The Downside of Dialogue

Dialoguers say the darndest things. The conclusion to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ document, Revelation: Catholic and Muslim Perspectives, contains the following: “Both Jesus and Muhammad loved and cared for all whom they met, especially the poor and oppressed.”

Would that include the seven hundred men of the Qurayza tribe who were beheaded on Muhammad’s order after they surrendered? Would it include the women and children of the same tribe who were sold into slavery? Muhammad may have cared for some of the poor and oppressed he met, but many people became poor and oppressed precisely because of him. And many others never survived their encounter with the prophet.

What leads Catholic prelates to sign off on a statement that portrays Muhammad as just an earlier version of Will (“I never met a man I didn’t like”) Rogers?

Part of the answer may be simple ignorance. USCCB statements often hold up dialogue as a way to overcome ignorance, but one sometimes gets the impression that the Catholic dialoguers themselves are ignorant of many important Islamic sources. The Koran, for instance, contains only a vague and indirect reference to the Qurayza tribe. For a full account of the slaughter, one would have to read Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah (The Life of Muhammad). That’s not as daunting as it sounds, since a fully indexed English translation is readily available.

But ignorance of the sources only goes so far in explaining the willingness of some Catholic dialoguers to believe the best about Islam. A simpler explanation is that some dialoguers may lack a keen sense of sin. They seem to subscribe to what economist Samuel Gregg calls “sentimental humanitarianism”—the belief that sin resides not in the individual, but in unjust structures. On this view, the causes of evil can be found in poverty, ignorance, or oppression, but not in human nature itself.

I’m sure that the bishops on the Interreligious Affairs Committee don’t consciously hold to the humanitarian doctrine, but some of the things they say, including the generous assessment of Muhammad cited above, suggests a rather optimistic view of human nature. It seems safe to say that there are very few people of whom it can be said they “loved and cared for all whom they met.” It seems equally safe to say that Muhammad is not one of them.

If the bishops can get it so wrong about Muhammad, can they also be mistaken about the contemporary representatives of the religion Muhammad founded—in this case, their Muslim dialogue partners? Do the Muslim dialogists act solely from pure and spiritual motives, or do they—like most humans—act from mixed motives? It may seem like a mean question to ask. At the same time, it is an essential question. Just who are the bishops’ dialogue partners? And to what extent can they be trusted?

Judging from a recent statement on “Dialogue with Muslims,” the question is not likely to be entertained by the USCCB participants. The statement, which seems to have been prompted by the ISIS atrocities, is essentially a defense of dialogue in the face of criticism that the dialogue has been fruitless. Rather than taking the criticism as an occasion for rethinking the dialogue process, the authors of the statement have taken it as an occasion to double down. There is no indication that they think a course correction might be in order, only an expression of sadness that some Catholics have rejected the call to dialogue out of “confusion and deep emotions.”

Some Catholics, as the bishops say, reject the call to dialogue, but for other critics it’s not dialogue per se that is worrisome, but rather the manner in which it is conducted. Perhaps the biggest worry concerns the bishops’ counterparts. For most of the last two decades, the main Muslim dialogue partner of the CEIA (the Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs) has been the Islamic Society of North America—a group that is part civic organization, part civil rights advocate, part Washington lobbyist, and part interfaith partner. They have a very inviting website which gives the impression that they are as American as apple pie—with one exception. About half of the “who we are” statement is devoted to denying that they were ever under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, that they were ever part of a criminal conspiracy, or that they accept money from foreign governments.

The “we-are-not-criminals” tenor of the statement might lead those of a suspicious nature to conclude that rather serious charges have been leveled at ISNA. And such is the case. In the 2007-2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, prosecutors entered into evidence a Muslim Brotherhood document calling for a “civilizational jihad” against the West and listing ISNA as part of a network of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in North America. This and other evidence persuaded the jury to name ISNA as an unindicted co-conspirator in a large-scale terrorist funding scheme. According to former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, “the Justice Department had shown ISNA to be complicit in ongoing Brotherhood conspiracies to sabotage the West and to fund the terrorist organization Hamas.” More recently, the Canadian Revenue Service revoked the charitable status of the ISNA Canada Development Foundation on charges that it was providing support to terrorist groups.

“Those of a suspicious nature,” however, does not seem to include the authors of the USCCB’s “Dialogue with Muslims” statement. Consider this section:

Perhaps most importantly, our work together has forged true bonds of friendship that are supported by mutual esteem and an ever-growing trust…Through dialogue we have been able to work through much of our mutual ignorance, habitual distrust, and debilitating fear.

Judged by this and other CEIA documents, “habitual distrust” is the last thing the bishops need to worry about. They seem, rather, to suffer from a bad case of habitual trust. Keep in mind that the majority of dialogue partners for whom they feel an “ever-growing trust” are members of ISNA. It’s good that the bishops have managed to overcome “debilitating fear,” but shouldn’t they retain a little healthy fear about an organization with such a shady past?

And it’s not just ISNA’s past activities that should concern them. When they are not dialoguing with bishops, ISNA activists seem to spend a lot of time criticizing our national security apparatus. While most Americans worry that the government is not doing enough to protect us from terrorists, ISNA and other similar Islamic groups accuse the government of being too vigilant. Together with the Muslim Public Affairs Council, ISNA has been in the forefront of activist groups pressuring the government to root out a supposed Islamophobic bias in the FBI and the nation’s intelligence agencies. In 2012, as a result of this pressure, counter-terrorism training manuals in seventeen agencies were purged of any materials that drew a connection between Islam and terrorism. According to one national security expert, the new policy “effectively neutered FBI counter-terrorism training and blinded our nation’s intelligence agencies to the threat from Islamic terrorism.”

Naturally, ISNA doesn’t see it that way. They claim they are merely protecting the civil rights of Muslims who, they say, are victims of widespread anti-Muslim sentiment. ISNA is active in fighting “discrimination” against Muslims on the local level as well. One of its initiatives is the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign—an organization of twenty-eight, mostly liberal, religious groups “united in their dedication to ending anti-Muslim sentiment forever.” The Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign was recently instrumental in forcing the New York Police Department to shut down much of its highly effective counter-terrorism program, which included surveillance of suspected places and individuals in the Muslim community. New Yorkers who worry about overly inquisitive police can now relax. New Yorkers who worry about bombing attacks, not so much.

One of the member organizations of Shoulder-to-Shoulder is the USCCB. Which brings us back to the issue of trust. Could it be that the USCCB’s dialogue partners have other objectives besides overcoming ignorance and forging “true bonds of friendship”? Have the bishops ever considered that the dialogue process is very useful to ISNA in terms of establishing its legitimacy and its moderation? After all, if Catholic bishops declare their “esteem” and “ever-growing trust,” what does it matter if a handful of “Islamophobes” have their doubts?

A certain level of trust is necessary for conducting dialogue, but the CEIA needs to consider the possibility that ISNA is using its relationship with the bishops in order to further causes that have nothing to do with the ostensible aims of dialogue. Critics of ISNA say that its main business is stealth, jihad, and the eventual establishment of sharia law. According to Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation.”

That’s not to say that ISNA is in the business of planting bombs. However, in the name of fighting Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment, it has managed to put a sizeable crimp in the ability of the NYPD, the FBI, and other agencies to ferret out the bombers. In a Fox News interview with Gretchen Carlson, Ray Kelly, the former police commissioner of New York, pointed out that the NYPD managed to uncover and stop sixteen terrorist plots during the tenure of Mayor Bloomberg. That was when its monitoring program was still in effect. It remains to be seen whether politically correct policing will be as effective.

Meanwhile, the USCCB’s Interreligious Affairs Committee seems to have fallen in line with the ISNA party line on Islamophobia. In a September 2 statement, Auxiliary Archbishop Denis Madden, the chairman of the committee, bemoaned the “tragic” rise of Islamophobia in America. And in speaking of the ISIS terror campaign, Bishop Madden wrote, “Our response to evil and violence cannot be fear. Fear destroys everything it touches.” Well, I’m not sure I agree. Sometimes an ounce of well-founded fear can save a ton of trouble. In his statement, Bishop Madden speaks favorably of the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim Public Affairs Council— two groups that have played a central role in hamstringing our security agencies. The rest of us might have less to fear if we could be assured that the bishop and his committee realize that there are greater dangers than Islamophobia lurking over the horizon.

Is the bond between the USCCB and ISNA indissoluble? Or is it time to change partners?

William Kilpatrick


William Kilpatrick taught for many years at Boston College. He is the author of several books about cultural and religious issues, including Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong; and Christianity, Islam and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, Aleteia, Saint Austin Review, Investor’s Business Daily, and First Things. His work is supported in part by the Shillman Foundation. For more on his work and writings, visit his website,

  • ForChristAlone

    #1 I am convinced that the bishops don’t write these documents. They are written by leftist staffers at the USCCB; the bishops simply sign off on them (in actual fact, the bishops really work for the staffers).

    #2 The USCCB is, in fact, irrelevant to the vast majority of Catholics. Almost no one reads the documents they issue. The bishops run the real risk of becoming increasingly irrelevant themselves. God help our Catholic Church in the United States. We are leaderless. The sheep have gone astray and there is no one to shepherd them.

    • Fred

      #1 Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Hard to accept when there is pattern and not isolated case.
      #2 I confess to using the site daily for the readings (audio) and reflections. It’s something I can do during my commute and I enjoy.

      • ForChristAlone

        Just make sure they don’t get hold of your money. In order for that not to happen, unfortunately, you have to withhold funds from your parish because some of that is skimmed off to go to your diocese which, in turn, skims it even further and sends it off to the USCCB. Instead give your money to charitable groups run by faithful Catholics.-like the Missionaries of Chairty

    • GG

      For years I have wondered why any bishop would sign off on some document he thought was in error? That the staffers are left wing dissenters is the fault of the bishops solely. What does that really say?

    • AnneM040359

      AMEN, you said it! I just do not have the time to read their “brainy” docs!

    • AnneM040359

      Thank-you ahead for your kind response, but is there not a saying that the “road to hades is paved with the skulls of bishops and priests”? This sure sounds like it.

      • FW Ken

        There are several variants of that. My favorite is that the floor of hell is paved with the bones of bishops. Of course. It’s piled high with the bones of lay folk. 🙂

    • kcthomas

      For that the answer is “the shepherd should have the smell of the sheep ” None is prepared to sacrifice and so the enemies will take over without delay. In France the Sheikhs have lot of land interest. Will there be Christians in Europe after 50-100 years ?

      • DE-173

        Right now, I smell sulphur.

        • kcthomas

          May be from Iraq and Iran. Poor christian families and Kurds !

          • DE-173

            Oh it is, but it is also erxuded from some Western episcopal residences.

      • Whose doing is it if the Christian population in Europe is dwindling if not its own due to self mutilation and castration?

        • kcthomas

          You are very right, Augustine. The problem is adoption of modern secular culture and the abandonment of God and religion. It cannot be reversed easily. Only a re-evangelization in the most humble way may help. I think this way because i am a believer in Christ and Christianity.

          • steve5656546346

            Humans remain fundamentally unchanged: that means that not only are the TEACHINGS of Christ and the Apostles eternal, but also their APPROACH is eternally correct.

            This means that sometimes the Truth must be proclaimed confidently, and other times “in a most humble way.” The Church has drifted into either/or thinking…

    • DE-173

      They are written by leftist staffers at the USCCB; the bishops simply sign off on them (in actual fact, the bishops really work for the staffers).

      Would that make the signatories lazy or inept managers? Adequate supervisory review is a basic task of all managers, secular or clerical.

      • ForChristAlone

        I would guess both. I know for a fact that even on the diocesan level, bishops have various department heads compose letters to their constituency that the bishop gives a cursory review and then signs. People in the pews think that the bishop has really sat down and composed a personal response to their letters. I am certain that the staffers at USCCB are all too willing to compose all sorts of policy papers. It allows them to glob onto perceived ecclesial power.
        As far as managers go, I would guess that 75% of bishops could never get a senior administrative/ management position at a major corporation. They get where they are by attending the NAC, rubbing shoulders with the right people at the Vatican and then bring their connections back with them Stateside to be cashed in as time goes on.

      • GG

        And it goes on decade after decade after decade. How can that be simple incompetence?

    • standtall909

      I’m with GG, ChristAlone….the Bishops are the ones that HIRE the staffers. Anyone going to tell me the Bishops don’t have any idea what’s going on with them?

    • Catholic pilgrim

      Precisely. In John Allen’s Ratzinger biography book, it shows why Pope Benedict XVI (who grew up during the rise of the Nationalist Socialists aka Nazis) strongly opposed National Councils of bishops. Our Lord Christ Jesus handed down His Teaching Authority to Apostles (not to Nationalist Councils). We the faithful (in our own dioceses) need an individual Bishop who is a Shepherd to us- not National Councils. Only the universal Bishop (Patriarch) of Rome and individual diocesan bishops are called by Christ to hold Apostolic authority. These National councils are a danger to Catholicism & must be severely limited (if not eradicated).

      • ThirstforTruth

        Great point! Strictly speaking, the USCCB has no real authority within the church hierarchy but most Catholics don’t know this fact and turn trustingly
        to its pronouncements. It should be abolished.and bishops put their time, talent and treasure into being pastoral leaders, not political hacks
        out to promote the agenda of the Democratic Party largely siding with the Party of Death most always.

      • John Allen is/was part of the problem when he wrote/advised the USCCB. He seemed far left in almost everything.

    • ThirstforTruth

      This smacks of the same excuse they gave as to their lackluster response or no response of any kind during the Clergy Sex Scandal! No matter who actually writes these documents, their name is attached, and so they SHOULD know what is in it
      and whether it meets the criteria. Trusting to dialogue with Islam will get us no where in this advance of evil that has always, since the early centuries, been a non-peaceful and violent movement. Jihad is not negotiable with these madmen. It is time either for the USCCB to wake up to that fact or disband this dysfunctional group post haste!

  • Vinnie

    “Perhaps most importantly, our work together has forged true bonds of friendship that are supported by mutual esteem and an ever-growing trust…Through dialogue we have been able to work through much of our mutual ignorance, habitual distrust, and debilitating fear.” Trojan Horse.

    • Tamsin

      The USCCB has a touching faith in the efficaciousness of “the talking cure”.

      • Vinnie

        Who is getting cured?

        • Tamsin

          The USCCB, of course!

          • Vinnie



    Perhaps they should have ‘dialogued’ with some of the Christians in the middle east.

    This statement is frighteningly stupid.

    • Glenn M. Ricketts

      And the bishops no stand by it proudly. Nothing so maddening as condescension from the embarrassingly ignorant.

      • DE-173

        The worst part is that you know that some recognize it for the abject lie it is and are silent.

        • Glenn M. Ricketts

          It also means that no one speaks for the truth, either.

  • Dick Prudlo

    It is clear for most that our Bishop’s are not Catholic’s other than belonging in name to the Church founded by Jesus Christ. Although, better suited for admission to a Hindu Sect, they remain attached to the Church of Christ and continue to scandalize all of us. As we pray for better times and better leaders we must not give up or given in too their vanities.

  • M.J.

    Thank you for bringing these things to light , as almost unbelievable as they sound !
    Hope that every Catholic- Christain would acept more enthusiastiacally, our role as those who have to bring deliverance from powers of evil and its related attitudes/effects in ourselves and others, so that we and they can live in the joyful relationship with God, in the power of anointing , in turn to do so for more !
    As much as the scrpitures have accounts time after time of the exorcism -deliverance ministry of The Lord and the Apostles , seems The Church had become lax in this area ( ? part of the mystery of evil that same happened! ) It is getting corrected now !
    Diagnosing the pt . is big part of the treatment ; diagnosing lung cancer as common cold is wrong !
    The definition of love says it is patient – meaning there is evil or wrong that we patiently, kindly ,deal with , in the God given strenght we can muster, to help with the struggle in us and them , for the peace through deliverance, at the earliest,
    Thank God for books such as Freedom through Deliverance , by Fr.Carl Schmidt , which helps to highlight many aspects of deliverance ministry , including the point that it is difficult to do dleiverance when the afflicted do not want same and deliverance can only happen in God’s time !
    Our role , as exhorted in the Divine Mercy Novena theme ( which too is a form of deliverance ) is to ‘bring all ‘ – including ‘heretics who tear at My Body ‘ – The Lord did not mince words and one way to do so could be , spiritually joining the Holy Father in our prayers , to thus include all ;
    articles such as this helping many in the Christian as well as non Christian worlds to know where the light and darkness is too !
    Ancestral curse of pride from destroying what is holy ( life, faith , unity , ofcourse other sacred things /places ) is sited as one reason for many of the prideful , sinful attitudes we see around , with its destructive effects and Islam possibly has mountains of such a history , all the way from the founder ; acknowledging same, thus to extend the prayers for deliverance is an act of mercy ;
    good things is , calling on our Mother – ‘Hail., filled with grace ‘ – the grace through holy ancestry of her parents , her pure life , God given power over the enemy – Fr.Carl sites Hail Mary prayer as a powerful deiiverance prayer ; the Holy Spirit given grace to forgive that she was abundantly blessed with , being a witness to what The Son of God , Her Son had to undeergo – that healing grace thus accessed for small and not so small occasions is the blessing for us , to live in the joy of the anointing of being in God’s love and presence .
    There is also the possibilty that the real reason for the curse of pride operating powerfully might be from nonunity in the Sacraemental Churches – between Orthodox and Catholic , both of whom carry valid sacraments , yet denying, thus , indirectly destroying effects of grace for unity of oneness in mind and heart – the geographical distribution of the effects should help us to know !
    Again, good movements , in the right direction there too .
    May The Lord move hearts to recognise and remind us of basic issues that need to be dealt with , through ardent prayers for mercy and deliverance !

    • Kalpurnia

      Modern-day Catholics live in a hazy world of half truths.

  • NormChouinard

    ” in the name of fighting Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment, it has managed to put a sizeable crimp in the ability of the NYPD, the FBI, and other agencies to ferret out the bombers. ”

    Be careful here what you ask for. Allowing the government to monitor and ferret out terrorist Mosques, Islamic groups and websites is a serious threat to allow today’s body politic in America to monitor Catholic churches, groups, and websites (like this one). There would be many who would be very happy to shut down our churches and all things Catholic in the name of fighting terrorism.

    • Vinnie

      True, as we are considered worse than Islamic terrorists since we are against abortion and homosexual marriage. Progressives love Islam. Christianity?, not so much.

      • Fred

        Their love is out of ignorance, and because they only see it now as being opposed to Christianity. Like with any fad, the love will fade rather quickly once they are forced to become subservient to it under Sharia. Tolerance – ha, ha, ha. Of course, that’s for the ignorant fools. Those that knowingly coerce and lead the flock astray and into the wolf’s den are another matter all together.

  • Anne Hendershott

    thank you for this courageous article. As the mother of a soldier son who fought against terrorists in Iraq at the height of the surge it is discouraging that the USCCB continues its progressive ignorance. There are good and holy bishops but the USCCB is an impediment to renewal.

    • There were no terrorists in Iraq.

      • AnneM040359

        There are terrorists in areas of Iraq, called ISIS/ISIL/IS, and they ARE terrorists.

      • 1Indioviejo1

        Aren’t Muslims terrorist? Just saying…

      • werjustchildren

        I was in Iraq, two combat tours. On our first day in…March 20 2003, i met a man whose tongue had been cut out by a terrorist.

        You have falsehoods that need to be washed away.

  • from Iraq

    unfortunately our so called religious leaders are hypocrites, they think that by saying such nonsense about Islam, they can win the Muslims to their side. Think twice, it is time to say the truth, how can anyone compare between our Lord and the founder of Islam, the first born of Satan.

    • NormChouinard

      Actually M.J. it is you that is clearly outside Catholic thought. You should read the doctrinal Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions from V2. It has been supported by every Pope since including B16.

      If you don’t agree with the doctrine, that’s fine, but if they are your “so called leaders”, it is you that has left the church, not them.

      • GG

        No document states Jesus and Mohammad are equivalent.

        • NormChouinard

          Friend, nobody on any side of this says they are. You will find quite the opposite if you read the USCCB document.

          • GG

            You responded to a post that said:

            ” how can anyone compare between our Lord and the founder of Islam, the first born of Satan.”

            Then you said:

            “You should read the doctrinal Declaration on the Relation of the
            Church to Non-Christian Religions from V2. It has been supported by
            every Pope since including B16.

            If you don’t agree with the
            doctrine, that’s fine, but if they are your “so called leaders”, it is
            you that has left the church, not them.”

            But I said:
            The documents of VII do not compare our Lord to Muhammad.

            • NormChouinard

              Glad we agree.

    • AnneM040359

      Thank-you and God Bless. No truer words could be said.

  • Tim Danaher

    The USCCB statements, like the one described above, show how disconnected the bishops are from their flocks and reality. Tolerance is the virtue most peddled in most USCCB document for many years now. When will be get a document that is based on truth and reason, rather than one fulled with naivete and lukewarm feel-good mush? Another case in point is the Faithful Citizens voter guide. Where are the clear and concise non-negotiable issues clearly articulated? Bishops, wake-up and take off your rose colored glasses and started preaching and leading your churches, before lose what remains of your flocks!

    • Stoney

      The vast majority of bishops we have today were raised in lefty, democratic homes. They will not change. Not now, not ever.

  • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

    There is not a bigger collection of fools on the planet than the USCCB.

  • LHJ

    Another great article, thank you Mr. Kilpatrick. “Sentimental humanism” —”the belief that sin resides not in the individual, but in unjust structures. On this view, the causes of evil can be found in poverty, ignorance, or oppression, but not in human nature itself.” I wonder if this idea has any relationship to “liberation theology”?

    • Tamsin

      Yes. William Oddie spoke too soon, before Jorge Bergoglio began the resurrection process.

  • John O’Neill

    Dolan and the American bishops are in their own little world and practicing their own eccentric form of Christianity. Catholics who still follow the teachings of Jesus should look outside the USCCB for spiritual guidance; the bishops are just another group of politicians playing to the media and hoping to be accepted by the wealthy cocktail set.

    • AnneM040359

      There are a few good conservative bishops, but safe to say, they are few. Better to go about following the teachings of Jesus alone, period.

      • John O’Neill

        Yes indeed, there are a few good orthodox catholic bishops but they have been downgraded by the Vatican. I always reflect on the English Catholic bishops who bent the knee to Henry VIII without a whimper; the few faithful Catholics had their heads cut off rather than to commit apostasy. This makes those political bishops who supported Henry VIII and his new national church look exactly like our Americanized bishops who continue to bow to the Obama/Biden regime and gladly promote the Obama government’s pro Islamic policies.

        • DE-173

          “bow to the Obama/Biden regime and gladly promote the Obama government’s pro Islamic policies.”

          Well, “solidarity with the poor” and “welcoming” “migrants” don’t come cheap. Sometimes you just hand over your integrity.

      • 1crappie2

        I recall the miraculous power of only a dozen “bishops” many centuries ago. “Going it alone” is to deny God’s chosen structure of a Church hierarchy as having any value.
        I prefer to think in terms of His instruction to them to be “as cunning as serpents.”

        • AnneM040359

          Rather, in truth, I am not going it alone, but have the support of God, the angels, and the elder brothers and sisters in the Lord who have gone before me to the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Plus with each new day, the true face of Islam is showing itself through the violent jihads and it is time for Church to start getting real about it.

      • Jacob

        You wouldn’t know what the teachings of Jesus were without the Church and her Magisterium. Those who try to “follow the teachings of Jesus alone, period” are called Protestants, and there are thousands upon thousands of Protestant denominations, sects, churches, pastors and individuals who all disagree with each other as to what Jesus taught, because they reject the authority of the Church and the bishops and claim to follow “Jesus alone, period.

        • AnneM040359

          It is called calling upon the Holy Spirit to help you! May the Spirit of the living God help raise up good and holy priests and bishops. Amen!

  • Fred

    I too struggle with wondering about what ulterior motives there may be for the positions and statements made. I hate to reject outright even though I lack for an answer to explain. I understand the human nature to avoid controversy, but saying things untrue rather than nothing at all is misleading and makes things worse rather than better. If we want to have honest dialog, let’s talk about Taqiyya – you know, the part about lying in peace with the infidels until your numbers grow strong and you can rise up and then strike them down. Talk about trust. Or abrogation – now ye not that I am all powerful and am able to do all things including changes to my revealed revelations. How lovely to be able to change your mind on a whim, and how confusing to followers. Or why it’s ok to take a child bride and consummate marriage when she is only 9. It will be really interesting times when societies who have rid Christ from their center despite having been blessed with a rich Judeo-Christian heritage are forced under oppression to conform to Sharia Law.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Past a certain point these bishops are no longer just ‘girlie men’ and saps and fools. They become Vichy. They become Quisling. They become Judas Iscariot.

  • Catholic in Exile

    The USCCB is the knife in the back of the Catholic Church. Islam is a cult of Idolatry; Mohammad is synonymous with Allah. The reason the USCCB grovels before Islam is because they have become idolaters themselves.

    • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

      Mohammedans, no. Idolators, yes: In love with their own “imago.” Transcendent truth does not exist for these people. Only self-image, and self-importance.

  • Steven

    The first move a new Pope should take is to get rid of all Bishops conferences. There is no need for them, and they cause more harm then they ever do good. Catholics should interact with their local diocese and then Rome, there is no need at all for another layer, particularly one which holds no authority whatsoever. All this does is confuse the Faithful.
    As for the rest, they don’t know or don’t care. If it is the former, it is because they don’t want to know. Check the link on the USCCB page to the Holy See’s website on Islam. Nothing prior to 1964 is included. One would think that the Church had never spoken on Islam prior to the 1960’s if you only went to the USCCB.

    This can only be intentional on the part of the USCCB, and tells us pretty much everything we need to know on the subject.

    • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

      It is just a money-making. self-perpetuating bureaucracy, whose only reason to exist is to perpetuate its existence. The USCCB takes money that should go for local charitable causes, and spends it on lavish buildings, conferences, vacations, and so forth.

  • Fred

    I too wanted to thank you for your boldness to speak out bluntly. Me thinks there are too many that are happy to embrace the bumper sticker “peacefully co-exist” ignorantly ignoring the wolf who has a taste for blood that is being welcomed into the pasture.

  • Martha Renner

    For heaven’s sake, can the USCCB please disband? If I have to read one more asinine thing they have to say on immigration, inter-religious dialogue, or climate change, I may not be able to be held accountable for my actions, as their mind-numbing propaganda will have had its full effect. Seriously, is there anything they’ve gotten right?

    • DE-173

      “Seriously, is there anything they’ve gotten right?”
      That is a rhetorical question, right?

  • Albert

    Since Islam supports the false teachings of Muhammad, would it not be wise for our Bishops to follow the example of Jesus in his engagement with Satan, when Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'” That did not sound like Jesus thought dialog would work.

  • kcthomas

    The innocent westerners do not doubt about others” truthfullness. They think democratically and secular. Can any one show one Muslim nation that tolerates other faiths ? Is it not a fact that those christians working in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to gather for prayer ?Not even allowed to possess a Bible or Rosary ! Is it not a fact that christians of Iraq are warned either to convert or leave the country ? In spite of all inhuman behaviour,violence and intolerance, we are prepared for dialogue. But do we insist on our faith like tolerance of other faiths,nonviolence etc? If not is it dialogue or atmosphere of fear and resultant silence ?

  • maineman

    “No one believes in the Devil anymore, and yet his smell is everywhere.” – Baudelaire

  • Scott W.

    I would say faithful Catholics dialoguing (stupid verbed noun) with brassbound progressives or Moslems is a bit like dialoguing with zombies in this song:

    • Tamsin

      “We’re at an impasse here; maybe we should compromise.”

      Icky, but spot on. Like a splat.

    • cestusdei

      Love the song.

  • Kalpurrnia

    Catholics 60 years ago knew their history. Catholics today have no clue as to what it’s all about! Just for starters. Read any pre-Vatican 2 daily missal see to you can’t get passed one week without reading about Saints bring martyred by Moslems. Yesterday was the feast day of Our Lady of Ransom. October 7th is Our Lady of the Rosary, commending the Vatican’s victory at Lepanto against Moslem invaders. That and more have all been expunged from the current documents.

  • strickerm

    Awesome article! One correction however: “…others never survived their encounter with the prophet.” I think it would be better as, “others never survived their encounter with the FALSE prophet.”

    • DE-173

      I’m so tired of people saying :”the prophet mohammed”. Especially the ones that wouldn’t dream of prefacing the name Jesus Christ with “The Lord”.

  • cestusdei

    I don’t understand why we seem to help those who persecute Catholics? It makes no sense. It’s like collaborating with Nero. The only Muslims we should dialogue with are those with no ties to terrorism and there are not that many of them I am afraid.

  • Watosh

    That the USCCB Bishops generally are modernists and are under the influence of the American desire for for unity along with diversity, I would not dispute. And Kilpatrick makes some valid points. Let’s face it the Muslim religion is founded on falseness, and has been an enemy of the West in many times and places. Either the Muslims are right or the Catholic Church is right, but they both can’t be right, and this mustn’t be lost sight of. However we should not get carried away by embracing Muslims and in also by exaggerating the threat they pose today.

    Having lived during the ’50s, I find that the more our soldiers die to protect our freedom over the years, the less freedom we have. Now Mr. Kilpatrick makes the statement “While most Americans worry that the government is not doing enough to protect us from terrorists …” I say that may well be true given the way our news media and our government hypes the threat of terrorists, however I feel that the chance of a terrorist killing me is much less than the chance of some crazed American or some criminal killing me. In fact statistics show that I stand a greater chance of being killed by lightning than by a terrorist.

    Another thing is that a lot of Americans expect that the government is not doing enough to protect us from terrorists as long as there exists the remotest chance of a terrorist attack. They expect absolute 100% protection from the possibility of a terrorist attack. The manufacturers know that the greater reliability that is demanded the greater the cost, but that 100% reliability is not possible. I mean one can argue that the government is not doing “enough” no matter how much the government is doing to protect us. How much protection is “enough,” anyway. That is not defined. Now the White House is surrounded by protection, yet recently a fellow was able to jump the fence and enter the White House.

    One of the reasons we face threats from Muslims is that we have killed a lot of Moslems in the Middle East. We may feel justified, but a man who has his children blown up by an american bomb is going to harbor thoughts of revenge, and we have blown up a lot of children, despite our smart bombs and our desire not to harm innocent civilians. One unfortunate aspect of our interventions in the Middle East is that sometimes it is difficult to tell who the enemy is, whereas in a conventional war the enemy has a different uniform. Moreover even if the civilians are killed by groups we have armed and supported, they are going, and this is to be expected, as the poet have said, “Those who have harm done to them, do harm in return. I knew this as a young boy, if you punch someone in the face, you were not surprised when they hit back. As I recall during the ’50s America did not worry about terrorist attacks. It has long been considered a truism, in fact George Washington gave this advice, “If a country wants peace, it needs to be strong.” (Or words to that effect.) Well since we became by far the strongest power on the planet, we have known nothing but war. When we assassinate people with drone strikes, even when we don’t kill innocent civilians, they live in terror as the drones circulate over their village.

    Personally I do not like to know the government feels that to protect me it has to read my emails and listen to my phone calls, or some bozo’s employed by the TSA can order me around and I dasn’t object. I do believe the government has a duty to protect Americans and that the government failed miserably to protect Americans from the 9/11 attack, and no one was punished except the few who tried to stop the attack.

    Finally at the time of the 9/11 attack al-qaeda did not have much of a following. Osama bin Laden lived in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan, there were no al-qaeda people in Iraq, or in Syria, or in Libya. Today after we conducted a number of wars costing trillions, they are very strong in these countries and we have ISIS running around and they are worse than al-qaeda. Americans today are more fearful than ever. So we can denounce the Muslim religion, and I agree we should not be palsy walsy with them, but maybe we need to try a different approach rather than tear up Moslem countries by our military or our proxies.

    • ForChristAlone

      “Osama bin Laden lived in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan, there were no al-qaeda people in Iraq, or in Syria, or in Libya.”

      You state this as a fact, can you provide us with your sources?

      • Watosh

        Well gosh, where were you when we had Osama bottled up in caves in BOra Bora. They showed the caves around. sorry I can’t take you by the hand and escort you to one of the caves he was using. some were quite elaborate. and you missed that? I thought everyone who followed the news knew that. Same with no al qaeda in Iraq, It was widely known that Saddam Hussein and al=qaeda were enemies. Gaddafi was a secular ruler as were the Assads. That was widely so widely known that I am surprised you need to be told where to go to look up this. Now I say that our Sun is 92,000,000 miles away, but if you ask me to provide you with the sources, I interpret that as simply a ploy to discredit me, as then in order to identify all the sources I would have to devote a lot of my valuable time, otherwise you could say you called my bluff. I am not even going to spend any time cleaning up this response from my bad typing as I am sure a clever , informed fellow like yourself already is aware of these things and this is merely rhetorical way of discrediting a fact yu don’t wish to have circulated.

        • ForChristAlone

          Thanks for the clarification; you have no facts to back up your claims – just shaky hunches.

          • Watosh

            I haven’t seen such blind faith as you exhibit, other than that exhibited by Moslem fanatics.

          • Watosh

            This is like arguing with a fanatical moslem. I encountered a similar obtuseness once when trying to convince a very intelligent, educated Catholic, a very close friend too, who was also a biblical fundamentalist, that the Earth revolved about the Sun. No matter what facts I used, no matter what scientific facts and scientific evidence I offered, she would reply, “Well, I believe in God’s word.” Well as they say “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. ForChristAlone above reply is another data point.

      • Watosh

        I tempted to reply last evening but was hurried as I wanted to watch the thursday night football game.

        Now there is a technique to be used to discredit someone who states something that is hard to refute, and that undermines the message you are supporting. That is to ask them to provide the sources of what I claim to be a fact. This looks fairly reasonable on the surface, but iI have had this game played on me before. Now it was widely broadcast a few months ago that Boko Haram kidnapped around 200 Nigerian school girls. However sitting here I would be hard pressed and would have to do a lot of searching to provide someone today with a source for the statement that Boko Haram did in fact kidnap around 200 school girls. The Internet would be helpful, but it would still be onerous to identify the sources that would specifically support that claim. BUT, in the past when I have naively supplied my sources to support some statement that some sharpshooter cast doubt on, when I supplied sources, they quickly claimed my sources were no good, that an author say that I cited was a wacko vegan, or the author cited was just some Academic type in some University that therefore was unrealistic. It places a burden on the other person that he can’t win. In that respect it represents a sophist tactic often employed by professional propagandists.

        I say to ForChristalone, my friend if you don’t believe my statement then YOU go to the Internet and cite sources that contradict my statement.

        Everyone not having Alzheimer’s and who follows the news has seen pictures of the caves where American Forces had surrounded Osama bin Laden in his hideout in the caves of Bora Bora in Afghanistan. That was big news, and controversial because we had then left the capture of Osama bin Laden to some non American troops and they let Osama escape. The news after showed pictures of Osama’s hideout because ethos caves were quite elaborate. this was NEWS. That there were no al Qaeda to speak of in Iraq, Libya and Syria is only contested by the known liar Richard Cheney and those of his entourage and maybe Fox news. We all know who owns Fox news don’t we. Now there may have been an al qaeda or operative that was rumored to have sought refuge in the Kurdish portion Of Iraq since we maintained the autonomy of the Kurds at that time and did not permit Saddam Hussein to go there.

        Again if you doubt what I say and question my honesty even though I state well known facts, then it is up to you to give your sources.

        Finally in closing I say “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Do you want me to state my sources for the is for ForChristAlone.

  • CR89

    I dare the signers of this document to read chapter four of Hilaire Belloc’s “The Great Heresies”, entitled “The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed”. Then I dare them to argue, logically, against what he wrote. Belloc had all of this nailed in the early 20th century.

  • jlizm

    The USCCB are irrelevant and we are leaderless. The Bishops care more about their staffers than the reality that is. Do they not have members who can do research for them rather than rely on others? Or are the Bishops blind to the beheadings that have occured and of which their staffers have made no mention?

  • Howard Kainz

    The next declaration from the USCCB may recommend respect for the Antichrist, as the ultimate test of inclusivity.

  • On every issue out there today, with the possibile exception of abortion, I have lost faith that our leadership will hold to proper values. And I think, and this needs to be said, it comes from the top down. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has created confusion and even perhaps unofficially endorsed backing off cultural positions. This wishy-washy approach to the problem of Islam is no different. I’m not asking for the Church to take on a battle with Islam, but let’s at least stop the naive statements.

    • DE-173

      To be fair, this started a long time ago, long before Francis was even a Bishop.

    • Vinnie

      Not too strong on abortion either.

  • zkeysersoze

    Good stuff, I was getting tired of listening to the television theology roundtable where they were all approaching this like counting the number of angels who can fit on the head of a pin. theology mumbo-jumbo. Everyone’s afraid of saying anything definitive…. even at the highest offices, except John Paul II or for example, Benedict XVI’s Regensburg address.
    … Archbishop Aquila is clear enough…
    Interreligious Prayer Service Remarks, Aug. 11, 2014 |

  • Martin Corts

    From the article,
    A certain level of trust is necessary for conducting dialogue, but the CEIA needs to consider the possibility that ISNA is using its relationship with the bishops in order to further causes that have nothing to do with the ostensible aims of dialogue. Critics of ISNA say that its main business is stealth, jihad, and the eventual establishment of sharia law. According to Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation.”

    This entire paragraph speaks directly to the Islamic doctrine of al-taqiyya or the holy lie, by which it is permissible to lie….in order advance the cause of Islam. If dialogue is based on MUTUAL TRUST, RESPECT & HONESTY, how does that occur when duplicity is the card that one holds?

    Here is an excellent article by Raymond Ibrahim on this topic.

    Thank you for this fine article and continuing to make us aware of the progressives minding the shepherds.

  • standtall909

    Jesus and Mohammed……Yep just exactly alike!

  • DE-173

    “Both Jesus and Muhammad loved and cared for all whom they met, especially the poor and oppressed
    Wow. Calumny and Blasphemy in the same sentence-that takes some doing.
    Oh well, must start preparing to greet a new Pastoral Letter on how sodomy and intercourse are both an intimate act that, through the joining of flesh, establish a sacredbond between the participants.

  • DE-173

    “Bishop Britt died suddenly in his sleep at age 59 on May 16, 2004, at his home in Grand Rapids.[2]”

  • DE-173

    “politically correct policing”

    Interesting that the acronym for that would be PCP.

    • ColdStanding

      Don’t open that door. They’ll just say, “See it is a good thing. Its angel dust!”

      • DE-173

        Brilliant! Thanks.
        I stand corrected by your quick and cutting wit here.

  • ColdStanding

    The purpose of engaging in dialog is not to talk to those that have given their act of belief to partial and mutilated doctrines stolen from the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Faith and enslaved many many generations ago with some intent of rapprochement in mind. No, not at all.

    There is not actually any authority, among the loose groupings that are commonly called denominations, with which to engage in dialog. Every protestant or moselm is his own authority. There is no possibility of delivering binding agreement of the group only individual conversions or persuasion of limited success . There are people on the other side of the negotiating table, but they are without authority.

    Assuming the premise of my second paragraph holds, namely that the conditions that meet the criteria for a dialog to happen do not exist, what then is the purpose? The purpose of this engaging in dialog with those that pass for representatives of putative “other faith traditions” is to lead Catholics out of the Catholic Church.

    You are in the Catholic Church because of your act of faith assenting to the authenticity of Her claims to divine origin, protection and guidance that no other society on Earth can honestly utter. When dialog happens as if it was a discussion of equals, well, that’s the problem, it isn’t a discussion between equals.

    The Holy, Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church is peerless. Any initiative undertaken with even a hidden or unrecognized premise that suggests the Church has peers, equals, or rival authorities to affect rapprochement with is heresy. Nor can one tuck it under the cover-all dispensation of pastoral concern.

    The unity desired and prayed for by Jesus Christ already exists. There is one fruitful vine, the branches of which are either living or dead, He is Our Lord Jesus Christ. His Bride, to which we need to be in sacramental union, is our Holy Mother Church.

    Now, I am not against holding discussions. Any individual of good faith that wishes to renounce the enjoyment of the goods belonging to the Church which they have, here-to-for, illegally appropriated for their self-aggrandizement is free to present themselves to the Church, beg forgiveness, do penance, and amend their ways. The Church will discuss with you the best way to affect this worthy goal.

    • GG

      1972 will not die. It keeps coming back again and again. It is hard to take seriously old 70s vapid Hallmark card theology as authentic and useful.

      • ColdStanding

        I grew up in orchard country. When an invasive species is discovered that threatens the crops is identified, de-sexed insects of the invading species are released so that, while the appearance of fertile contact still happens, no actual off-spring are produced.

  • Paloma

    Quoted from Wikipedia:

    “For medieval Spanish Catholics, the Whore of Babylon (Revelation, 17.4-5)[30] (a Christian allegory of evil) was incarnated by the Emirate of Cordoba!!!!

    How many times have we heard the saying, “Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it?!”

  • Lizzaanne O Leary

    You are a complete knob.

  • Elijah fan

    I just want a Pope or Cardinal to say out loud to the entire world media that each Islamic State soldier is moving toward eternal punishment in Hell….not toward houri with large dark eyes. I hold it as probable that our airstrikes have sent hundreds of them to hell in the past month….” if the just man will scarcely be saved, where will the impious and the sinner appear”…I Peter 4:18.
    The first Pope wrote that but under inspiration from God. Trent’s Council says we cannot be certain outside of revelation about such things as to an individual since God can save in seconds at the end of life; but Trent does not forbid surmising about the probable as pertaining to an anonymous group. For example…hundreds of thousands of criminals,pirates etc.have been killed while trying to kill law enforcement ( e.g. Pablo Escobar ) since the beginning of time. It is possible that God saved some in their last seconds but it does not seem probable that He saved all or the majority….given I Peter 4:18 which is a meaningless scripture if hell is empty by God saving everybody in the last seconds. And no scripture is meaningless bluster.

  • Dmikem

    “Both Jesus and Muhammad loved and cared for all whom they met, especially the poor and oppressed.” Groan. Has any single bishop read the Quran? This is just another disgrace from the USCCB. Muhammad married a 6 year old girl I wonder if our bishops think this is OK too.

  • Jane

    911 was falsely blamed on Muslims.

    • Elijah fan

      Are you familiar with the concept of abrogation in Islam? Later verses for some Muslims abrogate earlier verses within the Koran. Jihadists like ISIS people hold that the violent later verses of chapter nine abrogate or nullify the earlier in time tolerant verses of chapter two. Google search ” Islam abrogation Koran “. You’ll find multiple essays on it. Reading them will show you that there is not a one Islam…there are several and one loves killing without a doubt.

    • Tamsin

      “love the Muslim, hate the flying-airplanes-into-buildings-in-the-name-of-Allah”

      • Steve

        I think Jane means that no Muslims were involved in 911. It was, as they call it, a false-flag operation.

        • Tamsin

          “love the president, hate the flying-airplanes-into-buildings-in-order-to- ” rats, I guess I’m not up to speed on the purposes.

    • DE-173

      You’re right Jane and it’s about time somebody noticed that in the 18 hijackers listed below, all were Carmelite Nuns, chosen to imitate Middle-Eastern males because of their deep voices and masculine bearing. The “Nuns on the Planes” were a joint operations of the vast rightwing conspiracy, the NRA and rogue agents of the United States Department of Agriculture.

      1.) Khalid Al-Midhar
      2) Majed Moqed
      3) Nawaq Alhamzi
      4) Salem Alhamzi –
      5) Hani Hanjour
      6) Satam Al Suqami –
      7) Waleed M. Alshehri –
      8) Wail Alshehri –
      9) Mohamed Atta –
      10) Abdulaziz Alomari –
      11) Marwan Al-Shehhi –
      12) Fayez Ahmed –
      13) Ahmed Alghamdi –
      14) Hamza Alghamdi –
      15) Mohald Alshehri –
      16) Ahmed Alhaznawi –
      17) Ahmed Alnami –
      18) Ziad Jarrahi –

      • ForChristAlone

        Love it….no shortage of insane people…Obama supporter

      • Jane

        There is not one shred of evidence that any of these names refer to real people, or to any hijackers aboard any planes. Read David Ray Griffin on this.

        You receive an obviously fraudulent and now definitely disproved government narrative with no evidence provided as if it were gospel truth. How foolish of you, and how disgraceful to do so as a Catholic who should know better.

        • Elijah fan

          Go to your first link…the essay where Griffin shows a total ignorance of
          the Sunni concept of deception..idtirar (Shia…taqiyya) whereby they can act as ordinary persons of a country to hide their true faith:
          ” Regarding 3:28, the Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir (1301-1373) wrote: “Whoever at any time or place fears their [infidels’] evil, may protect himself through outward show.”
          In war especially, they can pose as being infidels. Griffin must know this but he may have been wafted away with the temptation to write books of a niche nature.
          Go here to read about deception and Islam:

          • Tony

            You are defending a story that is manifestly absurd, and only because the manifestly corrupt government told you its true–or else you’re insane, as the media says. Just like Pravda. Look up Zelikow, the one who created the whole fable. He is a professional maker of public myths. Look up building 7. All good willed people who are still able to think for themselves now see it was demolished from within. You are defending your own enslavement by defending the Big Lie. You are also defending all the murders that this Lie has caused.

            • Elijah fan

              Jane’s husband I presume?

      • Jane

        So-called 911 hijackers alive and well.

        • Elijah fan

          Your link only suggests that four out of 19 are incorrectly named.

  • John Albertson

    Is idiocy a necessary requirement for being a bishop these days?

  • Yankeegator

    Are they insane? Mohammad was a diabolical warlord!!! There are wolves within the City of God!!! Enemies within from the city of man!!! Most intelligent people in the west read the Koran and the Hadith and the history of mohammad and can’t be lied to anymore and know that Islam is diabolical and warlike… Just stop already; you insult The People of God!!!

  • Yankeegator

    Just sooooo tired of Bishops sounding like Western Enlightened Relativistic Multi-Culti emasculated men instead of Strong Catholic Men!!!

  • A J MacDonald Jr

    Since Christ-hating Jews are “our elder brothers in the faith” what difference does it make?

    • somnipod

      Thanks Nostre Atate… pure weirdness in that document if one sits and reads it.

  • somnipod

    Well, I brought my dying father to see s Catholic priest, the only one that would make time to see him (I guess because he’s not Catholic?). Well, after getting him in the car (because everyone was too busy to visit him at home, I guess) my dad actually expressed interest in becoming Catholic. I was so elated!
    Anyway, after finally getting to the Church office (San Antonio Texas archdiocese) an older Monsignor came to the door to meet us. After I walked my dad into the Monsignors office, I was paying he would come out a newly minted Catholic, having given his first confession, read the credos, and received the blessed sacrament.

    But, in horror after coming back into the office, the Monsignor told me, in a condescending manner, “the Church has changed the rule that one’s needs to be Catholic to be saved since Vatican II”. I reeled in horror! I asked him how.things can change like that, and the Monsignor (wearing street clothes, I might add) told me and my dad “…when John XXIII opened the doors and let the fresh air intothe Church those old rules went away, and pope Francis is making everything better now too.”

    I was asestruck, they’re I’m sitting with my dad and a.Monsignor from the San Antonio archdiocese, telling my dying father that since Vatican II one need not necessarily be Catholic. He then offered to say a prayer with both of us and my dad was just dandy feeling that a senior prieststatedhe doesn’t need confession or the sacraments!!

    This experience says it all in my book. Now I have this on my conscience, that my dad wool die without the sacraments (no mass, no Catholic burial, no forgiveness of sins) … and its all my fault for trusting this man (I cannot bring myself to call him a priest) with my dad’s soul.

    After looking at his office wall, all I saw were Broadway musical posters, and pictures of him wearing what looked like a rainbow sash.

    This Monsignor should be ashamed of himself, as should the entire archdiocese of San Antonio for allowing this man to council souls and celebrate mass.

    This is false ecumenism at the behest of truth, and is widespread in the USCCB.
    I only wish.that evil didn’t come upon my dad.

    • DE-173

      If he’s not dead yet, keep trying. We’ll pray for you.

      Of course the correct answer to Msgr Judy Garland was his conscience tells him he needs to be!

    • Stoney

      Take your dad to Our Lady of Atonement on the Northwest side of San Antonio. They will do what’s right, I guarantee it. Solid, orthodox priest there.

    • ForChristAlone

      Take your dad to someone in FSSP or St Pius X Society. The latter have valid orders (albeit illicit) and on occasion of near death can give all the sacraments.

  • Tony

    1. What is it that makes our bishops so effeminate? I am not using the word in its obscene sense. What makes them so timid, so slack, so concerned with appearances, so wishy-washy, so weak?

    2. Absolutely, national bishops’ conferences should be disbanded. Actually, and it’s a shame to have to say it, every new bishop in every diocese should demand the resignation of everyone working at the chancery, and then he should go over them one by one.

    3. Islam has bloody borders, EVERYWHERE, no matter who the neighbor is and no matter what the neighbor believes. That is right in front of our faces.

  • jacobum

    The Shepherds of Timidity continue their ongoing surrender to confusion, evil and denial of Truth. The mindset of dialogue as practiced by the Bishops is one of compromise and inaction. It’s ecumenism based on man. Their actions confirm it. This latest “position” is just another in a long line of inane and dubious commentaries. Every pronouncement seems to exhibit both ignorance and an absence of belief in the One True Faith. Pray for the Pope, Bishops, and the Church. Seems like the “Smoke of Satan” is bursting in too flames. Next months Synod has the potential to turn it into a full blown worldwide spiritual conflagration.

  • FW Ken

    Someone needs to check out this supposed plague of Islamophobia. A British Muslim group paid by the government identifies less that 1000 instances of “Islamophobic” behavior, 70% of which was online. That’s in a total British population of 63 million and about 3 million Muslims. Meanwhile, hundreds of British girls were abused by Muslim men

    Islamophobia, like homophobia, is a made up problem. It exists, but is exaggerated for political gain.

    • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

      Being fearful of something that can and will kill you is not a phobia. It is called sanity.

  • Stoney

    “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.”
    St. John Chrysostom

    “I do not think there are many among Bishops that will be saved, but many more that perish.”
    St. John Chrysostom

    “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
    St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325

    “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
    Saint John Eudes

    “It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly.”
    St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II

    • AnneM040359

      Thank-you for finding the real sayings in regards to a post that I had posted. God Bless.

  • la catholic state

    The Bishops are useless…..and it might even be better if the office of Bishop didn’t exist in most cases. Parish administrators and Priests could do their job for them. If they Confirm my children…..I’ll be satisfied. After that….I look to the Pope.
    On the plus sides….some Middle Eastern bishops are warning about Islamic immigration to the West and the danger this poses. I hope one of these will become the next Pope.

  • John Albertson

    Cardinal Dolan visited a mosque in New York and to told the Muslims that he and they worship the same God. Then he told them, “Keep the faith!” Perhaps Dolan might encourage the homosexual contingent that he has welcomed to march in the St. Patrick’s parade, to try the same in the Muslim Day Parade. Then we’ll see how much the faithful followers of Muhammad love and care for them.

  • wmp

    Just to draw a parallel with problems in dysfunctional politics, you hear have candidates that do not say something stupid. Usually it comes from people who live in the past, or seems the person resembles a Cretin The etymology of the word cretin. The most common derivation provided in English dictionaries is from the Latin Christiānum (Christian), via a medieval French dialect (compare modern French chretien). The connecting meaning between “Christian” and “cretin” is not obvious. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the translation of the Latin term into “human creature” implies that the label “Christian” is a reminder of the humanity of the afflicted, in contrast to brute beasts [1]. Other sources have suggested “Christian” refers to the inability to sin of such a person who lacks the capacity to distinguish right from wrong [2].

  • ACatholicMom

    Maybe the bishops need to be aware of the islamically-sanctioned concepts of “taqqiya”- lying to further the advance of islam and “kitman” -lying to fellow muslims when the person feels their life is in danger (ie. Sunni vs Shiite, Sunni vs Ahmadi, Arab vs. any other race) when in dialog with their muslim counterparts.

  • ThirstforTruth

    Anne…I feel your pain; ever year when it is time to cough up for the annual Bishops Fund which gave monetary support a few years ago to ACORN….supposedly out of ignorance.
    Ha! This sounds more like willful ignorance again; and that is, we are told, sinful.

  • Never let a true call for justice be wasted on such a noble goal, but instead subvert it to pander to the neo con script! USA, USA, USA!

    • Tony

      Exactly. Catholics on this blog are worshippers of neoconservatism (i.e., neo-Bolshevism) before they are worshippers of Christ. Wanting genocide against innocent, God-loving Muslims is now what it means to be a “conservative” Catholics. What a disgrace. Netanyahu is their de facto pope, with Hannity their Cardinal.

  • Tom T

    No surprise here. In 2011 the very same USCCB sent out article to diocesan newspapers across the Country via their publishing arm praising Hilda Solis then Sec. of Labor, as a model Catholic politician while completely ignoring her 100 percent pro-abortion position while congresswoman in California where she even opposed partial birth abortion restriction and earned a top rating from a national pro-abortion society. There was a request by the USCCB to then Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 requesting that Extraordinary Ministers be granted an extension of an indult permitting extraordinary ministers to assist with the purification of sacred vessels at Mass. It was denied via +Francis Cardinal Arinze Prefect Congregatio culto Divino Et Disciplina Sacramentorium. You would never know that the extension was denied as most churches I have been to Mass still use extraordinary ministers to purify the sacred vessels and in one case the woman took the vessels back to the sacristy to be washed out immediately after Holy Communion. Add all this to the ambiguous voters guide that tells us not to vote on any one issue, for example, it is OK to vote for a pro-abortion politician as long as the social issues of illegal immigration and the poor are addressed and we might also consider that these same politicians publicly receive Communion without controversy and we have to wonder what the actual mission is for these shepherds of the flock who seem to be lost, disinterested, uninformed or worse, agenda promoting and what faith they are supposed to represent as witnessed by the creatively various novel ways that the Novus Ordo is celebrated around the country with a nationwide attendance rate of about 20%. Sad

  • Bucky Goldstein

    There is no Muslim extremism in the world today that is not funded and organized by western intelligence agencies. Hamas was created by Israeli MOSSAD. Al Qaeda was created by the CIA. ISIS is a collaborative effort on the part of these same NWO operatives. The horrors of ISIS have nothing to do with the Qu’ran or Hadith. Islam is nothing more than the perennial philosophy realized within the context of arabic-perisan culture.

  • ylarryb

    I agree with Anne H. This is a truly courageous article. Whether the Vatican wants to admit it or not what the catholic bishops do and say Is part of the teaching of the church. It’s one more reason people are leaving and losing faith in the church.

  • Elijah fan

    Crisis Magazine….consider having comments moderated for your own long term good.

  • douglas kraeger

    Islam, like all protestant sects, has no head to speak with authority for all Muslims. Therefore we need to develop a means for true dialogue with individuals, a way to give them superb questions for them to seek God’s answer to, and then for us to trust God can do what we cannot do, convert the whole world. Perhaps the following can be a start:

    I believe that if this improved and the questions are asked of the ISIS leaders by ISIS members and they expect a public answer, this will put the leaders between a rock and a hard place and they will either change or they will loose followers because they cannot give a good public answer.

    Will you pass this along in your circles of influence and help bring about public discussion of this idea so others can help make it better and therefore try to cooperate with God in converting ISIS members from the inside?

    I have a question for reporters and all peace loving individuals to give to all ISIS members in the hope they will ask their ISIS leaders to answer publicly. Will any leader opposed to ISIS actions publicly ask this question, along with the starting verifiable fact below, of ISIS LEADERS?

    Starting verifiable fact:
    ISIS members believe (or at least claim) that they believe they are doing the “will of Allah” in what they are doing. I, along with many others, believe God IS so infinitely good, merciful, and powerful that He Wills to, and therefore must be, turning the whole world right side up to the one Faith He wants all to have by His peaceful means, without violating anyone’s free will, by His grace, through verifiable evidence and His questions that He wants to give His answers to.

    The Question:
    Do you, as a leader, believe God is infinitely good and powerful enough to convert the whole world to the one faith He wants all to accept, by His peaceful means of verifiable evidence and His questions that He wants to give His answers to, without violating anyone’s free will?

    Are ISIS leaders and their religious mentors going to publicly say all who agree with me are wrong and publicly say that God cannot be so infinitely good, merciful, and powerful so as to turn the whole world right side up to the one Faith He wants all to have by His peaceful means, without violating anyone’s free will, through the verifiable evidence and His questions that He wants to give His answers to,


    are they going to admit that God is doing what we say He is doing, turning the whole world right side up by His peaceful means to the one Faith He wants all to have without violating anyone’s free will, through verifiable evidence and His questions that He wants to give His answers to, but they still want their followers to resort to violence, hate and murder in the name of “cooperating” with God’s plan of peace?


    Is it possible God will convince some to reject the violence they have previously resorted to, rejecting the violence in favor of converting the world through God’s grace working through God’s questions and verifiable evidence, God’s peaceful plan?

    What will ISIS members think of their leaders who do not choose option three? That perhaps those leaders do not believe their faith is the one faith God is leading all to, by His grace, through his questions and verifiable evidence? If the members start to question their leaders, where might it go?

    Should not all laity of all faiths do all they can to “help” all ministers of all faiths to publicly proclaim their belief that God is so infinitely good, merciful and powerful that He is turning the whole world right side up to the one Faith He wants all to accept and profess by peaceful means without violating anyone’s free will and therefore all should publicly renounce violent aggression and terrorism as a tactic in doing God’s Will?

    Should all laity expect all ministers of all faiths to find and provide the verifiable evidence and related questions they believe God is using, with His grace, to bring all people to the one Faith God wants all to accept and believe by His peaceful means?

    Should all laity find the best verifiable evidence and related questions they can, post them on electronic media, and carry them on slips of paper in their wallets and purses to be handed to others whom they dialogue with, all in an effort to help people, in the security of their homes and hearts, to seek God’s answer and the one Faith He wants all to have without having to argue with or convince the person giving them the slip of paper?

    I have a few starter questions on my blog under the title, “some questions… Aug. 18” and I have, there, a more detailed outline of a possible program under which all ministers of all faiths would be expected to provide what they have found to be the best questions, coupled with verifiable evidence, for helping people come to the one faith God wants all to accept and this is under the title, “Shortened version, June 7, poster idea”.
    Do you see any good reasons (other than english and style) why this should not be passed around so others can improve upon it and eventually a good question is presented to the members of ISIS to ask their leaders?

  • JavierHvonSydow

    But have you ever thought that this is also maybe the only way to evangelize Muslim brothers in the only means or way possible which is the direct contact to the love of Christ? Muslim nations by themselves don’t allow the action of Christian evangelization in their countries. Dialogue always brings about understanding of each other. Think of the way belligerent countries got to know each other through the contact between guards and prisoners. St. Marcellinus got the conversion of his guards and their families. In a way so did Nelson Mandela when he discussed about rugby with his prison guards. This is the “culture of the encounter” that pope Francis talks about in his apostolic exhortation and wants to bring about in the church as part of its missionary role. Think of that beautiful scene in the movie Jesus of Nazareth of Franco Zeffirelli when Jesus goes to Matthew’s house and Peter was totally taken aback by this…

    • la catholic state

      It’s not working. A better approach would be to demand that Muslims convert to Christianity if they want to emigrate to the West. But of course our secular masters wouldn’t hear of such a thing…..and sadly there is no Christendom anymore. Not yet anyhow.

  • Bill

    George W. Bush stated in 2001, “you are either with us or with the terrorists.” The forbidden truth is that the US is involved in a diabolical undertaking: it has created an Islamic terror network with a view to destroying sovereign countries and now it is waging a war against its own terror network. Without media propaganda, this military agenda under the guise of counter-terrorism would fall flat, collapse like a deck of cards.

    The US president and his indefectible British ally “R the Terrorists”, they are the “state sponsors of terrorism”, with a view to waging a war of conquest. The United Nations is complicit in this undertaking.

  • A terribly one-sided article. He ignores the multitude of ways in which Muslims interpret the life of Muhammad and attempts to dismiss all peaceful Muslims as “liberals” outside the mainstream. Typically of this kind of right-wing rhetoric. it’s truly sad.

    • Objectivetruth

      Thank you for your biased, ignorant, one sided, left wing rhetoric.

      Muslims don’t “interpret” Muhammed. They (try) to interpret his heretical writings, the Quran.

      • Your comment shows your ignorance because Muslims do not consider the Qur’an to be the writing of Muhammad. In fact, Muhammad never wrote it down. Everything is interpretation. Your ignorance is also shown by labeling me “left-wing” simply because I am not “right-wing.” The world is not “right vs. left” as far too many people like to think. The thoughts expressed in this author’s articles are wholly uncritical and lack any intellectual depth. It’s a shame.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    My only question is if the USCCB statement is the product of ignorance or….well, the alternative is gruesome even to contemplate, a little like the post WW II question about Roosevelt’s advisers and their Soviet leanings: “Were they simply naive or were they “card-carrying members of…..?” ” Of course in the case of the USCCB, given all that has happened between Muslims and West in the last three or four decades, even the ”ignorance” defense forces us to conclude that the Conference must be a nest of blithering idiots.

  • I sometimes despair. How can non-Catholics take the other claims of the Catholic Church seriously when leaders of the Church put out such dangerous tripe? Mr Kilpatrick you are too generous with them. With all the resources at their disposal, that many of us do not have and yet we know more about Islam than they do, then ignorance is not an excuse. Laziness is the most charitable word I can come up with. They seem to have also bought into the lie that only Muslims can know about Islam, as if it is some esoteric belief system. Anyone who can read and think can know what has been revealed because it is in their so-called sacred texts. Sheesh.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    It is a mortal sin to be so willingly ignorant of the satanic cult par excellence. No institution in the world has more knowledge of Islam than the Church. The Church knew Mohammed when he started his totalitarian ideology on a path of conquest. Egypt, Jerusalem, Damascus, Aleppo, and on and on were Catholic even before becoming Orthodox, yet the church has failed to educate humanity against this satanic cult. Why the failure? Catholics fought the good fight in Spain, and during the Crusades, Lepanto, Vienna, etc, but we did not spread the knowledge or define Islam. Why? We are now paying the price and it may be too late for western civilization.

  • la catholic state

    It is strange how the Church is facilitating the spread of Islam. I hope Mr Kilpatrick will confront the Church powers that be on this. At very least the Church should be calling for the conversion of Muslim immigrants to Christianity…..or the halting of all Muslim immigration to the West. Instead…they are doing the opposite and aiding the spread of Islam into Christian territories…..while asking Christian refugees to stay put in Islamic countries!
    It’s unbelievable and nasty.

  • Synagogue Rising

    Readings From Scripture: Jesus Assails

    Jews who Plotted His Murder

    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, ye hypocrites! Liars! Vipers! Murderers! Your house is forsaken and desolate. Your father is the Devil. How will you flee from the judgment of Hell?

    “Sicut Judaeis Non” – The Church’s

    Two-Part Teaching Concerning Jews

    Card. Hlond’s 1936 Pastoral Letter.

    World apostasy and “the hour granted to the power of darkness;” Organized forces driving man individually and mankind collectively into total apostasy from God and Totalitarian Tyranny; These forces, invisible and visible, are three: Satan and his legions of demons, Judaism and Freemasonry; Extinguishing the Light of Christ from the world of man; This writing not “anti-Semitic” but an act of charity and work of mercy; Conspiracy “theories” vs. historically factual conspiracies; This book does not address any conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact, conspiracy history, conspiracy THEOLOGY;Exposing the Judaism of Christ-hatred; “Their madness is according to the likeness of a serpent;” The Catholic Action formula of resistance, restoration and reconstruction; Prayer, study and action; Not all Jews are our enemies – only the guilty ones; Christ’s preeminent mission: “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” This must be our mission as well.

    1. Two Kingdoms at War: A Brief Overview

    Demons gather in hell on the very day of the Crucifixion; a conspiracy is hatched at the “Council of the Malignant” to devise a plan to counter the Redemption; The Pharisees are their point-men; 20 centuries later, crypto-Judaic-Totalitarianism threatens to consummate the overthrow of God on earth by ratifying a One World Tyranny under the framework of a New World Order; Conflict of the Ages; God is pouring out His wrath upon the nations that acknowledge Him not; A slew of errors – from Russia with hate; Crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism; Synagogue of Satan; Talmud, Kabbalah and Holocaust – sum and substance of the demonic “deposit of faith” and unholy trilogy of Antichrist theology; Catholic theology coupled with a Catholic worldview and spirit of militancy.

    2-Do Not Allow The Faithful to be Deceived

    Revolutionary Judaism can only be effectively countered by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Eminent churchmen warn of conspiracy of the Synagogue – Fr. Oreglia, Msgr. Dillon, Msgr. Delassus, Msgr. Jouin, Rev. Garcia Bishop of Tuy, Fr. Fahey, Bp. Sigaud, Maurice Pinay (pseudonym for 12 priests who collaborated in the writing of The Plot Against the Church), Msgr. Lefebvre; Lefebvre was not silent on the Jewish threat as many of his supporters are led to believe; He clearly identified “Israel” and “the Jews” in the plot to discredit his person and distrupt his mission; The Supreme Pontiffs sound the alarm; the Popes take decisive action against Jewish menace.

    3-Traditional Teaching on the Jews

    Sicut Ludeis Non – a policy of charity, doctrinal integrity and militant self-defense; St. John Crysostom says Jewish life is not a venerable one; The “Judaizing Disease” of the popular notion of Judeo-Christian heritage; St. Bernard instructs that Jews are not to be persecuted; St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the words from the Cross, “Father forgive them,” apply to the Jewish people but not to the Jewish leaders; The question of deicide and the collective responsibility of the Jews for the death of Christ; The Church shows Jews the same charity even after the Talmud became known; WWII, the Jews and the Pope who stood herocially against Hitler; Jewish praise for Pius XII.

    4-The Chosen People No Longer

    Jesus Christ Catholic; the God of Israel; “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not;” Mosaic and Sinai covenant defunct; The Lord God of Israel makes a new covenant with the House of Israel; The faithful Jew adheres to the teachings of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus; Judaism based on the refusal of the Messiah broke its covenant with God; Old and New Testaments alike center on Christ; Limited number with lineage to Abraham; Modern Jews mostly of Khazar ancestry; Christians responsible for the Passion, Jews for the Crucifixion; The Catholic Church is the new Israel; Catholics the new chosen people.

    5. Jews’ False Claim to Palestine

    That Jews have no right to Holy Land is asserted by the Church up to the death of Pius XII; St. Pius X explains why this purported “right” cannot be conceded; Why Jews were dispersed throughout the world and why they were to remain so until their acceptance of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord; Not a few Jews speak against Zionism.

    6-The Revolutionary Jew – The

    “Chosen People” of Satan

    Brief survey of the history of Pharisaic, rabbinic, Talmudic, Khazarian Jewry; “People of the Serpent;” Judaism and the Revolution; Beginning with Barabbas; Negating the fruits of the Redemption; “We are the fathers behind all revolutions;” Jews a menace to all nations; they were behind the world’s plunge from Christianity into liberalism, immorality, secularism, world apostasy and global totalitarianism; Jews behind most heresies, secret societies, revolutions and wars from the 4th thru 21stcenturies; The Judaic war against Christ, His Church and Christian nations; The great charity of the Inquisitors; Gregory IX uncovers the Talmud; Talmud condemned by Trent; Benedict XIV’s injunction of 1751; Predator Capitalism and the Rise of the Rothschilds; The Rothschild Protocols of 1773; Rothschilds fund the Illuminati; Jewish financial supremacy, economic domination; Creating a World Dictatorship under Rabbinic hegemony; The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita; The Letter of Piccolo Tigre; Msgr. Delassus on kindred spirits of Judaism, Freemasonry, Americanism and Modernism; The Synagogue targets the New World; “Jewish roots of American Constitution;” U.S. founding principles condemned by the Church; The Jewish spirit behind Americanism’s “civil religion;” Liberty for all but Christ’s one true Church; Jews gather at anti-Council of Leipzig to promote principles of 1789 to insure future of Judaism; Masonry, the Illuminati and the French Revolution; Jews at the innermost circles of Freemasonic initiation; Freemasonry: secret government of the revolutionary Jew; Sect of darkness; occult Judaism, the Illuminati and the OTO; Immigration and inculturation for the undoing of Christian society; Jews behind Open Immigration Law of 1965; Pantheism and the New Age Movement; Modern psychology/psychiatry; kings of porn; lords of slavery and prostitution; Jews behind sexual revolution of the 1960s; Divide and conquer in the name of “Civil Rights; Leaders of the abortion holocaust; Communism a Talmudic creation; Discerning historians; The spirit of the world is the Jewish spirit – anti-supernatural and supranationalist; Neo-Modernism and the Jewification of the Church; Neo-modernism worse than modernism; Mary, so hated by the damned in hell and their human collaborators on earth, has repeatedly warned about this crisis; Fatima Third Secret divulges apostasy within hierarchy, warns of future evil council (Vatican II) and the destruction of altering the liturgy of the Mass (New Mass); Schism, another of Russia’s errors, impacting the modern Church; The untold story of Jews as Nazi collaborators; Jews that bankrolled the Third Reich; Rakovsky’s startling confession; Hitler, Nazi and Zionist alliance; Zionism a monstrous malignancy; Today’s greatest threat: the Synagogue not the Mosque; the historic authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; U.S. Military confirms Protocols’ authenticity in 1919; Other Protocols not to be discounted; Zionism, three world wars and the dawning New World Order.

    7-Talmud & Kabbalah – Chains

    of the Rabbinic Captivity

    Babylonian Talmud compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf; Unspeakable blasphemies against Jesus and Mary; Talmud as ultimate hate literature; Less offensive forgeries published in order to disarm critics; Gnosticism, pantheism and the New Age; The real hate criminals; Satanic verses; pagan mysticism and a pagan priesthood; Kabbalah and Black Magic; Author of The Talmud Unmasked assassinated for disclosing Talmud’s darkest secrets; Msgr. Dalassus terms the Talmud “the code of hatred most violent”; Christ Himself spoke against the orally transmitted Talmudic corruption of the Torah.

    8-Rabbinic Judaism Thrives on


    The notion of dangerous minds; The Blame Game a diversion; Dogma of Perpetual Victimhood – exploiting it to the maximum; The word shuts down reason and discredits critics; Anti-Semitism is “indispensable” to Jewish agenda; Anti-Semitism “the greatest scam ever perpetuated on the human race;” Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism; The hysteria of Jewish victimhood; The Holocaust Industry and Dogma; The Fallacy of Catholic “anti-Semitism;” The new anti-Semitism; Catholics abhor Jew hatred; The Catholic Church condemned anti-Semitism long before Vatican II; Why Catholics must not apologize for historic “anti-Semitism;” “The Church had nothing to do with the rise of modern anti-Semitism’” Who are the real anti-Semites? Deploring anti-Semitism does not mean Catholics should surrender to the Synagogue of Satan; Resistance to their evil designs a requirement of true Catholicism; our silence or non-resistance is worse than cowardice – it is treason against Christ the King; Compromising Traditional Catholics find it expedient to jump on the anti anti-Semitic bandwagon; The ultimate objective of Anti-Semitism is to keep Christ from the throne of His social Kingship; The Inquisition defended; The Popes were justified in taking action against Jewish perfidy; Exposing Jewish perfidy not Jew hatred but an act of mercy; Hate crimes and other lies.

    9-Jewish Dominance in America

    “Zionism controls you;” The Powers that Govern; A tale of two governments (visible and invisible, legitimate and illegitimate); Clinton’s presidential pardon at behest of the Anti-Defamation League; ADL: Judaism’s attack dog; B’nai B’rith – “the real-life Elders of Zion;” Chabad Lubavitch – “near the pinnacle of power of the U.S. government; Jewish control in all fields; The Money Power in Jewish hands; The Israeli lobby; AIPAC – agents of a foreign government; the Jewification of America; Meyer Lansky, Murder Inc., Organized Crime and Israel; Organizatsiya; The Russian Mafia in reality the Jewish Mafia; Jewish Russian-Israeli organized crime syndicate protected by the highest offices; Organized crime – Cosa Nostra or “Kosher” Nostra; McCain, Guiliani, Donald Trump and the Jewish Mafia; Clearly USA is One Nation Under Israel; Wall Street, the White House, Congress, Hollywood, the media (liberal, conservative, populist); Dual citizenship exclusive to Israel; crypto-rabbinic Neo-cons – a false (controlled) opposition to the socialist left; “Christian Zionism” a counterfeit Christianity; Neocons – False patriots and psychopathic war-mongers; Obama – “the first Jewish president;” Rahm Emanuel – the “Mossad spy” who ran White House;” Chertoff – “Zionist head of American Gestapo;” George Soros: High Priest of the International Rothschild/Illuminati/OTO crime syndicate; Hagee, Hannity, Limbaugh, Joseph Farah, Sarah palin – “the darling of the Zionist right; Glen Beck – “the most dangerous man in America?” – all Zionist agents or assets; the Noahide Law; The Global anti-Semitism Review Act; The State Department’s Office of Global Anti-Semitism; The union of Synagogue and state.

    10- The Phony “War on Terror” – Israel’s Complicity in the 9/11 Terror Attacks

    Prior knowledge a factual certainty; Massive government cover-up; Treason at the highest levels of power; the media complicity; An inside and outside job – uncovering the Israeli/Mossad connection; 9/11 pre-attack warnings; Mossad moles in the Pentagon and Dept. of defense; Israel’s foreknowledge; the Israeli motive; “A war for Israel not America;” Mossad unmasked; Israeli spies safely escorted out of country; Mossad hit squads; Jew Kissinger invited to head 9-11 commission; Capt. May’s testimony; The “Clash of Civilizations” myth; The main threat, again, not the Mosque but the Synagogue; Jews are further from Christ than Muslims; Crusades were morally just defensive wars (in contrast to today’s immorally aggressive wars); Today’s War on Terror more a REIGN OF TERROR; War on Terror clearly forbidden by the Church’s Just War doctrine.

    11. Israel Our Enemy

    Israel’s savage attack on USS Liberty; The “Levon” Affair; A definite pattern; Millions of Americans remain clueless; Trillions for the Israeli war regime, more debt and body bags for hard-pressed Americans.

    12. Israel & The Rape of the Holy Land: Invasion, War, Occupation,

    Oppression & Genocide

    Holy Land targeted; Six myths about Zionism; The idolatry of Israelitism; Pius XII laments the secularization of the Holy City and desacralization of the holy places; The notion of master race and deification of Israel; The illusion of Jewish exceptionalism and the idolatry of race, religion and nationality; The Israel of God vs. the Israel of the flesh; Pius XI condemns extreme nationalism which applies not only to Nazi germany but Zionist Israel (no less than the USA); Revolutionary Jewry moves on Russia and the Holy Land – communism and two world wars open the way; Solzhenitsyn asserts Jews behind atheistic communism; Zionist war ethics knows no moral prohibitions; Israel, Satan’s Kingdom; The aggressor nation; Direful atrocities in graphic detail; Acts of inhumanity and sacrilege unlimited; Muslim rage the product of Jewish inhumanity and genocide.

    13-Rome’s Thirty Pieces of Silver

    Jews help forge the Counterfeit Church; the Counterfeit Church helps facilitate Jewish world supremacy; Today’s Judases inside the Church; Surrendering to the counter-Church; Novus Ordo Missae and the Jewification of the Catholic Mass; Vatican II and Judaism; The Jewish Fifth Column; Jules Isaac and Rome’s break with the past; Modernist Rome buckles under pressure from Jews; Syllabus of Errors from Jewish-Catholic dialogue; Conversion of Jews and steadfast opposition to Jewish conspiracy no longer Church policy; Conciliar Church accepts “chosen people” and “dual-covenant” theories; Jewish pressure to stop canonizations of Pius XII and Queen Isabella; Revolution in the Church gets underway: The Vatican-Moscow Agreement; Little difference between Ratzinger the liberal theologian and Benedict the “conservative” pope; The attack is primarily against Christ and His Church; Fatima’s 3rd secret and Vatican’s sellout to the Synagogue of Satan; Mideast bishops condemn “Christian Zionism;”

    14-The Holocaust – The Crucifixion

    Eclipsed by the “Six Million”

    The question of the Holocaust is more theological than historic; Revolutionary Jewry behind Jewish suffering; The myth of the “victim Jew;” Jews cry “six million” during FIRST World War; Hitler’s “Final Solution” – deportation! The Holocaust as another “chain” used to keep Jews enslaved under the Rabbinic Captivity; the Holocaust as smokescreen; overshadowing the preeminent Holocaust in history – the Holy Sacrifice of the Son of God on Calvary; Solid proofs of the myth of the six million and gas chambers; The truth about Pius XII; The Bp. Williamson affair in perspective; How traditional Catholics handed Jews a major victory by not defending Bp. Williamson who spoke truth to power – as did Christ Himself; Michael Hoffman’s brilliant analysis; Christ crucified overshadowed by Six Million crucified; The Holocaust as supreme dogma and sacrament of the Counterfeit Church, nothing less than a principal tenet of Antichrist theology.

    15-Consequences and Conclusions

    of the Utmost Severity

    Overview recap and conclusions. Why exposing “Holocaustism” is central to the struggle surrounding the Kingship of Christ and the overthrow of the Reign of Satan in the modern world; Beware of Traditional Catholics who parrot the Zionist party line; Demons dwell in the synagogues; Evil on the march; The mystery of iniquity unfolding before us; Totalitarian trends and the occupation of America are the signs of the times; America “must become either a Catholic State or a Slave State;” In rejecting Catholic America, we are in the fast-lane to American Totalitarianism; The total dissolution of human society; Liberalism yesterday, apostasy today, totalitarianism tomorrow; Judaized man is bringing bondage down upon himself, his household, his fatherland; Decline & Fall of Christian America; We are far advanced on the road to tyranny; Methods of conquest; Police State USA: the nightmare becomes reality here and now; The “Alphabet Police” and SWAT units on steroids; “The Empire turns its guns on its citizenry;” Martial Law and the confiscation of home defense weapons; Jews lead the crusade for a disarmed people; Israeli/Mossad connection to U.S. Police State; The making of the American Gulag; FEMA and the American “Death Camps;” Demonizing, criminalizing, crushing the resistance; The resurgence of Judaic Communism; Jews regain control over Russia via organized crime (Jewish Mafia); Also called “the second rape of Russia;” World War III underway; The countdown to “Megiddo” (Hebrew for Armageddon); The Revolution’s Final Phase; Israel’s nuclear “Samson Option;” Israel and the Antichrist; Jews & the mark of the Beast; The coming of Antichrist; The cult of Satan & the New World Order; Blood offerings to Lucifer; The NWO: the serpent’s last great insult at the throne of God before he is crushed beneath the Virgin’s heel; Our choices are simple: Christ and Catholicism or collapse and conflagration; While the Total State is fast descending, Total War is already upon us: How will we respond to it? That is the subject of the concluding chapter.

    16-Mobilization For Counterrevolution

    The right and duty to resist – we must fight back; The necessity of a profoundly Catholic worldview; The spirit of Catholic militancy; Catholic spirituality necessary but not enough; The militant Catholic is always counterrevolutionary; Revolutionary Judaism can only be stopped by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Totalitarianism, especially in its current Talmudic form, is more of a religious than political problem; Too weak a resistance up to now; Has the smoke of Satan entered the Traditional Movement? Has the traditional movement been infiltrated at the top? Has a diabolical disorientation poisoned our thinking? If not, where is the organized, concerted, militant opposition to International Jewry which Holy Mother Church demands? Catholicism loses credibility in the minds of many to the degree it has retreated from its opposition to the Synagogue of Satan; The imitation of Christ; One mind with the Magisterium: Intellectual formation of the soldier of Christ; Liberals vs. conservatives – the illusion of opposing forces; Modern conservatism – a bastard movement; The “Lesser Evil”? – You’ve been deceived! Obliterating the “lesser evil” argument; The politics of God and the Reign of Christ; Going on the offensive: “The times we live in demand action;” the papal call to arms; Catholic Action: Because God wills it and the Church requires it; Catholic Action and the interior life: the necessary of spiritual fortifications; Grace and the forging of a powerful resistance; Catholic Action: making good men strong and strong men heroic; Catholic Action and the clergy; No substitute for Catholic Action, and no excuse for every pastor not to sponsor C.A. in his parish, say the popes; The good shepherd watches over his flock; The scandalous silence of our shepherds; Pius XI blasts churchmen who are indifferent or asleep on their watch; The enemy’s running scared – now is the time to seize the initiative and go on the offensive; Forging a United Front: demolishing enemy strongholds; There is the Judaism that does not know Christ and the Judaism that hates Him: the first we must rescue, the latter resist; The Catholic’s Final Solution to the Jewish problem: CONVERSION; “Return rebellious Israel!” “Let my people go!” Breaking the chains of the Rabbinic Captivity; St. Peter’s discourse: “Ye men of Judea…” Evil men have no hope of things to come; Fatima & the fate of mankind; By command of the Queen – Mary summons her children to “fight!” The victory of Mary foreseen: Rallying behind she who is commissioned to crush the head of the serpent; The conversion of Russia and the power of the Rosary; THE VICTORY OF CHRIST FORESEEN.

    “Sacred Heart Enthronement & One-Hundred Million Rosary Crusade”

    For the conversion of Russia (Jews worldwide), Muslims, Conciliar Catholics and of the world, and the universal social reign of Jesus our King and Mary our Queen. No one on earth will be counting, but in Heaven, lest man takes credit for what rightly belongs to Our Lord and Our Lady.


    I have seen very little of anything significant come out of the USCCB since Vatican II and the rest of the “pontificating” bishops who so often I actually wonder if they themselves believe in what and who they are. I see them acting like a Church Council when they are certainly not at least in the Western Church. I also have come to believe that Cardinals are totally superfluous to the clergy. Something like a bunch of 3 star generals with no more authority than their bishops or priests. Since Christ himself didn’t dictate just how the church should be organized, the church over history has just become bloated with clerical bureaucratic managers. Once the papal states went their way, the management didn’t even down to the appointment of the higher clergy to positions whose dioceses no longer exist and havn’t for centuries.

  • Enrico

    Islamophobe, in the most profound sense of the term, Kilpatrick (KilAbdul)? and the clown commentators who follow his nonsense on this site are inciting genocide against Muslims, just like this Rabbi:

    Muslims were blamed for 911, but they didn’t do it. Did “hijacked” plans demolish Building 7?

  • Sarah

    The demonization of the Muslims is to present Muslims as enemies of the States, and as enemies of the world. It’s also to convey the notion that Muslims are terrorists, and that notion has been firmly ingrained into the Western thought while in fact terrorism is a creation of US intelligence. As I mentioned, Al-Qaeda which has its roots in Salafist and Wahhabi thought, in essence is a creation of intelligence operations and doesn’t emanate from Muslim world. The War on Terrorism provides the basis for demonizing the Muslim population and we’ve gone through a period of transition in that regard because initially, the demonization applies to heads of state and government of the Muslim countries, and now it has become much more generalized where Western governments are in effect targeting Muslims in their respective countries with a view to demonizing them and portraying them as terrorists and so on, and all this is all a war propaganda.

    This propaganda is there to divide people in these countries and create divisions within the United States. But secondly, it’s to portray the notion that Muslims somehow are people who are committed to non-Western values, committed to dictatorship, don’t accept democracy, are linked to extremists including terrorists; that is not directed against the heads of state of Muslim countries; it’s directed against Muslims in general; that in turn serves as an ideological underpinning to which these wars against terrorists in different parts of the world are underway. And I just like to clarify in that regard, that wherever the United States has intervened, in the context of War Terrorism, whether in Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, they have intervened under the mandate of the War on Terrorism where in fact all those Al-Qaeda affiliated entities are the creations of the US intelligence, without exception. They create Al-Qaeda entities and then they proclaim that they have to intervene when these Al-Qaeda affiliated entities commit atrocities against the civilian population.

    So, in effect, they’re on both sides. They support the rebels, and fight the rebels, as well. They support Al-Qaeda covertly with a view to destabilize the sovereign countries, and then they intervene under the pretext that they have a mandate to fight the terrorists. All of this is now leading to the re-colonization of African continent, establishment of proxy regimes and destruction of entire countries.