphant return and His divine justice.

  • Objectivetruth

    Thoughts on the “doctrine of nice”, and the “nice” Jesus:

    We all know the story of Saul of Taursus. Persecuting, torturing, executing thousands of Christians. The Christ took this as a personal attack (“Saul, Saul……why are you persecuting ME!”) and knocked Saul (Paul) very hard on his tuckus, blinding him for three days. Jesus didn’t knock Paul down with a feather duster, politely hit him with cotton candy, or ask him nicely to please, please stop! No. Saul took a Mike Tyson right upper cut from the Annointed One. That was the only thing that woke Paul up to his sins.

    So if we all get to heaven some day, let’s ask Paul about the “nice” Jesus…..

  • Backflip

    To prepare the population for the camps, first the policies of gleichschaltung were employed. The enforcement and acceptance of these policies enabled a majority of the population to turn a blind eye to the eventualities of smokestacks and death all the while still considering themselves basically good people. Alas, the only difference I see between the gleichschaltung used by today’s homosexual activists and that of the gleichschaltung used by those not so long ago, is their choice of religious scapegoat. If only homosexual activists could be as honest as Islamic terrorists and treat all equally as infidels that disagree with them.

  • DJW

    I’m disappointed in Senise and Baier. No Balls!

  • Howard

    “He went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.”

  • Dan

    St. Thomas More, pray for us.

  • Enoch14

    Actually on the question of Sodomy there is no neutrality; no one can sit on the fence. To be neutral is in fact to condone sin.

    The way things are going it will be impossible to obtain a credit card without first showing acceptance of Sodomy in all its ramifications.

  • bonaventure

    Early Nazis were mostly homosexual.
    The connection continues.

  • M.J .

    Having read how Nazi Germany was in to the occult , the warning of the sevenfold return of the demons might be an area that more need to pay attention to , whether the baptized who fall into such realms are at grave risk .
    Unsure if even the theme of the Hindu male gods taking on female forms and procreating , the idolatry of animal worship, all these are areas that can be looked more into , when dealing with issues , such that , more focused, truthful repentance , even for generational lines , might be more effective .
    Just watched a program on EWTN, about the Chimayo Sanctuary in New Mexico , with its history of healings , using the dirt form there .
    Man, from the dust and dirt, needing deliverance , like Peter did ; Our Lord calling Peter ‘satan , for talking like ‘humans ‘ , as though, left alone in the humanness ,we have ways in common , with the one, cursed to eat the dust !
    Walking pilgrimages of prayer and penance ( including prayers for the long gone Native Indians ) organized at large scales for families , may be another area that can be looked into , as part of deliverance and healing of the culture !

  • Liza

    She predicted it. See link below.

    Mr. Hooper’s, stock and trade are creepy distortions and lies. So he is leaving GLAAD–I’ll go out on limb here and suggest he’s not leaving to take a position at the Grey Lady or to savor his Pulitzer. They will take him back after case is heard. They just do not want to be associated with him now. I wonder why? it isn’t like either organization really minds threats, lies and intimidation or my personal favorite child abuse. They in fact protect abuser and punish the victims. I hope the child Mr. Terry Bean is accused of sodomizing is in protective custody until either Bean himself or these organizations either pay off the judge or threaten victim enough that Bean is back on Grinder. Then they can spend the next few decades threatening the victim and call it political activism. Right now they just don’t want any judges to notice the very obvious link. Hoopers blog has been a clearing house of lies and threats and intimidation against all kinds of people including adult children of LBGT who are against SSM. How SSM was won–silence the victims who are the children they claim they have a right to. These men are sociopaths, aggressive rage driven sociopaths. The list of their victims just get longer and longer–

    GLAAD, The HRC, seeped in corruption and abuse cover ups. If they were ever investigated I can’t even imagine how bad it would be. People should read through what Hooper et al do for a living. In fact what GLAAD has paid him to do. Watch he will be back after the case– see quote and follow link to read more about Hooper and GLAAD.

    “These men may have revealed much more about themselves and the movement than they realize and damaged their credibility. I would not want to be Mr. Hooper or Rose when they realize that nobody will ever trust them again – no, not really, and not ever. They are like the writer who gets caught plagiarizing or a researcher who fakes results. There will always be “that” question in the back of people’s minds.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


    Until we tell the homos to f____________off we will have to put up with they’re sissy boy nonsense time to play homo ball.

  • Tom

    So pathaetic that we stomp around yelling je suis charlie but live in a country where free speech is constantly under attack from extreme radicals.

  • Akira88

    This is neither freedom of speech nor freedom to associate. These are the men who should lead, and they’re choosing not to. It’s odd that so many stood up for that Hebdo’s freedom to insult, degrade, and demean religion. He was hailed as a hero. The fringe LGTB group – no so fringe any more, (thank you Dems), are holding Senise & Baer hostage.

    When will good men stand up? It would be something spectacular. It’s what our Confirmation requires us to do. We’re not promised Eternal Life because it’s supposed to be easy on the Earth. Quite the opposite it’s the sufferings. Some are called to do big things, most of us little things.

    Pray for their ability to forgo human respect.

  • FrankWalshingham

    Thanks for outing Sinise as another Hollywood phony!

  • Thomas Sharpe

    There are degrees of cowardliness, persons of wealth from substantial income have less to loose, ah yes but how weak these people can be-

  • FreemenRtrue

    there is no compromise with evil – Sinise and

  • rod masom

    I’m with you 1,000 %, Austin; thanks to you, we now know what to do when “Wounded Warriors” comes calling for funds; call out Sinise’s moral cowardice, then say “not this year.” As for Baier, I always thought he was a likable enuff kid, but I’m growing increasingly chary of Roger Aile’s behemoth money machine, Fox News. I know of Baier’s troubles with his child’s health, and I wish him well, but he should’ve not caved to LGBT pressure. That’s what i expect R.I.N.O.’s to do, NOT professed Catholics. As a matter of fact, should we consider both Sinise & Baier C.I.N.O.’s now? Not sure. God Bless you, Austin, for continuing to fight the good fight. You and Roger Reilly, and the resat of the hardy souls who aren’t afraid to do a little bleeding, if need be, to fight the GayStapo phalanx (of evil).

  • TJ

    Sometimes people who think they are tough conservatives have jelly inside

  • Gordon

    While I agree with principles of this article the actual argument is a an ad hominem attack at the individuals in question. The author doesn’t make a case for why it is wrong for them to not speak, despite there being several rational points for not speaking, nor does he discuss how speaking would be a good or bad idea. The author takes it for granted that it is wrong for them to decide to cancel their speeches. I do agree that the LGBT community has exerted a lot of leverage in advancing their political goals. However, the effectiveness of this summit in advancing Catholic ideals is assumed as is the leverage exerted by the LGBT community. No evidence is presented to support this statement, it is likely, but we ought to be more charitable is publicly discussing others behavior. Especially fellow Catholics. The world watches these exchanges and we look narrow minded and bitter when articles like this are published.

    • GG

      I cannot follow your reasoning here. The speakers backed due to pressure from pro “gay” groups. Any further clarification does not change the fault in question.

      The world sees a sign on agreement when people backdown in face of pressure.

  • Michael Depietro

    Two points here. First I think while the overall points are substantially correct, it is a bit hard on Mr. Sinise. I would also prefer that he stood up to the fascist gay thought police, but on the other hand people do pick their battles and he might have thought in the current climate his ability to do any good at all in terms of his support for the Veterans would have been damaged. Of note its not like institutional Catholicism is likely to have backed him. On another front look how the American Church has thrown Fr Pavonne and Priests for life under the bus. ( Recently Cardinal Dolan of NY has distanced himself from Priests for Life, and the reasons for this are quite nebulous,)

    The large issue is for Catholics to realize that “gay marriage” is not really something that actually interests most gays and the cultural left in general. Homosexuals do not get married in significant numbers even in places where gay marriage has been legal for some time. This is merely a ploy to make opposition to the agenda of the cultural left synonymous with bigotry, and to specifically ghettoize orthodox Christianity in general and Catholicism specifically. It is at its root a totalitarian agenda and needs to meet aggressive resistance. Perhaps individuals like Sinise would have more courage to resist if they understood the real agenda of the left. For a full discussion see

  • St JD George

    Austin, great article by the way, again.

  • echarles1

    “But—you know—that work is easy.” It is only easy to work with wounded soldiers in the sense that it is popular. Dealing with physically and emotionally damaged people can in fact be difficult. True good can comes with cheers. You discount a lot of good with a backhanded remark. Mother Teresa’s work came with cheers. Let’s knock off 20% goodness for that too! Can’t Sinise be wrong at times, but not a coward?

  • GrahamUSA

    I don’t know any orthodox Catholics who don’t weep for the way gays are treated in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba (recall Raul Castro’s 1975 campaign against homosexuals), etc. Although keep in mind that not a few priests and bishops would have done the same… This will continue to be a dark time for the Church. Springtime for the Church? More like Springtime for Hitler…

  • An Orthodox Christian

    I am saddened by Mr. Ruse’s uncharitable attack on Gary Sinise. As a veteran myself, I deeply appreciate all of the work that he has done on behalf of our brothers and sisters who have served, past and present.
    There are many homosexuals who have served, are serving and will serve in the future. Whatever your opinion of this, it is the reality. Mr. Sinise has not attempted to hide his beliefs, but at the same time his primary focus is on his mission to the Veterans (whatever their orientation). Legatus is part of the “Culture War”….well, ok. Gary Sinise’s organization is not, and he obviously feels that being a neutral party will further his work with Veterans (which it will).
    I have to say that the comments on this article are disheartening from a place that claims to be Christian. This magazine has a particular point of view, and that’s fine….BUT don’t attack a good man because for this particular issue, he did what he did. One can support Christian values while differing on tactics and how to address these things.

    • Enoch14

      On this topic of same-sex sex acts no one can be neutral. To be neutral is to be on the side of the enemies of the Cross of Christ

    • GG

      IOW, homosexual groups that bully people and want to invert civilization are fine with you.

  • ssoldie

    Peter denied Him, and wept bitterly, so have we all, on our journey to truth.

  • Michex

    More facsism from the Homocratic Party.

  • accelerator

    Mr. Ruse, I am a big fan of your work, but I think you jump the gun here. Sinise would only be a coward if he betrayed his beliefs. Who says he is in sync with Catholic teaching on this point? Why would he be, after all, as a Hollywood type in AmChurch where Cardinal Dolan is cheering gay athletes? Sinise is a pretty good guy, not a blue chip Catholic. I am a college prof with an affection of theology, and even I have a hard time finding good material on the church’s approach to gays (your writing has been one such source, btw). Average Catholics, how are they supposed to have a clue? Unless the hierarchy gets some balls on this subject, you can’t really blame lay Catholics for being sucked down and choked by the undertow. Look, even good, faithful laypeople like Tushnet are advocating for gay “friendship” ceremonies! Meanwhile Rome is doing what? Gearing up for global warming! Guys like Sinese are not our problem, but a symptom of it. Our problem is our leadership, that as a group are woefully afraid of speaking truth to power. “Defending marriage”… please, that’s easy and fruitless. Calling homosexuality a disorder and gay sex the sin that it is, those things are pretty intimidating and hard today, to say the least. Which is why everyone flees from so doing. “Bravo,” Michael Sam! Who are we to judge? Just don’t try to tie the knot. Or something like that…

    • GG

      Tushnet and her friends are not examples you want to use to make your point.

  • Michael Senesac

    The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday, becoming the 12th in the nation to say its treasury cannot withstand the unprecedented wave of lawsuits from clergy abuse victims.
    The Catholic church can not be trusted to dictate morality.

  • intellectone

    The LGBT are not Roman Catholics because they have excommunicated themselves. What are they even doing at a Catholic event? Tell them to leave if they do not like what you are discussing. What is so hard about that?

  • MT

    Agreed, he missed an opportunity to point out the disconnect in the world today. We can support the magazine in Paris who stands up and blasphemes (speaks freely) various religious groups with “Je Suis Charlie”, but will pressure celebrities not to speak at Legatus because they follow the teachings of the Catholic Church in stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. No free speech there, because it disagrees with LGBT? Really!!

  • somebigguy

    Over the past ten year, since the dramatic mystical experience that reinvigorated my spiritual life and changed me to a practicing, if ever-faltering, Catholic, I’ve found it easier and easier to suffer the barbs of our hedonistic, atheistic culture. But then, I’m a nobody with nothing to lose.

  • MissTrixieB

    I am so disappointed in Gary Sinise for kowtowing to the “haters”. The “LGBT community” is about as intolerant as it gets.

  • chronovisor


  • Gray

    Hey, I have a better idea. Rather than slander the guys, how about encourage them to do the right thing. I’m kind of thinking that is how our savior would want us to handle this.

  • Joan61

    Paws. Gary Sinise is simply showing some regard for others in personal matters. How awful.

  • Reets46

    My greatest concern with the ‘normalization’ of homosexuality is the confusion if causes young teenage girls and boys. It’s an age when they will do something just to try it out and see… This makes them prey to older boys/men and women. I said that to a psychiatrist recently and she rolled her eyes.

  • rob

    “Frankly, none of us want to fight this battle.”

    Okay cool. Shut it. That simple. Go feed the hungry, as your Christ would have done.