Pelosi’s Support for Abortion Tells a Larger Story

It’s hardly news to faithful Catholics that the Democratic Party is the evil party for championing abortion and sodomy. And the chief pro-abortion Democrat in this country beside Barack Hussein Obama and his vice president is Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the U.S. House who proclaims herself a good and devout Catholic. Last week, she proclaimed it again. During an exchange with a reporter from The Weekly Standard about Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors in the City of Brotherly Love, she again proclaimed her fealty to the highest sacrament in the leftist church: the mass murder of the unborn. And she is, one presumes, still “a Catholic in good standing.” To the best of anyone’s knowledge, no bishop has said otherwise.

Pelosi’s remarks occasion a reprise of a simple truth about abortion: If it weren’t for pro-abortion “Catholics,” the practice might well be against the law.

What Pelosi Said
Pelosi’s remarks to TWS were nothing new. They were the standard Pelosian nonsense about not turning abortion into a “political question.” The exchange went thusly:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Madam Leader, you mentioned the bill that passed out of the House Judiciary committee. Members who have proposed that bill have done that in the wake of this murder trial in Philadelphia.

They argue that there really isn’t much of a moral difference between what someone like Dr. Kermit Gosnell did to infants born at 23, 24, 25 weeks into pregnancy, and what can happen [legally] at a clinic down the road in Maryland where a doctor says that he’ll perform an elective abortions 28 weeks into pregnancy. So the question I have for you is what is the moral difference between what Dr. Gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her moments before birth?

PELOSI: You’re probably enjoying that question a lot. I can see you savoring it. [Laughter in press corps] Let me just tell you this.

TWS: Could you answer the question?

PELOSI: Let me just tell you this. What was done in Philadelphia was reprehensible and everybody condemned it. For them to decide to disrespect a judgment a woman makes about her reproductive health is reprehensible. Next question.

TWS: So what’s the moral difference? I just asked a simple question. … What’s the moral difference then between 26 weeks elective abortion and the killing of that same infant born alive. This is the issue that they’re trying to —

PELOSI: This is not the issue. They are saying that there’s no abortion. It would make it a federal law that there would be no abortion in our country. You’re taking the extreme case. You’re taking the extreme case. And what I’m saying to you is what happened in Philadelphia was reprehensible. And I do not think you—

TWS: [Inaudible]

PELOSI: I’m not going to have this conversation with you because you obviously have an agenda. You’re not interested in having an answer.

TWS: [Inaudible]

PELOSI: I’ve responded to you to the extent that I’m going to respond to you. Because I want to tell you something. As the mother of five children, my oldest child was 6 years old the day I brought my 5th child home from the hospital, as a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this. I don’t think it should have anything to do with politics. And that’s where you’re taking it and I’m not going there.

TWS [after tape ends]: It was a simple question. You didn’t answer.

Pelosi did not answer the question because she knows what the answer is. It makes her squirm. She has something of a residual conscience, it seems. The lowing herd of worthies from the Fourth Estate “cackled,” as put it, at the gauche effrontery of the reporter. Anyway, the blogosphere lit up with alarms that the Catholic Pelosi had said abortion is “sacred ground.” That may not be an accurate summation of what she said, but even if it isn’t, most likely, it is what she thinks. Most, if not all, leftists think it. To them, the right to murder the unborn is the most sacred right they espouse. It is a sacrament of the highest order in the leftist church. One leftist scribe wrote of her love of abortion; mere acceptance was not enough. A prominent woman journalist actually said she would perform oral sex on Bill Clinton if he would keep abortion legal. That is how important abortion is to the left.

Anyway, Pelosi merely rehashed here what she said on “Meet The Press” in 2008, a few months before Obama was elected. “This is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is over the centuries, the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition [when life begins]. … St. Augustine said at three months. We don’t know. The point is, is that it shouldn’t have an impact on the woman’s right to choose.”

This was, of course, complete nonsense. She mauled Catholic teaching so badly that bishops had to correct her. Shortly thereafter, and despite ecclesiastical clarifications, then Sen. Joe Biden defiantly burbled the same falsehood. What he and Pelosi willfully ignore is the fact that from its earliest days, the Church has condemned procured abortion, and the debate over “when life begins” to which these two politicians refer was actually a debate over ensoulment; that is, when the body is sufficiently developed to accept a soul from God.

Catholics Keep Abortion Legal
But Pelosi’s eyewash aside, the real import of her remarks is that they remind us of an ugly truth: Catholic Democrats played a significant role in the creation of the contraceptive culture that led to the legalization of abortion. A Catholic, for instance, invented the birth-control pill, and it was Catholic clergy in Boston, for example, who cooperated in repealing the state’s ban on the sale of contraceptives. In 1963, Cardinal Richard James Cushing, Archbishop of Boston, appeared on a radio program and suggested that laws forbidding the sale of contraceptives should be repealed because “I have no right to impose my thinking, which is rooted in religious thought, on those who do not think as I do,” a reversal of his publicly stated position in 1948. Cushing was merely repeating what John F. Kennedy told the Houston Ministerial Association in 1960, which also prefigured Catholic New York Gov. Mario Cuomo’s famous “personally-opposed-but …” position on abortion.

The Catholic role in repealing the laws on contraception is only part of the story. As Phil Lawler reported in his book, Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic Culture, the scheme to legalize abortion took place not in a candle-lit basement where Satanists celebrated black masses, but at the home of America’s leading Catholic family, the Kennedys.

In 1964, Lawler wrote, leftist Catholic priests Robert Drinan, Charles Curran and other theologians convened at Hyannis Port, Mass., with the brain trust behind the Senate campaign of Robert F. Kennedy.  They concocted the teaching that abortion could be justified if it were the “lesser of two evils” and that “a blanket prohibition might be more harmful to the common good”  because political leaders might  “impose their own private views on public policy. …The skillful operatives of the Kennedy family would round up the votes to end restrictions on abortion and eventually provide public subsidies. The Jesuit theologians would provide protective cover” and sabotage Catholic teaching in the universities. “Thus, the basic lines of ‘pro-choice’ rhetoric were sketched out by Catholic theologians, at the residence of America’s most famous Catholic family, nine years before the Roe v. Wade decision.”

It was natural and logical for a society that accepted contraception to eventually approve abortion. Firstly, the cultural race to the bottom coincided with the concomitant success of the Sexual Revolution and the population control movements, which flowered in the 1960s. Secondly, the moral decline followed the premise behind contraception: a child, the natural end of procreative sex, is unwanted. If some children were unwanted, legalizing their murder in the womb was a predictable next step. Though appointed by Republican president Dwight Eisenhower, leftist Supreme Court justice William Brennan orchestrated the legal denouement of what was begun by the Hyannis Port mafia. The renegade Catholic not only invented the “privacy” doctrine that invalidated Connecticut’s law forbidding the sale of contraceptives, but also excogitated the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized the slaughter of innocents. Brennan’s reasoning in Roe v. Wade is accoutered in the language of “privacy” and “rights,” but it flows from the same polluted well as Cushing’s: A Catholic does not have the right to “impose [his] thinking” on those who believe differently. And yet, Brennan’s defiance of Catholic teaching was not considered serious enough to deprive him of a funeral mass at the Washington D.C. Cathedral of St. Matthew in 1997.

Now, consider simple demographics: Nearly 25 percent of Americans, 75 million people, consider themselves Catholic. According to the Catholic News Service, Catholics are still the largest single denomination in Congress, and have been such since 1960. In 2013, 163 members of Congress are Catholics, with 136 in the House of Representatives (75 Democrats, 61 Republicans) and 27 in the Senate (18 Democrats, 9 Republicans). Six of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are Catholics. Add to this group the influential Catholics across society: judges, doctors, state legislators, county councilmen, etc.

On top of this heap sits Madame Pelosi, certainly one of the most powerful Catholic politician in America. But then there is also House Speaker John Boehner. In other words, nine of the most politically and legally powerful Americans are Catholics. The political arithmetic here alone leads to an ineluctable conclusion: If they all conducted themselves as faithful Catholics, abortion would be against the law. Then again, given that a majority of American Catholics twice voted for Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps the most rabidly pro-abortion president in history, part of the blame for the state of the union lies squarely on their shoulders, too. (While a majority of white Catholics voted against Obama twice, a high percentage of Hispanic Catholics voted for him, skewing the overall numbers in his favor.)

This isn’t to say, of course, that all Catholics who voted for Obama share his rabidly anti-child ideology, or that all Catholic legislators and judges share the opinion of Pelosi or the late Brennan. They don’t. But the numbers are not encouraging. According to Pew Center figures, most Catholics don’t accept Church teaching on contraception (85 percent) and abortion (51 percent). If those figures are extrapolated accurately across the country, then 71 million Catholics ignore the teaching on contraception, while another 38 million think murdering the unborn is acceptable. These particular figures do not distinguish between practicing and non-practicing Catholics. However, the fact that there are so many who don’t according to the Pew study is further evidence of the Americanization of the Church and, sadly enough, of some clergy. Many Catholics have accepted the idea that a vote determines objective moral truth, and that the magisterial teaching of the Church is just one opinion among many. So they, like Pelosi, think they can believe and do anything they wish and remain faithful Catholics.

Which invites two questions. First, where does this leave the Church? Answer: In trouble. Second, what can be done about it? Answer: The bishops must step forward and lead, principally by demanding sound catechesis and formation of the faithful, and then by correcting Pelosi and her ilk, if necessary by enforcing Canon 915. They are shepherds. They must feed their sheep.

The rest of us must do our part. Above all, we must pray—without ceasing.

R. Cort Kirkwood


R. Cort Kirkwood is a journalist who has been writing about politics and culture for 25 years. He is a graduate of Boston University and Loyola College in Baltimore and the author of Real Men: Ten Courageous Americans To Know And Admire.

  • Uuncle Max

    We must pray for her, for Joe Biden, for Kathleen Sebelius, Martin O’Malley, for John Kerry and all the other so called ‘catholic’ politicians who have betrayed their faith.
    We must also pray for a Bishop with the stones to deny her communion.

    And the next time a ‘catholic’ politician who says he/she wouldn’t dream of forcing his views on others, I would suggest: “That’s fine. All we ask is that you DEFEND your views against those who ARE forcing theirs upon us.”

    • John O’Neill

      The only words that these aforementioned “catholics” should hear from their respective bishops are “anathema sit”.

  • jacobhalo

    The main problem is that the Vatican and the American Bishops should put out a statement that politicians who are pro-abortion are not devout Catholics, that they are heretics (according to the catechism) and they will not be given communion. That will be the end of it. The Catholic church has become mush-mouths since Vatican II. Pope Francis refused to distribute communion during his installation as pope because he didn’t want to offend the so-called Catholic politicians by not giving them communion. He had a chance to make a statement. He should had told those priests who were distributing communion not to give communion to those pro-abortion Catholic politicians. The church has Catholics confused as to what the teachings are when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, etc.

    • Alecto

      Pope Francis is a Jesuit. You were expecting fidelity?

  • “if necessary enforcing Canon 915…” It has been more than necessary for far too long.

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

    Outstanding article. Since VCII, more than any other institution or group, the “universal” Church and its so called “faithful” Catholics have been responsible for the deplorable moral, social, and cultural conditions of this country, and the world in general. “We have met the enemy, and it us”.

  • NE-Catholic

    “Which invites two questions. First, where does this leave the Church?
    Answer: In trouble. Second, what can be done about it? Answer: The
    bishops must step forward and lead, principally by demanding sound
    catechesis and formation of the faithful, and then by correcting Pelosi and her ilk, if necessary by enforcing Canon 915. They are shepherds. They must feed their sheep.” – living in “conservative, Catholic” New England for well over 35 years, under the “guidance, instruction and example of the highly praised and regarded religious leaders located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire” – I would advise that no one anticipate ANYTHING of this kind happening any time soon. Our Catholic religious (Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priest, etc.) are really ‘great’ politicians.

  • AcceptingReality

    Just prior to the 2008 elections, I was at a function in our parish hall. I was talking with five or six male parishioners about the upcoming elections. I realized that I was the only one in the group who knew the “five non-negotiables”. I was explicitly explaining, to seemingly open minds, why it was morally wrong for Catholics to vote for politicians who supported abortion, when our pastor butted in. He is a monsignor and very devoted to eavesdropping and butting in. He proclaimed to me, in front of the other men, “It is no sin for Catholics to vote for politicians who support abortion because, after all, voting for a candidate is not the same as actually performing an abortion. The sin in abortion lies with the one performing the abortion.” I replied, “Monsignor, I know there are gray areas in many issues concerning morality but this is issue is very clear. You are mistaken.” At that the group dispersed because I challenged the judgement of the Monsignor. I suffered mightily for month’s after that as I was subject to his passive aggressive behavior. He constantly interrupted my conversations. Would ignore me when I greeted him. Would greet me when I finally started ignoring him. Would marginalize or step on anything I had to say in conversations at social gatherings…..

    The problem is that so many in the clergy actually have a sense of hero worship toward the Kennedy’s (as does my pastor). They have malformed conscience’s and dissent to Church teaching either openly or vaguely. They contribute to the malformation of seminarians and give deadly spiritual advice to the laity. The lack of substantive content in homilies leaves many Catholics ill informed about the faith they profess and grossly ill equipped to live it or explain it. Furthermore, it leaves faithful Catholics apprehensive about bringing others into the Church? The apprehension surrounds the question, “What are we leading them into?” We need to pray for the Lord to purify His Church and that orthodoxy would flourish in His Church throughout the world. And we need to keep challenging the clergy when they are wrongly promoting or at least complicit with leftist political agendas.

    • jcsmitty

      Maybe you should send your pastor a copy of #2272 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.” Whether paying for it, driving the woman to the abortion center, etc. makes that person guilty of grave sin.
      Your pastor is wrong when he says only the person performing the abortion is guilty. In charity to him and your fellow parishioners you should report this matter to his bishop. You have witnesses to what he said. We all have to do our part to stand up for life, and that includes correcting those who are perpetuating the lies that are at the heart of abortion.

      Moreover, during the election more than one bishop came out about the “five non-negotiables,” and this, too, should be pursued. Thank you for trying to speak up for life, but don’t quit now.

    • John O’Neill

      Bingo, you hit the nail on the head. Many American Catholics switched their allegiance from Jesus Christ to the Kennedy family many years ago. Kennedys were given a license to steal, lie, commit adultery, and even murder so long as they were protected by the Catholic hierarchy and the slavish masses in New England. The fate of the decline of the Catholic Church in America has been set by the worship of the Kennedys and the wealth and political power they represent.


      Ah, the Kennedys.

      Years ago there was a governor in
      Louisiana named Huey Long. He had a very
      corrupt administration but kept getting reelected. He commented that he would keep getting
      elected unless he was caught in bed with a live boy or a dead woman.

      The standards in Massachusetts are not that high

    • bobbylang

      Dear “Accepting…”:
      In all candor, your Pastor is a “simpleton”! He neither knows the rules or is even willing to consider any alternative!
      This must be a morally threatening situation for any lay person subject to his influence!
      Get some help NOW, as the immortal souls of those he is influencing are in danger!
      Always remember “…Catholics are born for conflict…”!!
      Don’t be afraid to “Blow some smoke”!!

      • Vicky Hernandez

        Hear! Hear!

        It’s called “Church Militant” for a reason. Hello!

    • Isabel Kilian

      Remember, Jesus was first betrayed by His own.

    • Glenn M. Ricketts

      I don’t know your pastor, but if I had to guess, I’d wager that he’d also THUNDER against the death penalty. No equivocation there.
      It makes me think of Mario Cuomo: concerning abortion, well he was against it as a Catholic, but as governor of NY he was bound to uphold the law of the realm; on the death penalty: yes, that was legally permitted in many states, but as a Catholic he was bound to follow his conscience, and so refused to sign extradition papers for a condemned man who’d escaped from death row in another state.
      Sound familiar?

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  • Watosh

    The teaching of the democratic secular state is, as Cardinal Cushing acknowledged in the above article, is that a citizen of such a state has no right to impose their religious views on those who do not think as they do. (The other side of the coin of that religious freedom now cherished by the Catholic church.) However adopting this democratic secular principle upon which our system of government solidly rests means that we must accept practices that our religion tells us is wrong. It means in effect that Catholics in such a country must serve two masters. In such an environment the pressure is for Catholics to bend their principles for the sake of supporting this secular, liberal principal that is the basis for our form of government. This has confused a lot of Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, and it allows for Catholics like her to actually support practices that are condemned by the Church. This has also split Catholics apart so they find themselves cancelling each other out on many issues. Unless this problem is recognized, don’t expect much change. If it is recognized then we invite persecution.

    Further while the Democrat Party is recognizably evil in that it supports abortion, contraception and sodomy, the Republican Party is not the party characterized recently by Erick Erickson, a staunch Catholic, as “the key to national salvation.” We American Catholics are confronted with the classic twin dangers of Scylla and Charybidis represented by the Democrat and Republican Parties which have also cleverly divided us. While many Catholics of the conservative stripe like Mr. Erickson, firmly oppose abortion as non-negotiable, they support the killing of innocent civilians in foreign countries in wars that cannot be justified outside of those who make a profit from them. Yet conservative Catholics are generally staunch supporters of drone attacks and torture and targeted assassinations since Republican Party stalwarts keep agitating for us to engage in another war. Something to think about, for those who still can.

    • Carl Eifert

      Could it be that Catholic politicians espousing abortion escape episcopal censure because of tax exemption? We Catholics should not fear exercising our First Amendment rights. Should the government retaliate with removal of exemptions, so be it. We can pay the taxes. On the other hand, speaking out in defiance might very well expose the inherent unfairness of that portion of the tax code and lead to a favorable SCOTUS ruling.

      • Watosh

        Yes, the fear of losing our tax exemption status undoubtedly is a factor that affects the behavior of the American Catholic hierarchy. We might be better off without it, but it would be a stiff penalty. This reminds me the way Catholic recusants in Protestant England had to pay a steep fine back in merry old England.

        The thing is if we believe that Catholic teaching represents God’s commands while the laws of our state represent the “people’s command, then when there is a conflict between a law that comes from the “people” or the mob that is, and a command that we Catholics must logically believe comes from God, we Catholics are expected to obey the laws of the “people,’ and to not obey the command of our God. Now while most laws in the past devised by the “people” have not conflicted with the commandments of God as understood by Catholic Church teaching, over time this potential conflict has increased. This is something that escapes notice as a consequence of Catholics being instilled with the worship of the American System, a worship that has grown immeasurably over my lifetime. We Catholics have a problem. One way out is to say we can’t impose our religious beliefs on others, but this enables the others to impose their beliefs on Catholics, which they are doing. So even if we should lose our tax exemption we would have this problem.

    • Carl Albert

      Scylla and Charybdis, indeed. why is there no recognition among faithful, American Catholics of these two false choices? as my faith grows, so grows my libertarianism. life is our first liberty – and the failure to acknowledge that is to defy natural law.
      furthermore, I’ve yet to meet a pro-choice advocate who isn’t happy their mother chose life. good for this reporter for trying to draw Ms. Pelosi into the realm of morality.

    • Adam__Baum

      Do you know why you don’t hear much from Erick Erickson anymore? Google the term “database redigestion error” or “banned by redst***”. There is no disagreement with EE and the rest of the college fraternity officers that run the place like they are hazing pledges in a style reminiscent of “Animal House”. I’ll take your word on it that he’s Catholic, but the bigger scandal isn’t that they aren’t the isolationist pacifists you seem to believe exist, but that he is a immature posterior.

    • Micha_Elyi

      “Yet conservative Catholics are generally staunch supporters of drone attacks and torture…”

      Got any evidence for that? Links to actual, full in-context quotes, please.

      • Watosh

        In other words you are not going to accept my statement by giving me an unlimited number of hoops to jump though. Why don’t you give me links to actual, full in-text quotes to the contrary. Tell me the names of conservative Catholics who have spoken out against torture and drone attacks since you are the challenger. You know this good Catholic Brennan, don’t have his first name on my tongue, but he was in charge of many of these activities.

        • Bob

          I’m a devout, orthodox, conservative Catholic. I don’t codone drone attacks or torture. Your statement is false, erroneous, and misleading.

          • Watosh

            Now I did not say all devout, orthodox, Catholics condone torture and drone attacks, I merely said “are generally.” supportive of drone attacks and torture. So your being against drone attacks and torture does not by itself invalidate my statement. I wonder if you did support our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and in general the extreme measures mistakenly taken to eliminate any threat from terrorism . I am aware from reading some traditional newsletters that there is a visceral hate for Obama for furthering the godless liberal agenda. Which he has, and I have little respect for him myself, but I recognize he is being guided by the liberal principles embodied in our sacred constitution, As a result of furthering these liberal values he is subject to much criticism by some conservative Catholics so while they didn’t find George Bush’s use of drones and torture, they are appalled when Obama has continued to employ these activities. Nota Bene, in the recent Supreme Court decision granting federal benefits to homosexual marriages, thus furthering the progress of homosexual marriages, the votes of Catholic Justices enabled this decision to come about. One of the two staunch Catholics was the conservative traditional Catholic Antonin Scalia. Scalia was merely following the liberal principles of our Constitution in making this decision. So it is little wonder someone like Obama does what he does. It is more of a concern what Antonin Scalia does.

    • JD

      I know of no conservatives who support killing innocents. None. Maybe there are Republicans who fall into that perception – Bush, Cheney, et al. – maybe, but (1) I don’t know them, (2) they don’t represent conservatives, and (3) they are warmongers in their own right (and have been labeled “neo-conservatives”). True conservatives would NEVER support the intentional killing of innocent people (civilian or not, anywhere in the world).

      • Watosh

        Conservatives may not support the killing of innocents, but they do support unnecessary wars if the wars are declared necessary to protect the interests of the U.S.. They hide behind the term collateral damage to mask the death and destruction visited on innocent civilians by our attacks on other countries, and they excuse the death and destruction to innocent civilians because they argue, their deaths were not directly sought. Your conservatives feel that the death of innocent civilians, while regrettable, is “acceptable” when they occur in wars conducted for “humanitarian” purposes, or that these wars will provide Americans with more security. But no, these conservatives insist that they do not support the killing of innocent civilians, Note JD qualifies his denial by saying conservatives would never support the INTENTIONAL killing of innocent people.This way they can have clean consciences over unintentional killing of innocents. But the thing is they might just as well support the killing of innocent civilians because they as good Americans, support the wars they know are surely going to cause the deaths of innocent civilians, and in a good many cases this killing IS INTENTIONAL. In WWII killing civilian became a prime objective.since that was one way to obtain victory.. So forgive me with not being impressed by conservatives who profess opposition to the killing of innocent civilians. They too readily find a way to make exceptions. .

        • JD

          Your screeds sounds like you’re describing Obama, Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, etc. You can add Truman and others, too, if you want. Why don’t you just bottom-line your points, keeping them short and simple. Otherwise, you come across as attacking others for the sole purpose of conflict. No unity. No learning. No understanding, No humility.

          • Watosh

            No wonder.

  • jcsmitty

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article. The bishops weigh in on prudential issues over which we can disagree while largely ignoring magisterial teachings on abortion, contraception and marriage. Pope Francis charged the Argentinian bishops to withhold Communion from unrepentent pro abort politicians. I wish he would do likewise to the American bishops. It is scandalous to see politicians like Pelosi and Biden thumbing their nose at the church, leading many Catholics astray by their example.

  • Alecto

    Consider Pelosi’s response to a simple question and the contempt it revealed not just for that reporter, but for ordinary people who disagree with her. Is this the kind of Catholic “charity” made famous by so many saints?

    Her attitude is much like that of an aristocrat. She certainly behaves like one…lying, cheating, and abusing power to enrich herself. She is a vain, vile creature with a twisted soul and she is happily destroying many institutions in this country, not solely the Church. Further, she is doing it without opposition from the very people who have pledged their lives to defend it.

  • Carol Leeda Crawford

    Each day I pray the Divine Mercy for the conversion of sinners, especially those who profess to love God while they go against His commandments. Scripture is clear on what will happen to those who ignore the Moral Law God insists we obey. Nancy needs to read Christ’s response to those who profess to belong to Him and disobey. St. Matthew 7. We either are faithful to God or man. I am praying for them and those responsible to reprimand them.

  • Dick Prudlo

    It is long sense post time for the race to impose a “Catholic Faith” on the sheepeople as well as the shepherds. Like drunkards both will find the gutter, and only after that fall can the Church rebuild. The answer that will eventually come will be Tradition.

    The spiritual devastation we see will pass, but at the cost of many. Prayer and more prayer will solve this mess. Even the patriotic church in America will bend this time not to the spirit of the times but the Holy Ghost.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour

    Am I alone in finding an eerie similarity between the “Truce of 1968,” as George Weigal calls it, when the Congregation for the Clergy decreed that Cardinal O’Boyle of Washington should lift canonical penalties against those priests whom he had disciplined for their public dissent from Humanae Vitæ and the “Peace of Clement IX” during the Jansenist controversy?

    In both cases, after the Church had been riven by a decade-long dispute, a papal document was issued that was intended to be definitive.

    In both cases, the original quarrel was immediately forgotten and argument raged over the scope of papal authority to decide the question. In the Jansenist case, peace, of a sort, was achieved, when Pope Clement IX brokered an agreement that neither side would argue the question, at least, from the pulpit.

    The “Peace of Clement IX” lasted for about 35 years and ended in 1705 when Clement XI declared the clergy could no longer hide behind “respectful silence.” Eventually, in 1713, he issued Unigenitus and demanded the subscription of the clergy to it. There was enormous resistance, with bishops and priests appealing to a future Council (and being excommunicated for their pains, in 1718). As late as 1756, dissenters were still being denied the Last Rites.

    Will the “Truce of 1968” end in a similar fashion?

  • Bernonensis

    The other good points of this article aside, it strengthens my long-held conviction that Richard Cushing was the greatest jackass I’ve ever encountered in person.

  • disqus_JE0149nX3Q

    The Left belately (long after his death) accused Pope Pius XII of not doing anything to help the Jews and others affected by Hitler’s anti-life program. Of being Hitler’s pope. A demonstrable lie. Nonetheless, today the Catholic Church by and through its clergy and laity might justly be accused not only of failing to do enough about the killing of 53 million innocent children but of being activists in promoting it. Catholics elected Obama. Would the excuses for not opposing but supporting the most pro-abortion politician in history have justified Germans in supporting Hitler? Will the day ever come when the people of the United States (particularly Catholics) look back on the abortion regime with the same remorse that presumably many Germans now look back on Hitler’s regime?

    • publiusnj

      “Catholics elected Obama”? Hardly. Of the groups which supported Obama the most, only one is majority Catholic. He was elected most strongly by voters of the Black (90%+ Non-Catholic); Jewish (100% Non-Catholic); Gay (@75% Non-Catholic); Hispanic (40% Non-Catholic) and Women (@75% Non-Catholic) groups.

      • Micha_Elyi

        54% of self-identified Catholics voted for Obama.

        Nice try.

    • kremmiz

      It shows how much our culture has fallen. An estimated 6-8 million (a quarter of whom were Catholics in addition to the Jews) were murdered (aborted) by the policies of the National Socialist German Workers Party. How does the rate of murder done by this country today compare? About the same per year? More? Unlike Germany, the United States has been at it for over 40 years. And that is just the United States. Consider the world at large. The philosophies that influenced Hitler (which include the writings of Margaret Sanger herself) has been widely accepted in today’s world, and led to abortion as it is today. Objectively speaking, who is the greater monster? Hitler, or the modern day world?

  • TheInformer

    yes, the bishops in so many ways have abrogated their duties to teach. I wonder what Our Lord and Savior thinks of such: laziness? cowardice? ignorance? fear?

    • Bob

      He already told us: “If you are lukewarm about me, I will vomit you out!”

      Public excommunication for the following: Pelosi, Sebelius, Biden, O’Malley, every Kennedy. It’s a start. Christ wants a faithful Church, not one crowded with heretics.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Bishops are especially mindful of Jesus Christ’s exhortation to Peter that he forgive not 7 times but 77 times 7 times.

      But Our Lord did not teach that we must look away 77 times 7 times. He may have forgiven the woman who was a serial polygamist but he told her straight out “The man you are with is not your husband.” Perhaps dealing in plain talk and calling things as they are is the example our bishops must follow.

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  • ColdStanding

    There is no shortage of criticism available. Perhaps because there is no shortage of things to criticize. Perhaps because everything can be criticized, whether or not it should be. Be that as it may, what is really needed is the corrective virtue to the unhealthy despair/carping dynamic, namely strategy.

    Therefore, if you want to end-run the current leadership, and you believe a sound catachesis is the way to do it, the solution is…

    A national catachesis competition. Classic flanking maneuver. First of all, who would resist such an initiative? (Well, lots of people, but it would be very difficult for them to actually do so publicly.) The materials upon which the questions would be asked are a matter of record, against which it is easy to check.

    Imagine Mr. & Mrs. I Didn’t Know That sitting down with the kids to watch some wholesome entertainment and seeing contestants answer questions on the faith based upon what the Church has actually said is it’s proper teaching! Imagine their surprise to hear bright young things answer hardball questions on the sacrifice of the mass. Imagine Catholic schools having some reason (’cause learning about the faith for it’s own sake doesn’t seem to be working) to actually share, explain, and stimulate the memorization of the faith.

    Now, I don’t think that better catachesis is ALL that it is needed, but it is important. 120 years of calls for better and more catachesism has not stopped the slide. Helped, but not stopped. Cultivation of our souls by the Holy Spirit is what we are really after, watered by the Heavenly Dew as it is said.

  • Common Sense

    “Refilling the Empty Pews: Can an NFP course be an agent of evangelization?”
    By John F. Kippley

  • bobbylang

    Catholics have an awful lot of explaining to do when it comes to abortion, contraception, sodomy!

    It is the current “Church of Nice”, that has “conditioned” most of this lack of spine and willingness to confront these issues honestly!
    It is somehow unrealistic, to expect the lay Catholic, to take up the sword, when the current bunch of Bishops, whose job this realistically is, have folded like a bunch of cowards! these Bishops have so callously and disgustingly abandoned their role as Shepherds!
    Cardinal Dolan, on down have turned the “USCCB” into a “Cheering Squad”, in full performance, and abandoned the role of coordinating, and validating the true “Catholic” position on morality AND admonition!
    They have instead chosen to “Cluck” like a bunch of brainless hens, and have accepted a pursed lip “Now, Now”, to any “Catholic” in a position of authority, who is brazenly giving the “bird” to Catholic teaching!
    It is the Classic “Go Along To Get Along”!

    After all is said and done “…It’s nice to be King —e-e-r Bishop…”!!

    • JD

      For what it’s worth, Cardinal Dolan is installing priests in NYC parishes who are supporters of Magnificat, EWTN, NCRegister, as well as increasing the availability of confession hours/days. This makes me think the USCCB may be moving in the right direction, though it may take quite a bit of time to fully solidify this fidelity in the institutional church in America.

      • bobbylang

        “…Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut…”!!

        When he stands up to the Butcher Obama and his cadre, finds time to support the priests who are “In silence” for speaking out against homosexuality and denying communion to those who are blatant practitioners of that vice, he actually confronts the “Catholic” abortionists and their providers, when he finds time to counsel the governor of his state for living brazenly with a “bimbo” in his bedroom in front of his “Catholic” children, when he actually confronts all the outrageous spending of the “…Human Development Fund…”, and “Catholic Charities”,

        Then I will accept he has turned a corner!!

        These are souls damning others to perdition by outrageous “scandal” not a whack on the knuckles concern!!

        Why are the pews so empty, it’s because the “Glad Hand”, Don’t make a wave, Catholicism makes most of us sick!!

      • ubiPetrusEst

        Laudable as it may be to encourage confessions, etc, Cardinal Dolan has dawdled and not spoken out effectively against the essential evils of gay “marriage” and abortion. Perhaps you are not aware that the Archdiocese of New York has quietly been paying for the abortions of its employees who belong to a certain union–as the New York Times has reported ( This is scandalous and Dolan, a master politician, did not even address the issue himself, just had his Director of Communications issue a superficial and hair-splitting press release that justified this horror, stating the Archdiocese had no choice but to bow to the demands demands so the social services offered by the Archdiocese would not be disrupted,–WHAT? (

        Dolan has certainly proven himself to be an “arch” bishop, a poor successor of the apostles. For more examples, see


  • cookieusn

    Where are the priests refusing the Holy Eucharist to these “catholic” politicians? Where are the Bishops condemning Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo etc who actively support abortions and the public funding of these abortions? How come these abortion supporting politicians have not been excommunicated?

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  • Paul McGuire

    We elect politicians to rationally approach issues and come to conclusions based on logic. If Catholic politicians were expected to never contradict Church teachings then they would never be elected in the first place considering that a majority of the country doesn’t want the Church leadership telling them what to do.

    I would actually like to see the Church start excommunicating Democrat politicians because they would have these non-practicing Catholics and even a number of practicing Catholics running for the hills seeking to distance themselves from such a vindictive Church. It will not end well for the Church.

    I suspect the number of faithful Catholics who would praise such a step is smaller than other frequent visitors of this site would estimate.

    • Adam__Baum

      Are you ignorant or naïve? “We” don’t elect politicians. The idea of peer governance has been breaking down for decades. There is, to quote Angelo Codevilla, a “ruling class”. It uses differential treatment to create pliable and dependent voting blocs. The most politically active constituencies are hiring mercenaries, they expect a return on their investment.
      If you are so desirous of an injured Church, why do you spend so much time scrawling on this wall?

    • squishee

      “It will not end well for the Church” Maybe…but it will end-for everyone. And at the end “me and my household” will be with the Church. You should stay with the Democratic Party and put your faith in it. I’m sure things will turn out just duckie for you.

      • Paul McGuire

        You’re assuming I put faith in the Democratic Party, which I don’t. I do support free thought in any area whether on issues of faith or issues of politics. To suggest that one can’t be a Catholic unless they believe a certain way on an issue is to deny the right of individual conscience.

        • squishee

          I assume nothing. I said what I said. I’ll say it again. You should stay with the Democratic party and put your faith in it. You also say the Church is vindictive when she excommunicates people-for whatever reason. If you know what the Church teaches you know it is not to be vindictive, but to apply a remedy. Pelosi has arguably excommunicated herself long ago-in laetae sententiae.

        • Micha_Elyi

          I don’t understand what you mean when you say “the right of individual conscience.” I understand what a right to act according to a properly formed conscience means. But there is no “right” to act according to a malformed conscience and be free from fraternal correction by other members of the Body of Christ.

          We Christians believe you “free thought” supporters have an immortal soul and are risking eternal pain and suffering by some of what you “support”. So of course we’re going to try to dissuade you from such a course. We would save a drowning man for similar reasons rather than stand idly by debating some phony right to ‘free swimming’.

          And what do you suppose the baptismal promises and the Creed said at every Mass is all about? Every Catholic is called upon to “believe a certain way”. Jesus said so.

        • JD

          Never put faith in a politician or political party. Trust (or not), but never faith. If you want to leave the Democrats, go Republican, or Libertarian or Conservative. The more parties we can control or influence, the better.

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  • Adam Baum

    “I have no right to impose my thinking, which is rooted in religious thought, on those who do not think as I do,”

    It should quoted to those clerics who believe that we need to erase our borders or impose socialized insurance on people, for thoughts rooted in religious thought.

    I didn’t realize that pusillanimity was already metastatic in the episcopacy fifty years ago. I wonder how many of the other problems of the Boston diocese were the result of Cushing’s casuistry.

  • CharlesOConnell

    “In Carthage, as in the parent cities of Phoenicia, the god who got things done bore the name Moloch. The Romans did not at first quite know what to call him or what to make of him; they had to go back to the grossest myth of Greek or Roman Origins and compare him to Saturn devouring his children. But the worshippers of Moloch were not gross or primitive. They were members of a mature and polished civilization abounding in refinements and luxuries; they were probably far more civilized than the Romans. And Moloch was not a myth; or at any rate his meal was not a myth. These highly civilized people really met together to invoke the blessing of heaven on their empire by throwing hundreds of their infants into a large furnace.” – GK Chesterton, Everlasting Man, Part 1 Ch. 7, The War of The Gods and Demons

  • tom

    How the Church can condone Nancy Pelosi is anyone’s guess. The tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars she’s spent on booze is scandalous.

  • roxwyfe

    I truly believe that we should pray fervently for every “Catholic” politician that supports an agenda in conflict with Mother Church. At the same time, however, I believe the Church should stand up and publicly denounce them, give them the chance to repent and if they don’t they should be publicly excommunicated. It’s way past time for the shepherds of the Church to sit back idly, doing nothing more than wringing their hands at the state of affairs in which we find ourselves. In the parlance of the times, the Church hierarchy should “man up” and do what they need to do to defend the Church, its teachings and our souls!!

    • Watosh

      I agree, but I realize if the hierarchy publicly excommunicated these apostate Catholics they would be branded as un-American, and regarded as an evil influence religious extremists who posed a danger to the American way of life.

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  • Micha_Elyi

    In my experience, females who are irrationally dogged about defending abortion have had one or more abortions themselves.

    In the 2014 election cycle, Ms. Pelosi should be asked how many abortions has she had.

  • Micha_Elyi

    St. Monica pray for us, and especially for those who have wandered farthest from the Christian faith, that we may not be lost forever.

  • John Sias

    His Peace to us all,
    Catholic bishops must stand up and promulgate and defend authentic Catholic doctrine and teaching. They must also formally present written notice to the politicians who promote abortion while identifying themselves as Catholics that they are not in full communion with the Church; and as a result may not publicly receive Communion. Your excellencies, stop using the public homosexuality of a few priests as an excuse for remaining silent in the dark corners. Bring the light of Christ to our Church and Republic.

  • cheeriosinmypocket

    Thanks for writing about such an important topic. I have read all of the comments, and I suggest that everyone forward a copy of this article to their Bishop/Archbishop/Cardinal, and Pastor. Whisper a prayer for them each morning and each night. Their silence is deafening and with each new day, more babies are conceived out of selfish passion vs. marital love. Those babies have no voice…they are murdered and dismembered by the 2 persons who were gifted with the ability to participate in giving life by the Author of LIfe. Never relent with our Bishops. Show them we support Truth, the fullness of Truth, and we are praying for them so that not one soul would be lost while under their care. In case you missed it, Fr. Frank Pavone and Priests for Life sent an “open letter/email” to Nancy Pelosi, and encouraged everyone to send one to her as well.
    Be steadfast in faith, dear brothers and sisters! May God Bless you all.


    Nancy Pelosi is such a gross embarrassment to the Church, to the Congress, and to the nation. How did she ever win an election? She has excommunicated herself by her votes and views favoring infanticide. She represents an ultra-liberal district in CA and could never remain its representative if she didn’t espouse such evil, deviant, and extremist views. She said the Affordable Care Act had to be passed so we could see what was in it. Huh? She was Speaker of the House of Representatives and 2nd in line to the Presidency when she uttered this gem. Frightening, isn’t it?

    She has just conveniently turned off her conscience for the expediency of winning
    elections. I don’t understand how she can live with herself and sleep at night. I am sure she is a well-funded darling of Planned Parenthood, the largest operator of human extermination camps in the world. She needs an avalanche of prayers for her conversion, hopefully before she leaves this passing world.

  • Ginny

    Pelosi: “As the mother of five children, my oldest child was 6 years old the day I brought my 5th child home from the hospital, as a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this. “
    In my opinion, the beginning of the slippery slope to abortion was bottle feeding. Women who chose to use the bottle found themselves fertile within 6 weeks of their deliveries.
    Luke 23: 28-30 But Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, stop weeping for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. “For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never nursed.’ “Then they will begin TO SAY TO THE MOUNTAINS, ‘FALL ON US,’ AND TO THE HILLS, ‘COVER US.’

  • Sue Joan

    The church is NOT in trouble because Jesus promised in Matt 16:16 that even man/womankind would not mess it up “I will found my Church and the Jaws of H/ell shall not prevail against it.” So who is in trouble? Let’s point the finger at born Catholics because somehow WE CONVERTS managed to learn our catechism and practice our faith. And news services like this one which never describe or teach Natural Family Planning. Natural Family Planning which is the ONLY SAFE METHOD of planning a family and totally sanctioned by the Catholic church, and also, is the world’s best kept secret. We need BORN Catholics to stand up and be counted … but maybe first, they ought to learn WHAT the church teaches. ** sigh ** Sincerely Sue Joan, Catholic and Pro life and proud of it!

  • pete salveinini

    Yes, indeed. Note that in the Kennedy family the Paterfamilias purposely sent his boys to secular schools figuring that they could only get ahead politically by avoiding Catholic ones; his wife’s response was to counter ” then the girls will go to Catholic schools”. Kennedy senior’s unrelenting political ambitions, along with his sexual infidelity, were the root cause of most of his family’s defection from full orthodoxy in the practical order. As long as the Church in this country had its “ghetto” orthodox parallel institutions, a large % of Catholics remained true to the practice of the Faith. With Vat II all this was swept away with the liturgical implementations that were an OBVIOUS RITUAL BREAK WITH THE PAST. This had the psychhological effect of thinking ANYTHING COULD CHANGE, including moral teaching. When the descendants of the pious immigrants became comfortably middle class post WWII, they valued the American Dream more than even an awareness of Everlasting Life. But there is one more important factor: the failure of the hierachy to accept prophetic Marian intervention specifically for America. Of course, Heaven forsaw all this defection beforehand. Mary intervened to prevent it. In response to the ’58 dedication of the Immaculate Conception Shrine in Wash, D.C., Mary came to a contemplative nun with a prophetic message and apparition: O.L. of America. The Archbishop of Cincinnati who was the personal spiritual director of this nun for years, approved canonically the messages (up to his death) as ok to believe. Among the messages Mary made a request specifically of the hierarchy to have a particular new statue of O.L. of America to be solemnly installed by all the hierarchy gathered there as a response to building the Church in her honor. IF THIS WERE TO BE DONE, SHE WOULD MAKE THAT CHURCH A PLACE OF INCREDIBLE GRACES AND HEALINGS THAT WOULD BRING OUR PEOPLE TO GOD AND MORALS. IF THIS WAS NOT DONE, THERE WOULD BE MUCH PAIN THAT WOULD COME TO OUR NATION. The hierarchy IGNORED THIS PROPHECY AND THE DISCERNMENT OF ONE OF THEIR OWN ARCHBISHOPS FOR 5OYRS. In Nov ’07 this message was re-presented to the. gathering of the hierarchy in closed session. It was again left aside, perhaps only10% of the bishops there went for it. THIS WAS THE EXACT MONTH THAT OBAMA MADE HIS ENTRY INTO THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE. The bishops MISSED THE TIME OF THEIR VISITATION. So because the hierarchy IGNORED CREDIBLE PROPHECY, THE GRACES THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GRANTED TO OUR PEOPLE TO PREVENT THE MORAL AND FAITH DECLINE WERE LOST. This is exactly what happened to Ruanda: the hierarchy did not discern the Blessed Mother’s prophetic messages in a timely manner (only AFTER ALL THE BLOOD) and as a result there was insufficient promulgation in that largely Catholic nation that might otherwise have prevented or greatly mitigated the evil. (cf. Why Did We Not Listen?, Immaculee Ilibagiza) And NOW we have the Hierarchy’s response to Obama’s threat to religious freedom with the Fortnight for Freedom. Not surprisingly the bishops IGNORE WHAT HAS WORKED IN THE PAST, at Lepanto, in Austria after WWII, in Brazil in ’59-60, i.e., a MASSIVE, UNRELENTING, DOWN TO THE PARISH LEVEL, PUBLIC ROSARY CAMPAIGN. The bishops seem not to realize practically THAT OUR LORD WANTS TO SAVE US THROUGH HIS MOTHER AND SHE WANTS THAT DONE BY MEANS OF THE ROSARY (All the approved Marian Apparitions repeatr this). We need MILLIONS OF THE FAITHFUL FOR THIS. A fortnight will not do: too little , too late. There is a principle of Salvation History: God’s Providence for the world is through his Church joined to Christ, as the spiritual health of the Church, so the benefit to the society. Fr. Peton where are you? because the bishops don’t seem to get it
    And I wouldn’t hold my breath about public correction of Pelosi any time soon. Not likely, all the predecessors in SF have failed to act publicly.

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