Gay Activists Target St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If you’ve never been to the annual New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, better put it on your calendar for next year. That is, if there is a next year. Time could be running out on the world’s biggest celebration of all things Irish. Why? Because the parade’s organizers have for two decades steadfastly refused to allow gay and lesbian organizations to march under banners trumpeting their sexual orientation. The city’s self-appointed guardians of human rights long ago declared this policy exclusionary and intolerant. But, unlike in previous decades, the effort to paint the parade and its organizers as anti-gay now has friends in very high places.

Democratic New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his allies on the overwhelmingly Democratic New York City Council are refusing to march in this year’s parade—and every parade after that—until the organizing committee succumbs to the pressure and reverses its policy. This marks a departure from recent years, when mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg happily donned green ties for the procession up 5th Avenue. David Dinkins, who was mayor during the period when the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization (ILGO) first targeted the parade, boycotted the event in 1992 and 1993 in solidarity with the group.

ILGO is gone now, but the cause lives. A group known as Irish Queers has called on de Blasio to do more than just skip the parade. It wants him to forbid the city’s uniformed personnel from the NYPD and FDNY to participate in what the advocacy group calls an “explicitly anti-gay parade.” In an open letter signed by left-wing activists and elected officials—including the city’s current public advocate Letitia James and two of her predecessors, five city councilmembers, three state assemblymen from Manhattan, the New York State senator representing midtown, the Brooklyn borough president, and three former New York City human rights commissioners—Irish Queers called on de Blasio to bar cops and firefighters from marching in this “exclusionary religious procession.” Elsewhere, Irish Queers has asserted that the 253-year-old parade has ceased to be a “public celebration of Irish pride in our shared history and culture.” Instead, it claims, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Irish Catholic fraternal organization that sponsored the parade until the early 1990s, has “redefined” the annual celebration “as a demonstration of homophobia.”

How exactly has the AOH perpetrated this remarkable redefinition? Irish Queers doesn’t say exactly. Nor does the organization appear to recognize that the AOH is no longer the official sponsor of the parade. But it should be noted that gays are not banned from marching in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Gays can march in the parade, and they do, as members of the dozens of organizations approved by the parade committee. But all who march—gay, straight, or otherwise—must refrain from turning the parade into a political rally.

Some might call that tolerance. Some might call that inclusion. Not Irish Queers, which seems intent on forcing the parade committee not just to tolerate the gay community but to proclaim it. The group says it “will continue until we defeat the religious right attempt [sic] to hijack our communities and control our identities. The St. Patrick’s Day parade—the most public expression of the Irish community in America—is the right place exactly to stage our struggle.”

You could be forgiven for thinking the hullabaloo over the parade is just a regular, recurrent feature of life in the Big Apple. But while that may have been true last year, or ten years ago, or during the Dinkins administration, this year things are different. New York City now has a mayor committed to ensuring absolute obedience to progressive values. In just two short months in office, de Blasio has proved his willingness to use the power of his office to satisfy the grievances of political allies.

Just ask Eva Moskowitz, the Harlem charter school operator and former city councilwoman who had location approval for three of her highly effective Success Academy schools revoked by the new mayor in fulfillment of a campaign promise made to his teachers union supporters. Won’t the 700 or so New York City children who were going to attend those schools—which are among the best in the city—be forced back into their failing neighborhood schools as a result? Yeah, but who cares? Charters might be great for kids, but they don’t align with the mayor’s far-left politics, so they’ve got to go.

If I had to bet, I’d say that de Blasio and his city council allies will in the coming years move to revoke the parade organizers’ right to march. The stakes are very high, both locally and nationally, and as has been demonstrated repeatedly (most recently in Arizona), Democrats expect to reap great gains from pushing these “human rights” issues to the fore. “This is a parade that’s closing off our public streets, that is utilizing public resources, and it has chosen to discriminate openly,” said City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito in announcing her decision to skip the parade. If the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is truly an open and city-sanctioned expression of discrimination, how can it be allowed to go on? How could de Blasio and the city council resist taking aim at such a fat target?

As a legal matter, shutting down the parade would be complicated. The city’s outrageously broad human rights law declares that “there is no greater danger to the health, morals, safety and welfare of the city and its inhabitants than the existence of groups prejudiced against one another” and Irish Queers hopes the mayor and the city council will use the law to bar uniformed personnel from marching. But judges have ruled in the past that the First Amendment allows the parade committee to determine who marches and who doesn’t. And, thanks to its longevity, the parade enjoys an exemption from the city’s normal permitting process. The council would have to amend the city’s administrative code in order to boot the St. Patrick’s Day Parade off 5th Avenue. That would perhaps be easier than pursuing a human rights case against the parade’s organizers, but it would be a mistake. If the parade committee is guilty of anything, it’s of refusing to kowtow to a faction intent on framing every political disagreement as a human rights issue.

Sometimes a parade is just a parade.

(Photo credit: Chip East / Reuters.)

Matthew Hennessey


Matthew Hennessey is a writer from New Canaan, CT, and a graduate of Hunter College and Fordham University. You can follow him on Twitter @matthennessey.

  • Don

    Does anyone know how the Bishop of New York has responded? It would be nice if he could provide some supportive comments for the parade . . . if that isn’t asking too much.

    • Dick Prudlo

      I’m not sure I really wish to know what he thinks.

      • Jim Balbo

        He is not a strong bishop, and he has his own agenda. Which at many times is not Catholic.

        • Nash Horne

          Care to elaborate in detail?

  • jacobhalo

    No political group, with signs, are allowed to march in the parade.

    • me

      I wonder if that’s not the hidden fact in all these headlines.

    • Steven Jonathan

      Hey Jacob, Can you give me a source of information?

      • jacobhalo

        A source of information concerning what?

        • Steven Jonathan

          Sorry Jacob, I am looking for the soucr that says there are no political banneers allowed in the parade

          • rich

            for a few yrs the parade started with a banner ENGLAND GET OUT OF IRELAND it no longer does! I guess they r following the rules!

        • jacobhalo

          I read it on a Catholic League email.

          • Steven Jonathan

            Thank you Jacob, I repeated it, even though I haven’t seen the rules- I tried to call them, but no answer. it makes sense that the organizers wouldn’t want it to be a political rally, and it is interesting that if someone is not interested in trumpeting the gay cause they are all of a sudden “explicitly anti-gay”-
            so if I learn otherwise I will retract- Pax Christi-SJ

            • jacobhalo

              The mainstream media won’t tell you that no political groups with signs are not allowed. It wants it to seem that it is an anti-gay thing.

          • Steven Jonathan

            Jacob, could you possibly forward me that email?

            StevenJonathan at

            • jacobhalo

              Steven, I sent the email, but it did not go through.

              • Steven Jonathan

                Jacob thank you so much, I’m sorry I left off the letters “rc” so it should be Stevenjonathanrc at
                Please forgive me the oversight and again I thank you Jacob

  • jacobhalo

    The Vatican II church doesn’t have the guts it had before the council. It is become politically correct like the rest of society. Remember, the goal of Vatican II was to bring the church into modern society, not vice-versa.

    • Jim Balbo

      It s not about guts, its about how many in the priesthood have become brainwashed into thinking they have to conform to this world. I really wonder if any of our modern clergy have read the bible, understand it and reflect upon countless saints and doctors of the Church before they open their mouths and usher in non sense.

  • Steven Jonathan

    “A demonstration of homophobia”- we are poised for this perfect storm- gale force winds of change are sweeping through vast deforested moral terrain- It began when we allowed words to be divorced from their meanings, the homosexualists can say whatever they want, family no longer has a set meaning, marriage no longer has a set meaning, love no longer has a set meaning, sex no longer has a set meaning- there will be no end to this madness anytime soon. The attack on the father has been so effective we are rendered mute-

    • cpsho

      All these was prophesied in Revelation 13. Really the “gay thing” has all the hallmarks of the dragon and the seven-headed beast.
      The time is short.

      • ICCC1978

        “As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man[Jesus]” (Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 17, verse 28). Compare to Genesis, Chapter 19, and you will see we are in the days of Lot. We are in big trouble, and it won’t be pretty.

    • Homophobia – Definition
      ho·mo·pho·bi·a ˌhō-mə-ˈfō-bē-ə

      Offensive slur.

      1. Non-medical, non-scientific pejorative ideological term used to disparage and incite rejection of society’s disapproval of biologically aberrant, morally deviant, or unnatural sexual behavior or practices, i.e., with aberrosexualism, bisexualism, fetishism, homosexualism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, scopophilism, voyeurism, zoophilism, etc.

      2. (Sexism) Offensive, disparaging, and pejorative ideological term used to ridicule the universal rejection of biologically incorrect, aberrant, deviant or unnatural sexual behaviors or practices, i.e., aberrosexual behavior or conduct.

      3. (Religion) Disrespectful, disparaging, and pejorative term used to attack and mock the well-settled Christian and/or Catholic doctrinal teachings on human sexuality, marriage, and the family.

      4. (Politics) Discriminatory, pejorative ideological term used to denigrate and ridicule any disagreement with biologically aberrant sexual behavior, or aberrosexualism; or the extremist Aberrosexualist ideology. Also used to deny basic human rights, as well as incite and justify violence against all who disagree with Aberrosexualist ideology.

      Synonyms: orthosexuality, sexual normality
      Antonyms: aberrosexualism, homosexualism

      Examples of use:

      1. Although the slur “homophobia” has a clinical ring to it, the fact is that medically or scientifically “homophobia” as a recognized pathological or irrational fear does not exist.

      2. “Homophobia” has never even been recognized as an irrational fear or psychological disorder in the Psychological profession’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

      3. Aberrosexualist ideologues disparagingly accuse of “homophobia” everyone that dares to exercise their basic right to disagree with their extremist and irrational ideology.

      4. The term “homophobia” makes those who use it look bigoted, intolerant, and ignorant.

      The ideological slur ”homophobia” may have a clinical ring to it, but it has absolutely no basis in medicine or science. It has never even been recognized as a mental disorder in the psychological profession’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Aberrosexualism (under the imprecise term “Homosexualism”), on the other hand, has been acknowledged to be a psycho-sexual mental disorder in the DSM.

      Many highly respected doctors and scientists throughout the world continue to diagnose aberroseuxalism as a mental or psychological disorder requiring treatment and/or therapy. Indeed, the arbitrary suppression of aberrosexualism from the DSM in December of 1973 was due to irrational fears, criminal intimidation and coercive pressures by Aberrosexualist ideologues and not because of any scientific rationale, clinical studies or medical research.

      • John

        “Many highly respected doctors and scientists throughout the world continue to diagnose aberroseuxalism as a mental or psychological disorder requiring treatment and/or therapy.” Not highly respected….just undereducated.

        • Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan

          John, you may know how to use a computer, but YOU are the one that is undereducated!

  • publiusnj

    Let’s not be defensive. The NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade is older than this country. The Catholic Church is older than this country. Homosexual conduct has been deemed sinful in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition since before Leviticus or Romans were written. This country long understood the immorality of homosexual conduct and as recently as 1996 passed the Defense of Marriage Act. Now, it is true that the latest crop of politicians has found a way to craft a majority that has little or no regard for traditional morality–indeed, it celebrates amorality as somehow required by the First Amendment–but anyone who is going to rely on politicians for their moral compass is adrift in moral nescience already.

    Mayor deBlasio (that isn’t even his birth name: he was born Warren Wilhelm, and is not a practicing Catholic) may think he can force the Catholic Community to give up its moral position on homosexuality by refusing to attend the parade, but the right response to that is for the Church to reiterate its position and to say that it isn’t going to consider homosexual conduct moral whatever the current group of politicians might proclaim. The Church needs to say that plainly, explicitly and without equivocation.

    It needs to demand the right to celebrate the patron saint of the NY Archdiocese in conformity with the moral practices of the Catholic Church including its moral position that homsexual conduct is inherently immoral. The Church should note that gays have no more right to demand a part in the Parade than the Catholic Church would have the right to proclaim its moral message that homosexuality is wrong at gay parades in NYC.

    The Church doesn’t need to–and shouldn’t–engage in loud protestations of its love for all with a homosexual inclination. That has been stated often enough and is twisted whenever stated by those who seek to drown out the Church’s moral teachings.

    • Bellfri

      One thing we can be sure of. the mayor is here for a short time as mayor St. Patrick has and will be around for a loooooong time. So, go ahead, De Blasio, do your worst.

      • publiusnj

        One thing I like to point out about “DeBlasio”: he was born Warren Wilhelm and uses his mother’s maiden name DeBlasio as his nom politique. He is not, moreover, a practicing Catholic. Indeed, when he appointed his 64 Person Transition Committee, he named 5 clergymen, but not one of them was Catholic, even though there are more Catholics in NYC than Jews, Protestants and Muslims combined (the religions whose clergymen were appointed).

  • poetcomic1

    New York’s annual Gay Pride Parade should be forced to allow a marching contingent from Courage.

    • thebigdog

      They would be arrested and charged with hate crimes.

      • me

        Doesn’t make the flip argument less valid.

    • msmischief

      Courage? alone? No, it should be forced to admit many, many, many group marching for chastity, self-respect, and a loving refusal to infect one’s fellow man for one’s own gratification.

      • poetcomic1

        No, just Courage and like-minded people with Same Sex Attraction. And done in fellowship, humility and charity. Just to deliver the message that ‘you are more than this predatory lust’.

    • Maggie Sullivan

      Yes, Courage should apply for permission to join the parade.

      • tom

        There are some Muslim parades in the City that don’t have this problem.

    • bonaventure

      Actually, they should be forced to accept, say, the Family Research Council.

    • John

      No need as they have already opened a spot for Bill Donohue, Catholic League President to march with “Straight is great” t-shirts. Now about that intolerance thing……..

  • Cheryl

    Aside from all the questions about whether they should be allowed to participate in the parade… Something else occurred to me. Homosexuals want to be considered a normal part of society; yet a group of them have decided to call themselves “Irish Queers?” No wonder it’s hard to take the group seriously.

    • me

      What gets me is heterosexuals identify themselves with things other than their sexuality. Heterosexuals do not walk in groups holding signs to identity themselves. They represent group ms as moms, dads, firemen, soldiers, dogs. Much more defines us as people. This is ludicrous to me.

  • Hugh_Oxford

    It’s supposed to be family friendly.

    • poetcomic1

      Family? What’s that? Anything anyone says it is.

  • Jim Balbo

    notice The IGLO is gone Now just like all the others will be too. Quit bowing to these morons

  • Lydia Long

    They’re here. They’re queer. Embrace the suck.

  • Lydia Long

    Gay trumps everything now.

    • Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan

      Let’s stop offending and degrading gay people. We need to stop insisting that aberrosexuals, or those that engage in biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, are somehow “gay.” If aberrosexuals were truly gay, use of this deceptive propaganda term, or Newspeak, would be unnecessary; superfluous. Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you’re not. Aberrosexualism is NOT gay! It’s a deathstyle that exterminates the Future.

      REMEMBER: Friends don’t let friends get sodomized. Pass it on and check out

  • lifeknight

    Again, the small minority of people who are practicing homosexuals is backed up with all those who are sympathizers of immoral deeds. Too many people consider themselves charitable by trying to normalize evil acts.

  • Fred

    For starters we can quit drinking Guinness and Samuel Adams beers.

    • ucfengr

      Why Guinness?

      • Guinness pulled sponsorship of the parade and offered the usual PC gibberish in defense of it. No big loss for me because for whatever reason, Guinness stout gives me an unpleasant metallic taste on my palate.

        • Don

          I love Guinness . . . but I won’t drink it any longer. Nor will I drink the others that pulled sponsorship.

          • me

            I will quit buying their product now. This is not a black and white issue. They took the wrong side of this issue in my opinion. They should have released a statement to make their views on equality clear but that this is not a hateful decision. The Irish Queers as they call themselves should try to package themselves in a clear but non political manor. They could have marched with a rainbow that had purple on the bottom for instance. They could wear purpke and pink tartans. And tone their name down. Become a organization of the new generation of the Irish. Or the man’s men club.if these are true irish men who are gay they could choose to present themselves in a better manor. They do not need to make a huge stink while walking with tge parade. With a nane like irish queers. I wonder what their signs said. I’m sorry but either way this parade is hosted by a Catholic church. Religious organizations have a choice to control how they are viewed.

            • Thomas Vogler

              I think your suggestion is a good one, but it didn’t fly with the parade organizers. My understanding, from the news coverage, is that the organizers were willing to allow gay marchers in the parade, as long as they weren’t wearing or carrying anything that might identify them as gay, including rainbow insignias, “gay and proud” t-shirts, signs that identified the marchers as belonging to gay organizations, etc.

        • publiusnj

          This goes beyond Stout. Guiness is owned by Diageo and it was Diageo that pulled the sponsorship. The beers mentioned by the Catholic League as boycottable are Guiness (and Harp Beer is a Guiness product), plus Sam Adams and Heineken.

          • Fred

            Thanks for the additional information.

          • TheAbaum

            Glad I drink local microbrews in moderation.

            Diageo is evil

        • iPhone 5 News Blog

          I am still amazed at how — and WHY — major businesses are weighing in at all of social issues. Google, Disney, Guinness, Apple — they have all recently made really polemical stances on issues related to homosexuality and the green movement. Why? When did companies become so ideological? The primary business of business is business — making money. In turn, they employ people and enable them to make a life for themselves in the monetary-based world. I know I sound like THE MAN for saying that, but I just don’t understand why these companies are playing fast and loose with ideologies at all. I guess they think they are too big to fail, too big to be hurt by taking these positions. If that’s what they think, then they are foolish.

          • TheAbaum

            Because they have HR departments filled with lawyers and pychology and sociology majors and boards-of-directors filled with left-wing politicians and operating managers listen to these folks.

            One company that was on board with this stuff really early was Kodak. Politically correct and product inept.

            Once a “blue-chip”, now de-listed from the big exchanges and traded on the “pink sheets” for ~3 cents per share.


            They fired one Rolf Szabo for asking to be removed from the “pride” propaganda.


          • Arsenal Gunner

            I’m amazed as well considering only 2% of the world’s population is homosexual and decisions like these more than likely upset more than 2% of their customers. It is indeed foolish and they should be made aware of their bad business decision by customers like us. I have for years boycotted companies who support the Big Gay agenda – companies like Home Depot and Starbucks. I also let them know of my decision through emails to their executives and comments on their Facebook pages. By the way, Guinness is receiving a disproportionate number of negative comments – with threats of “I’ll never drink a Guinness again” – on their Facebook page for their decision to drop their sponsorship of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. This does have an impact. Organizations like American Family Association does an excellent job of getting the Christian base to voice their disapproval to executives over immoral decisions taken by companies. I would recommend you visit their site for more information

            • John

              It will have as much impact as nom’s boycott of Starbucks for their support of marriage equality….NONE

      • Fred

        They also backed out of Boston.

    • msmischief

      Their parent company’s stock dropped on the news. Looks like Wall Street realizes you are not alone.

    • John

      Better stop using all computers as most if not all manufacturers are LGBT friendly. Just sayin

      • Fred

        What a Looney Tune remark – how many LGBT manufacturers refused to support the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston or New York?

  • cestusdei

    No one is more intolerant then the homosexual activists.

    • me

      If they can’t cram their views down your throat then you must oviously hate them. They forget that if they are allowed so would others. We could sign westboro babtist to march in front of them. Then heterosexuals can march behind them holding signs saying we’re straight and proud. We were born that way. Do as you will but respect the fact that I’m attracted to the opposite sex!

    • Fred

      I think they will have a backlash -Walt Disney is sure pushing their weight around also.

      • TheAbaum

        I heard some rumbling last night. At first I thought it was a tremor, then I thought it was old Walt turning in his grave at the thoughts of what his company had become. Then I realized that it was neither, just some settling of my house.

        The seeds of Disney’s corruption are documentable to 1968. Walt died in December 1966. I’m not sure if Walt approved of this, he certainly would have been reduced of mind and vigor as his lung cancer advanced and some time before his death, so even with the long times it took to commission and make cartoons in the days of hand drawn “cells”.

        However, the company has in service to the left for a long time.

  • disqus_HSjqCQGjbz

    This is why I hate gays more every day – they are bullies!

  • John O’Neill

    Give it up. There is no way in the world to resist the Americans and their governments crusade for LGBT rights; we are ready to go to war with Russia over it. All religious parades have to surrender or go out of business. No one can stand up to the American Leviathan and all its works.

    • msmischief

      So what? Last stands remain heroic.

      • John O’Neill

        Remember Waco when Clinton and Reno sent in heavily armed gestapo troops in order to massacre a group of religious dissidents. These followers of Koresh might have been kooky but they did not deserve to be incinerated at the orders of the amoral Clinton dictatorship. If we try to resist have no doubt that the Obama/Biden will rain death down on all who oppose the new American beast; remember they now do it with drones and they control the entire media so there will never be any protest of the future murders.

  • hombre111

    “No Irish need apply.” A sign found on the doors of many an American business in the early 1800’s. The Irish had to fight their way a respectable place in society. But maybe they have short term memories. You would think that people who know what it was like to be a despised minority would show some respect to another despised minority. But Marx got it right. The worst form of oppression occurs when the oppressed begin to see the world through the eyes of their oppressor, and become oppressors in turn.

    • LGBT isn’t a despised minority. Its ludicrous ideology and its legions of heterosexual supporters are rolling across the planet unchecked like a division of panzers.

    • Guest

      Not allowing deviant nonsense is not oppression. It is an exercise of right reason.

    • Gail Finke

      There’s some oppression going on all right, but it’s not against “LGBT” people. Last I heard, people with homosexual tendencies are on the better-educated, wealthier end of the American spectrum. It is not attractive to claim oppression while being privileged, as Oprah found out when some poor clerk thought she didn’t have enough money to buy a $65,000 purse and no one cared.

    • John O’Neill

      Actually the so called “no Irish need apply” was a myth created in the music halls of New York City in the 1800s. Scholars have scoured the NYC and other papers of the nineteenth century for examples of this infamous policy and only came up with two sort of examples. The American Irish love to walk around with a chip on their shoulders and swilling their green beer and beating people over the heads with sticks. Ugly drunken women wearing huge “Kiss me I am Irish” are no real thing to be proud of. Since the St.Patrick’s day parade no longer celebrates a religious day and hasn’t for twenty five years and has morphed into a drunken orgy of disgusting people let us just give it up and give it to the gays. My Irish parents always celebrated the day as a religious holiday which started with going to mass and ended up at the kitchen table with a pot of tea and my mother’s fresh baked soda bread. I really have no connection to the Americanized Irish and their ridiculous carrying on.

    • Art Deco

      “No Irish need apply.” A sign found on the doors of many an American
      business in the early 1800’s. The Irish had to fight their way a
      respectable place in society.

      The Irish Catholic population of the United States prior to 1840 was close to nil; there were no such signs on doors during the early 19th century. And it’s not as if the extant agrarian population was not struggling.

      Andrew Greeley’s survey research indicated that by the 1920s, the Irish Catholic population of the United States was passably prosperous. That would be fewer than three generations after mass immigration of Irish Catholics commenced.

      My immigrant great-great granddaddy had a skilled trade, operated his own business from the time he was in his late 20s, married a school-teacher (also an immigrant, and the daughter of a skilled tradesman), and was given a front-page newspaper obituary at the time of his death in 1898. My great-grandfather and his brothers were very much part of the establishment in the town in which they spent their lives. There were others like them at that time and in that place.

    • Objectivetruth


      Come clean….what gay rights group do you anonymously represent?

      For your claim to the holy priesthood is a lie.

  • Ruth Rocker

    There is no such thing as homophobia. The word doesn’t even make sense. It means fear of man as in homo sapiens. Although I doubt the sapiens part when it comes to the homomafia’s agenda. All they want to do is make everyone say, think and believe that their lifestyle is normal and acceptable. The fact that is isn’t truly enrages them and then they have a temper tantrum like a two year old. And they threaten anyone who has a different opinion about it. Tolerance, which is what they’ve been screaming about for years, only goes one way, apparently. I hope the parade organizers continue to stand their ground on this.

    • Michael Paterson-Seymour

      It is from Greek ὁμός = same, not Latin homo = Human being. The “o” sounds are short (omicron), whereas the first “o” sound in the Latin word is long.

      Perhaps, we should try “heterophobia” from heteroclyte (ἑτερόκλιτος) to add to the confusion

      • Ruth Rocker

        Then it still doesn’t make sense because fear of same is just as stupid.

        • Michael Paterson-Seymour

          It is an ellipsis for homosexual = same sex – a barbarous combination of a Greek prefix and a Latin stem. That is why I favour heteroclyte.

    • The_Monk

      Amen, sister! Amen!…

  • Gayle Spencer

    Irish queer – preferring women over beer.

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  • thebigdog

    Never did find that elusive “gay gene” did they? Also, it’s kind of interesting that so many men “born that way” don’t realize it until they spend time in prison.

    • TheAbaum

      “gay for the stay”.

  • Liz

    All fine remarks but did anyone catch this paragraph in the article:
    “Just ask Eva Moskowitz, the Harlem charter school operator and former city councilwoman who had location approval for three of her highly effective Success Academy schools revoked by the new mayor in fulfillment of a campaign promise made to his teachers union supporters. Won’t the 700 or so New York City children who were going to attend those schools—which are among the best in the city—be forced back into their failing neighborhood schools as a result? Yeah, but who cares? Charters might be great for kids, but they don’t align with the mayor’s far-left politics, so they’ve got to go.”

    This is far more damaging than what De Blasio did against the parade. We can only hope the good people of Harlem rise up because of this!

    • publiusnj

      The attack on the Catholic Church is a lot older and at least as severe as the attack on charter schools. Charter schools after all are public schools and receive something Catholic schools do not receive: public money. But, of course, with charter schools, Catholics need not apply.

      Reason: anti-Catholicism. There was no such thing as “public schools” until the Catholics came along in the 1830s and asked for the same support for their schools that Protestant denominational schools were receiving. Because they couldn’t figure out a way to justify continuing aid to Protestant denominational schools while denying it to Catholic schools, the Public School Movement was the response of the anti-Catholics. That opposition was later enshrined in the so-called “Blaine Amendments” which to this day bar aid to Catholic schools in most states.

      Despite that Government sponsored discrimination, the Catholic schools built up an incredible system that at its acme (around 1960) educated one in ten American children. All attempts at getting some measure of aid, though, were beaten back by the Teachers Unions, aided by a novel reading of the First Amendment concocted primarily by that old-time Ku Klux Klanner, “Justice” Black and his allies on the post-WWII court.

      Since the Catholic exodus to the suburbs in the Post War era, Catholic education has receded and today a far smaller number of children are educated in Catholic schools. Yet, the evidence is clear, Catholic schools continue to have far better outcomes than the State monopolies. Per Dep’t of Education statistics, 61.9% of Catholic high school graduates get 4 year college degrees as compared to fewer than 31.1% of public school students. Almost double! Charter schools are a good thing, but aid to Catholic schools would probably do at least as much good for Harlem as continued support for charter schools. Why don’t we let competition in in all forms?

      • Fred

        They are still the best schools around as are the many colleges that founded.

  • The_Monk

    I wonder if any American (as in USofA) Catholics in the hierarchy (bishops, archbishops, cardinals) will wade into the fray? Most likely not….

  • M.P.

    Sodomites are destroying many things.

  • iPhone 5 News Blog

    “explicitly anti-gay parade.” Explicitly anti-gay?! How the heck does a cultural/religious parade that wants the presentation in the parade to stick to what it’s traditionally about become “explicitly anti-gay?!” If I wanted to march in the parade touting that the earth was flat, and the parade organizers rejected me, would the parade be “explicitly anti-flat earth?”

    I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but Alec Baldwin was right when he — himself a target of this mindset in spite of his liberal brand — referred to the “fundamentalist wing of the gay rights movement.” Man, is he right (in his own leftist sort of way).

    Let’s face it: we humans have for eons been justifying our bad behaviors. The gay rights movement is just the most organized, effective justification of bad behavior campaign waged on the world since the Nazis or Bolsheviks. They won’t stop until they’ve convinced everyone that what they do is “normal,” “natural,” and “love,” when the reality is that the gay community is largely a consortium of deeply troubled individuals who engage in incredibly self-destructive sexual behavior. Yes, straight people engage in self-destructive sexual behavior too — but there isn’t a major socio-political movement trying to justify it.

    • Gail Finke

      “Whoever is not for us is against us.” That’s how. They don’t say it, but they believe it. If one does not openly support every single point of that movement, one is “explicitly anti-gay” for simply remaining silent. Silence is no longer an option but only, apparently, when it comes to “LGBTQ” issues… which keep getting more bizarre (gender reassignment surgery as part of a basic health insurance plan, anyone?) by the day.

    • Chris.P

      Your logic is flawed. Having a belief in a flat-earth is not the same as a person’s sexual orientation. One is a belief while the other is a personal quality that should be tolerated. If you can’t accept scientific facts about Homosexuality then that is your fault. You are actually no different then flat-earth theorist. Believing the earth is flat because you can’t imagine it being any other way, despite the scientific evidence against it. Well you believe homosexuality is “unnatural” even with all the scientific evidence saying otherwise.

      • John200

        Dear Chris,

        Homo”sex”ual activity is unnatural, destructive to all who come into contact with the homo”sex”ual, destructive to many who don’t, and subhuman in its ends.

        At least you heard it once in your lifetime.

        Best to you going forward. I hope you are going forward. You plan to move forward, don’t you? Come on, Chris, forward, toward the light. It isn’t that hard. Just toss that krappe out of your head and move to the light.

  • Objectivetruth

    It’s not an Irish parade, it’s an Irish CATHOLIC parade. Let the sodomites march. As long as they agree to have a big sign marched in front of them with the following from the Catechism:

    “2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

    • Name

      For all of you that have something to say against homosexuality… I am a homosexual. “lesiban” is how I am labeled by society. I love a women and married her and personally i couldn’t be happier. I can agree to some extent the “homosexual” society might have gone too far with pushing issues in this parade.. But their is another side I noticed. The bible bumping catholics that live by the bible every single day and when it comes to Homosexuality or something they are so against based on their interpretation of the bible they will throw the Bible in your face such as many of you. Posting “scriptures” from the bible? And the word Sin? Let’s make this quite clear..

      How many of you are divorced? If you have it’s a sin. And did you go to a church and get a annulment to get re-married? Basically stating the wedding and everything else about it (like the children you may have had) were considered a “mistake” in the eyes of “the catholic church”

      How many of you have had pre-marital sex? You have? A SIN

      How many of you have judged someone? “Thou shall not judge” – Well for those even on this particular comment page- You have all commited a sin!

      How many of you have drank alcohol? Done Drugs? Lied? – SIN

      Please dear Bible Thumpers stop. All your doing is making a mockery of yourself and your religion. Your sitting here quoting excerpts from the Bible when I am SURE you yourself have at some point lived a life of sin. Does that mean you should have to walk around as this ignorant “and i use that word loosely” person stated…openly describing what a “SINFUL” person you are?

      How dare all of you.. throw excerpts out there from something as Holy as the bible just to defend your right to HATE because let’s be honest it’s certainly not for the good of the Church or fellow Catholics. If it was you would be honest with yourself in knowing you too have sinned therefore have ZERO room to judge others.

      Who declared any of you someone who can speak on behalf of the Bible? Who declared you important enough to defend “God’s” intention or beliefs.. Why does it matter to you what my wife and I do? We sin? Okay as do you. What now?

      No one judges your lifestyle or lack of so please stop judging others and if your going to be judgemental.. First, judge YOURSELF because the only one you have to face when you cross over is your own soul.

      • Guest

        Such nonsense and facile reasoning. The issue not that all people sin. The issue is people claiming sin is not sin but virtue. How can you really fail to grasp such a basic point?

      • Objectivetruth

        None of us agree with sin, and make it a lifestyle. We sin….and repent from our sins. We hate sin, and try to avoid it. Not to live in it.

        Holy scripture (and the Catholic Church) is clear on homosexual acts being sinful. The LGBT community has made a free choice to make a lifestyle of their sexual sin and immorality.

        Repenting from sin and struggling to avoid sin is to choose life. It’s to choose Christ. To live in one’s sexual sins and to celebrate them and make them a lifestyle is to choose death. To choose to walk away from Christ.

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  • amazed

    As a non-gay, I don’t really care what goes on in someone else’s bedroom…sorry to disappoint but I don’t. To boycott these parades & other longstanding traditions is ridiculous, not to mention turning people against the gay cause.

  • Maggie Sullivan

    This is an excellent way to address the homosexual attacks on St. Patrick’s parades!!!!

    • Objectivetruth

      Agreed. Why can’t Catholic groups “openly” march in gay pride parades celebrating The joy and truth of Catholic teachings on homosexuality? Will Sam Adams also then boycott the gay pride parade?

  • Ed

    It’s funny how homosexuals insist on Gay themed parades, but heterosexuals don’t need parades to brag about their sexuality. Gays should stop looking for approval and just move on.

  • thebigdog

    Samuel Adams Brewery certainly doesn’t speak for Samuel Adams:

    “I rely upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins” – Samuel Adams

    “We have this day [Fourth of July] restored the Sovereign to whom all
    men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and from the rising to
    the setting of the sun, let His Kingdom come.” – Samuel Adams

    “The rights of the colonists as Christians…may be best understood by
    reading and carefully studying the institutes of the Great Law Giver and
    Head of the Christian Church, which are to be found clearly written and
    promulgated in the New Testament.” – Samuel Adams

  • bonaventure

    One of the posters of the homosexual activists says: “bigotry shouldn’t be paraded.”
    Neither should sexual perversion.

  • tom

    NYC may not be around in a couple years. It’s a rotten, stinking mess of a place. DeBlasio’s goal is to destroy it.

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  • koncwind

    So, if a bunch of people who wanted to kill unborn children asked to march under a banner saying as much, would the ‘big wheels’ also say that they should be able to so march? I’d guess many of these individuals – who seem to want votes – would! Yet, if a bunch of Communists or a bunch of Islamic extremists or a bunch of individuals who wanted to kidnap some elected officials or . . . wanted to march under banners telling what THEY represented, I’d guess that a lot of ‘big wheels’ (many of whom I tend to think are cowards) would stick their ‘patriotic heads’ in the air and act like some preventative measures should be enacted!!! Go figure! Are we idiots or what? Disregarding the moral implications of PERFORMING gay behaviors or PERFORMING improper heterosexual behaviors (cheating on spouses, pre-marital sex, . . .) or even disregarding the moral implications of fostering the temptations – despite all the attractions we as humans might have, does every celebration have to be made into a war instead of a chance for growth in community and greater understanding???

  • Honest Christian

    It doesn’t matter how you try to spin this, discrimination against minority groups ca never be right. Gay people have been discriminated against for too long. As a heterosexual person I totally support what de Blasio is doing and I think you will find a growing number of people have a similar view on this.

    • Guest


    • Art Deco

      It might occur to you somewhere along the line that St. Patrick’s Day is not a celebration of homosexuality. The gay lobby have their own parades without the rest of the world insisting they be subordinated to anyone else’s propaganda. If your honesty were anything but ersatz, you’d get that.

    • Objectivetruth

      No matter how much YOU spin it, it’s a Catholic parade for a Catholic saint, and see below what the Catholic Church has taught on homosexuality for 2000 years. Homosexual groups are DEMANDING to march in a Catholic parade for the sole purpose of mocking the Catholic Church and its teaching. After reading the following from the Catholic Catechism, explain to me how you think a group whose core raison d’être is Sodomy and homosexual acts should be allowed to openly profess their perverted beliefs in a Catholic parade:

      “”2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

    • Objectivetruth

      I’ve got a group of 200 devout Catholics that want to march in this years New York City gay pride parade. We’d like to carry signs and sing songs professing the joy of Catholic teaching on marriage is only between a man and a woman, and how homosexual acts are immoral, grave sins. OK that we march, or are they going to discriminate against us and deny us entry?

  • John Albertson

    I his latest “blog” to priests of the Archdiocese of New York, Cardinal Dolan says “I have nothing to do with the parade.”

    • christine

      Disgusting spineless lack of character. A St. Peter moment? Just seems like way more than three. Cardinals wear red to symbolize their willingingness to become a martyr for the faith. This guy can’t explain it (the Faith), or protect it. Probably knocked back a guiness or two himself yesterday. Bravo- right?

  • tribblejuice

    What does this have to do with the holy Saint Patrick? He would be rolling over in his grave, so to speak…..

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  • philconl

    There’s no refraining from making it a political rally when that’s exactly what whole issue is all about.
    Welcome to the new party poopers.

    It should be noted that the term “gay” is NOT scientifically descriptive of any type sexual behavior or practice. Nor is it descriptive of any medical, sexual or psychological condition. Aberrosexualism, or biologically aberrant sexual conduct, is far from being “gay.” It is actually quite sad, depressing and injurious to one’s emotional, physical and mental health. Sadly, happiness eludes the aberrosexual because he or she is at war with their own nature; he or she dislikes, despises or feels uncomfortable with the masculinity or femininity of their sex.

    It’s degrading and offensive to every proud, truly gay American to be equated with individuals that engage in biologically aberrant, morally deviant, health injurious sexual behavior, or aberrosexuals. No, Aberrosexualism is NOT gay and it’s not a “lifestyle” either. Aberrosexualism is a sad, disoriented, gloomy, unhealthy and destructive sexual behavior; a ‘deathstyle’ rather than a lifestyle, a hate crime against Nature.

    Aberrosexual icon Gore Vidal said it best: “Gay is an adjective, not a noun.”

    • Objectivetruth

      You’re correct that the word “gay” is an adjective. But its original meaning is “happy and cheerful: joyful” before homosexuals who wanted to engage in a disordered, perverted same sex anal and oral sex lifestyle and high jacked the word to try and justify some type of against nature “lifestyle.”

  • Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan

    REMEMBER: Friends don’t let friends get sodomized.
    Pass it on and check out

  • Glenn M. Ricketts

    By this logic, isn’t the parade also required to accommodate pro-abortion Irish groups, as well as those who cohabit outside of marriage?

  • GrahamUSA

    Are the Irish now any more Catholic than, say, the English? Considering the continued abandonment of the Church by the Irish I’ve become weary of the spectacle that seems to celebrate mostly ham and pride never mind public drunkenness. I lived in New York in the 80s and 90s and the civil rights establishment and its rogue, anything goes public behavior became more vulgar with each passing year. Poor Archbishop O’Connor was humiliated on a number of occasions with behavior that I won’t repeat here. What in New York’s “civil rights” code makes this sort of exhibitionism proper or right? The whole situation is not worth the pixels wasted on it.

  • Tim

    “Gay” is not political. A group agitating for some specific policy would be one thing. But openly declaring ones sexual orientation is not a political act. Declaring that one belongs to a gay social group is not a political declaration; it’s in the realm of civil society just like saying you belong to the chess club or this or that parish.

    It is the excluders who are politicizing sexual orientation as if it is a political affiliation or cause. In reality, you’ll find gays all over the political spectrum.