The Story Behind Russian’s Gay Adoption Ban

During the same month that U. S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was issuing his opinion that the Defense of Marriage Act “humiliated tens of thousands of children now being raised by same-sex couples,” Russia’s House of Parliament voted unanimously to ban the adoption of Russian children by same-sex couples from abroad.  The House also voted to forbid single people who are citizens or permanent residents of countries that allow same sex marriage to become adoptive parents or legal guardians of Russian children.

Children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov vowed to do everything possible to “ensure that Russian orphans are only adopted by traditional, heterosexual families.”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who has already expressed support for the adoption ban, has promised to sign the bill once it is submitted for its final reading during the Russian parliament’s autumn session. Putin has strong support from the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, who sees the recognition of same sex unions as a “portent of doom” and has called upon Russians to ensure that sin is never formalized by the rule of law. In a Sunday service in Red Square’s Kazan Cathedral on July 20th, the Patriarch said “we face enormous temptations when countries start approving sin and codifying it into law in order to justify it.”

Russia’s Patriarch echoes the sentiments of Pope Francis who has described same sex marriage as a “destructive attack on God’s plan.”  He has also said that gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children.  In 2010, as Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he protested a bill to allow same sex marriage and gay adoption in Argentina.  Writing that “the Argentine people will face a situation whose outcome can seriously harm the family … at stake is the identity and survival of the family … at stake is the total rejection of God’s law engraved on our hearts.”  Despite the Cardinal’s protests, Argentina approved same sex marriage in 2010 making it the first Latin American country to legalize the unions.

Unlike Argentina, there remains strong public support for the same sex adoption ban in Russia.  While homosexual behavior was decriminalized in Russia in 1993, a poll by the Levada Center, an independent research center, revealed that 38 percent of Russians believe that homosexuality is a disorder, and that homosexuals need medical treatment.  Another 13 percent believe that homosexuals should be prosecuted.

It is likely that the Russian people are responding to some recent high-profile cases in which Russian children were adopted and later, sexually abused by same sex couples.  In fact, during the same week that Justice Kennedy was issuing his ruling on same sex marriage, a district court in Indiana was hearing arguments against a gay couple who purchased a child from a Russian surrogate and sexually abused that child for the first six years of his life.

According to international media reports, including Pravda and Australia’s Sydney-Herald, Mark Newton, 42, an American, and his Australian “spouse,” Peter Truong, 26, traveled to Russia in 2005, and paid a surrogate $8,000 to carry their child.  Shortly after they returned home to the United States with the newborn, they began a six year siege of sexual abuse which included shopping the child throughout the world to be abused—and videotaped—by at least eight men in the United States, Germany, Australia, and France.  Creating a lucrative business for the “parents” of the child through the selling of pornographic photographs and videos on pedophile sites, including the Boy Lovers Network, the district court concluded that the same-sex couple created this child solely for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and sentenced Mr. Newton to 40 years in prison.  Truong awaits sentencing.

Once described as a model family in an ABC Far North Queensland, Australia television documentary titled, “Two Dads are Better Than One” which aired on July 14, 2010, the gay couple told the interviewer that “becoming parents was hard work…but they’d do it all over again if they had to.”  This is exactly the kind of love story that seems to have motivated Justice Kennedy to write that same sex families deserve the “integrity and closeness” that his ruling would provide.

Justice Kennedy often refers to his own idyllic childhood during the post-war boom in the Golden State of California.  In a speech he once gave, Justice Kennedy said that growing up in California for him was like the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  He seems to believe he can bring a similarly “wonderful life” to others if he only rules the “right” way.  In fact, in an article entitled “Supreme Leader: The Arrogance of Anthony Kennedy,” Jeffrey Rosen of The New Republic wrote that “Anthony Kennedy doesn’t much care whether his abstractions are true; the important thing for him is that he wants them to be true.”

On June 30th, Russian President Putin signed a controversial law strengthening the penalties for “propagating homosexuality among minors.”  This bill introduces fines for propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships to minors—including in the media, and on the internet.  The bill also prohibits the “obtrusive spreading of information about non-traditional sexual relationships that may arouse interest in such relationships.”

Justice Kennedy wants to believe that all love stories have happy endings—he seems to believe that we are all a Supreme Court decision away from a perfect life.  But, the Russian people, as well as their Patriarch and President know that there are some stories that may not end happily.

Editor’s note: Pictured above are Mark Newton (right) and Peter Truong with their adopted son outside their home in Cairns, Australia. (photo source:

Anne Hendershott


Anne Hendershott is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Veritas Center at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. She is the author of Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education; The Politics of Abortion; and The Politics of Deviance (Encounter Books). She is also the co-author of Renewal: How a New Generation of Priests and Bishops are Revitalizing the Catholic Church (2013).

  • Megan

    Amazing, the Russians got it right and the USA continues to ‘progress’

    • Joehio

      Creating a law that protects children from being abused would be commendable, but this law does not do that. Are you going to guarantee that any heterosexual couple that adopts children in the future will not abuse them? No, of course, you cannot guarantee that. So the only purpose of this law is to stigmatize gay and lesbian couples and single people who are willing to take in a child with no home.

    • Jack

      Lisa Biron. Heterosexual. Lawyer. ADF counsel.

      Child molester — her own child.

  • John O’Neill

    When I was young and growing up in the pre Vatican II Roman Catholic Church we prayed for the conversion of Russia at the end of the mass. Today we should really be praying for the conversion of the American State at the end of mass since Russia seems to have recovered its Christian roots while the Americans have embraced a vile form of anti Christianity.

    • Tom in Lazybrook

      So how would you interpret Catechism 2358? By cheerleading a regime that beats, imprisons, sanctions assaults against, and denies very basic freedoms to Gay persons, apparently. Perhaps if you were a better Catholic, you’d know better.

      • John O’Neill

        Extra Ecclesiam nemo salvus erit. Including Americanized catholics who are pushing the homo sexual agenda.

        • felliott

          The phrase is “extra ecclesiam nulla salus.” “Homosexual” is one word. You’re illiterate in Latin and English. Care to try for a third language?

          • John O’Neill

            Extra(prep taking accusative case);outside, ecclesiam (accusative singular of ecclesia,ae);church, nemo (indef proun)no one, salvus(adjective salvus, a , um ;saved, erit (future of verb to be) will be. should read Outside the Church no one will be saved. Maybe you trolls working for the Obama/Biden regime ought to spend more time on your grammar and logic. Quo usque tandem abutere patientiam meam?

    • vito

      You have to be kidding. You prayed for the conversion of Russia because it was a political thing of that time. NOw, you think Russia is back to Christianity because it passed an anti-gay law and because gays are being murdered on the streets by neo-nazi thugs on a daily basis? What else do you find Christian about today’s Russia? An alliance between (ex-)KGB and top hierarchy of the Russian church? Accumulation of wealth in the hands of multi-billionairres, buddies of the president, who have never done any real business in their lives but just stole that wealth from ordinary ordinary citizens? Ongoing political, economic and military harrasment of the country’s neighbours? How quickly you equate gay hating to Christianity is amazing…

    • Mark

      I can’t wait for you to learn about the support for abortion in Russia, and see how much you’d really like that level of it here

  • lifeknight

    Thank you for helping me understand the positive comments about Russia after the Kennedy ruling.

  • jacobhalo

    Maybe the United States of America will be renamed “The United States of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    • felliott

      Maybe the Church should simply get on with Hitler’s canonization.

  • ME

    Seems like Russia may have learned some lessons from their difficult past. Too bad few others seem to want to pay attention to history.

    • Rationalist

      What do you mean, exactly, and what lessons did they learn? You do realize that there’s no basis in reality for their decision. Homosexuals don’t abuse children at any greater rate than heterosexuals.

      • Alecto

        Whomp, there it is. The completely intellectually indefensible position which I expected to appear here sooner or later. Since homosexuals have only recently been allowed to adopt, the available evidence is short-term. And there, the evidence isn’t promising according to Mark Regnerus. But, why would anyone put children at risk to indulge homosexuals? Is that what children are reduced to…commodities to fulfill some bizarre familial aspiration so they can pretend they’re really just like everyone else?

        • asa2222

          Right even if the abuse rate is similar, it’s still a sick fantasy that children shouldn’t have to play along with.

          • concern00

            Exactly…being fair let’s assume a baseline equal chance of abuse and poor outcomes between normal families and those where parents practice homosexual behaviour.

            Now let’s add a really short track record (so no accurate stats) versus millennia, mental health issues, disease, suicide, promiscuity et al.

            Why, oh why, would to subject children to this experiment? Because it’s about them.

          • felliott

            By sick fantasy, I assume you mean right-wing Catholicism?

        • CPT_Doom

          Dr. Regnerus’ study included exactly two children raised by lesbians, which is too small to draw conclusions, and the methodology he then used to designate people as having gay parents was so poor that the journal that originally published his work has concluded it should never have been published. However, if you want to use statistics to determine which groups of people should be barred from raising children, we have decades of social science to work with. We know from that work that poor people and single parents have children with significantly worse outcomes than wealthy and two-parent families. Thus, to be consistent, you must advocate removing children from single parent situations and preventing poor people from reproduction – many states routinely sterilized poor people in the past – should we go back to that?

          The truth is that social science tells us nothing about an individual’s ability to parent. After all, Maggie Gallagher, one of the founders of the National Organization for Marriage, herself has a bastard child whom she deliberately raised in a fatherless house, and he is not a criminal or a drug addict. Clearly some single parents have the capability to produce healthy and productive children. We also know there are many gays and lesbians who have also raised healthy and productive children, just as all kinds of families have been able to do.

          We don’t limit civil rights in this country based on what group someone belongs to, and it is sad to see so many here advocating exactly that. You should learn your own history as to the extent of anti-Catholic bigotry in the US and realize how easily the very same kind of stereotyping being done here can be done to any group.

          As for Mr. Bergoglio’s statements on marriage equality and the families of gays and lesbians, quite frankly he has no moral foundation on which to stand. Nearly 30 years after the first revelations about the abuse scandal in the Church, no bishop, archbishop, auxiliary bishop or other Church leaders have faced any real discipline for their roles in the largest criminal conspiracy in human history. Decades, if not centuries, of obstruction of justice, defrauding of insurance companies, and aiding and abetting known rapists by all kinds of Church leaders and the Church has done basically nothing to those leaders. Bernard Law in Boston actually got a promotion to the Vatican, complete with diplomatic immunity so the authorities could not arrest him for his crimes.

          Mr. Bergoglio’s Church has also recognized the “marriage” between Newt Gingrich and his current sex partner, even though Mr. Gingrich was married twice before and his current relationship began as an adulterous union in which he hired his mistress into the office of the Speaker of the House, thereby spending government money to reimburse her for sexual favors. Any Church that would sanction that union has no right to criticize any other relationship.

        • Helen in Ireland

          The study performed by Mark Regnerus has been repeatedly eviscerated for it’s flawed and corrupt methodology, and the deliberately anti-LGBT parenting ‘conclusions’ drawn from the study. As CPT_Doom pointed out, there were only two families with gay parents where the children were in an intact family for the years 0-18, hardly a basis for a fair and unbiased report.

          In fact, considering that the majority of the children spent little or no time with the gay parent following the break-up of their parents’ marriage one can only conclude that any suggested abuse happened whilst in the custody of the heterosexual parent, possibly within a subsequent heterosexual relationship.

          Finally here are two links – one is the summary of Professor Darren Sherkat’s Audit of Mark Regnerus’ study :

          The second is the paper which was submitted to the Supreme Court as part of an amicus brief by the American Acaddemy of Paediatrics:

        • StraightGrandmother

          Alecto, let me put this in terms you will understand. Dr. Regnerus asked people if either their mother or father ever had a same sex romance. Nothing more than that. It could have been just a one date type of thing. Based just on that one question he called the mother’s lesbians or the fathers gay.

          This is the equivalent of calling everyone Catholic if they ever visited a Catholic Church one time. Do you get it now?

          • Jack

            It’s even more serious than that, StraightGrandmother. The “gay” parents did not necessarily raise the children in the study!

        • Strepsi

          It is the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches who treat children as commodities, using them as political pawns: they would rather see the kids rot in orphanges rather than be adopted by a loving couple who desperately wants children.

        • Jack

          And there it is — the Regnerus study. A study of children raised by homosexual parents, which included exactly two children raised by homosexual parents. What information can we possibly glean from Regnerus, other than that people will overlook fraud so long as the fraud supports their prejudice.

          And you’ve clearly decided that children are being put at risk when there’s no evidence that that risk is any greater with same-sex couples that adopt than with opposite-sex couples that adopt.

          • Augustus

            We can see that the gays are spreading their lies again. Their deceit about Regnerus is really getting tiresome. We know their tactics. They won’t work here. Readers who want an honest description of the Regnerus study should read this essay reprinted on Crisis:

            • Jack

              No. Those who can read should read the Regnerus study. It’s not all that long and it’s not all that technical. Regnerus, in his study, says that only two of his subjects where “raised” by a gay parent. So, where’s the lie in all that?

              Why would you possibly want a “description” of the study when you can read the study itself? Here’s the study:

          • Amy Mitchell

            ► The New Family Structures Study collected data from nearly 3000
            adults. ► I compare young adults who grew up with a lesbian mother or
            gay father. ► Differences exist between children of parents who have had
            same-sex relationships and those with married parents. ► This
            probability study suggests considerable diversity among same-sex

            • Jack

              Whose words are those? Oh, two seconds with Google provide the information that you could not: it’s Regnerus inaccurately describing his study.

              Read the study, then quote me back the number of respondents who ACTUALLY grew up with a gay parent, as opposed to the number of respondents who answered affirmatively when asked if a parent had ever had a same-sex relationship.

      • dover_beach

        Methodological decisions and the evaluation of possible effects of different family structures on children: The new family structures survey (NFSS)
        Walter R. Schumm
        Every social science researcher must make a number of methodological decisions when planning and implementing research projects. Each such decision carries with it both advantages and limitations. The decisions faced and made by Regnerus (2012) are discussed here in the wider context of social science literature regarding same-sex parenting. Even though the apparent outcomes of Regnerus’s study were unpopular, the methodological decisions he made in the design and implementation of the New Family Structures Survey were not uncommon among social scientists, including many progressive, gay and lesbian scholars. These decisions and the research they produced deserve considerable and continued discussion, but criticisms of the underlying ethics and professionalism are misplaced because nearly every methodological decision that was made has ample precedents in research published by many other credible and distinguished scholars.

        Criticisms of Regnerus (2012) made by many of the commenters above are ill-informed.

        • Sterling Ericsson

          The main issue is that his study only involved 2 children that had a parent that was in a same sex relationship for any real length of time.

          And 2 is not a proper sample size.

        • StraightGrandmother

          Schumms paper is commentary. It was NOT peer reviewed. Just a FYI.

        • felliott

          Regnerus’ study used prison inmates who’d had sex with members of the same sex only in prison as a proxy for gay parents. Only two children in the study were actually raised by a gay couple.

          A comparable study on Catholic parenting would feature only the children of IRA terrorists.

      • John O’Neill

        Extra Ecclesiam nemo salvus erit. Including Americanized Catholics who are pushing the homo sexual agenda.

    • Porkie

      From history we learn that the best way to assure a child’s physical, sexual and spiritual abuse is place them in a catholic institution, Are you sure that you want to pay attention?

  • Ruth Rocker

    I never thought I’d see the day that Russia was doing something better than we are. Very sad for us.

    • rextrek

      I never thought I’d see the day that the Germans were sending that awful Jews off to concentration camps, the Germans are doing something better than we are. Very sad for us….is that what you mean to say deary? (cause you might as well have)

  • Carl

    I’m always questioning myself…who really won the cold war?

    • felliott

      In reading many of the conservative comments, I find myself wondering who won World War II.

  • Alecto

    There are no words to express the depth of grief for this child, and who knows how many others of whom we will never hear? A child has a right to a mother and a father. The men ought to have been tried in Russia and appropriately sentenced.

    • Strepsi

      This is a horrific story and I also feel grief for this child.

      But why would this in any way have anything to do with a gay adoption ban?

      You do realize that this is one single reported case, whereas 33% of all women report some form of sexual assault, usually by a male family member. And as for Catholic organizations, there were FIVE HUNDRED children sexually abused by the Church in the L.A. case alone! Tens of thousands of children abused by priests worldwide, who were hidden from sentencing by the Church’s obstruction of justice. Statistically speaking, a baby girl is safer in the care of two gay strangers than a straight couple or their priest.

    • Sterling Ericsson

      “A child has a right to a mother and a father.”

      I’ve never understood this claim. What does it mean exactly? That a child with a mother and a father does better? Because that’s already been long since disproven by a number of studies.

      So what exactly does that statement mean?

      • asa2222

        It’s interesting how often I read liberal in comboxes say that as if it makes some kind of argument or compelling point. “I’ve never understood ___.” It’s a pretty simple English sentence. Is English not your first language?

        • Sterling Ericsson

          So, no response to my question then? That’s pretty typical. Are you ducking out of the discussion?

          • asa2222

            “A child – a young person, not an adult
            has – possesses
            a right to- a sort of condition which is unethical to deny to them
            a mother – a female parent

            and – indicates conjunction
            a father. – male parent”

            Does that answer your question?

            • Sterling Ericsson

              Nice sarcasm there. I applaud you on that.

              Let me rephrase my question. Why is that a right? And why does it matter if they have a mother and a father or two mothers or two fathers, so long as they are being raised in a stable household that loves and cares for them?

              • Matt

                Totally agree, Sterling! It’s all about love…when bigots and religious fanatics get their bowels in an uproar over gay love…it’s LOVE people…LOVE should not be questioned, whether it’s between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and a man. With many “Christians” I’ve heard, they certainly don’t follow their church’s teachings of love and acceptance.

          • Bryan

            “Because that’s already been long since disproven by a number of studies.” Please share…

            • Sterling Ericsson

              Let’s see, where to start.

              The largest study ever done on same sex parenting, called the Australian Study of Child Health In Same-Sex Families, is currently ongoing and being conducted by the University of Melbourne.

              The preliminary results can be read here:

              Going into past studies, there’s this meta-report that looks at past research papers and their results on the subject:

              Then there’s this study that looks directly at parenting as compared between heterosexual, gay, and lesbian parents:

              Would you like more?

              • Bryan

                I have only read the last one, which I don’t think makes a strong case that a child doesn’t need a mother and father to do better. I mean, you can’t determine that based on 10 minutes of video observance and a completed questionnaire. However, that’s really beside the point. While there will be those that try to convince themselves otherwise, all of mankind know in our hearts that a mother and father will give a child a better chance to make it through this world. Will there be kids that are raised by lesbians that turn out great? I’m sure. Will there be kids that are raised by their biological parents that are jerks? Yep. However, the best chance for a child is to be raised by a mom AND a dad.

                • Sterling Ericsson

                  And, again, you have offered no evidence to support that. An argument based on “I just feel that” is not an argument at all.

                  • Bryan

                    You are trying to prove that a child isn’t better off with a mother and father. For my evidence I simply point to the normal mode of parenting throughout human history. If someone is lacking any evidence, it would seem to be you.

                    • Sterling Ericsson

                      And do you actually have evidence for that? It would be an interesting thing to look up. I don’t think anyone has really done a historical review on that subject.

                      I know that there’s been reviews done that show that same sex marriages have existed throughout history, including in early Christian history.

                      But parenting would be an interesting thing to review.

                    • Bryan

                      Again, it’s your claim, you provide the evidence.

                • Matt

                  You are blinded by your own sorry bias, Bryan! Sterling makes great points and solid arguments!

                  • Bryan

                    LOL, okay then.

              • Matt

                You’ve made your point, Sterling. People like Bryan are just simply too blinded by their own bias!

      • guestguy

        You are sooooo wrong… no actually studies show that kids need a mother and a father.

  • John

    It’s abusive to allow homosexuals to adopt. What if the poor child wasn’t “born that way” – how cruel will it be, subjected to pressure to conform to aberrant lifestyle behaviors? I understand they want to propagate but twisting the formation of an innocent one seems abusive and I applaud the Russian point of view.

    • felliott

      No more cruel that raising a gay child Catholic. It’s just like being a Jew raised in among Nazis.

    • Strepsi

      What an idiotic statement. If how one is raised had anything to do with sexuality, there would be no gay people, as nearly 100% people all come from straight-raised households.

      re: “What if the poor child wasn’t “born that way” – how cruel will it be, subjected to pressure to conform to aberrant lifestyle behaviors?” This is what happens to gay teens in conservative straight households, which is why they commit suicide at alarming and tragic rates.

      Gay parents realize this and usually raise the child with an open mind (and awareness that the fast majority of kids do not turn out gay). In the Canadian scientific study, children of gay parents were as well adjusted in every way as the kids of straight parents…. and the kids of 2 moms were the best adjusted of all.

    • Sterling Ericsson

      There was actually a recent study that disproved your claim. Same sex parenting has no effect whatsoever on the sexual orientation of the child nor the stability of the child. It is the stability of the parents and the happiness of care that determines the child’s upbringing.

      The study found because of that that same sex parents were able to raise happier children because the job of raising the child was shared more or less equally, unlike in heterosexual families, where the mother most often takes care of almost all the parenting.

      Feel free to read for yourself.

  • Nash Horne

    I agree that children should not be raised in same-sex parent environments. God created man and woman to unite and give life. Anyone being intellectually honest about sexuality can acknowledge this.

    However, the case of one Russian child be horrifically abused by a same-sex couple, and the Russian public and government’s reaction against that case wouldn’t convince me to change my stance if I was pro-same-sex adoption.

    Again playing devil’s advocate, I’d be much more convinced by a brief summary of the philosophical meaning of family, the critical nature of male and female roles being present for the rearing of a child, and perhaps then the results of studies showing how children raised in same-sex households turn out.

    Our Mother of Sorrows, pray for us.

    • Rationalist

      “God created … intellectually honest”

      Since there’s no physical evidence or support of any kind for God creating well, anything, I’m thinking you don’t actually understand what intellectual honesty is.

      • Nash Horne

        Thanks for having the guts to post in a comment section where 99% of the people will disagree with you.

        Every physical thing has its origin from something, so it stands to reason that if the physical universe had a single origin point, like the big bang, that it too came from something. Rationally, time has to have started by the action of a timeless being, whom Christians call God. Either that, or everything just… started. I don’t find that explanation rational in the least.

      • Nash Horne

        Also, I wasn’t speaking abt intellectual honesty regarding creation, altho I’m happy to have that conversation as well. The point of my first paragraph is to say that man and woman form a union to produce children, and then have the prerogative to raise those children to maturity. Thus even if there were no God, “nature” has caused the family, with a mother and a father, to be the basis and foundation of each successive generation.

      • Nash Horne

        Thanks for having the guts to post in a comment section where 99% of the people will disagree with you.

        Every physical thing has its origin from something, so it stands to reason that if the physical universe had a single origin point, like the big bang, that it too came from something. Rationally, time has to have started by the action of a timeless being, whom Christians call God. Either that, or everything just… started. I don’t find that explanation rational in the least.

    • felliott

      There are thousands of cases of heterosexual parents shaking their babies to death, starving them to the point that they look like concentration camp inmates, sexually abusing them from infancy, selling them into prostitution, throwing them away like garbage, and driving the gay ones to suicide while they are still virgins.

      Why are these cases not examples to support the hypothetical case that heterosexuals are to disordered or evil to adopt?

      • Nash Horne

        I’m not sure what in my comment you’re replying to, but I’ll do my best to answer your argument.

        I never suggested that children raised by a mother and a father are necessarily in a perfect, happy, safe environment 100% of the time, nor did I say “homosexuals are too disordered to adopt.”

        What I will say is that every child has a natural right to be raised by a mother and a father. Children are born as the result of the union between a man and a woman, and benefit from the social, moral, physical, emotional and spiritual example of a good mother and a good father. Man and woman are inherently different, with different traits, strengths, weaknesses, and bodies. I don’t believe I need to prove this. Young boys benefit from the example of their mother, and young girls benefit from the example of their father, as well as the converse.

        Adoption is a wonderful second chance for those children whose mother and father are either unable or unwilling to fulfill their duty to raise the child they’ve created, but to place that child into a family without the structure mandated by God and by the nature he created and shaped by evolution is unfair to all parties, especially to the child.

  • Joseph Brossart

    Meanwhile, we can all pray for the souls of those who have been killed in Russia due to their sexuality. ; Please remember in a special way my friend Clemente, the U.S. Ambassador’s butler, who was murdered in 1989 due to his sexuality, and “Grisha,” who was murdered in 1995.

    • Brother Joe

      Amen Brother Joe. “Judge not! To what your dim eyes may seem a stain, in God’s clear sight may prove a scar, won on some hard fought field where YOU would faint and yield.” The Evil One rejoices when humans judge – to their deaths – other sinners rather than following the example of Our Lord and Bl. Mother Teresa and giving of ourselves to the point of suffering.

      • Adam__Baum

        In Amening yourself, you revealed a doppelganger.

    • Adam__Baum

      Nobody should be killed by a mob and without without just cause, no matter what their disorder.

    • Paul McGuire

      The problem is that laws such as the most recent law banning promoting homosexuality among minors send a message that gay men can be targeted without reproach. There is a horrible story that surfaced recently about some men who lured young gay boys to places where they were later tortured for their sexuality.

      Until Russia can learn to approach this subject without using language that dehumanizes gay men, many more similar horrific acts will occur.

      • Louis B.

        There’s no need for “language that dehumanizes gay men”; they already do that themselves.

    • davegosse

      Hello Joseph. My condolences for the loss of your friend Clemente, but there seems a pattern among the left-leaning propagandists of inventing specious allegations of persecution. The pattern was established with the allegations that Galileo was persecuted by a superstitious and reactionary Christianity and hasn’t changed in 200 years… only the alleged victims.

      • felliott

        Your religion is founded on an alleged 2,000 year old hate crime. You invented the cult of the victim.

      • Jack

        Galileo was persecuted 200 years ago?

        Well, I wonder what else you could be wrong about.

        • davegosse

          Learn to read. Subject – “The pattern [of specious allegations]” Example – “Galileo was persecuted by a superstitious and reactionary Christianity” Predicate [referring to the subject “The pattern of specious allegations”] – “hasn’t changed in 200 years”

          • Jack

            So it changed between the persecution of Galileo and the year 1813, but has not changed since then. Interesting notion. Thanks for sharing.

            • davegosse

              The “persecution” of Galileo was considered a proper and gentle rebuke to an impudent and arrogant natural philosopher. Galileo had a theory based upon some observation but was unable to develop a mathematical model which worked. The 18th C. French encyclopedists popularized the “persecution” myth in their attacks on the Catholic curia. The method worked so well that many subsequent “disadvantaged groups” have followed the pattern.

              • Jack

                Now THAT’S very interesting. Thanks.

    • Luke McKee

      @Guardian sequal to @FeMail story RE #gaydads put kids on @GAYDAR sex site #UKIP @bnp @latimes@rsmccain #auspol #tcot

      Begin rant. Sourced article will be written soon!

      This is what liberal / labor / greens support! Sunrise on Channel 7 praises their criminal activity on our morning TV shows: Gay men who sell single HIV+ homos babies!

      Now they are threatening to kill an Australian as they have threatened victims of their fraud previously (as reported by Daily Mirror UK). DM-UK also said they put their kids on the gay instant casual sex website Gaydar – the same website their surrogacy agency @SurrogacyUK promotes!

      Gay men who put their kids on an instant gay men casual sex site GayDar and do other criminal activities praised by Sunrise Australia TV! Be sure to see dailymail UK link!

      Gay baby sellers admit they are coming to Australia soon! My twitter antics are getting world famous – especially in the TCOT and Right Wing American forums!

      Here they plug their TV interviews including in Australia.

      @skyhd @pinknews @itvnews @InformationTV @TheParentMakers ALL PROMOTE THE #GAYDADSFLESH TRADE American children to UK/AU/Europe single gay men (pedos?) – admittedly to gays with HIV (see their website #essex Police were informed they admit operating a commercial surrogacy agency using UK surrogates to produce babies for gays mostly on both their websites ( / the that backed up by myself and UK sworn police officers).

      It is presently illegal in the UK to pay women in commercial surrogacy operations. 2-5 years jail! The cops should shut these criminal homos down! More info (page 2 for the police news) – for updates!

      BNP: They tweeted their physical address when talking about my imminent death. And Via email CC the Essex Chemsford police, they claimed to hire local police here to kill me, to get my dad in Australia who’s 72 years old and as yet zero involvement with police for any crime, and even claims he can pull of an extra-ordinary rendition. See these faggots think they own the world. They also put their kids on dating sites and their history of making death threats is well known before I attempted to expose their pro pedophile behavior! Be sure to check out Robert Stacy McCain (big us blogger)’s first article about them too!

      Via email CC the police @gaydads Barrie said he supports the actions of a US mainstream media confirmed gay child rape fantasizing pedo taking away my first born child. If he is going around saying stuff like that he shouldn’t have kids! (Christopher Bowersox, Convicted Pedophile, Bakersfiled CA Police – see him on child sex offenders registrar and I provided details on his charge sheet for me)

      Now I find out their @surrogacyUK twitter is plugging GAYDAR the same gay casual sex site – they put pictures of their kids on! So says the Daily Mirror! Remember it’s not homophobic to be against those who support gay child rapists or sexualizing their children! I’m against gay child rapists – queers that don’t go near children are no problem for me just as they are no problem for Putin. Hurt our children or go near them – JAIL! The west should follow Putin. Look where it’s going!

      See how the ABC Australia supports gay dads child rapists here and does a cover-up destroying evidence of a world famous pedophile ring that inspired Russia to make it’s “anti-gay” laws

  • Frank Maggio

    Chuck Limandri has a wonderful CD set via Catholic Answers that goes into great depth about the subject of homosexuality, also covering adoption. There is little known research that shows the rate of incest of adopted children among homosexual “couples” approaches 35%. If this is valid, then the government and agencies would be liable for enabling homosexual adoption.

    • StraightGrandmother

      Are you saying that on the Charles Limandri CD, Lamandri says that 35% of gay couples who adopt children sexually violate them? You had two separate sentences there, and I wasn’t sure if this 35% is from your Limandri statements or some other study you heard about over the interweb. Thank you.

      • JohnDale49

        Homosexuals are 3% of the population, yet almost 40% of the pedophile population. That tells you all you need to know

    • Cuberly

      ” There is little known research that shows the rate of incest of adopted children among homosexual “couples” approaches 35%.”

      Wow, how does one even create the study to track such utter bs. I think you may be correct in your assessment of “little known”, as in nonexistent.

    • Strepsi

      The fact that you put scare quotes around “couples” tells me all I need to know about your bigotry. I have am in a couple — yes, an actual couple! We have been in a monogamous relationship 20 years, and legally married 9. I have already beat the vast majority of straight “marriages” — why? Because it was hard to get the rights to do it, we REALLY had to want it. Same with kids. A straight couple can have 2 weeks of sex and accidentally end up with a kid neither wants — generally, gay couples have to jump through hoops to get children (either their own or adopted) — we just want it more.

  • abu assim golor

    It is refreshing to see a country where sanity still prevails.

    • Cuberly

      Yes, “sanity”, violence intimidation and murder of LGBT individuals in Russia is “sanity”. And, a cherry picked article attempting to paint LGBT adopting parents as innate pedophiles. Never mind the abuse that hetero-normative adopting parents have inflicted through the ages.

      I shudder at your ignorance.

    • felliott

      Russian police raped a male Olympic construction worker with a crowbar yesterday. If that’s your definition of sanity, move there. Don’t pollute my country.

  • jhmdeuce

    Comparing Francis’ lukewarm comments to those of Patriarch Kiril on the subject of same-sex “marriage” is ludicrous. The Patriarch is saying what the Vicar of Christ, oops, sorry, bishop of Rome, should be saying. Francis needs to quit trying to please people and start to speak, and act, like he means it.

    • jhmdeuce

      In short Francis should start acting like the pope and no an American bishop.

      • felliott

        Perhaps, he should start excommunicating the Axis Catholics promoted and fostered by Benedict.

        • Nash Horne

          The wha??

    • Nash Horne

      Please be more specific. Exactly which statement of Pope Francis regarding same-sex unions is lukewarm? Also, please provide evidence that Pope Francis is “trying to please people” in a dishonest or non-Christian way?

      1054 was 959 years ago. Catholics and Orthodox have more in common than we do in difference in relation to each other, and increasingly in relation to the rest of the world. Meaningful and honest dialogue coupled with the striving towards our common goal of the salvation of souls is God’s will, not petty East-West nitpicking and bickering.

      • Alecto

        It isn’t petty nitpicking when the differences are doctrinal and political/practical. Although East and West came close to reuniting in the 18th century, the chief stumbling block is recent doctrine of papal infallibility. That, and the undermining of Orthodox liturgy, culture and traditions by Catholic modernists who seek to impose on Orthodoxy a fake, cheap and plastic modern liturgy, which is constantly reinvented…not the one which unites us with early Christian practice. Orthodox liturgy is mystical, much deeper, and an exquisite union with the Jesus Christ of my belief and understanding…Jesus is the Pantocrator, the ruler of all, God who transcends this world at all times in all places.

        I find it unpersuasive to wag fingers at Orthodox Christians about papal supremacy while pope after pope after pope ignores and refuses to root out Marxist radicals, homosexuals and pedophiles and absolutely refuses to clean up the massive, massive culture of corruption in the Vatican, preferring instead to pump out encyclicals. The basis for the lukewarm approach towards homosexuality by this pope is the presence of homosexuals at every level from parish priest to Vatican advisories, and especially concentrated in the Jesuits, Nash. Not exactly the basis for reconciliation, now, is it? Lord Acton railed against the doctrine of papal infallibility when it was introduced, inspiration, no doubt for his thoughts on absolute power.

        • Nash Horne

          Since I’m not sitting across the table from you sharing a meal and getting to ask you specific questions about all your points in your post, I’ll start with:

          “Catholic modernists who seek to impose on Orthodoxy a fake, cheap and plastic modern liturgy.”

          Please provide examples. I know of several eastern rite churches, such as the Ukrainian Catholic church and the Byzantine Catholic church, who’ve united with the Catholic Pope but whose liturgies have been allowed to continue in line with those traditions. I know there are many liturgical “reformers” who wish to “simplify” all sacramental liturgies to something bland, dull, and dumb, but I’m not aware of that having been “imposed on Orthodoxy.”

          • Alecto

            I’m sure if you Google Latinization, you’ll find examples. Just as the cultural arrogance which motivates Latinization is felt by Eastern Catholics, Orthodox Christians resent this idea that Rome is the center of the Christian universe. Since there is no reconciliation, obviously it hasn’t already been imposed, but this is what the Vatican seeks under any “reconciliation”. That is not likely to occur.

            In your post, you characterized the differences preventing reconciliation between the Vatican and Orthodoxy as nitpicking, giving the impression that the differences are superficial. They are not, but we can and should pray for the triumph of a unified Christianity.

            • Nash Horne

              Happy Sunday.

              OK, I Googled Latinisation, and was indeed a problem in practice in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was specifically outlawed by Pope Leo XIII in 1894 with his Encyclical “Orientalium Dignitas.” The cultural arrogance of believing one valid rite inherently superior to every other is cancerous, but not just a Roman problem, and within the Roman church that attitude has been specifically denounced for 119 years. To quote Pope Leo XIII:

              “… [T]he ancient Eastern rites are a witness to the Apostolicity of the Catholic Church, that their diversity, consistent with unity of the faith, is itself a witness to the unity of the Church, that they add to her dignity and honour. He says that the Catholic Church does not possess one rite only, but that she embraces all the ancient rites of Christendom; her unity consists not in a mechanical uniformity of all her parts, but on the contrary, in their variety, according in one principle and vivified by it.”

              Also, I never said that all discussion of difference between Catholic and Orthodox is petty and nitpicking. If I thought so, I wouldn’t have spent the last three days exchanging posts with you, Alecto. I stand by that jhmdeuce’s original comments proclaiming the superiority of Patriarch Kirill’s comments regarding homosexuality to Pope Francis’ comments, which speak with the same unified message were indeed petty and ridiculous. Thank you for engaging me on the topic, making specific references to the evil influence homosexuals have exerted over the Roman church in the last 60 years. I wish Pope Francis could snap his fingers and end that influence in an instant, but that would be to believe he has dominion over the thoughts, words, and actions of every human soul he’s responsible for shepherding. I sincerely think Pope Francis was elected with a mandate to try to reverse that tide, and I have no reason, given my limited perspective as an American layperson, to stand in judgement positive or negative of his efforts in these first few months of his pontificate.

              True dialogue enriches our quest for ultimate truth. Ridiculous “my church is better than yours” comments destroy unity and scandalize those outside of the conflict. Thanks for talking with me as a brother, Alecto.

              • Alecto

                postscript: Nash, thanks for your thoughtful reply. I’m going out on a limb here and proposing that after the pope’s statement the chances of any Eastern Orthodox church coming into the fold look like a snowball in hell.

        • felliott

          “I find it unpersuasive to wag fingers at Orthodox Christians about papal supremacy while pope after pope after pope ignores and refuses to root out …homosexuals ”

          What would you suggest other than genocide?

    • felliott

      Kiril is a sycophant to that murderer Putin, who kills his enemies with radioactive chemicals.

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  • Julie T.

    The hypocrisy of dissenting/”liberal”/”progressive” Catholics and the secular is beyond understanding. The very same people who see all priests as probable pedophiles (and refuse to acknowledge the gains made by reforms vetted by the John Jay Law College), have nothing to say about vile crimes like this one. Their silence is deafening and damning. They never learn and so more lives are destroyed. May the Blessed Virgin intercede in a special way for this little boy and the other we all know are out there.

    • Paul McGuire

      This is indeed quite horrible. I hadn’t heard anything about this until I read this article. But to suggest that one case such as this is cause to deny adoptions to all same-sex couples is ridiculous. The majority of same-sex couples adopting children provide a loving home for those children.

      • Anne Hendershott

        You are right Paul – the majority of same sex couples adopting children do indeed provide a loving home. But, there are cases of horrific abuse. You will be hearing more about this case of a married same sex couple in Glastonbury CT who adopted nine boys (3 sets of male siblings) and are now charged by some of those boys of sexual abuse.

        • StraightGrandmother

          Anne, let’s lay tit for tat then shall we? What about this man who took in children through foster care, and his own daughters, he sexually abused them all. Hetro man against girl children.

          You pick out a horrible horrible gay couple and then try and use this one HORRID instance to smear all gay headed families. It is wrong of you to do that. You are a Professional Sociologist, you know better than this. Would your article pass the standard of Ethics of the American Sociological Association? Are you even a member?

          Then to defend your article you bring up another “incident” in comments. Horrible we all agree. I would say that your article and responses are simply fear mongering and nothing more.

          MOST sexual abuse of children IS by heterosexual males against females. Why don’t you make that simple declarative statement?

        • Strepsi

          After 2 seconds of Googling, here’s an article from Maryland about a man who abused his natural daughter AND his Costa Rican adopted daughter: “Just four months after being convicted of sexually abusing his second oldest daughter, a 51-year-old former computer operator sat impassively yesterday as a Montgomery County Circuit Court jury convicted him of molesting his youngest daughter… The daughter, a 15-year-old from Costa Rica whom the man and his wife had adopted in 1981, testified Tuesday that her adoptive father began forcing himself upon her during the first week that she and her brother were in the United States.

          I think we’ll be hearing more cases of straight parents abusing their children and adopted children… oh wait, we do, every week.

          Anne Hendershott, I await your article on why straight people should not adopt.

          Logically, of course, anybody adopting would be better than leaving them in an orphanage with a Catholic priest: priests have sexually abused nearly TWO THOUSAND children in the U.S. in the last decade alone!

        • Jack

          You mean we’ll be hearing more about a case of alleged abuse, right? I know you’re not a lawyer, but still, you must know about “innocent until proven guilty” and such.

          BTW, I made a visit to an urban juvenile detention center as part of a class I took several years ago. We visited one of the wards — a large, very large, common room surrounded by small cells with glass doors. I’m claustrophobic and the thought of being locked in one of those cells was really uncomfortable. I found myself standing next to a 12 year old girl whose cell was right behind us. I saw several books on her bed. I engaged her in conversation and thought she was rather nice — polite, soft-spoken, liked to read, that sort of thing. When we left, I asked the instructor if she knew why the girl was in the detention center.

          She was awaiting trial for murder. I’d read the newspaper accounts. She came from a rural town. Lived in a small home, with her younger sister and their grandfather (who was their guardian). She’d set the house on fire one night and left with her sister. Seems her grandfather had been, well, we call it “abuse” and we call it “molestation.” But the fact is, this girl and her sister had been raped numerous times by their grandfather who was their guardian.

          Tell me again about what abusive parents same-sex couples make and how wonderful heterosexual couples are.

      • JohnDale49

        No, they rape them

  • slainte

    When I initially read this article, I thought it was related to a local criminal investigation of a gay couple indicted in Glastonbury Ct. for allegedly raping two of their nine adopted sons.

    In fact, the story recounted by Ms. Hendershott is separate from the case pending in Connecticut, but the facts appear to be similar….link provided below for the Connecticut story.

  • In a display of callous hypocrisy, this fake concern about the abuse of children didn’t stop the seuxal abuse of hundreds of thousands of children by Catholic priests all over the world, nor did it stop the illegal and immoral concealing of this lawless behavior from law enforcement authorities.

    The Catholic church has no moral standing to discuss the abuse of children.

    • Alphatron Shinyskullus

      Actually, the Catholic Church was infiltrated by homosexuals who preyed on the sons of parishioners who served as altar boys. It was homosexuality that drove this, not Catholicism. In fact, everything that happened with the scandals was against Catholicism perpetrated by a predatory homosexuality. Parishioners were then left to pay the bills. So yes, as lay Catholics we do have a moral standing to discuss the abuse of children. It was OUR children who were abused by gay priests. Don’t try to shift the blame. It lies squarely with the gay lobby that this article discusses.

      • How does that explain the female victims of the abuse? How does that explain away the bishops and higher, including Dolan, moving predator priests from country to country so they wouldn’t be arrested?

        Sorry, nobody but extreme Opus Dei types believes what you wrote.

        • Alphatron Shinyskullus

          The bulk of the abuse victims were male teens. And you are out of touch. Nobody but low information liberal voters believe what you believe. If I’m to believe what your writing then I must somehow believe that the source of the problem with sex abuse is people who believe that sex belongs only in marriage. I must further believe that faithful, believing Catholics are responsible for non-believing gays getting in and sodomizing altar boys, and not the gays who did it. Because everybody knows it was believing Catholics who are really the ones responsible for things that believing Catholics stand against. Sorry dude, but your narrative has too many holes in it. Take a logic class or something.

          • You are repulsive. God weeps when he hears your hatred.

            • robert chacon

              Gary, there is no hatred in the truth. Nothing Alphatron wrote was even tinged with hatred. It was just the facts. And then you call him repulsive? And this isn’t hateful? Come on! You just don’t want to hear people tell you homosexuality is wrong. It was your statements that show clear ire and disrespect for myself and Alphatron when you so clearly revile the Church for daring to proclaim the truth about homosexuality. It is disorder that leads to a misdirected affection and sexuality leading to an un-procreative end. In other words , our sexuality is a gift of the divine to take part in the procreation of life itself. When we direct our affections leading to sexuality that was not intended to be procreative we reject the gift of life giving power and instead say I would rather satisfy own needs rather than give self sacrificing love to my spouse and children. And then when children are involved in a gay relationship, the homosexual selfishly denies them a mother and a father. Despite the arguments about the biological determinants of homosexuality, we are human beings capable of living beyond or natural inclinations. There are plenty of homosexual people living their Catholic faith by being chaste who are truly happy in following the way of Jesus Christ. This is what the Church calls for . A true happiness in following Christ as the Church teaches. Anything else is but an poor and empty imitation of heterosexuality. But This culture insists that a person cannot be fully human unless they are sexually active whether its heterosexual or homosexuality. As a celibate, Christ would not agree. And God does weep, he weeps for all those unable to accept the grace to avoid homosexuality.

        • robert chacon

          Sorry Gary, maybe no one in your crowd believes what Alphatron says, but its the simple truth. Its not to say that homosexuality is the cause of the pedophilia perpetrated by the Catholic clergy, but it was simply almost entirely homosexual pedophilia. That’s the simple truth that, yes even Opus Dei is aware of. This nonsense that the Church has no moral standing because some , not all or even a small number of priests , but a VERY small percentage of priests , caused great damage to OUR Catholic sons and brothers is simply an excuse to justify rejecting Catholic teaching. The teaching , on homosexuality as well as everything else the Church teaches is no less true simply because the hierarchical structure of the Church enabled some very bad consequences. Furthermore the Church’s position on homosexuality is not only NOT hypocritical and fake, it is all the more relevant and real because of the abuse scandal. The Church is now only more in touch with the pain of the children suffering, and only more aware of the very real likelihood that those in the “gay lobby” in the Vatican and within local diocese were responsible for covering up the abuse scandal to protect the image of known gay clergy. As an example, look at the chaos left by Bishop Weakland in Milwaukee. As a gay cleric, he clearly was one of those people responsible for protecting offenders! Why? Because they were gay pedophiles. And you have the audacity to be critical of Cardinal Dolan (not Dolan) for having to clean up that mess? Get real! So before you go around talking about moral authority issues, I would suggest you consider the credibility of the homosexual lifestyle in the Church. Not a good record! Its not about attacking homosexuals. But remain celibate and don’t cover up homosexual pedophiles either! Im not suggesting it was only homosexual bishops doing the obfuscation, but there were also clearly homosexuals in the Church hierarchy just as guilty. So before you go condemning the entire Church and her mission, start facing up to the fact that homosexuals in the Church were also responsible. And there/s no excuse for them either!

          • Nathan

            It wasnt even homosexual paedophilia. That would be pre-pubescents. It was homosexual pederasty. Almost exclusively boys aged 13-18.

        • JohnDale49

          There were few female victims of abuse

        • Nathan

          Vast majority were boys aged 13-18. More than 90%. I researched it.

    • N Martinez

      Ah, yes, the sexual abuse in the Church…which is condemned by all but the actual perpetrators. Is that the same with the champions of “same-sex” marriage? Are the lobbyists who promulgate, plead, threaten, and confuse the issue adopt the same stance that homosexual activity in intrinsically evil as does the Catholic Church? It destroys the person in body and spirit and negates the fact than God made “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” in order multiply. Does the militant homosexual lobby realize that study after study has proven that children need both a mother and a father, or does it just view children as a commodity to “enjoy” as these two Australian “dads” did?

  • 1 John 4:20 “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.”

    LGBTs are your brothers and sisters. Shame on you for using lies to justify your hatred and prejudices.

    • Alphatron Shinyskullus

      “The Devil can quote Scripture for his purpose.” -William Shakespeare.

    • Gaspar

      When did hatred enter the picture? The entire discussion is one of charity, the charity that corrects brothers and sisters in the error of their ways, and the kind of charity that protects the innocent from the errors of the wicked.

      Would you condemn Christ Himself for chasing the money changes out of the temple? Do you condemn God for His wrath and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

      @080c9fc1c34e722167d828a7abb86e01:disqus Well said.

      • Too bad for you:

        “Pope Francis has said gay people should not be judged or marginalised.

        Speaking to reporters on a flight back from Brazil, he said: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?”

        The Pope’s remarks are being seen as much more conciliatory than his predecessor’s position on the issue.”

        There are many in the Church who are going to be disappointed by this new Pope.

        • Gaspar

          Did you stop reading the Gospel of John after Chapter 4?

          If you can make it to Chapter 8, you will read the story of the woman being stoned to death for adultery. Christ defended her, and saved her from death. Will you now claim this to legitimize adultery? Does this mean that adultery is not morally wrong? Does this mean that a woman in adultery has not sinned?

          Pope Francis is highlighting the saying ‘Hate the sin but love the sinner’. And that is a very Catholic principle.

        • Bryan
  • Tom in Lazybrook

    I’m curious, exactly how is the support of Russia’s bid to deny LGBT persons any and ALL freedom of speech, protest, assembly, association, expression, and press consistent with Catechism 2358?
    Doesn’t Catechism 2358 prohibit participating, advocating, or advocating via omission any “unjust discrimination” against Gay persons?

    • Gaspar

      There are clearly powerful interest groups at work on a massive scale around the globe to subvert the general mindset with regard to the unnatural order of homosexualtiy, attempting to codify into national law dictates which falsely label such homosexuality as a normal ordering of nature.

      Catechism 2358 itself identifies homosexuality as objectively disordered, the Church has always taught this.

      That which violates nature cannot be justified by codification into civil laws, and to do so is a grave injustice against homosexuals themselves, insofar as it leads them into erroneously thinking their activity is not inherently sinful.

      Note the reference also to “Unjust” discrimination. There is a form of just discrimination that is appropriate and necessary when in the public forum disorder (homosexuality) is being promoted across the social spectrum, corrupting minds as to the true nature of the subject.

  • Sterling Ericsson

    You bring up a case of same sex child abuse and try to extrapolate that to imply that all same sex couples are child abusers and that’s why they want to adopt children. Should I bring up the dozens and dozens of cases where adopted (and biological children) were sexually abused by their heterosexual parents?

    Does the existence of those mean that heterosexual parents are also unfit to be parents?

    The entire implied argument of this article is flawed and biased.

    • Gaspar

      The existence of homosexuality in two people is evidence of a perverted nature, dysfunctional concept of sexuality and the absence of sanctifying grace. Whatever veneer might be painted on the surface of a ‘homosexual couple’ is nothing but a thin shadow and temptation away from tragedy.

      When perversion of nature has been codified into law and practice, there is no longer a moral ground on which to stand and protect the innocent from the twisted sophistry of eloquent perverts and child molesters.

      • Sterling Ericsson

        I’m sorry, your religion isn’t my religion.

        Can you actually make an argument based on facts and not religious beliefs?

  • JCF

    If you (Crisis) seriously think that these two criminals are *typical* of loving, law-abiding gay parents, you’re almost as sick as these two pedophiles are (They’re far more typical of the Catholic priesthood, frankly, than a married same-sex couple!)

    • Gaspar

      Your depiction of ‘gay parents’ is an oxymoron. It only works if you twist the meaning of the word ‘love’ to your own new definition, and manipulate the law to match your sinful objectives. But twisting language and changing laws neither changes the meaning of words or nature of justice.

      In fact herein lies the problem – homosexual actions themselves are ‘anti-loving’, because they are inherently closed to the possibility of creating life. If the sexual act is not about procreation, then it is about self-indulgence. That is not love; that is selfish pursuit of carnal satisfaction and a rejection of another (new life); it is ‘anti-love’.

      As for the priests who were homosexual pedophiles, they preyed on young boys because they were predatory homosexuals, not because they were Catholics. They infiltrated the priesthood in the first place because people like you insisted homosexuals be treated as ‘normal’ and allowed into the seminary. You now mock the results of what people like yourself caused to begin with; you are now just too ignorant still to realize or too malicious to acknowledge.

      With regard to your broad reference to Catholic priests in general – you are committing a
      gross slander to so characterize the entire priesthood. There are a
      great majority of sincere, honest and long-suffering celibate priests to
      whom you owe an apology.

    • JohnDale49

      These two men were not only pedophiles, they were HOMOSEXUALS.

      Homosexuals represent almost 40% of all pedophiles, yet only 3% of all people. Very disturbing. They should not be allowed to have kids.

      • JCF

        Lies, straight from the Father-of-Lies. Back to the HELL they came from!

  • rextrek

    (Hypothetical, but the similarities are NOT that far off..yet) NBC: No plans to discuss Russian anti-JEWISH laws during Olympic coverage…Russian Jews will still be rounded up and put on Trains to Interment Camps..Out of Site of ALL Olympics goers………..sounds classy huh? The Games MUST go on – RIGHT NBC $$$ ? yea, its all good that the Gays be Perecuted to you supposed “holy sheeple” isn’t ? So glad I got away from religion = it POISONS 99.9% of everything it touches, it destroys the Human Imagination as well.

  • felliott

    Tell, me, Prof. Hendershott, is a complete lack a ethics and scientific training a prerequisite at Steubenville or is it just an aid to one’s career?

    • Dwinesh

      Um, what? Professor Hendershott in fact has excellent credentials, they are all very public. And her article here is quite articulate and well-stated; it’s not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, that would take volumes to write.

      Your silly jab is the stuff of childish tantrums, with your desperate and empty grasp for claims of ‘ethics’ and ‘science’; or as appears more likely, you are attempting a pure and simple slander.

  • felliott

    With the thousands of cases of heterosexual abuse of children, Prof. Hendershott finds an appalling case of abuse committed by a male couple and uses it to incite legitimize a Russian anti-gay blood libel throughout Russia. You’re following an old and bloody tradition, Professor Hendershott. You’re inciting the kind of hatred that led to centuries of Catholic anti-Jewish persecution and that caused the Shoah.

    • Dwinesh

      There it is – appeal to the holocaust. When the truth comes out and it contradicts your propaganda, it’s suddenly a holocaust.

      • felliott

        It’s a blood libel. Why bother to call it anything else?

  • Ford Oxaal

    We have heard talking points from the gay community where gay couples are God’s secret gift to orphans and manufactured children. This article provides at least one example where a gay couple is in fact not the perfect solution to what a child needs (although pretty much any behavior is able to be rationalized by rational creatures with certain cravings). Most of us can agree on what children (children in general) don’t need. What children (children in general) do need, especially in terms of parents, is a critical mass of normal. First place on the normal scale in terms of parents are the mom and dad who cooperated in the creation of the child via the marital act — which blood ties foster the strongest of all human bonds and loyalties. About last place on the normal scale would be sexually active gay parents.

  • King

    Str8 people rape child too
    Kazakhstan bans adoptions from US after 2 adopted children (boy and a girl) were raped by american couple with adopting mother raping a 13yo boy (and later giving birth from him) and adopting father raping adopted 8yo girl. (
    submitted 23 hours ago by rkdft
    20 commentsshare

    • JohnDale49

      Yes, straight people do rape children too. However, homosexuals are 3% of the general population, yet almost 40% of the pedophile population. That is called disproportionate representation.

  • Luke McKee

    see (youtube video) exposing this in it’s entirity. it’s what the gay lobby doesn’t want you to see

  • joe biden

    good on you russia unnatural bastards born from natural parents doing unnatural things
    reprobates creating abominations in the sight of god

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  • poetcomic1

    The Putin law was specifically to keep homosexual propaganda away from children. Gay life in Russia is WILD, free and basically unimpeded with lots of gay bars, baths, clubs and ‘cruising spots’ even in the provincial cities. There is a huge market in underage boy prostitutes, porn movies and ‘anything goes’. S&M clubs and kinkier, no problem. But refuse to glorify this lifestyle to children and you are ‘full of hate’.

  • Luke McKee

    Gay stalkers on Alex Jones wall pissing me of so here we go… The gay trolls love to bother me so and keep saying I’m insane blah blah blah. So i thought I’d let my dad make the argument. He’s been on the front page of the world oil and gas journal and is a UNSW university lecturer. Look at him say if you are gay, you have a disposition 3 times more likely to be disposed to rape little kids and be a paedophile! Not because he says so. This isn’t some queer loving psychological study he bases his statement on. This is the worlds most cited peer reviewed MEDICAL study on gays and paedophilia. And the author is well known for being impartial, you should see the blog for Dr James Cantor. So it comes down to this… SO IF you support gay marriage you support an increased occurrence of child rape by people like these gay rights activists from Australia who got Putin to make the “anti-gay” adoption/propaganda laws to “protect the children” from gays doing human trafficking of Russian Orphans . <- there is proof (youtube vid) Russian gays beg for no intervention – so the Olympic Boycott isn't about Russian gay rights, NO it's about foreign gays getting their child trafficking supply of Eurasian/Caucasian babies restored that they pretended to father when they did not the the active Gay Rights Activists Mark Newtown and Peter Truong. Support more baby buying for gay dads! Support the Olympic boycott! Make the Russian gays more hated than the Arabs after Munich! Support baby sex and gays using a 5 year old rape victim's photo to promote gay marriage like what they are doing here with a picture of poor Russian Stan who NYDailyNews dot com says was raped "less than 2 weeks old". And remember not to like this post. It's "homophobic" to be against @Dan Brooks supported baby rape!

  • Luke McKee And here are some links from the youtube description. This also talks about why Putin made the foreign gay activist baby rape, buy and propaganda laws. Read description for cited sources!
    Also a MUST READ –
    Pre-Release for youtube and twitter subscribers!
    TruthNews Radio Australia:
    See related videos and content at
    Please Q&A & Luke’s twitter
    Video montage & docs:
    “Anti-Discrimination” Church/Mosque suing laws exposed:
    NSW Police GLLO Justice perverters:
    The child raping gay cop in USA that also arrested me :
    (2 Countries – 2 Arrests in my life – 3 criminal gay police – WTF)
    Old post about my story (not a member – I’m a race mixer -deh!)

    WheverSexhappens dot com exposed:
    Their funding report:
    Here’s a pastebin of them leaving the church fucking references even after the complaint but removing the mosque fucking and other disgusting things on the page. $133,356 for an unmoderated toilet wall on the internet for gay sexual hookups.

    The ABC Plugs pedos annotated video (youtube)
    Investigative journalism on youtube praised on many sites, including Russian and Chinese ones.

    Uncensored child rape victim (Stan) ‘s photo and name used to promote “rainbow” families by the gay lobby.
    But that wasn’t enough. ABC’s Ginger Gorman wants the photo credits for identifying a rape victim to the gay lobby to misrepresent as a happy “rainbow family” around the world:
    Gay Rights activist logic flawed. Calls for gay charities to be de-funded along with churches as gays exempt from anti-discrimination act. declares war on Russia – end diplomatic relations for cutting of supply of Caucasian looking young boys to pedophiles
    Most cited medical study on gays and pedophilia:
    Blog of author of that report:
    More info sources:
    Worldnet Daily:
    Family Research Council (Christian)
    ABS Statistics on Gay Families and Gay couples in Australia

    Church suing now enabled with gay marriage in the UK proving a prime ministers promise it wouldn’t happen was void:
    Those church suing (religious persecuting) ga dads run a baby farm to help more gays easily adopt children. Paedophiles will move from stealing kids to buying them. This is reministant of the NAZI BABY FACTORY’s of World War II
    Discriminating against gay adoption / gay marriage saves children from child rape since birth.Who’s more important? The child or the gay power state? We shall see. 6 kids!

    The Lola Scott Operation Retz scandal: Senior Police woman gives gay pedophile pass (immunity) to escape arrest and rape more boys in Melbourne.
    Retired Police detective’s Glen McNamara’s senate submission:

    More sources in comments or here:

  • Stand For Marriage

    Its funny how sodomites & homophiles are the victims. Dont worry about the poor child that was pimped out to sodomite perverts for years. #Sochi #Auspol