Can Christianity Survive the Sexual Revolution?

When was the last time anyone heard a sermon that condemned the evils of fornication, or adultery, or cohabitation, or divorce, or bearing children outside wedlock (let alone homosexuality)? Controlling these sins is a core Christian value. At one time a preacher could be expected to devote extended attention to these sins. And he could be expected to condemn them unequivocally. Yet today, even as the social and economic fallout from precisely these practices becomes ever more glaring and serious, pastors and priests seem ever more determined to avoid discussing them.

Of course, the dowdy old parson long ago became the stuff of caricature, ranting on about unspecified “wickedness.” And since no pastor wants to be seen as old-fashioned, and most want to be modern and appeal to the ubiquitous cult of youth, one never hears much today about the sins of illicit sex. Indeed, churches that consider themselves highly orthodox or biblical or traditional or conservative or evangelical—those described by themselves and others as “fundamentalist”—even these churches avoid the problem of runaway sexual freedom. Most Christian magazines and newspapers do not publish articles about it and gatherings of clergy do not discuss how to control it. No church today would dream of admonishing or reproving, let alone excommunicating a member because of sexual misconduct.

Yet ever more conspicuously, it is precisely these sins that are wreaking havoc throughout our society.

All around us we can see—if we are willing to open our eyes—the social consequences of uncontrolled sex. The sexual decadence of popular culture—in music, television, and videos—is only the most obvious manifestation, providing material for endless and often pointless moralizing.

But beyond the lamenting and bemoaning are consequences that are concrete and serious. The vast proliferation of single-parent homes is having devastating consequences on our society, economy, and politics. The epidemics of cohabitation and runaway divorce have left millions of fatherless children on the exploding welfare and foster care rolls and spread crime and substance abuse and truancy throughout our communities. These problems are now bankrupting taxpayers and future generations with a “financial crisis” that is attributable almost in its entirety to welfare spending and its multiplier effects in crime and social anomie, while driving governments to ever more authoritarian measures to slake their insatiable thirst for revenue.

Our universities and schools have become little more than orgies, with a “hook-up” culture that dominates campus life almost to the exclusion of learning. Indeed, it now dominates the learning too, with indoctrination in not only sex education but sexual political ideology through faux-disciplines like “women’s studies,” and “queer studies,” that recast all knowledge as sexual-political grievances.

The tyrannical side of this orgiastic culture is now becoming too glaring to ignore, despite years of denial. For the inevitable corollary to licentious indulgence is authoritarianism. This is now plainly manifested in a political agenda pushed by the same sexual radicals who promote the hook-up culture: Young men are now routinely railroaded before campus kangaroo courts on obviously fabricated accusations of “rape,” “sexual assault,” “sexual harassment,” “sexual misconduct” (no clear distinctions separate these vague terms), sexual this and sexual that. In the regular courts, men are imprisoned for decades on rape accusations that are known to be false. Parents regularly lose their children through spurious accusations of “child abuse” that are never proven in any court. Fathers are incarcerated without trial by divorce courts for patently trumped-up accusations of “domestic violence,” or for simply trying to see their own children, or for criticizing judges.

The response of the churches to all this has been silence. Christians, by and large, do not know what to make of this authoritarianism. They are afraid to question accusations of sex crimes, but they also know that this agenda is not theirs. Terrified of being seen to defend “rapists,” “child abusers,” “wife beaters,” and “deadbeat dads,” the church sits mute in the face of what is claimed to be a vast epidemic of sex crimes. Tempted to play it safe by perfunctorily endorsing the purveyors of the new indulgence, the church sides with falsehood against truth.

Now in turn, Christians find themselves being accused of “hatred” and “bigotry” and threatened with punishment for criticizing the homosexual agenda by the same lobby of radicals. As Martin Niemoeller warned of a similar ideology, no one speaks out for us because we did not speak out for others.

Truly diabolical is how this neglect turns back on us and corrupts us too. Because we fail to control the sin, the sin controls us. By refusing to confront the sin on God’s terms, and instead relabeling it with terms we find easier and safer to confront, we allow the sin to enlist us as its agents. This takes the form of cheap moralizing and self-righteous posturing: refusing to confront the guilty, we join witch hunts against the innocent.

For what the radicals have done is to redefine sin. Rather than the biblical definition set forth in clear biblical language, we now have ideologically redefined, government-approved definitions formulated in politicized jargon. Sexual indulgence is no longer a sin against God; it is now a crime against the leviathan state.

Pastors nowadays are much more likely to couch sexual sins in the form that has been redefined and politicized by radical secular ideology. To disguise their own irrelevance, they join the mob to register their politically correct outrage at “sexual harassment” and “domestic violence.” (I have never heard a pastor preach at any length against the “hook-up” culture, but they will endorse the fabricated and discredited feminist claims of a “rape culture,” only to leave themselves looking foolish when the charges invariably prove false.)

Pastors who parrot this jargon cannot possibly know what these terms mean, because no one knows what they mean. I have been studying them for two decades and published articles on these topics in refereed academic journals, and I do not know what they mean, because it is precisely the purpose of these terms to be so vague as to mean anything. They are devised intentionally to circumvent the clear language that the law uses to define criminal assault and safeguard the innocent with vagaries whose only possible purpose is to criminalize heterosexual men and Christians with flexible accusations that no one really understands but everyone is terrified to question.

By contrast, pastors should know precisely what constitutes fornication and adultery, because the Bible tells them. But it is safer to preach about “sexual harassment” than about fornication, because clergy are often more frightened of feminists and functionaries than they are of God.

Thus Christian faith itself is gradually transformed from theology and morality into political ideology. “Fornication” and “adultery” were biblically defined sins committed by two people and punished by God and the moral sanctions of the community. “Sexual harassment” and “sexual abuse” are quasi-crimes committed only by the man and punished by the state gendarmerie. The preachers know whom it is safe to criticize.

The effect is to transform them from preachers of God’s Word into adjunct political prosecutors.

Christian scholars churn out pointless tracts on ever more esoteric points of theology and philosophy. But the church’s crisis today is not imprecise or unsound doctrine. The church’s failing now is lacking the courage to apply its doctrine in the face of a defiant and politicized sexual immorality.

Why do pastors now evade the basic sins that plague every congregation and the most critical sins that threaten to overwhelm our society? Why do they stand mute at the very suggestion that they should do so or mumble unconvincing excuses and evasive weasel words, before nervously changing the subject or walking away? (Try it.)

The answer is that they are frightened. No pastor or priest wants to touch the subject of sexual sin, because it will anger the liberal women who control most congregations. This is not meant as condemnation; simply a recognition of reality. The same dynamic produces similar silence from our other watchdogs and gadflies: journalists and university faculty members.

Sexual freedom is the inevitable corollary to the feminization of the church because radicals understand that sexual freedom transfers power to those who can use a sexual identity as leverage: politicized women and homosexuals. “My generation let all of this nonsense of sexual confusion, radical feminism, and the breakdown of the family go on, not realizing that we … have gravely wounded the current generations,” says Cardinal Leo Burke. “The Church has not effectively reacted to these destructive cultural forces” and has instead “become too influenced by radical feminism.”

And the first casualty of feminization is courage, the courage that is demanded foremost of men, including clergy. This is why Christian faith and radical sexual ideology are today on a direct collision course, and why the radicals believe Christian faith must lose.

In The American Conservative, Rod Dreher openly questions whether Western Christianity itself can survive the revolution in sexuality, as does the former Archbishop of Canterbury in the Daily Telegraph. The question demands an answer one way or the other.

We need to ask what remains that is still Christian not only about Western institutions—that seems clear—but about the rest of us.

If we have lost our will to enforce sexual morality in our congregations, if pastors will not defend the very marriages that they themselves have consecrated—and the rest of us the marriages we ourselves have witnessed—against involuntary divorce or enforce the discipline on cohabiting couples, then in what sense does Christian faith still have any practical meaning in our common lives? We complain that Christianity is being “banished from the public square,” but we can hardly be surprised when we ourselves have lost the stomach to defend our own parishioners, congregations, and communities against violations of God’s law, whether emanating from our ecclesiastical or secular polities.

For the rest of us are no more courageous than the clergy. Few of us will express moral disapproval when we find friends cohabiting or committing adultery or inflicting unilateral, involuntary divorce on their spouses and children. And therefore few of us speak out when the state gendarmerie, filling the vacuum that we have left, imposes the order that we refuse to enforce in its own way, by taking away our brothers and sisters in handcuffs.

“Religion is central to sexual regulation in almost all societies,” writes homosexualist scholar Dennis Altman. “Indeed, it may well be that the primary social function of religion is to control sexuality.” Abdicating this responsibility to regulate it in the name of God leaves us vulnerable not only to social anomie, but also to those who will step in and regulate it for their own purposes, imposing criminal penalties and rationalizing their measures by invoking various alternative, usually politicized theologies. “Ironically, those countries which rejected religion in the name of Communism tended to adopt their own version of sexual puritanism, which often matched those of the religions they assailed.” Today’s sexual revolutionaries are simply refining the Bolsheviks’ experiment.

Perhaps it is time that we have the courage to admit that the dowdy old parson who preached against illicit sex was a wise and sensible man all along and a more faithful Christian than those of us who made endless fun of him. Perhaps we should start encouraging the self-control that he demanded and the courage he displayed. Perhaps it is also time to regain some respect for the wisdom of elders and forsake the Pinocchio world where youth (along with its urges) is worshipped as an achievement in itself, while elders, whom the Bible sets as authority figures, are expected to hold their tongues.

Perhaps it is also time to discard the politically obligatory weasel words (“No one wants to return to the bad old days when…”) and accept that open-ended sexual freedom puts us on a trajectory that will only spread chaos, ruin more lives, destroy our freedom, and weaken our civilization, until we summon the courage to speak the truth.

In short, perhaps it is time to accept that, here too, the church does not have to change with the times and that it needs to be the “rock” that Christ mandated it to be.

Editor’s note: The image above depicts the March 23, 2015 press conference of the Charlottesville police chief announcing that their investigation found no evidence to support the allegation of a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house reported in the Rolling Stone magazine last year.

Stephen Baskerville


Stephen Baskerville is Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College and Research Fellow at the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society, the Independent Institute, and the Inter-American Institute. He holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and attends an Anglican parish in Virginia. His most recent book The New Politics of Sex: Civil Liberties and the Growth of Governmental Power is published by Angelico Press.

  • Blaise Pascal

    We are living eyewitnesses to the end of Western Civilization. It will have to run it’s course before we come out to the other side.I believe we are headed towards a totalitarian future.I pray it will be short.

    • MHB

      I disagree. It does not have to run its course. We are challenged by the Gospel to change the course. That’s what Stephen Baskerville is pointing out to clergy- their role in changing the course. And laity – all followers of Jesus, have this same obligation to summon the courage to address it in the public square and in our own parishes.

      • lifeknight

        The local parish “scene” can DRAIN the heck out of a family. Trying to stem the tide of modernism is absolutely overwhelming. Raising a family to be prolife is one terrifically monumental task when the priests are “voting for change” and welcoming the “gifts of those with other lifestyles.”

        Personally, I am over it. They can have Obama and all the SSM people they want.

        We have always made the Gospel clear to our children. Now I pray that when they attend holy Mass somewhere else they get the right message.

        Parents should not have that worry. The Church is severly lacking courage.

        • Seamrog

          Sometimes I think it would be better if we had a much smaller church. Then I think about what that really means – lots of souls running headlong towards eternity in hell.

          My parish is a real challenge – the disrespect for the Sanctuary, for the Blessed Sacrament, for the rights of others to pray in silence, for the disengagement from Mass…on and on and on….it is difficult for me most every Sunday as I wonder ‘why are these people here?’

          We had a penance service two nights ago – I was expecting there to be no more than a handful of people there.

          The parking lot was packed. The church was packed. We have a very multicultural parish, and accordingly there was a UN style representation of priests present to hear the confessions and a plethora of languages.

          It touched me very deeply.

          • lifeknight

            Hoping they got a decent confessor. Isn’t it awful to HAVE TO say that?

            • Seamrog

              It is hard to have an engaged confession when the lines are 30-40 deep. The priest I went to was good, but did not allow me or my son to say the Act of Contrition…he told my son “we’re not saying that tonight.”

              • lifeknight

                Shameful! Really. Think about St. John Vianney (sp?) and Padre Pio. They spent 20 hours a day hearing confessions. True you don’t get guidance during that time, but for crying outloud, to omit the Act of Contrition?

          • Then I think about what that really means – lots of souls running headlong towards eternity in hell.

            We have that now.

        • Beth

          I have said for awhile, real courage is a parent speaking the truth to his child, even if it means the child may walk out and never return. It is the risk that must be taken for the truth. To our Bishops and priests–PLEASE be courageous!

        • MarcAlcan

          The local parish “scene” can DRAIN the heck out of a family.

          But it is precisely to this parish that we are called to proclaim the good news. We just need to pray to be sustained in our fight. It is not our battle- it is God’s. We are merely soldiers that have been assigned to battle. So battle we must. And yes it is draining but we cannot lose hope. The Lord has already triumphed, we just need to get on with His work because the devil’s minions are busy about theirs

        • MHB

          Yes, I’ve been there too and have felt drained by the parish scene. There is truth to what you say about the monumental task of raising a prolife family in the midst of chaos. Now our children are young adults…we did our very best. But yes, parents do worry, because even when you’ve set a good example and have taught your children the Gospel, the forces beyond the family are formidable and can influence and upset the apple cart you worked so hard for. Its very disappointing when our clergy don’t even speak up. So I’m happy to read this expose.

      • Jacqueleen

        One has to believe it….to preach it in the public square with any kind of credibility….and then, we preach the best as St. Francis said, without words! By example!

    • russell snow

      I agree. Totalitarianism cannot be reversed, because in totalitarian societies the goal is total control and that has happened here. It will run its course. It will collapse, but not before a good deal of misery and suffering. I think, that Catholics and other bible believing Christians need to hunker down and recognize the futility of trying to change things through the existing social and political institutions. There are firmly in the hands of the enemy. Each one of us, within our parishes needs to get our own lives in order and to practice works of corporal and spiritual mercy wherever God leads us, one by one. I do believe that this Holy Father is trying to show us the way and is dealing with a very difficult situation within the Church, as best he can and in ways that some find puzzling at times. We must keep the faith, never lose hope, and always strive to love God and neighbor. We cannot not do this without a personal relationship with Jesus, especially in the Holy Eucharist.

      • Nel

        Yes. That is precisely the recipe. It’s the only formula.

        History sometimes turns on a dime. And sometimes, just when the enemies of Christ think they have won – that totalitarianism has won – God raises up a man like John Paul II and smashes all their works and pomps.

        If you’ve read George Weigel’s biography of John Paul II, you know how the communists kept blocking the Church’s proposed candidates for Bishop of Kraków. They wanted Wojtyła, because they were sure that he was young, hep, and would defy the great Polish Primate, the great spiritual leader of Poland and ardent foe of communism. They thought that they could split the Church in Poland – divide and conquer. Instead, it led to the breach in the Berlin Wall and the downfall of communism.

        Today, in Warsaw, you can find the Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszynski – both men, together, as they were united in the Truth in life.

        We must continue being faithful, even if we are a remnant, and we seem quite small. The Wojtyła family was also just a small, unimportant Polish family. And look how their little Lolek changed the world by inspiring a new and deep love of the Church in the hearts and minds of so many!

        If we are faithful, God will hear our pleas. And only God is the Lord of History, not Obama or Hollywood or the film industry or Internet porn or gay activism or feminism. Not all of them put together is as mighty as our God, when He is acting in the heart of a humble family in suburban USA.

        • MHB

          Precisely. “little Lolek” didn’t just say, “totalitarianism will have to run its course”. We must be open to God’s Grace as John Paul was and work together to defeat totalitarianism.

  • Objectivetruth

    “Sexual freedom is the inevitable corollary to the feminization of the church because radicals understand that sexual freedom transfers power to those who can use a sexual identity as leverage: politicized women and homosexuals. “My generation let all of this nonsense of sexual confusion, radical feminism, and the breakdown of the family go on, not realizing that we … have gravely wounded the current generations,” says Cardinal Leo Burke. “The Church has not effectively reacted to these destructive cultural forces” and has instead “become too influenced by radical feminism.”

    Catholic men, step up and man up. My parish is essentially run by women. Between the school and CCD program, there are only two men (out of 50) that are teachers or catechists. The young men of your parish need true Catholic male examples outside of the sports programs. Take your kids to mass, and dress appropriately. Actions speak louder than words to young men. Teach your sons that every woman needs to be treated with respect like the Blessed Mother Mary.

    • Simple & Plain

      Amen! I’ve been so lucky to find a parish where we have young and older men who I can look up to and learn from. Who are single, married, have kids, etc. They have SO MUCH to teach, even if they don’t think so.

    • Jdonnell

      Burke is a living example of a failure of an ineffective reaction to modern problems. He is backing into the future with his eyes fixed on the past.

      • lifeknight

        Aren’t WE a bit critical? Do you know this man? If not, practice what you are attempting to preach.

      • Objectivetruth

        Bravo Sierra.

      • publiusnj

        As though “fixing his eyes on the past” is unimportant? I suppose he could just read the Bible and find a way to go along by ignoring the Tradition handed on. He could say: “I know Christ said Remarriage after Divorce is Adultery but he couldn’t have meant it, certainly not for this Age when we suffer so much if we aren’t totally sexually liberated. After all, Moses was a good smart man and he understood all that.”

        However, as 2000 years of Tradition (expressed most recently in Familiaris Consortio and the CCC Section 1650) tell us: CHRIST MEANT IT AND NO AMOUNT OF BALONEY ABOUT “MERCY” CHANGES CHRIST’S CLARION CONDEMNATION OF REMARRIAGE AFTER DIVORCE. So, Burke does well to keep his eyes fixed on the past, and we should too.

        • Jdonnell

          If back into the future backwards, you are blind to it and will fail to understand or deal with it.

          • publiusnj

            Blind to the Future? I suppose so. No one can see the Future because it never happens except as it becomes the Present.

            We do need to pay attention to the Present because that creates the Future, just as the Past creates the Present. We need a 360 view.of teh Time Continuum and Burke seems to have it. That is why the attacks on him are so vicious….

          • winslow

            Perhaps you weren’t paying attention during the synod last October, Mr. Donnell. Cardinal Burke put his neck on the block in defense of the Faith. What did you do?

            • MarcAlcan

              Probably drank himself to oblivion while smoking pot.

              • It is legal where Jack Donnell practices his dark art.

          • MarcAlcan

            If back into the future backwards, you are blind to it and will fail to understand or deal with it.

            Totally stupid comment since it is of your own coinage that he is “backing” into the future. That is just your dumb presentation of what is happening. He is telling us that if we don’t fix where we are now and don’t learn the lessons of the past there is NO future to move forward to.
            Your claimed forward movement is in fact a regress to the past – to debauched Rome, to the child sacrificing pagan past to Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. You are just so wilfully blind you can’t see it.

        • rkingsley

          The true biblical view would also mean that if you have had sex with someone before, you cannot have sex with anyone else after (i.e. maybe you made a mistake or “hooked up” with someone — well, sorry. no marriage allowed for you because you technically “married” yourself to the first person you slept with )

          • top

            Exactly. Once you were caught up lying with a virgin in a field you were forced to marry, no excuses, or be stoned to death. The “nice face” of Biblical morality means killing for “sexual depravity” because of the “zeal for the Lord”. (In an act of zeal and revenge, Pinchas kills the couple.) Jesus put a better face on it by not taking to the stones but in no way did he lift the underlying demand of the law (which is God-given law) to kill. (And where was the adulterous man left out of the account anyway?)

            You can see I really struggle with “God enforced” sexual morality. To be completely open, once it really drove me into insanity. i mean literally. In particular, after any “unspeakable act” you go to Hell, for ever.

            If vast majority of male population (and a large part of female too) does it – in this “marriage hostile society” (decades of professional training – nothing like that was on you in the “blissful past”) then where do most of us live for most of the time? The Teaching gives you one answer. That is why I struggle with this “infallible teaching”/:God-enforced sexual morality” It literally broke my life and made it fail. That and sexual repression preached as “governing over your urges” was it for me.

            The article is putting the blame on the current debauchery in the society – and there is a lot to it. But there is also the other side to the coin – the one I self-reported here.

      • GG

        Burke speaks the truth. Many hate that.

      • BPS

        What is conservatism? Is it not the adherence to the old and tried against the new and untried?”
        ― Abraham Lincoln

        • Jdonnell

          Yeah, like slavery?

          • GaudeteMan

            I perceive that you are enslaved by the worst sort of bondage. 1 Corinthians 7.22 cf.

            • Jdonnell

              I perceive that you are a judgmental twit and in need of a barber.

              • richado

                Name calling and vitriol -typical of a two dimensional liberal. No logic, no evidence, etc.

              • MarcAlcan

                No, based on your posts it is you who are judgmental and a twit. In fact, twit is too mild to describe your state of mind.

              • Your own coiff isn’t that great. May be you need John Edward’s barber.

          • MarcAlcan

            And it is evident you are speaking from experience. Insisting on remaining there too, it seems.

      • GHM_52

        No. The only inneffective ones are the modernists or progressives who believe themselves to be soooo enlightened as to be able to teach God a thing or two. In case you had not noticed, the feminization of the Church has a direct connection with the priestly sexual abuse issue that you obviously think is a separate issue. Burke represents the sons & daughters of the Church who have no trouble understanding Christ’s crystal clear message and have, therefore, not fallen into heresy or downright apostasy. And the Truth must be preached! Woe to the many priests and bishops and cardinals who have only not preached it clearly and unequivocably, but who have even actively misled the people with their irrational, illogical, modernistic garbage.

        • top

          Yes, I remember time when I was of the same uncompromising crystal-clear attitudes as you are now. Then I broke down. (see my previous post)

          • GHM_52

            By definition, the Truth is uncompromising. Otherwise, it cesses to be the Truth. That is why there is no truth, but God: He knows all; therefore, is Truth.

      • MarcAlcan

        Quite the contrary, he is one who has learned the lessons of history. The lessons that your ilk have chosen to be blind to.

  • elarga

    Outstanding analysis. Thank you.

  • mollysdad

    A far greater wickedness than sexual immorality is the refusal to believe the Gospel when it is presented to you. Jesus priounced woes on Capernaum, Bethsaida and Chorazin. They no longer exist. Tiberias does. Jesus never went there.

    So, instead of moralizing about sexual immorality when preaching in public, why not concentrate on the fact that God has raised Jesus to life and made Him Lord and Messiah. And that He has been given all power and authority in heaven and on earth, including the judgement of the living and the dead.

    If you die guilty of unbelef, God won’t have to consider your sexual sins when He sends you to hell.

    • Rock St. Elvis

      Nice dodge.

      The normalization of sexual immorality is part and parcel of refusing to believe the Gospel.

      • mollysdad

        It’s refusal to believe the Gospel which is decisive for whether you go to hell or not. If you believe, then you will eventually agree with the Church’s teaching that sodomy is a depraved and gravely evil practice; or else you will go along with the proposition that gay is good.

        If you take the latter option you are guilty of heresy and an unbeliever anyway.

        • Seamrog

          I think one of the points of the essay is that there are many people who believe in the Gospels, accept Jesus as God, yet remain perfectly comfortable in their own sexual immorality.

          It seems the author is calling for a wake-up call from church leaders to have the courage to state what it actually means to call one’s self ‘Christian.’

          We can’t have it both ways.

          • So faith also, if it have not works, is dead in itself.
            James 2:17.

          • Jdonnell

            The “wake-up call” contains nonsense, which makes it an inducement to nod-off.

        • It’s refusal to believe the Gospel which is decisive for whether you go to hell or not.

          So are you say sin and sin boldly, Father Martin?

          • mollysdad

            So you can show me millions who believe the Gospel, but still sleep around.

            They’re ***ked!

        • GG

          When the young man asked Jesus what he must do to enter heaven the very first thing Jesus said was keep my commandments.

          • Jdonnell

            One doesn’t have to be a supporter of “gay marriage” to observe that Jesus and the commandments say nothing about it.

            • Simple & Plain

              Ah, OK. So because Jesus never specifically said ‘don’t have sex with people of the same sex as you’, nor the 10 commandments, it’s fine? And that part in Leviticus about being put to death doesn’t mean anything? Jesus or the 10 don’t said anything about having sex with animals, so…

              • Jdonnell

                I replied to your comment about what Jesus said. Stick to the point. He didn’t put on the agenda what you say he did.

              • Jdonnell

                I replied to a specific comment. In addition, Leviticus bans all sorts of things you do; you’re being selective in choosing just one and ignoring those you do.

                • Simple & Plain

                  And that doesn’t make them OK. Jesus didn’t come to end The Law.

            • Objectivetruth

              Sexual sin false under the commandment to not commit adultery.

              The commandments say nothing about car theft, but they do speak of stealing.

              • Jdonnell

                Are you making an argument that gays should marry? The commandment about adultery says nothing against that. Nor does that commandment say anything about birth control.

                • JP

                  Jesus was a Jew. He said he came not to destroy the Mosaic Law but fulfill it. Read the OT about Sodomy and its prohibitions.

                • Objectivetruth


                  You’re ridiculous. I’ll assume you’re gay, correct?

                  Because for someone claiming to be so academically and intellectually inclined (or so says your CV), your argumentation is that of a close minded simpleton trying to justify their homosexual and sodomistic inclinations and behavior.

            • Jesus said nothing about running concentration camps either.

              • Jdonnell

                Hardly analogous. Just the same, Jesus ruled out concentration camps when he said that we should love one another.

            • GG

              Oh please, that dodge is beneath an academic. That is a “gay” parlor game that no thinking person would hold for a second.

            • JP

              Jesus was a practicing Jew and Rabbi. And homosexuality was considered an abomination to Jews.

            • Asmondius

              He didn’t mention Stop SIgns either – feel free to run through them.

        • Rock St. Elvis

          You can go to hell for not adhering to the Gospel even if you believe in it. Believers sin all the time. It’s why we have confession.

          How can one come to agree that sodomy is depraved and gravely evil if the Church doesn’t announce that it indeed is? That isn’t “moralizing about sexual immorality” but simply telling a truth from the Gospel that needs to be told.

          If your point is that we must emphasize that the Gospel calls for the faithful to live chastely, then I agree with you, but I’m not quite sure whether that is what you are saying.

          • mollysdad

            What doesnt the Church announce?

            2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

            • Rock St. Elvis

              No kidding.

              Your original post counseling against “moralizing about sexual immorality” appears to be a plea to continue burying this truth in favor of general, comparatively innocuous statements about the need to believe the Gospel – without ever defining what that entails. I’m still not sure that isn’t what you are doing. I’ve presented you the opportunity to clarify but you haven’t done so.

      • Jdonnell

        You’re the one doing the dodge thing by refusing to deal head-on with her comment.

        • You think “mollysdad” is female?

          • Jdonnell

            No, it’s just a misspelling of “mollysdud.”

          • Asmondius

            Of course – it’s jdonnell in drag.

        • Rock St. Elvis

          Utterly lame. I addressed the comment head on, which was made by a guy, by the way.

        • Asmondius

          Vagabond referees are such a nuisance.

          • Jdonnell

            Just above the even greater nuisances, those asmondiases of the world. The author is himself a “vagabond referee,” who needed calling out on some of his more silly remarks.

            • Asmondius

              ‘…who needed calling out…’
              Warning – Cultural reference follows:


              ‘Honey, where’s my suuuuper suit?’

    • JP

      You obviously have little or no knowledge of History. Sexual immorality was the “norm” in most parts of the Roman Empire. Adultery, fornication, sodomy, bi-sexuality, homosexuality, infanticide and matricide were all deeply ingrained in Roman Culture during and after the time of Christ. There was no magic wand that was twirled to convert the millions of citizens of Rome. No, it was preaching and teaching the Truth.

      You obviously do not understand the message of Christ. For it isn’t a message of Believe or Die; if that was the case, the Church would have attracted no converts. Something happened during the first 2 centuries that was truly miraculous. An entire culture accepted the Truth, which was aggressively preached. The Church Founders, unlike today’s Bishops, didn’t beat around the bush when it came to Sin and Redemption

      • Nel

        Uh, you’re kind of ignoring the fact that the Church was persecuted and underground until the Edict of Milan legalized Christianity in 313. Only after the Church had state sponsorship did it start growing dynamically.

        Also, many, MANY people were ‘converted’ en masse after Constantine’s edict. This is part of Church history. You’ve got all these pagans about to go into war, for example, and the leader decides they all need to be baptized, so they are all marched into a river and baptized. Voila – a Christian kingdom, not by the waving of a wand, but by the pouring of water. The people were not catechized and no doubt didn’t practice whatever they’d been baptized into. But they were ‘Christian.’ At least for that battle. You can still find pagan worship sites all over Europe, sites that were frequented by the people along with their local Catholic Church. So the idea that millions were converted by preaching is simplistic. People practiced (and still practice) Christianity and pagan practices side-by-side, as a sort of ‘double insurance policy’ against bad luck. What may look ‘on paper’ like conversion very likely didn’t involve catechesis or practice in ‘real life.’

        You might want to check your facts about the first two centuries. Not sure what you mean about ‘an entire culture’ if you mean ‘most parts of the Roman Empire,’ since ‘most parts of the Roman Empire’ weren’t converted in the first two centuries of the Church’s existence. England, for example, was slowly converted to Christianity in the 600s – after the fall of the Roman Empire.

        Here’s a map to show you just how much of the Roman Empire was Christian by the year 300:

        • Jdonnell

          You might do some fact checking too. The Church was only intermittently persecuted and not “underground” for all the time you specify.

        • JP

          Please pick up some scholarly articles and books and not internet sites. The Council of Milan occurred after Christian Churches were established from Greece, Asia Minor, all of North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and as far as Persia and Afghanistan. And this all occurred underground. The Didache was first written in AD70, and the Apostles ordained Bishops in both the Eastern and Western portions of the Empire well before 100AD. From Clement to Tertullian, Catholic evangelists were able to establish a counter-culture that not only established early Church Doctrine but gave everyday Roman citizens and subjects alike a path to repentance and redemption. The Council of Milan only codified a what was already under way.

          This is all common knowledge. Christianity would have died out within a few decades if it wasn’t the Truth. It certainly would have died when Rome fell a few centuries later. BTW, Christianity was already established in Great Britain by the 2nd Century.

    • publiusnj

      I have to agree with DE-173, you seem to be preaching Martin’s heresy. Like the sneak he was, he tried to distort the Truth of the New Testament by adding an “alone” that wasn’t there and by ignoring the book of James, Indeed, he even tried to declare it a false book (“an epistle of straw” was his weasely term). His lying effort though was in vain, for the Book of James still exists and it says without any wiggle room: “You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.” James 2:24. That puts the lie to the whole silly Sola Fide dodge.

      • mollysdad

        You’re right about Martin Luther inserting an “alone” that wasn’t there. My point is that unbelief without more is sufficient to damn a person. But even belief when committed by a person who affirms the truth about sodomy and yet leads the life of a sodomite will not save him.

  • publiusnj

    Of course Christianity can survive the sexual revolution. It survived the Reformation during which the kings of the World proceeded to rob, cheat and steal from the Church in the name of the law.

    What it may have trouble surviving is the current pontificate. As Irenaeus realized in the Second Century, the Holy See of Rome needs to stand for the Faith “given over” by the Apostles and passed on down through Apostolic Succession. See 2 Tim 1:6-7, 13-14; 2:2. Since this Pope is not telling Kasper to stop peddling the clap trap about “Mercy” which is really a paean to selfishness, he may well have forgotten the truth handed down from the start: that Christians may NOT divorce and remarry. If that wonderful freedom (the freedom of pledging one’s truth to someone else in front of all the World and being held to that pledge) goes away, there is almost no basis on which God can call us out from our radical selfishness and get us loving our neighbor as ourselves.

    • Seamrog

      I see – totally ignore the essay and take the opportunity to lay everything at the feet of Pope Francis.

      Good one.

      • publiusnj

        If Christianity is nothing but the druthers of a bunch of “preachers” trying to make a living in a world increasingly hostle to the Traditional Christian Message, then it WILL go the way of the will of the wisp. Why? Because a larger crowd will give their contributions to someone telling them what they want to hear than to someone preaching a message that includes things like no Remarriage after Divorce. Yet that is a key element of Christianity and Christ’s Holy Roman Church had always preached that message. Until Walter Kasper and his nominee Jorge Bergoglio came along. Now, we are engaged in an epic struggle for the soul of the Church which will be resolved at this Fall’s Synod. So, I am going to concentrate on that because it is the most important issue before us.

        • Seamrog

          “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

          I trust Jesus.

          • publiusnj

            God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes that means Catherine of Siena has to keep yelling at a contumacious pope. Should she have shut up because seamrog doesn’t like hearing discord?

        • fredx2

          You give Kasper far too much importance, and Pope Francis’s actual comments too little.

          • publiusnj

            Kasper was one of Francis’s election managers. That I consider very important in assessing Francis’s nebulous position. Without doubt, Francis talks out of several sides of his mouth. So, I am cautious in accepting any of the supposed pearls of orthodoxy that once in a while come out of his mouth.

            Remarriage after Divorce is the main game, and all Francis needed to do when that interim report was floated in October 2014 was to say unequivocally that no such nonsense was permissible in his Communion. Instead, he gave a speech at the close of the Preliminary Synod that straddled the two camps. That looks more like a politician maneuvering for a way to slip in an unpalatable position despite op;position than anything else. And since then, Kasper has been campaigning for a very unChristian position without reprimand from Francis. So, I am very worried.

    • JGradGus

      The Church in Germany is in trouble because German Catholics have stopped going to mass and have stopped receiving the sacraments. If they don’t go to mass or receive the sacraments they don’t have to pay the state’s ‘religion tax’ which is used for upkeep and to pay the salaries of the clergy. The reason for much of the problem is divorce. Kasper has been trying to find a way around the problem. Francis said, in effect, ‘ok, let’s talk about it and see it we can come up with a solution.’ It appears, however, that there is no easy fix, and now Francis is saying to Kasper, ‘sorry Charlie.’

      • Nel

        The German Church may come to life again if the German Church rejects all financial support from the government. You can’t be a branch of the government and preach the gospel compellingly. You just become another part of the bureaucracy – and who willingly goes to visit a government bureau?

        Whenever the Church has become formally allied with or beholden to or involved in the politics or secular government of a country, the Church has suffered. If someone can show me a single case where the Church tying itself to the state has prospered the Church and increased the faithful, I’d like to know about it.

      • publiusnj

        You are making the point I made in response to seamrog three hours ago: preachers will say whatever it takes to get the audience in the door Sunday mornings (or better yet, their Church Tax vouchers). That is why the holy Roman Pontiff needs to stay within the Tradition. He is the surety of the Catholic Church, unless we have gotten a Manchurian candidate….

  • Simple & Plain

    I’m a strong believer in teaching people JPII’s Theology of the Body. Start telling our community all the wonderful things about sex and what it’s meant for, and try to invoke a change so people will amend their ways about sex outside of a marriage, lust, pornography, birth control, etc. I feel we need to make people understand that the Church isn’t against sex, and that it’s not a force which tries to keep people from doing it.

    Lets make chastity a positive word and take it back from feminism and progressives who call it a word for kids who wear purity rings and suppress their ‘natural selves’. Chastity for all! For the single, the engaged, the married, the elderly…

    We need brave pastors and ministers. People who are young and loving and want to promote God’s plan for sex. It can’t just be older men.

    • publiusnj

      “It can’t just be older men.” Truth by diversity count? As though someone with less experience can speak more authoritatively because the hearer suspects that maybe the older speaker doesn’t care about sex so much any more? Or maybe ignorance is just thought to be bliss?

      One of the things that really concerns me is how little suffering or witness by “white Christian males” counts in our society. As in press statements that note: “and the worst thing is that there were so many women and children among the victims….” As though dead white Christian male adults is okay or at least not a tragedy.

      • Simple & Plain

        I can’t control the perceptions of other people

        • publiusnj

          You could have controlled your own loose language….but you didn’t.

          • Simple & Plain

            My loose language? You don’t like the fact that it can be hard to reach youth who already don’t want to listen? This is exactly why this article exists. It needs ways to reach EVERYBODY.

            • publiusnj

              Loose language is as loose language does. People who said: “never trust anyone over thirty” sounded like jerks then and their spiritual descendants don’t sound so smart now.

  • AcceptingReality

    THANK YOU, for writing frankly about the silence on the main moral issues of the day coming from our pulpits. Nothing grieves me more than this, all too conspicuous, silence. Instead we get vague sermons about inane subjects and a lot of stupid jokes.

    • Nel

      I thank GOD that I don’t live in the US and don’t have to face this every day at Mass. I have lived in Poland for 23 years, and the priests are MANLY and not afraid to speak of sin. There are at least as many – if not more – men involved in the church as women. And NO ‘extraordinary ministers’ of anything – male or female. The PRIEST is the minister of the sacraments -period. No parish committees running everything and bossing the priest around like a hireling (and no priests taking it).

      There are pockets of the world where men are still men and women are still women – though the young people are so wrapped up in their media and fill their minds with such filth that I wonder how they keep the values they’ve got (they do live together before marriage, but it is almost always exactly that: living together before marriage, not hooking up or going from one ‘partner’ to another).

      I’ve seen a dramatic change in the youth of Poland over the past 23 years, but this culture is nothing as corrupt as what’s pumping out of the US and UK – pure poison.

  • Stephen, as a Catholic priest I want to thank you for your honest appraisal of American society today. I agree with everything you write and am encouraged to speak the truth,
    how much the awe and beauty of human sexuality has been perverted, the singular
    creative power God shares with man and his love of man for whom he became a man
    and died for our salvation. My apostolate, “Families for Families” supports what you relate. I encourage you to continue writing and speaking on this most critical issue in society today and may God assist me. I will post your excellent expose on my website.

    Fr. Tom Bartolomeo

    • St JD George

      God bless you Father.

      • And God bless you, too. Be a witness, too, in your parish and to your parish priests even if you are ignored or worse. “Blessed are you when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, falsely, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven”. (Matthew 5:11-12).

        • St JD George

          I am, and I do, and my strength grows daily. There is a beast roaming wild in the world growing more bold each day and we are weary (collectively, not individually) defending our faith. We don’t talk frequently of martyrdom in the west because we like our material comforts, yet Christians in the ancient lands are doing that daily, often with their lives. This is the battle of our age and we need to be bold, yet merciful, in speaking truth to lies and not cower, lest we be judged as being lukewarm.

          • Beth

            My husband and I have been raising our children with the idea that they will be asked to be martyrs. They will have to choose; we teach them to be prepared.

            • St JD George

              But it is not just our children, it is all children if God. It is not an easy subject, and one can not nor should not encourage. As you say “be prepared” but accepting as a personal choice. The wolves are at the door and showing their teeth, it’s time we light our torches, start bonfires, and cast light on this evil as only true light can.

              • Paddy

                No society can…or should…recover from aborting 55 million innocents.

            • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

              Good teaching ! Many Churches and Families are failing our youth. You are doing the very thing God always wanted us to do .:-)

            • Paddy

              Better to let atheists lay down their lives than your children. Let the bad guys do the dying and rejoice in Aquinas’s Doctrine of Self Defense.

        • SnowBlossoms

          Thank you saying these words of Jesus, Father. They are so needed! We need Priests with courage. May the Lord increase this in His Priests and all of the faithful.

          • Paddy

            If Christians won’t take to the streets…pegida style…all is lost. The bad guys know the Church fears them. Too often, our bishops support the policies of an Obama or a Cuomo.

        • Veronica

          Thank you for these words of Jesus, Father. These were introduced to Catholic school children — at least at the beginning of the sex revolution, over 50 years ago. They encouraged my peers and me when dealing with the pressures of others who did not seem to grasp the concept of self-control. It took me two engagements and a 14-year wait until I met my husband who conducts himself with self-control and deals with others gently and with compassion. A real Christian gentleman. While I agree with much of what the writer articulates, one thing seems a little off kilter to me: is it “controlling sin” that clergy (the Church) should be preaching? Or, rather control of self? The first seems like buying into the authoritarianism that he indicates occurs as result of sexual revolution.

        • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

          Amen !!

      • Patti Day

        Father, Would that every parish had at least one priest like you. Sadly most have priests that will not speak on any subject that deals with sexuality, remarriage, same sex marriage, cohabiting, feminism, sin, or Satan. I keep reading that the generation of priests presently in formation are not afraid to address these subjects. I bless them, and may they get here before the Church implodes.

        • St JD George

          I think we sometimes forget that priests are people too (sounds like a bumper sticker slogan, didn’t mean it that way) who have answered the call in the sacrament of holy orders, but are no less immune to worldly pressures. No doubt that if they feel the parish is mostly not supportive they will evolve over time. That is why it is important develop relationship with our priests who are treasures and let them know that the faithful are attentive and supportive of Christ’s teachings, not what the world is preaching. And remember the words of beloved Bishop Sheen:

          Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops and religious. It is to you, the people (LAITY). You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act as priests, your bishops like bishops, and your religious act like religious.

    • Carol Dixon Klein

      thank you, Father Tom Bartolomeo. Thank you, thank you. Last week I heard the first homily in years on this very subject…by a young Polish priest at St. William’s Catholic Church in Naples, Florida. I told everyone about it and all were thrilled. The people I know in the Divine Will and Pro Life Groups are not like the Liberals, and we know we are in the minority, but we are strong….we pray for priests constantly, and hope for more to come forward and preach and teach. Thanks again. Carol Dixon Klein, Naples.

    • Jdonnell

      As a priest, you ought to know better than to subscribe hook, line and sinker to such a rant. Blaming “feminization of the Church” for its troubles is a head in the sand bit of nonsense. I’d say that priest sex abuse has done its bit. To support such remarks as “universities and schools have become little more than orgies” is to give credence to nonsense and to warn sensible folk to avoid your own “apostolate.” Sorry, but it’s true.

      • Erika Allen

        Nonsense? Look around you, man! Do you frequent this site, because if so, you should be more than aware of what is happening.

        • Augustus

          JDonnell is a leftist ideologue who only sees what he wants to see. How ironic that he would hold up the sex scandal as if that has nothing to do with what the author is talking about. It simply confirms Baskerville’s argument, not challenges it. Homosexual clergy abusing teenage boys is not evidence of a feminization of the Church? It has nothing to do with the Church’s silence on sexual sin? What incredible blindness.

          • Guest

            Yes, I’m starting to see that I’m wasting my time with interaction

          • John200

            Dear Augustus,

            Thank you for the point. Let us consider that Jdonnell’s blindness is not literally incredible, but he is blind by his own choice. It is purposeful, and the purpose leads to disaster for Jdonnell.

            Pray for him. Pray hard, because he is a hardened kookoo. Jack Donnelly serves as Professor of International Studies. This is a bogus discipline, and your child can be ruined by trying to make a career in it, but the professor does not know that. He thinks he knows what he is doing.

            That makes him one of the hardest cases. You may email him at

            Yeah, sure, Jack, you know what you are doing. Come around CrisisMag when you want to move toward the truth. We will be here.

      • richado

        Where is your evidence to support your opinion and to the contrary of Fr.Tom Bartolemeo? All you have are put downs. Just asking.

      • Jacqueleen

        From where I sit, the church and society as a whole are in this mess because of a breakdown of all spectrums…Poor Shepherding, rebellious society and I do believe that feminism had a lot to do with it…Women wanted the same sexual freedom that they saw men enjoy….Wrong, but that was their thinking at the time. The church was remiss in not coming down hard on men for their uncontrolled sex drive . The Sexual Revolution did not only affect straight men and women but gays as well…Look how they expose themselves in public in San Francisco…It is appalling. The open sex had something to do with the priests abusing young boys and teens. Then, the drug scene has contributed to the wayward non-responsible sexual freedom and the parents fear of reprimand because they may be injured or killed by the addict. Then, let us add the pot head professors who are teaching the past two generations pumping liberal agenda down our kids throats coming out of college as Agnostics or Atheists. Then, add the greedy picture makers in Hollywood and TV who have defied all regulations and show sex on prime time TV. Then, the public are to blame for not paying attention!!!!!

      • And your remarks should warn sensible folk to avoid you.

      • Asmondius

        ‘I’d say that priest sex abuse has done its bit. ‘
        Blaming homosexuals, eh?

    • Erika Allen

      God Bless you, Father. Prayers your way; continue to stay strong. We need you.

    • James

      Hi Father Tom,

      Yes, a good article by Stephen but he did not mention the sinful use of contraception with marriage by Catholics.

      • James, you are right. Mr. Baskerville did not include contraception in the list of sexual sins but we can infer it is included. For me contraception is the enabling factor in nearly all other sexual sins, adultery, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases etc and particularly divorce which ruins half of all marriages while husbands and wives who properly practice Natural Family Planning divorce at a rate of two percent. Contraception blinds
        many to the beauty of becoming a father and a mother, the fulfillment of every man’s and woman’s nature. I would not be a priest were I not a spiritual father for all my brothers and sisters in the faith, a brother of Jesus and also a son of God the Father. I urge all of you to speak to the corruption of contraception within marriage and encourage your pastors and bishops In my apostolate, “Families for Families”. Ridding marriage of contraception is the first prerequisite of a healthy God fearing and loving family. Please spread the movement by supporting “Families for Families” which you can examine at and spread the word however you can especially with your prayers and witness.

  • Michael Dowd

    Excellent article!! When the war on chastity is lost the war on sin is lost. By it’s failure to teach Catholic sexual morality the Church has indirectly granted a license for promiscuity and paved a road to hell for the unrepentant. Imagine what will happen to the Popes and Bishops who are responsible for this disaster when judgement day arrives. Let us pray for Pope Francis that he soon begin to proclaim the historic teachings of the Church on sexual morality.

  • Jdonnell

    This rant–and that is just what it is–is based on a narrow and often mythical view of reality, including what he says about educational institutions, which are part of that reality. It’s simply nuts to say, as he does, that “Our universities and schools have become little more than orgies.” One might just as well as when in the past, “pastors and priests” (an odd distinction, to say the least) gave blistering sermons about economic injustice, the sin of accumulating vast wealth, and making war on countries that have not attacked us in order to impose on them “democratic rule” (which is a euphemism for a secularized protestant view of society and economics)? Getting all in an uproar about sexual sins makes the author overlook a sin in which we are likely to be complicit, even if we are leading perfectly acceptable lives of sexual morality.

    • lifeknight

      You cannot seriously equate the economic justice with dismembering babies. Take a look at the article on the Seamless Garment published about a week ago.
      Sexual sins are the worst kind, causing many souls to go to hell. This not from me, but the Blessed Mother.

      • Ignore it. Jdonnell appears to carry the flag of libertine collectivism when the other resident is quiet.

        • GG

          To quote a holy nun who founded a media empire… This generation knows the social gospel only, it is the rest of the gospel they do not like.

          • And the social gospel they know is, to quote an adherent on the Supreme Court: “a vapid and hollow charade”.

      • Jdonnell

        You ought to try reading with less of a hysterical POV. Abortion is often the result of poverty. Economic justice would invariably reduce the abortion rate. Sexual sins are not the worst sins. Sustaining a social order with a small wealthy elite lording it over mass poverty–yes, the US is experiencing such–is a sin of a very high order. It doesn’t happen furtively and occasionally for someone but in a steady, daily condition.

        • GG

          Abortion comes from immoral choices, not poverty. In our country poverty mostly comes from immoral sexual choices.

        • lifeknight

          Abortion is a heinous crime against God and your fellow man. You should be hysterical about it……

        • publiusnj

          Jdonnell writes: “Abortion is often the result of poverty.” So are other forms of murder. Yet, they are still against the law. So why the difference? Babes in the womb CANNOT vote.

        • JP

          So, according to you Our Lady is hysterical?

          And God didn’t destroy Sodom for its immense wealth. BTW, the cities and states with the highest incidence of abortions have the most “economic justice.” In New York alone, there are more abortions than live births.

        • John200

          Where is your bum? I know, its location is really a 2-dimensional problem (not 3-d).

          So all I have to do is trace this comment to its source, then follow a few more of your comments, then triangulate on the lot, and I will find it.

          You are making it easy. Thanks for that!

          • Jdonnell

            When people have nothing of substance to argue, they resort to the not-so-clever-as-they-think nonsense like yours.

            • John200

              Moloch smiles and thanks you for cheering him up with the idea that poverty is behind abortions.

              When people say their interlocutors are spouting “not-so-clever-as-they-think nonsense like yours” after 200+ comments, I think they “have nothing of substance to argue.”

              I made that conclusion from your comments throughout this thread. Then I pointed toward the origin of this idea using a figure of speech. To return to literal language, your idea is very popular among pagans and contemporary American liberals.

              So Moloch smiles, or would if he could. Satan laughs out loud, because he is making the sale.

              But don’t take my word for it. You just go ahead and find the origin of that argument. Keep us posted.

              • Jdonnell

                Your nonsensical comments continue to lack any substance. Ridiculous references to things like “Moloch” expose your infantile level of thought. As for “pagans,” they often take the very positions that Christians like you ought to be taking regarding matters such as economic justice. Christians often end up catching up with them, as happened, for example, in regard to democratic government, which the Church used to oppose.

                • John200


                  I am giving you a spanking in the hope of persuading you that an infant’s life is worth more than mommy’s convenience.

                  Yours was, don’t you think?

                  • Jdonnell

                    Another empty comment. Spanking is the resort of the empty-headed.

                    • John200

                      Is an infant’s life worth more than mommy’s convenience? Was
                      yours? You provided an empty comment where your answer should be.

                      Rethink which of us is empty-headed; you could not answer a simple question….to which any human being knows the answer.

                      Yours was, don’t you think?

                    • Jdonnell

                      Nothing I said supported abortion. What I did point out is that what you snidely and unfeelingly label “mommy’s convenience” is very often an act of desperation stemming from poverty. It’s easy to sneer at such unfortunates–and sneering is just what you are doing–when you aren’t in those circumstances–or a woman. A concern with social justice and a demand in more economic equity, that is, a move to change the circumstances that promote abortion, would be to practice a virtue that is absent from your voice.

                    • John200

                      Snide and unfeeling are good adjectives. They apply to your voice in support of:
                      – cutting a child apart with sharp instruments,
                      – pulling him apart with dull instruments,
                      – poisoning him,
                      – burning him to death with harsh chemicals, and
                      – to anyone who favors these expedients, each and all of which violate any reasonable concept of justice. The number is approximately 60 million since 1973.

                      My voice does not support any of them.

                      If you want to continue, you might state and define a principle of justice that makes this OK. You fool around with social justice (first articulated about 170 years ago, but undefined as lefty uses it these days) or economic equity (another vacuous term, mutilated by lefty) as if they were comparable in importance to the child’s life.

                      They are not.

                      In conclusion, I am trying to let you escape with some of your dignity intact. Quit mooning us.

                    • Jdonnell

                      Your hysterical rant shows confusion. I have supported none of the things you describe. You have trouble reading what I said.

                    • John200

                      I am showing your confusion, which you showed first. You are showing yourself to be an obstinate emptyheaded lefty thickhead. We know your type. Hundreds have preceded you at CrisisMag.

                      Since you continue to moon us, I will leave you in your misery. Your conscience brings you here for correction (I know you enjoy being corrected; believe me, it’s obvious). Listen to it.

                      Second point: I know what you said and what it means (I have been tested for comprehension; top of the scale).

                      Adios for now, and best wishes.

                    • Jdonnell

                      Your boorish ad hominem is as revealing as your empty comments, now made after erroneously attributing to me views I have never expressed. Narrow-mindedness makes people like you see the world only in terms of black and white. That’s the only place where you go to the “top of the scale.”

                    • John200

                      Ha, ha, ha, ha, …. (infinite sequence of laughter). You are the funniest little creature. Thank you for that.

                      I wish you a Happy Easter, Jack.

                      Over the next few days, I am going to spend much time with your Creator.

                      ‘bye for now.

    • Simple & Plain

      “It’s simply nuts to say, as he does, that “Our universities and schools have become little more than orgies.” ”

      I disagree. I know first hand that the modern university atmosphere situates itself around sex and alcohol. Our institutions have become less for education and advancement, and more for self pleasure and a place to ‘have a good time’.

      And when a Christian higher education institution writes a school code of conduct that says sex is for marriage, they make national headlines and face liberal criticism for ‘suppression’.

      • Last year, my coworker’s wife was engaged in clinicals on her way to becoming a CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practicioner). One of her rotations was OB/GYN. She had a patient with a fetid discharge where the sun don’t shine. When informed that she had a type of VD, she protested greatly-because she only slept with her boyfriend. Informed of the incubation period, she realized that would have meant she was infected just after his trip to Florida for Spring Break-with his buddies-without her.
        That’s the face of the sexual revolution-a disgusting pustule.

        • fredx2

          Not to mention that one in four young women now has an STD.

          Chicago (March 11, 2008) – A CDC study released today estimates that one in four (26 percent) young women between the ages of 14 and 19 in the United States – or 3.2 million teenage girls – is infected with at least one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, herpes simplex virus, and trichomoniasis). The study, presented today at the 2008 National STD Prevention Conference, is the first to examine the combined national prevalence of common STDs among adolescent women in the United States, and provides the clearest picture to date of the overall STD burden in adolescent women.

          • Martha

            Good Lord! What a statistic!

          • Simple & Plain

            @fredx2:disqus & @TheAbaum:disqus: Ah, the precious and free gift of a sex culture.

            It’s scary that youth have zero idea about safe sex. So many of them are sharing partners with no knowledge of STD’s and how to prevent them.

      • Jdonnell

        What (many) students do in their social lives is not “the university.”

        • Simple & Plain

          Culture is what makes up a university.

          • Jdonnell

            A university is an intellectual center. What it offers in the way of instruction is its essence. A football culture, for example, however conspicuous and admired, does not define the university. Nor do a bunch of beer-swilling, fornicating students. Incidentally, what is especially different about the licentiousness of today’s students is the more public nature of it. The sex and drunkenness used to be done more discreetly, but it went on in the past.

            • Simple & Plain

              “A university is an intellectual center” That depends what kind of university you’re at. Familiar with the loss of freedom of speech at our universities? An intellectual centre should be a place where ALL ideas are allowed, yet freedom of speech has vanished, even thanks to the administration.

              “A football culture, for example, however conspicuous and admired, does not define the university” Disagree. Ask the students which school is a party school and which is a prep school. They’ll tell you.

        • GG

          We know. No one in the faculty lounge voted for Nixon.

    • Catholic pilgrim

      Lady/dude, you clearly have NOT been to a University in a long time. I’m currently studying at a Public University & I can guarantee you that in campuses: God/religion/Christianity have been thrown OUT the window (in some campuses God has even been FORBIDDEN), & Sex/Secularism/Money have been placed front & center in college campuses.
      In Western civilization, Universities were started to be centered on the study of God, but as Pope Benedict warned, today’s Universities have mostly mocked God & kicked Him out. (But don’t worry, God is still the Almighty, Maker & Judge of the whole Universe. So the University sex-obsessed Secularists will not have the last word.)

      • Jdonnell

        You need more education: being a student at a university does not mean that you know what goes on in universities in general as you claim to know. Ditto your comment about my not having been around a university in a while. I won’t go into specifics, but I have been around public universities all my life–literally. I know that there has always been a certain wildness among some students, but that doesn’t make them or universities filled with what you foolishly generalize as “sex-obsessed secularists.” You can set a good ex. of a Christian person by being less vociferous in your language and tone and demonstrate a more charitable attitude.

        • “I won’t go into specifics, but I have been around public universities all my life–literally.”

          Why not?

          You think you are that hard to find?

          Irrelevant. Most of us have been around cars my whole life, and I know very little of the internal workings.

          You have no greater understanding of what goes at universities than anybody else.

          • GG

            In fact, a student would have more knowledge about the issue.

          • Asmondius

            ‘“Non-Discrimination and Sexual Orientation: Making a Place for Sexual Minorities
            in the Global Human Rights Regime.”
            That was a big hit with erotic cannibals and necrophiliacs.

          • John200

            Good job of detective work. Give the “Professor” credit, he found a subject that anyone can learn and figured his way into the “never gonna have to work/look at me, I’m a lefty” brigade that works to ultimately kill this country. Many kookoo “Professors” of Baloney/Victim/Crybaby Studies can say the same.

            But Jack Donnelly is a cipher. He will not see how he and his ilk weaken the best country God ever gave to mankind. In a very few years, he can posthumously look back on his life and see how little he really did. That is a condign punishment for his conduct.

            I say in his favor: For a kookoo “Professor” of Baloney Studies, Jack Donnelly has not done as much harm as he might have.

            Final comment: from his posts, I thought jdonnell was a lesbian. It did not occur to me that jdonnell was Jack Donnelly, Professor of Baloney. So Jack — my earlier comments to you were based on a misconception.

        • Catholic pilgrim

          Um, When I stated “sex-obsessed Secularists” I was referring mostly to the professors, not so much the students (that’s a different case). For my degree, I’ve got to take Electives & Gen. Ed. course requirements. My Psychology professor was obsessed with “oedipal” Freud & Atheism, my Sociology professor was obsessed with Feminazis & Homosexuality, & don’t get me started with my World History professor. They mock & even get aggressive with contrarian viewpoints (such as Christian ones). And although they claim to be tolerant & “open-minded”, they only tolerate people who agree with their twisted views of sex, angry Secularism/Atheism, & politics.

        • Asmondius

          ‘…I have been around public universities all my life–literally.’
          Made the big step up from playgrounds, eh?

          • Jdonnell

            “All my life” would appear to preclude any playground time, but logic and comprehension don’t matter to someone who has not got his assmondius in gear.

    • asuffusionofyellow

      I think you’re just a troll, but in case you’re not, there’s an interesting book by E. Michael Jones called “Libido Dominandi” which develops the connection between the power elite and their long con called the sexual revolution. Slavery to our own sexual appetites is what makes us susceptible to control.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Towards the end of the Roman empire the classic all silver denarius was debased till it became a crude copper coin with a mere ‘wash’ of silver over it. Sexuality has gone through a similar period of debasement and ‘inflation’ . People ‘have more sex’ and it is worth less and less.

    • A rather plain spoken friend asked me once if I noticed how many people were familiar with unlawful carnal knowledge (in the vernacular), but never made love.

      Nailed it. (no pun intended).

      • Veritas

        Right–making sport of it. And birth control makes this so much easier.

        • Neither he or I were making sport of it. My friend was no saint, but he started to figure out that sex was cheapened and debased by its readily availability. Unfortunately, life took us seperate ways, I wonder if his epiphany resulted in a change.

  • Christ’sDisciple

    Remember the Fatima message from the Blessed Mother that “more people fall into hell like snowflakes due to sexual sin.” With the rise of the sins of fornication, pornography, homosexual acts, legalizing sexual behaviors, abortions, immodesty in attires and so on, the prophetic Fatima message of the Blessed Mother is coming true. Let’s pray fervently with daily Holy Rosary for the virtue of chastity and purity. Pray for us Holy Mother of God. Lord, have mercy on us sinners.

  • St JD George

    In the spirit of Ludwig’s hymn, the Holy Spirit acting through our blessed Pope, and the grace of our Lord who speaks to us through the Gospels and in prayer, be joyful for our gift is the kingdom of heaven. He foretold us of the burdens in following him, that those of the world would reject him throughout the ages. To be certain, the prince of this world does not want us to be joyful.

  • Pastor Ron Budwine

    Well my “Brother In Christ” Stephen Baskerville, you’ve certainly “tempted the tiger” with this article and may I say that I agree with every point you have brought out into the clear light of day! As a inner-denominational pastor, I too see the graphic abuses in every community I visit. It truly appears that even in the circles of the clergy nowadays some members have bought into the idea of never offending their congregations for fear some may decide to literally “split from the program” so to speak. Please accept my personal thanks for doing what Jesus Christ taught us to do by spreading the truth through His Word everywhere we may travel. Let us all “live” our faith daily as His earthly “ambassador” for those who have yet to find Him or invite Him into their lives. Laus Deo.
    I would like to share a personal prayer with you that I’ve found comforting as well as reminding me of my duties to my “Sisters & Brothers” on a daily basis if I may.
    “If there is to be hope in this world, pray let it begin in me Lord, Amen”
    Peace be with you.
    In His Service’
    Pastor Ron Budwine
    1 Voice Ministries

  • All this is extremely well said and very true. But it omits all mention of the only arena from which any remedy can come. By which I mean the private conscience of the individual. Yes, we are social beings who operate within a particular culture. But the secular culture a person belongs to doesn’t even tell half of his or her story. Literally, not even half. We’re born as individuals. We die as individuals. We’re live our entire lives under the sovereign rule of individual consciences. We receive almost all of the Sacraments as individuals. And in the end we’ll find ourselves answerable to God’s judgment as individuals. Nothing Christ’s said was meant to alter this fact one bit. Rather, all his words continue to call us first and foremost to individual conversion. Because this is the sole and authentic means of gaining entry into the only group setting that will ever matter permanently: The Church. The Communion of Saints. You could say that the secular society we belong to — the “culture” in the usual sense of that word — is merely a BYPRODUCT of all the aggregate individual conversations, or failures thereof, within it. Any goodness a culture may possess is just a natural result of the goodness of private individuals who make it up. PLEASE – IT’S NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! What is this talk of “enforcement”? Enforce virtue? You can enforce nothing. Christ’s tells us everything starts with individual conversation, and we and our pastors’ ought be telling people the same.

  • Nel

    Ironically, the Church WILL survive this headlong plunge into hedonistic oblivion because the Church has made the truth known and available, and those who want to find it – even in this dark age – will find it, live by it, and reproduce in healthy, faith-filled families.

    Those faithful Catholics who pass on the faith to their children, live in natural families and live by the Church’s teaching authority will survive, because they will have chosen life, not death.

    Pope Benedict did say that the Church is likely to get much smaller before it grows. Every seed has to die before it can bring forth life. The faithful remnant will survive and be the seed of a new Church, a new evangelization.

    Sadly too many souls will be lost by the toxic culture and the cowardice of those who know the truth, but dare not speak it.

  • John Mainhart

    This article speaks the truth about our present condition. Our priests need to study the importance of Chastity in God’s covenant with the family and show souls how this virtue is connected to all our sexual sins.

  • Tamsin

    “Religion is central to sexual regulation in almost all societies,” writes homosexualist scholar Dennis Altman. “Indeed, it may well be that the primary social function of religion is to control sexuality.”

    Written like a man who has forgotten where babies come from. He might also be shocked to find out that there are those of us who believe each baby is born with an immortal soul, and so the care and feeding of each baby is a very big deal.

    • publiusnj

      God’s plan seems to be to have us fall “in love” with the opposite sex and then make babies. I say “seems to be” because I don’t know the Mind of God and can’t except to the extent it’s been revealed (His ways being so far above mine as the Heavens are above the Earth, etc.).

      In all events, loving my children has been the closest I have gotten to selfless love (they are after all, both my flesh and not my flesh). Parental love brings us out of ourselves and then we can begin to keep God’s second great commandment. The first object of neighborly love, of course, is our spouses, who likewise view those self-same children as both being their flesh and not their flesh. In other words, the children become a “love bridge” that gets us beyond romantic love to a deeper and more selfless love. (She’s no longer just my romantic love interest but now: “the mother of my children.”) And that love can go out from there, as long as we stop regarding ourselves as the centers of the World. That seems to be God’s plan and it is a beautiful one.

      • One of the problems with our age, where most people ask “what shall I eat tonight”, rather than “will I eat tonight” and where procuring food is a matter a drive to a grocery store, rather than foraging, hunting or primitive agriculture-is that we forget that is not human history.
        Most of human history was fear. Fear of privation, fear of disease, fear of invasion, fear of misfortune-if sex wasn’t so compelling, people who not have survived-the rational person would have forgone the consequence of sex-birth-because babies slow you down, require care, eat, etc.
        Sex was the reward for taking a chance on the future. Now it’s a diversion from the future, an end in itself, rather than a means to an end.

    • “homosexualist scholar”


      • John200

        Homo”sex”ualist propagator of raw sewage.

        There, I fixed that.

  • Bucky Inky

    Mr. Baskerville writes:

    The response of the churches to all this has been silence. Christians,
    by and large, do not know what to make of this authoritarianism. They
    are afraid to question accusations of sex crimes, but they also know
    that this agenda is not theirs. Terrified of being seen to defend
    “rapists,” “child abusers,” “wife beaters,” and “deadbeat dads,” the
    church sits mute in the face of what is claimed to be a vast epidemic of
    sex crimes. Tempted to play it safe by perfunctorily endorsing the
    purveyors of the new indulgence, the church sides with falsehood against

    A very helpful and important observation here, and thank you for the entire article. The blogger Dalrock says it well also when he acknowledges that, regardless of what the truth of a situation is, it feels heroic always to call out men’s responsibility in instances of sin, and one also knows that he will generally be above criticism if he does so; and it feels cruel to call out women in their sin, and one also knows that he will generally be ripped to shreds with criticism at the very least for doing so. In our society, in which the path that is treated as most virtuous is the one that has the characteristic of having the least resistance upon it, one can guess quite easily what most people, including the society’s leaders, will tend to do, though it often means that we suffer the loss of the truth.

  • thebigdog

    Dating back to the Garden of Eden, Satan seems to have had great success in corrupting women and sending them forth to corrupt the men. Priests seen to have difficulty addressing personal morality issues because the burden of sexual purity within a society falls disproportionately on the women… and the brainwashing of egalitarianism has made this unacceptable to many.

    In their world, fairness trumps truth. I realize much of this is not PC and I couldn’t care less.

    • Veritas

      My sister once crudely stated, “Men are the gas, women are the brakes.” I like what Fulton J. Sheen said about virtue, women, and civilization:

      “When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy
      of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble her character, the more
      devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire
      to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be
      written in terms of the level of its women.”

  • ColdStanding

    Again, when in doubt, turn to a reliable commentary. Here is Fr. Cornelius a Lapide on St. John chapter 8 which has the account of the woman caught in adultery.

    It is the clear and unambiguous teaching of the Holy Roman Catholic Church by which the mind receives the faith needed to shape the understanding so that resolve to repent can form in the will, and the appetites can be brought into submission.

    • Veritas

      The source you provide is a treasure.

  • cestusdei

    The bad ole days were not always that bad.

  • winslow

    Mr. Baskerville, you never fail to hit the nail on the head. This is another excellent essay and I thank you for it.

  • GHM_52

    Wow! At last! Someone clearly stating that the Emperor is fully naked! Thank-you! I was starting to think I was crazy! Thank-you!

  • asuffusionofyellow

    I know one priest who preaches the truth to his congregation every single Sunday, and that’s Father James Farfaglia in Corpus Christi, TX. His homilies are available online, and he never pulls a punch.

  • Jacqueleen

    Great article….I’m sure that many of your readers will agree with what is written and wish that the clergy would believe that we are the Church Militant not the church of Wimps!
    Then, act on their mission to SAVE SOULS NOT APPEASE REBELS.

  • Kimo

    I find it totally ironic that Christian organizations such as Intervarsity are being banned from college campuses for “intolerance,” which means that do not not allow as leaders men or women who are engaging in extramarital sex, while allowing fraternities, sororities and the hookup culture they promote to flourish–even when the violence, abuse, physical and emotional damage the hookup culture does, especially to women, can be easily demonstrated. So we now have the bizarre situation where “no boundaries” sex is actively encourage while at the same time bemoaning the growth of “sexual harassment” and a “rape culture.”

    We certainly are living in days when people call good evil, and evil good.

  • Miller

    The sheep are being separated from the goats. the time is at hand to make a choice, do I stand with God or will I fall with everyone else. Now is the time, if you wait too long you won’t find the strength to resist. You going to die anyways, better not to die stupid.

  • CarlsPatrick

    Stephen, I want to thank you for posting this article. Evidently when values of Christianity are ignored, everything around us starts to fall. Amazingly proponents of the sexual revolution continue denying these things are happening and claim the world is in better shape. I’m happy you know the truth of the matter and are sending the true message out there. Thanks again.

  • campfiregirl

    Bearing children outside of wedlock “evil”? And what alternative would you suggest to an unwed woman who finds herself in a crisis pregnancy? An out of wedlock abortion?? That was the choice I faced 25 years ago and I chose the “evil” of giving birth. I had no idea if I would parent or place, I just knew my child would draw breath. I took him home to nothing more than a music box and this fall he will become a FOCUS missionary. “Bearing” children under any circumstances is never evil Mr. Baskerville. Please qualify your comments in the future to reflect the CALCULATED procreation of children outside of marriage. There is a world of difference and your misinformed opinion does, quite literally, a grave disservice to women who make the heroic choice of carrying their crisis pregnancies to term in a culture that judges them as “evil” and nearly demands they murder their children.

    • Seamrog

      Carrying a child to term is only heroic when the mother’s life is at serious risk.

      Otherwise, it is a sacred obligation, not really something to be worn as a badge of honor on one’s sleeve or used to bludgeon an author who may have touched a nerve.

      • mitch64

        LOL..showing the true love and charity of Christ there. It is a badge of honor,as she could have chosen an alternative, which she may or may not have been pressured to do. It would certainly have been “easier,” for her to do so, financially for one, certainly by the right, who would look down at her for having an out of wedlock baby, and for the left who would think she should terminate. She took the writer to task and showed us all that living life and being true to our faith is sometimes very hard and we have many hurdles we have to jump to get there.

        • Seamrog

          No woman deserves praise for not having an abortion.

          I don’t praise my children for not murdering their classmates.

          I don’t praise my wife for not committing adultery.

          I don’t pat myself on the back for not beating and robbing the elderly.

          This is part of the breakdown that the author is addressing. It is madness.

          Her comment, and your quip are MAD.

          • mitch64

            No a woman deserves praise for not having an abortion when she is single, alone, no support network, no job, and having an easy option out. So maybe put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change.

            • Seamrog

              You are absolutely correct – no woman deserves praise for NOT MURDERING HER CHILD for the convenience factor.

              There are myriad options available to women who ‘find’ themselves in this position. A child deserves a stable home with a mother and a father who can afford to rear that child.

              So maybe put yourself in the shoes of a a man who has adopted two children from bad situations and stop spouting off ridiculous statements to be quippy on the internet.

              No woman should be praised for NOT MURDERING HER DEFENSELESS CHILD.

              • mitch64

                I have adopted also, so yea I know. However, I support anyone who finds themselves in a bad situation and does the best they can…its called not kicking someone when they are down, and its also called being Christian.

                And quit yelling your example is one of the reasons people get so turned off to faith. Oh, I forgot, you are telling the truth in love and charity.

                • Seamrog

                  No one ‘kicked this woman when she was down.’

                  She is responding to an article authored by a man who has no idea who she, or her ADULT child is.

                  Patting someone on the back for not murdering babies is not inherently ‘Christian.’

                  But you knew that, and that was not your point. Pointing out the absurdly obvious is almost never necessary (your absurd comment excluded).

                  Your point was to be quippy, and you did do that – in love and charity? I don’t know, but madness needs to be addressed either way.

                  • mitch64

                    You seem to have problems with quips (or more likely have no sense of humor at all ) The absurd thing is you, a man I take it, posting to a woman who had an issue with the author of this article and made comments based on her own experiences. You decided to play moral arbitrator and proceeded to be dismissive of her comments and her good choice of raising a son who from her comment seems to be a credit to her. I on the other hand felt that anyone, who makes a mistake and overcomes challenges and makes the best of it and turns a bad situation into something very good, does indeed need to be commended. See, its as simple as that, not because she didnt…”MURDER HER BABY,” but because she turned it around and did a good job. See the difference?

                    • John200

                      Do you know the faith that animates many of the comments on this website? It seems the answer is, no.

                      But you can learn it. You can learn it here. Stick around.

                      That’s something.

          • Heck, I didn’t punch my boss the last time he irritated me. I’m a hero.

            • Asmondius

              Not to your coworkers…..

        • How about the girls that remain chaste until their wedding night and are ridiculed as “virrrrrginzzz”?

          No praise.

          • mitch64

            Where in my post did I ridicule them? I

            • I didn’t say you did. They are completely excluded from the conversation.

              • mitch64

                Okay, point taken, however, one does not take away from another. .plus one has to take ones word on the virginity thing…a baby is kind of hard to miss.

                • Precisely. While we lavish praise and understanding on “single moms”, those who remain chaste not only don’t get praise, they get derision or the kind of doubt you expressed in this post.

                  • mitch64

                    Because an undo fixation on anyone’s chastity (or lack ) is both impolite, and a bit weird…kind of like those creepy father/daughter Chastity dances or whatever they are called. The bride were’s white and she is the queen of the ceremony…I think that is a pretty big praise for it. I lavish praise and understanding on anyone who has a hard time of it and does their best, or makes a mistake and tries to fix it…which we all have done at one time or another.

                    • There’s no fixation, other than yours and society’s on unwed mothers as heroes. Given that 40% of births are now to single women, so widespread as to be unremarkable.
                      Non marital fornication is acceptable and accepted. They didn’t make a movie “the 40 year old single mother” as an oddity, the “40 year old virgin”. You’ve proven my point about the lack of any honor for the few women who retain their virtue for their wedding night.

                    • John200

                      Try again?

                      God love you (Southern expression of sympathy for your plight), what do you mean?

                      Perhaps you can apply English grammar and syntax. Then proofread. Turn those fragments into sentences, and make them support a main point.

                      With these achievements in hand, we might take you up on logic and rhetoric.

                      Or… After you carefully revise your comment, we might see what your substantive point is, and take you up on that.

                      These are generic prescriptions: grammar, logic, and then rhetoric. It is hard to tell what is(are) your specific need(s).

                      Try again?

          • John200

            I praise them to the heavens. They are the best of their sex in our times. I wish every normal man could find one such.

            Ah, well, one can dream…

            • There are fewer men who remain unsoiled for their eventual brides.

              • John200

                Yup, that’s true in my experience. It is an unusual man who saves himself for marriage. More ladies do so, but they constitute a minority of women. Many ladies who saved themselves for marriage were unattractive. But I knew a “10” who saved herself for marriage. She was one of a small minority. Her “friends” ridiculed her. I told her she was doing the right thing.

                Imagine how much better we would live if young men could keep it in their pants until, and if young women could keep it out of their pants until, the twain shall meet. Forever.

                Ah, well, one can dream.

    • Simple & Plain

      You’re right, it’s great when a mother decides to keep her baby, even when our society pushes for a termination of the inconvenience…er..pregnancy. I obviously don’t speak for the author, but I’m sure he can’t deny the droves of wonderful people who were born out of marriage/to single parents.

      • Asmondius

        The author’s intent is obviously that it is evil to purposefully procreate outside of marriage – don’t hyperventilate over semantics.

    • GG

      Is having children out of wedlock now a good act?

      • Asmondius

        And earns a first-class medal.

        • John200

          Pinned on the donkey who earned it, with a specially sharpened 6-inch long pin.

          And I want to do the pinning ceremony. My right arm is strong enough, but in certain cases I will drive the pin home using my shoulder.

    • “Bearing children outside of wedlock “evil”? And what alternative would you suggest to an unwed woman who finds herself in a crisis pregnancy?”

      You think 40 plus percent of all live births are “crisis prenancies”?

      One can see that while individual circumstances vary, there is a strong current every vessel. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

    • Asmondius

      I’m having trouble understanding – you became pregnant because some crisis descended upon you?
      Or did you simply make a bad decision?

  • Lou Iacobelli

    In short, we need to try to fully live the faith not merely talk and write about it. When we faithfully do so, sex and everything else that makes up the human condition will fall into place. God’s plan for the human person and the family will never be outdone.

  • jcsmitty

    We NEVER hear about sexual sins of any kind, even the “safe” ones you claim. The homilies are all about social justice, being good to the poor and immigrant, and some generalized reflection on the readings that never apply to today’s life. Nothing, in other words, that would be controversial or upset someone in the pews.
    Last week I had to turn on EWTN and listen to Fr. Bill Casey preach a Mission that actually mentioned SIN. For the first time in a long time I felt like I was back in a Catholic church.

  • Kyushu Kenji San

    Mr. Baskerville’s piece fails to ever mention the “Root Cause” of the many evils he lists–Contraception.

    Given the depth of discussion that Mr. Baskerville indulges in regarding the many sins and evils now endemic in human sexuality one must logically deduce that Mr. Baskerville either approves of contraception (in marriage?) or/and has fallen victim to the same “Fear of losing followers” that he accuses parish priests and ministers of.

    Where is the mention and condemnation of the endemic sinful use of contraception by Catholics in marriage?

  • Kyushu Kenji San

    A great article by Stephen but as I read the piece it seems odd that he does not mention the evils of contraception and its use in marriage.

  • James

    A great article by Stephen but there is no mention of the problems surrounding the use of contraception within marriage.

    • John200

      Because it is an easy problem. Faithful, practicing Catholics do not use contraception.


      This is one of the easiest problems for faithful Catholics, as it was solved a long, long, long time ago.

  • Aliquantillus

    A voice much needed. The right word at the right time.

  • JohnA

    Perhaps we fail to adhere to God’s laws regarding sexual sins because we don’t love God with our whole heart. How many people commit sexual sins because they don’t know it is wrong vs those who do it anyway for personal pleasures? If the latter, is it better to emphasize the love of God spurring us to want to keep his commandments vs. threatening with no love? St. Augustine used to say: Love God and do what you will.”. Think about it…

    • John200

      “How many people commit sexual sins because they don’t know it is wrong”

      Approximately no people. Zero is the expected number. Humans know that sexual sin is wrong. Animals don’t know. People who act like animals pretend they don’t know, but they know it is wrong.

      “vs those who do it anyway for personal pleasures?”

      This is, as it has been since the years 500-1000 BC (Kings, Numbers, King David), the normal motive for sexual sin. Do you know another motive? Please state it plainly.

      St Augustine loved God and did what God willed that he should do. This after a long, hard struggle to unite his (Augie’s) will with God’s will. It took him (Augie) a few years to decide to live in the light. His mother’s (St. Monica’s) death pushed him toward God. Then he became a saint. 1600 years later, we know and honor him as an example of what we should do in our few years on the surface of this third stone from the sun.

      Think about it. Look up St. A’s writings. He was quite an accomplished scribbler. It is all there.

    • GG


  • Chris Ricketts

    You do a great job of chronicling the excesses of sexual overindulgence and the rampant destruction it is wreaking on the US. I agree completely with the evidence you present and the consequences and slavery brought about by so-called sexual “freedom.” While I do agree that the truth needs to be spoken about these issues clearly and unequivocally, I also think that more focus needs to be spent preaching the beautiful and mystical properties of human sexuality and the positive aspects of it as opposed to wagging the proverbial finger and once again preaching nothing but fire and brimstone. The biggest emphasis needs to be given to the Mercy of Christ through His Blessed Mother.

    We can, like the hell-fire Protestant preachers of the past, condemn everyone to hell for their actions and spread obedience through fear, which eventually reveals itself to be a false piety, or free the hearts of people by revealing the beauty of God’s plan for sexuality. I personally believe that the rampant sexual devastation wrought in our culture today is a symptom or backlash against the Puritan atmosphere which permeated American morality and Protestantism throughout US history. This Puritan mindset repressed sexuality to a very unhealthy degree. Both sexual excess and sexual repression are neither healthy nor in God’s design for the experience of our sexuality in our daily lives.

    Sexual excess dominates our culture in modern America. Constant battering from the media, messages from government, and basic cultural rot have created the conditions that many people have never heard an alternative to instant sexual gratification. That is why I believe it is in the best interest of the Church to present the Truth fully and compassionately, with an emphasis on Christ’s infinite Mercy. The Church will be largely ineffective by merely condemning behaviors and citing a list of “do nots” rather than incorporating it with a better, more freeing alternative.

    People shouldn’t choose to stop sinning because they are terrified; they should choose to stop sinning because they are compelled to do so by being overwhelmed by the Mercy and Love offered to them freely by Christ. The Church is a hospital for sinners. In order to heal them, we have to help them realize they are sick in the first place. I am not advocating that we do not teach the devastating consequences of the instant sexual gratification culture that is prevalent in our society. My point is that along with that, we must present a viable alternative that helps people realize they are worthy of Christ’s Love and Forgiveness.

  • M.J.A.

    Our thirst for love , manifesting in many destructive ways – would it be because we have not cared enough , to take in those words from The Cross , with enough love and reverence –
    ‘I thirst ‘ …for His children to know the love and mercy of The Father and would it not be that our own thirst would be satisfied , when we respond , with the Mother, at the foot of The Cross – ‘ we love You Abba , for all the power of mercy being poured forth ..’ and would that not be what happens with every Hail Mary ..’pray for us sinners ‘ – by telling The Father , in The Son, along with her or rather by her for our sake, that we love Him ..joined with those others , in Her , by whom we want to be loved by ..a death unto the self , to live , in love !
    Is there any other remedy for the parched culture that tries to search desperately for love , in the dry , dusty, sandy hearts !

  • TomD

    Can Christianity survive the sexual revolution? We would do well to consult 1 Corinthians for a commentary on the challenges that confronted the early Church. Roughly two thousand years later, and here we go again . . .

    The pagan world, and its infiltrators within the Church, has always, is now, and will always privilege sexual license over God’s Word. We simply keep recycling through the same old, same old.

    Sexuality, as revealed to us by God, is at the heart of what it means to be human, to flourish as human beings; its defilement intentionally undermines the human condition. The devil is a busy little beaver, gnawing away at us. He will not give up. Neither must we.

  • GreggorytheGreat

    When was the last time we heard sermons on the evils of Usury which the International Banking Cartel make billions of dollars from thin air. Any sermons after World War II on converting the Jews to the Catholic Church out of Holy Charity. Jesus Christ came to Israel for the Conversion of Jews the first Apostles and St James died as first Apostle to be Martyred. St Stephen was the first to be Martyred. By the way the Catholic Church has been watered down in its mission to save souls the above Saints died in vain by our standards and how the Church views its mission of being nice.

  • AugustineThomas

    Fr. Illo gives sermons that denounce sexual sins. The leftists inside and outside of the Church are now crucifying him for defending the Faith. The wolves in shepherds’ clothing who are supposed to be his brother priests in San Francisco are leading the charge.

  • Thomas J. Hennigan

    Chastity is the splendor of charity.There is no Christianity without the life of grace which is lived out in the three theological virtues, the greatest of them being charity. In any case, these three are so intimatley united that there is no faith or hope without charity. so, there is no Christianity without chastity.