“Worshipping the Devil by Default”

In his very first homily at the Missa Pro Ecclesia in the Sistine Chapel, Pope Francis quoted the famous words of Leon Bloy, stating “Whoever does not pray to God, prays to the devil.” Nature abhors a vacuum. Our experience of the material world tells us that things tend to occupy vacancies; substances naturally move into areas of lower pressure, with less competition for space and survival.

The same is true with spiritual things. Where God is made absent due to human exclusion (remember, even in his omnipotence he does not overpower our free will), the Enemy seeks to fill the void. When he finds this void, either in individuals or in entire societies, he usually enjoys great success and ease in having his way. We, as persons and communities, cannot remain a vacuum. We have to choose who we will serve, or else the choice will be made for us, leaving us to deal with the devastating consequences. Even Bob Dylan could tell you that.

On Sunday, September 21, a public Satanic ritual is scheduled to occur at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Instigators of this so called “Black Mass,” threaten that a stolen consecrated host, believed by Catholics to be the real Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ, will be desecrated and offered to the devil as part of a vile orgy of Satan worship. To date, Oklahoma City officials and representatives of the Civic Center have given every indication that this detestable and offensive event will proceed as scheduled, claiming that their hands are tied on the matter since the venue is a public facility, and, as such, apparently gives license to what any member of the public chooses to do, no matter how disgusting, offensive, and divisive it might be to the rest of the public.

Archbishop Paul Coakley, ordinary of Oklahoma City, has been outspoken in his pleas to public officials to put a stop to this debauchery. He has called upon the faithful of Oklahoma City, and throughout the wider Church, to unite themselves in prayer and fasting for this cause. He has found explicit regional support from his brother Bishops of the Catholic Dioceses of Lincoln, Tulsa, Wichita, and others. Catholics from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East have reached out to the Diocese of Oklahoma City in solidarity. His Excellency has called upon the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel for help in protecting God’s flock. Archishop Coakley recognizes the danger of this event not just for the sacrilege that its diabolical perpetrators have planned against the Body of Christ, but also, just as fearfully, as a public invitation for the devil to enter our midst. Anyone who has ever been frightened by stories of demonic possession caused by tinkering with a Ouija board ought to be absolutely terrified by the horrors that could come from an exhibition like the one planned at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. We know that Jesus answers when we knock on his door (Matthew 7:7)…what do we think the devil will do when we knock on his?

In the New Testament, the only people who consistently recognize and react to Jesus’ presence are those possessed by evil spirits. Satan is constantly aware of the power of Christ (Mark 1:24, 1:34, 3:11, 5:7), while even Jesus’ so called disciples are often oblivious. A recent study concluded that only 46 percent of Catholics are considered “knowledgeable believers” in the Real Presence. Those responsible for this threatened Black Mass, in their own sinister way, recognize the power of the Eucharist. The question is, will we recognize and defend it from public profanation? Often we only realize that Jesus has been in our midst after he has been victimized, even as it is done right in front of us. When the centurion who stood facing him saw how he breathed his last he said, “Truly this man was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39).

Our shock and disgust with this event should be coupled with an admission that we have asked for it. This is the sort of attack we, as Christians, have opened ourselves up to by resigning ourselves to accept, and even endorse, the current American level of Church/state separation. We have created a social climate in which the Church has been quarantined from and often subjugated to the state in political matters, individual rights have become unlimited ad absurdum, and the agendas of sub-cultures and counter-cultures within society have been protected and exalted to the point of threatening to annihilate the very culture which stands over them. Indifference to this state of affairs is not only inadvisable, it is truly impossible.

Commenting on the heresy of modernism in his classic The Great Heresies, Hilaire Belloc observed that, “the enemy now advancing against us is increasingly conscious of the fact that there can be no question of neutrality. The forces now opposed to the faith design to destroy.” As long as we advocate the sort of society which is unable to explicitly state and defend its belief in, and obedience to, the God of Christians, we abandon that society to the dominion of his Enemy by default. The spiritual world, too, abhors a vacuum.

Dusty Gates


Dusty Gates currently serves as the Director of Adult Education at the Spiritual Life Center for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, KS, and as an adjunct Professor of Theology at Newman University in Wichita, KS, where he resides with his wife and three children.

  • ForChristAlone

    “He has called upon the faithful of Oklahoma City, and throughout the wider Church, to unite themselves in prayer and fasting for this cause. He has found explicit regional support from his brother Bishops of the Catholic Dioceses of Lincoln, Tulsa, Wichita, and others. ”

    I happen to think it is a DISGRACE and clear evidence of a disregard for the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ that only a paltry few of our US bishops have weighed in on this and the rest have remained silent. To all the other bishops: SHAME ON YOU!

    One word describes our US bishops: feckless.

    • John D

      Many bishops don’t believe. Many are Masons and/or homosexuals. The Fatima Third secret alludes to this according the words of Pope Benedict XVI on his last trip to Fatima. “Saint” John XXIII disobeyed Our Lady of Fatima who wanted the Third Secret (all of it!) revealed in 1960. Studies by some Fatima experts have concluded that the secret mentions the changes in the liturgy, etc. that took place after, but resulted from, the Second Vulcan-I mean Vatican Council. See http://www.fatima.org.

    • GaudeteMan

      They are busy getting goodies to the illegals at the border.

    • Jim in Pittsburgh

      Shame on them, indeed! And shame on the rest of us. How many of our Shepherds give Holy Communion to public pro-abortion politicians? Do they share the guilt of these quislings, by setting such an example?

      I’ve heard the jape, that when a bishop is anointed, when he is surrounded by his fellow bishops, they remove his spine. How many spineless shepherds do we have in North America?

      If this outward act of desecration cannot be condemned in word and deed, then we are led by a sorry bunch of cowards. If the good Archbishop will follow up his appeal for prayer and fasting (which my family will join in), by getting himself arrested for peacefully attempting to stop this abomination, maybe he will start a revival.

      Sorry if I sound too harsh. Let’s pray that something good will come from this.

      • ForChristAlone

        you want to lead people to the church? then do exactly as you’re suggesting – let the bishop get arrested for protesting.

        there was a bishop from nyc named Vaughn who protested abortion and who got himself jailed. he probably did more for the pro-life movement than most.

        • ForChristAlone

          Here’s a bit about Bishop Vaughan who should be a model for all bishops:

          “The death of Bishop Austin Vaughan provides that rare and delightful opportunity to reflect on the life of a truly humble and courageous bishop, a man who spoke the truth plainly and without fear of human respect. Bishop Vaughan was the sort of man who lived in the tradition of St. John Fisher, unafraid to run afoul of the powerful, unafraid to put his own person and liberty
          on the line in order to bear witness to the fact that each abortion is a mystical attack against our Lord Himself in the person of an unborn child. His fearlessness in the face of the police brutality visited upon him when he was arrested during various rescues in the 1980s and early 1990s brought more than a handful of evangelical and fundamentalist Protestants into the Catholic faith. Bishop Vaughan took to heart the words of our Lord: “Fear not him who can destroy the body. Fear him who can destroy both body and soul-and throw both into Gehenna.”

  • Rev Mr Flapatap

    I wonder what the Oklahoma City government and the Civic Center management would do if someone asked to use the venue to dip a Quran in a bucket of urine. Would they allow it, would they come to their senses in this issue, or would they show their hypocrisy by blocking one and allowing the other?

    • Guest

      I think we can be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that city officials would shut down the event and in all likelihood would wish to have the planners arrested for committing a hate crime.

    • RC

      Additionally, there would be wide-spread public outrage and indignation!! Members of Congress and the President would all weigh in as to how destructive that would be with our relationship with other countries. But since it is only offending Catholics, well that is OK!

    • ForChristAlone

      You know, I think someone out there ought to test this proposal. It is something we would NEVER countenance doing but it’s worth seeing whether those creeps who are in positions to approve such affronts would deny an attempt to debase some other religion. I’d be willing to pay for the permit application personally.

    • guest

      Al Queda has more soldiers and explosives than the Pope.

      • Don Konwinski

        So, does this make Al Queda right? Again, let’s look at the hypocrisy of the U. S., as well as the political maneuvering/posturing that surrounds so many of the U. S. positions on things.

        • guest

          Was Stalin “right” when he claimed to have more divisions than the Pope? Where’s the USSR today?

          Didn’t you use the word, “cowardice,” below? Perhaps some of our civic leaders are Neville Chamberlain disciples?

    • GaudeteMan

      Obama, without delay, would speak out against it to be sure.

      • Nick_Palmer3

        If Barak Obama had a son, that son would be a Quran.

      • DE-173

        The future must not belong…..

    • PCA

      Or perhaps a more positive approach, have a Catholic Mass there.

  • publiusnj

    The Church needs to counterprotest and to shame those who authorized the use of the Civic center for this, including politicians. For non-politicians, the shaming should include protesting at their homes and protests before and after at the Civic Center venue at other performances before and after the Black Mass. the Church should also call on other churches and politicians to condemn this incredibly hateful conduct which would not be tolerated if expressed against any other religion.

    • Gilbert Jacobi

      Bingo. Try to imagine a group ripping off a torah or other venerated objects of Judaism and putting on a public burning. One shudders to think what retribution would befall them.

  • Don Konwinski

    Yes, Rev. Mr. Flapatap raises an excellent point. The U. S. is full of hypocrisy and cowardice. As a country, we often seem only to stand up for what is wrong and against what is right – though as individuals, many try to do the opposite. Much to the persecution of the latter!!!!
    While on the subject, though, of desecrating the Eucharist and the 46% mentioned in the article, is there any support ‘out there’ for my belief that a great number of the liturgical songs should be ousted from hymnals until people understand and believe in transubstantiation and understand this theological concept and what those songs might actually mean?
    May the TRUE GOD bless and keep us, Don

  • Don Konwinski

    Here are some phone numbers I just found for the Civic Center Music Hall.
    405-297-2584 (administrative office)
    405-297-3882 (Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock – Public Information Manager)
    405-733-7963 (Steve Sharpe – Event Coordinator)
    There are other numbers. And I’m hoping this list is up-to-date.

    • ForChristAlone

      Just called Steve Sharpe and left a message. I was polite and told him that this was the worst kind of Catholic bigotry yet seen in the US.

    • Carolann

      I too call Steve Sharpe and left a message similar to what ForChristAlone expressed.
      I also called Miss McClintock and had a discussion with her. I expressed that the
      civic center would have never allowed the KKK or other groups to target Jews or
      Muslims but Catholics are fair game and that The Blessed Sacrament is truly Jesus.
      I also reminded her that Washington wrote that our country would not last if not for a religious and moral people.
      Hopefully a seed was planted. May The Holy Spirit convict her conscience.

  • John O’Neill

    Black masses are specifically directed against the Catholic Church and its belief in the Real Presence. Unfortunately the war against Catholicism is as American as apple pie. In the history of the US there have been numerous movements directed against the Church and the American if he is scratched deep enough emits cries of anti Catholicism at a whim. The atmosphere now in the American Empire is similar to the attitude in the early centuries of the Church which was attacked repeatedly by the officials of the Roman Empire. If a blasphemy were planned to attack the Islamic culture American politicians and talking heads would go ballistic condemning this intolerance, but call the Church and its priests any invective you want and it is protected rights in the American State.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Catholics remember to pray the Rosary and the prayer of St. Michael, if you can’t pray the Rosary while at home get the mp3 or a cd and pray it while driving.

    There is no doubt that these are very difficult times for Catholics and we are being openly attacked by the enemy and its minions the best defense is to pray to the Lord, Our Lady and to the Angels and Saints for protection and guidance as well as learn our Catholic Faith so as to defended.

    Remember as Catholics we must let our voices be heard call places like Oklahoma’s Mayor office, and the Oklahoma Civic Center to show our disapproval for allowing a black mass.

    • Mary Anne

      Yes! Thank you for your post. I completely agree with it in entirity. It is too late now to complain about how unfair we are treated. We must now take action! Fast. Pray. Repent. Many people will suffer as a result of this so called mass. They are God’s sons and daughters and our brothers and sisters. And are completely unaware of the consequences. ” Father forgive them for they know not what the do!!” There is only a small group left as the Church Militant. That is US!!! Tomorrow is Wed…FAST!

  • Paul

    Eucharistic adorations(24/7) + picket protests @ city hall + use social media + get christian politicians/athletes/artists/journalists involved…

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Countering with prayer the proposed Black Mass in Oklahoma City


    • Barbara

      I’m confused. When is this black mass scheduled (on Aug. 15 or Sept 21) in Oklahoma City? Are there two??
      We should hold Holy Hours before the Eucharist
      in all the Catholic Parishes or at the very least one per Diocese through out the country, on that day!

  • DE-173

    Funny how different the reaction when that minister wanted to burn a Koran. Didn’t Petraeus take a break from Paula Broadwell to address the matter? Apparently being a threat is what counts.

    • Fred

      I was just about to respond (then I saw yours) regarding the outrage over the Terry Jones inncident in Florida which prompted a response from the WH no less. How about the backlash over the silly anti-muslim video which sparked all that outrage and provided the faux excuse for the murder of our citizens in Benghzai. Don’t dare pray to Christ in a public building, but ok for Satan – wonder how they rationalized that one.

  • English Catholic

    Would it be right for the state to ban this meeting, and arrest and imprison those involved in planning it?
    God bless the good bishop, he’s doing exactly the right thing.

    • M. Solange O’Brien

      No, it would not be right. It would be against the law. Freedom of religion is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States – even religion you disagree with.

      The reaction of the Church here exposes the fundamental hypocrisy of Catholics: freedom for them alone.

      • ForChristAlone

        Would they be free to enter a Catholic church, illicitly procure what we consider that which is most sacred to us – the Blessed Sacrament/ the Body and Blood of Christ, and to use this for their own desecration?

        If so, would you defend my going into a Jewish synagogue, stealing the Torah, and then subjecting it to some kind of desecration in the name of my ersatz religion?

        • saoirse

          Would they be free to enter a Catholic church-

          definitely as the Church is open to all.
          illicitly procure what we consider that which is most sacred to us – the Blessed Sacrament/ the Body and Blood of Christ, and to use this for their own desecration?

          definitely as Communion on the hand opened the doors WIDE for desecration and disrespect ,witnessed by MANY and the priests couldn’t care anyless.
          as for disrespecting the Torah ?
          The JDL etc would react swiftly and make a legal case over it.

      • Bob

        The people organizing the black mass have never claimed to be an organized religion.

        You’ve obviously chosen your side of the spiritual battlefield. I suggest you choose your words and choices carefully on whose side you’re on. Satan is watching you for an opening, and you are inviting him in.

        Good luck with that…..

        • Chris Forte

          Yes, M. Solange O’Brien, don’t ever think for yourself (and believe in freedom). That is Satanic!

      • saoirse

        eh solange ? to begin with this is within the USA and there is no evidence of Catholics enjoying more freedoms than nonCatholics.
        however, no religion or group has the right to denigrate,destroy what another “group” or religion holds sacred as in todays USA this is hate speech.

      • Ed Hamilton

        “Freedom of Religion” here means stealing the most precious thing within a Catholic Church (the Eucharist). So we can’t make a religion which requires breaking the law or everything would be okay.

      • DE-173

        Against what law? Let us find out,we will inquire about my new religion which requires me to burn the Koran or assembles to pray for the conquest of the world by my merry band of carbon emitters…

  • the truth will set you free

    This is an abomination but Catholics are an easy target. Burn a Koran and witness the avalanche of protest from governments and world leaders. The fact of the matter is that US/EU want to eliminate every trace of Christianity from the New World Order they wish to create. Expect things to get a whole lot worse before the woman clothed with the sun intervenes to crush the serpent’s head. Mary, Queen of the Universe triumph and reign!

  • Tim

    Be careful. The broader goal of the proponents of this black Mass could be to have public officials ban the use of all public institutions for religious purposes, arguing the inanity of it all. Easy solution for public officials who do to want to have to think too hard about these things.

  • Jean Allen

    Instead of getting mad and getting even, we need to be getting on our knees and as close to Jesus, living among us today in the Blessed Sacrament, and to Our Lady, who intercedes for us, as humanly possible begging for God’s Divine Mercy on mankind in the name of His Beloved Son, Jesus, the Christ! At least one very humble and complete confession before a Catholic priest and a holy receiving of the Eucharist is also more effective than any speech we can give or act of retaliation we can threaten to do.

  • Contrary philosophies cannot indefinitely coexist in a society.
    One will eventually expel the other (as we see in the homosexualists attempting to oust people of Faith and moral conviction).
    In the end it will either be all Catholic or all belonging to satan.
    The war for primacy started, in Western civilization, from the time of the Renaissance.

    • DE-173

      A most cogent observation.

    • miranda bushes

      you are right, all in the name of freedom of conscience. they removed the sacred canopy to replace it with the profane, satanic canopy. how right the catholic church has ever been. never to be outdone but remain steadfast. only cowards can back off. what with this anti Christ popes. only the one threatened and weak cry out loud. keep on catholics. don’t be afraid to show who you are even when they threaten your life.

  • Bob

    The black mass apparently only has 13 people confirmed so far, and it’s in a small room in the lower level of the building. I say the archdiocese rents out the rest of the building at the same time and have a holy hour, and fill it with 10,000 Catholics.

    • ForChristAlone

      or have a Eucharistic procession that encircles the building

      • Steve_g

        Sprinkle every entrance, indeed drench the building, with holy water before during and after this abomination.

        • DE-173

          Invite Father Amorth

  • clintoncps

    Thank you for this great article.

    Satan must be laughing at how easily he finds people desiring to serve as incarnations of evil, and ultimately to their own perdition. Yes, we must pray that, if the Lord wills, this desecration will be prevented. But it’s no surprise that this evil is rising, when arrogant man, thinking he can make a truce with, appease, flatter, or even out-wit and manipulate the devil, willingly becomes the instrument of his own destruction. This, coupled with the grisly martyrdom our brethren are enduring in Iraq and elsewhere, should convince us that Satan is more than a philosophical proposition; he is truly breathing down our necks, seeking someone to devour.

    Let’s pray and stay closer to the Lord than ever, for He alone is our light, our hope, and our salvation when the darkness seems to close in.

    Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

  • ForChristAlone

    The day after the Black Mass, the local bishop should rent out the Civic Center and perform an exorcism and invite Catholics from all of Oklahoma to it.

    • John200

      That really would do it, I think. I knew a few guys who said they attended Black Mass. The best part was when the chick got naked on the altar. Playing with the candles was fun, too. Goofing on the Catholic ceremony was not an important part of the show. They didn’t care about that at all. Not even an intention of sacrilege, they just didn’t think about it.

      This present group may be more sincere, but until they show it, I doubt it.

  • Don Konwinski

    Here is something of what I was told when I called Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock – Public Information Manager of the center (405-297-3882). The First Amendment (with its free speech provision) would allow anyone to rent the center for flag-stomping, Koran-stomping, Bible-ripping, and the like. (Fires would probably not be allowed in the center.) If it looked like some activity would cause civil unrest, then the possibility would be discussed with the necessary authorities – e. g., the police would probably be guarding the place if there were some sense that fighting would break out. It appears many have called regarding this issue and it is well-known that the Archbishop disapproves. The guy putting on this satanic ritual seems to be VERY PLEASED by all the attention apparently!
    Maybe what Catholics could do is send missionaries to the site on the day of the ‘service’ to preach Christ crucified and His will for this world.
    Apparently, a lot of people have been calling. Assess for yourself whether you should add your name to the list.
    Here are some phone numbers.
    City Manager’s Office: 405-297-2345
    Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock (Public Information Manager of the center): 405-297-3882
    Steve Sharpe (Event Coordinator of the center): 405-733-7963
    Administrative Office of the center: 405-297-2584
    Other numbers for the center: 405-297-2264 and 800-364-7111
    May God bless and keep this world which appears to be falling apart.

  • “Public venue”–I wonder how these civic leaders would be if this “public venue” were being given over to a daylong convention on traditional marriage.

  • What will occur in the satanic celebration at the Oklahoma Civic Center on Sunday September 21st is a hate crime. Sadly, the corruption of our society is so profound that the authorities are more than happy to look the other way and hide under the veil of supposed “rights.” I discuss the hate crime aspects of this issue as it applied to the Harvard University situation in a post last May on my website: http://fraangelicoinstitute.com/2014/05/12/the-black-mass-at-harvard-is-it-a-hate-crime/. All Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants of all denominations need to pray to the Lord for deliverance from the impact of such evil. May God have mercy on America.

  • Fargo106

    Dusty, you say, …”we have asked for it. This is the sort of attack we, as Christians, have opened ourselves up to by resigning ourselves to accept, and even endorse, the current American level of Church/state separation.”
    I disagree with you. I know for a fact the people reading this article at Crisis have not asked for it; we have not opened ourselves up by resigning anything. I’m not sure who you’re talking to, but I don’t think it’s us and I don’t think it the majority of Christians, at least not the ones I know. If you’re so sure we’ve asked for it and resigned ourselves, give an example please. I’m sure all of us here can multiple examples of how we haven’t… I’ll start: I write or call my state legislators or Congressmen every time there is a politcal issue that can impact the church.
    Maybe, Dusty, instead of just telling us what apathetic, ineffective individuals we are, you can give us some idea of what is you think we’re supposed to do. Got any ideas? Anything that might help? I’m sure the folks here would listen, ’cause let me tell you brother, you’re preaching to the choir!

    • GHM_52

      I can offer a zillion examples. Catholic and Christian churches refusing to teach the real teaching of Christ with vigor and clarity; the acceptance of many, many, many Catholics and Christians of practices abhorrent to God out of personal convenience (contraception, abortion, cohabitation, multiple “marriages”, wantonness of speech, behavior and dress, electing government officials who openly defend those abhorrent practices and then some more simply because we are “wedded” to a particular political party regardless of what it really represents, allowing our children incredibly absurd freedoms that make it hard for them to submit to God’s will, idolizing the American gods of individuality, privacy, freedom of conscience (especially of malformed ones) and material comfort at the expense of everything else, etc., etc. I can provide a much longer list, if you still need enlightenment…It is interesting to note the haughtiness of your reaction to the author’s claim. Maybe I should add to my list our utter lack of humility in recognizing our degree of responsibility for all things going south!

  • Yankeegator

    The USA, where Jesus is dethroned and brought to the level of Buddha, and every other so called false deity and even fallen angels… Pray that this evil does not happen in Oklahoma… Vivat Cristus Rex!!!

  • William Diemler

    While I hope the Archbishop is successful in stopping this abomination maybe the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City should just schedule an exorcism for the following day (or as soon as possible thereafter). Using the same reasoning by which they are allowing the “black mass” city officials should also allow an exorcism.

  • gregoryvii

    I wonder if the city officials would be so hospitable to a group who was planning a ritual desecration, perhaps with urine and other things, of a poster of Mohammed and copies of the Koran in this very facility. Coakley should tell Catholics from the pulpit to remember these city officials come election time. As long as he does not mention a particular party, he is not in violation of tax free status rules.

  • Mosul

    “Whoever does not pray to God, prays to the devil.” How do you explain? On one of the many shocking, barbarous videos that ISIS has disseminated, there are a few that show terrorists praying to Allah and then subsequently slaughtering their victims; or praying to Allah while slaughtering at the same time. One in particular shows a group of terrorists led in prayer by a cleric(?) making an offering to Allah in much the same way that the priest does at the offertory of the Mass. The Muslim prays that Allah will accept “this offering” that they are about to make to Him. Is it bread and wine? The offering is more than ten prisoners kneeling down with their hands tied behind their backs. Then immediately after the prayer, each prisoner is shot in the head, then shot a few times more to make sure he is dead; then more prayers and quotes from the Koran ensue. They are praying, quoting the Koran, the hadith and the life of Mohammad. They say they are praying to Allah “God”? Whom do you say they are praying to?

    • JimmyChonga

      Satan, of course. In any respectable creed based on real religion, God is regarded the Lord of life, origin and sustainer of life. Therefore, any opposing GOD, opposes life. Now, slaughter of abortion on the altar of self worship is no different than slaughter of any other innocent in the name of Allah or Mohammed. These are profonations of real religion.

  • Mosul

    does not pray to God, prays to the devil.” How do you explain?
    On one of the many shocking, barbarous videos that ISIS has
    disseminated, there are a few that show terrorists praying to Allah and
    then subsequently slaughtering their victims; or praying to Allah while
    slaughtering at the same time. One in particular shows a group of
    terrorists led in prayer by a cleric(?) making an offering to Allah in much the
    same way that the priest does at the offertory of the Mass. The Muslim
    prays that Allah will accept “this offering” that they are about
    to make to Him. Is it bread and wine? The offering
    is more than ten prisoners kneeling down with their hands tied behind
    their backs. Then immediately after the prayer, each prisoner is shot in the
    head, then shot a few times more to make sure he is dead; then more prayers
    and quotes from the Koran ensue. They are praying, quoting the
    Koran, the hadith and the life of Mohammad. They say they are praying to
    Allah “God”? Whom do you say they are praying to?

    • GHM_52

      Anyone can say that he/she is praying to God. Anyone can claim the he/she is acting for God. Neither the saying nor the claiming can be assessed as being true. Why? Because people lie, equivocate, etc. That is why it is necessary for us to use our God-given brains to discern the truth behind the actions of others. It is the way of the lazy and the coward to retreat into the Pontius Pilate stance of “what is the truth”? We have been created in God’s image, which means we do have access to the truth if we have purity of intention. Therefore, we can assess the goodness or lack of goodness regarding the statements and claims of others by paying attention to the fruits of their actions.

  • schmenz

    A “stolen Host”? I very much doubt it. I am certain that the lunatic practice of Communion in the hand made it quite easy for these miscreants to obtain a Host. Perhaps our woefully inadequate Bishops will take note. They had better, because their allowing of this practice makes them partially culpable in this.

  • Jen S

    This is horrendous. It sickens me to even think that the body of our Lord is in the hands of these people at all – even if the black mass were to be canceled, and I pray it will, what becomes of the consecrated host? Further, I tire of reading Christian writers who blame faithful Christians for all the evil in the world, from this to abortion to the collapse of Christian morality in general. It is wearying enough to have to live in the world where our Lord is forgotten, mocked and despised, but to over and over be blamed for it bc I am not “doing enough” is just depressing. Was it the apostles’ fault that Christ was crucified? Did Jesus say, “You will have trouble in the world only if you’re not doing enough to prevent it?” Please, have a little charity and encouragement for your fellow believers.

    • miranda bushes

      well jen, only know always that jesus is never manipulated by anyone, it is his time to show how powerful and supernatural he is. not even a priest can make or unmake jesus. you never kno what jesus has done, judged, particularly on the one who stole him. stealing jesus is a sign that they desperately need him. even before they planned the idea God had already planned it for his own glory though you may not see it. stop being frantic, remember, clothe yourself in the golden virtues and be the body of Christ in being, you will see that Christ is never defeated. it is beyond human mind and conception because they don’t kno what it entails.

  • JimmyChonga

    We need to go back to receiving our Lord by intinction at the altar rail to help prevent this kind of wanton desecration from occurring again. Yes. It will occur again if we don’t take necessary steps now to prevent it. GOD help us.

  • JohnnyVoxx

    Beautiful writing Dusty Gates, strong and clear. Gave me chills. You have a fan. Please keep it up!