When Politicians Allow the Murder of Infants

Now that the verdict is in on Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist convicted of delivering live babies—most of them African American—and killing them, perhaps President Obama might finally be willing to respond to the horrific crime.  Silent on the facts of the case, it is curious why neither the President nor the First Lady have been willing to comment on the house of horrors Gosnell presided over.

Prior to the Gosnell case, President Obama was quite willing to involve himself in violent cases—especially when the cases involved African American children.  In the days following the death of Trayvon Martin, the teenager who was shot last year by a neighborhood watch captain in a gated community in Florida, President Obama told a gathering of reporters in the Rose Garden that “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” And, in a speech last month that addressed youth violence in Chicago, First Lady Michelle Obama compared herself to Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old girl murdered there: “Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her.”

Personally identifying with the victims of violence is something that the President and his wife have done often—most recently, bringing the parents of the children slain in Sandy Hook to Washington to lobby Congress on gun control. Yet, neither the President nor his wife have said a word about the horrific descriptions of tiny screams, flailing arms, and beheadings in the capital murder trial of Kermit Gosnell. Neither the President nor the First Lady seem to have noticed that the pictures of the newborn victims at the clinic may have looked a lot like their own newborn children.

Ignoring the Gosnell case, President Obama drew a standing ovation from Planned Parenthood staffers and supporters at their annual fundraising gala last month when he assured them that “You’ve got a president who’s going to be right here with you fighting every step of the way.”  The President is standing with Planned Parenthood despite the fact that last week the organization admitted to knowing about the conditions inside Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic yet chose not to act to help end the killing of newborn babies.

President Obama is choosing to stand beside an organization that lobbies for the right to abort unborn children in Philadelphia up to 24 weeks of gestation.  It is not a coincidence—as reporters at World magazine have pointed out—that most of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s second trimester patient files introduced at his murder trial have the number “24.5” written in the column indicating gestational age.

Thanks to the lobbying efforts of Planned Parenthood, there are even more opportunities for aborted babies to be born alive in other states.  In Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, and Maryland, abortion is legal until 23 weeks six days. And, in Colorado and New Mexico, women can have a legal abortion until the 26th week.

There are also loopholes for those who want even later term abortions if there are concerns for the “mother’s health” which can include physical, emotional, psychological and familial wellness.  These abortions can be done at any time—into the final days of the full-term pregnancy.

President Obama, has tacitly supported the ability of doctors like Gosnell to kill newborn babies through his support for public policy in Illinois in 2001 and 2002.   Then State Senator Obama voted against the Born-Alive Protection Act which would have defined the term “born alive infant, as an infant that is expelled or extracted from his or her mother that exhibits a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles.”  Senator Obama voted against providing this protection to the newborn saying that “it could interfere with a woman’s right to an abortion as established through the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision.”  Each time he had the opportunity to do so, President Obama voted to deny basic Constitutional protections for babies born alive from an abortion.

Today, President Obama will not acknowledge this.  In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Obama accused the National Right to Life Committee of lying about his lack of support for the Born-Alive Protection Act.  But, the Washington Post accused the President of misrepresenting these facts. On September 10, 2012,  Washington Post reporter,  John Hicks, wrote that “The evidence suggests we could have awarded Four Pinocchios to the former Illinois senator for his comments to the Christian Broadcasting Network.”

President Obama’s promises to the adoring Planned Parenthood audience ensure that he will continue to support public policy that leads to the horrors in Philadelphia.  Criticizing states that have passed more restrictive abortion laws in the last few years, the President claimed that such efforts were an attempt to send the country back to a time before Roe v Wade.  For the unborn—and now, the newborn—it was a much safer time.

Anne Hendershott


Anne Hendershott is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Veritas Center at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. She is the author of Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education; The Politics of Abortion; and The Politics of Deviance (Encounter Books). She is also the co-author of Renewal: How a New Generation of Priests and Bishops are Revitalizing the Catholic Church (2013).

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  • lifeknight

    How can it be? Planned Parenthood, Obama, and abortionists actually LIE about their evil deeds! It is perfectly legal in America to crush the skulls and pull the arms and legs from children in the last trimester, but Gosnell decided to cut their spinal cords after birth. Schizophrenia.

    • Bono95

      More like bare-faced hypocrisy.

    • Angelina Steiner

      And Gosnell chose life in prison for himself, but the babies that he killed did not have that choice. This guy is a SATANIC MONSTER!

  • AcceptingReality

    Are wonderful, benevolent President is too busy advising college students to ignore the voices who warn against tyranny to acknowledge the tyranny of Kermit Gosnell. Not to mention the tyranny against the unborn that takes place everyday.

  • Reets46

    You know, I have to close my eyes and mute the sound when I see Obama on TV. I just cannot abide his continued arrogance and his willful lying on so many issues. On abortion, I feel a physical revulsion when I hear him support PP. His total lack of concern about the Gosnell trial is purely political. He will do anything to satisfy his base. Anything! And of course all of this is to protect the political base of Hilary as she prepares to run for the presidency in 2016. If people will take off their blinders long enough to absorb the grisly details of what happened at the Gosnell “clinic”, maybe we will see a change in the dialog. As Judge Napolitano said yesterday, this brings the philosophical issue of why it is OK to murder a child moments before it is born and not OK to murder it after it is born into public awareness. But there is so much in our culture to distract us…

    • patricia m.

      The good thing out of Benghazi (if there was any good thing at in it) is that Hillary is dead now, baby, Hillary is dead. She won’t be able to be a candidate with Benghazi on her shoulders.

  • Ford Oxaal

    How do you sensitize the de-sensitized? Once you go on record as supporting the slaughter of innocent babies — the lowest form of cowardice — you become hardened — you stumble around stiff-necked in the dark. The lights of conscience go out. Only the prayers and penance of the faithful can shed enough light for hardened souls to find their way back — and vigilance. The Gosnell case should provide plenty of fuel for the faithful to redouble their efforts.

    • patricia m.

      We can fight them. New Yorkers for Life is anti-abortion group trying to stop (false Catholic) Cuomo to extend abortion in New York state to the 3rd trimester. We should join an anti-abortion group and do vigils and demonstrations and everything. It is our duty. Prayers are fine too, but we need some action as well. And next time let’s not vote for some abortionist. That’s action too.

      • Ford Oxaal

        Agreed! Though it should be noted that heartfelt prayers and penance *are* action as well — the very action called for by Our Lady of Fatima (which then makes one disposed to further promptings from the Holy Spirit).

  • Disgusted-CatholicConservative

    Dear Anne, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for 0bama to say anything about the horrors of Dr. Gosnell behavior. Any ‘person’ that can call God’s blessing down on Planned Parenthood for all their ‘good’ work – has no recognizable moral center beyond himself. I suppose we should ‘congratulate’ the ‘nuns on the bus’, our liberal Catholic episcopacy (at all levels parish priests, Jesuit and other educators, bishops, Cardinals) and pro-abortion Catholic politicians (Bidens, Kennedys, Pelosi, Kerrys, Shaheens, etc.) and, of course, our ‘artists’ in Hollywood and on Broadway for their effectiveness and dedication to the cause of enlisting so many Catholics in their successful campaign to elect, re-elect and support this new ‘messiah’.

  • hombre111

    Well done, especially the statistics on how long abortions can be done in various states.

  • Obama_Dogeater

    Any Catholic who supports this man is NOT a Catholic.

    • Uuncle Max

      Like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Martin O’Malley, Kathleen Sebelius – all of whom need our prayers.

  • Alecto

    This is what results when an arm of the federal government, the Supreme Court, exceeds its constitutional authority as it did in Roe v. Wade. There are myriad examples of this body creating powers not authorized under the Constitution to the executive and legislative branches and even itself. That is why now even the executive does not defer to the Court.

    The resulting problem is ignorant Americans believe the federal government is actually a national government. It is not. Abortion is not a right and never has been perceived as a justified killing in any civilized society. It defies logic that a panel of super-legislators hypothesize this right exists in penumbras? They must be seeing things. The tragedy of abortion is the tragedy of free people gladly handing over their freedom and enslaving themselves to an all powerful state.

    I would also point out that Obama or Democrats aren’t the only politicians who have supported, openly or tacitly, late-term abortion. It’s many, many faux “Catholic” politicians and Republicans. Let’s discuss Tom Ridge’s role in the Gosnell case? Why hasn’t that man been excommunicated? Gosnell was known to him and his administration, but nothing was done? Or, what about Cuomo? Or Nancy Pelosi? Or Joe “I do not believe that we have a right
    to tell other people that women can’t control their body” Biden? Or so many others, there isn’t enough space here to name them all. What about Bart Stupak? No longer can we accept from any politican, from any party, the lame excuse that being “personally” opposed to something, but publicly supporting, encouraging and even funding it with taxpayer money is an ethical or acceptable position. Let’s stop stupid in its tracks.

  • Matt Landry

    I doubt we’ll see a “response” from Obama, if only because even he must realize (and if not, he’s got advisors who’ll tell him) that declaring a national holiday and throwing Gosnell a parade would not go over well with most Americans (and thus might contribute to costing the Democrats their control of the Senate in 2014), but neither Obama’s core constituency nor what we might laughingly call his conscience will tolerate any expression of disapproval.

    Remember that his signature achievement in the state legislature was a law ensuring that what Kermit Gosnell did would be _legal_ in Illinois.

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  • crakpot

    “a woman’s right to an abortion as established through the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision”

    That is the heart of the evil.

    He actually believes that rights come from men, not God.

    Original sin.

  • Me

    The best comment I’ve seen about this was from Slate: “I don’t really buy that either side in the political fight on abortion is responsible for Gosnell. He wasn’t operating legally as an abortion provider, so it wasn’t Roe v. Wade that enabled him to do what he did. Philadelphia does have legal abortion providers, so it wasn’t the absence of those that kept him in business.”

  • Abortion will finally end when so called “pro-life” Catholic Democrats actually take a stand for life within their party.

    • Hmm.

      They will never do that, because, as it has been argued to me by steadfast members of our social justice ministry, women in poverty choose to abort their babies because they are in poverty. So to end abortion we have to end poverty.

      The preferential option for the poor is first: a preferential option for the poor who were not aborted. End material poverty, and the spiritual poverty will end.

      I don’t agree with this point of view, but they are implacable in this prioritization. Trickle-down human dignity.

      I assume there is an actual dollar-figure, guaranteed income, price that can be named, set by a independent payment advisory board, and if every woman of reproductive age received this payment, perhaps Democrats would relent and agree to make abortion illegal again. By their logic, there must be a price that we can pay to “end abortion”.

  • Let’s get these things straight, and let us shout them from the rooftops:
    Kermit Gosnell was NOT convicted of providing “health care” in an illegal way.

    Kermit Gosnell was NOT convicted for running a squalid clinic.
    Kermit Gosnell was NOT convicted for having ugly tastes in mementos.
    Kermit Gosnell was convicted of MURDER — and murder does not cease to be murder if you add antiseptic to it. He was convicted of MURDER, and all he did was exactly what every single other slime-exuding abortionist does, every day. Planned Predators, meet your poster boy.

    • The crazed hatred.

      • Hating evil and loving good are 100% righteous. Hating those who commit evil is 0% righteous.

      • Alecto

        Hatred of murder? You would have to have a twisted, perverted sense of humanity to condone Gosnell. Remember, Gosnell wasn’t convicted of murder for performing abortions. He was convicted of murder of three live human beings, and involuntary manslaughter of an adult female. That makes him a serial, mass murderer. Do you hate women that much that you actually want them dead? I pity you.

  • poetcomic1 .

    Nail salons in Philadelphia have far more rigid inspectors and controls than abortion mills.

  • tom

    Even as his IRS “hit squads” chase you down, you’re eloquent in battling tyranny.. Keep up the “good fight” Anne.

  • Fortunately, even some of the most hardened Pro-Choice people are sickened by what Gosnell did. Their concern has always been about so-called “back alley abortions.” And yet when legal, Gosnell committed these atrocities.