Islam Minus Muhammed?

Ever since 9/11 there has been much talk about reforming Islam so that it can be more in step with the modern world.

What would a reformed Islam look like? One doesn’t have to look far for an answer. In a sense the Islamic reformation has already come and gone. It began in the colonial period and reached its height in the middle of the last century.

Unlike the Protestant Reformation, there was no dramatic moment of rebellion—no Ninety-Five Theses nailed to the door of the Grand Mosque in Cairo. Rather, the Muslim world experienced a gradual dilution of the faith as educated Muslims, enamored of the West and disillusioned by the failure of Muslim societies drifted away from Islam. In other words, the “reformation” was marked not by a new flowering of Islam but by a neglect of Islam. Consider this reminiscence by Ali A. Allawi, a former Iraqi cabinet minister:

I was born into a mildly observant Muslim family in Iraq. At that time, the 1950s, secularism was ascendant among the political, cultural, and intellectual elites of the Middle East. It appeared to be only a matter of time before Islam would lose whatever hold it still had on the Muslim world. Even that term—“Muslim world”—was unusual, as Muslims were more likely to identify themselves by their national, ethnic, or ideological affinities than by their religion.

But what looked like a change for the better from the Western point of view, looked like a loss of faith from the point of view of the true believer. For some devout Muslims, it looked like a capitulation to Satan. Thus, the “reformation” was followed by another reformation. This time it was a reformation in the generally accepted sense of the word—an attempt to return to the original form of the religion. Moreover, it was a highly successful reformation that brought sweeping changes to Muslim nations that had been on the path to secularization.

Naturally, the West is hoping for still another reformation—one that would return the Muslim world to the sleepy-time Islam that existed under the rule of monarchs such as King Farouk and the Shah of Iran. But it’s easy to underestimate the difficulty of the task. It wouldn’t be just a matter of a tweak here, a modification there, and a little less literalism elsewhere. A reformed Islam—that is, reformed to suit Western tastes—would require a radical reduction of the faith. Huge chunks of the Koran would have to be excised, ignored, or explained away. Sharia law would have to be abolished or else sharply curtailed. Most difficult of all, modernization would require a complete re-evaluation of Muhammad.

The biggest obstacle to the modernization of Islam is Muhammad himself. The task of making a man who owned a sword named “Cleaver of Vertebrae” compatible with the modern world is not an easy one. Here are some of the prophet’s exemplary deeds:

  • He married a six- year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was nine. (Bukhari, 5. 63. 3896)
  • In violation of Arab moral standards he married his own daughter-in-law. (Koran, 33:37)
  • He ordered the beheading of all the men of the captured Banu Qurayza tribe and the enslavement of the women and children. According to some accounts, between 800 and 900 men and adolescent boys were executed as Muhammad and his child bride looked on. (Ishaq, p. 464)
  • He sanctioned the rape of women captured by his troops in battle. (Muslim, Vol. 4, No. 1438)
  • After the assault on the Jews of Khaybar, Muhammad ordered that a leader of the tribe, Kinana bin al-Rabi, be tortured until he disclosed the location of the group’s treasure. A fire was lit on Kinana’s chest but, as he still refused to reveal the secret, Muhammad had him beheaded. Muhammad had promised Kinana’s young wife, Safiya, to another Muslim, but, after hearing of her beauty, he went back on his word and took her in “marriage” for himself.   By some accounts, this occurred only hours after he dispatched her husband. (Ishaq, p. 515; Bukhari, 1. 8. 367)

Quite obviously, the prophet’s life is hard to reconcile with the moderate modern view of things. So how do you solve a problem like Muhammad? To the Western mind the answer seems easy enough. Simply give Muhammad a downgrade. Deemphasize his importance. Recognize that all great men have feet of clay. Think of him as a very imperfect vessel through which Allah was trying to impart timeless truths. Above all, remember that he was a man of his time, and make allowances accordingly.

But if he was a man of his time—with all the brutality, blood lust, and narrow prejudices of those times—how can he be a model for our times? Because that’s what he is for Muslims all over the world. In Islamic tradition he is considered to be the perfect human and therefore, as the Koran says, “a beautiful pattern” of behavior (33:21). This passage, by the way, comes just three pages before the passage in which Allah exonerates Muhammad for having married his daughter-in-law, Zaynab: “No blame shall be attached to the prophet for doing what is sanctioned for him by God” (33:38).

With a few exceptions, the general rule of Islamic ethics is that if Muhammad did or sanctioned something, then it’s okay for other Muslims as well. (One of the exceptions is that whereas Muslim men are allowed to have only four wives at a time, Muhammad was permitted to have as many wives as he wished.) Exceptions aside, Muhammad is the model for Muslims. The dominant Muslim belief is that he was without sin. Although no claim of divinity is made for him, he is a highly exalted person. Thus, the role Muhammad plays in the lives of Muslims is comparable to the role Christ plays in the lives of Christians. Just as Christians who are seeking direction ask, “What would Jesus do?”, Muslims ask, “What would Muhammad do?”

Non-Muslims tend to underestimate just how central Muhammad is to Islam. He cannot be safely kept out of sight like some embarrassing relative in a nineteenth-century novel who is locked away in the attic of the family mansion. Preaching an Islam without Muhammad is like trying to preach Christianity without Christ (it’s been tried, but not many have been attracted to what a Flannery O’Connor character calls “The Holy Church of Christ Without Christ”).

Although Muhammad is not considered to be divine, he is considered to be the chief spokesman for the divinity. And although the worst sin in Islam is to associate partners with God, Muhammad seems to have formed an indissoluble partnership with Him. For example, almost every time Allah is mentioned in the Koran, Muhammad is mentioned in the same breath. Consider some sample passages:

  • He that obeys God and his apostle shall dwell forever in gardens watered by running streams (4: 13).
  • Believers, obey God and obey the Apostle…. Should you disagree about anything refer it to God and the Apostle (4: 59).
  • He that obeys God and the Apostle shall dwell with the prophets and the saints (4: 69).
  • He that leaves his dwelling to fight for God and his apostle … shall be recompensed by God (4: 100).
  • Believers, have faith in God and his Apostle (4: 136).

And that’s just from one sura. The God-and-his-apostle theme appears over and over in the pages of the Koran. Need I point out that the apostle referred to is Muhammad himself? So on the one hand, Islam declares that God has no partners, and on the other hand, Muhammad and God seem to have formed one of the great partnerships of all time—beside which Antony and Cleopatra, Lewis and Clark, and Rodgers and Hammerstein pale by comparison.

The religion of Islam was at one time widely known as “Mohammedanism.” You can see why. Muhammad wrote the script, directed the play, and assigned the central role to himself. Since God is inaccessible and is known only through what Muhammad says of Him, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that when the Koran says “obey God and the Apostle” what is really meant is “obey the Apostle.”

Muhammad is the cornerstone. The religion is built around him. He can’t be left out of the story. According to Reliance of the Traveller, one of the most authoritative manuals of Islamic law:

Allah has favored him above all the other prophets and has made him the highest of mankind, rejecting anyone’s attesting to the divine oneness by saying “there is no God but Allah,” unless they also attest to the Prophet by saying “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

Got that? It’s not enough to declare your belief in the oneness of Allah. You also have to affirm the prophethood of Muhammad. He may be a messenger, but he’s no messenger boy.

Muhammad must be kept free of the stain of human imperfection because he is indispensable to Islam. The very authenticity of the Koran hangs on his word. Muhammad’s claim to have received a revelation from God is not corroborated by any other source. No one else received any message from Gabriel and no one witnessed any message being imparted to Muhammad (although he was on occasion observed to sweat and go into a trancelike state). In the final analysis, Muslims have nothing to go on except his word. Consequently, they don’t take kindly to any questioning of the prophet’s trustworthiness.

To Western eyes, the words and deeds of Muhammad make him incompatible with everything modern and moderate. From our perspective, he is an impediment to the reformation of Islam. It seems reasonable to deemphasize him. But because Islam and Muhammad are conjoined at the hip, what seems reasonable to us seems impossible to Muslims.

In the 1930s, Turkish president Kemal Ataturk could refer to Islam as the “theology of an immoral Arab.” It’s highly unlikely that any Muslim leader of today would dare to say such a thing, even if he believed it. The conditions that made possible the mellowing of Islam during the last two centuries no longer exist. Islam then had been on the skids ever since the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Islam now is both feared and respected. The West then was strong and confident. The West now is still militarily strong, but in cultural and political terms it is perceived to be weak and indecisive.

Something else has changed as well. Islam’s transition to a more moderate mode occurred before the era of mass communications—before television, before the Internet, before smartphones and i-Pads. It was somewhat easier to ignore the prophet then because he existed largely as a folktale figure—a semi-mythical personage who seemed almost as distant as a character in the Arabian Nights. It’s a little more difficult to ignore him now, seeing that there are hundreds of websites devoted to telling you exactly what he did and said (with source references) and what he expects of you. The Internet has also made possible the re-creation of the sense of belonging to the umma—the worldwide community of Muslim believers. When Ali Allawi was a boy in the 1950s, “Muslims were more likely to identify themselves by their national, ethnic or ideological affinities than by their religion.” Nowadays, increasing numbers of young Muslims think of themselves not as Turks or Egyptians or Swedes or Brits, but as Muslims and many seem willing to go wherever the jihad calls them.

The re-reformation of Islam will be a difficult task indeed. Thanks to modern communications, Muhammad, the umma, jihad, jizya and sex slavery are more present now than they were a hundred years ago. Those genies will be difficult to put back into the bottle.

Editor’s note: The image above is a depiction of Muhammad receiving his first revelation from the angel Gabriel taken from the manuscript Jami’ al-tawarikh by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani (1307).

William Kilpatrick


William Kilpatrick taught for many years at Boston College. He is the author of several books about cultural and religious issues, including Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong; and Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, Aleteia, Saint Austin Review, Investor’s Business Daily, and First Things. His work is supported in part by the Shillman Foundation. For more on his work and writings, visit his website,

  • FernieV

    From what I know from my Muslim friends, they are not told much about the Prophet. I was very surprised when discussing with my friend Musa, who is an imam’s son, that he didn’t know about the stories we hear about Mohammed’s life. An ordinary Muslim appears to ignore them and therefore they are not a problem to live in modern society. They just say their prayers, do their fasting and pay their alms, and that seems to be it. In Tunisia, a modern Muslim country, the secular party won the elections just yesterday. And the members of this secular party will all call themselves Muslims.
    But I agree with the author that if they actually try to imitate the founder of their religion the world may not be a safe place for those of us who are not Muslims.

    • St JD George

      Thanks for sharing, your experience lines up with what I suspected. Though their 1400 year history of brutality is laid bare for anyone to read that is so inclined, you wonder in this somewhat modern age of instant communication what will stir in people’s minds when they are confronted with the daily carnage and news of IS who claims to want to establish the purest form of the Islamic state. Will that force them to be curious enough to read and then confront the distortions and missing violent passages and conclude that this is a madman, or follow “the call” too? You can’t separate the religion from the culture and it will be hard for most to abandon the culture that is so ingrained into the fiber of their being and that they must live in and among daily.

      • BXVI

        People stay in this false religion for several reasons:
        1. In many Muslim countries, apostacy brings a death sentence, blaspheming the “Prophet” brings death or prison, and evangelizing for any other religion brings death or prison.
        2. Most people in the Muslim world are relatively uneducated. Vast numbers are even illiterate. There are more books printed in Spain annually than in the entire Muslim world. They are just ignorant of the alternatives.
        3. Many Muslims have never heard an objective account of life of Muhammad or the other parts of Islam’s sordid history.
        4. The obvious Godlessness of the secular West is abhorrent to these people, and that is what is being presented / foisted upon them as the alternative to Islam.
        5. Christianity seems to have lost confidence in itself and is unwilling to call Islam out as the evil that it is. Instead it’s all diologue and ecumenism instead of trying to win souls.

        • St JD George

          I believe that fits well with Fernie’s experience from here and also previous posts. I totally agree with your last point, we seem to be reeling back on our heels unsure of ourselves collectively, and fitting with the other article today about not being made any better by our current Pope who is creating confusion by being seemingly ambiguous and not speaking with bold clarity. Bold colors, not pale pastels.

          • Paddy

            The EU is a Muslim conquest, while Hispanics conquer the USA. Alas.

            • St JD George

              I don’t fear being beheaded by my Hispanic friends and in fact I find most of my experiences positive in that they have strong family values, a hard work ethic and want to assimilate somewhat. I know there are many exceptions, I’m just saying that’s my experience. I have limited exposure to the Muslim community though we do have a mosque in town so more of what I know is what I read, and I do believe they have a culture of Taqiyya. They are flexing their muscles now in the EU because there numbers are growing sufficiently large that feel comfortable doing so. I believe it is their aim here too but they have much longer to go. They have a sympathizer in the WH and a secular culture happy to embrace anything but God’s love so perfect

              • Paddy

                So, Mexico-North is OK? I know the poobahs in our church support this transformation but too many Hispanics have illegitimates, work under the table, and mooch from the public purse.

                • St JD George

                  Not saying that at all, we do have a problem that has spanned multi generations that no politician really wants to address and treats only in the political dimension of people as pawns. Then our liberal drug use feeds so much of the security fears driving people to flee, coupled with largely incompetent Marxist aligned governments who abuse their lowest citizens. It’s impossible to build an impenetrable border over every mile so what do you do? For one, you don’t give them licenses and drive them to the polls to vote illegally, the only time you think about them being every 2 years.

                  • Paddy

                    Mexico tolerates no illegals with no diffiiculty . The former West is simply dying, stands for nothing good, and is being replaced by 3rd world invasions. In sum, we probably agree more than we disagree.

                    • St JD George

                      I don’t feel animosity towards those seeking a better life, just towards those in power who use them as pawns to hold onto their power knowing that unregulated will have negative consequences for law abiding citizens and don’t care. Then the same ones who mock drug laws with their liberal attitudes create the cartels which drive them here out of fear. It’s disgusting and they should be held accountable, in both parties.

                    • Paddy

                      Let’s illegally enter Monaco! The prince will gladly subsidize our lifestyle and give us a better life. Perhaps 100,000 of us can go there? Sure beats Jersey in the Winter. Who could hold it against us if we are simply seeking a better life?

        • CCIG

          Your numbers 4 and 5 are where we need to act….we need to reject sinfulness in western culture and in Islam. All alien to us!

  • Vinny

    Hard to believe that a religion could be built around one person with no witnesses or other writers.

    • Catholic pilgrim

      Christianity offer the world the mysterious Holy Trinity (God who is the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit). Islam offers the Binity (Allah + Muhammad); it’s sickening. Even in the Quran, Muhammad presents himself (the sinful man he was) as the Holy Spirit/Comforter (the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity), which Jesus promised & sent to us. What more blasphemy do you need?! The Quran sickeningly presents Muhammad (a sinner) as the promised Holy Spirit/Comforter. The Quran explicitly rejects the historical Crucifixion of Christ Jesus (which was the greatest event in cosmic history, defeating evil & sin, & pouring out love & peace). The Quran (written 640+ after Christ) rejects our Lord Jesus’s great “command to LOVE our enemies”, & instead offers more of that ancient, hateful creed of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. But most Christians prefer to remain ignorant & quiet- in the face of evil. Chrisitians: “Awake from your slumber” already!!

    • DE-173

      Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, L. Ron Hubbard…

      Islam just had several centuries head start.

      • St JD George

        And a lot more bodies to bury. A lot of kooks but thankfully none advocating violence … but the one.

  • JP

    Despite the “immorality of one Arab”, Islam has shown a remarkable staying power that appeals to a wide range of people and cultures. Islam is even taking root with Hispanics in Latin America.

    Whether the flavor of Islam is the violent jihaddist , or the more indolent and peaceful take, one cannot ignore its appeal. Islam, some historians have written, was founded as just another Christian heresy. The location of its founding, the Arabian Peninsula, was once a hotbed of heretical Christians. Add in the influences of Jews who lived there as well as pagan religions, and it isn’t took difficult to see some truth to this. However, it was Islam that spread. And 1500 years later, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

    • St JD George

      When you study Mohamed you learn that he was the product of a Judeo Christian upbringing, at least in the sense that he had close family members of both faiths, and that he also befriended Jewish sects for protection in alliance of convenience. If one never reads the Q’ran in entirety, study it’s history, and sits in a mosque where the Imam only chooses to read the peaceful passages of which there are many, it’s easy to see why some would come to that conclusion who don’t want to go any deeper.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      In the XXI Century there are billions of illiterate people on the planet. More billions are undereducated, and I must include college graduates the world over, who have been educated to accept Islam a s a legitimate ‘Religion’. For the west, the only way to survive on this planet is by the complete extirpation of Islam. I see no other way.

    • MrSottobanco

      Tyranny has that effect. There is nothing original to islam. It has no internal validity. Its sole success is its ability to use violence to subjugate peoples. IT WILL FAIL. Its economics are unsustainable. Foreigners keep their nations afloat. Confronted with independent inormation, all educated moslems who still desire truth will dump islam.

    • John200

      The “immorality of one Arab” is the foundation, heretical as you point out, of the whole sorry enterprise.

      But the “immorality of one Arab” deserves better than dismissive clowning around. Islam has no appeal other than, “I have a sword, you have a throat, let us put these things together in a symphony of cooperation. Otherwise, you give in and live as an inferior being. What’s yours is mine, including your wife and your cute little girls.”

      I know you see these points.I make them for others who might not, but soon will.

    • Ruth Rocker

      It appeals to so many people because it plays to the base impulses of mankind (in the general sense, not male bashing here). Nearly anything barbaric or heinous that you want to do or engage in can be found in the texts of the muslims having been done by their false prophet first.

  • St JD George

    You should include abrogation in your discussion of his human frailty. I do not know how one can’t study the two major time periods of his “prophecy” and not conclude that he was clearly human who was infused with a Judeo-Christian heritage and tried to blend it into a nomadic Arabic culture while in Mecca, but then turned maniacal once spurned not long after he took up residence in Medina. Much more than a few sentences than capture, but anyone who can follow one who believes that a God can change his mind and say anything I say now that may conflict with what I said before is the real truth, ignore that older stuff, has to be insane.
    I think there’s less of a parallel with the reformation than there is synergy with the modern secular movement. As the Arabic culture gets a taste for mammon they too move away from their faith. I also believe that because human nature abhors violence and carnage it’s easy for most to move away in discomfort and the call to jihad. But then we’re faced with the reality of our support for the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas, and IS, reeking havoc on the world. Funny how many appologists there are in the west who have no idea of the brutality they are capable of.

  • St JD George

    Some hard language, but another article that makes the point pretty clearly about this religion of peace. For whom I ask rhetorically. Another must read Mike.

    • Ruth Rocker

      Very interesting reading. The bottom line is that appeasing evil doesn’t make it go away. It only makes it stronger while weakening you. It would be nice if our elected officials as well as our religious leaders could learn this before we’re all massacred!

      • St JD George

        It takes an extraordinary quality to have the faith of a martyr knowing our treasure is not of this world. What gets lost in tolerance and live and let live philosophy is that is the opposite of love, it’s the act of enabling and the act of cowardice.

  • Nick_Palmer3

    Kinda like what Bart Ehrman and friends want to do to Jesus and Christianity?

    • Tamsin

      Jesus was a very nice Jewish boy.

    • DE-173


  • St JD George

    Related, but slightly off topic. There have been several similar stories over the past several years, but two in the last week have my head about to explode. Last week in Elizabethton, TN there was an uproar because parents found that their 8 year old kids were being brainwashed into Islam at the denigration of our country in as assignment titled “what does it take to be on Mt Rushmore”. Even more infuriating was the partially denied explanation about it supposedly being an in class assignment not to brought home where parents might be upset to learn. Now today I read about a Marine Vet who was furious to find out more or less the same was going on at his kids school in La Plata, MD, requiring the students to list the benefits to society of the Muslim faith. No where do I read either about the atheist separation of church and state crowd rushing into protest and intimidate like they love to do with displays of Christianity. Something is rotten to the core and stinks to high heaven. What in the hell is going on in this country of ours, and equally importantly, what are WE going to do about it.

    • Paddy

      Well…er….nothing? Maybe order a pizza with double cheese?

      • St JD George

        Maybe time to storm the Bastille and dispense with the royal ruling class who have contempt, starting next Tuesday.

    • zoltan

      For one, I’m going to homeschool my children.

      • St JD George

        God bless you Zoltan, and your children are already blessed to have you for a parent. If I had it to do all over again I certainly would.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Islam is a Totalitarian Ideology akin to Marxism or Nazism. As a religious cult it is more satanic than pagans who adhered to human Sacrifice, because it is insidious in its evil. Therefore, if we are to survive this conflagration we must expose it from every pulpit and teach the pernicious elements to everyone in the world. Nothing else will suffice.

    • BXVI

      Yes. I just wish our religious leaders would see this.

    • Trazymarch

      Geez… Some people are very obstinate and try to find similarities in things they don’t like and that aren’t very similar. Islam, National Socialism and Marxism are different kinds of evil and such comparisons only obscure what this religions/ideologies really are.

      • CCIG

        Don’t much care for the start of your post – kinda sounds like a mortal sin. There are plenty of similarities among all three….and most similar is their source.

        • Trazymarch

          And that source is?

    • Paddy

      We’ve met the enemy and it’s us.

      • 1Indioviejo1

        As in humanity?

        • Paddy

          Not at all. Our’s is an atheistic society now as we demolish Western Civilization. don’t you agree?

  • redfish

    The Protestant Reformation is a bad analogy to begin with and I hate when people in the media use it. Protestants were often much more the extremist than Catholics were (Puritans), and they had a taste for putting religion in the hands of the state (Divine Right). They were also responding to what they saw as the over-secularization of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance era.

    Using the analogy more properly, the Islamic world has already seen a Reformation, and we’re seeing its fruits of it right now. What we haven’t seen is a Counter-Reformation. Would-be reformers seem, at least from what I’ve seen, to often be just weak, cafeteria Muslims that don’t offer a strong moderate theology as an alternative. Say what you will about how the Koran looks to Western eyes, but I would argue current Islamists are reactionaries more than they represent any centuries long tradition.

  • Tamsin

    Nice Crisis pairing this morning.

    Loose cannon on deck, and loose cannon on deck.

  • BXVI

    With a concerted effort to destroy the “theological” basis for Islam, is imperative. We should be engaged in an ideological war to expose this thing for what it is: an evil religion made up by an evil man. Unfortunately the West, having rejected Christianity and placed man on God’s throne, has no moral authority. And unfortunately, Christian leaders are more focused on false and worthless diologue, ecumenism and wishful thinking to make a real stand for Truth and against evil.

  • BXVI

    I couldn’t disagree more with your Protestant Reformation analogy. What we saw in the early to mid 20th century was not a reformation of Islam. It was a mass secularization or weakening of faith, similar in type (but on a smaller scale) to what has happened in the West in the latter 20th century and early 21st century. The resurgence of authentic and devout Islam now is a response to, and a rejection of, that secularist trend. What we are seeing now is more akin to a “Great Awakening” than anything else.

  • cestusdei

    The solution is to convert them to Christianity.

    • DE-173

      First, we’ll need to convert nominal Christians and their less pious variant “Holly-Lillies”

      • msmischief

        The parable of the wheat and tares warns us that there shall always be such in time; the angels will sort us out at the end of the world.

        That is no excuse to ignore our duty to others.

        • DE-173

          I wouldn’t propose it as an excuse.

          I tend to agree; but we need to get our house in order as well; whether as a precedent or concurrently I’m not sure, I suspect things will get much, much worse before they get better.

    • CCIG

      It happens – a friend of mine who worked in Afghanistan and Iraq converted many muslims. They are now being tortured, crucified and beheaded, but many are now already in Heaven with God and praying for my friend. Thing is that suffering was in time, their happiness is eternal. They all did good – my friend and his friends! Praise be to God for His wonderful mercies! Heaven is open to all! May we all do as well!

  • Fred

    Lots of religions are in the dustbin of history.
    Perhaps the current “cleansing” of the ME will bring about a situation where there are no righteous men there to stop a Sodom-like chastisement.

    • AnneM040359

      But, as the saying goes, “what’s old is new again.”

  • no-Mulsim-Genocide
  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    The comments here are not focused on Muhammad. One mentioned Bart E., implying,I think, that we should sponsor “Muhammad Seminars” throughout the Muslim world.

    The discussion here is avoiidng the author’s point. Muh, by ammad must be brought down, dismissed. First, by blogeoning him with club in the critical-historical kit box. At least this would compel the secular & religious Left to be consistent: that they should do with the historical figure of Muhammad what they have one with Jesus.

    A complete and utter take down of the man (if he had ever existed, that is). Islam has no theology without Muhammad because Allah, himself is (how should I put it) characterless, even nature-less. Allah abhors BEING, he is at war with all that is not Allah. Muhammad is the only “essence” within Islam that has no adhering, coalescing power. Muhammad is Islam’s fly-paper!

    Yet, I think Catholic Christians shy away from doing the demolition job out of a misplaced fear that if they participate in the critical-historical deconstruction of Muhammad Jesus will be next – once more. There’s nothing to fear. The historical Jesus is till standing after 200 years of critique. Muhammad can (will) not. So why do we hesitate going after him? We have the tools to do it. Let’s demolish him a Islam (the Taliban) demolished those statues of Buddha in Afghanistan six months before 9/11.

    Am going to say something that may sound absolutely horrid – the Enlightenment was not all bad. The nest tools to do the job were forged, in large part, in the Enlightenment. Like the Hebrew Children snatching the best of Egypt on their way out to the promised land, let’s stuff our kit bag and show the Muslim World what their man was (is) really like.

  • M.J .

    Islam appeals to the fallen side so well ..and having a leader who seemed worse than the usual makes it more so by appealing, again , to the fallen side of pride – if one is seen better than the leader himself ..and the use of fear to go along with the forced perpetuation of the system – the author left out one important point , how Mohammed supposedly starts his mission in A.D 600 !
    The word says – ‘you be one that the world may believe ‘ and that unity in the Sacramental Churches is hopefully closer than we might imagine , which means most of the Muslims , who would have belonged to one of these Churches can be home again, grateful to behold the Face of The Father !
    One reason there is persistence of good in Islam is possibly the presence of these forced converts and their adherence to what is good – the ideas / acts of the militant side and articles such as this are all means to highlight the real truth of the Headship of the system , not for us to be gleeful or prideful ourselves but , to plead for mercy , for grace of conversion , which is our Christian call !
    ‘Blessed are those who wash their robes ..outside are the ..murderers , the unchaste ..all who love and practice deceit .’
    A Mother has authority over Her children and therein is another powerful force to help them and us !

  • Bill
  • Paddy

    Why would a victorious heresy want to become as depraved as the former Western Civilization has become? What value is there in the dead West’s penchant for:
    – Unjust wars
    -Usury and banksters.
    -tens of millions of abortions
    -a reproductive rate that guarantees extinction
    -a 50% illegitimacy rate
    -bottomless debt
    -lying propagandists in the MSM and gubmint
    -crooked pols from the Supreme Court down to the local councilperson.

    Islam’s much more moral than all of this as we “slouch towards Gomorrah”.

  • John…

    What happened on 911 is of the utmost importance, for it is the reason for the demonic hatred of Muslims. It was Israelis who did it. Of course the official story is absurd. That any rational person could possibly still believe it is amazing. Just look at building 7.

  • Scott

    Muslim countries are the last holdout of morality, and resistance to the satanic international Zionist bankers, and this is why they are being targeted, with the help of stupid Catholics who are blindly going along with the satanic agenda due to their need to have an enemy to hate to make themselves feel saved, and this is due to the propaganda of Zionist agents like Kilpatrick.

    • Augustus

      As long as Muslims continue to persecute Christians, I don’t see how blaming Zionist bankers for all the problems in the world will end the violence. Satan is quite capable of using non-Zionists to carry out his agenda. Your obsession with one wrongdoer blinds you to the evil actions of others. If you were really as smart as you think you are, you would see the errors on all sides.

  • Guest_august

    And the Book authored by this false prophet is said to have been kissed by John Paul 2?
    And they say he is a Catholic saint? Can someone explain to me what is going on in the RCC?

  • Paddy

    Everything “moderate and modern” in the former West is a charnel house of innocents being slaughtered, usury being extracted, unjust wars being fought and debt rolling over the working man. Assertions to the contrary are, at best, naive as we fling stones from our glass house..