Who is Bob McCarty? And Why Should He Be Fired?

There’s a guy you’ve never heard of who runs an organization you’ve never heard of but it is likely because of him that the Catholic Church has not taken a stand against the radicalization of the Girl Scouts and now the Boy Scouts.

Robert McCarty is the Executive Director of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry. It should be understood that McCarty’s group is closely connected to, if not officially part of, the Catholic Church. It is an independent, non-profit corporation whose board of directors, nonetheless, is controlled by representatives from 16 diocese of the Catholic Church. It’s episcopal liaison is Bishop Martin Holley of the Archdiocese of Washington DC.

In recent days, McCarty issued a statement on the Boy Scouts’ decision to abandon its long-standing membership policy against “open and avowed” homosexuality.  McCarty said: “We have been closely following the various discussions of the recent BSA decision and the response of various bishops, all of whom have stated the BSA decision to include young people with a homosexual orientation is not against Catholic Church teaching.” (Italics mine.)

Let’s unpack McCarty. First and foremost, he gets the policy change wrong.

The Boy Scouts never kept out boys with a homosexual inclination. It was only “open and avowed” homosexuality that was forbidden under Scout rules and practice. Heck, the raft of gay Boy Scouts publicly endorsing the new policy attests to this.

McCarty says every one of the Catholic bishops who has spoken about the new Boy Scout policy has endorsed it as “not against Catholic Church teaching.” I have in front of me the statement of my bishop, Paul Loverde of Arlington, Virginia. Nowhere in Bishop Loverde’s statement does he say what McCarty says Loverde said. In fact, Loverde says, “Sadly, yesterday’s decision forces us to prayerfully reconsider whether a continued partnership with the BSA will be possible.”

McCarty then goes on to pronounce a new Catholic teaching. He says organizations that do not admit open and avowed homosexuals are in violation of the teachings of the Catholic Church. He is referring to a group called American Heritage Girls (AHG) that does not admit openly homosexual members or leaders. Specifically, he says “With their affirmation of exclusion it seems that AHG is not aligned with the Catholic Church teaching on young people with homosexual orientation.”

Is this really Church teaching? Tell that to open and avowed homosexuals kept out of Catholic seminaries. Tell that to open and avowed homosexuals kept from the priesthood. Tell that to open and avowed homosexuals who want to teach in Catholic schools. Tell that also to the number of Catholic Bishops who allow the “exclusionary” American Heritage Girls the use of Church facilities. Tell that to the thousands of Catholic Boy Scout troops who for 100 years were exclusionary, too. Were all those Bishops, priests, parishes, and troops acting against the teaching of the Church?

Of course not. There is no such teaching. McCarty is making this up.

None of this is surprising to anyone who has followed the travails of the Girl Scouts-USA and the obfuscation of the man in charge of Catholic scouting. McCarty has had a front row seat to years and years of problems with the Girl Scouts and he has concluded against all evidence that there is no problem.

The problems started in earnest in the late 1990s when the Girl Scouts dropped “God” from their pledge. This is what precipitated the creation of American Heritage Girls and other breakaway groups.

Then in 2004 it was discovered that a Girl Scout troop in Texas ran a program with the local Planned Parenthood office that praised abortion, masturbation and showed girls how to put on a condom. This began a national boycott of Girl Scout cookies and caused then Girl Scout CEO Kathy Cloninger to appear on the Today Show to put out the fire. But during that broadcast she said without apology that the Girls Scouts “partner” with Planned Parenthood “across the country.”

The latest round of boycotts began a few years ago when it was reported that a pornographic brochure produced by Planned Parenthood was made available at a girl’s only Girl Scout meeting at the United Nations. The brochure advocated promiscuous sex, including anal sex. This caused a national backlash that the Girl Scouts are still feeling in dropping enrollment and plummeting cookie sales.

Naturally, Catholic Scout leaders and parents turned to their bishops for guidance, and to whom do the bishops turn? Why, to Robert McCarty.

McCarty claims to have done an “investigation” into the myriad charges about the Girl Scouts, including meeting with Girl Scout officials like Josh Ackerly, an open and avowed homosexual and former front man for the “homo-punk band” the Dead Betties who does public relations and blogging for the Girl Scouts.

The result? McCarty gave the Girl Scouts a bill of clean health.

Mary Hasson of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington DC has done extensive research into the Girl Scout problems and McCarty’s support of groups that oppose Catholic teaching. Among Hasson’s many charges against McCarty is that in his book he endorses a group called Advocates for Youth who say,  “Young women need the right to safe and legal abortion. “ The group calls for striking down parental notification laws on abortion for children.

It should therefore come as no surprise that this “advocate for youth” would be silent when the Girl Scout national office orders a local troop to accept a cross dressing boy as a Brownie. It should come as no surprise that he would have no quarrel when the Girl Scouts hire the former homo-punk bandleader whose video shows him strangling a woman as an advice columnist for Catholic Girl Scouts. It should come as no surprise that he would announce the Girl Scouts have nothing to do with abortion and Planned Parenthood even though their CEO went on national TV and proudly admitted it.

The whole culture is leading young people astray. It is devouring them. Catholic parents allow their children into Scouting because they trust what is going on there. And when they have suspicions, their suspicions are allayed by Robert McCarty.

Many Catholics parents are beginning to wonder if this advocate for youth is leading their children astray.

Author’s note: Full Disclosure. I have spoken to Bob McCarty and it was my group that first reported on the pornographic brochure made available at the Girl Scout’s meeting at the UN.

Austin Ruse


Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute. He is the author of Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data published by Regnery. He is also the author of the new book Little Suffering Souls: Children Whose Short Lives Point Us to Christ published by Tan Books. The views expressed here are solely his own.

  • AcceptingReality

    “God is light and in Him there is no darkness”, 1John 1:5. The “light’ spoken of here is truth and goodness. The darkness is error and depravity. Sounds as if McCarty is walking in darkness.

  • antigon

    May we assume McCarty was the guy bishops consulted about charges of pederasty in the priesthood? Or was that only his philosophical twin?

    • Austin Ruse

      No. McCarty is only in charge of Catholic scouting…

  • EdwardHu

    What can we do to get this guy removed from influence or better re calibrated to the good and the true?

    • ponerology

      Re-calibrate him right out of his cushy job and dismantle the entire organization. It’s another “non-profit” front which is completely unnecessary.

  • John Albertson

    Mr. McCarty should read “NewsBusters:”

    If the newly gay-friendly Boy Scouts were paying attention last week, they may have caught a glimpse of their future. According to USAToday, Girl
    Scouts marched in San Francisco’s infamous gay Pride Parade “for the
    first time.”

    • CAMomma

      Yep — and the Girl Scouts that marched in Gay Pride/San Francisco had the full support of their local council, they even donned a banner and flag displaying the official GSUSA logo as they marched. Interesting, considering GSUSA claims they don’t allow advocacy of any particular lifestyle. See the Gay Pride from the GS of Northern California Council right here…

      • John_O_Neill

        The GSUSA is also in the process of going bankrupt; they have over a half billion in unfunded pensions in their folio. If they can be paying these huge sums of pensions out and exorbitant wages to ceos , why are the little girls selling cookies in order to fatten the corporate cats. Get out of national organizations and only belong to local parent controlled scouts.

      • Scott

        GSUSA as an organization does not advocate any particular lifestyle. Individual troops have a lot of individual autonomy.

        • TXCatholic

          Scott – if that’s true, then why in the San Francisco Gay Pride parade are the girls marching in the official GSUSA uniform, holding official Girl Scout signage, displaying the GSUSA logo and the international Girl Scout flag (WAGGGS flag)? http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/girl-scouts-march-in-san-francisco-gay-pride-parade

          • mendezjb

            And I bet they don’t have the autonomy to march next to the KKK! Glad they draw the line somewhere!

    • Tom Anthony McFadden II

      There were several Boy Scout Troops in Utah about a month ago who did the same thing after being told not to. It was weeks after the decision. Ntional left any disciplinary action up to the council. None was taken. This is why I am stay ing in BSA as a leader. If all the moral and upright people leave who will be left to teach the next generation morality and righteousness. GOd and Jesus told us we would be mocked and ridiculed for following them, but we are in the world not of the world. I for one am willing to fight the good fight for my son (currently a Webelos) and grandsons.

  • Not ‘fired’, but…

    I know that the word ‘fired’ makes for a good headline. However, that accomplishes just about nothing with the ‘core problem’. Who is his replacement? Quite certainly someone from within this ‘private’ organization.
    As with most of these ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ issues in the world and Church today, we should look to the Bishops (not that I’m blaming them). Has Bishop Holley stood by any McCarty statements, or made statements of his own? Nearly every diocese is associated with NFCYM. Perhaps Diocese YM programs should cut ties? Maybe we should be pressuring our Diocese representatives or our own Diocese Bishops?
    I suspect that McCarty and NFCYM may already be on ‘shaky ground’, I’m curious where this goes…

    Just thinking out loud…

  • CAMomma

    Check out the NFCYM website .. under “Resources / Pastoral Responses/ Violence to Youth” the NFCYM refers readers to the website: loveisrespect – which identifies many different sexual orientations including “Ze” (instead of he/she) http://www.loveisrespect.org/dating-basics/healthy-relationships/healthy-lgbtq-relationships I also found it interesting that the only advocacy the NFCYM website features for our youth is environmental — having to do with global warming. And McCarty is the one training and certifying most of our diocesan youth directors? Very concerning.

  • Catholic Eagle Scout

    Incorrect. The BSA has added “sexual orientation or preference alone” to its categories. Read that entire phrase, please: sexual orientation or preference alone. Alone. Alone. Did you see that final word? Nothing about what kinds of hanky-panky get you the brand new pink merit badge. Not one syllable on scouting.org about “open and avowed.” The BSA is indeed NOT contradicting any Catholic teaching. Please, please, as you value your credibility, stop adding echo-chamber language like “avowed” to your news pieces. It’s exactly this kind of National Enquirer rhetoric that brings discredit to a worthy and necessary conservative voice in the ongoing debate. Here is the exact page. Obey the Eighth Commandment and read it: http://www.bsaseabase.org/sitecore/content/membershipstandards/resolution/faq.aspx

    • Austin Ruse

      Did they or did they not remove the longstanding ban on “open and avowed” homosexuals in the Boy Scout guidelines? Also, was there ever a ban on someone with homosexual orientation?

    • Reasonable_Opinion

      Catholic Eagle, would you say that the homosexual condition or orientation is a neutral or even good “condition?” If yes, you are mistaken. If no, then great care should be taken to make sure all involved know and understand that homosexual activity (indeed, all genital/sexual activity) outside the married state between one man and one woman is wrong. Agreed? And should not Mother Church and Her people, as an authentic pastoral response, state that homosexual activity is always wrong and provide clear direction and help to those who live with same-sex attraction? And further, should we, as the Body of Christ, not place temptation and the near occasion of sin so close to those who might well be tempted? If we do not do this, is not our ambiguity easily misinterpreted? In the USCCB document from 2006 it is stated: “Persons with a homosexual inclination should not be encouraged to define themselves primarily in terms of their sexual inclination.” Should we not distinguish between a young person who struggles with feelings of same-sex attraction and those who chose (and are now encouraged by BSA policy) to self-identify as “gay?” As a matter of justice and charity (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Ratzinger, 1986) we should WARN against anything that would encourage adoption of the homosexual label. 

    • Cincinnatus1775

      You are correct in your assertion regarding the policy. “No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.” However, the issue will not rest there. If the issue was orientation alone we wouldn’t need the policy — in the context of Scouting, an individual’s sexual orientation never needs to come up. They way these things always go is the first small concession leads eventually and inexorably to full transgression.The collapse of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is an object lesson.

    • Austin Ruse

      Since you have chosen not to answer my question, then I will answer it for you. The BS never had a policy forbidding those with homosexual orientation to be Boy Scouts. As I said in my piece, the raft of gay Boy Scout praising the new policy clearly demonstrates that. What is different now is that the Boy Scouts will allow open homosexuals to be Boy Scouts. What does open mean? It means they can announce it. It means they can hold hands with their boy friends, etc etc etc.

    • Austin Ruse

      By the way, here is the policy that is being struck down:

      The BSA’s membership policy is:
      Youth membership in the Boy Scouts of America is open to all who meet the membership requirements. Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Varsity Scouting are for boys. Venturing is for young men and young women. (Updated March 15)
      The adult applicant must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive leadership to youth. The applicant must also be the correct age, subscribe to the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle, and abide by the Scout Oath or Promise, and the Scout Law.
      While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.”

  • Dan Deeny

    A very fine article. This article should be made available in all parishes and to all parish priests. Thank you.

  • Reasonable_Opinion

    In summary, Mr. McCarty is engaged in a dangerous mindset of misplaced compassion. Why are the Bishops looking to this man and not to Courage International http://www.couragerc.org, the ONLY “Catholic approved” apostolate for men and women with same-sex attraction?

  • finishstrongdoc

    So a big problem with denial is the kids who are being compromised by the worldlings and their faulty ideals are being given mixed signals by the leadership of Scouting and the Church. The basis for the false narrative projected through these worldlings is the belief systems that deny the existence of God, and put self at the center of the universe. The Church teaches against inordinate self-love.

    Scouting is a service organization that does good works in the communities in which the youth and their leaders live. By putting service to others above self leads to maturity of Scouting members, and promotes America’s founding ideals of passing on the Blessings of Liberty to American youth.

    Turning Scouting into advocates for a faulty world view is precisely the opposite of the original ideals of Scouting, which was to serve God and country and to be morally straight while doing so. If progress means anything it must mean maturity. Maturity through service to others, under God’s guidance, was what Scouting once stood for. There cannot be many gods.

  • Alecto

    It troubling to read that Catholic bishops are so morally confused and indecisive they need to “prayerfully” consider membership and leadership decisions in youth advocacy organizations which openly support homosexuality given the ongoing scandals in the Church, with more headlines emerging last week. Parents could forgive over-zealousness in this area. They will not forgive this weakness.

    Catholic bishops lack the unique understanding of parenthood and the protective instinct it requires towards children. I see that now.

    • HigherCalling

      That’s what Catholic principles and doctrine are for — they save the time of “prayerfully” considering every issue coming down the pike. The principles were developed to eliminate moral confusion, indecisiveness, improper decision-making, and time spent reconsidering things that have already been wisely and prayerfully considered.

      (Case in point is State-controlled healthcare. That the bishops had to perform acrobatics to twist and re-order Catholic principles in order to discover some kind of Catholic support for a federal take-over of healthcare, when the principles of Catholic Social Teaching would clearly oppose such a take-over, shows the danger of not trusting principles already in place that, when followed, properly align matters with the will of God.)

    • John200

      Consider whether we are letting them off the hook with, “Catholic bishops lack the unique understanding of parenthood and the protective instinct it requires towards children.”

      The bishops’ “morally confused and indecisive” posture looks like a fake. Nor should they have trouble understanding parenthood. To the contrary, they are informed by a highly credible source — over and over — that we are their spiritual children; that the Trinity is a model for the family, etc., etc. Our bishops know all these teachings. And furthermore, bishops are supposed to understand many things in which they are ordered not to participate; pride, greed, blasphemy, sloth, sexual sins, (it’s a long list), stealing, etc.

      With all that preparation, what kind of bishop could mistake the Church teaching on homo”sex”ual activities? How could such a bishop have been formed (deformed? malformed?)?

      When they establish a pattern of fumbling such an easy problem, the simplest and most probable explanation is that they are doing it on purpose. Surely Bishop Loverde knows the correct answer to the Girl Scouts and their antics.

      On Mr. Ruse’s account, this Mr. McCarty should have been laughed out of the room, long ago.

      • Midge

        I am interested in the item about the Girl Scouts providing girls with a Planned Parenthood brochure that “advocated promiscuous sex, including anal sex” because anal sex advocacy is a theme in the current media. The HBO show “Girls” is full of anal sex advocacy.

        How is it possible that the Catholic Church and the Girl Scouts are incapable of a blanket policy of viewing anal sex to be abusive? This is the extreme of confusion, moral inadequacy and cowardice that these organizations are not able to stand up to such pure and absolute evil.

        • John200

          You are quite right. No sane person would go near that charming little practice. Nor would they recommend it for another human being.

          I think “Girls” is a joke like Seinfeld, “a show about nothing” that gets ratings. It is written for 13 year olds. Wave the perverted sex in front of them and they will watch (oh dear me, I gave away the secret). But the characters are psycho cases. They are in constant pain because, you know, life is just sooooo hard (and they are so incompetent).

          They are playing a joke, just trying to get ratings from the 13 year olds and a reaction from you.

          Evil, yes, and they see themselves as harmless.

      • Alecto

        And you and I know why Loverde is fumbling. It doesn’t take much imagination….

        • John200

          Got it. There is a giant housecleaning job ahead of us. The laity can join in. The Church has always cleaned its stables the slow way, but I certainly would like to bleach out this plague. Pronto!

          And let us use the steel wool this time. I have had enough of this krappe coming back.

          Second topic: I just printed Lumen Fidei. It runs 84 pages (but they are short pages). Can’t wait to see what’s in it. For some reason, new encyclicals always make me more optimistic. I am sure this one will do the same.

          Best to you and yours.

        • Austin Ruse

          Loverde fumbling? He came out with one of the strongest statements on the issue of the Boy Scouts and homosexuality.

          • Alecto

            He stated he would prayerfully reconsider whether a continued partnership would be possible. It leaves open the possibility of continued relationship even though the BSA have decided that openly practicing homosexuals can be admitted. Smells like an accommodation is forthcoming.

            A strong statement would have read “Regrettably, the Arlington Diocese cannot partner with this organization given its rejection of its traditional mission and values.”

    • Midge

      And they are not leaders.

    • ponerology

      If they were actually Catholic bishops they wouldn’t be lacking any of those instincts or doctrinal understanding.

  • Aliquantillus

    Catholic organizations today are often in a state of complete confusion because of the despicable laxism of the Bishops and their representatives in enforcing that Church teachings and morals are upheld by them. Nobody is punished or thrown out because of his or her disregard of Church doctrine and practice. That is the root of all the evils which have developed here.

  • Concerned Eagle Scout

    Excellent find, Mr. Ruse. Thank you for asking these tough questions. I am very concerned that people who are supposed to be trusted authorities on the Faith are looking the other way and telling us, and the Bishops, that there’s no problem with the Boy and Girl Scouts. And this appears to be systematic. The Boy Scouts equivalent to the NCFYM is the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, which has done basically the same thing as NCFYM with regard to the BSA policy change. The NCCS statements have been picked up by the National Catholic Reporter AND the National Catholic Register, by CatholicCulture.org and the Catholic Sun, and surely more, all of whom have run articles defending the BSA… against everyone who dares to suggest a truly Catholic alternative. Even Catholic Answers went off-mission and ran a couple of blog posts last month essentially defending the BSA; they asserted that the policy revision was not a harbinger of cultural change but merely some kind of acceptable accommodation, and painting all those who opposed the BSA in favor of purely Catholic youth organizations as advocating for a retreat. It all looks like a Borg invasion–they tell us that resistance is futile, and we will all be assimilated.

  • Aliquantillus

    Catholic organizations nowadays are often in a state of complete confusion. The root cause of this the despicable laxism of the Bishops and their representatives in enforcing that the Church’s doctrines and morals are upheld. Nobody is punished or thrown out even if he or she openly despises the teachings of the Church. That’s the root evil here.

  • Craig

    I have seen handouts on the international planned parenthood site: disgusting and immoral in terms of sexual relations. May Mary and the Holy Family help us! Ora pro nobis!

  • Scot Morris

    Where can one find the full text of the statement by Mr. McCarty?

    • Austin Ruse

      Here is the whole statement:

      Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

      We have been closely following the various discussions on the recent BSA decision and the response of various bishops, all of whom have stated that the BSA decision to include young people with a homosexual orientation is not against Catholic Church teachings.
      • Recently the American Heritage Girls (AHG) made a statement that says because of the BSA decision, AHG is ending their formal organizational relationship with BSA. We thought you might be interested in this statement because AHG has often been proposed as an alternative to Catholic Girl Scouting. With their affirmation of exclusion, it seems that AHG is not aligned with Catholic Church teachings on young people with a homosexual orientation.
      • The NFCYM’s Resources for Girl Scouting iNet site has now been revised as a Boy Scout and Girl Scout site. It is reorganized and includes links to BSA and the NCCS. It also has libraries that contain various statements from bishops, the NCCS, and AHG.

      • Scot Morris

        Thank you. That is interesting. Reading the statement in its entirety, it comes off primarily as an attack on AHG, and secondarily as support for the new BSA policy. It also gives the impression that Mr. McCarty is quite pleased that the BSA is headed down the same destructive path that GSA has blazed (thus, the “reward” of including Boy Scout info on the Girl Scout site). Very disturbing.

        How was Mr. McCarty’s statement issued (e.g., as an email blast, blog post, etc.)?

        • Austin Ruse

          It was issued as a communication from McCarty’s office to the whomever his on his list…

  • Edward Johansen

    What this article reaffirms is that the Church is filled with Judas’ galore. I recently applied for a position within a diocese and was told that when the committee discovered that I attended a traditional Mass with my family that I was no longer a candidate because ‘that sort of worship is filled with pomp, gold, fancy vestments, et al. which is unacceptable in the modern Church.’ Just when one thinks that we are making progress towards orthodoxy it becomes clearer every day that the enemies are dug in deeply from diocese to diocese and parish to parish. And just yesterday I heard a 4th of July homily delivered with undying zeal said that stated the biggest problem in the USA today is????? You guessed it – bigotry…huh??? No mention of so-called homosexual marriage, abortion, artificial contraception, etc. etc.,…Its tough not to become a tad cynical when the Church is filled with such priests and the likes of Mr. McCarty. Beam me up Jesus!!

    • John200

      Don’t ask to be beamed up, yet. As long as you are here, a safe assumption is that He put you here to fight.

      Remember, the doinks are trying to win by fooling you into giving up.

      • Edward Johansen

        You are right my friend. Militia est vita hominis super terram! (Job 7.1)

        • John200

          My Latin is rusty, but by dumb luck I got a good translation. Thanks for the point.

          Nice to meet you on CrisisMag.

    • Midge

      The people who yap about “bigotry” are the most intolerant. They are totalitarians and they do not respect First Amendment freedoms. Harsh to say it about a priest, but such a person is an enemy of compassion and humanity.

      • WSquared

        You don’t have to be harsh about the priest, but you can be justly critical of the assumptions that he’s making.

        Besides, it’s not just some priests who make those kinds of assumptions and assertions. It’s laity, too. As for the idea that “that sort of worship is full of pomp, gold, and fancy vestments, and has no place in the modern Church,” while no parish should go overboard to the point of frivolity and being unreasonable, there is nonetheless a difference between beauty in the glory of God and beauty in the glory of one’s self. The “gold” that people complain about is being generous toward God, who is generous toward us. Besides, as we know from a survey of modern church architecture, you can spend an exorbitant amount on complete dreck, too.

        …speaking of which: amid the gratuitous, fawning references to Francis’s “Church of the poor,” EWTN posted an interview with then-Cardinal Bergoglio, and his theme was poverty, too. But he didn’t take aim at Benedict, traditionalists, or vestments. What he took aim at is the tendency to spend most money on cosmetics and pets. The poor are an afterthought in comparison. The yapping from the usual quarters, certainly in this country, about “a poor Church” is often disingenuous. Oscar Wilde’s definition of a cynic applies here: a cynic is one who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. In one of his daily homilies, Pope Francis also cautioned against an
        ideology of poverty, and referred to Judas condemning the woman who
        anointed Christ’s feet with costly ointment, calling it a lack of
        generosity and not knowing how to love.

        • WSquared

          Sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to be off topic. There are, however, some parallels when we think about it.

      • ponerology

        Such a person doesn’t know doctrine and isn’t a priest and is certainly not Catholic

        • John200

          Dear ponerology,

          I applaud your choice of online name (yeah, I admit it, I had to look it up).

          And yours is a perfectly respectable viewpoint, but somehow a large number of malformed, or deformed, or misformed, or unformed doinks got into the priesthood over the last 50 years. I dunno how they got ordained, I wasn’t involved in the decision making. But it seems unbelieving Catholics are among our priests, for their own reasons and to our great dis-benefit.

          I also know that once they are ordained, they really are priests; their Masses, confessions, and all other sacraments are valid.

          Malheureusement for these unbelieving priests, they are held to higher standards than laymen. The prognosis for an unbelieving priest is unfavorable.

          Best wishes as you advance what will (I predict) become a most fruitful science.

      • Scott

        Midge, maybe they just assert their own First Amendment freedoms?

  • Cincinnatus1775

    The Bishops must lead on this. Where are they? Why do they allow prominent individuals and organizations that identify themselves as Catholic to consistently speak and act in ways contrary to Church doctrine without correction or censure? When will they begin to enforce Church discipline? It should be abundantly clear that the gay activists and the abortion and pornography industries will not rest until they have perverted every facet of our society. They pursue their objectives brazenly in some cases and covertly in others, but always relentlessly. And they are very good at “divide and conquer” tactics.

    I don’t know if McCarty is acting maliciously or just erroneously. Either way, he must be corrected and the Bishops are the ones who should do it. If McCarty’s the problem, he should be removed. If the organization is the problem, then perhaps the NFCYM should be investigated like the LCWR.

    The bottom line on this as with the HHS mandate, same-sex unions and religious liberty, the Bishops must draw the line and stand firm. And we must pray for them; guarding the flock and defending the faith is never easy, and I think we are headed into a period of persecution the likes of which hasn’t been seen in centuries.

    • The USCCB is investigating the PP/GS connection.

      • Austin Ruse

        Sadly, it is McCarty who is advising them and he has already made up his mind that the GS have no relationship with PP even though the CEO of the GS went on national TV and said they did. This is one reason folks think he ought to go.

    • ponerology

      McCarty has a sociology degree. That tells us something right away. The NFCYM appears to be (and this is just after a cursory look at their website) as just another “non-profit” way to make a buck. They link to other sites and use the typical disclaimer that they don’t necessarily endorse what those other sites say/support. Really? Then why link to them?
      As for McCarty’s motives; we can only deduce from what he says and does. We can’t get into his head. However, what he says/does is suspect to say the least, given that he should have all of the information needed, at his fingertips, to make a Catholic judgment regarding the GS/PP. Come on folks. The truth isn’t that hard to get at if we stop being naive.

  • K_Mark

    Regular Boy Scouts are aged 11 – 18 years old. If some of these boys are pronouncing themselves as open and practicing homosexuals it means they are either lying or engaging in very risky and dangerous sex, at a very young and fragile age. The BSA has a huge problem on their hands now regardless of what procedures they attempt to put in place to handle their new policy. And guess where all the liability lies? Yes with the BSA and adult leaders.

    What adult leader wants to be out in the woods with a group of these boys on a weekend camping trip incurring liability for these kids? Who are the ones most prone to screaming foul, usually it’s the homosexual kids and their parents. They’ve seen what screaming can accomplish for them. Just to defend oneself from charges of alleged misconduct would be a total night mare. What adults would set themselves up for this? If a youth desires to state they are homosexual, I would demand the parent or adult guardian of each of these scouts attend the camping trip and tent with their scout and sign a waiver exonerating the BSA and all adult leaders present from all personal liability. Yes this is the world we now live in, bring in the lawyers.

    • Midge

      Thats exactly the point that stands out for me: These troop leaders are volunteers, usually parents of one or more of the kids, and they are giving up their own time and resources. Very few parents are willing to do that and this new policy is a big, big discouragement.

      What adult volunteer troop leader in his right mind would want to deal with the sexuality of other people’s kids? Thats a minefield. We keep getting told that homosexual kids are more inclined to attempt suicide. What if you get blamed for it because the kid thought you were prejudiced against him? It would ruin your life.

      What if the other kids are uncomfortable around the avowed homosexual kid? What if its just your own kid who is uncomfortable? Why would the leader want to stick around if his own kid is not enjoying the experience?

      What if the homosexual kid comes out to you and says, “Don’t tell my parents.” What a position to be in.

  • Ruth Rocker

    While all of this is a sad state of affairs, the real fault lies with Vatican II and the abominations that grew from that unfortunate conference. It reversed hundreds of years of Catholic teaching, making night into day and black into white. There is no longer any truth left in the Roman church as is evidenced by its leadership in allowing any of this kind of nonsense to get past the starting gate.

    After much searching and consideration, my family will be changing to a local Byzantine church and most likely renouncing our connection with the Latin church. At least the Eastern rites maintain a sense of propriety and decorum and follow the teaching of our Lord.

  • Servant

    You are mistaken, Mr. Ruse. It is not against Church Doctrine to allow open and avowed homosexuals into the Church. The Church is a home to all sinners. However, allowing such people to hold positions of moral responsibility and leadership within the Church is an entirely different matter and you confuse the two. You may have forgotten the adage – hate the sin, not the sinner. Your piece reflects this forgotten premise. Likewise, a group that specifically singles out and precludes a group of people would be against the teachings of the Church, which is universal and inclusive of all humanity. Our doors are open to all people. Please rethink your piece. Perhaps it could be re-framed and re-posted in a more gracious and understanding tone.

    On the other hand, anyone who does not know about the pro-abortion and counter-cultural nature of the Girl Scouts has lost touch with our Church. It is clear that the Girl Scouts should not be supported by members of our Church.

    • Austin Ruse

      You have misread my piece.

      • Servant

        I specifically refer to your 6th and 7th paragraphs:

        “McCarty then goes on to pronounce a new Catholic teaching. He says
        organizations that do not admit open and avowed homosexuals are in
        violation of the teachings of the Catholic Church. He is referring to a
        group called American Heritage Girls (AHG) that does not admit openly
        homosexual members or leaders. Specifically, he says “With their
        affirmation of exclusion it seems that AHG is not aligned with the
        Catholic Church teaching on young people with homosexual orientation.”

        Is this really Church teaching? Tell that to open and avowed
        homosexuals kept out of Catholic seminaries. Tell that to open and
        avowed homosexuals kept from the priesthood. Tell that to open and
        avowed homosexuals who want to teach in Catholic schools. Tell that also to the number of Catholic Bishops who allow the “exclusionary” American
        Heritage Girls the use of Church facilities. Tell that to the thousands
        of Catholic Boy Scout troops who for 100 years were exclusionary, too.
        Were all those Bishops, priests, parishes, and troops acting against the
        teaching of the Church?”

        Here you mistakenly correlate seminaries, priesthood and teachers with organizations outside of the Church. You also mistakenly expand what Mr. McCarty said to include positions of moral responsibility within the Catholic Church. I believe it is you who has mistaken and misinterpreted Mr. McCarty’s words. I think your piece would be more complete, more helpful, and less one-sided if you could also directly quote actual Church teachings, with reference to the Catechism, perhaps.

        Let me be clear. I am not an advocate of either scouting program, nor of the homosexual population. I also have no children. But I am an attorney who makes his living off of careful reading and I worry about people who attempt to close the Church doors to exclude populations of people. On the other hand, I do think giving the Girl Scouts a clean bill of health represents an extremely liberal viewpoint within the Church and people should be aware of this issue. I hope more publication on this point is forthcoming.

        • athelstane

          I am not an advocate of either scouting program, nor of the homosexual population. I also have no children. But I am an attorney who makes his living off of careful reading and I worry about people who attempt to close the Church doors to exclude populations of people.

          With all due respect, Servant, your first claim is betrayed by your second. Clearly, your main advocacy is for gays whom you feel are “excluded” from certain roles in the Church. That’s your right; but let’s not pretend that what you are advocating reflects Church teaching.

          The Church is unquestionably “universal and inclusive of all humanity.” But it does not accept the sins of that humanity as wholesome and worthy of approval. Rather, it exists to free them from the consequences of that sin through Christ’s salvific grace.

        • Michael

          Servant, all Mr. Ruse has pointed out is that Mr. McCarty has said that the American Heritage Girls are going against Church teaching. Mr. Ruse is right to point out the Mr. McCarty is ridiculous in this statement, because first, the Church most certainly does not teach about what other organizations can and cannot do (the Church governs herself), and second, the Church also has a history of excluding practicing homosexuals from participating in fully in the faith.

          The Church is a light to the world, but does not directly “teach” other institutions. Even if it did, it wouldn’t condemn an organization like the AHG for putting rules into place that are similar to ones put in place by the Church.

          I haven’t quite got to the bottom of your misunderstanding (or your misdirection) but I think at the root of it is a misunderstanding of what kind of institution the Church is as compared to others.

          • Scott

            Excluding children on the basis of sexual orientation is against Church teaching. It is discriminatory and non-inclusive.

            • TXCatholic

              We ARE trying to include all children in scouting. But we can do that without condoning kids labeling themselves as homosexual, bisexual, trans-sexual (or whatever). Refusing to accept your God-given sexual identity is against Catholic teaching. (Catechism 2333 — look it up)

            • TXCatholic

              Many Catholic priests have publicly announced they refuse to host the “new” BSA in their parishes. Scott, is it your position that these priests are not in-line with Catholic teaching?

            • Austin Ruse

              Tell that to out homosexuals who want to join seminaries. Is this exclusionary and therefore against church teaching?

              • Scott

                We’re not talking about an adult joining a seminary. We’re talking about kids, who may not be Catholic, joining the Boy Scouts. To deny them inclusion is not Catholic. There is nothing in Catholic teaching that singles out gay youth for exclusion. We are, however, urged not to practice unjust discrimination. I fully agree with McCarty. He sounds like a good and human man.

            • givelifeachance2

              Homosexual unions exclude the opposite sex and are therefore even more fundamentally discriminatory.

        • Austin Ruse

          Yes, you misread my piece.

        • Austin Ruse

          Here is was speaking strictly of jobs within the Church. McCarty seems to think that excluding open and avowed homosexuals as members of non-Catholic institutions (AHG) is counter to the teachings of the Church. What nonsense. The Church Herself excludes such people in the seminary and in the priesthood. If it is OK to exclude them from the priesthood then how could it be against Church teaching for a non-CAtholic group to exclude them, too?

          • givelifeachance2

            I think a problem many Catholics are having is with the blogpost canonist Edward Peters posted about this, that the NCCS leader actually cited as influential in his thinking. Peters says that the BSA decision does not conflict with Catholic thinking. Many Catholics have been swayed by Peters, and many marriage “equality” folks are citing NCCS and Peters gleefully: “New Ways Ministry applauds the NCCS statement of support, and particularly the fact that they were able to elicit endorsement from one of the country’s most conservative canon law scholars. We urge all Catholic dioceses to support the Boy Scouts’ new policy, and we hope and pray that very soon the Scouting organization will also allow gay men to be scout leaders, which the new policy did not cover.”

            • Austin Ruse

              Just because something does not conflict with catholic teaching does not mean its a good idea. I know and like Peters but he’s not infallible.
              Sent from my iPad

            • Austin Ruse

              What he failed to take into consideration is the actual change in policy, from banning open and avowed homosexuals and now allowing them. He seems to think the BS banned homosexuals before. They didn’t, only open and avowed ones.
              Sent from my iPad

              • givelifeachance2

                Peters said “Consider: same-sex attraction, standing alone, does not prohibit one from being a fully initiated Catholic. To argue, therefore, that, say, a Catholic parish must hold a sponsored organization to a highermembership standard than it holds itself to is at best anomalous.”

                Murder attraction, even abortion attraction, *standing alone* would also not prohibit one from being a fully initiated Catholic. To make this point is sophistry. Noone really understands what same-sex attraction really is, but there’s a lot of evidence that, at age 13, it should not be embraced as an identity and the Church should not be promoting its embrace as an identity.

                Scouting makes a big deal about being “a boy-led troop”. A homosexual boy member would have to be given the opportunity to lead the troop. A Catholic parish youth group would be derelict to let members who admitted to being a homosexual be youth group leaders. I don’t think Peter’s comparison holds water.

                Furthermore, from what I have learned about the toxic sexual abuse of boys at the hands of some boy scout leaders, and some clergy, even with nominal strictures against homosexuals, I am convinced this decision is only going to make things ten times worse. And it will be impossible to sustain – what happens when the gay scout turns 18? Goodbye? And it won’t even satisfy the “gays”. No, this decision is like trying to balance on a bicycle that’s not moving. It will not stay restricted to youth. and even with “gay” adult leaders there will be more whining and leveraging against “haters”. All the while, more propagandizing about how “it gets better” and potential physical seductions/assaults. Homosexual activists may not know how to reproduce the normal way, but their method of grooming kids and “shaming” those who would protect them has the unfortunate effect of reproducing their lifestyle in new generation.

                My fear is that acceptance of this decision will actually be used to wedge open our seminaries (officially) to homosexuals. We already have great predilection towards persecution from the administration. We have already had severe infiltration of the priesthood with homosexuals “undercover” and this no doubt accounts for much of the disarray in the American church. I just read that a recently outed homosexual stood down from a Catholic high school presidency and he had actually been a previous NCEA executive in charge of secondary schools! We don’t need more excuses to welcome heretics as leaders.

        • Scott

          “Here you mistakenly correlate seminaries, priesthood and teachers with organizations outside of the Church. You also mistakenly expand what Mr. McCarty said to include positions of moral responsibility within the Catholic Church.”
          Yes, that is the crux of what Mr. Ruse gets wrong.

          • Austin Ruse

            If the church can exclude out homosexuals then why can’t non-Catholic groups? I don’t see how Ive gotten anything wrong.

    • Austin Ruse

      now that I have a moment, I can respond more fully than simply saying you have misread my piece, which you have, repeatedly.

      I do not write that the Church does not allow open homosexuals into the Church. In fact, open homosexuals are free to attend Mass and avail themselves of certain but not all sacraments. So, I never said what you assert.

      What I make clear is that the Church does not allow open and avowed homosexuals into the seminary, into the priesthood, into teaching positions in authentic Catholic schools.

    • William

      I agree, Servant. Excluding anyone, sinner or saint, is contrary to Catholic doctrine. The Catholic church teaches that ALL sexual acts outside marriage and/or not open to the gift of life are sinful and disordered. These include sexual behavior involving contraception, pornography, fornication, and masturbation as well as homosexual acts. Why is it that only homosexuals (both scouts and scout leaders) should be singled out and stigmatized as unworthy of being in the Boy Scouts? If we apply the same standards to everyone, perhaps there wouldn’t be an eligible boy scout or scout leader in the nation. My reading of CCC 2358 is that homosexuals should be accepted and included in daily life with the same charity and respect that one should show a straight person. It certainly seems to me to constitute “unjust discrimination” to penalize just gays when we are all sinners. How are we doing good for gay teens by ostracizing and reviling them?

      • Austin Ruse

        If an open and avowed masturbater wanted to be a priest, we should let him?

        • Scott

          Every Catholic mass is full of people who use contraception. Look at all the Catholics who have been divorced. Does the Church throw all of them out? Of course not. So how can the Church promote discrimination in the Boy Scouts?

          • givelifeachance2

            The Church would and should exclude those openly advocating contraception from leadership positions. It should also exclude those who commit marital abortion (ie, divorce and “remarriage”), though not those innocent victims of divorce. Ditto to those couples who sell their souls to the technocrats with IVF and surrogacy.

            If unrepentant, they are just as much to be shielded from Catholic leadership…it’s just that they don’t proclaim themselves as flamingly as homosexuals. Whoever heard of an “open contraceptor” wanting to join the Boy Scouts? or become a deacon? But perhaps, it’s just a matter of time before these individuals “come out” as well.

          • Austin Ruse

            If an open and avowed fornicator wanted to be a priest would be let him?

        • Robert Homan

          But is being an “open and avowed” homosexual against catholic teaching? at all? I think we need to tighten up the language.. one could acknowledge the attraction as something they have to deal with and something that is a part of them (just as perhaps other deeply ingrained struggles are a part of all of us) and still agree with church teaching on sexual acts.

          • Austin Ruse

            Not necessarily but it’s enough to keep you out of seminary and priesthood.

      • John200

        It is VERY good to hope that homo”sex”uals will reconsider what they are doing. Until then, no one benefits by putting them in positions where they can exploit young people. That’s the quick explanation; Jean Paul II’s Theology of the Body gives a dissertation-length argument for rejecting these people from positions of influence over the young.

        Hint: They ARE a hazard and a risk in the BSA.

      • Robert Homan

        Exactly… win with love and setting an example first and foremost.. not excluding sinners.. even those who admit they are sinners!!! T

        The real crux is whether people believe in church teaching and struggle towards its ideals however slowly or they do not believe in it.. THAT is the test .. nothing else.

      • Alecto

        I believe you are conflating a condition with a behavior. The difference is repentance. Without that, neither the homosexual, the pornographer, the fornicator, nor the rest of them can stand in the presence of God.

        • Austin Ruse

          Not at all confusing behavior with condition.

          • Alecto

            Does the Church accept that a human being can be born with same sex attraction? I was under the impression the Catholic Church believes that acting on the attraction and engaging in the behavior is a sin, but does not believe that experiencing the attraction itself is a sin?

            • Austin Ruse

              The Church does not know the cause of homosexuality and neither does science. The Church recognizes the condition is not sinful.

  • John K. Walsh

    Austin Ruse writes “McCarty then goes on to pronounce a new Catholic teaching. He says organizations that do not admit open and avowed homosexuals are in violation of the teachings of the Catholic Church. ”

    Perhaps McCarty is referring to this teaching from the CCC:

    “2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.”

    Are homosexual youth being “accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity” if they’re being shoved in the closet? Does it constitute “unjust discrimination” to deny them scouting opportunities? If you answer no to the first and yes to the second, you have to conclude that shunning gay youth in the Scouts is in violation of the teachings of the Catholic Church. I agree with McCarty on this one. I don’t want to see anyone, especially a kid in his teens, treated like a leper or pariah. I don’t want to catch my sons discriminating against a gay youth. A boy’s sexuality shouldn’t be what scouting is about. Unfortunately many of these boys, straight or gay, are already sexually active by 16 or 17. Leave that part of their lives to their parents and churches to deal with and let BSA have its niche.

    • athelstane

      You can’t quote 2358 without also taking account of the full section of the CCC on homosexuality. 2357 clearly notes that homosexuality is disordered: “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.” Likewise, 2359 affirms that “homosexual persons are called to chastity.”

      The issue here is not about whether gay teens are admitted to Scouts – undoubtedly a number have down through the years – but whether openly admitted gays will be admitted. It’s one thing to accept such teens with respect, compassion and sensitivity, but it’s another to accept their homosexual orientation as NOT objectively disordered, and any sexual acts based on that orientation as NOT acts of grave depravity.” If a scout troop is going to accept teens who not only publicly insist on their sexuality, but insist on it as a good, a Catholic parish hosting that troop has a real moral problem on its hands.

      • Robert homan

        but they’re not publicly insisting that they are having sex! the attraction is 100% real for them, it’s not just some thing they like to trumpet around.. it is a cross

        • TheodoreSeeber

          And so we should make that cross worse by having younger children around as temptation for them to sin?
          We don’t let boys go camping with girls in the same tent, why should we allow gays and straights to mix?

        • givelifeachance2

          But they are publicly insisting on the good, or at least the neutrality of homosexuality, otherwise they would not accept the label. It is not a label they have to accept, anymore than they have to accept “fornicator” or “porn-user” as labels. If it is a temptation to them, they can fight it, rather than flaunt it.

          And the Church has many resources to fight it – see the Courage website.

    • Randall Ward

      You have mistaken the meaning of the CCC 2358. The meaning and plain writting of 2357, 2358 and 2359 is a discussion of “tendencies”, not acting out. 2359 states that “Homosexual persons are called to chasity”. also “they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection”.

    • CAMomma

      Let’s talk about Catechism 2333 which states: “Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity” http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/p3s2c2a6.htm
      Doesn’t leave much for discussion. YES we respect all people, yes we love them, but we do not allow and encourage folks to label themselves as homosexuals. Just as we would not encourage anyone to pursue a life of sin as a alcoholic, pedophile, thief, prostitute, etc, etc, etc.

    • Austin Ruse

      I light of this passage from the Catechism, it should be understood that the Church excludes open and avowed homosexuals from the priesthood, the seminary. The Church also excludes them from marriage and from adoption.

    • givelifeachance2

      In response, I don’t want to catch my son propagandizing or bullying a boy into *becoming* a homosexual. By accepting the label as legitimate, you are setting the 12 year old boy up for a lifetime of misery. If he’s Catholic, he can’t marry, have sex, have kids, can’t even become a priest. Who would let a 12 year old or 14 year old make such an important and lifechanging decision as to label himself homosexual? And yet that is what this change in policy invites. While non-Catholics might not see this conflict/conundrum because they don’t focus on chastity, Catholic leaders should know better.

  • Sir Knight

    For those looking for alternatives to Boy Scouts, please consider the Columbian Squires as a potential outlet. If you parish does not have a program, please consider starting one.

  • jhmdeuce

    And the bishops remain silent. Quid tacit consentere. They must agree with this moron. That makes them… You decide.

    • Thomas Gallagher

      Qui tacet consentire videtur–he who is silent seems to be giving his consent (silence has the appearance of consent.) It may be, or may not be, actual consent.

  • John_O_Neill

    another member of the democrat Irish American catholic church doing what they do best, undermining the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Anonymous

    Perverts (aka the GLBTs)shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children. They shouldn’t be allowed to be ordain priests nor should be allowed to adopt or raise children. Perverts are devious people & they hurt children. Children should also be kept away from politics

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  • John

    I just have one question. May I ask why it is that there seems to be an attitude of… Hostility (best word I could find) towards openly gay people? Doesn’t the Church call us to love all equally? I’m not advocating anything here, I’m just wondering why it is that you’re so avidly against them.

    • Michael

      I think it’s because if you are “openly gay” that means you prescribe to and participate in the practice of homosexuality. If these people are allowed to be in close contact with young people, those young people will begin to view deviant homosexual behavior as a norm. So it comes down to the old “hate the sin, not the sinner”. I don’t believe that Mr. Ruse is “hostile” toward the sinner, but to the sin and its effects. But it becomes hard to distinguish the sinner and the sin in the case of homosexuals, because they identify who they are according to their sin.

      • Randall Ward

        hate the sin and love the sinner is a meaningless statement. We are to be humble and love everyone but sin is in the sinner so sin is not separate from the sinner. No church teaching or bible reading separates the two.

        The idea of separation is a humanist idea to accomodate Christianity to the world.

        • Michael

          You say we are to “love everyone.” Everyone is a sinner. Therefore we love the sinner.

          As to the hating the sin part: Romans 12:9: “Hate what is evil.”

          • Randall Ward

            Remember the Bible was written for believers. Romans 12:9 means to hate theft, lies, murder etc. You as a Christian should hate the fact that you lie and steal (if you do lie or steal).
            When we grow as Christians we look back at our sins and hate our past sin, which helps us to avoid the same sin in the future. The Holy Spirit puts a new life in you that is clean and is able to be repulsed by sin; “hating it”
            But when we sin the future judgement of the Lord is coming to US, not to our sin.

            • Jim

              Hate what is evil. Sin is an evil. Therefore, hate sin.

        • givelifeachance2

          The Courage organization encourages persons with same sex attractions not to define themselves as their behavior, or sin. Avoiding this trap can help people from entrenching themselves.

          On the other hand, the homosexual activists very much want to propagandize folks into “becoming” the behavior. Misery loves company. And even though they welcome people labeling themselves homosexual they can be almost as vicious against those who would abandon the label as Islamists can be. So I would say, “hate the label” as well.

          Maybe the problem is that “gay” is a euphemism. If you instead said, “May I ask why it is that there seems to be an attitude of… Hostility (best word I could find) towards people openly advocating mutual masturbation?” you might get less sympathy. It would be obvious that the hostility is to the sin, not the sinners.

    • Austin Ruse

      This is itself a hateful comment. It is a straw-man, a conversation stopper. Folks should just ignore comments like this.

      • Nordog6561


        But then comments like this are a great opportunity to point out the great distinction between same sex attraction and “gay”.

        The former is not an act of the will, the latter is a political and ideological label the insists that homosexuality is to be embraced as a good per se.

        One can (and should) be hostile to the idea of “gay” while still being accepting of those with same sex attraction.

        • Austin Ruse

          i think there is something to that…

          • Nordog6561

            And I think there is something to your advice to ignore the trolls bearing straw-men.


            • Austin Ruse


  • athelstane

    I think it’s time for us to start writing letters to Bishop Holley and the board of directors for NFCYM. If that fails, go to the ordinaries of these sixteen dioceses. Contact your own ordinary.

    This has all gone on too long because too few have raised concern with them. Thanks to Austin Ruse for bringing this to light so that such a campaign might now be mounted.

  • Randall Ward

    We converted from Baptist and Methodist to Catholic. Sometimes I am mystified by the Bishops of the CC. The Holy father, priests, and lay faithful I understand and agree with, but some Bishops? Why do the Bishops ask an organization like this one for advice?

  • Michael Paul

    While the church says that we should not unjustly discriminate against homosexuals (CCC2358), it also says that homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity” (CCC2357). It is not unjust discrimination to keep your boy from camping with someone who may be interested in him sexually. It is not only justified, it is necessary discrimination.

    Forget about the policy and the teachings for a minute, and just look at common sense. We are not talking here about letting gay men into a club or a business place, where other men can love the sinner yet still hate the sin; we are talking about letting a teen age boy who is avowedly inclined toward sexual “acts [that] are intrinsically disordered” (CCC2357) sleep in the woods with our sons. This is not only a danger to the scouts, but is likely an occasion of sin for the gay teen, even if he is trying to be chaste.

    Ask yourself for a minute: If a girl with a sexual disorder wanted to camp with the boy scouts, would we let HER? Where’s the common sense these days!?

  • Tantem Ergo

    I am new to Crisis Mag and am soooo grateful for articles like these. Just pointed out to our Boy Scout troop leader link between some scout traditions and FreeMasonry. It’s puzzling how in the dark even the leaders are about how the Evil one is trying to undermine Catholic groups. Thank you, thank you Mr. Ruse.

  • dark angel

    I am not Catholic but Austin Ruse gets is right. McCarty should be fired by a bishop or whoever has the authority to do so. I loved Scouting growing up but can’t abide by this new gay “policy.”

  • Kathleen

    Who can fire him? That explains so much.

  • Rick

    Great article. My wife was a Girl Scout troop leader for our three older girls until we discovered some of the dark ties of the organization. We had our two boys go through Cub Scouts and were just 1 and a half years in Boy Scouts for the oldest and a several months for my youngest when this happened. The inconsistancy of the heirarchy when it comes to this issue is horrendous. What does it mean to be Catholic? What do we stand for as a Church? When you get information like this from leaders in the Church and lay organizations who are you supposed to believe? We have two Popes being canonized who were in charge during the dismatling/redefining of Church teaching that has lead to all this confusion. What a mess!

  • eddiestardust

    New church teaching? Pope Francis just published his first Encyclical and he reaffirmed that marriage is between a man and a woman.

  • Timbo the lesser

    ANOTHER SITUATION WHEN an IDIOTIC MORON who lives by the adage that if you tell a LIE long enough and act normal in the mean time, people thing you have a clue and will actually start to believe it. There should be such a back lash about this that they can not keep this hypocrite in office… guys is it not heresy when you lie about church doctrine and change it for your own personal means…

  • FactChecker

    This statement in the article is incorrect: “the Girl Scouts dropped “God” from their pledge.”

    The Girl Scouts did not remove “God” from the Girl Scout promise. It still reads: “On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.”

    Since 1993, the Girls Scouts have allowed girls to substitute a term that may be more reflective of the girls spiritual beliefs, for example Native American girls may substitute “Great Spirit” or Muslim girls may substitute “Allah”.

    On October 23, 1993, the Girl Scouts of the USA voted 1,560-375 to permit individuals to substitute another word or phrase for “God” in their promise.

    That, since the Girl Scout organization makes no attempt to interpret or define the word ‘God’ but encourages members to establish for themselves the nature of their spiritual beliefs, it is the policy of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. that individuals when making the Girl Scout Promise may substitute wording appropriate to their own spiritual beliefs for the word ‘God’.

    with the explanation that

    For some individuals, the word ‘God’, no matter how broadly interpreted, does not appropriately reflect their spiritual beliefs. Since the belief in a spiritual principle is fundamental to Girl Scouting, not the word used to define that belief, it is important that individuals have the opportunity to express that belief in wording meaningful to them. It is essential to maintain the spiritual foundation of Girl Scouting, yet be inclusive of the full range of spiritual beliefs. This [policy change] does not take the word ‘God’ out of the Girl Scout Promise. It gives those individuals who wish to do so the option to state their commitment to the spiritual concepts fundamental to the Movement with a word or words more appropriate to their own beliefs. For instance, an individual may say ‘my faith’ or ‘Allah’ or ‘the Creator’.”

  • Deacon Ed Peitler

    My guess is that a simple letter to your bishop demanding that he disavow any support for McCarty’s organization before you make any further monetary contributions to your parish or diocese will get prompt notice. In case anyone accuses me of advocating non-support for the Church, I am NOT advocating this. There are many worthwhile Catholic organizations fully faithful to Church teachings and the work of evangelization that could use your dollars.

  • Normally, I respect Crisis and its strong stance for orthodoxy. This, however, has less to do with orthodoxy and more to do with semantics. Bob McCarty and the NFCYM are simply advocating that all human beings are treated with dignity and respect.

    I have met Bob McCarty. I have heard him speak a number of times. I have attended the National Catholic Youth Conference (overseen by NFCYM). Bob McCarty and the NFCYM are doing good work and influencing young people and adults in a positive way.

    I would like to think Crisis is above witch hunts. Crisis can do better than this.

    • Austin Ruse

      Facts are facts. Bob McCarty has said the Girl Scouts have nothing to do with Planned Parenthood yet the CEO was on the Today show explaining how the Girl Scouts DO work with Planned Parenthood. Explain that, please.

      • I will concede that Bob McCarty made an incorrect statement regarding Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. Does that mean we need to fire him? Would a retraction be enough? What if the NFCYM cut all ties with Girl Scouts? An inncorrect statement about such a small part of what Bob McCarty and the NFCYM is not grounds for firing him. It’s one thing to correct a brother it’s entirely something else to attack them.

        On another note, the USCCB is investigating the Girl Scouts/Planned Parenthood connection. I’m willing to wait for the full results of that investigation.

        • Austin Ruse

          It is much more than that. He has repeatedly and for years given a white wash to credible evidence that GS collaborates with PP. The CEO of the GS went on teh Today Show and said they “partner” with PP “all across the country.” McCarty still says they don’t. So, who do you believe, the CEO of the GS or Bob McCarty?

  • CatholicMomForLife

    I saw this video of a skit at the NFCYM’s youth catechists conference. It’s pretty sick. I don’t think Mary or Jesus would appreciate Our Blessed Mother being depicted this way .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3C5QajNn8k

    • Eileen Mechler

      Is this for real? I can’t believe that this was an actual Catholic Youth Leader’s Conference. Where? When? Whose diocese? Sacrilege!

      • CatholicMomForLife

        I’m sorry to say it is real. It is from the NFCYM’s 2008 conference in Cleveland for youth catechists, the conference is called the NCCYM. (more on the conference http://nccym.nfcym.org/2008/cleveland.asp ) The video is taken from Scott Miller’s youtube channel — Miller is the director of the youth for the Archdiocese of Baltimore and a huge proponent of the NFCYM ( http://www.dscottmiller.com/?s=NFCYM&x=47&y=9 ) . The lady you see in the terrible NFCYM conference “Christmas” video playing the part of Our Blessed Mother is Judy McDonald who frequently hosts for the NFCYM conferences ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJBswjwqef4 )

        • KdogEx

          CatholicMomForLife… I didn’t watch that whole video but Judy McDonald is an awesome, solid Catholic woman. We have had her to our parish. She is a comedian for heaven’s sake. Thanks God that there is a comedian using their gifts to serve Christ and the Church. The vitriol you spew takes away and actually discredits the legitimate concerns that are expressed in this article and following comments. There are many aspects of NFCYM to have concerns about but Judy McDonald is not one of them. She is actually one of the people that are trying to help be a part of much needed change.

          • CatholicMomForLife

            No vitriol being slewed here just facts. You admit you have not watched the video yet you defend it. Watch the original video posted of Judy portraying Mother Mary at the nativity and let’s hear if you think that’s funny.

            • Gerard_Altermatt

              While it can be argued that it was funny (the audience evidently thought so), it was not respectful and certainly not orthodox. The sad part of it is, there was probably not a soul on that stage that realized there was anything heretical about portraying Mary in the pangs of labor. This is the kind of people we have leading our youth! Perhaps they should spend less time preparing funny skits and more time learning basic Catholic doctrine.

              • CatholicMomForLife


              • Amadeus

                Heretical? Mary in labor? How do you think that Jesus was born? Are you really so naïve as to think that Mary did not experience pain during her naturally birthing Jesus?!?

                • Well, Amadeus, apparently St. Augustine and St. Thomsa Aquinas are “so naïve” according to your categories: Summa Theologica III part, question 35

                  • Amadeus

                    Yep, it would appear that they were.

                • Gerard_Altermatt

                  Are you really so naïve as to think that Mary got pregnant without being with a man?

            • Kdogex

              Ok, maybe “vitriol” isn’t the best word, but you are calling out one person in a very public forum. And I don’t know what in the heck you are talking about criticizing the video that is linked??? What is wrong with you people. She was simply on the stage with her mom for a comedian set. And you are blasting her all over the internet like she is some heretic. And as far as the nativity parody I think you are going too far in your criticism. There are plenty of things to criticize about the NFCYM but Judy and this skit is not high on the list.

              I think there is a difference calling out Bob McCarty’s decisions and his leadership over the years in Catholic youth ministry and going after Judy McDonald like this. Your lack of any regard for basic Christian charity for this sister in Christ is amazing.

              • CatholicMomForLife

                The skit is a terribly disrespectful portrayal of Mary. I don’t care who did it, only that is was at the NFCYM event. And I’m not calling her out. Someone questioned if the nativity video was really an NFCYM event. I’m saying yes it was and as they can see the people in it are those who regularly host NFCYM events (Jessie and Judy).

  • Kdogex

    I don’t know Bob personally, but I have been a youth minister in the Church for almost 2 decades. He has led the way through the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers to influence diocesan leadership across this national to hold on to a ’70s vision of youth ministry. Much of Catholic youth ministry leadership is theologically, liturgically and spiritually way left of center and are completely out of touch with dynamically orthodox, evangelical Catholicism that is at the heart of the renewal of the Church. The good news is that the majority of up and coming youth ministers do not embrace the old guard. However, Bob McCarty and his crew continue to have a huge influence on Catholic youth ministry in the U.S. He should have been fired a long time ago simply for continuing to perpetuate an approach to youth ministry that has proven to be ineffective at best, and even worse is way out of touch with basic Catholic orthodoxy.

  • Wifey

    Those in Boy Scouts know that older teens may be given leadership roles with significant authority over younger boys in a troop. McCarty and others who support the BSA change don’t like to bring this up. Even if apologists for the new openly-homosexual-youth-members policy persuade some bishops and pastors to continue their relationship with the Boy Scouts through appeals to respecting/helping confused youth or what have you, that argument evaporates once the reality of youth leaders is made known. I can’t see any way for them to argue that Catholic parishes may continue to host Boy Scout troops with open and avowed homosexual youth leaders.

  • ponerology

    Don’t join groups…don’t be a “joiner”. You are being made a fool, taken for a ride and having your wallet broken into. How stupid can you be? Grow up.
    I quote:
    Many Catholics parents are beginning to wonder if this advocate for youth is leading their children astray.
    ..they are only “beginning to wonder”????? Really? Stop being so naive. You all are perfectly indoctrinated idiots. And I say that with a lot of charity

  • jerome rochon

    A grown man willing to have himself depicted “strangling” a boy or a girl is unfit to lead a group of either gender, of any age. To hell with such an animal and all who sympathize with such a beast! This is not complicated!

  • Jude

    I thought I would click on the above website link provided for the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry and was quite disappointed to have stumbled upon such a glaring typo: The organization’s mission statement is currently misstated as “Serving Those Who Serve the Young Catholic Church”. However, the organization’s intended mission statement is actually “Serving Those Who Swerve the Young Catholic Church”. I would email the organization’s staff about the typo, but a “big bird” told me that they’ll be out of the office for the coming week in order to attend exclusive studio tapings of new “Sesame Street” episodes with Bert and Ernie…

  • Kathryn

    “Tell that to the thousands of Catholic Boy Scout troops who for 100 years were exclusionary, too.” Uhh…the BSA has only been exclusionary for the past 22 years. When you misrepresent one simple fact, all other opinions and statements become questionable.

    • Austin Ruse

      So, you think open and avowed homosexuals were allowed in 23 years ago?

  • LK

    Catholic scouts of st George

  • bufferbrown

    You know what? The hippie/sex-revolution of the the 1960s has changed everything in Western culture. The entire gay-marriage, LBGT rights is complete nonsence and is the inevitable consequence of this revolution (vide: “Libido Dominandi” by E. Michael Jones & “The Rite of Sodomy” by Randy Engel)) in European and North American societies. Both America and Europe are hoplessly addicted to porn & consumerism; they no longer possess the self-discipline (hence their unending federal deficits) for economic or social stability. Nature abhors a vacuum. Islamic, Latin American, and Oriental cultures will inherite America. Say goodbye boys and girsl. Clinton and Obama are the presidents a pathetic and decadent baby-boomer culture deserve. Learn Mandarin. They already own you.

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  • Dado7

    Thank you Austin. I am affiliated with the Parish in Arlington that banned the Girl Scouts last year. We did extensive research into the Girl Scout’s relationship with pro-abortion organizations and Bob McCarty’s unwavering and unjustified support of GS. You have nailed McCarty for who he is and parents need to wake up and stop listening to the bishops and their lackeys like McCarty who are putting their children in danger.

  • Ron

    I was at a Steubenville conference where the priest from the altar told 1500 young people that they only need to be concerned with their relationships with family and friends and that they should leave the service and the problems if the world to the super heros. I bet that would go over well with Pope Francis. My point, no program/event is perfect and meets all needs. It is a big church. Neither NFCYM, nor NCYC belongs to Bob MCCarty. Before criticizing the organization perhaps checking out facts and how decisions are made within the organization would be helpful. But I forget…all things posted on the Internet are objective and carry the truth.