There is No Link between Celibacy and Clerical Sexual Abuse

The Independent newspaper reported last August that “the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said he dealt with issues of child sex abuse on a daily basis (my emphasis) and he anticipated that more ‘bad stories’ would emerge. He said: ‘I would love to say there weren’t, but I expect there are.’ He told the BBC that it was ‘becoming clearer and clearer that for many, many years things were not dealt with as they should [have been]’.”

Well, he has one consolation: the issue will not be clouded and confused, as it has been in the Catholic Church for years, by the non-issue of the marital status of the clergy involved. Most of them are married. This particular story had homed in on the now former Bishop of Gloucester (married, with four daughters) who had resigned suddenly after he was “placed at the centre of” a police inquiry over allegations of indecent assault on a child more than 30 years ago. The bishop had stepped down after nearly a decade as bishop on Friday citing “personal reasons”; these turned out to be that in the parish in south London where he was a curate in 1976, he is alleged to have been involved in “indecent assault on a child said to have occurred between 1980 and 1981.”

Next to THAT story, I place another, from Australia, where a report by something called the Truth, Justice and Healing Council (groan) has found (as in the Church of England) that “some Church institutions and their leaders turned a blind eye to what was going on for years.” Unlike the Church of England, however, the “Council” gave a possible reason for its clergy’s aberrant behavior: they weren’t simply doing something inherently bad and sinful (and for which there is NO CONCEIVABLE EXCUSE): they were under a particular pressure. Guess what?

“Obligatory celibacy may also have contributed to abuse in some circumstances,” the Truth, Justice and Healing Council said. The council is helping the Catholic Church respond to Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which was set up last year. The commission is investigating widespread allegations of paedophilia in religious organisations, schools and state care. Its hearings have covered harrowing allegations of child abuse involving places of worship, orphanages, community groups and schools dating back decades.

There is in fact absolutely no evidence whatsoever that child sex abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy has anything at all to do with celibacy. The problem is just as bad—I repeat, just as bad—in the Church of England, most of whose clergy are married. It is worse in society at large. That is a conclusion confimed in a report commissioned by the American Catholic Bishops and published in 2011, carried out by the non-Catholic John Jay College of Criminal Justice (part of the City University of New York). The New York Times commented that “since the scandal broke, conservatives in the Church have blamed gay priests for perpetrating the abuse, while liberals have argued that the all-male, celibate culture of the priesthood was the cause. This report will satisfy neither flank.” The report concluded that neither the all-male celibate priesthood nor homosexuality were to blame. Rather, the report said, the abuse occurred because priests who were poorly prepared and monitored, and were under stress, landed amid the social and sexual turmoil of the 1960s and 70s. The problem in the American Church has in fact greatly diminished since then; furthermore, says the report, “despite the media focus on child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, it is clear that these abuse acts are a small percentage of all child sexual abuse incidents in the United States.”

However, as Dr Pravin Thevathasan, author of The Catholic Church & the Sex Abuse Crisis, published by the CTS in 2011, says of the situation here, “It is true that the abuse of minors is rife within society. But we claim, by the grace of God, to be members of the one Church founded by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and we are therefore called to a higher standard than that found in society at large. We are called by our Holy Father [Pope Benedict] to enter a period of purification and repentance.”

He opened his report with the same reflection: “In this work, no excuses will be offered in order to justify the appalling crime of sexual abuse perpetrated by a small number of Catholic priests—about two to four per cent credible accusations in the United States and less than this in the United Kingdom in the last forty years—nor for the pastoral negligence of some bishops. To quote Pope Benedict, sexual abuse has ‘profoundly wounded people in their childhood, damaging them for a whole lifetime’.”

But he adds: “The Pope has also said that the crimes of priests, while reprehensible, should be seen in the context of the times in which these events took place. Citing the rise of child pornography and sexual tourism, he concludes that moral standards in society at large have broken down.”

That’s no excuse for Catholic priests involved in child sex abuse. Nor is the fact that the problem is just as bad in the Church of England (though surely THAT fact does dispose of the arguments of those who use the problem as part of their own anti-celibacy campaigns: married protestant clergy are just as likely to be involved as celibate Catholic clergy). We need of course to understand that though, as the American researcher Charol Shakeshaft reflected in a report for the US Department of Education, children are, as Dr Thevathasan also points out, “a hundred times more likely to be abused in school than by priests,” and though this “does indicate that the sexual abuse of minors is significantly higher in secular society than in the Church,” “this does not excuse the behaviour of abusive priests.” Pope Benedict’s clear guidance was that the Church at large is still called upon “to enter a period of purification and repentance and of prayer for the victims of clerical child abuse.”

All the same, he said, “one of the immense dangers of focussing unduly on clergy abuse is that we might fail to protect vulnerable children in the wider society.”

And this is indeed a real danger. For, the trouble with scapegoats is that they are set apart as such to make society feel better about itself, and not to cope with the real problem thus shuffled off into the wilderness. Child sex abuse is a problem for society at large which it has not begun seriously to address.

Editor’s note: This column first appeared December 19, 2014 in the Catholic Herald of London and is reprinted with permission. Pictured above is Rt. Rev. Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury. (Photo credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire)

Dr. William Oddie


Dr. William Oddie is a leading English Catholic writer and broadcaster. He edited The Catholic Herald from 1998 to 2004 and is the author of The Roman Option and Chesterton and the Romance of Orthodoxy.

  • Salvelinus

    The child abuse problem is very obvious, but nobody will say what it is.
    Read the book The Rite of Sodomy.
    There was an infiltration of Christ’s church by Homosexuals around the disaster also known as Vatican II. To add to the problem, there were multiple Cardinals and bishops, who were homosexual in lifestyle themselves, that only would ordain fellow perverts.
    Now in this last gasp of aging hippies, heretics, and apostates, prepare for a new flock of sodomites that may have begun to be stopped under pope benedict.
    I truly believe it was this powerful network of Homosexuals that forced benedict to abdicate.
    Domine, miserrere nobis!

    • Michael Paterson-Seymour

      Which completely fails to account for the incidence of child sex abuse by married Protestant clergy (or by teachers, mothers’ live-in boyfriends &c)

      • Rock St. Elvis

        Indeed. The reason for abuse by any clergy has nothing to do with celibacy vel non. The reason is the same as that for abuse by teachers, scout leaders, etc.: there is a ready pool of victims for those already disposed to prey on them. Predators enter the priesthood, the teaching profession, the Boy Scouts, etc., already predators in search of easy meat. The seemingly endless second chances given to these perverts by some bishops has a lot to do with the bishops’ being in the forgiveness business, as well as trendy views toward the human psyche. Predators among do-gooders and pushovers – a lethal combination.

        • publiusnj

          Clearly, sex–straight, gay, pederastic or any other variation–did not start or end with the Sixties. Nevertheless, so long as so many people insist that there is something different with the proven and/or alleged sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church, research into the etiology of the misconduct is worthwhile.

        • Glenn M. Ricketts

          Even so, I think there had materialized a critical mass of homosexual priests – what the late Andrew Greeley dubbed the “lavender Mafia” – who accommodated and assisted each other in ways that still occur, albeit on a somewhat diminished scale. No doubt there had always been homosexual priests, but I think that numbers and proximity matter, and in the late 1960s, early 1970s, we had reached the tipping point. It doesn’t minimize the points of your post, with which I agree, but think the distinctly clerical aspect of the phenomenon was and is there, nevertheless.

          It wasn’t necessarily confined to Catholicism, either. A friend of mine who came into the Church from an Episcopalian background recounted how he had served as a lay member of an Episcopal seminary’s board of directors. Eventually he resigned in bewilderment: although he was indeed the only layman on the board, he suddenly came to the realization that he was also the only heterosexual. Until that grim revelation, he was continually baffled by the increasing hostility he experienced from his ultra-progressive fellow board members, who were also vehemently opposed to his more traditional theological orientation.

      • GG

        Did homosexuals infiltrate those area areas to the same degree they have the priesthood?

        • Michael Paterson-Seymour

          Well, as I specifically referenced married protestant clergy and mothers’ live-in boyfriends, one would assume not

      • Seamrog

        Was the child Welby abused a boy or a girl?

      • John O’Neill

        To add oil to the fire it should be mentioned that the biggest group of child abusers in the USA are public school teachers. Most of the cases are swept under the rug because of the difficulty of suing School Districts and of the power of the public school unions. In the past year or two there has been a plethora of female public school teachers abusing boy students and most these teachers were married women. The origin of these reprehensible acts can be found in the much discredited Catholic theology of original sin but modern Americans and Europeans discounted original sin as an old wives tale a long time ago. So they now reap what they have sown.

        • GG

          How many female teachers abuse female students?

          • Glenn M. Ricketts

            More than many are prepared to believe. A former phys-ed teacher from the local public HS where my own kids went is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for a “relationship” she had coerced from an underage girl on the basketball team that she coached.

            Another very real but largely unnoticed problem is the sexual seduction of early adolescent boys by young middle school teachers in their early to mid-20s. The celebrity case of Kim Letourneau a few years back is the tip of a very large iceberg.

            • GG

              Well is it as high as female on male abuse? It is relevant because if the abuse crisis within the Church is the same as other abuse patterns then we ought to expect a lot of male on male abuse.

              I doubt that is the case.

              • Glenn M. Ricketts

                I don’t have any statistics handy, although I don’t doubt that sexual abuse by religious figures is overwhelmingly male-on-male, as you suggest. But I think it’s also necessary not to accept uncritically the assertion by feminists that women never, absolutely NEVER, engage in sexual exploitation or abuse, which is contradicted by the cases I’ve cited.

            • wyllow

              Mary Kay Letourneau, not Kim.

              • Glenn M. Ricketts

                Thanks, I’ve made that mistake previously.

        • WGAL has been a torrent of tales featuring unsavory twenty-something trollips taking liberties with teenage boys over the past few years, hasn’t it?

      • Aldo Elmnight

        Of course it does not account for those cases. They are different situations. A teacher abusing a student does not explain the homosexual neytwork in the Catholic Church.

    • mugger malcolmridge

      Look up the history of former communist, Bella Dodd, who worked to destroy the Catholic Church from within during the 1920’s and 30’s. She claims to have personally infiltrated seminaries with 1200 men to help achieve this goal.

      • Glenn M. Ricketts

        Were they simply secret Communists, or were they homosexuals as well, a la Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt?

  • Marie Dean

    What about abuse before the sixties and seventies..? You assume that there was not abuse in the thirties and forties, which there was. We need to stop blaming the sixties sexual revolution for an old, old heinous sin.

    • MarkRutledge

      That the sin is not new isn’t noteworthy. That occurrences increased by orders of magnitude in the wake of the sexual revolution is.

    • Dick Prudlo

      The sixties and seventies were pedal to the metal times. Indisputable!

    • elarga

      Very important point. There is absolutely no reason to assume that clerical abuse of children suddenly surged in the 1960s. It is indisputable that clerical abuse was much more likely to be covered up back then, including by the civil authorities. Of course, it is now practically impossible to verify such cases.

    • Catholic pilgrim

      We blame the chaos of the ’60s because attitudes & actions have consequences. Have there always been fornicating priests? Yes, unfortunately. But why the sudden surge after the ’60s/’70s?
      Were you in a Seminary around those years? (I suppose you weren’t.) Priests & seminarians were hearing all kinds of Garbage (influenced by the Chaotic Sex/Drugs Culture). “Free Sex”. Birth control fixes everything (even poverty), it’s pretty much magic. Sin is a harsh word. Sins are okay, let’s not say “sin” anymore. “Free sex”. If you have *feelings* for someone, it’s all okay. We need to do away with this “guilt” thing. There’s No such thing as Hell or Satan. Everybody goes to heaven, duh. Quit being so Medieval!
      After poor, nay, terrible spiritual formation, what do you think the consequences were BECAUSE of the ’60s/’70s? Many weak, effeminate priests who thought pleasure-seeking sex was okay. (Sex can only be sacred within holy Matrimony- a truth few seminarians would hear. Sin, Satan, & hell are real.) Thank God most our Seminaries are now moving in the right direction. Thankfully not all priests formed during that time bought into those Lies (from the Devil) that were being shoved in their faces by people who were supposed to know better.

  • AcceptingReality

    Obviously, pederasty among Catholic priests is caused by the priest’s failure to keep his vow of celibacy. It’s not at all reasonable to suggest that the vow caused the sin. The vow had the potential to prevent the sin, though. My sincere prayers with all who have been victims of this heinous crime.

  • Vinny

    Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

    Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!

    Yes, it’s Superman, strange visitor from another planet, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for the Truth, Justice and Healing Council.

  • St JD George

    I think it is an absurd premise to think that there might be a connection. Pedophilia like rape is the result of a disordered mind and is about control over the subject, it has nothing to do with compassion. Though it may be nearly as old as original sin, there is no denying that there was a big increase coincident with the sexual perversion era that came to be known as a revolution. Sadly many lives are still being destroyed by the poison it unleashed into the minds of now several generations. Celibacy is a gift and a decision made of free will in responding to a higher calling. I think it also helps to see our (most anyway) priests as humans who have answered the call who are a gift to us and to invite them into our homes so they might feel their lives to be less cloistered like and a part of our extended families.

  • elarga

    I am inclined to agree that celibacy is irrelevant but Mr. Oddie provides no evidence that it is irrelevant. “The problem is just as bad in the Church of England.” How does he know? The only evidence he offers is anecdotal. As I said, Mr. Oddie is probably right, but we can’t be sure until a proper study is done.

  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    Since we’re into research and studies, maybe someone here can collect the data on the gender status of victim & perpetrator in 1) the Anglican Communion (all institutions), 2) the Catholic Church (all institutions), and secular/state institutions.

    This will answer the following questions:

    Has the sexual abuse in Catholic institutions been primarily male upon male (that is, boys)? Answering this one will answer – you know – the “other one”.

    In Anglican institutions was the pattern the same as in Catholic institutions? Or was there a higher percentage of male upon female (that is, girls) abuse?

    What is the gender ratio pattern in secular/state institutions?

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Rampant sexual abuse of boys has gone on for generations in hundreds of monasteries and has never yet been mentioned by the person in charge – the Dalai Lama. Yes, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries have an entire culture of pederasty. I’ve never seen anyone say so much as an unkind word to Mr. Lama.

    • Vex

      I think a core difference there however is that not only are the ages of consent far lower in Tibet (it was only with the conquest by China it was set at 14, taking wives younger than that is not uncommon) there is nothing within most Buddhist schools (that’s denominations to us) that denounces same sex acts.

      China certainly has no laws against it either. Why would Tibetans complain about it when the whole affair is morally neutral to them?

      • Glenn M. Ricketts

        Never thought so – thanks for the interesting post.

      • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

        Boys are raped, dominated and bullied by ‘holy men’ who are, by the strictures of their culture, supposed to be celibate and you do Tibetans no service by declaring this normal. I have read some of the testimonies and they are blood chilling.

        • Vex

          Actually not all monks are required to be celibate, I mean the Theravada ones more often than not are but for the Pure-Landers, Zen or the others there is no such requirement (I mean for goodness sakes Google Tantric Buddhism, masturbation and homosexual acts really are not that far out there for them). Being a monk isn’t a lifetime vow either, it’s a stage of life often taken up prior to marriage and then left behind (especially in Thailand and previously Tibet).

          [You do Tibetans no service by declaring this normal.]

          Hey, if they had a problem with it they would have banned homosexuality, we do forget that up until Mao’s time the Dali Lama’s were autocrats with absolute spiritual and temporal power. They never did anything about it though so I think it’s fair to day its not something that bothers them.

          And really why would it? When it’s a common practice for nine year olds to get married and the idea of homosexual acts being a sin is totally alien why would pederasty upset them?

          The morality of it was not the topic but just to put the final nail in the coffin for what Tibetans think about homosexuality…Here’s a call for approval of Same Sex Marriages from their absolute ruler himself

          [I have read some of the testimonies and they are blood chilling.]

          As there are in every religious institution, our own included. Those in glass houses really shouldn’t be throwing stones.

          • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

            FORCED SEXUAL ABUSE OF BOYS LEFT AT THE MONASTERIES. You can write thirty more paragraphs about how you are cool with that. I’m not.

            • Vex

              I never said I was okay with it, if you check my first post you’ll see it actually suggests the exact opposite. I just pointed out that in a society where marriage at nine, sometimes to multiple spouses is the cultural norm there really is no concept of pedophilia.

              Rather like how it was during pre-enlightenment Europe actually.

  • R. K. Ich

    There is a shortage of masculine celibates. Thanks be to God, at St Agnes Catholic Church where we attend, the priest-in-charge is palpably masculine in demeanor. I feel much more comfortable my 3 boys won’t be taken advantage of by priests like him over against those who exude effeminacy.

  • M. J .

    Having read how Bl.Mother , as Our Lady of Kibeho , advocated the use of the Rosary of Seven Sorrows as a remedy for personality disorders ( which are , in one sense enemy afflictions ) and how that country recovered from the demonic hatreds in an almost miraculous manner , may be Pope Francis would set up studies to see if those afflicted in The Church could benefit from any treatment programs , such as a program with intense visual meditation on the Sorrowful mysteries , may be seeing oneself and anyone else the person might have any sort of even hidden antipathy esp. may be parents /others , along with The Lord , getting scourged , crowned with thorns and so forth . and the forgiving , empowering Father love , flowing in, washing off hatreds …thus sparing the children , a life of misery of not being able to trust in God , once someone in authority has destroyed same for them and the reason the enemy specifically uses these persons to do so !
    Having read how MRIs now a days can measure the responses in the brain, to images , a time might come soon enough , to measure and diagnose as well as hopefully also treat these !
    Would be interesting to see if sins against life also contribute in general , as portals for the enemy ; interesting that contraception and its related attack on life , the negligence to help bring persons into deliverance through repentance all might be factors as seen by the timeline of the events !
    Buddhism too, in one sense , for all its pretensions, is an antilife system that instills the lie against sacredness of life, through belief in reincarnation .
    No wonder that the enemy finds its cohorts there as well !
    The book ‘Freedom through Deliverance ‘ by Rev.Fr.Carl mentions how teaching prayers , such as the prayer to take authority over spirits and bind them away are all useful (and even needed in our times ; ) most of our younger ones too can be trained and gotten interested in such aspects of warfare , hopefully to help all around !

  • hombre111

    Phrases like “Absolutely no evidence” set my teeth on edge. “Absolutely” is a risky word to use, because all I have to do is find one example to the contrary, and your argument collapses. Maybe “very little evidence?” But that is also a risky statement. I am sad to say that many abusers appeared during my generation. I try to figure out why. I think back to seminary days and remember research published in a book called “The Lonely Assistant and the Insecure Pastor.” Written for the bishops during the late sixties, who thought seminarians were being educated to be leaders, the researchers concluded just the opposite.

    That certainly matches my experience. When we were ordained, we were 26 going on 18, or even less, depending on how old we were when we discerned our vocations. The seminary was a misguided, tyrannical effort to isolate us, to keep us from taking adult steps, and to keep us sexually immature. My class did not discuss celibacy until AFTER we made our promise to celibacy in the subdiaconate. In our typical immature way, we called the pitifully brief discussion “De dirtibus.” Our research library on the subject consisted in four or five books we were not allowed to check out.

    The fact that we never really discerned whether or not we had a actual call to celibacy was part of our whole pattern of immaturity colliding with the sexual revolution of the sixties. Modern seminarians seem to have given a lot more attention to discerning their call to celibacy As part of a larger policy that treats men like men, they have their own cars allowing them to get off campus, they are able do ministry outside the seminary, and they live a pastoral year in a parish.

  • BXVI

    The problem in the Catholic Church was one of homosexual priests preying on pubescent and post-pubescent boys. It was not a pedophile problem. Pedophelia deals with pre-pubescent children, generally under age 8. Over 90% of the allegations against Catholic priests involved pubescent and post-pubescent boys. There were very few cases of straight priests abusing young girls. It was not a celibacy problem, it was a homosexual problem.

    I am sure that some people will take offense at this, but it is a proven fact that a significant percentage of homosexual men are attracted to young boys aged 10-17. If you don’t know this, you don’t know anything about the gay subculture. There is even such a thing called NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) and certain segments of the gay community openly advocate for decriminalization of man-boy sex. There is a thriving sex-tourism industry for homosexual men who want sex with teenage boys.

    There was a massive influx of homosexuals into the priesthood in the 1960s and 1970s. Some seminaries became cesspools of sodomy. By the 1980s, very few heterosexual young men in the United States would consider becoming a priest, because to do so would practically be to announce oneself as gay. Many, many of these homosexuals are cardinals, bishops and priests today.

    Pope Benedict XVI (as Cardinal Ratzinger, when he was prefect of the CDF) recognized the problem of homosexual abuser priests and put a ban on admission to the priesthood of any man with homosexual tendencies with the approval of Pope St. John Paul II. That rule remains in effect today. Note the boom-let in vocations among straight men under Pope Benedict. Yet the homosexual cardinals, bishops and priests of the 1960s-1980s (uniformly “progressive” in outlook, of course) despised Pope Benedict and their “gay lobby” within the curia did everything they could to undermine him and drive him from office. The homosexuals were part of a coalition of evil that worked together to drive Pope Benedict from office.

    • Glenn M. Ricketts

      Quite so. We had always had homosexual priests; but in the late 1950’s, we had a homosexual subculture.

      • irishsmile

        Its still there. My son is a priest. Most straight priests & bishops rte terrified to take on this topic.

        • Glenn M. Ricketts

          How I know. The son of a friend of mine, who had a very strong vocation, decided not to pursue it after two years in a seminary that was almost exclusively populated with gays candidates and spiritual directors. It’s actually surprising that he was admitted, since straight men are often subject to a very rigorous screening process – of the wring kind, of course.

        • Seamrog

          I was accepted for priesthood after a moderately rigorous application / examination process. Throughout a year of participation in the vocations discernment group that met for mass, rosary, discussion, fellowship, etc., I got to know ten or twelve men of varying ages. I did not suspect one of those men to have SSA tendancies. Most were grounded men.

          I spent some time at the North American College in the Vatican and met more than a few men there that left no doubt about about their sexual preference towards other men. One particular evening some of the seminarians were gathered in the social hall and serious discussion was had about how the Church does not condemn homosexual acts, and that those same acts were not an ‘abomination to God.’ At my objections, I was dismissed as ‘not properly educated’ on the subject.

          I was floored. A seminarian from my diocese knocked on my door late that night and came in to tell me that the position of those men ‘was not Church teaching,’ It was telling that he did this privately – while he was present during the earlier discussion, he remained silent.

          • GG

            How disturbing. Imagine how many there are in the top ranks? It is diabolic.

  • richado

    So there is no link between celibacy and clerical sexual abuse. But how about a definite link between sexual orientation and clerical sexual abuse…?

  • Tony

    OF COURSE it had to do with homosexuality.

    Most of the children abused were boys.
    Suppose that you had as many as one fourth of all priests with homosexual tendencies. Then that one fourth were responsible for five out of six cases of abuse.
    Putting the ratios together: The given homosexual priest was responsible for 15 TIMES as many abused children as was the given heterosexual priest.
    ALL homosexual men are attracted to teenage boys. Most do not act on the attraction, but it is universal.
    The syndrome itself arises from wounds in boyhood that have never healed.
    Anthropologically and historically, homosexual men have always considered boys to be fair game.

    • Asmondius

      Historically, pederasty has tended to flourish wherever homosexuality is in ascendancy.

  • irishsmile

    The John Jay Report clearly indicated that more than 90% of the abuse by the Catholic clergy in America has been against young post pubescent males…. & to most reasonable folks that sounds like same sex attraction: gay men attracted to pretty young boys. I don’t want to get wordy but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…. etc. There is an eminent, respected psychologist on the east coast named Fitzgibbons who has spoken out on this & he, a respected Catholic scholar, also sees it as a gay clergy problem.

    • Aldo Elmnight

      All of the psychologists who “treated” the abusers stated that they never treated any pedaphiles and that all the abusers were homosexual men. Pederasty is a big part of the male homosexual sub culture.

  • Elleblue Jones

    I was sexually abused for a number of years by a close family friend who also abused his four daughters and other young girls in our neighborhood in the 50’s. I went on to work with teens who ended up in care and 3 out of every 4 girls I worked with and 2 out of every 4 boys I worked with for over twenty years had been sexually abused.
    They had all been abused by family, extended family or family friends. All of the men had been straight, married men.
    I do not believe celibacy has anything to do with sexual abuse. The need for power and control over others most certainly DOES. There is no known cure or therapy that aids in overcoming pedophilia and I believe abusers should never be released from prison. Society is sacrificing children on the altar of ‘political correctness.’ Save the children!!

    • Hope

      There was a 6th grade teacher in my elementary school who everyone knew fondled girls daily, some worse than others. Parents even knew it and other teachers and I am sure even the principal. Nothing was done. This was a public school in the 60’s. This kind of crime was silenced and ignored back then. Now, would any of us abused be able to sue the Board of Education of That County some 48 years later for not getting rid of this teacher? No. But many have been able to sue dioceses into backruptcy where abusive priests prowled on the innocence of Children. I am glad they were awarded something. Also in the early 70’s I worked in a children’s home. There was a man who was recently Honorablely Dischared from the Air Force who was hired as a councelor for the boys at the home. After a year or so, a photo album was found in his possession containing Polaroid pictures of young boys naked in various poses. These pictures were not of kids at the home we worked at, but from a place he volunteered as a “big Brother” just before coming to us. He was fired, but nothing was done. Pedophiles are Predators. They work their way or hide their way into prime hunting grounds, gaining the confidence of everyone around them, even social workers. I have often wondered about all the little boys he abused and probably went on to abuse and may still be abusing.

  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    For the ascendency of pedophilia ion a “flourishing homosexual culture” just investigate the history of Florence in the very Catholic centuries of the 14th & 15th hundreds. Pedophila was very much the city’s nook and crannies. That particular horror has always been – and always in need of being called out and exposed. Yet, be careful, you may get burned at the stake for your evangelizing efforts.

  • Scott Bute

    Sorry Salvelinus, since the Second Vatican Council was of The Holy Spirit, your argument rings hollow. I truly believe that Jesus Christ was not kidding when he said, ” And on this Rock (Peter) I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

  • David Wendell

    What are the gender and age breakdowns of the victims in the John Jay report? I think it was something like 80% male adolescents. So I think the scandal should be called the hebephilia or ephebophilia scandal , NOT the paedophelia scandal.

  • John Byde

    Priests should be married because that what it says in the NT. End of.