Archbishop Attacked for Defending Mission of Catholic Schools

In an attempt to undermine the right of Catholic K-12 schools to “hire (and fire) for mission” the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle recently claimed that while the paper will not “quarrel with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s determination to ensure that his rigid interpretation of Church doctrine is taught at four Catholic high schools,” they suggest that the Archbishop “could not be more out of touch with the community he has been assigned to serve.”

Responding to what the archbishop called a “clarification of Catholic issues in our Catholic schools” for San Francisco’s Catholic school teachers, which clearly identifies the obligation of all K-12 employees to support Catholic teachings on faith and morals, the Chronicle claimed that the archbishop’s intent is to “silence teachers and other school employees.” Asserting that the archbishop’s actions are “an affront to the many practicing Catholics—especially in this region—who have issues with doctrine that would deny same sex couples the right to marry or prevent families from employing modern medicine to experience the joy of parenthood or to prevent or terminate pregnancy,” the Chronicle is just the latest attack on the religious freedom of Catholic education.

Crisis readers will recall similar kinds of controversies in Seattle, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Massachusetts in which Catholic K-12 faculty and administrators have disputed Catholic teachings on same sex marriage. In several of these cases faculty members and administrators have sued for the right to marry their same sex partners—and still keep their Catholic K-12 school jobs.

San Francisco is just the latest example of yet another new front in the war over Church teachings on same sex behavior, reproductive rights, and women’s ordination now on Catholic K-12 battlegrounds. The clarification of expectations of faculty, administrators and staff members by Archbishop Cordileone was—as he said in his letter for high school teachers in his archdiocese—simply an attempt to “clarify Catholic issues in our Catholic schools…not to target for dismissal from our schools any teachers, singly or collectively, nor does it introduce anything essentially new into the contract or the faculty handbook.”

Indeed, that is the heart of this controversy. Employees of Catholic K-12 schools in San Francisco—and elsewhere—have always been expected to support Catholic teachings on faith and morals. It is a condition of employment—and nothing new. The archbishop is simply reminding employees of this by explicitly stating that administrators, faculty and staff members are not to visibly contradict, undermine or deny Catholic teachings on the Truth of the evil of abortion and euthanasia, and the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This should be uncontroversial.

But, in an era when the authority of the Church is being undermined by the federal government through the HHS mandate that religious schools, hospitals and organizations provide free contraceptive care to all employees, it should not surprise anyone that Catholic schools’ ability to hire for mission would be contested. Archbishop Cordileone has described all school employees as participating in the religious mission because they are. Every day that faculty members, administrators, or support staff members are interacting with children entrusted to them by their parents, those employees are representing the Catholic mission of the school. They are always and in every way acting as “ministers engaged in a religious mission.”  And, this “mission-driven” behavior is protected under a 2012 U. S. Supreme court decision in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church vs. EEOC which ruled that Churches and religious schools are protected by a “ministerial exception” giving them greater latitude in hiring and firing employees.

Of course this ministerial exception is contingent on the fact that Catholic schools are actually promoting the Truth of Catholic teachings. Earlier this week, after decades of dissent on many Catholic college campuses, the federal government—through the NLRB—has stepped in to assess whether the employees of Catholic colleges and universities are actually contributing to the religious mission of these institutions by “performing religious functions.” This is a new standard for evaluating religious objections to federal board oversight that was implemented in a unionization decision in December at Pacific Lutheran University. The NLRB knows that if the faculty actually uphold and advance Catholic teachings, these colleges may be viewed by the Courts as performing a religious function. But, it is likely that the labor board knew otherwise—and on January 6, 2015, the NLRB issued a “Certification of Representation” allowing adjunct professors and lecturers at St. Mary’s College of Moraga, California, to join the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). This ruling by the NLRB that employees of Catholic colleges are not expected to uphold Catholic values and doctrine and advance the college’s Catholic mission is an important development in Catholic higher education. In the Manhattan College decision, the NLRB claimed that “public representations of Manhattan College clearly demonstrate that it is not providing a religious educational environment.” Ruling that Manhattan College did not qualify as religious institution deserving of an exemption, the NLRB pointed out that although Manhattan frequently cites its Lasallian tradition in describing itself in its public documents, these references are made in “purely secular terms.”  Noting that Manhattan College’s own admission brochure does not even include any reference to the Catholic Church or Catholicism, the NLRB issued a 26-page report which concluded that the college cannot claim a religious affiliation in an effort to prevent the unionization of its employees.

A similar NLRB ruling at Seattle University, led Seattle’s provost, Isiaah Crawford, to argue that the labor board acted inappropriately in concluding that Seattle “lacked substantial religious character.” As in the Manhattan College case, the NLRB regional director, Ronald Hooks, responded that Seattle does not deserve a religious exemption because it receives no funding from the Catholic Church, and “only a minority of its students are Catholic.” Hooks also pointed to the lack of a religious requirement for faculty as evidence of the school’s lack of religious character. Hooks knows—as many faithful Catholics know—that many faculty members employed on Catholic colleges do not support Catholic teachings on faith and morals. This makes it difficult to claim a religious exemption. Posting a response to the NLRB ruling on his college website, Manhattan College president, Brennan O’Donnell, decried the labor board’s conclusions, claiming that “the analysis clearly demonstrates the NLRB’s lack of understanding of the identity of Manhattan College as a twenty-first century Catholic college whose mission requires engagement with the broader culture of American society and higher education.”

But, too much “engagement” with a degraded culture is what has happened on many Catholic college campuses. While many of these colleges would have a difficult time demonstrating the “religious function” performed by their faculty members—especially those faculty members who are lobbying Congress for a woman’s right to choose abortion and a same sex couple’s right to be married—Catholic K-12 schools can still argue that they are indeed supporting the religious mission they have been entrusted to fulfill. Archbishop Cordileone should be applauded for having the courage to make that religious mission explicit for those who teach in his archdiocese.

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Anne Hendershott


Anne Hendershott is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Veritas Center at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. She is the author of Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education; The Politics of Abortion; and The Politics of Deviance (Encounter Books). She is also the co-author of Renewal: How a New Generation of Priests and Bishops are Revitalizing the Catholic Church (2013).

  • St JD George

    I love the added touch of “and especially in this region”. Interestingly not ground breaking as you pointed out as we had our own issue in OH recently. A rational person would ask “why would a person seek out a position knowing they are actively opposed to the word of God which is expected of them.” But then, he who is hell bent on turning the world upside down has his own deviant rationale to confuse and divide to conquer. I was a Boy Scout leader for over 10 years and watching what they did to torture that organization, and their capitulation in response, caused me agony as well. Thanks Anne for sharing.

    • Glenn M. Ricketts

      At one time, I could never have imagined that I’d see, in my own lifetime or at any time, the Boy Scouts labeled as a “hate” organization. And I fear that far worse is coming, cheerfully aided and abetted by “progressive” Catholics.

      • TERRY

        Agreed, with one small piont – small c for the ‘catholics’ you describe.

        • Glenn M. Ricketts

          Roger. And the c isn’t the only thing that’s small about them, either.

  • Gail Finke

    The NLRB decision is profoundly troubling; every Catholic institution in the country should be be scrambling to refocus is mission and faculty standards. While it is a betrayal of American legal principles for the federal government to be determining what religious organizations are, and aren’t, religious “enough” to be considered religious, it is also an indictment on Catholic institutions that their fundamental Catholicism is ever dubious enough that it’s in question. And yet we see, over and over — especially in Catholic colleges and universities — that “Catholic” is interpreted by the staff as a sort of afterthought, or has been reinterpreted to mean “being nice.” One Catholic university our family looked at made reference to its “Jesuit heritage” frequently in its marketing materials — without ever saying what that meant. In the orientation session, we were told that being a Jesuit institution meant instilling a spirit of service. (News flash, folks: ALL colleges now say they do that.) A Dominican college we looked at had classrooms named after saints and giant, historic photographs of Dominican nuns in habits on every wall, but nothing about Catholicism or the Dominicans was ever mentioned to us and the affable young man who gave us a tour asked if we wanted to see the chapel. I said that of course we did, and he replied, “I don’t like to ask because it might offend people.” I asked him why, at a Catholic college, anyone would be offended at being taken to see the chapel — surely people expected there to be one and to see it on the tour. He laughed. Our daughter now attends a secular university, which has great programs and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. If our institutions don’t mention Catholicism, think it’s part of a “heritage” the way Kentucky banks and insurance companies might use a horse logo because of the region’s “heritage” of horse racing, and not only refuse to teach our faith but actively allow employees to oppose and undermine our faith, what kind of Catholics are we anyway?

    • One Catholic university our family looked at made reference to its “Jesuit heritage” frequently in its marketing materials — without ever saying what that meant.

      Sounds a lot like the one in the “Electric City”.

      • St JD George

        Heritage … that almost sounds like past tense, like nostalgically reflecting on the men (and women) who built this school who were God fearing (and loving) Christian men. Look at this gift they left you, from a bygone era.

  • Christophe

    And the anti-Catholic forces are emboldened by the words and actions of Pope Francis — “who am I to judge,” breeding “like rabbits,” etc.

    • jacobhalo

      Don’t forget “conversion is nonsense”

  • Daniel P

    Be careful what you wish for. I support the Archbishop’s actions, but — if successful — they will seriously reduce the number of available teachers. This is one of the things that happened in Catholic colleges: there just weren’t faithful Catholics available to hire, and so otherwise qualified non-Catholics or nominal Catholics were hired.

    It’s like the priest shortage. Until we raise up a large new generation of orthodox believers, we can’t even begin to faithfully fill the positions at Catholic schools.

    • Gail Finke

      Is it true that there weren’t enough qualified Catholic teachers, or is it true that teachers were hired without any requirements that they uphold, or at least not contradict, the teachings of the Catholic Church? As an outsider to academia it seems to me that at least now — I don’t know about decades ago — people are hired solely for their expertise in a subject and told that they can say or do anything they want to say or do regarding Catholic teachings. Because academic freedom.

      There is no inherent reason that a Calculus teacher at a Catholic college should have to be Catholic at all. But there is every reason that a non-Catholic Calculus teacher should not have a same-sex “spouse,” should not opine in class that only stupid people believe in God, etc. It is possible for faithful Catholic professors to teach at religious institutions run by other Christians or Jews or Hindus, and to speak respectfully for their faith when asked about it but otherwise not attack the faith or teachings of their employers and students (I know a Catholic who teaches at a Torah Observant Jewish school who does just that). But Catholic institutions don’t seem to expect the same and I don’t get the impression it’s because they can’t find qualified teachers to do so.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the impression I get is that they think it’s narrow, intolerant, and a sign of being uneducated to expect anyone to actually believe, teach, and respect Catholicism — because faith is “inward” and cerebral, not anything you can define or point to as a “thing.”

      • Nel

        I think there is an inherent reason why a calculus teacher at a Catholic college should be Catholic. I speak as a teacher with 23 years’ experience teaching in college. Teachers don’t just – or even – teach their subjects in isolation from everything else. They just don’t. Any teacher who is truly dedicated and really knows the job (there are a lot of plodders who go into teaching because they can’t seem to shift from being a student to being out of school) knows that the most teaching goes on when you are not really teaching. It’s when you are interacting with students one-to-one or inter-personally within the group that the most teaching goes on.

        I can see it – I can feel it like one of those machines that measures earthquakes miles away – as the minutes pass in my lectures. I can see when the students are starting to get ‘information overload’ – when the ‘teaching’ part has got to take a rest and I’ve got to shift gears into something interpersonal. In practice, it means when I stop talking about ‘the subject matter’ and introduce a personal anecdote to illustrate a point. It’s like they got a jolt of adrenalin at that moment. It’s astonishing how the students become much more alert and attentive when the teacher stops talking about calculus – or whatever it is – and says something related to his or her personal experience or values. Years later I’ve had some of my best students tell me that while they don’t remember much – or anything – of the particular subject matter that I taught them, they remember my stories, and that my example and the things we talked about in office hours changed their lives, their values, their way of thinking about life, God, the world and their families. I recall one student who went from insisting that ‘marriage kills love’, so people should only live together, to setting the wedding date with her fiance a week later – because our conversation outside of class drifted in that direction.

        That’s when the real teaching goes on: when the PERSON who is the teacher is open to the PERSON who is the student, and real discussion about real-life issues (which is what young people are mostly concerned about, not calculus) takes place.

        I don’t know if you went to university, but I know from both sides of the desk at university that students are far more interested in their teachers’ real lives than they are in the subject matter. Speculation is rife: Is he married? Is she a lesbian? Do you think he has kids? Where does she get her clothes? I saw her in a cafe with some young people – do you think she hangs out with graduate students? I never would have believed that he smokes! I saw Professor X jogging! Could that be his WIFE?

        The teacher is not just a machine or a receptacle with information – like the phone book or a dictionary. A teacher is a living, breathing human being whose values are under intense scrutiny by students – everything you do and say and wear and every gesture is ‘out there’ in front of a captive audience. My students can often do hilariously spot-on impressions of their teachers, down to the pitch of the voice and the characteristic gestures. If they can imitate what they SEE and are so avid to do it, it’s a no-brainer that they will pay as much attention to what the teacher believes in or stands for in his or her personal life.

        It’s just very naive on ANYONE’S part to think that a teacher’s core values will NOT be transferred to students, even if the teacher is teaching something as ‘dry’ as calculus. I still remember a college algebra teacher who lost no opportunity to play ‘eastern’ music during class (and in office hours) and to talk about his trips to India and why he changed his name from something ugly in German to ‘Divinia’ to show how he was channeling divine energy from the universe (or some such garbage). He cared far more about his ‘spiritual searching’ than he did about algebra – and he talked about it all the time in class or office hours, whenever he got the chance.

        I can get more discussion out of my students by letting them see what I read in free time (often something connected with theology or philosophy, though I teach American literature) than I can get out of them about the assigned readings. It’s when they come to office hours and we deal with their questions about the class, and the conversation takes a more natural turn that they find out that I’m a devout Catholic – and they sometimes ask me questions about the faith, or bring me their personal struggles with moral problems or personal or family issues.

        A calculus teacher in a Catholic college SHOULD be Catholic so that when a student says, ‘I’m sorry I missed the test, but my sister was in a terrible accident. She’s in a coma and we’re all worried about her,’ that teacher can say spontaneously from the heart, ‘I will pray a rosary for her and offer my next communion for her.’ Indeed, only a Catholic teacher will say that spontaneously from the heart – and isn’t that at least part of what Catholic parents send their kids to Catholic university for? For teachers who in some measure stand in loco parentis – who will say to the child what the parents themselves would say in the same circumstances?

        I don’t know my students’ religion (though I live in a Catholic country, so most are at least nominal Catholics) but I live my Catholic faith quietly but surely where they can see it. If they have a problem, I say, ‘I will pray for you’ even the ones who claim to be atheists or who openly come out as ‘gay materialists ‘(perhaps especially for them). I have a Mass celebrated for their success in my exams – and invite them to it, and they see me as a reader and organizer of the Mass and I hope they realize that if a respected teacher is involved in her faith, maybe it’s something worth considering.

        There have been many times over the years when a student has come to me with a crisis related to his or her studies, and I’ve listened to them, dealt with the academic crisis and sent them out of the office with a promise of prayers. Sometimes they cry; sometimes they looked stunned and don’t know what to say. Sometimes they tell me later that it was just what they really needed to hear. Should a student tell me, ‘Please pray for such-and-such a situation’ I have no problem telling them, ‘I pray every day for all my students, past, present and future, but I will keep this intention especially in my prayers.’

        I can do that because ALL THE TIME I am Catholic, and only when I am at work am I a teacher. I think that as a full-time Catholic, it is my duty to show my students – Catholic, atheist and anything in-between – how a Catholic living in the world treats other people and cares about others.

        We are Catholics FIRST and only do our jobs during working hours. If we want our children to be CATHOLIC mathematicians and business leaders and historians and copy-editors and computer technicians, then especially at university we should see to it that they are surrounded by Catholics living their faith in the professional world.

        • St JD George

          God bless you Nel as a defender of faith in an environment I know that is actively hostile to those beliefs.

    • jacobhalo

      We are not going to raise up a large new generation of orthodox believers with the likes of Pope Francis and the other heretics in the Vatican. The pope seems to teach only the teachings of the church with which he agrees.

    • St JD George

      Be careful too in how you respond to what you read and to others. The standard is not perfection because we all accept that we are sinners and are called by God to humbly acknowledge and seek reconciliation. When you are unrepentant, openly and unabashedly in defiance of God then you should have no place trying to fool others in that you suspend those beliefs when teaching or administering to children in a Catholic school. God admonished those who would cast stones at the sinner, but then mercifully called on the sinner to go and sin no more – not to go out and defend her right to sin. If we don’t demand that then what value are these schools but an expensive alternative to the same that can be obtained in the public school system.

    • I’m sorry, but the value of Catholic schools that teach nothing deeper than a loose cultural identity will do nothing to produce Catholics.

      • Daniel P

        I agree. I’m not sure why you think I didn’t.

        • Because you only mentioned a reduction in quantity.

    • asmondius

      Actually, the current personnel situation arose largely out of the administrations’ pursuit of ‘diversity’ – not due to a lack of dedicated Catholics. A fair number of orthodox instructors were sent packing over the past few decades due to the same reasoning.

      After all, as the President just pointed out at the National Prayer Breakfast, Catholics/Christians have no monopoly on Truth. Who are we to judge?

  • ethelagnes

    Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is a modern day martyr for the Faith. He should be commended and prayed for for his brave defense of the Teachings of the Church. May the good Lord continue to bless him and his mission for many years.

  • Don

    The Archbishop should indeed be applauded for the courage to act. Across the nation our clergy has been silent, passive, or complicit in conforming the Church to the culture. We (the laity) should voice our support and encouragement to those who stand firm. And we should voice our disapproval to those who seek to make the Church merely a prayer club.

  • Kevin Aldrich

    Let’s pray for Archbishop Cordilione, especially that he be very prudent and courageous in this fight for the Catholic identity of the SF Archdiocese!

    • Jenny Tomsic Bioche

      Pray and send money.

  • Kathy

    His “rigid interpretation?” How about his faithful reporting of what the Church believes and espouses? I will pray for the Archbishop’s strength as he carries out the Church’s mission in such hostile territory.

  • Seamrog

    I hope this Archbishop takes consolation in the disapproval of his actions by the left – and that it emboldens him to continue leading the Church to Christ.

    “If the world hates you, be sure that it hated me before it learned to hate you. If you belonged to the world, the world would know you for its own and love you; it is because you do not belong to the world, because I have singled you out from the midst of the world, that the world hates you.”

    • Mark

      May our Blessed Lord continue to instill His Peace and Grace upon Archbishop Salvatore Cordilione, all the days of his beautiful life. The epitaph of the anti-Christ San Francisco Chronicle of Archbishop Cordilione as printed, (the Archbishop) “could not be more out of touch with the community he has been assigned to serve.”, is precisely and most specifically the epitaph a consecrated man of Christ Jesus, Son of the Living God, would pray in all earnest for.

    • The Truth

      We are all going to be asked to “walk through the fire”. It’s coming.

      • Jenny Tomsic Bioche


      • Peter

        But God is our comforter for He said that He will be with us always.

  • Tony

    As always, it is the stuff below the waist.

    Archbishop Cordileone — aptly named! — is ESPECIALLY needed in the precincts of Sodom. He could not be more aware of the urgent need, precisely in that region of the country. And who in the hell are the editors of the SF Chronicle to judge what is or what is not a “rigid” interpretation of Catholic doctrine?

    • St JD George

      Silly you, don’t you know they consult with Princess Nancy down the street for matters on the church. She is divinely inspired after all, just ask her.

      • She’ll have you know she’s a queen, sir.

        • St JD George

          A queen without a gavel then.

          • TERRY

            I have a dream that the Archbishop will order his Priests to refuse communion to her.

            • St JD George

              You mean I’m not the only one? Maybe my prayers are being redirected to others to pray for the same thing.

          • I always thought the oversized novelty gavel was some sort of manifestation of that Freudian envy that supposedly afflicts little girls.

            I’m pretty her replacement retains it, so we can draw whatever conclusion we wish from that.

            • St JD George

              Maybe the gavel is physically unchanged but the stature of those who wield it has shrunk over time.
              Just kidding, I’ve read history, I know there have been folks of equally low stature occupy the hallowed halls.


    “He could not be more out of touch with the community he has been assigned to serve.”

    True – very true.

    The reverse is also true – the community he is assigned to serve could not be more out of touch with the Catholic values he is assigned to defend.

    What is he to do?

    • Bro AJK

      This is exactly my thinking.

      • TERRY

        Thanks, and after Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday – more and more people are standing up.

        Dare I say that the excrement has hit the air circulator?

        • St JD George

          It is has been nearly 2 days and all I’ve witnesses is Rev Graham and talk show hosts. Also, the occupier in chief doubling down on his comments. I’m losing hope any leader of our church will stand up to his vileness. If I’m wrong let me know.

  • Vinny

    WOW! It takes the NLRB to do what the USCCB should’ve done. Call out these so-called “Catholic” colleges. The USCCB thinks the emperor has clothes. The NLRB knows otherwise.

    • Guest

      Exactly. They are only Catholic when it appeals to their needs of the moment or money is involved!

  • Vinny

    “Rigid” is certainly relative. We’ve come to where being in opposition to doing whatever you want to do, whenever and with whomever you want, is rigid.

  • AcceptingReality

    It’s not the Archbishop who is out of touch! It’s the Chronicle! This boils down to nothing more than the tyranny and oppression of political correctness. Wake up you radical leftists, the Church doesn’t not conform her doctrine to what her followers believe. Rather She helps them conform their lives to her doctrines. Because her doctrines are true. And I don’t mean the relative, “enlightened” kind of truth. I mean the absolute, incontrovertible kind of Truth.

    • TERRY

      In other words – the lines are clearly drawn – I don’t think they could be more clearly drawn.

      Which side are you on?

  • Nel

    And how about letters – on real paper – congratulating Archbishop Cordileone for doing what was long neglected in Catholic schools in northern California: insisting on clear teaching and modelling of Catholic doctrine. And how about a BLIZZARD of hard copies of those letters to what we used to refer to as the San Francisco Comical newspaper?

    Let’s get every Catholic in the San Francisco and nearby dioceses writing to Archbishop Cordileone THANKING him for insisting that Catholic children get the Catholic education and formation that their parents are paying for and that parishioners pay for in their tithe envelopes.

    I’m a product of Bay Area Catholic schools between 1968-1980. When I graduated, I knew that ‘we are community’ (which had been repeated ad nauseum year after year as seemingly the ONLY message that ‘religion classes’ had to offer. I wish I had an indulgence for every collage I had to make about ‘community’). I did not know how to pray the rosary – my family thought ‘the nuns’ were teaching that. I did not know that Jesus was truly present in the Eucharist – my parents assumed ‘the nuns’ had taught that. I did not know what a Eucharistic Congress was; I could not confidently recite the ten commandments; I did not know there was such a thing as ‘Church Fathers’ or ‘Church documents’ though I had heard that ‘the spirit of Vatican II’ meant that we should call priests ‘Bob’ and not ‘Father McNamara’ and that nuns should dress in a more groovy way and that we should never think of sisters or priests as ‘being any different from anyone else.’ Curtseying to priests, the sister-principal and the monsignor who built our parish was ‘out’ by 1970 – along with the statues in the church, processions and the yearly May crowning of the Blessed Virgin, first-Friday Masses for the whole school and the Way of the Cross on Fridays in Lent. ‘The principal is your pal’ was ‘in’; guitars and tambourines were ‘in’; felt banners and collages – oh, those dreaded and dreadful collages – were ‘in.’

    I made my Confirmation sitting next to a classmate who was a Mormon: her parents lied and said she was Catholic to get her into the school, and somehow their word was accepted and she was duly confirmed by Bishop Floyd L. Begin. We children thought that there was something vaguely wrong with that, but since we didn’t know our faith, none of us made a murmur to our parents or teachers.

    By the time I graduated 12 years in Catholic school, I knew all the lyrics to ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (and they still haunt me today), but I did not know that it was a sin to miss Sunday Mass and that I had to go to confession at least once a year. I had heard the terms ‘mortal sin’ and ‘venial sin’ but no one had ever taught me how to examine my conscience nor did anyone ever bother to offer a list of which sins might be on which list in which circumstances (I somehow absorbed that ‘sex before marriage’ was wrong, but we all assumed that only meant ‘going all the way’ and that anything else was not a problem). Thanks to one stubbornly ‘old-school’ Sister of Notre Dame (the last in her community to wear a habit, as far as I could tell), in ONE religion class in high school we read through the Gospel of Mark. It was the ONLY solid religion class I had in 12 years (God rest your blessed soul, Sr Catherine Theresa!). The rest was forgettable mush (or mush indelibly marked on my brain: I still have ‘screaming-teens-with-tambourines’ Mass flashbacks whenever I see a guitar).

    I was gypped; my whole generation was gypped, and decades later I’m still sick and disgusted by it. My parents were defrauded of decades of tuition payments for Catholic education (6 kids spread over 19 years, all educated in Catholic schools – do the math). Five altar boys in our family, and I’m the only one who could be called Catholic today, thanks to an adult conversion (and probably the prayers of some like St Catherine) – the rest drifted away or have their view of the Catholic Church fully informed by the likes of the SF Comical. All those years in Catholic schools in the Bay Area and the Catholic faith lost to my brothers and their children and grand-children (some of their children followed me and my brothers through the same Bay Area Catholic schools – and right out of the church). This summer, I comforted my uncle – a Trappist monk – at my father’s (his brother’s) funeral, when he broke down in tears. Later he confided that it wasn’t grief for his very elderly brother’s death; it was because during the rosary, when I offered my rosary to one of my brothers to lead the prayers for my father, my brother refused. This monk grieves daily for the loss of the faith in his brothers’ and sisters’ families – almost all educated in Catholic schools in California or the Kentucky-Indiana area in the 1950s-1980s.

    All this, thanks to Catholic schools that completely lost their way. While my parents thought ‘the nuns’ were doing their job, lay people with – I think, on reflection – pretty good hearts (and sometimes clearly immoral lifestyles they did not trouble to hide) were doing a shabby job of passing on anything like the faith because there was no visible Catholic identity in our school.

    Enough of Catholic parents paying Catholic schools to help them educate Catholic children into Catholic adults – and being cheated. Enough of children drifting away or actively rejecting their faith because of the example they get in Catholic schools.

    Thank you, Archbishop Cordileone. I hope you get many letters of support and encouragement.

    • GMS

      Just like your uncle I grieve for our children who were robbed of Faith by these practices. We thought it was cool in the all-girls HS I attended when I was allowed to include ‘poetry’ from The Doors in daily Mass. Decades later I came to understand that my indoctrination away from Faith cost my daughter much more than it cost me. I thank God and a Catholic friend who began her education in Faith that she and my granddaughter are now immersed in the Eucharistic life.

    • Jen*

      I am a new Catholic, and your observations hold true with cradle Catholics I have met and talked to. I have a good friend who didn’t realize the Eucharist was the body of Christ until her fallen-away college professor told her. And she was raised to go to mass weekly, CCD, the whole nine yards. Now she can parrot the words but she doesn’t believe. I am not sure how to be Catholic without talking about basic tenets of the faith but somehow she was kept from them. And now, how to bring these poor people back to the true faith, I do not know but I know it’s going to be necessary and there are so many out there emboldened by our lack of knowledge of our faith, our willingness to accept so much that is not of God, they will not be happy and we will have to fight. It’s no longer political correctness. I fear that will seem genteel very soon next to fines and imprisonment for being and embracing our Catholic values.

      • Welcome aboard. Grab an oar, rough seas ahead.

        • Peter

          Indeed. But the Son of God is at the helm.

          • And He’s calling “row”, “row”.. but we’re busy looking at cellphones..

      • Vinny

        Converts are some of the strongest in the faith because you had to be attentive.

        • John O’Neill

          As a RCIA teacher and husband of a convert I can agree totally that converts make the best Catholics. Many of them were not exposed to the Leftist Vatican II teachers who dominate in Catholic schools and are more receptive to the magisterium of the Church. Cradle Catholics tend to be more liberal and leftist and therefore reject the core of the Magisterium and accept the secular communist ethos of the current American State. However the new Catholics are more likely to appreciate confession and communion. Welcome aboard also and gird your loins for the coming battles.

          • Akira88

            There are mega libs in the Churches because of the caliber of seminarians in the ’60s. Not all in the US — there are some very strong priests & bishops out there.

            I went to school in the 1960’s too and had some lovely nuns in the trad habit as well as very solid priests.

            So…. are there misguided Catholics? Oh, yeah. A whole bunch.
            Absolutely welcome aboard to the Church, but I’m not into elevating one set of Catholics ahead of another. It doesn’t have to be done.

            It’s a life long process, and I’m not willing to give up hoping the others will turn around.

    • ForChristAlone

      Nel, Be assured that Christ is not amused by all that went down from 1965 to 1985. He is the Just Judge who will expect an answer to all that you’ve written from those who were charged with the education of the Faithful and who failed miserably.

    • Jenny Tomsic Bioche

      Nel – so poignant, so true, also a Bay Area raised Catholic, we had one priest whom it was said took his own life, another ran off to “marry” a widower in our parish. The debauchery didn’t start overnight, and God love your heartache as it unifies you with our Lord who suffered agony in the Garden. Will offer you and yours up in prayer. Adoremus!

    • More Tea Vicar?

      Over here in the UK, my generation (born in the mid-1960’s) were robbed, aggressively mugged, lied to, ripped off, conned, hoodwinked, manipulated and spiritually malnourished … by those who we trusted to educate us in the faith. Priests. Nuns. Bishops.
      … and as for the teachers! Don’t get me started!
      May Almighty God have mercy on that dying breed.
      … and way to go, Archbishop Cordileone! We NEED more like you!

      • Jenny Tomsic Bioche

        Oh wow More Tea, a faithful Catholic in England? You are a jewel in our Father’s crown!

        • More Tea Vicar?

          I’m overwhelmed. Thank you.
          There’s more of us to be found in the UK than you think. It may appear to the world that we are as difficult to come by as a coffee percolator in a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall … but we are gradually making ourselves known by telling it like it is in the Church and no messing!

          • Peter

            And may your kind increase.

    • former atheist

      Many political leaders dragging their nations to self-destruction.

      There are some criteria of ethics and morality that simply cannot be punctured or watered-down without also destroying civilisations.

      The rot set in mainly during the 1960’s by the “protesting generations” and so-called sexual revolutions – when all tried and tested conventions were all “thrown out the door” and everyone urged to “make your own rules”. Today the rot continues with very-ill-thought-out “modernism” / “moral indifference,” or worse – outright moral corruption which is now visibly tearing many nations apart – who are contracepting, drugging and suiciding themselves out of existence, or living a toxic corrosive meaningless existence.

      As though it were not difficult enough to grow a settled civilised culture through stability of the family, the family and a civilized culture is now under attack from several new fronts: eg, families and are now also faced with yet another insidious enemy which has slowly been undermining the stability of the family – the insistence of about 1% of the population who are now ever-more strident in demanding they (somehow) have a “right” to the title of “Marriage” (which, incidentally, even all heterosexual couples don’t have anyway).

      This group of individuals demand the right to “appropriate the TITLE of Marriage” as though everybody had automatic right to it.

      …and now also claiming a right to adopt children!

      We must immediately recognise the DANGER: that if couples of the same sex were to somehow obtain this “right”, it would then legally justify and enable for
      other types of “marriages” to have similar legal “rights“, eg., multiple partners, father and daughter, close siblings, etc.)

      This would spell the end of our culture by completely over-turning it.

      .. and would the taxpayer by required to come the rescue for the obvious resulting fallout?

      It would destroy the sacredness of (true) Marriage.

      It would destroy the sacredness and stability of family to which children DO
      have every right.

      Ethics and morality (the most comprehensive of which are only provided by
      Catholicism) are like a Life-Saver’s inflatable Rescue Boat: once punctured it
      becomes a deadly trap for all the occupants.

      Need more proof? Then look no further than two relatively recent cultures – and how the culture of “religious INDIFFERENCE” that had so widely pervaded even a cultured country such as Germany prior to Hitler’s rise to power. Read Father John Lenz’s “Christ in Dachau” for a detailed description. For further proof, then look at Russia prior to the rise of Stalin. Hitler and his henchmen – almost all of whom were fervent followers of atheist Friedrich Nietzche; while Stalin was openly atheist. Note how they took it upon themselves to “make their own rules” to suit themselves, their egos and their greed. Note how they both became cultures of death. In the process, destroying tens of millions of innocent lives.

      This is exactly why we should be trembling in our boots at the present western
      culture of mindless excesses and self-indulgence in so many areas, for example:

      the INDIFFERENCE to morality and ethics seen in the ever-growing “greed-is-good” mentality; the ever-more-aggressive “intellectual vacuum” mendacity of Christo-phobia, while at the very same time “indulging in inconsolable tears” and hand-wringing over Homo-phobia and their (FALSE) claims for “equal rights“ – even though in reality, “gays” ALREADY HAVE all the same rights of married couples in the areas of superannuation, inheritance, etc. etc.

      It is increasingly evident that western culture has failed to heed the lessons of
      history and is condemning itself to repeating the same old mistakes: An
      exceedingly selfish / self-indulgent culture – where sin has been “normalised”
      – it is already well on the way to becoming yet another “culture of death”.

      It is also interesting then that “gays” themselves expose their own immense HYPOCRISY and massive DECEIT about their (REAL) agenda – which is to
      DESTROY the sacred institution of (real) Marriage! … How? … Easy! …
      — by “TRIVIALISING the title of “Marriage” – with their insistence of legally appropriating the “TITLE of Marriage” (which historically has ONLY ever belonged to a man and a woman in a public declaration of their love in the presence of God and before the community, and of their life-long commitment and fidelity in real Marriage and for the purpose of being responsible parents to off-spring).

      Here it must also be pointed out that if God is not acknowledged at the ceremony – then it does NOT qualify as a marriage.

      Most “gays” describe themselves as “non-believers” and are “particularly hostile to any idea of God” … therefore it is “gays’ themselves who relegate “gay” “marriage” to a distillation of satirical caricature of very bad taste.

      This is NOT “gay-bashing”. IT IS OUR RIGHT TO COMPLAIN against the willful
      malicious DESTRUCTION of our very culture. It is no less destructive than if “gays” had set fire to our Parliament.

      It is interesting to note that even though homosexual groups evidently “don’t
      see themselves as anything more than 1 to 3% of the population, and most saying that they are not even being remotely interested in marriage (because they “crave variety” in partnerships), a growing number of them now openly admit that what they actually REALLY want is “to turn western culture on its head altogether” by “normalising“ their lifestyle:

      Why do they feel compelled to do this? Apparently they are desperate to eliminate the burdensome “cloud of guilt” which even non-religious “gays” appear to find particularly unsettling .

      1. “Being queer means PUSHING THE PARAMETERS of sex, sexuality, and family, and in the process transforming the very fabric of society…”
      – Paula Ettelbrick, (ex-legal director of Lambda Legal Defense and Education

      2. “In the gay life, FIDELITY is almost IMpossible. Since part of the compulsion of homosexuality seems to be a craving on the part of the homophile to ‘absorb’ masculinity from his sexual partners, he must be constantly on the lookout for (new sex partners). Consequently the most successful homophile ‘marriages’ are those where there is an arrangement between the two and to have affairs on the side while maintaining the semblance of permanence’ in their living arrangement.”
      – Former Homosexual William Aaron (William Aaron, Straight (New York:
      Bantam Books, 1972)

      3. “Typical gay city inhabitants spend most of their adult lives in ‘transactional’ relationships, or short-term commitments of less than six months.”
      – research by University of Chicago Sociologist Edward Laumann (Adrian Brune,
      “City Gays Skip Long-term Relationships: Study Says”, Washington Blade –
      February 27, 2004)

      4. “Few homosexual relationships last longer than two years, with many men reporting hundreds of lifetime partners.”
      – Researcher M. Pollak (M. Pollak, “Male Homosexuality in Western Sexuality:
      Practice and Precept in Past and Present Times”, ed. P. Aries and A. Bejin,
      translated by Anthony Forster, New York, NY: B. Blackwell, 1985)

      5. It is even more alarming to note that “gays” themselves further expose their (REAL) agenda:
      “…to get the public to affirm their lifestyle” … “to see government and society affirm our lives”
      – (United States Congressional Record, June 29, 1989).
      (again, to lift that inconvenient “cloud of guilt”)

      But most disturbing is that part of the homosexual agenda seems to be to
      alienate people from Christianity – which they perceive as “the enemy“:
      “The teaching that only male-female sexual activity within the bounds and constraints of marriage is the only acceptable form – should be reason enough for any homosexual to denounce the Christian religion” – (Advocate, 1985).

      So what is their “Trojan Horse” strategy?

      Easy! “DESENSITIZING the public“: “The first order of business is “desensitization of the American public concerning gays”…..To desensitize the public is to help
      it view homosexuality with INDIFFERENCE … Ideally, we would have “straights” register differences in sexual preferences the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games….At least – in the BEGINNING – we are seeking “public desensitization” … if only you can get them to think that it is just another thing…then your battle for [“equal rights”} is VIRTUALLY WON”
      – (“The Overhauling of Straight America.” Guide Magazine. November,

      So the “gays” themselves – by their own admissions about their (REAL) agenda – put the whole matter in a very differing perspective.

      It is so important for us to defend WITHOUT DELAY what is worth defending – the very future of families and the defence of civilised customs and traditions which are slowly, insidiously being undermined and destroyed – even by short-sighted, ill-informed governments who have mindlessly “rolled-out-the-red-carpet” to selfish malicious destroyers of civilised cultures.

      The family has been under serious malicious attack for decades and also now by a very spiteful and destructive minority who would have us believe that that they do not ALREADY have legal rights (eg inheritance, superannuation, etc.) under the ALREADY available “legal unions” available to any two people, regardless of sex.

      The law ALREADY provides for “gays to have existing advantages of the above legal avenues … BUT civilized cultures MUST NOT allow such irresponsible
      bullies to (FALSELY) appropriate the TITLE of “Marriage”.

      Responsible citizens, who value their freedom of speech (yes, there are already increasing steps being taken in several countries to make any criticism of “gays” a punishable crime). Even Peter Hitchens (convert to Christianity and brother of the late atheist Christopher Hitchens) has commented emphatically: “It is important to speak out now (about an increasingly morally corrupt society). I am speaking out now – while I am STILL ABLE TO!”

      Therefore it is the inescapable duty of all Christians to take heed of the facts and to fight for values which are the truly admirable aspects of Christian culture and who do NOT want it reduced to such a noxious caricature.

      It is time for the public in all nations to take serious note of this (admitted) sinister agenda of the self-serving culture-destroyers which would terrify even George Orwell himself.

      • John O’Neill

        Putin stood up to their agenda in Russia. Now Joe Biden and John Kerry want us to go to war against Russia no matter how many people die. Let us pray that the Europeans will stand against the Obama/Biden war making monstrosity.

    • former atheist

      Thank you “Nel” and “Accepting Reality”. You have hit the nail on the head!
      and “Accepting Reality” summarises the problem very neatly:

      “It’s not the Archbishop who is out of touch! It’s the Chronicle!
      This boils down to nothing more than the tyranny and oppression of
      political correctness. Wake up you radical leftists, the Church doesn’t
      not conform her doctrine to what her followers believe. Rather She
      helps them conform their lives to her doctrines. Because her doctrines
      are true. And I don’t mean the relative, “enlightened” kind of truth. I
      mean the absolute, incontrovertible kind of Truth.”

    • Valdir Lima

      Dear Nel, thank you very much indeed for your wise words. You should write more. Thank you very much indeed for your testimony. God bless. Father Val, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    The good Archbishop of San Francisco, to use that old W.S. Gilbert quote, must feel like a lion in a den of Daniels. Surrounded on all sides by ‘victims’.

    • Or appearing in an episode of Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs”, in particular the episode where he accompanied the fellow whose job was removing pidgeon excrement from buildings.

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        Or the dirtiest job of all. St. John Vianney’s fame as a confessor brought souls from across Europe to confess the unthinkable, the unspeakable, the darkest secrets of the human heart. What was whispered into his ear is beyond even the imagination of our jaded age. The good Cure d’Ars would listen 12-14 hours a day at times and even at the end of his life, his spirit was as simple and crystal clear as mountain spring water.

  • susanwho

    Once again the media chips away at the Constitution’s first amendment, justifying abhorrent behavior because a few deviants want it to be part of their lives. For once the Church’s clergy is speaking out!

    • St JD George

      I wish to God someone in our Church would also speak out to rebut the infantile and irreligious things that our occupier in chief said yesterday too. But too Anne’s article, it would be nice to also see a sea of Bishops’s coming to the defense of this courageous Archbishop in SF so as someone said below, he didn’t feel like a lion in a den of Daniels.

      • It wasn’t infantile. It was Taquiyya. He complained about the Crusades without ever mention that they were delayed response to Islamic aggression and conquest. He may not be a formal Muslim-but his locus of identity is the cresent, not the Cross.

        One other thing about that speech. He’s always had this habit of over-pronouncing the letter “s”, especiallly when it is the final consonant in a word.

        I used to think that it was for theatrical effect. Now I think it is one of two things-either the serpent that inhabits his being is “coming out”, or he’s indulging in some narcotic that’s causssing him to sssslur hiss wordsss.
        High horse indeed. Is there a higher horse than a 747?

        • St JD George

          Indeed, if you suspend the words and focus on the tone and the body language you see every time he says anything about Christianity there’s either a pause, a change in voice inflection or some discomfort displayed that indicates he is internally conflicted with the message he’s regurgitating or reading. I remember one time in TX in front of a loyal crowd of his base he even mocked a lady who spoke out saying something about being a Christian nation (I forget exact comment) with some irreverent remark like “yeah lady, whatever”. I note he’s much more at ease and shows more passion when defending or discussing the what he feels are simply the misunderstood and oppressed in the ME who only want peace. One can draw their own conclusions about where allegiances lie.

          • gildad

            “The most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer”. Hmmmm I wonder who spoke these words.

            • St JD George

              Do I get a multiple choice? That wouldn’t be the same person who refuses to be honest in saying what inspires the terrorists throughout the world to do what they do would it, you know, to follow their written and inspired word to murder and subjugate all non believers? You know the old saying from that camp, one mans terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. One thing can be said, they are not lukewarm.

              If somebody told you 10 years ago that this would be the world today, would you have believed them? I know I wouldn’t have. I’m still in shock, and angry at the lies, deceit, obfuscation, and intimidation to silence dissent. And I ever thankful for Archbishops like this one who have the strength of faith and conviction to stand up to this mayhem.

        • LarryCicero

          Bitter Clinger, eh?/sarc

          • How many guns do I need to qualify?

            • St JD George

              Don’t say here, they might notice and come to confiscate. Don’t volunteer how many Bibles you have either, they might come to destroy them because you have “more than your fair share” but they don’t redistribute those.

              • Given the militarization of the constabulary, it might not matter. I’m pretty sure that they don’t care if you have an AR-15 or a 17 round automatic, when they have M-16’s and MRAV’s.

                • St JD George

                  Definitely not individually, only in a show of support en masse like for Cliven Bundy in NV where they can personally feel the bitter, seething rage and are afraid to make a made-for-TV spectacle with helicopters overhead to film every minute.

  • Didn’t we just have a complaint from one of the heterodox posters about rigidity in the comments on another artcle? Apparently, it’s the word de jure among a certain group,

    There must have been a directive from central command.

    What business is this of the newpaper’s anyway?

    Is there anything more obsolete than a newspaper?

    • Guest

      AMEN!!! I am very tired of all these type of folks. I would not work for certain groups no matter how much they are willing to pay if I did not agree with their morality or public/private position.

  • Peter Arnone

    Thank you Dr. Hendershott for another insightful and important article. It reminded me of Cardinal George’s column last September, “A Tale of Two Churches.” It appears we are moving closer to a de facto state religion where government in conjunction with media determines what is acceptable, and legal, in the Catholic Church. Archbishop Cordileone stands as another pillar in the Church to uphold our faith.

  • Diogenes71

    I get a kick out of the secular press, which has little or no morality, ethics and credibility because of its willing immersion on secular (in)humanism is ironic and sad. Again, Ms Henderschott has hit the target,

  • Guest

    This is a festering wound!!! My son has been in Catholic School his entire life since Pre-K and is now in High School. There are many parents who complain about all the Catholic Theology in both his elementary and now in High School. My comment to them is why are you in a Catholic School? Their response is always for the education. Well you cannot separate the Catholic from Catholic Education. The Catholic Church is here to provide a guiding light in a dark society. Those who want to bring the Catholic Church, Schools and Hospitals into the 21st Century seek only to extinguish the Light of Truth!! As far as the Colleges go; many only bring out their Catholic Identity and wave the Flag when it suits them or they want something. They need to decide to either be Catholic 100% or not at all!

    • Seamrog

      Said colleges will erupt if the LGBT Club is not allowed free reign, yet have the nerve to claim Catholic identity when the unions come calling for money.

      “I will vomit thee out of my mouth.”

    • Caroline

      “My comment to them is why are you in a Catholic School? Their response is always for the education”

      That’s the problem. Our Catholic schools have become more affordable private schools which offer a good education to reasonably well behaving students and reasonably concerned parents. Our schools are seen as an escape from public schools and the public school clientele. Our schools also provide employment for teachers who, although credentialed, would not qualify for public school jobs, always endangered by the budget axe, because of ethnicity or the subject matter they studied. I suspect many of these teachers are hanging on to their jobs for dear life. My suggestion is for the Church and religious orders to get out of at least the secondary schools entirely–sell the land, the buildings. Let them become private schools with no church connection whatsoever, not even saint names.

    • TERRY

      “You cannot separate the Catholic from Catholic Education.”

      But they can try – and they are.

  • Elaine Steffek

    Ah, the conundrum: too much “engagement” with
    the secular world and community and the government will ignore and rule
    against your Catholic mission. To adhere faithfully to your Catholic
    mission brings attack and condemnation from the secular world. We exist to satisfy neither government nor the world. God bless Archbishop Cordileone for not taking the easy path.

  • Stilbelieve

    I thought the Catholic bishops supported unionization, why are they fighting the unionizing of these Catholic college employees?

    • Augustus

      Catholic colleges, not the bishops, are fighting unionization of adjunct faculty because that means higher labor costs. The whole point of inventing adjunct instructors is to reduce full time faculty. Virtually all colleges are fighting unionization even though they are run by leftist administrators. The irony is that by abandoning the Catholic character of their institution, leftist administrators are now open to pressure from leftist federal bureaucrats to unionize their part-time faculty. If these colleges were truly Catholic, the federal government would have no say in the matter.

      • Athelstane

        Yes, they are all for the rights of labor – until it hits them in their own pocketbook.

        It is hypocrisy by any other name.

  • WRBaker

    All this and the high school teachers don’t even sign a document reminding them of what we believe? How does this silence anyone? Perhaps the Chronicle needs to look at what isn’t being done.
    As for an “affront” and “issues,” the Catholic Church has doctrine and dogma that stretches back 2000 years. If CINO don’t like it, there is nothing binding them. They can make a case, however, that they weren’t taught correctly about Catholicism, in which case the archbishop is headed in the right direction.

  • gfazzari

    What a bizarre battle. To what lengths will the liberal agenda go to enforce such a minor provision in the name of “health care”. The problem with huge bureaucratic institutions is the temptation toward social engineering. How much easier would we all have accepted the HHS garbage IF they had NOT chosen to define birth-control and abortion as “health care”.

    • If some Catholics, including those in the hierarchy hadn’t been treating centralized government as a bottomless cornucopia, but rather as a fire not to be fed and handed to the kid with the gleam in his eye and the gas can in his hand, we wouldn’t have the smolder ruins of the HHS mandate. There are Bishops that were and are collaborators and “cheerleaders”.

      • gfazzari


  • samnigromd

    AS,& E–”

    by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, January 2015

    If abortion, assisted suicide, & euthanasia
    (A,AS, & E) are legal, they should be realized and implemented as LEGAL
    procedures and not “medical” procedures except only insofar as there
    may be a rare complication requiring medical response. As LEGAL, not “medical,”
    procedures, every Justice Center or equivalent should have its “A, AS,
    & E” section where all these procedures are to be done by those in the legal system. That is, judges, prosecutors, politicians,
    and attorneys in that Justice Center’s sphere of involvement would be required to rotate
    performing the procedures (on a full average week load basis?) so that income
    will be reasonably distributed. Clearly,
    the procedures have been confirmed as safe, simple, easily done with low
    probability of complications especially for assisted suicide and euthanasia. Abortion is perhaps the most complicated, but
    anyone who knows how to have sex, could easily master the machines consistent
    with good legal practice. All procedures
    are to be routine courses (only 3 days would likely be required) in all law
    schools, with a day of practice at the Justice Center. Naturally,
    those with conscientious objection would be excused, but teachers at local law
    schools would be required to perform A, AS, & E to help implement justice
    at the Justice Center as well as get their share of the income, i.e., Legal
    ethics require equal opportunity–the Supreme Court justices in Washington,
    D.C. should not be deprived of these opportunities. (These ideas occurred to me as I, with
    remorse, watched “Auschwitz memorializing”–clearly, Auschwitz was a
    “legally authorized” and not a “medical” institution. To help remember, perhaps the A,AS, & E
    section could be called the “Auschwitz Memory Unit”?)

  • ForChristAlone

    #1 I graduated Manhattan College in the early ’70’s. I stopped sending alumnus donations very early afterwards when they no longer referred to themselves as a Catholic college but as a college in the “LaSallian tradition.” You want to know what I think they can do with their Lasallian tradition? Do you REALLY want to know? They have begun the final stages of their ultimate demise into satanism. The only hope for Manhattan College is to be purchased by a group of orthodox Catholics like the Legionaries and changing the name to the something clearly identifiable as Catholic in nature. How about the College of the Holy Eucharist?

    #2 Today is the feast of St Paul Miki and Companions who were crucified in defense of the Catholic faith. Nothing much has changed and will not until we return to the very mission of the Church which is TO EVANGELIZE SECULAR SOCIETY.

  • Nay, the good bishops IS serving his community. The Truth sets free.

  • Jenny Tomsic Bioche

    God Bless Archbishop Cordileone and thank you Professor Hendershott and Crisis magazine who as usual report this while the lukewarm Catholic press will not. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

  • Atilla The Possum

    You are doing something RIGHT, Your Grace! That’s why you are being attacked. Don’t kow-tow, don’t give in!
    You don’t mind and they don’t matter! They need our prayers and you are assured of mine!
    Hold strong to the cross and to the Holy Rosary!
    St Michael the Archangel, defend this good bishop in battle!

  • Licia Scapini

    The Archibishop is right ! If you teach in a Catholic school, you HAVE to follow catholic true doctrine , likewise a teacher in an Hebraic school or in a Muslim or whatever religion school , has to conform to the teaching of those religions ! Many catholic people, also here in Italy, think they are free of thinking according to their mind , and not according to the Gospel and claim that who must change her teaching is the CHURCH ! As if a football player would claim that his football team has to ply tennis instead of football, because he likes it better !
    I apologize for my English … Licia S. Italy

    • RooforLife

      So true we are suppose to lead them to Jesus not away~

      Matt 18:16 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to
      stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung
      around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

  • Swee Teh

    You do not go to work at Google and demand to do things the Facebook way !
    You do not go to work at Apple and demand to do things the Chinese Alibaba way !

    You do not work at a Catholic High School to demand to do things the non catholic-pagan way !

    You certainly do not send your children to a Catholic High School and demand it the non-Catholic way…

    Therefore.. what is the Catholic way ?..

    To us, the 2000-year-old of Catholic Magisterium teaching encompassed the “Full Truth” teaching. Any cherry picking of this teaching, either due to personal reason, secular believe or pure ignorant, is at best a “Partial Truth” teaching.

    Who want to have partial goodness where you can have “Full Truth” goodness?

    You have our full support !! Archbishop Cordileone

  • Athelstane

    Anne Hendershott identifies a rich irony at work – along with a profound hypocrisy – with regard to the behavior of many (most) Catholic colleges.

    These colleges, obviously, have prioritized secular conceptions of academic freedom over Catholic identity, often to the point where the latter becomes virtually imperceptible. At the same time, however, they have been very keen to rely on claims to that identity when it comes to labor relations with its faculties – because, like most colleges, they are keen to treat adjunct faculty like a cheap, disposable labor pool. Now, suddenly, with the NLRB calling their bluff, they find themselves hoist with their own petard(s).

    And the hypocrisy is especially rich given that the one aspect of Catholic teaching that such schools will give any real emphasis to is Catholic social teaching – a teaching which entails the just treatment of workers. Yet when it comes to their own workers, they are more than happy to act as if neither Leo XIII or the New Deal had ever happened.

  • Guest

    “Blessed shall you be when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.” (Lk 6:22)

  • It’s funny, these Catholic schools seem to have no problem with Gay employees, as long as they don’t get married. I’d always been told that marriage was infinitely preferable to just shacking up together, but apparently Archbishop Cordileone thinks the opposite is true for Gay people.

    • ForChristAlone

      My guess is that you’re mistaken (again)

    • St JD George

      You can not teach acceptance of mortal sin, which is for an act committed not a condemnation of the individual. You can teach that mortal sin is a serious act against God’s commandments that requires one to acknowledge, be contrite, ask for forgiveness, and do penance … the sacramental act of reconciliation. Marriage and procreation is part of God’s plans for most, and others are called to celibacy. There are quite a few who have not developed a relationship with Christ (yet) and chose instead to listen to their own callings and not his desires. In the years we have on earth, however many we know not, we should be generally accepting of each other as fellow sinners, but follow the example of Christ to admonish those who would cast the first stone while picking each other up and reminding of our duty to go and sin no more. The day of judgement will be measured by how we respond to others, and to God the Father.

    • You can get married to any woman that will have you. Valid form and valid matter and all that.

    • beyond partisan

      Why the heck do you want to work for an organization that has beliefs so different from yours? Go join the Episcopal church – they sure need the numbers. Build something else up instead of trying to destroy.

  • jacobum

    Let us pray for the good Archbishop that he may be kind, thoughtful and understanding. If that doesn’t work (most likely) may he have the courage to tell them to “Go to H*LL!….in San Fransisco style of course aka “with flowers, kisses and multi-colored ribbons”. Go Absp Cordileone!

  • St JD George

    Maybe the good and holy Archbishop should be placed in charge of our Catholic University system, such as it is, to prevent any further deviancy like firing this good teacher at Marquette (note: any alumni out there ought to write the school in protest and tell them you are going to discontinue donations supporting the perpetuation of this perversion). What in the hell is going on.

  • RooforLife

    Good for Archbishop dont let the bullies bully you!
    Changes cover ‘hot button’ issues
    The additions to the faculty handbooks cover what Archbishop Cordileone termed “hot button” issues and are drawn directly from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They include statements of Catholic teaching on abortion, same-sex marriage, artificial contraception and artificial means of reproduction such as in-vitro fertilization as well as affirming the authority of the magisterium of the Catholic Church and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

    – See more at:

  • pagans

    In all future communications on these topics we should explain that catholic schools are “Catholic.” And if people want “pagan” instruction, there are plenty of pagan (public) schools to choose from.

  • Ruth Rocker

    Just further examples of a culture that is attempting to convert the Church by force to its world view. Not unlike the attempt being made by islam to forceably convert non-believers to their silly cult. Forced participation is false participation in all but name. Please Lord, help your faithful servants be strong in the face of this attack.

    • ForChristAlone

      St. Paul Miki and companions, pray for us.

  • ForChristAlone

    Is Obama’s equating Christianity to radical Islam the White House’s version of Charlie Hebdo? Just asking

  • St JD George

    I just now stumbled on this article on the Blaze researching which Catholic leaders have spoken out and have been critical of the current WH occupier. I remember reading it when first published, before I came to find Crisis, and just now connected the dots. The subversive way this criminal enterprise operates to silence dissenters and God loving citizens is beyond the pale. For those who are not aware you should read and open your eyes to the militancy against followers of Christ that is real. I was very sad to read about your very personal sacrifice at their hands, and will pray that you find justice. If there is anything more to add Anne, especially if later facts proved contradictory, I’d welcome your reply to set the record straight.

    • Anne Hendershott

      Thank you – so kind of you. Our attorney has used Freedom of Information Act to try to find out why I was audited – the IRS responded with 66 pages with redacted material – They called it a “partial denial” of my request for information. FOIA is useless with this information. We have filed another appeal but nothing yet. It may have to wait for a new administration. There are several pro-life Catholics who were audited – it is not just tea party people.

      • ForChristAlone

        May St. Paul Miki and Companions intercede for you with this modern day persecution of the Catholic faith.

        • St JD George

          Judge a man not by his words, but by his deeds, his acquaintances, and the comfort in which he gives praise or admonishment.

      • St JD George

        Nothing to see here, not even a smidgen. Scary as hell if you ask me what has become of our Republic.

  • MountainAngel

    Thank God for Archbishop Cordileone. A man of strength and zeal. We need more Bishops just like him. Praise be to a Man of God who has the courage to profess what it is to be Catholic and a defender of the Faith!

  • Akira88

    “could not be more out of touch with the community he has been assigned to serve.”

    The Archbishop is not “out of touch.” He’s aware that the results of watered down catechesis has severely injured the faithful.

    Where’s the same concern for Islamist extremism, that may not really be all that extreme.

  • Tim Danaher

    It is truly amazing how some are lambasting Archbishop Cordileone in other national “catholic” news outlets. You would have thought the Archbishop created a whole new doctrine out of whole-cloth. Guess what, Archbishop Cordileone is Catholic and is not afraid of teaching and enforcing Catholic doctrines. What this whole exercise is reveling to the extent to which catechesis has sunk to in the US. Our clergy and religious have been rebelling and suppressing the trues of the faith for several generations. What a majority of Catholics want is a lot of mercy with out conversion form sin. Well, it don’t work that way. If the SF teachers will not abide by Catholic standards, not SF-Catholic standards, then Archbishop Cordileone will do the merciful thing and fire them so as not to inflict further child abuse on impressionable children.

  • Aliquantillus

    I fully agree with the Archbishop, but I fear he is fighting a rearguard action. The Pope himself seems to be on the side of the sexual perverts. Bishops who defend Catholic identity and doctrine on sexual issues don’t receive any support from Rome nowadays.

  • Chris TH

    It is clear a fierce battle is being waged against the soul
    of the church and in particular the Catholic schools. The liberal left have controlled fully just
    about every facets of the public schools in California. They are now fully focused like a roaring
    lion on the only thing left in the educational establishment that is yet to be totally
    under their brain wash factory – the Catholic schools.

    Every concerned Catholic should be out there to support the
    courageous leadership of Archbishop Cordileone! We should pray and
    rally behind him in every way we could. It
    says in 2 Timothy 1:6-8, “For
    the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but
    gives us power, love
    and self-discipline. So do not be
    ashamed of
    the testimony about our Lord …. Rather,
    join with me in suffering for the gospel, by
    the power of God.”

    We are so proud of you Archbishop Cordileone!

    • Tim Danaher

      The stories coming out of Canada, especially in the Province of Ontario, can only serve as a foreshadowing of what awaits Catholic education in the US. Pray that more bishops will follow Archbishop Cordileone’s example.

  • Marcelus

    Up next and off topic:

    “The ultraconservative American Cardinal Raymond Burke speaks on camera. At the head of a rebellion against Pope Francis, this faithful to Benedict XVI will resist if the bishop of Rome persists in its opening track”

    This coming up today on French TV:It reads: “The ultraconservative American Cardinal Raymond Burke speaks on camera. At the head of a rebellion against Pope Francis, this faithful to Benedict XVI will resist if the bishop of Rome persisted in its opening track”

    Bad bad news for Crdl Burke followers.. Either he did not check this or it slipped passed by him. He does not need to keep giving these interviews that place him dead set against the VIcar of Christ.Or he did this in full knowledge and intention.

    Vatican : ce cardinal qui entend “résister” face au pape François

    “The cardinal who intents to resist Pope Francis.”


    • GG

      What are you talking about ? He said what any loyal Catholic would say.

      Do you support mortal sin?

      • Marcelus

        Assuming the Pope is on course. So far nothing has changed. I do not support mortal sin.

        Thing is “cardinal Burke heading the rebellion????……” This will not end well for him. Expect some clarification from Burke soon. An interview on a monthly basis hitting on his boss is not normal

        • ForChristAlone

          It is Satan who sows division. Cut it out.

          • Marcelus

            Man you have a nasty tendecy to be rude. Do not do that.

            • ForChristAlone

              Nasty or not, cut it out.

    • ForChristAlone

      Are you vying for the “Idiot of the Year” award? If so, you’re a front runner.

      • Marcelus

        Ohh just what a good catholic should speak like. sad to read that.

  • I_M_Forman

    Good man this Cordileone fellow !!! True servant of the Christ ! Now these San Francisco Chronicle folks; they got into the religion business by how again? Oh, because they are in the newspaper business. So what?

  • DPC

    Archbishop Cordileone is hateful man. Shame on him. He truly needs our prayers. And for all the other haters on this blog, do not lecture me in Catholic Doctrine and Christ’s teachings. As a proud gay man, Santa Clara University Professor, and a student of 16 years at Catholic schools, I teach and model for my students justice, equality and a life free of prejudice for ALL. Don’t judge and hate and then use Christ as your defense.

    • GG

      Disordered desires are nothing to celebrate.

      Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

    • Kevin Aldrich

      There are ten commandments, not eight.

    • Tony

      It is hateful to accuse people of hate because they do not agree with you — because, basically, they have seen the wreckage wrought by the Sexual Revolution, and are saying, “No, we will return to the moral standards regarding sex that were commonly held not that long ago, and that are commanded of us by Jesus.”

    • ForChristAlone

      You still have time to repent and come to faith in Jesus Christ as your savior. (and by the way, there is no such thing as a “gay man.” You might have misdirected passions but that does not lend itself to an identity)

  • Joe

    God bless and protect this man, please!
    St. Michael the archangel defend us in battle
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do though o prince of the heavenly host
    By the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl the world
    seeking the ruin of souls.


  • Paul

    Two cheers for Archbishop Cordileone !
    The Church is always at the fore front when it comes to engaging the broader culture of modern society, but this does not mean She has to sell her soul and principles in the process to be “modern” !

  • Logan petrie

    Catholic Parents had better get educated fast on the senate bill to reauthorize the ESEA. This complicated education bill will be the mandate that kills Catholic school or any hope of its pre vat II revival. Title one funds will follow the child all children as a voucher to go to any school. Throught the individuals with disibilities in education act forces all schools to not discriminate and take all students. Any school taking a voucher must follow common core, or college and career ready skills, both the SAME as well as all other mandates within this bill. Read all you can about this it is fast tracked. Mainstream media is tiptoeing around only the 10 pages out of 400 regarding asessments. This is the least of the problems with this bill to nationalize education. The choice will only be which location do you choose to send your child to get the SAME thing he would get down the block. Federally controlled and dictated and mandated secular new age psychological gibberish.

  • Jason

    Apparently, the Archbishop is upholding the Encyclical of Pius XI, Divini illius magistri – (On Christian Education) The Pope states that the call to mission to all nations consists as the same mission in Catholic Schools.

  • Juan B.

    Thank you Bishop for standing up for the truth no matter the consequences. You have our prayers and support!!

  • Aaron Taylor

    Teachers in Catholic schools, although they are required to *respect* Catholic teaching, aren’t required to actually *be* Catholic. So how on earth are they fulfilling a ministerial role, as Cordileone claims? Who ever heard of a “minister of religion” that isn’t even a member of the religion he is a minister of?! Sorry, but there’s more to being Catholic than agreeing with the political ideology of Cordileone.

  • Joseph

    It occurs to me that in lieu of reason and
    logic we have table thumping, hurt feelings and every
    biologically/metaphysically absurd position on sexuality touted as though it
    were some kind of “right”. I find this interesting. It was once the
    case that in order for something to be recognized/categorized as a “right” it had
    to be sufficiently demonstrated as such. It seems now that personal caprice alone is
    sufficient as far as criteria go. Who needs substance when you can borrow rhetorical force, appeal to
    public sentiment and throw money at whatever it is that happens to be eating
    away at one’s conscience?

    God bless and keep our archbishop. Pray for him.
    He’s doing a great job, We should all be writing letters.