It’s Time to Take the Islamic State Seriously

Islam has no central or definitive body or figure authorized to define what exactly it is. Opinions about its essence and scope vary widely according to the political or philosophic background of its own interpreters. The current effort to establish an Islamic State, with a designated Caliph, again to take up the mission assigned to Islam, brings to our attention the question: “What is Islam?”

The issue of “terror” is a further aspect of this same understanding. Many outside Islam seek to separate “terror” and “Islam” as if they were, in their usage, independent or even opposed ideas. This latter view is almost impossible seriously to maintain in the light of Islamic history and the text of the Qur’an itself.

John Kerry, however, insists that what we see is “terrorism” with nothing to do with Islam. The Obama administration seems to have a rule never to identify Islam with “terrorism,” no matter what the evidence or what representatives of the Islamic State themselves say. The vice-president speaks of “Hell” in connection with actions of the Islamic State. Diane Feinstein speaks of “evil” behind the current slaughters in Iraq and Syria. The pope mentions “stopping aggression.” The English hate-laws prevent frank and honest discussion of what actually goes on in Islamic countries or communities in the West. Not even Winston Churchill’s critical view of Islam is permitted to be read in public.

Ecumenism and liberalism both, in their differing ways, because of their commitment to tolerance and free speech, make it difficult to deal with what is happening in Islamic states. Islam is not friendly to relativism or to subtle distinctions.

Is terror intrinsic to Islam?
What I want to propose here is an opinion. An opinion is a position that sees the plausibility but not certainty of a given proposition. But I think this opinion is well-grounded and makes more sense both of historic and of present Islam than most of the other views that are prevalent. I do not conceive this reflection as definitive. Nor do I document it in any formal sense, though it can be. It is a view that, paradoxically, has, I think, more respect for Islam than most of its current critics or advocates.

This comment is an apologia, as it were, for the Islamic State at least in the sense that it accepts its sincerity and religious purpose. It understands how, in its own terms, the philosophic background that enhances its view does, in its own terms, justify its actions, including the violent ones.

The Islamic State and the broader jihadist movements throughout the world that agree with it are, I think, correct in their basic understanding of Islam. Plenty of evidence is found, both in the long history of early Muslim military expansion and in its theoretical interpretation of the Qur’an itself, to conclude that the Islamic State and its sympathizers have it basically right. The purpose of Islam, with the often violent means it can and does use to accomplish it, is to extend its rule, in the name of Allah, to all the world. The world cannot be at “peace” until it is all Muslim. The “terror” we see does not primarily arise from modern totalitarian theories, nationalism, or from anywhere else but what is considered, on objective evidence, to be a faithful reading of a mission assigned by Allah to the Islamic world, which has been itself largely procrastinating about fulfilling its assigned mission.

To look elsewhere for an explanation is simply not to see what the Islamic State and its friends are telling us about why they act as they do. The tendency among pragmatic Western thinkers, locked into their own narrow views, is to exclude any such motivation as an excuse of raw power. This view shows the intellectual shortcomings of Western leaders and the narrowness of much Western thought.

Jihadism, as it were, is a religious movement before it is anything else. Allah does grant violence a significant place. It is over the truth of this position, or better the inability to disprove it, that the real controversy lies. A recent essay in the American Thinker calculated that over the years of its expansion, from its beginning in the seventh and eighth centuries, some 250 million people have been killed in wars and persecutions caused by Islam. Nothing else in the history of the world, including the totalitarianisms of the last century, has been so lethal.

If Islam is a religion of peace, what sort of peace does it bring?
Other understandings of Islam’s record, though not its mission, within Islam may be also plausible, but no more so than this jihadist interpretation. It may be possible for some to read Islam as a religion of “peace.” But its “peace,” in its own terms, means the peace of Allah within its boundaries. With the rest of the outside world, it is at war in order to accomplish a religious purpose, namely, to have all submitted to Allah in the passive way that the Qur’an specifies.

Islam can at times be defeated or stopped, as at Tours or Vienna, but it will always rise again as it is now bent on so doing. To picture the jihadists and leaders of the Islamic State as mere “terrorists” or thugs is to use Western political terms to blind ourselves to the religious dynamism of this movement. No wonder our leaders cannot or will not understand it. This purpose, when successful, is a terrible thing. But we are not seeing a group of gangsters, as many are wont to maintain. The roots of Islam are theological, rather bad theology, but still coherent within its own orbit and presuppositions.

Briefly put, Islam, in its founding, is intended to be, literally, the world religion. Nothing else has any standing in comparison. It is to bring the whole world to worship Allah according to the canons of the Qur’an. It is a belief, based on a supposed revelation to Mohammed, of which there is little evidence. Sufficient justification to expand this religion, once founded, to all the world by use of arms is found in the Qur’an and in its interpreters to explain the violent means used, often successfully, to establish, pacify, and rule tribes, states, territories, and empires.

In Muslim doctrine, everyone born into the world is a Muslim. No one has any right or reason not to be. Hence, everyone who is not a Muslim is to be converted or eliminated. This is also true of the literary, monumental, and other signs of civilizations or states that are not Muslim. They are destroyed as not authorized by the Qur’an.

It is the religious responsibility of Islam to carry out its assigned mission of subduing the world to Allah. When we try to explain this religion in economic, political, psychological, or other terms, we simply fail to see what is going on. From the outside, it is almost impossible to see how this system coheres within itself. But, granted its premises and the philosophy of voluntarism used to explain and defend it, it becomes much clearer that we are in fact dealing with a religion that claims to be true in insisting that it is carrying out the will of Allah, not its own.

If we are going to deal with it, we have to do so on those terms, on the validity of such a claim. The trouble with this approach, of course, is that truth, logos, is not recognized in a voluntarist setting. If Allah transcends the distinction of good and evil, if he can will today its opposite tomorrow, as the omnipotence of Allah is understood to mean in Islam, then there can be no real discussion that is not simply a temporary pragmatic stand-off, a balance of interest and power.

Whenever incidents of violence are witnessed in the Islamic world, or in other parts of the world caused by Islamic agents, we hear complaints that almost no Muslim voices rise to condemn this violence. When the original 9/11 happened, there was not condemnation coming from within Islam, but widespread celebration. Islam was seen as winning. But all Muslim scholars know that they cannot, on the basis of the Qur’an, condemn the use of violence to expand their religion. There is simply too much evidence that this usage is permitted. To deny it would be to undermine the integrity of the Qur’an.

Obviously, the enemies of the Islamic State and its jihadist allies are not only the “Crusaders” or the West. Some of Islam’s bloodiest wars were its invasion of Hindu India, where the tension remains marked. There are also Muslim efforts into China. The Philippines has a major problem as does Russia. But Islam wars with itself. The Sunni/Shiite struggles are legendary. It is important to note that one of the first things on the Islamic State’s agenda, if it is successful in surviving, is to unite all of Islam in its creedal unity.

The unfinished business from Tours and Vienna
All existing Islamic states are some sort of compromise between the true Islamic mission and forces, usually military forces that limit this world-wide unification. Almost all standing Muslim governments recognize the danger to themselves of a successful Caliphate. They all have some form of jihadist presence within their boundaries that seek to control it in the name of their very survival. There are or were Christian and other minorities within these states that are, to a greater or lesser extent, tolerated. But they are all, as non-Muslims, treated as second-class citizens. The Islamic movement renews that purist side of Islam that insists in eradicating or expelling non-Muslim presences in Muslim lands.

The Archbishop of Mosul, on seeing his people exiled and killed, forced to choose between conversion and death, empathized that his buildings were destroyed, the archives and all record of the long Christian presence in that area destroyed. He warned that this form of treatment is what the nations of the West could expect sooner or later. There are now significant Muslim enclaves in every part of America and Europe to be of great concern as centers of future uprisings within each city. There are now thousands of mosques in Europe and America, financed largely by oil money, that are parts of a closed enclave that excludes local law and enforces Muslim law.

Yet, we can ask: is this Islamic State anything more than a pipe-dream? No Islamic state has any serious possibility of defeating modern armies. But, ironically, they no longer think that modern armies will be necessary. They are convinced that widespread use of terrorism and other means of civil disorder can be successful. No one really has the will or the means to control the destructive forces that the Islamic State already has in place.

The Islamic State strategists think it is quite possible to take another step in the expansion of Islam, to take up again the assault on Europe left off at Tours and Vienna. Muslim armies have always been known for cruelty and craftiness. Men often shrank in fear before its threat, as they are intended to do. A Muslim theoretician once remarked that their aim was to make the streets of Western cities look like those battlefields we see in the cities of the Middle East. Again with the suicide bomber and believers in their use, for which they are said to be “martyrs,” this may be possible.

Finally, the case of the Islamic State and of the jihadists is not just a threat arising out of Islam’s mission to conquer the world for Allah. It is also a moral case, that the life of the West is atheist and decadent. It does not deserve its prosperity and position. The mission of mankind is the submission to Allah in all things. Once this submission is in place, the sphere of war will be over. No more beheading or car-bombings will be necessary or tolerated. No dissent within Islam will be possible or permitted. All will be at peace under the law of Islam. This is the religious purpose of the Islamic State. It is folly to think of it in any other terms.

But with great opposition both from the West and from within Islamic states to this vision, is there any possibility of its success? Pat Buchanan thought that a group of Seals one of these days would eliminate the new Caliph. Existing Muslin government officials know that their days are numbered if the Islamic State succeeds. But, at the same time, this vision does seem to be the real impetus of the Islamic peoples.

It is easy to write this movement off as fanatical and ruthless, which it is. To the outside world, it sounds horrific, but I suspect not to those who believe its truth and see the current revival of Islam with relief. The second or third class ranking of Islam in the modern world is over. But to the degree that we misjudge what is motivating the renewal of Islam, we will never understand why it exists as it does.

Editor’s note: This essay first appeared September 17, 2014 on and published under a Creative Commons license.

Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.


Rev. James V. Schall, S.J., taught political science at Georgetown University for many years. He is the author of The Mind That Is Catholic from Catholic University of America Press; Remembering Belloc from St. Augustine Press; and Reasonable Pleasures from Ignatius Press. His newest books include A Line Through the Human Heart: On Sinning and Being Forgiven (2016) and On the Principles of Taxing Beer and Other Brief Philosophical Essays (2017). His most recent books are Catholicism and Intelligence (Emmaus Road, 2017) and The Universe We Think In (CUA Press, 2018).

  • RCA

    Rev Schall,

    I feel somewhat vindicated as my own opinion concludes many of your points articulated in your article. I am in total agreement that we in the West are in denial as to the reality of the modern Jihadist faith driven fervor of which their seminal documnet the Qur’an supports and exhorts, their behaivor. These are orthodox Muslims being faithful. Furthermore any so called moderate Muslims are in my opinion what John relays in Rev 3:16 ” but since you are neither hot nor cold, but only lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth” Unfortunately this a a large portion of the Ummah, who might not participate in beheading or other violent activities but none the less support both fiscally as well as theological concepts outlined by the Rev,s article.My hope is that we in the West both secular and true peaceful religions will unite and prevent Isalm from spreading and refute it with the truth at every turn.


    • richado

      A large portion of the Ummah? – silence is consent as Mohammad taught. We have to remember that. And to those Muslims who are deemed as peaceful- they say and of do absolutely nothing. The evidence is obvious. Heard of taqiyya?Divine deceit. Therefore, they are irrelevant in all this and should be ignored. Never have I heard one protest in this part of the world where I live regarding the slaughter of Christians- why? I am told by some peaceful Muslims- it is the will of Allah. These authentic and violent Muslims such as ISIS count on the secular and peaceful religions- because these religions do nothing but emote. These Muslims only understand one language – defeat on the battlefield. And it has come to that . Why? Because of the so-called enablers- the left lib and its agenda of multicult. All cultures are equal and of equal value? Yes or no. All religions are equal? Reality bites. The West has been emasculated from within with its moral and intellectual relativism, so many Western leaders act in denial.

      • spiderbucket

        The ‘funny’ thing is that even the ‘moderates’ are so far gone that they do not even understand the concept of free speech. I literally had a ‘moderate’ tell me ‘to hell with ‘freedom of speech’ when it means you can use that to insult people’s beliefs!’ I said, that first off there is no religion on the face of the earth that does not get ridicule and scorn, so Islam is not unique in that at all. He was too young to know about ‘Piss Christ’ and Black Metal and such, it seemed. And secondly, I said that if ‘freedom of speech’ is incompatible with Islam – even from well-informed moderates, like himself – that is a deal breaker with any true American. It is non-negotiable and not up for debate.

  • Fred

    Father, I don’t know what to add as your thoughts resonate with all that I know. So, thank you for your thoughtful piece. We do live in interesting times, and only time will tell what peace will be achieved. My heart especially aches for the ancient Christian civilizations who have been slaughtered and displaced, but they may be only the first line to have fallen in this battle. Many don’t have the stomach for fulfilling the call that’s on the pages of their holy book in front of them because they have a taste for mammon they don’t want to lose. Without faith, what are we fighting for – to preserve our own mammon? I try to pray for their conversion but I confess I’m not always sure of my own sincerity – I’ll keep trying.

  • Tamsin

    “…the philosophy of voluntarism used to explain and defend [Islam makes clear] that we are in fact dealing with a religion that claims to be true [only because] it is carrying out the will of Allah, not its own…. [One objective truth], logos, is not recognized in a voluntarist setting. If Allah transcends the distinction of good and evil, if he can will today its opposite tomorrow, as the omnipotence of Allah is understood to mean in Islam, then there can be no real discussion that is not simply a temporary pragmatic stand-off, a balance of interest and power.”

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Enlightened females who populate the West will not at least look pragmatically at the treatment of women in Judeo-Christian culture, versus the treatment of women in Muslim culture, and vote for the treatment of women in Judeo-Christian culture. Let’s get utilitarian, ladies. Let’s get scientific. Let’s count the cost.

    And every time a Catholic apologizes for Islam, he or she defends Islam’s Truthlessness claim, and the devil takes the hindmost.

    We do not worship the same God.

    • Fred

      Because the prince of this world’s favorite weapon is to create confusion and division amongst his willing accomplices after he’s detached them from the source of truth and life. What a funny word “enlightened” – to me the word has become synonymous with turning the lights off, and when one stumbles around in the darkness one usually runs into something unintended and often undesirable.

      • Tamsin

        The Endarkenment, heh.

        • Fred

          That, or de-lightened … except that might be confused with delight.

      • Rev Mr Flapatap

        Reminds me of that someone originally called “Light Bearer”. Maybe there is a relationship somewhere…

    • AnneM040359

      “We do not worship the same God.”

      AMEN to that!

      • david

        see CCC 841

        • AnneM040359

          That CCC 841 has been by me been REJECTED.

          • david

            I too have difficulty with 841. However, It is part of the Catholic faith and must be accepted. A “cafeteria Catholic” is no catholic at all. Perhaps more study is needed in this, as in other areas, to come to an understanding of the deeper meaning.

            • AnneM040359

              Still, I am sorry, do not accept it, and PLEASE do not call me a “cafeteria Catholic” I am NOT. Cafeteria Catholics are still Catholics, by our common baptism. Accept it as a “gentle correcting.”

            • SFTOBEY

              That is NOT Catholic dogma. It was inserted during Vatican II, which IMO, should never have happened at all. What we know to be untrue should NEVER have to be accepted, regardless of who says it.

            • jacobhalo

              David, you are correct. The pope should address these cafeteria Catholics admonish them as Jesus said to do to our friends who sin. This pope makes me sick!!!

      • bluwaterkayaker

        CCC 841 says: “The plan of salvation… includes those who acknowledge the Creator” and “hold the faith of Abraham…and adore the one, merciful God”. To the extent Muslims are praying to THAT God, then we are all praying to the same God. There’s no claim that the Koran has any validity or that Mohammed’s plan is the will of God.

        • AnneM040359

          In light of what has been going on the last couple of years, would that CCC 841 even still live through the harsh glare of reality though?

          • SFTOBEY

            Nope. CCC 841 was written by members of what is called “the Conciliatory Church”, and NEVER reflected what earlier Catholics knew to be true. Does the Battle of Lepanto ring any bells? Or perhaps the 800 martyrs of Otranto? They should.

        • jacobhalo

          The Muslims are not praying to “That God” They don’t believe that Jesus is God.

        • Don’t be fooled. Mohammed cannabalized many aspects of Christianity and Judaism to give validity to his teachings. Hwever, Islam’s basis is Arab Paganism. there is no commonalty between Islam and Christianity’s core beliefs. However, there is a strong connection between the Talmud and the Qur’an.

          • posercom

            Very good point. It is also true that Mohammed was from the Jewish tribe the Koresh. His first wife, Khadija’s uncle was a kind of P.R. man for Mohammed who could not get his people to accept his false religion. Khadija’s uncle helped Mohammed to weave Christian and Jewish teachings into the Koran to make it more acceptable to the surrounding tribes.

      • Mike_Travis

        Sadly, Western leaders like GW Bush claim we do worship the same god, though we here know that to be utterly false.

        • Posercom

          The Bush family worships Satan. If you think that is false do some research on the Skull and Bones, Free Masonry and Bohemian Grove. We have devil worshippers in both political parties. They have been planning their One World government with a one world religion that worships Satan. Just look at our popular culture which gets it’s orders from our Operation Paperclip government.

          • Alberta Hainsworth

            Talk about ignorance.

        • Bush is an idiot. He opened the door to Islamic conquest of America. Obviously, he has no clue of what Islam is and the danger it presents to our constitutional freedoms. In Christianity, man was created in God’s image and carry within them, a piece of God’s essence which is the Holy Spirit. God gave man free will, logic and reason. Not so with Islam- man is not divine. he is but a faceless community that submits to Allah as Allah’s slave. there is no need for free will, free choice or logic only revelation. Man does not need to involve himself in reason/logic because Allah has set forth what he must do from sex, to personal hygienic to Jihad. Man is nothing but a slave. if that doesn’t separate Christianity from Islam, I don’t’ know what does. Islam is the anti Christ. Keep that in mind, as their power intensifies.

        • jacobhalo

          Mike, this was all brought about with inter-religious dialogue and politically correctness.

        • Alberta Hainsworth

          Mike we do worship the same God There is only one God. They just don’t seem to know that Jesus is God.

          • Jesus would never had tolerated a thug like Mohammed. Remember, Jesus stood before a gang of men who were about to stone a helpless girl. He made monogamy mandatory in the Christian faith out of love for women.

      • Yadja

        Muhammad sought the approval of the Jews to accept him as the Last Prophet and his book as the Last Word, he spoke their language, he knew the name of the Jewish Almighty was Yaweh. It was Yaweh for a reason, to separate the One God from all the gods out there during the time. Muhammad knew that. His Allah has nothing to do with Yaweh or any Christian Almighty.

        I know the argument is that Allah is Arabic for God but that does not ride. The only Allah of the Arab pagans was a Sun god. He had the half moon and star on his chest.

        That is fact. It is all baloney.

    • franthie

      God is only God when given the right attributes, and therefore, to a Christian, Allah often resembles more the Devil — certainly not ‘infinite in all perfections’, as we believe the Christian God to be.

    • spiderbucket

      Today’s ‘feminists’ have written exactly ZERO articles on little things like 1400 girls raped and tortured in Rotherham (and elsewhere). I keep bring that up on various sites and they ignore the question. The ‘atheists’ do the same thing. They tried to ban a feminist/atheist from speaking at Yale. If your whole identity is wrapped up in either of these things – why would you do that ? I can guess. These people are probably as much of a danger as the terrorists. Look how England, Denmark and other Euro countries have laid down in the name of political correctness.


      “We do not worship the same God.”

      In that “allah” is not any sort of “god” except the Pretender who wanted to BE God, you are absolutely correct. Now if we could only get our Pope to understand and acknowledge that fact. He had better catch wise quickly because the IS jihadis are dead set on taking Rome for their “allah” as well. And we all know what will happen to the Christians there. The same as has been happening in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.

    • Man on the street

      Liberal women run NOW, and therefore they partner with other liberal ideologies like respecting ALL religions. They are also supportive of socialists, who are traditionally supporters of Islam.

    • Paul B

      Thank you for your insight; please listen to missionary Jay Smith’s message on the correct Christian response.

    • Paul B
      Forgot to attach the link to Jay Smith’s message

    • no, we do not worship the same God. thats an insult to Christians. Jesus would never had tolerated Islam. Please check out my post, Islam’s God and Christianity’s God- not the same.
      P.S.- Judaism’s Talmud and Islam’s Qur’an are very closely connected. Jesus rejected the perversity of the Talmud thus the New Testament which is rejected by the Jews. One of the greatest things that Jesus did for women was to reject polygamy and allow only monogamy in Christianity. He did that to protect women who he loved and respected – unheard of in his time. I tell this to feminists and they freak. Good- let them freak. In the end, truth always prevails.

    • exactly, we do not worship the same God and as soon as the West understands that the sooner they will recognize the evil that Islam represents. In Islam, there is no relationship between Allah and humanity. Humans are considered to be a faceless community of slaves (ummah) whereas in Christianity, Man was created in God’s image and carries a piece of God’s divinity in his soul- the Holy Spirit. the Chrisitan God endowed humanity with Logos, & reason. Whereas Allah gave to man the Qur’anic revelation. Muslims are not expected to think but to submit & obey.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Rev. Schall is clear on the threat to liberty and civilization from Islam. The first order of the day has to be a definition of Islam as the enemy of mankind. The facts are all there. The history of Islamic conquest at the expense of better civilizations needs to be thought openly and outside academia. I think the Vatican has the moral responsibility to lead this ideological fight. No other institution has as much knowledge of Islam than the Church. Why has the Church abdicated this responsibility to lead the West? Perhaps it is God’s way of prodding for a Christian revival in Europe and the rest of the world. The saddest experience is going to our great European Cathedrals, built by geniuses of great faith, and finding them deserted.

    • HonkyTonkin

      Granted, Islam is a menace to mankind but remember that Pope Pious XII told German Catholics it was OK to join the Nazi Party and the Vatican Bank of Rome laundered Holocaust and Mafia money.

      • Watosh

        I am not sure what relevance this comment has except to smear the Catholic Church by lurid allegations. At the same time some Zionists leaders worked out what became known as the “transfer agreement,” a 1933 pact with the Nazis in which Jews who wished to go to Palestine could transfer their capital to Palestine. As part of this agreement, these Zionists agreed to reject a boycott that had been implemented against Germany. For a time, the Nazis worked with these Zionist leaders to promote Jewish emigration to Palestine. A series in a Berlin paper published by Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels was entitled “A Nazi Visits Palestine” and depicted glowing photographs of Jewish immigrants in Palestine. Goebbels created a medal with a swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other. This may explain why German Catholics were told they could join the Nazi Party. Pope Pius delivered a severe denunciation of some of the Nazi’s aims in an encyclical written by the Cardinal that became Pope Pius XII. I believe that no Pope has told American Catholics it was wrong to join the Democrat Party, which does not reflect Catholic values, nor has a Pope told Caatholic not to join the Republican party because it’s economic principles wherein profit is the on;y morality does not comport with Catholic beliefs. As for Holocaust money being laundered, I am not sure what holocaust money Honky Tonkin has in mind. Norman Finklestein wrote a book on the “Holocaust Industry” in which holocaust money had a very loose definition. Mafia money may be in the eye of the beholder. I really doubt that some known Mafia thug came to the Vatican bank and said, “Can you launder this money for me,” which is what Honky Tonkin suggests.

        • Mark

          “Republican party because it’s economic principles wherein profit is the on;y morality” – you should read the GOP Platform, nowhere in there does it say that profit is the only morality. In fact, it doesn’t mention anything about profits.

          • Watosh

            Oh yes the Republican Platform which for the past forty -six years has included an anti-abortion plank. Now they are not so foolish as to put in their plank that profit is the only motive. Besides this is so widely believed that it is not felt necessary to state in a platform. No need to have a platform statement that the earth is round. But I have read a number of economists both defending profit as the only morality, who take this for granted. You see this reflected in the workings of the economy. The CEO is paid for raising the value of the stock in his company, and fired if he doesn’t. If he doesn’t get the price of the stock to go up, no matter how much he does for the good of the public, he gets fired. So that is why these CEO’s outsource, beat down their suppliers, cut research, fire workers, etc. GE used to be spend a lot of money on research. But CEO’s are measured on immediate profits, they get graded on their performance each quarter, not on their long range successes. Jack Welch gut research drastically and fired a lot of employees and GE made big profits, and Jack Welch became the leader. The celebrated Austrian School of economics, and Milton Friedman all preach the gospel of profit. They feel this is what makes the free market work. So they are not bashful about saying so. The mafia dons also are known not to advertise their seeking of profits either. This is something the economic adults do not tell their children as their children might not understand how this is good for them. Stating that profit making is the only morality in economic behavior just wouldn’t attract a lot of voters. It is better to say that Republicans want to create conditions that will lead to more job creation. As one Republican celebrity once said, “Watch what we do, not what we say.” And now with the importance of getting big money donations, the Democrat Party has moved closer to go along with this short sighted goal. We are told that high tariffs are bad. Both parties want to reduce tariffs to encourage trade and industry. But countries like South Korea, Japan who developed thriving industries did so under the protection of having high tariffs to protect their infant industries. We also as a young country erected high tariffs and developed their industrial capacity. Finally some years ago in a letter to the editor of a Catholic magazine someone protested that morality has no place in economic considerations. And this was and is a very popular misconception. Moral considerations should influence everything we do. I would expect particularly that Catholics would realize that. But now who benefits if the rule in economics is that anything goes as long as it brings a big profit? In the last thirty years the wealthy 1% have increased their share of the country’s wealth by a huge amount. Has this resulted in the creation of more jobs? I am getting way off the subject, though it may be related. I could insult someone’s mother, they would get upset, but not as upset if I said that free market capitalism was a hoax, and that the mania for more and more profits is wrong. Then I would be challenging a belief that they had been conditioned to believe above all else. I know if I say that I will get very angry reposes from conservative Catholics. Which takes us back to my initial conjecture, Republican Party professed (I distinguish from actual admitted beliefs) beliefs have captured a lot of conservative minded Catholics who are repelled by the social liberalism of the Democrats. You have to give the devil credit, he knows how to lure both the conservative minded Catholics and the liberal minded Catholics into following his siren call. He knew one party couldn’t attract everyone. Apologize for being so long, I pledge never to go rambling again. Ask a Republican if he or she believes that making a profit, and this has evolved quite naturally into making as much profit as possible, should not be the only purpose of a corporation.

            • Cas

              1.) Matthew 22:21 – “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”
              2.) Libertarians such as Milton Friedman and the “Austrian school” do not claim to speak to ethical practices, other than to say that for repeat business, it does well for a businessman not to mess with his customers by taking “big” profits, without returning value to them
              3.) Who exactly determines what profit is “too big” ?
              4.) What alternative do you suggest to “free-market capitalism”?
              5.) Corporations are NOT people, and cannot be considered to have ethics; their leaders and stockholders ARE people, and should be able to determine right from wrong. Not all of those leaders / CEOs are Catholic, or even Christian. Shouldn’t we be attempting to convert them, rather than just condemning them?

              • Watosh

                John C. Medaille offers an alternative to “free-market capitalism” in his book, “Toward a Truly Free Market.”
                Christopher A. Ferrara’s book “The Church and the Libertarian” is a defense of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Man, Economy, and the State. Mr. Ferrara is one of those conservative/traditional Catholics, not some liberal.

                Incidentally do you realize that free-market capitalism is a liberal construct? Many years ago when it sailed under the liberal banner, they switched to refer to advocates of free-market capitalism as conservatives when the excesses of the French Revolution gave liberalism a bad name in many quarters.

                It does not appear that anyone determines if a profit is “too big.” Profits are divided up according to the what the CEO’s feel is what they are entitled too, and this share the CEO’s feel is their due is then reviewed by a board of directors who owe their positions on the board to the CEO’s. Consequently while the average salaries of workers has been flat despite the significant gains in productivity of the average worker, the cut of the profit taken by the top managers and the investors has gone through the roof.

                I see where Bill Gates’s assets increased last year by 6 billion dollars. I am sure he earned every penny by his labors.

                And despite the rich getting richer during this time, the number of jobs they created has not been in step.

                It stands to reason, Socialism is wrong because it is wrong for the government to control all the assets. Well I feel it is wrong for individuals to control vast amounts of a country’s assets. As Forbes noted last week, the net worth of the 400 richest Americans is about the same as the domestic product of Brazil, a country of 200 million people. This is the definition of an Oligarchy.

                I believe Christ had an experience with converting the rich. Again while people the corporate leaders are PEOPLE, they are playing a game where they are only judged on the basis of the profits, worse, the short term quarterly profits they generate. Leaders who don’t generate the expectations of their quarterly profits get the hook, even if they have been good corporate citizens.

                Robert B. Reich book “SuperCapitalism” pretty well documents why this has reached the state it has. In actuality free-market capitalism is a mythical cover for what actually goes on. Big corporation have gotten billion dollar defense contracts on a no=bid cost plus arrangement , and their officers rotate in and kurt of the government. Do you think that Richard Cheney’s Halliburton made billions of profit by competing an a truly free market?

      • ThirstforTruth

        HonkyTonkin…..and your source for such libelous vindictive? Please
        give us something other than your non-objective opinion so that we
        may refute/rebut these injurious lies.

    • Watosh

      If Islam were the only threat to liberty and our civilization, I wouldn’t be so worried myself. Seeing what is happening in this country and the EU is what worries me.

    • CW

      Or, destroyed. No better example than St Sophia in Instanbul converted to a mosque, and when I visited there many years ago was in state of extreme disrepair with its art work removed and replaced with Islamic signs. Signs. Not art.

      • spiderbucket

        They don’t even understand the concept of art. If these people had a creative bone in their bodies, they would shed that cult they belong to.

  • Tim

    On a related matter, is there a single memorial monument or even plaque anywhere in the U.S. given by a Muslim group or Muslim country to remember and honor those Americans killed by the misfits of their “religion of peace?” Anywhere? How about a memorial service? Anyone ever seen one? Anyone?

    • Watosh

      Now that you bring this up, may I point out that Russia sent us a beautiful, touching memorial of sympathy for the 9/11 attack, A large monument with a single teardrop> Putin came over for the dedication. It is located in Jew Jersey. It is something, It can be seen by search for the Teardrop monument on the Internet.

      • Glenn M. Ricketts

        I didn’t know about it, and I’m a NJ resident. I’m very grateful that you’ve pointed this out Watosh, thank you.

      • nasicacato

        Thanks Watosh, I’m glad you pointed this out as well. I think we need Russia on our side. Your stupid reference to “Jew” Jersey will cause you to be dismissed as a crank, which you probably are. But even a crank can be right once in awhile.

        • Tim

          In fairness, the “j” on the keyboard is just above the “n”, so let’s assume it was just a misplaced finger and not intentional.

          • Watosh

            I appreciate that resounding vote of confidence Tim. At least no one has remarked that I had used the “dog ate my homework excuse.” I use an iMAC which I like very much except I do find the aluminum keyboard gives me trouble, and I never was a typist to begin with, and my typing ability has not improved with age. Anyone who has read my comments in the past would realize I am not given to name calling in general, and knowing the sharpshooters that patrol these premises, I would never knowingly give them something they club me with.

            • Mark

              At least you didn’t claim that your “account must’ve been hacked” as celebrities do when they’re called out for something they said.

              • Watosh

                Again, I am told by an observer of this Catholic blog, that “At least I didn’t claim….”, This generosity is heartwarming. I am well aware, if one makes an innocent mistake, it will invite the hyenas to feast on. I fully realize I live in a cruel world, which is why when I was informed on email what I wrote, I felt sick, because I knew it would provide the professional detractors with a target to practice their marksman ship on. One cannot expect a vote of confidence or charity from the sharks that roam this blog.

        • Watosh

          It has come to my attention that in my haste to make a comment and consequently I hit the wrong key, and this is something that I often do, one of the problems of being an Octogenarian. Usually I catch such errors, but my dog was pushing me that he was overdue for our walk, so I dashed off the comment and hit the J key rather than the N key when I spelled New Jersey, then went on my evening walk and turned my computer off. Usually I review and find numerous errors, even then I frequently have recourse to use the edit key after I review my posts as my eyes are not too sharp, but as I said, the comment was so short, and I was hurried so I just sent it off on finishing the typing. I was busy this morning today, first bringing my dog in for his teeth cleaning and then I wanted to finish a long letter to one of my Senators. Typing a letter takes me a long time, because I have to go back so often and make corrections. Sometimes my mind gets ahead of me and I am thinking of the J in Jersey while I should be typing N. I just got around to reading my email and I was appalled to learn of my typing error. Some may read something sinister into this and consequently feel it was stupid to do this. For those who you who regarded this as merely a typing error by an old man in a hurry, may God bless you, and I appreciate your charitable forbearance. For those who would place the worst interpretation on my mistyping, that is certainly your privilege. Anyway I finally finished my letter and will pick up the dog from the vet shortly, and I certainly promise to be even more diligent in proof reading my comments, I wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

          • Blanche

            What a delightful reply. I also make mistakes & have to correct. I have learned to develop the comment in word and then copy & paste. For an Octogenarian, you are quite busy. Good for you.

  • I agree that on the whole you are correct. Any examples to the contrary (like the kindness and sympathy of Tehran’s residents after 9/11) means that Christ has entered their hearts, whether they know it or not, and largely I think Islam is rejected in those moments.

  • Fred

    The reply to our diplomatic plea for coalition building is … “don’t tell us what Islam is or isn’t”, you un-believing infidel.

  • Vinnie

    “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim, til all the world adore his sacred name.” Big difference from cutting off heads.

    • stcc

      Ever hear of the Cathars? Ever hear an account of their beliefs? You won’t, because they were erased from the face of the earth.

      • bonaventure

        The Cathars were Gnostics who rejected procreation.

      • Glenn M. Ricketts

        That was nearly a thousand years ago, wasn’t it? The beheading incident in Oklahoma was less than two weeks ago. If we’ve done that kind of thing recently, can you please direct me to a source?

    • Cas

      one of the biggest issues with Islam is that NO ONE is allowed to convert FROM being a Muslim into something (anything) else, including Christianity.

      “Muslims are commanded to fight unbelievers until they are either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination. Allowing people of other faiths to live and worship independently of Islamic rule is not an option.”

      I found that quote here:
      so this is “straight from the horses’ mouth” as some would say.

      To convert from Islam is apostacy;
      “Those who turn their back on Islam are to be executed. This is confirmed by the words and deeds of Muhammad. The only freedom of belief in Islam is the freedom to become Muslim.”
      from the same source:

  • russell snow

    To anyone who has read the history of the popes, 40 volumes, this article reflects how the Church understand and responded to Islam for centuries. The popes, following the fall of Constantinople in the mid-15th century knew what was at stake, especially Pope Saint Pius V. Other tried with varying degrees of success to create a grand coalition to stop them, but most often these attempts were thwarted by the Catholic kings and princes who had their own agendas. If the formerly Christian nations of the world continue on in our decadent ways, I do not see how we can stop militant Islam, barring, of course, Divine intervention.

  • Glenn M. Ricketts

    Studying the Quran, the Hadith and other canonical texts of Islam, as well as early Islamic history, certainly lead to Fr. Schall’s conclusions.

    Now try sometime to make that point with a mid-level academic administrator or K-12 teacher who may not be at all familiar with these sources, but who’s just attended a half-day seminar on “tolerance.” Little or no knowledge, but an impenetrable wall of smug superiority, nevertheless.

    • spiderbucket

      It ‘feels good’ to think of yourself as a non-racist. But our good nature is being exploited.

      • Glenn M. Ricketts

        Yes, vanity and a sense of social superiority are a very formidable combination.



  • M.J .

    Good to hear the courage and truth in the words spoken ;
    a world wide effort , of massive relocation, on to cruise ships afloat , from all nations where they are a threat , esp. focused on relatives and family of those in power
    and efforts at reeducation on what it is to have human dignity and God given freedom , while giving the lands thus freed , to those it need to go to ;
    drones and may be massive use of sleep inducing guns, to get persons on board – hope a workable plan does not have to wait , may be under leadership of Russia , since the generational curse of pride and rebellion agianst Mother Church is what is possibly feeding the monster .
    May the intercession of our Mother help to break the curses too , to bring enough wisdom all around !

    • Jim

      Father,you are of course correct about the loss of life due to Islam. Unfortunately, the abortion wars of the 20th and 21 st centuries have probably take a billion lives.

      • Dan

        It is a delight to read all these comments. There appears to be a vast amount of intellect some defensible some not. Since Islam is based on the Koran and the Koran was based on the writings of Mohamed, his name is tainted as I have read elsewhere he was a pervert. Did he not “marry” a nine year old?
        What say you?

        • Cas

          Mohammed’s “favorite” wife (he definitely had more than one wife) was Aisha, who was six when he married her, but was nine when he consummated their marriage

          “Muhammad was married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He had sex with a 9-year-old girl and married his adopted son’s wife (after arranging a quick divorce). On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex – sometimes on the very days in which they had watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.”

  • franthie

    Should we then get ourselves involved in these mighty contests in the Middle East? Shouldn’t we, rather, accept only Christian refugees into the West, leave all the warring factions over there to sort themselves out, withdraw within our own boundaries, and sharpen our defenses?

    And what should be done about government controls — in the world of the ‘democracies’! — reducing all of us to fearful sitting ducks not even allowed a quack of protest?

    Another simple way of Islam spreading its power is by migration, and particularly into Europe. Individuals from poverty-stricken lands are somehow able to find large sums of money for their journeys and endure hardships that, I believe, could only be inspired and endured by a strong attachment to the commands of their creed.

    Father Schall’s article is so well put, and let’s hope it is widely circulated — it can only do a lot of good.

    • Mark

      Clearly, you’re not grasping what the Rev is saying in this article. It doesn’t matter where you are. All that matters to them is that you convert to Islam. Middle East or middle of nowhere South Dakota – it makes no difference. The Middle East is simply their starting point.

      • franthie

        Thanks, Mark. But I am suggesting that they wouldn’t be in South Dakota. I am also suggesting some solution. What might yours be?.

    • spiderbucket

      Our policies need to change radically – like no travel to Islamic countries (we don’t allow flights to Cuba and they are far from being a threat), no trade with them, no aid to them, no military assistance to them, and no student visas from that region. And since Europe has basically bent over for radicals – we cannot count on them to do their part in anyway. The way things are going, we could be at war with England in 10 years.

      • franthie

        I’d certainly agree that there should be no military assistance — nor student visas, which, here in Britain, have become an easy back-door entrance into the country.. At least, the greatest vigilance should be exercised over these applications.

        • papagrune123

          Their are American universities that have campuses in the middle east.

          • franthie

            Some few years ago I read an account by an American who’d been teaching in Saudi Arabia for a good long time and was then leaving. A goodbye meal was arranged by the students whom he’d known well over the period of his work.

            During the meal the teacher said something in reference to the Prophet, which, though I can’t remember the very words, would seem to most Christians to be quite innocuous. Immediately, the students there ALL took out daggers and plunged them into the table in anger against what he’d said.

            This teacher believed simply that all Muslims are fundamentalist and that we in the West are mistaken in believing otherwise. This is, almost certainly, true in so far as they all, ideally, would like an Islamic world under Shariah Law.
            Which brings us, of course, to the usual reply that Catholics, too, believe that their Faith comes from the one, true, and only Church of God in the world.

            But may I suggest that, while we do believe this, we also believe that our objective must be attained in the love of our neighbor, by good example in all the virtues, by prayer, personal sacrifice, good works, and the rationality contained in the promotion of our Faith. Nobody can be compelled truly to love God.


    IO’m sure you are all familiar with Sam Harris. He wrote a piece in the Los Angeles Times on Septemner 18, 2006 entitled ‘the End of Liberalism’, and I would heartily recommend it to all of you who have read this piece.

  • Thank you Rev. Schall!

  • richado

    For those who like to equivocate the Christian Crusades with Islamic jihad during the Medieval Period:
    “It is often
    assumed that the central goal of the Crusades was forced conversion of
    the Muslim world. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the
    perspective of medieval Christians, Muslims were the enemies of Christ
    and His Church. It was the Crusaders’ task to defeat and defend against
    them. That was all. Muslims who lived in Crusader-won territories were
    generally allowed to retain their property and livelihood, and always
    their religion. Indeed, throughout the history of the Crusader Kingdom
    of Jerusalem, Muslim inhabitants far outnumbered the Catholics. It was
    not until the 13th century that the Franciscans began conversion
    efforts among Muslims. But these were mostly unsuccessful and finally
    abandoned. In any case, such efforts were by peaceful persuasion, not
    the threat of violence.”

    from Prof.Thomas Madden, Crusades expert.

    The Real History of the Crusades

  • Pluckers

    According to the corporate media, the US is leading the fight against ISIL, the un-Islamic terror group posing as “Islamic State.” Yet American leaders’ words and actions raise questions about their real goals.

    In his speech last week Obama said: “I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria as well as Iraq.” But then on Monday night, senior administration officials suggested that the real target of US intervention in Syria would be the government of President Bashar al-Assad – ISIL’s number one enemy!

    Last night’s Associated Press story headlined “US would hit back against Assad attack” begins:

    “The United States would retaliate against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s air defenses if he were to go after American planes launching airstrikes in his country, senior Obama administration officials said Monday.”

    These “senior officials” delivered an explicit threat against Assad. They said that any Syrian attempt to enforce that nation’s sovereignty would provoke US attacks on Syrian air defenses.

    This is precisely the scenario desired by Zionist neoconservatives, who have spent years plotting to use the US Air Force to overthrow the government of Syria. These warmongers tried to trick the US into bombing Syria last year by staging the false-flag chemical weapons incident at al-Ghouta. They were stymied by Presidents Obama and Putin, who worked together to defuse the situation and avoid a potential World War III scenario.

    The neocon-Zionist forces retaliated by orchestrating the overthrow of democratically-elected President Yanukovych in Ukraine. That coup d’état was arranged by Victoria Nuland, wife of neocon-Zionist plotter Robert Kagan. Its purpose: Ruin the Obama-Putin relationship and revive Zionist efforts to destroy Syria. The Zionists, who are behind schedule on their 9/11 plan to destroy “seven countries in five years,” want to overthrow Assad en route to Tehran; and they know the only way to remove Assad is through the kind of massive US-NATO bombing campaign that overthrew the Qaddafi government in Libya.

    Two major obstacles stop the US from bombing Syria. One is Russia, which has drawn a red line around Syria, saying to NATO “You will not do to Syria what you did to Libya.” Any all-out Western attack on Syria would risk a Russian response that could escalate into a nuclear World War III.

    The other obstacle is Syria’s Russian-built air defense system, which is reportedly highly advanced and capable of shooting down US, NATO or Israeli planes. US military planners know that if they tried to bomb Syria they would lose planes. The specter of Syrian shoot-downs of US-NATO planes over Syria, followed by Russian intervention on behalf of Syria, has thus far dissuaded the kind of US-NATO bombing campaign that would be required to enforce “regime change,” i.e. Libyan-style destabilization and national destruction, on Syria.

    Now it seems the neocons are trying to send US bombers into Syria under the flimsy pretext of fighting ISIL, Syria’s enemy. They apparently hope that Assad, the Russians, and the world will be fooled into thinking that US-NATO bombers will only target ISIL. Yet the neocons have been publicly suggesting that US bombers should also support the so-called “moderate Syrian rebels” who are supposedly fighting against ISIL as well as against the Syrian government.

    If the Zionist-dominated US or its NATO proxies bomb Syria, Presidents Assad and Putin will have to assume the worst: Under cover of attacking ISIL, the bombs will actually be used to attempt to overthrow Assad. Ironically, ISIL would be one of the biggest beneficiaries. And so would ISIL’s sponsors, the Zionists and their American neocon agents.

    The US threat to bomb Syria, using ISIL as the pretext, is yet another preposterous false flag scenario. Just as when the US threatened to bomb Syria in retaliation for Assad’s alleged chemical weapons attack at al-Ghouta, the neocons are conjuring up a “dastardly enemy” in order to sell their war plans.

    In the wake of the al-Ghouta incident of August 2013, the neocons tried to portray President Assad as a monster who had slaughtered thousands of his own people with WMD for no military purpose. Neoconservative propaganda demonizing Assad flooded the Zionist-dominated Western corporate airwaves. Yet as Seymour Hersh reported (more than six months after Press TV and Veterans Today broke the story) it was actually the enemies of President Assad who launched the al-Ghouta chemical attack. Al-Ghouta was a false flag designed to force Obama, who had been tricked by the neocons into drawing a red line around the chemical weapons issue, to bomb Syria. Fortunately, the ruse was exposed – and a World War III scenario nipped in the bud.

    Though their August 2013 demonization of Assad misfired, the neocons are back with a slightly more plausible “evil enemy image” designed to justify the destruction of Syria. That evil enemy image, of course, is the veiled face of the bloody butchers of ISIL.

    If the Obama Administration were sincere in its stated intent to forge a broad regional coalition against ISIL, it would not be threatening to bomb the Syrian government, ISIL’s biggest enemy. Instead, it would be working with President al-Assad’s government, and the other governments of the region, as well as Russia, in a long-term effort to address the real causes of the rise of ISIL.

    And the first real cause that needs to be addressed is Western and Zionist support of ISIL. Why was ISIL armed and trained at CIA bases in Jordan? Why has Israel provided direct and indirect support to ISIL, going so far as to bring wounded ISIL fighters to Israeli hospitals for treatment? Why are Western assets in the Persian Gulf pouring money into ISIL’s coffers? And why is the Western “deep state,” which controls much of the world’s illegal drug trade, throwing its dirty money at ISIL?

    The best way to stop ISIL would be for Obama to go on television and confess that US forces and its proxies, at the instigation of the neocon Zionists, created, armed, trained, and funded ISIL, in order to sow chaos and destruction, euphemistically termed “destabilization,” throughout the Middle East. By admitting the truth that ISIL is a manufactured enemy – “the best enemy money can buy” – Obama could undercut the series of neoconservative false flags that are leading towards planetary nuclear destruction. He would also be undercutting what little legitimacy ISIL enjoys among that small segment of the Muslim population whose anger is matched only by its naiveté.

    During the same speech, Obama could reveal the fact that 9/11-anthrax, 7/7, the Madrid and Bali bombings, and the Mumbai slaughters have all been inside jobs orchestrated by the same neoconservative Zionist cabal. The goal: Turning global public opinion against Islam, and sparking a 100-years-war against Islam and Muslims on behalf of Greater Israel.

    Unfortunately, the chances of a US president unveiling the lies that govern our world are practically nil. So realistically, we had best limit our short-term hopes to the modest expectation that once again, Putin and Obama (backed by US Joint Chiefs of Staff head Martin Dempsey) will prevent the neocons from sparking World War III.

    • nasicacato

      You better get back on your meds.

  • Shaun McAfee

    This was an awesome article!

  • mollysdad

    This is the best article on the subject I have read for a long time. I am more convinced now than I ever was that our ancestors in Christendom were absolutely and profoundly right to punish the profession of Islam by means of the Inquisition and the stake.

  • hammar

    Only Jesus is the Son of God. Follow no other! Pray always!

  • Martin

    Rev. Schall, You overlook the huge cultural contributions and the beauty of high Islamic civilization – and its tolerant history in, for example, Spain. I have a number of Muslim friends, and they no more jihadists than I am. They are cultural Muslims, rather than religious ones. Whatever holiday practices they may adhere to as a matter of custom (I’ve never asked), they are for all intents and purposes secular, as most of my Jewish friends are. The silence you comment on may simply be their embarrassment and indifference (or the same fear of reprisals the rest of us fear), rather than tacit complicity. Their reaction is not helpful, of course, but it pretty much matches the rest of America.

    I suspect that they view much of the Koran as a cultural artifact, and no more take its conquest verbiage seriously, any more we take the bloodiest chapter of the Old Testament seriously, with all the talk of collecting foreskins, etc. The parallels may help everyone to overlook the central trope of Islam being one of conquest, while the central one of Christianity being sacrifice and mercy.

  • Kalpurnia

    Interestingly, do modern-day Catholics recognize today (9/24) as the Feast Day of Our Lady of Ransom? Do they even have a clue what it and their history is all about?

  • Thomas J. Hennigan

    “No more beheading or car-bombings will be necessary or tolerated”. That is the theory, but we must not forget that Islam is at war with itself and that would continue, plus nobody has ever been able to achieve control of the whole world.

    I have read another estimate of 270 million victims of jihad over Islam’s 14 ceenturies, 60 million being Christian, 80 million Hundues etc.

    Fr. Shaw has hit the nail on the head reagarding Islam and jihad, but he will now be branded as “islamophobic” as anyone esle who has dared to publish such plain truths about Islam. It boggles the mind that the likes of Obama, Kerry and other Western Politicians seem to think that they know more about Islam than the self-proclaimed Caliph Al.Bagdadi, who has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies. Every single act they perform is justified with quotes from the Qu´ran.

  • Tyrone

    Al Quaeda/ISIS–these are products of Western intelligence, funded, supported, and trained. It’s all a psy-op so that seven countries can be destroyed in five years, as General Wesley Clark said on Democracy Now (look it up). False-flag 911 began it all.

    • bonaventure

      Even if that were true, what does it change to the facts on the ground?

    • Mark

      Every 9/11 conspiracy theory is easily debunked. 9/11 was not an inside job, nor could it ever be. The sheer size of the number of people that would have to be in on it makes it logically an impossibility. Over 3,000 Americans died that day and it’s been 13 years. In that 13 years, don’t you think that any of those hundreds of conspirators would be guilt-ridden enough to come forward to try and clear their conscience?

      • Fran

        The logic goes: since no one has come forward to describe their role in such plots, therefore no plot has existed.

        In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. People are coming forward all the time to provide, if not the whole story, crucial bits and pieces that together would lead us to awareness of a variety of covert doings, some clearly nefarious. For example, scores, perhaps hundreds of credible eyewitnesses have cast doubt on the official 911 “Muslim hijackers” scenario that is a staple of every domestic assassination.

        But these whistleblowers are quickly discredited, suppressed, or worse (murdered). From time to time people even come out of the national security establishment to testify to such wrongdoing, but they almost always pay a heavy price –which of course discourages others from bearing witness.

        Once again we find that the argument of the peculiarly unskeptical skeptics is not just fallacious, but factually incorrect. There have, in fact, been numerous whistleblowers with documentable evidence of the frauds and lies that have been constructed around the official 9/11 narrative. This leads those who use the “But someone would have talked” argument in an uncomfortable situation. Either they are incompetent—boldly pronouncing on issues they have not bothered to investigate—or they are lying.

        And if they want to know why someone directly involved would not come out… well for one, if you’re involved in such a massive crime the odds are you are so broken and so far gone from humanity that it makes no logical sense for you to ever come out. There is also something called the division of labor. People in the military are involved every day with things they are not aware of. They get handed some documents and are asked to deliver it, or are sent on a mission with no explanation of what the purpose is.

        Look at the old MKULTRA experiments. There were hospitals set up as CIA fronts that were doing experiments on people and the doctors involved had no idea they were part of a government program. They didn’t need to know so they were not told. They could have not blown the whistle because they did not know enough to do so.

        911 truth is mainstream now. See Richard Gage on C-Span:

  • lukelea

    The only good Muslim is one who doesn’t take his religion too seriously — or, if you prefer, too literally.

  • Jdonnell

    I admire much of what Fr. Schall has written and own more than one of his books. In this article, however, his “opinion” is not enough to be convincing without more support than he provides. Islam is perhaps less theologically consistent than Schall suggests in making its theology so monolithic (despite pointing to fighting among Muslims). Some of Schall’s individual points could just as easily be made about Christianity and Catholicism in particular.

  • Wake up

    Islam and Islamic states like Syria and Iran are not the enemy. The enemy are those who did 911 and orchestrated the murderous fraud and war of terror that is the War on Terror. Misinformed Crisis Catholics are fighting the officially designated enemy (Emmanuel Goldstein) while the real enemy wreaks havoc on the world. Read “Veterans Today” for a real look at the news from American intelligence experts and American war veterans:

    • Mark

      You should follow the advice of your own screen name and wake up to the reality that Islam does not want the same kind of “peace” that you want. Their definition of peace is that you convert to Islam and you obey their rules. That’s it. They don’t care about the peace that anybody else wants (mostly to be left alone to do and worship as they please). Even the so called moderates or peaceful Muslims – unless they’re condemning the actions of the extremists, their silence is acceptance..

  • vito

    The USA should stay the hell out, for once. The whole mess in Iraq was caused by the States and its (if relucant) allies in the first place. Let them work it out themselves.

  • Fred

    George W. Bush stated in 2001, “you are either with us or with the terrorists.” The forbidden truth is that the US is involved in a diabolical undertaking: it has created an Islamic terror network with a view to destroying sovereign countries and now it is waging a war against its own terror network. Without media propaganda, this military agenda under the guise of counter-terrorism would fall flat, collapse like a deck of cards.

    The US president and his indefectible British ally “R the Terrorists”, they are the “state sponsors of terrorism”, with a view to waging a war of conquest. The United Nations is complicit in this undertaking.

  • jacobhalo

    Muslims are not all terrorists, but virtually, all terrorists are muslims.

  • la catholic state

    This is actually the best article I have read on Islam and the current state of play. As Catholics we are going to have to up our game. Our secular Masters have every intention of allowing Islam to over run the West…..though as peaceably and imperceptibly (if that’s a word) as possible.
    Over to the Church….and lay Catholics.

  • Maria

    Excellent essay by Fr Schall. Thank you ….a light in the darkness.

    What is the solution to this encroaching menace? Any bright ideas anyone?

  • bobc

    I am a devotee of the Christian philosophy , and am not am ember to this Magazine. Our World and other Great religions are the Muslim’s enemy! Their jihad means war ! They make no bones about it .We must approach this catastrophic condition in ‘Kind” for Survival!. It is a horrible thing to believe but we are now seeing a Crusade-type War. I see this as a Lose- lose situation ! Containment of localized active war as we see now in This ISIS Arabian situation would / should be possible ; But annihilation of us with nuclear armament is a distinct possibility where as annihilation of Muslims -world wide- is an Impossibility. They will use any- ANY- means to eliminate us .

  • Synagogue Rising

    Readings From Scripture: Jesus Assails

    Jews who Plotted His Murder

    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, ye hypocrites! Liars! Vipers! Murderers! Your house is forsaken and desolate. Your father is the Devil. How will you flee from the judgment of Hell?

    “Sicut Judaeis Non” – The Church’s

    Two-Part Teaching Concerning Jews

    Card. Hlond’s 1936 Pastoral Letter.

    Preface: A Word From the Author

    World apostasy and “the hour granted to the power of darkness;” Organized forces driving man individually and mankind collectively into total apostasy from God and Totalitarian Tyranny; These forces, invisible and visible, are three: Satan and his legions of demons, Judaism and Freemasonry; Extinguishing the Light of Christ from the world of man; This writing not “anti-Semitic” but an act of charity and work of mercy; Conspiracy “theories” vs. historically factual conspiracies; This book does not address any conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact, conspiracy history, conspiracy THEOLOGY;Exposing the Judaism of Christ-hatred; “Their madness is according to the likeness of a serpent;” The Catholic Action formula of resistance, restoration and reconstruction; Prayer, study and action; Not all Jews are our enemies – only the guilty ones; Christ’s preeminent mission: “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” This must be our mission as well.

    1. Two Kingdoms at War: A Brief Overview

    Demons gather in hell on the very day of the Crucifixion; a conspiracy is hatched at the “Council of the Malignant” to devise a plan to counter the Redemption; The Pharisees are their point-men; 20 centuries later, crypto-Judaic-Totalitarianism threatens to consummate the overthrow of God on earth by ratifying a One World Tyranny under the framework of a New World Order; Conflict of the Ages; God is pouring out His wrath upon the nations that acknowledge Him not; A slew of errors – from Russia with hate; Crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism; Synagogue of Satan; Talmud, Kabbalah and Holocaust – sum and substance of the demonic “deposit of faith” and unholy trilogy of Antichrist theology; Catholic theology coupled with a Catholic worldview and spirit of militancy.

    2-Do Not Allow The Faithful to be Deceived

    Revolutionary Judaism can only be effectively countered by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Eminent churchmen warn of conspiracy of the Synagogue – Fr. Oreglia, Msgr. Dillon, Msgr. Delassus, Msgr. Jouin, Rev. Garcia Bishop of Tuy, Fr. Fahey, Bp. Sigaud, Maurice Pinay (pseudonym for 12 priests who collaborated in the writing of The Plot Against the Church), Msgr. Lefebvre; Lefebvre was not silent on the Jewish threat as many of his supporters are led to believe; He clearly identified “Israel” and “the Jews” in the plot to discredit his person and distrupt his mission; The Supreme Pontiffs sound the alarm; the Popes take decisive action against Jewish menace.

    3-Traditional Teaching on the Jews

    Sicut Ludeis Non – a policy of charity, doctrinal integrity and militant self-defense; St. John Crysostom says Jewish life is not a venerable one; The “Judaizing Disease” of the popular notion of Judeo-Christian heritage; St. Bernard instructs that Jews are not to be persecuted; St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the words from the Cross, “Father forgive them,” apply to the Jewish people but not to the Jewish leaders; The question of deicide and the collective responsibility of the Jews for the death of Christ; The Church shows Jews the same charity even after the Talmud became known; WWII, the Jews and the Pope who stood herocially against Hitler; Jewish praise for Pius XII.

    4-The Chosen People No Longer

    Jesus Christ Catholic; the God of Israel; “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not;” Mosaic and Sinai covenant defunct; The Lord God of Israel makes a new covenant with the House of Israel; The faithful Jew adheres to the teachings of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus; Judaism based on the refusal of the Messiah broke its covenant with God; Old and New Testaments alike center on Christ; Limited number with lineage to Abraham; Modern Jews mostly of Khazar ancestry; Christians responsible for the Passion, Jews for the Crucifixion; The Catholic Church is the new Israel; Catholics the new chosen people.

    5. Jews’ False Claim to Palestine

    That Jews have no right to Holy Land is asserted by the Church up to the death of Pius XII; St. Pius X explains why this purported “right” cannot be conceded; Why Jews were dispersed throughout the world and why they were to remain so until their acceptance of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord; Not a few Jews speak against Zionism.

    6-The Revolutionary Jew – The

    “Chosen People” of Satan

    Brief survey of the history of Pharisaic, rabbinic, Talmudic, Khazarian Jewry; “People of the Serpent;” Judaism and the Revolution; Beginning with Barabbas; Negating the fruits of the Redemption; “We are the fathers behind all revolutions;” Jews a menace to all nations; they were behind the world’s plunge from Christianity into liberalism, immorality, secularism, world apostasy and global totalitarianism; Jews behind most heresies, secret societies, revolutions and wars from the 4th thru 21stcenturies; The Judaic war against Christ, His Church and Christian nations; The great charity of the Inquisitors; Gregory IX uncovers the Talmud; Talmud condemned by Trent; Benedict XIV’s injunction of 1751; Predator Capitalism and the Rise of the Rothschilds; The Rothschild Protocols of 1773; Rothschilds fund the Illuminati; Jewish financial supremacy, economic domination; Creating a World Dictatorship under Rabbinic hegemony; The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita; The Letter of Piccolo Tigre; Msgr. Delassus on kindred spirits of Judaism, Freemasonry, Americanism and Modernism; The Synagogue targets the New World; “Jewish roots of American Constitution;” U.S. founding principles condemned by the Church; The Jewish spirit behind Americanism’s “civil religion;” Liberty for all but Christ’s one true Church; Jews gather at anti-Council of Leipzig to promote principles of 1789 to insure future of Judaism; Masonry, the Illuminati and the French Revolution; Jews at the innermost circles of Freemasonic initiation; Freemasonry: secret government of the revolutionary Jew; Sect of darkness; occult Judaism, the Illuminati and the OTO; Immigration and inculturation for the undoing of Christian society; Jews behind Open Immigration Law of 1965; Pantheism and the New Age Movement; Modern psychology/psychiatry; kings of porn; lords of slavery and prostitution; Jews behind sexual revolution of the 1960s; Divide and conquer in the name of “Civil Rights; Leaders of the abortion holocaust; Communism a Talmudic creation; Discerning historians; The spirit of the world is the Jewish spirit – anti-supernatural and supranationalist; Neo-Modernism and the Jewification of the Church; Neo-modernism worse than modernism; Mary, so hated by the damned in hell and their human collaborators on earth, has repeatedly warned about this crisis; Fatima Third Secret divulges apostasy within hierarchy, warns of future evil council (Vatican II) and the destruction of altering the liturgy of the Mass (New Mass); Schism, another of Russia’s errors, impacting the modern Church; The untold story of Jews as Nazi collaborators; Jews that bankrolled the Third Reich; Rakovsky’s startling confession; Hitler, Nazi and Zionist alliance; Zionism a monstrous malignancy; Today’s greatest threat: the Synagogue not the Mosque; the historic authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; U.S. Military confirms Protocols’ authenticity in 1919; Other Protocols not to be discounted; Zionism, three world wars and the dawning New World Order.

    7-Talmud & Kabbalah – Chains

    of the Rabbinic Captivity

    Babylonian Talmud compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf; Unspeakable blasphemies against Jesus and Mary; Talmud as ultimate hate literature; Less offensive forgeries published in order to disarm critics; Gnosticism, pantheism and the New Age; The real hate criminals; Satanic verses; pagan mysticism and a pagan priesthood; Kabbalah and Black Magic; Author of The Talmud Unmasked assassinated for disclosing Talmud’s darkest secrets; Msgr. Dalassus terms the Talmud “the code of hatred most violent”; Christ Himself spoke against the orally transmitted Talmudic corruption of the Torah.

    8-Rabbinic Judaism Thrives on


    The notion of dangerous minds; The Blame Game a diversion; Dogma of Perpetual Victimhood – exploiting it to the maximum; The word shuts down reason and discredits critics; Anti-Semitism is “indispensable” to Jewish agenda; Anti-Semitism “the greatest scam ever perpetuated on the human race;” Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism; The hysteria of Jewish victimhood; The Holocaust Industry and Dogma; The Fallacy of Catholic “anti-Semitism;” The new anti-Semitism; Catholics abhor Jew hatred; The Catholic Church condemned anti-Semitism long before Vatican II; Why Catholics must not apologize for historic “anti-Semitism;” “The Church had nothing to do with the rise of modern anti-Semitism’” Who are the real anti-Semites? Deploring anti-Semitism does not mean Catholics should surrender to the Synagogue of Satan; Resistance to their evil designs a requirement of true Catholicism; our silence or non-resistance is worse than cowardice – it is treason against Christ the King; Compromising Traditional Catholics find it expedient to jump on the anti anti-Semitic bandwagon; The ultimate objective of Anti-Semitism is to keep Christ from the throne of His social Kingship; The Inquisition defended; The Popes were justified in taking action against Jewish perfidy; Exposing Jewish perfidy not Jew hatred but an act of mercy; Hate crimes and other lies.

    9-Jewish Dominance in America

    “Zionism controls you;” The Powers that Govern; A tale of two governments (visible and invisible, legitimate and illegitimate); Clinton’s presidential pardon at behest of the Anti-Defamation League; ADL: Judaism’s attack dog; B’nai B’rith – “the real-life Elders of Zion;” Chabad Lubavitch – “near the pinnacle of power of the U.S. government; Jewish control in all fields; The Money Power in Jewish hands; The Israeli lobby; AIPAC – agents of a foreign government; the Jewification of America; Meyer Lansky, Murder Inc., Organized Crime and Israel; Organizatsiya; The Russian Mafia in reality the Jewish Mafia; Jewish Russian-Israeli organized crime syndicate protected by the highest offices; Organized crime – Cosa Nostra or “Kosher” Nostra; McCain, Guiliani, Donald Trump and the Jewish Mafia; Clearly USA is One Nation Under Israel; Wall Street, the White House, Congress, Hollywood, the media (liberal, conservative, populist); Dual citizenship exclusive to Israel; crypto-rabbinic Neo-cons – a false (controlled) opposition to the socialist left; “Christian Zionism” a counterfeit Christianity; Neocons – False patriots and psychopathic war-mongers; Obama – “the first Jewish president;” Rahm Emanuel – the “Mossad spy” who ran White House;” Chertoff – “Zionist head of American Gestapo;” George Soros: High Priest of the International Rothschild/Illuminati/OTO crime syndicate; Hagee, Hannity, Limbaugh, Joseph Farah, Sarah palin – “the darling of the Zionist right; Glen Beck – “the most dangerous man in America?” – all Zionist agents or assets; the Noahide Law; The Global anti-Semitism Review Act; The State Department’s Office of Global Anti-Semitism; The union of Synagogue and state.

    10- The Phony “War on Terror” – Israel’s Complicity in the 9/11 Terror Attacks

    Prior knowledge a factual certainty; Massive government cover-up; Treason at the highest levels of power; the media complicity; An inside and outside job – uncovering the Israeli/Mossad connection; 9/11 pre-attack warnings; Mossad moles in the Pentagon and Dept. of defense; Israel’s foreknowledge; the Israeli motive; “A war for Israel not America;” Mossad unmasked; Israeli spies safely escorted out of country; Mossad hit squads; Jew Kissinger invited to head 9-11 commission; Capt. May’s testimony; The “Clash of Civilizations” myth; The main threat, again, not the Mosque but the Synagogue; Jews are further from Christ than Muslims; Crusades were morally just defensive wars (in contrast to today’s immorally aggressive wars); Today’s War on Terror more a REIGN OF TERROR; War on Terror clearly forbidden by the Church’s Just War doctrine.

    11. Israel Our Enemy

    Israel’s savage attack on USS Liberty; The “Levon” Affair; A definite pattern; Millions of Americans remain clueless; Trillions for the Israeli war regime, more debt and body bags for hard-pressed Americans.

    12. Israel & The Rape of the Holy Land: Invasion, War, Occupation,

    Oppression & Genocide

    Holy Land targeted; Six myths about Zionism; The idolatry of Israelitism; Pius XII laments the secularization of the Holy City and desacralization of the holy places; The notion of master race and deification of Israel; The illusion of Jewish exceptionalism and the idolatry of race, religion and nationality; The Israel of God vs. the Israel of the flesh; Pius XI condemns extreme nationalism which applies not only to Nazi germany but Zionist Israel (no less than the USA); Revolutionary Jewry moves on Russia and the Holy Land – communism and two world wars open the way; Solzhenitsyn asserts Jews behind atheistic communism; Zionist war ethics knows no moral prohibitions; Israel, Satan’s Kingdom; The aggressor nation; Direful atrocities in graphic detail; Acts of inhumanity and sacrilege unlimited; Muslim rage the product of Jewish inhumanity and genocide.

    13-Rome’s Thirty Pieces of Silver

    Jews help forge the Counterfeit Church; the Counterfeit Church helps facilitate Jewish world supremacy; Today’s Judases inside the Church; Surrendering to the counter-Church; Novus Ordo Missae and the Jewification of the Catholic Mass; Vatican II and Judaism; The Jewish Fifth Column; Jules Isaac and Rome’s break with the past; Modernist Rome buckles under pressure from Jews; Syllabus of Errors from Jewish-Catholic dialogue; Conversion of Jews and steadfast opposition to Jewish conspiracy no longer Church policy; Conciliar Church accepts “chosen people” and “dual-covenant” theories; Jewish pressure to stop canonizations of Pius XII and Queen Isabella; Revolution in the Church gets underway: The Vatican-Moscow Agreement; Little difference between Ratzinger the liberal theologian and Benedict the “conservative” pope; The attack is primarily against Christ and His Church; Fatima’s 3rd secret and Vatican’s sellout to the Synagogue of Satan; Mideast bishops condemn “Christian Zionism;”

    14-The Holocaust – The Crucifixion

    Eclipsed by the “Six Million”

    The question of the Holocaust is more theological than historic; Revolutionary Jewry behind Jewish suffering; The myth of the “victim Jew;” Jews cry “six million” during FIRST World War; Hitler’s “Final Solution” – deportation! The Holocaust as another “chain” used to keep Jews enslaved under the Rabbinic Captivity; the Holocaust as smokescreen; overshadowing the preeminent Holocaust in history – the Holy Sacrifice of the Son of God on Calvary; Solid proofs of the myth of the six million and gas chambers; The truth about Pius XII; The Bp. Williamson affair in perspective; How traditional Catholics handed Jews a major victory by not defending Bp. Williamson who spoke truth to power – as did Christ Himself; Michael Hoffman’s brilliant analysis; Christ crucified overshadowed by Six Million crucified; The Holocaust as supreme dogma and sacrament of the Counterfeit Church, nothing less than a principal tenet of Antichrist theology.

    15-Consequences and Conclusions

    of the Utmost Severity

    Overview recap and conclusions. Why exposing “Holocaustism” is central to the struggle surrounding the Kingship of Christ and the overthrow of the Reign of Satan in the modern world; Beware of Traditional Catholics who parrot the Zionist party line; Demons dwell in the synagogues; Evil on the march; The mystery of iniquity unfolding before us; Totalitarian trends and the occupation of America are the signs of the times; America “must become either a Catholic State or a Slave State;” In rejecting Catholic America, we are in the fast-lane to American Totalitarianism; The total dissolution of human society; Liberalism yesterday, apostasy today, totalitarianism tomorrow; Judaized man is bringing bondage down upon himself, his household, his fatherland; Decline & Fall of Christian America; We are far advanced on the road to tyranny; Methods of conquest; Police State USA: the nightmare becomes reality here and now; The “Alphabet Police” and SWAT units on steroids; “The Empire turns its guns on its citizenry;” Martial Law and the confiscation of home defense weapons; Jews lead the crusade for a disarmed people; Israeli/Mossad connection to U.S. Police State; The making of the American Gulag; FEMA and the American “Death Camps;” Demonizing, criminalizing, crushing the resistance; The resurgence of Judaic Communism; Jews regain control over Russia via organized crime (Jewish Mafia); Also called “the second rape of Russia;” World War III underway; The countdown to “Megiddo” (Hebrew for Armageddon); The Revolution’s Final Phase; Israel’s nuclear “Samson Option;” Israel and the Antichrist; Jews & the mark of the Beast; The coming of Antichrist; The cult of Satan & the New World Order; Blood offerings to Lucifer; The NWO: the serpent’s last great insult at the throne of God before he is crushed beneath the Virgin’s heel; Our choices are simple: Christ and Catholicism or collapse and conflagration; While the Total State is fast descending, Total War is already upon us: How will we respond to it? That is the subject of the concluding chapter.

    16-Mobilization For Counterrevolution

    The right and duty to resist – we must fight back; The necessity of a profoundly Catholic worldview; The spirit of Catholic militancy; Catholic spirituality necessary but not enough; The militant Catholic is always counterrevolutionary; Revolutionary Judaism can only be stopped by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Totalitarianism, especially in its current Talmudic form, is more of a religious than political problem; Too weak a resistance up to now; Has the smoke of Satan entered the Traditional Movement? Has the traditional movement been infiltrated at the top? Has a diabolical disorientation poisoned our thinking? If not, where is the organized, concerted, militant opposition to International Jewry which Holy Mother Church demands? Catholicism loses credibility in the minds of many to the degree it has retreated from its opposition to the Synagogue of Satan; The imitation of Christ; One mind with the Magisterium: Intellectual formation of the soldier of Christ; Liberals vs. conservatives – the illusion of opposing forces; Modern conservatism – a bastard movement; The “Lesser Evil”? – You’ve been deceived! Obliterating the “lesser evil” argument; The politics of God and the Reign of Christ; Going on the offensive: “The times we live in demand action;” the papal call to arms; Catholic Action: Because God wills it and the Church requires it; Catholic Action and the interior life: the necessary of spiritual fortifications; Grace and the forging of a powerful resistance; Catholic Action: making good men strong and strong men heroic; Catholic Action and the clergy; No substitute for Catholic Action, and no excuse for every pastor not to sponsor C.A. in his parish, say the popes; The good shepherd watches over his flock; The scandalous silence of our shepherds; Pius XI blasts churchmen who are indifferent or asleep on their watch; The enemy’s running scared – now is the time to seize the initiative and go on the offensive; Forging a United Front: demolishing enemy strongholds; There is the Judaism that does not know Christ and the Judaism that hates Him: the first we must rescue, the latter resist; The Catholic’s Final Solution to the Jewish problem: CONVERSION; “Return rebellious Israel!” “Let my people go!” Breaking the chains of the Rabbinic Captivity; St. Peter’s discourse: “Ye men of Judea…” Evil men have no hope of things to come; Fatima & the fate of mankind; By command of the Queen – Mary summons her children to “fight!” The victory of Mary foreseen: Rallying behind she who is commissioned to crush the head of the serpent; The conversion of Russia and the power of the Rosary; THE VICTORY OF CHRIST FORESEEN.

    “Sacred Heart Enthronement & One-Hundred Million Rosary Crusade”

    For the conversion of Russia (Jews worldwide), Muslims, Conciliar Catholics and of the world, and the universal social reign of Jesus our King and Mary our Queen. No one on earth will be counting, but in Heaven, lest man takes credit for what rightly belongs to Our Lord and Our Lady.

  • James Lawson

    Revelation mentions, a “One world religion” under the Anti-Christ. This one would sure appear to be it. Religion is man’s feeble attempt to reach up to God. A relationship, or Christianity, is God’s perfect completion of reaching down to man and giving him salvation. Beheading children, I don’t care who you are or what you think, is nothing more than pure evil at work. Make no mistake about it. The adversary is hard at work in the religion of Islam, just like it was back in the Dark Ages with Catholicism. The people on a multitude of occasions have proven to lie to our faces, while saying something else in their own tongue to their own. To say all were born as Muslims, first off is saying that God, or in their case, Allah, made a mistake. OOOOPS. Allah, is a false God, he’s better known as the prince of the power of the air. He has wanted us to worship him since his fall from heaven. So now you see his followers in action. Things will get much worse before they get better.

  • Option2Buy

    It’s pretty simple to me. ANY religion which promotes the belief that you must be converted or die is not a religion at all. It’s a cult and needs to be treated as such.

  • Betty
  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    So … to make a long story short, the Muslims who *aren’t* strapping bombs to their chests to convert or kill the rest of us are “doin’ it wrong.”

    Yep. That’s the conclusion my friend Rashid came to when he went from Muslim to Agnostic…and then his family killed him.

  • 1tri_city_lady

    Very important and informative article.

  • HD1683

    “The world cannot be at “peace” until it is all Muslim.”, that kinda says it all. There is no need to put any more deep, deep thoughts into an ideology based on the ravings and actions of a blood-thirsty bandit/pedophile.

  • Mike_Travis

    Father, thank you so much for writing this article. I pray daily that Western leaders, priests, ministers, pastors, and rabbis will awaken to the truth of your words before it is too late, for if they do not, we may all face the reality of being conquered by islam.

    That is a fate I cannot nor will not accept for me. my children, or grandchildren. So I pray that God will intervene so as to remove the threat of islam. Meanwhile, I take the only other practical preparation which is to be well armed and ready for the day we face open war against muslims. It is a prospect the Church would do well to seriously consider.

  • William Marsh

    You silly religious nuts lol.

  • Thomas

    “In any case the Qu`ran allows to equiparate christianism with hypocrisy or with yâhilá,
    and much less to qualify christianism in block as kufr (denial or refusal of Al-lâh). Just be the contrary: in the Qu`ran christianism is presented as a way to approach divinity, as one of the religions revealed by Al-lâh by a noble messenger: “Certainly those who believe
    (in this divine scripture), those who profess Judaism, the christians and the
    wise – all those who open to Al-lâh and to the Last Day and work with rectitude
    – they will have their reward among his Sustainer; and nothing will have to
    fear nor to regret.” (Qu`ran, surat al-baqara 62)
    These are some of the many aleyas were Al-lâh tells us, explicitly, that christianism is a “way of salvation” comparable to islam. A perfectly licit way and that every muslim as the obligation to respect. It`s useless to expect salvation from just the nominal belonging to a certain religion. But, at the end, the supreme mistake of the Garden (Of Heaven)
    depends of what the heart of every creature holds. Like and as the Qu`ran
    repeats once and again, everyone is responsible for is acts, and by them should
    be judged. To say that someone is “saved” because he is a muslim and he is
    “condemned” for being a christian is to ignore that the unsondable Will of
    Al-lâh as the last Word. There is no doubt: there are supposed muslims there
    are and always will be in the Fire, like there are also generous and open
    hearted atheists that can be considered muslims (always that this denomination
    doesn’t disturb them).”


    An excellent article. Thank you so much for speaking the truth on this issue.

  • Jean-Francois Orsini

    I am convinced that the reason more people have not understood the underlying drive of Islam as Fr. Schall has done so well here is the lack of philosophical education. People do not have the habit at looking at first principles. They are quite satisfied with treating symptoms.

  • Sarah

    The demonization of the Muslims is to essentially present Muslims as enemies of the States, and as enemies of the world. It’s also to convey the notion that Muslims are terrorists, and that notion has been firmly ingrained into the Western thought while in fact terrorism is a creation of US intelligence. As I mentioned, Al-Qaeda which has its roots in Salafist and Wahhabi thought, in essence is a creation of intelligence operations and doesn’t emanate from Muslim world. The War on Terrorism provides the basis for demonizing the Muslim population and we’ve gone through a period of transition in that regard because initially, the demonization applies to heads of state and government of the Muslim countries, and now it has become much more generalized where Western governments are in effect targeting Muslims in their respective countries with a view to demonizing them and portraying them as terrorists and so on, and all this is all a war propaganda.

    This propaganda is there to divide people in these countries and create divisions within the United States. But secondly, it’s to portray the notion that Muslims somehow are people who are committed to non-Western values, committed to dictatorship, don’t accept democracy, are linked to extremists including terrorists; that is not directed against the heads of state of Muslim countries; it’s directed against Muslims in general; that in turn serves as an ideological underpinning to which these wars against terrorists in different parts of the world are underway. And I just like to clarify in that regard, that wherever the United States has intervened, in the context of War Terrorism, whether in Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, they have intervened under the mandate of the War on Terrorism where in fact all those Al-Qaeda affiliated entities are the creations of the US intelligence, without exception. They create Al-Qaeda entities and then they proclaim that they have to intervene when these Al-Qaeda affiliated entities commit atrocities against the civilian population.

    So, in effect, they’re on both sides. They support the rebels, and fight the rebels, as well. They support Al-Qaeda covertly with a view to destabilize the sovereign countries, and then they intervene under the pretext that they have a mandate to fight the terrorists. All this is now leading to the re-colonization of African continent, establishment of proxy regimes and destruction of entire countries.

  • Man on the street

    Jesus said if your eye causes you to sin pluck it out. You are better off going to heaven with one eye than going to hell with two eyes. Now Zero Christian believers, or priests, bishops, and even popes in the 2000 years of Christianity has emphasized that parable or actively pushing people to take out their eyes. That is the difference between crazy Islam, and crazy Christianity. Christians have brains to ignore nonsensical stuff.

  • Yadja

    Undoubtedly the best article on Islam I have ever read. Hits the nail on the head and tells the truth.

    I will share this with others.

  • p0rkch0pian

    Like, anyone should care about the pronouncements of an institution
    of Pure Evil? Don’t understand? Try these [which should be plastered
    all over the vatican, and in the foyer of every ca**olic ch**ch]:

    Your “ch**ch” – in a Bondage-granting Ritual – DESTROYED my Raped
    Fiancée in ’63 by giving her to the Rapist, as a Sex-toy!.

    Two lives torn asunder when ca**olic ch**ch sanctioned a Forced
    “marriage” of My Sweet Love to her Rapist! Pure Evil!!

    Lives 2gether DIDN’T Survive ca**olic ch**ch sanctioned Forced “marriage”
    of My Sweet Love to her Rapist! Pure Evil!!

    Eleventh Commandment / Priestly Edict: Love Thy Rapist With All Thy Heart & Soul;
    Cleave to Him forever & Bear divers Offspring for brainwashing, or go to Hell.
    So Help You doG!

    Note: When she, the victim and severely Abused Hostage tried, early in the Forced Servitude, to get an annulment, she was rejected by one of the Devil’s Disciples, who admonished her, “You made your bed, now lie in it!” She did not “make her bed;” the c*th*l*c ch*rch made it!.

    When islamoNazis raid the vatical treasuer trove, and convert St. Peters to a Mosque, there will be no tears shed here!

  • Lou Hodges

    Its a lot more complicated than that. The American communist party is partners with the Islamists – they clear the way for the New World Order. That’s why you see so many Americans suddenly endorsing radical Islam – its part of the party message – Ben Afleck for instance – idiot actor based his entire career on the communist party alliance with the Federal government, and obama, and now he’s out spewing propaganda – I’m writing a book about it right now. I met all these old time communists when my husband was a Russian translator for the military. The US has always been in bed with Stalin’s old secret police – they came here during the cold war – I had dinner with them, but I never thought I would have to write a book about it –

  • Chris Anderson

    Well written and well said. The problem is not radical anything. it is the sheeple who do nothing. Not all Germans were Nazi’s. Not all Russians were Communists. But a small vocal, violent handful were able to take over Germany, Russia, Cuba, China, Uganda, Rwanda, Chad etc. and look what happened. The good people of those countries did nothing. They sat on their hand said this is just a small vocal group. When the “regular” people woke up, it was too late. Isolation got us into WW I and WW II. “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • dortalina

    Sorry but the “Rev.” Schall went all the way round the mulberry bush to say nothing. Islam is an ideology from hell, inspired by hell and will wind up in hell. There is no allah. The whole mess is a lie empowered by the devil himself. This war will never end till Jesus comes — the Son of the True and Living God.

  • Messenger

    Exorcist revisited and Islam—The Devil loves Islam

  • Posercom

    A valid question would be: was Mohammed a moderate or a radical Muslim?

  • Posercom

    Saddam Hussein, Ghadaffi, Mubarack, The Saudi Royal family and most of our political leaders all belong to the same Satanic Cult- The Free Masons. Islamic terror has and always will be a useful tool for them to scare free people into allowing intrusion on their privacy and limits on their constitutional rights. Wake up people. They are so arrogant they are even beginning to name these terrorist groups that they train and arm after their Pagan Gods, Isis and Koronson

  • Posercom

    John Kerry and both presidents Bush belong to Skull and Bones. What problem would they possibly have with Islamic terrorist when they belong to a Satanic Cult?

  • doomsdae

    Nine and a half yrs. ago, we went to Granada Spain to visit my niece who was studying there. We did the sites and also went to the Arab district and stopped at a Café. The Arab owner noticed we were Americans but of Spanish descent. He came to sit at our table, we spoke in Spanish and we had a nice visit w/him so, he invited us the following evening of which we accepted. Somehow we got into Politics and the only thing I can remember (we immediately left after his statements) was he said; “We are going to take back Spain.” I then said to him, “Spain was never your country, you conquered it for about four hundred years!” He then stated with great assurance, “and we are going to conquer your country!” Meaning the United States. I being naïve at that time said to him, oh really? Just how do you plan on doing that! He stated; “We are already coming in through CANADA & MEXICO….

  • Posercom

    Central America is full of Islamic Jihadists. Obama has now made it possible for citizens of Central America to apply for refugee status and become legal citizens of America when their application is approved. This reckless decision got no attention from the main stream media and they have all but forgotten about the several thousand refugees that just happened to make it through Mexico to get to our southern states, I mention this because the Islamic terrorist are all over Honduras, Guatamalla and El Salvador. These are the countries from which all those young refugees came and now they don’t even have to make the trip but can apply for refugee status from their home country. This is a plan that the U.N. has been pushing on U.S.. It is an open boarder policy and it will prove to be extremely dangerous to US In so many ways. Americas sovereignty is being usurped while the sheeple make up their fantasy Football teams and watch the Housewives of wherever on T.V.. If Americans do nothing to free their minds from the constant mind control they are being feed on their T.V.s and at the movies the Islamist will take US over. And they will do it with the help of the Free Masons who have even more sinister plans for America.

  • What is Islam? Islam is evil. Islam is the AntiChrist, meant to make slaves of all men, to extinguish happiness, liberty and freedom. Islam is submission to that same Satanic force that tempted Jesus so long ago; not so with the illiterate sheep herder of Arabia. Islam’s appeal is death. Islam’s appeal is taking whatever your right hand possesses. Islam’s appeal is a Muslim’s superiority over others. Islam’s appeal is that it elevates those who embrace criminality, seething hate and anger, and attention. It appeals to the pagan that resides in the hearts of lesser men. Since the Muslim is devoid of logic and reason and relies totally on the dictates of Allah, he is unable to make decisions or choices. Allah’s hand directs him and that makes the Muslim a very dangerous creature that must be taken down by force like a rabid animal. There is no connection or communication between us and them because they look upon us as a degree below them- inferior, subhuman.

  • SnakePlissken

    If you would truly study the histroy of Man, you would find that Cental Asians have invaded ALL others. The Great Wall of China was built to keep out Mongols, and those Mongols invaded Persia and Europe too. The Arabic-Muslims invaded Africa and now there is the Boko Haram types there. The North-African Moors became Muslims by Muslim-Conquest and they invaded Eruope. The Arabic-Muslims invaded Persia (now Iran) and obliterated the relatively peaceful Zoastrian society of Persia which is where Jesus studied when gone from Judea for a decade. Yes, the Persians (Iranians) overthrew the US Embassy – for good reason too, but they never harmed a single hostage for 444 days either. They let the women and children go and several men who fell ill – and all others, captive after 444 days, left Iran in good health. Contrast THAT to the Sunni Arabic Muslims of ISIS, the same as Sadam Hussein who is reported to have been extremely inhumane, and the likes of Boko Haram.
    But we have The Nation of Islam right here in the USA too, and many variations of that. Study that group too – and you’ll learn whoyour enemoies are, Mr. white man. The Russians and Chinese are not our enemies either – the USSR was not White Russia – it was a nation built by conquest (revolution) by Turcic-Mongols. Those same Ottoman Turks invaded Europe and were as deep into Europe as Vienna – and the Mongols were as far as Kiev too. There is difference between White Russia with a city named St. Petersburg and the USSR whihc had renamed it Leningrad.

  • Minnesota Mary

    Pat Buchanan said in one of his columns about the rise of Islam, “In order to fight a faith you have to have a faith.” The West has abandoned Christianity for Secular Humanism and hedonism. In the Old Testament we see God’s chosen people turning away from him and embracing the pagan ways of other nations. They were taken over by their enemies. And God took the credit for it.

    Could it be that Islam is the unleashing of God’s wrath on the post or anti-Christian West? I don’t think carpet bombing Muslim nations is going to work out for the West. Perhaps a return to God and His New Covenant will yield the results the Christians received at the Battle of Lepanto a long time ago.

  • Kafir911

    Islam means submission. I refuse to submit unlike the politically correct Left (mainly) who refuse to educate themselves on the threat of Islam and stealth jihad. I would like to recommend the booklets publish by Dr. Bill Warner at the Center for the Study of Political Islam, particularly, “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims” which is available for free here:

  • Brother

    I’ve told you again and again ; It’s Wahhabist’s original idea to dominate the non WAhhabist countrys , by using .distraction tactics to make you all tobecome un aware of the attack . The only remedy is separate the wahhabist from the moderate muslim comunity; Then send all the Wahhabist home ; and then reeducate the moderate muslims to realise that islam is only a bad cult ; and leave it , as soon as possible !

  • Sarah

    I have read or heard countless of analysts in the last few weeks discussing the war on Islamic State (IS).

    Unquestionably, putting an end to IS is a step in the right direction. But if anyone has the delusion that defeating IS militarily is the answer, I suggest they take a look at Afghanistan and Waziristan in Pakistan.

    After more than a decade of war and bombardment, the “defeated” Taliban has expanded into Pakistan while Al Qaeda sprouted in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria. The killing of Bin Laden brought us Al Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed new Muslim Caliph.

    The powers that helped the Taliban and Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets, and then used Israeli lies to destroy Iraq, are unqualified to put an end to IS.

    Instead of air strikes, the international community must first consider drying the swamp that allows IS to flourish.

    IS is the product of regional politics and foreign invasions combined with US and Western powers’ unchecked diplomatic and financial support for the “Jewish State” (JS). IS flourishes thanks to Western pandering of JS as an exceptionalist state beyond reproach, defying UN resolutions with complete impunity.

    For the majority of people in the Arab and Muslim world, there is no difference between a dagger held to the neck of innocent Westerners by an IS member or a blown-up brain of a six-month-old baby by American-made JS planes.

    The JS slaughter of innocents, the continued starvation diet imposed on women and children in Gaza, the appropriation of Muslim and Christian properties in the holy city of Jerusalem and land confiscation in the West Bank to benefit “Jewish only” colonies are lifelines for IS.

    IS exploits peoples’ anger to recruit frustrated young men and women, aiming to establish a utopian religious state, just as the Zionists have done.

    How could the West accept JS’s claim of a special covenant with a god to displace non-Jews from their homes, but deny IS the right to claim the same with their god? IS and JS are two states proclaiming monopoly over the absolute truth to justify the most abhorrent acts in the name of God.

    Western support for JS while it condemns IS must stem from hypocrisy, racism or both.

    While almost everyone knows about IS’s crimes and self-righteous interpretation of religion, JS’s crimes are sanitised and very few are exposed to its pretentious monopoly on God.

    In the JS, the late chief rabbi Ovadi Yosef, founder of a major Israeli party, proclaimed once that Israel’s god created non-Jews for the sole purpose of serving “the People of Israel”. He went further in a religious sermon to explain that gentiles were like “one’s donkey”, they live to work and plough so a Jew can “sit like an effendi”.

    About killing Palestinians, the Israeli chief rabbi said: “It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable.”

    Explaining Hurricane Katrina in the US, Yosef blamed the disaster on African Americans’ lack of “enough Torah study”.

    “Black people reside there… (God said) let’s bring a tsunami and drown them,” he said.

    This is the philosophy of a highly decorated Jewish authority in JS, Talmudic scholar and a spiritual leader for the closed club of the “effendi” chosen race.

    Muslim scholars have joined forces to unequivocally condemn IS acts. But where are the Jewish and Western voices to condemn JS excesses against Christian and Muslim Palestinians?

    War might force IS to retreat, but the jihadists’ idea will grow for as long as the US continues supplying oxygen to regenerate bacteria in a cesspool replenished by Western double standards. IS and JS share the same philosophy, the only difference is their point of reference.

  • jcmmanuel

    I think James Vincent Schall is wrong.

    Mr. Schall, being a Jesuit, seems to make the obvious mistake people tend to make when they oppose a religion – either from a non-religious point of view or (in this case) a “other-religious” point of view. He clearly takes radical literalism in religion for granted (or, in Islamic terms, he rejects abrogation). Why does he do this? Apparently in order to provoke the “negative-aha-experience” which is supposed to induce the desired U-turn. I can understand the motivation, but I think it’s the wrong approach.

    We’ve seen this happen many times before. In non-religious circles we’ve seen the “new atheists” come up with this approach, against both Christians and Muslims, in particular. It was the same delusion as far as I see: you approve a radical view in order to provoke its rejection by everyone else. But this is a very artificial way to achieve a certain goal, and it’s a dangerous one as well.

    A more realistic approach is to take it for granted that all religious texts are human and therefore have a relative value. As the Muslim(sic!) Abdul Sattar Edhi said: “No religion is higher than humanity”. Therefore, abrogation is the right way to deal with the past and with its many sacred scriptures. Never can a 2000 (or 1400 year old) text be THE guide for people today. There is wisdom in those books because those people in the past had 30 billion brain cells too, they were all humans like us – but those texts fall short in many domains where those people could not possibly foresee what we know today. So those ‘sacred’ texts always contain a bit of a mixture of good and reasonable and bad and very bad things.

    Therefore, abrogation (or text criticism, as we also call it) is the only way to go, and there is NO WAY to say that fundamentalists have it right. Many modern Islamic scholars would agree with that, not to mention the many non-Islamic scholars who understand religion, culture, society, politics and history in realistic (rather than ideological) ways. If we acknowledge radicals to be right, we are also sort of dehumanizing those believers who do not believe those texts so “literally”. I don’t believe in this approach.

  • Dan Madigan

    Much as I like my confrere Jim Schall, a man of undoubted learning, this article shows a great depth of ignorance and prejudice. It is the kind of thing that one often finds Muslims writing about Christianity, revealing a shallow and one-dimensional understanding of the religious other. Ask yourself what follows from what he says. If the understanding of Islam and Muslims is as essentially and ineluctably true as he says, then what alternative is there but to keep on bombing until one-fifth of the world’s population has been annihilated? A counsel of despair, surely, and unworthy of someone who claims to preach the Gospel.

  • Sugarsail1

    Just look at the founding figure of Christianity and Islam. Jesus, a martyr, went to the cross for simply preaching what he thought was the truth (early practitioner of free speech really). Mohammad a warrior, pillager, and rapist, who made up the creeds of his faith as he saw fit to materially benefit himself. Any questions? Of course that doesn’t mean people can’t do bad things in the name of a martyr, or good things in the name of a warrior/pillager, but the general course of the ship was set long ago.