Black Crime and White Flight

The recent events in Ferguson, MO, in which a “gentle giant” was shot and killed after assaulting a policeman, leading to demonstrations and riots, brought back to me memories of the August 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles, which likewise developed in the aftermath of assaults on a policeman after a young black man was arrested for drunken driving. The Watts incident led to arrests but no deaths at the scene; but riots, looting and torching of buildings, and general mayhem over 6 days resulted, leading to 34 deaths, over a thousand injuries, and over a thousand buildings damaged or destroyed.

I was living in West Los Angeles that summer, and my mother, hearing the news about blacks shooting at random in neighborhoods and on the streets and freeways, became fearful about the safety of her octogenarian uncle, who lived close to the Watts area. So my cousin and I borrowed a gun and a rifle from a friend who owned a gun store (the first time in my life I had had a gun) and drove into the area and brought my mother’s uncle to our house, until relative calm had returned.

On our way to pick up Uncle Joe, we drove through Inglewood, CA. I was born and went to elementary school in Inglewood, and used to bike there frequently to visit friends and my grandparents. Unfortunately, since then this nice, orderly city has become plagued with homicides, rapes, assaults, auto theft and arson, and was depicted as a stereotype of a dysfunctional ghetto in the 1991 movie, Grand Canyon.

When I started working at Marquette University in 1967, at a time of civil rights marches and demonstrations and riots, the exodus of whites to the suburbs in great numbers had already begun. My wife and I, in hopes of helping to stem prevailing practices of discrimination in housing, took part in systematic undercover testing of realtors, and were successful in recording incidents of “steering,” for which some realty companies were later indicted or fined. And we took advantage of one of the departing white families to purchase their beautiful 1890s house near to the campus.

But within a few years, numerous challenges arose—our house and garage broken into and ransacked, thefts of bicycles, murders on our block and adjacent blocks, drug traffic and prostitution, two muggings by African Americans on myself (spurring me to take a self-defense course, and purchase mace and pepper spray), and assaults on our children.

We had two years of respite during the 1980s living in a German city, with the help of Fulbright research and teaching fellowships. The respite included rare news of crimes, being able to walk safely at night, and even leaving doors and bikes unlocked.

Returning from my second Fulbright, however, I consulted with the police department about crime statistics, and moved to what they characterized as one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, still in biking distance from the campus. Here we found a great integrated neighborhood, with the best sense of community I have ever encountered in any neighborhood. Nevertheless, here again, both our house and garage were broken into and ransacked, bikes stolen, and one summer afternoon an AA hoodie broke into my house one afternoon and held a knife to my neck for money (I subsequently installed air conditioning, so that I wouldn’t have to leave screen doors open on hot days). Things like this still happen, but with the help of a Yahoo internet group during the last seven years, we have been able to offer some timely warnings and often curb suspicious activities in the bud.

According to the 2010 National Crime Victimization Survey, the number of violent attacks on whites by blacks, who constitute 13 percent of the population, vastly exceeds the number of violent attacks of whites on blacks; and while there were 13,000 black-on-white rapes and 29,000 black-on-white robberies in 2010, the amount of white-on-black rapes and violent robberies was negligible. Thus many of our cities with large black populations have become dysfunctional areas where it is risky to go out at night, even to put the car in the garage.

I discussed the issue of “black crime” in my 1999 book, Politically Incorrect Dialogues: Topics not Discussed in Polite Circles. My conclusion was, and still is, that what we call “black crime” has nothing to do with race, but (as many others have noted) with fatherless families—more than half of black families being fatherless. In my state, Wisconsin, only a quarter of black children live in a two-parent family. What can be done to salvage American cities?

“Welfare reform” by the federal government in 1996 under President Clinton involved transferring block grants to the states, which were supposed to figure out how to reduce welfare fraud, promote jobs and stable families, and reduce births by single mothers—an impressive sociological challenge. Wisconsin and other states have launched “workfare” schemes that used various formulas to attach welfare payments to work or search for work, but these programs were considered unfair by the Obama administration and sharply restricted in 2012.

In the meantime, suburbs are growing, becoming new quasi-cities, often with economic or cultural disincentives against the invasion of low-income non-whites. And a new segregation is being imposed on many American cities.

Are the protesters and marchers in the recent demonstrations from the suburbs?—are they the ones who have fled from the city? Or are they from relatively peaceful university towns, like Berkeley, CA? If so, there is an element of hypocrisy, a lack of authenticity, as they protest so loudly. Those who are self-segregated are in no position to make judgments about complex incidents of law-enforcement in volatile urban environments. And, needless to say, the irrational acts of blacks who create war zones rather than neighborhoods, is a complementary form of self-segregation.

Editor’s note: Image above is taken from the August 12, 1965 Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Howard Kainz


Howard Kainz is professor emeritus at Marquette University. He is the author of several books, including Natural Law: an Introduction and Reexamination (2004), The Philosophy of Human Nature (2008), and The Existence of God and the Faith-Instinct (2010).

  • Harry

    My conclusion was, and still is, that what we call “black crime” has nothing to do with race, but (as many others have noted) with fatherless families — more than half of black families being fatherless.

    Right. It is not about race, it is about human nature itself. Being raised in a family as one of a set of siblings who all have the same biological parents, where those parents are committed to each other and to the raising of the children, seems to most often produce well adjusted, productive adults who know how to repeat the process for their own children. Any other arrangement seems to lessen the odds of having a successful outcome,

    The results of the devastation of the family in much of the Black community (due in large part to governmental social policy that is in fact far more interested in the preservation of a Democrat voting bloc than in the well being of Black families) has given us a preview of things to come as the societal assault on the family continues.

    • The Truth

      You might want to send this article to Obama and his comrades.

      • St JD George

        Why, so he can summon your tax records for retaliation.

        • tom

          “You have a call from Lois Lerner, sir.”

        • The Truth

          You think posting here is private?

          • St JD George

            Hardly, as someone recently said I accept already being digitally tattooed.

    • Don

      I think this is generally correct, but in my 50 plus years, I have heard many more racially biased comments from African Americans than from white Americans. I believe there is a racial element here and it is fed by fatherless families and a welfare state that fans those hateful flames.

      • Harry

        Hello, Don,

        “Hateful flames” are indeed fanned by those in whose interest it is to convince Blacks that they are victims of a white dominated society that is intent on preventing them from being successful. These race baiters are out of a job if racism ends, so they make sure it doesn’t. I think you have heard more racially biased comments from African Americans because the Black race baiters stir up hatred of whites among Blacks, and not that many whites are still influenced by the few whites that are still stirring up hatred against Blacks.

        Here is how I look at it: Yes, there is still racism out there. No doubt about it. Out there also are people who don’t like fat people, and some who don’t like smokers, and some who don’t like old people, and some who don’t like young people; the same goes for both ugly people and exceptionally attractive people — there are some who won’t like them just for that. And, of course, there are people who don’t like anybody not of their own racial descent. And finally, yes, there are people who don’t like Blacks.

        Yet there are very successful people of all races, some of which are old, fat, ugly, non-white smokers. How could they possibly have succeeded in life in spite of all the people who had it in for them? They succeeded because nobody convinced them they were victims who couldn’t possibly succeed because society’s deck was stacked against them.

        Race baiters place a huge chip on the shoulders of those who take them seriously. And people do generally react negatively to those with a huge chip on their shoulder, so it is self fulfilling; the chip itself produces a negative reaction that wouldn’t, in most cases, have been there at all if the chip wasn’t there. Of course, this negative reaction is interpreted by the chip holder as confirming the truth of all the race baiters had told them. So it becomes a vicious circle.

        There are some Blacks who just don’t realize this. If they would just drop the damned chip, they would find that there is vastly more genuine opportunity out there than they ever thought. And yes, just like it is for everybody else, there will be those who don’t like them. So what?

        • Don

          Well stated Harry!

          • tom

            If rape is, indeed, about power, the 13000 + rapes by black men with white victims make weverything crystal clear when contrasted with almost no rapes of black women by whites. It ain’t rocket science, though bill Cosby’s apparent methods raise even uglier truths given his wealth and power.

    • Jacqueleen

      IMHO we must add to the fatherless family, the fact that they need JOBS. Obama removed the requirement to work or train for a job from Welfare….My guess is that Obama wants to keep them in poverty and on welfare assistance. Not everyone is college material but certainly, the black men have been denied jobs in the past. The point is that few working men/women commit crime. Lots of luck finding jobs for the blacks or whites for that matter with the amnesty or so called delayed deportation, aka, the Unconstitutional Executive Order signed by the usurper in the oval office. The USA is becoming a lawless nation. Expect more crime not less!

      • Harry

        Hello Jacqueleen,

        I agree. The Democrats want to keep people poor and in need of government assistance to maintain their government assistance voting bloc.

        You make a good point about working people not usually being the ones committing crimes. And yes, Obama’s royal decrees on immigration policy are definitely going to increase unemployment and crime along with it.

        • Jacqueleen

          Thank you. Unfortunately, Boehner, McConnell and Reid are still in Congressional command. Nothing will change until they are gone. I’m hoping for a third party, i.e., a conservative party in which I will be the first to register. The Republigoons are just that a big disappointment..more of the same traitors like the DemoRats. We have to insist that Congress stops taking the bribes, the payoffs, the campaign contributions, etc. Term Limits on all three branches of Government will help to lower corruption at no more than 2 terms each and no more perks in service or out of service.

  • Salvelinus

    I give it a day before one of the paid leftwing trolls state this great piece as “bigoted” of “racist”… the article is totally true, but as we know, these people hate the truth.

    One question. .. “AA AA hoodie broke into my house one afternoon and held a knife to my neck for money…”
    What’s an aa hoodie?

    • FJ Rocca

      An African American Hoodie.

      • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

        Silly me. I thought it may have meant “Alcoholic Anonymous hoodie”. I knew I had interpreted wrongly, it just didn’t make any sense.

    • tom

      The professor certainly has been a prime crime victim!

    • Joseph

      I googled AA hoodie, as I thought it was a bigoted term (who calls someone of any race a hoodie?). The first 8 posts on Google refer to American Apparel. I’d still rephrase it as “a man wearing an AA hoodie” if it is indeed American Apparel.

      • Howard Kainz

        In our neighborhood internet group, for reports or warnings, “AA” is used as a shorthand expression for “African American.” I didn’t know it was also an abbreviation for American Apparel.

  • morningcalm

    I have my reservations, unfortunately. I’ve read too much race realism (e.g., John Derbyshire and “the Talk” or a lot on American Renaissance etc) to think race doesn’t matter at all; who knows, exactly, to what extent behavior, personality and intelligence and so one is related to race in the aggregate. I wonder if the segregation isn’t actually preferred for the most part. I think the races generally tend to prefer living with one another. I know as (a white and Catholic) international school teacher in China that the few whites, at least from middle school on up, at our school prefer on the whole to be amongst themselves, the Koreans likewise, the Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kongese etc likewise.

    I have zero problems living with the Chinese here (an amazing place), zero problems in Korea, but would probably feel uncomfortable if my suburb in the US were to reach a certain tipping point. (I guess here it’s necessary to talk about my bona fides as a non-racist married to someone outside his race etc.)

    My buddy and I were recently discussing this very topic at outdoor patio where of course no-one could understand English. He mentioned something interesting: the frank conversation we were having was impossible in politically correct America where one can’t, as Steve Sailer says, notice key unmentionables.

    • tom

      75% of black families are fatherless. 25% of white families are, too. Since there are 7 times as many whites as blacks the claim made by the Kainz is false given the low rate of crime by whites against…anybody. We need to tame the savage beast across all racial designations through benign neglect, not more hand wringing. then, folks will get married out of economic necessity and escape poverty.

      • msmischief

        Actually, black boys raised by their fathers are less likely to commit crimes than white boys who aren’t.

        • tom

          Interesting, but it doesn’t weaken my argument that there are more illegitimate whites than blacks, but not the correspondingly high and devastating crime rate that blacks proliferate. .

  • JourneyForTruth

    I was caught by this sentence too, “”My conclusion was, and still is, that what we call “black crime” has nothing to do with race,”. Are there not values and principles pass down through the culture of black families that teach their young to fight? A culture of being victimized through the ages, a need for white privilege to be overcome by affirmative action, reduce assignments at school and free subsided food, health care and section eight housing.

    Is it not a lifestyle that is perpetuated by the single moms maybe bitter that their husbands left and they have to work three jobs? I don’t believe in race or skin as a cause but perhaps values passed down much like English values of gardens, dogs and tea are passed down so are Black values of being the victim generations ago and needing to have privilege.

    Are blacks not becoming diverse as true blacks now that many have intermarried with other races?

  • john

    I won’t argue with Dr. Kainz, but his mention of realtors “steering” reminds me that the de facto segregation in housing he noticed in Wisconsin occurred in nearly every city and suburb across the USA in the 1960s and 70s (and likely continues). In many places, zoning regulations (no duplexes, no public transportation, high HOA fees) and threats of violence enforced housing segregation de jure (see T. Sugrue’s “Origins of the Urban Crisis” to read about white mobs who physically blocked (or worse, shot at) black families from moving into suburban Detroit neighborhoods). Yes, I totally agree that fatherless families are a civil rights disaster, but we must acknowledge that poor, still-segregated neighborhoods often began as the ONLY places whites permitted blacks to live–they were not allowed to move to the suburbs–black families were literally prevented from moving in– and in many places, the cycle of poverty began.

    • tom

      There were once poor Italian, German and Irish neighborhoods, too. For that matter, most urban public schools had blacks and whites with no problem. Then, the sociologists came along.

  • Jdonnell

    Good article. Kainz has put his money where his mouth is, unlike so many writing about race issues. I experienced a somewhat different sort of protest not that far away from Milwaukee. I taught at the university in Madison, Wisconsin, during the time K. was in Milwaukee. Vietnam was the ostensible occasion for protesting, but that soon morphed into protesting about race, education, govt., and life in general. It climaxed with the night-time bombing of campus building in the summer of 1970–a terrorist act that killed one and maimed two others.
    Real racism continues apace, and no one now seems to offer any real solutions. One cannot really blame white people for not wanting to raise families in dangerous or even in culturally vicious neighborhoods and to subject their children to a culture of foul-mouthed language and concomitant behavior, just to support an ideal of fairness and equality.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    It is interesting to note that Ferguson was originally built as a working class white flight suburb for those fleeing the crime, dysfunction and wretched schools etc. of North St. Louis.

    • St JD George

      And even today the sands are continually shifting, in constant motion.

      • tom

        Ferguson will get government money to waste over the short term, but is doomed to black blight after the white flight.

  • BM

    I don’t doubt that fatherlessness contributes mightily to the problem, but this isn’t the whole cause. It has as much to do with a certain “culture” as anything else, where certain destructive and false ideas are propagated and have a corrosive effect on customs, habits and principles of action. Indeed, those very missing fathers likely subscribe to the philosophy of what might be called “black culture”, and thus even if they were present, it would be propagated among their children.

    I’m not sure how one fixes a broken sub-cultural problem like that when we live in a society that upholds “multi-culturalism” in principle (or pretends to). For the very thing primarily at fault is lamentably cordoned off so as not to be addressed or even spoken of.

    • tom

      Wring the money out of the socially engineered grift and benign neglect kills the beast beautifully.

    • Tim

      I think you’re right on. I have cops in the family and they say the same thing about the “culture.” High rates of father absenteeism (including unwed and multiple fathers), high rates of abortion, high rates of youth sexually involved, indifference to right or wrong, indifference to other people’s property, indifference to victims and their families, filthy language in public, misplaced anger perpetuated by ‘race baiters’, etc. seems to be more of the norm in too many black neighborhoods. The few black leaders who have had the courage to speak out against the “culture” are routinely ignored and accused of “selling out.” Blacks seem to be victims of themselves and until they change themselves, “racism” will continue to be an issue…real or imagined.

      • tom

        Just add their world leading STD epidemic, and black marijuana dependence and you’ve got disaster. many companies , to get minority applicants, have to waive drug testing, you know.

  • St JD George

    I have to confess I don’t quite understand the underlying root cause of this problem. Many groups in America within a generation or two assimilate for the most part and advanced themselves in society. They too could have fallen into the same trap of being seduced by the entitlement culture and living off the government, but there seems to be a strong family bond and work ethic that separates them. I’m speaking in a statistically meaningful way, and maybe historical, because of course there are many exceptions. Is this some form of reparation program by just another name? It’s so grotesque to see the toll on human lives and souls, and leaders and their communities and our government defend perpetuating this injustice in the name of justice ironically, afraid to say the emperor has no clothes.
    I had a friend in ATL who was a single black mother who had profound faith and could see the insidious culture that was destroying her community, and she fought like hell to rise above it and make a better life for her children. Her youngest son graduated from the Air Force Academy and she was so incredibly proud she burst at the seems. I was for her too. So how do we infuse that sense of faith, family, work ethic and pride in accomplishment that she had but seems to be woefully lacking today? I wish I had all the answers.

    • tom

      A significant part of the problem has to do with IQ. If a kid cannot do grade level work, he drops out and is unemployable in an advanced society where industrial jobs have been shuffled off to China and Mexico. The mother of your children would have to earn over $40K to get what she receives on the Dole and she can’t perform at that wage, either, for the same IQ reasons.

      • St JD George

        I understand your observation, but I don’t accept your premise. There is no pre-disposition that prevents them from succeeding in society, and you don’t need a high IQ to make an honest living. It takes two I know, but they have fallen for the trap that has been laid for them by our so called benevolent programs to help them and it has done them a tremendous disservice. Their poor harvest now is the plight of poor stewardship in allowing the destruction of their families, their faith, their work ethic, instilling a sense of victim-hood and blamelessness, and now hopeless inter generational dependency for many.

        • tom

          Good point. All things being equal, a kid with an IQ of 80 won’t do as well as one with an IQ of 110. We see this reflected in the sons and daughters of black doctors, teachers and musicians who still need affirmative action to the 3rd generation to get a slot somewhere. The money, family structure, and good neighborhood are there, but help is still needed due to low IQ.

          This happens with the children of white alumni who need help getting into mom’s college, also, because the offspring happens to be slower.

          Once merit is replaced with pull, the less capable prosper at the expense of the more proficient. then, companies move to greener pastures.

          • St JD George

            I struggle a lot with “as good as”. That seems to be a metric that benefits the redistribution crowd in DC the most, and creates divisiveness. That’s not an argument against righting inequity, but if you teach a man a skill so that he can work with dignity and support a family then why label and categorize except to exert control over. Also, I struggle with IQ. A lot of people with IQ over estimate their value and contribution to society so too much might be viewed as a curse, unless it’s accompanied with a humbleness of recognition of being God given.

            • tom

              E.g. A federal judge has appointed an Hispanic candidate, after rolling over thousands who scored much higher, to the NYFD with a score of 25, while most applicants scored in the 90’s. He gave ‘reparation” payouts to black applicants who flunked earlier exams, but not to the white applicants who flunked.

              Who do you want at that chemical fire as the flames head towards compressed oxygen tanks?

              • sparrowhawk58

                This is happening in Chicago, too. For years, the Chgo FD was accused of using biased testing to keep out minorities. Several test cycles ago, the City hired a black firm to design a test that would be less biased. It was pre-approved by various black ministers and other community leaders. The results were the same as in previous years.

                This has continued. Recently a number of black men well past their prime have been admitted to the fire academy because they were supposedly discriminated against years ago when they took the test. Others in that group accepted a monetary settlement.

                They just had another test, hoping that more black applicants will do better. We shall see.

                Do we have smart young people of every race who want to be firefighters and would do well with this 5th grade level testing process? Yes. But many of those ambitious black individuals are heavily recruited into other fields. So there is a very small pool of black people who are bright, driven AND will settle for a city job. Yet the CFD continues to take the blame.

                • tom

                  As Chicago becomes a cesspool and the capable move to Wisconsin.

      • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

        I’m sorry but Social Darwinism was proven false a long time ago by numerous sociological, psychological, & even biological (genetics) studies. There are many documented cases of people with abnormally high IQ’s (geniuses in their brain capacities) but who can’t cope in finding jobs or advancing in society (because they lack EQ’s & other traits). You can’t reduce individual humans & their potential to mere IQ’s. It’s foolish. I had a close high school friend who had the highest IQ in the whole school but struggled in finding a college & career because of Asberger’s. With his IQ level & grades, he should have been a top-notch Physicist at some lab but instead he is working at Walmart (nothing bad with that, btw). He’s happy right now, so I’m happy for him. But again IQ is not everything, & in many cases, IQ fails as a determinant.

        • tom

          We all know the race is not always to the swift. Yet, I’ll pick the 6’11” kid for my basketball team over the 5”2″ guy who may have a great outside shot. I win more often than I lose with this approach.
          It may be why colleges use SAT scores, too, or frown upon the child who reads at the 5th grade level…unless he’s 6’11”!

    • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

      Culture (Hollywood movies, MTV, rap songs, pop stars, “cool”) drives youth, youth are a society’s future. Solutions? If you Change the culture, you change the Youth; if you change Youth, you change Society. If we want results (more fatherhood & life-long marriages among blacks, less crime, less debt), we got to demand that our youth deserve better than the JUNK that Hollyweird, MTV, Raps, PlannedParenthood (free condoms crap), & NFL are feeding them. For our Youth, we should only settle for the best. Enough of supporting/funding a Garbage culture. Youth (including blacks & whites) deserve REAL culture.

      St. John Paul II, Polish lover of Youth everywhere & REAL culture, pray for us & for our nation’s broken communities (whether black or white).

      • St JD George

        We do seem to be in a race to the bottom, with a who can outdo the other in setting the depravity bar lower incrementally but assuradly.

        • tom

          Moynihan: “Defining deviancy downward.” We reward it handsomely, too.

    • sparrowhawk58

      I have read some analyses that track post-Jim Crow black culture and show it to be on a par with other immigrant groups–that the first generation struggles but subsequent generations internalize middle-class values and move up the socio-economic ladder. That all collapsed when welfare laws were changed from offering a safety net to giving support to single women who had no intention of marrying or working. The hardest hit group: blacks who try to achieve and maintain a middle-class lifestyle in the face of gangster/welfare culture.

      • tom

        It’s a form of theft and takes the dignity from black individuals. Even the Church glories in this theft. Imagine Catholic colleges having Kwanza celebrations to please the clueless.

  • vinny

    I discriminate. There are good people and bad people. I stay away from the bad if I can.

    • St JD George

      Natural, especially when the bad threatens bodily harm. So, how does one exactly reach out to save lost souls who are crying to be saved (though perhaps not so overtly). We are all created in the image of God after all even though some of us can make some pretty bad choices, do we just wish them away? I wish I had the fearlessness and the ability to “make things right”, but all I can do is all I can do and pray for the strength to do more each day.

      • tom

        Benign neglect is a favor. passing someone who failed; sealing bad grades; giving money so one doesn’t have to toil are all BAD for the recipient and un-Christian.

        • St JD George

          Were you looking for me to argue against those points? I hope not. Agreed whole heatedly, it’s all part of the corrosive enabling mind set.

          • tom

            Not at all. I know you have rich deposits of common sense, JD.

            • St JD George

              Not all would agree with you.

              • tom

                They’re wrong. Merry Christmas.

    • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

      I’m sorry but this a HORRIBLE perspective for any Catholic to hold. If our Lord Christ Jesus would’ve lived by your motto, we would still be hopeless sinners. Hopeless sinners.
      I suggest you read the holy Gospels once more & take a look at the life of the Saints we’re called to imitate.

      • tom

        I got a great house to sell you in East St. Louis, pilgrim. Even Jesse Jackson said he was afraid one night when he heard several men approaching until he saw they were white. Remember not to lock your doors.

        • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

          Alright, how much are you selling? Give me a price. On a serious note, can you stop & think of how many immortal SOULS would’ve perished if the many brave Catholics (canonized & uncanonized, religious/priest & lay/married, men & women) across the ages would’ve valued their own personal safety above all else? Were would those immortal souls have ended up if those brave Catholic would have stayed away from “bad people” like if they were Lepers? Do not tame the Gospel to fit your wants of personal safety & comforts.

          • tom

            Let’s define “BAD”.

            The Church excommunicated any Catholic who joined the Nazi Party.

            The Church stopped burying convicted, unrepentant mobsters in Catholic graveyards.

            the church will boycott ( or at least used to) stores where pornography was sold.

            We forbid Communion to pro-abortionists who claim to be Catholic, at least theoretically.

            No one ever claimed lepers were bad or poor people are bad. Criminals are bad and they should be visited (when they are behind bars, and there’s a spitting shield to prevent them from throwing infectious material at you.)

            Even welfare is a wonderful offering to those in need, but not for 5 generations of societal moochers, who go out at night to break the laws of Man!

        • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

          Alright, how much are you selling? Give me a price. On a serious note, can you stop & think of how many immortal SOULS would’ve perished if the many brave Catholics (canonized & uncanonized, religious/priest & lay/married, men & women) across the ages would’ve valued their own personal safety above all else? Were would those immortal souls have ended up if those brave Catholic would have stayed away from “bad people” like if they were Lepers? Do not tame the the power of the Gospel to fit your wants of personal safety & comforts.

      • RufusChoate

        You have a nice and noble Christian sentiment but the reality is when you have children to raise properly and are entrusted with their immortal souls you dare not risk the contagion of the many broken subcultures in society except tangentially.

    • Vinny

      I wouldn’t live in the neighborhoods the author did. I grew up in a real blue collar area. My dad was a toll collector and my mom was home. We had doctors living in the same small town, if you can call a town on New York’s Long Island small. My high school was 30% black and 70% white with Jewish and Latino kids in the mix. We got along fine. I’d love to live in a real middle class area again but, just like incomes, we’ve evolved into either living in an upscale area or a purely dangerous area. I was going to say drug infested but both areas have that now too. Such progress!

  • kmk

    This makes me wonder about OT statements about aliens. We are to welcome the alien but not be too directly involved with them. How different would our planet be if we were segregated?

    • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

      We’re still sorta geographically & culturally segregated. We’ve made significant progress, though, despite what race-baiters & liberal media insist. Legal segregation is pretty much eliminated (except for reverse discrimination). But seriously, in your neighborhood, when was last time a white family invited a black family over for dinner? Or vice versa. We tend to stay away from groups different than ours.

  • kmk

    There is an easy solution to racism – souls have no color. If we communicated with each other without visual bias, which could happen with our ‘smart’ devices, how different would our planet be?

    • tom

      Imagine accepting a person based on “merit” and not one of 17 federally required designations.

  • Rich in MN

    Dr. Kainz, I commend you for your courage of having been a victim of armed robbery, muggings, theft and destruction of your property — the kinds of things that strike at the very foundation of our sense of security in the world — and not becoming bitter or jaded. Regarding the ultimate source of the problem, I am reminded of the movie “The Exorcist” in which the young priest, Fr. Karras, was trying to “brief” Fr. Merrin on the various demonic entities that the girl was “manifesting.” Fr. Merrin corrected him, saying that there was only one; and that one will mix lies with the truth to try to confuse you. (I don’t think the point was to dispute the existence of many fallen angels but rather to make the point that demons follow their master as loyally and as closely as we should be following Christ.) And regarding why we so easily fall into the trap of confusing acts of love are acts of hate, and vice versa, I am reminded of GK Chesterton’s observation that “original sin” is the only Catholic dogma for which there is clear contemporary empirical evidence — just watch boys who, in the morning, are content playing “cowboys and red indians” and by the afternoon are bored and turn their attention to torturing the cat.

    • ForChristAlone

      “”original sin” is the only Catholic dogma for which there is clear contemporary empirical evidence”

      Exactly…and yet we as Catholics do little to propound this dogma because it, and it alone, serve to explicate the very basis for Christianity. No original sin; no need for the Incarnation.

  • St JD George

    There was a time before a faction of our benevolent government stepped in to achieve a formula for lasting power that they had strong families, strong faith traditions, and actually declining poverty rates even if there was still a large income inequality gap. The Catholic Church is also growing rapidly on the African continent, and I have had the privilege of sharing the tremendous passion of a priest who came from there recently so it’s not simply about race. I don’t know why in the US we have this problem other than to lay it mostly at the feet of our crippling, enabling, entitlement programs. Even giving the benefit of the doubt that there isn’t sinister intent, any objective case study of the outcomes can’t help but conclude that these programs have been an unmitigated disaster for them.

    • tom

      Welfare’s turned america’s ghettos into matriachal cesspools.

    • Michael

      If black people don’t earn their place through talent and hard work, either they will eventually fail at some point or they will only be kept because of their skin colour. The former often happens too late to restart, and some very motivated and talented African Americans can fail because they’re courted by Ivy League universities before they’re ready for the workload, so they flunk. The latter is demeaning to the black person and feeds a stereotype that blacks are inferior to whites. So blacks may well be better off without a quota reserved for them.
      I admit I don’t know all the issues, but no one has answered these arguments to my satisfaction, and I always wonder if the proposed cure might make the problem worse.

      • tom

        You can always declare minority students brilliant, seal their grades and give them sinecures. Does the end justify the means? Ask any Catholic college sports program if the entrance criteria are the same for athletes. I hope they don’t lie to you.

      • St JD George

        A good start would be to let go of the strangle-hold the government has around their neck destroying their futures while telling them that it’s for their own good while feeding them a steady diet of victim-hood propaganda. I reminded Jdonnell of a favorite quote of mine from the beloved (not) LBJ to the two governors that went something like this: “After we institute these welfare programs we’ll be having these voting democratic for 200 years”. Well doesn’t that just beat all. Explains why this classless group of politicians only seem to care just before every election cycle.

  • tom

    I think everyone is now disenfranchised, discriminated against and disadvantaged. Not getting married is a fiscally wise decision in the USA, 2014 A.D. It’s the marrieds carrying the societal loafers on their tired backs with no relief in sight. .

  • Mike Smith

    I’ve often tried to point out that much of what is claimed to be racism has little to do with skin color and a lot more to do with culture. The same applies to the myriad number of discussions on “white privilege” where economic and social issues get confused as race issues. The trouble is that race is so easy to rally around because it is such a basic level of human existence.

    Inevitably, you then get the talking heads coming in as modern Circumcellions, beating people wilth clubs while spouting off their opinion in the hopes that you fight back. They get to share in the victimhood/martyrdom by claiming we fought them beause of their beliefs, whereas we really fought them because we are just getting tired of being beaten with clubs.

  • cestusdei

    Liberals rarely live in areas that are affected by their policies. If they did then the policies would change quickly. They have nice gated communities to retreat too and their children attend private schools.

    • tom

      Most of them are blind to the damage they do and often prosper, financially, because of their bad works. Hypocrites, of course, abound.

    • Catholic pilgrim (Advent)

      Liberals are a sheltered lot.

      • tom

        Some aim to bankrupt America (Cloward–Piven strategy) by overloading the welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis. We may be there!

  • Jhawk77

    Excellent article, Professor Kainz. We don’t hear much, though, about the root causes of the demise of the family – of which blacks are most affected. Several recent books point toward and make a good case that artificial contraception is the fundamental reason of many social ills. I don’t expect non-Catholic ecclesial communities to say anything detrimental about the pill, but I hope our bishops and priests will take a deep breath, pray to the Holy Spirit for courage, and start pounding the ambos about the topic.

  • ROB

    It takes a professor with, cheese Louise, not one but two! Fulbrights hundreds of words to State the obvious. It is very dangerous to live in a Black neighborhood. No one knows this better than Blacks themselves

    • ForChristAlone

      and your point is….

  • RufusChoate

    I had a brilliant and provocative Professor in the late 1980’s who initiate a loud debate by stating that the likelihood of the Segregationists being more correct about the final negative cultural outcome of the Civil Rights movement than the Left’s rosy optimism was quite high but not because of any inherent racial inferiority but because they were the same people with the same ideas at different times.

    One group was arguing for the established preferential policies for one group: Whites Southern Protestants and the other arguing for new preferential policies for the abused group. The underlying desire was only for power. This power is sustained by the unresolvable unnatural and cruel nature of culture created by the comprehensive welfare state.

    When you allow the State to control your life, destroy your families and raise your children you have barbarians.

    • Kilo 4/11

      The state was not that destructive to white interests and the small “r” republican form of government when it was controlled by people of European Christian background.

  • Ruth Rocker

    IMHO, the root cause for most, if not all, of the problems in our society is due to the removal of God from everyday life. Without a moral guide, every is left to their own devices to determine what is right or wrong. And if there is no objective standard by which to judge, then it becomes, quite often, might makes right. You have it, I want it, I’ll take it and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

    The lack of jobs across the board has contributed to another rasher of problems. Without the hope of a decent job, a lot of young people turn to crime – mainly drugs and/or prostitution – as an “easy” way to earn a lot of cash fast. Of course, this is a lie, but they believe it and are in over their heads sooner than later with no feasible way out of the “life” they’re leading.

    Unfortunately, our true enemy is hard at work helping stir the flames and cause the rapid breakdown of society. He is all about anarchy and disorder. Luckily for us, we know that our side will win in the end, but it’s not going to be pretty in the mean time. It would be nice if our elected officials and clergy suddenly became more interested in the public good than in feathering their own nests at our expense. I will not be holding my breath until that happens as I don’t look THAT good in blue!

    • ForChristAlone

      Ruth, what you say about the absence of God being at the root of our social problems is very accurate. But let’s not forget that a father (married to the mother who is a woman) is the intermediary who communicates to children what the very meaning of a “God Who is Father” is. No father – no God.

      • MgW

        And the reason there is a lack of good “fathers” in society is because men, in society as a whole have rejected God in order to persue their own “power” and pleasure in this world. It all boils down to as Ruth said “the absence of God” in the hearts of men. We have a serious deficit of Christan men, especially in the Catholic Just look around you at Church. Very few men are involved in parish life. Tons of women but their husbands stay home watching sports or God know what….No God, no father, no God, no Father … Men have rejected God and religion.

        • tom

          In the ghetto, the matriarch rules.
          She don’t raise her boys.
          Her old man just a sex toy.
          It be a place for Death and ghouls.

          • MgW

            Did you write that tom? That is profound poetry!
            Are you black?
            Thanks for sharing that.

  • CCIG

    Self segregation is no surprise as all naturally come together with others like themselves. Have you ever seen a flock of ducks and a turkey flying with them? Have you ever seen a gaggle of geese with a crow among them? Not just birds, either. Why do we not see a panther running with a pack of wolves? Are all these animals racists? What should be done? Animal re-education? Or, maybe it is okay. Maybe people choosing to be with like-minded people is not really denigrating those with whom they are not associating. Just different. The left wants to claim that diversity is a worthy attribute and a strength, but then want all to be homogenized. Strange days…. Meanwhile, who are the haters? Let’s be honest here. Whites hating based on skin color is far less prevalent that black hating based on skin color. Racism among blacks needs to be addressed. Rather than addressed, it has been “redefined” away. It is holding us back from knowing and loving each other. It is holding us back from real benefits of diversity. We must have common ground – and that being Christian and true to the Christian aspects of the nationalistic bonds. Root out all that affronts God so that His favor once again shines upon us.

    • RufusChoate

      My Grandparents had a story from the 1930’s until the 1960’s in Philadelphia where their neighborhood was a mix of Irish, Italian, Jewish and Black families clustered in this moderately prosperous middle class neighborhood where most of the people were tradesmen or City workers. The only distinction between them was the Jews practiced Judaism while the other groups were all Catholic. There was no crime, discontent or even contention among the neighbors but funny interplay of cultural identities that was respectful of each other’s property and of their neighborhood. One Uncle wanted to convert to Judaism after a stay at a sanitorium where all of his fellow patients were fun loving and wise Jewish men and their doting wives.

      When the 1960’s rolled around and there was a push by the democrat controlled city government to buy homes up to settle less stable, deprived and aggressively militant families in the area. They tried to coordinate this the Black people living in the neighborhood who promptly told their neighbors that they were moving out because the government was trying to settle that black trash in our lovely area and it would no longer be safe for decent people. They moved out before any one else and what they predicted happened.

      • tom

        Oreo cookies!

        • tom

          Snitches with stiches!

        • RufusChoate

          No, just normal decent people.

    • egalitrix

      Your analogy is incorrect. Those animals do not stay together because they are different species. All humans are of the same species. There might be situations with strained race relations, but that does not mean people of different races can’t get along together.

  • daisy

    Why on earth do you live there? I would’ve been gone after the first break in.

    • tom

      Same here. Professorial wishful thinking, I’d guess.

  • MgW

    I thought this was such a good article because it really explains a part of the reason the older generation of white persons in this country have a fear of black persons. I have similar memories growing up…I am in my 50’s. I so appreciate Howard’s honesty, and his humility to just tell his experiences unabashedly. I pray that the black community be able to, please look at this problem honestly. There are very understandable reasons why some white people have fears of some black people. We must be unafaraid to speak pf those fears and the blacks in this country should not be afraid to hear it out, because unless we all are honest with eachother, we will never be at peace.

    “The reason we are not at peace is because we fail” (we ALL fail) “to remember that we belong to one another.”- Blessed Mother Teresa

  • Kilo 4/11

    Kainz was one of those who got the whole AA “civil rights” “anti-discrimination” ball rolling: ” My wife and I, in hopes of helping to stem prevailing practices of
    discrimination in housing, took part in systematic undercover testing of
    realtors, and were successful in recording incidents of “steering,” for
    which some realty companies were later indicted or fined.” The so-called “anti discrimination crusade” was responsible for leaving whites vulnerable by stripping us of our right of free association. Then, to add insult to injury, he goes and snaps up “the beautiful 1890s house” of one of the whites his tactics caused to flee! I’ll bet it was beautiful – but only the politically savvy get to enjoy these things in the world Kainz helped to create.

    And now he comes whining and positioning himself as a guru on race relations, while someone like myself, who has never left the home I was born into in a nice neighborhood now a ghetto thanks to people like Kainz, will likely lose my home to property taxes, thanks to not being able to choose to whom I want to rent, so the whole neighborhood is unlivable and I can’t rent to anybody now. I know more about race relations and black crime than this guy ever will, but he gets the nice house and to pose in front of suburbanites as an authority.

  • Daniel Burke

    You are looking at symptoms. The reason they have no fathers in the first place is lack of care and education, which is a direct result of lower IQ, which is a result of race.