Miley Cyrus: Bellwether of Cultural Progress?

Miley Cyrus’s gyrations on the Video Music Awards are hardly new. In fact, Miley is getting whupped by the black community for a white performer once more taking a cultural artifact from the black experience.

Some have gone so far as to call Miley racist for taking on-stage twerking into the white mainstream. You probably did not know that this kind of thing is a staple of hip-hop videos; you could even call it “old-school.”

What is twerking? I had to look it up myself. It’s that thing where a woman dancer bends over and jams her derrière into the privates of a male dancer and then grinds. Twerking.

And did you even know that Miley Cyrus had a six-inch tongue? A tongue like a weapon she has, one that she flapped all over the stage with the standard Satanic leer. She even had little pigtails like tiny horns.

She also wielded a foam finger, the kind you see at football games, and used it to pleasure herself and her “singing” partner Robin Thicke who has a massive hit song out this summer called “Blurred Lines” with a video of cavorting naked barely post-teen girls.

Keep in mind that Miley is 20 and Thicke is 37. In case you don’t know, Robin Thicke is the son of plain vanilla entertainer Alan Thicke. Robin Thicke’s mother said she “could never unsee” the Miley spectacle. None of us can.

The spectacle was enough to give Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe an aneurism. I have never seen Mika so exorcised. She’s calling for boycotts and firings of the twerps at MTV who let this happen. And she wants Miley to get psychiatric help.

She’s not the only one. They say the celebs in the audience were shocked, too. Rihanna looked bored but the thing about Rihanna is she does much the same thing as Miley, even more so. She was probably cranky that racist Miley had invaded her turf.

Will Smith and his family were caught with shocked looks on their faces but their handlers have backed way off and said their priceless expressions were a combination of nose scratches and yawns and after all their expressions were from watching the rather tame (this year) Lady Gaga and not Miley.

During the same news cycle there was another spectacle, far worse, happening in a rural Illinois field.  Have you ever heard of Insane Clown Posse? They are a white rap-metal band, or whatever, that paints their faces with lurid clown make-up. They have quite a following that each year gathers for something called The Gathering of Juggalos. Juggalos is the name the band’s followers call themselves. This was the 13th year the Juggalos have met.

Miley Cyrus has nothing on these girls and guys.

There is a picture of a man without any arms, Satan make-up, with a heavy bucket suspended from a hole in his lip. The Juggalos are cheering. There are photographs of young girls all lined up and mostly naked though some have on stripper and bondage regalia. There is something called the “drug bridge” where all manor of pills are purchased, though this year it was at least temporarily closed when a young Juggalo over-dosed and died.

Perhaps the most famous picture from this year’s Gathering, though, is of a sick young man who was sent to the Gathering by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Seems he’s a big Insane Clown Posse fan and he and his family from rural Vermont have never been to a concert of any kind. There is a picture of him getting a naked lap dance by a lithe young teenager. The Riverfront Times of St. Louis reports that she just happened by, had heard the sick boy was there, and simply dropped her clothes and twerked. Finished—without a word—she left.

Knowing these stories I feel like Lazarus come from the dead, come back to tell you all. Did Lazarus need a shower?

Look at the progress we have made.

Fifty-seven years ago Ed Sullivan shot Elvis from the waist up so as not to offend middle class sensibilities with his pelvic gyrations. A few years later, Sullivan made the Rolling Stones change their lyrics from “Let’s spend the night together” to “Let’s spend some time together.” Forty-four years ago Midnight Cowboy got an X rating. Have you seen Midnight Cowboy lately? It’s the story of a male prostitute and his homeless buddy. It hardly showed anything truly offensive but it got an X in 1969! It would hardly get an R today, maybe even PG-13.

Are we better off morally today than we were in 1956 or even 1969?

At the same time as the Miley Cyrus and the Juggaloe story, another girl made the news.  An Irish girl—now known as the Slane Girl—was photographed performing sex acts on a triumphant-arms-raised-drunken-punk at a concert by white rapper Eminem. Her act has gone viral. Pictures. Video. Everything.

She now claims her drink was spiked. Her defenders are outraged that anyone would criticize her and wonder why the boy has not come under the same withering attack. They say her critics are trying to “shame” her. Oh no, not shame.

It is hard to say what is driving her critics. They most likely come from her social caste—sadly adrift, probably drug-addled, culturally and morally bereft. Still, perhaps there is a vestigial aversion to what she did. Maybe way down deep they can make moral judgments, and not only that, they can pronounce them, too. Maybe.

Maybe after the rat-a-tat-tat news cycle of Miley Cyrus, the Juggalos, and the Slane Girl comes a moral resurgence. I mean even Mika Brzezinski’s upset. It’s a start.

(Photo credit: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

Austin Ruse


Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute. He is the author of Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data published by Regnery. He is also the author of the new book Little Suffering Souls: Children Whose Short Lives Point Us to Christ published by Tan Books. The views expressed here are solely his own.

  • CharlesOConnell

    I’m thinking of working up a wearable, Faraday cage suit so that, when lightning starts coming down from the sky, I’ll have a chance of getting to confession.

    Semper Paratus. Always Prepared.

  • jacobhalo

    Shades of Sodom and Gomarra.

    • ProtestantLovesHisBrothers

      Shades? Its a full blown 24-bit glossy portrait.

      • Agreed. Welcome to the pilgrimage in an unholy land.

    • Proteios

      Shades? Goodness. How much worse does it need to be?

    • musicacre

      Then don’t look back and don’t be curious.

  • Uuncle Max

    Let’s keep in mind that these kids are the grandchildren and in some cases the GREAT grandchildren of the 60s – the love generation.

    We reap what we sew – God help us, God have mercy on us.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    What is this new fear of shame and humility? It seems like we have a culture overdosing on Pride, Lust, Gluttony and Greed; Shame and Humility are the antidote.

    • jacobhalo

      Gluttony (obesity) is now a disease. I guess there are only 6 deadly sins.

      • TheodoreSeeber

        It is a disease that, if you listen to even the most liberal doctors, not to mention politicians like Mrs. Obama, is YOUR FAULT for not properly controlling your food intake. That pretty much fits the definition of a sin.

  • AcceptingReality

    Austin, you had to look up “twerking”. That’s not bad. I had to look up Miley Cyrus. I thought he was a country singer…..Life’s better without cable TV! Everyone should try it.

    • Steven Jonathan

      That’s interesting, Miley is a racist for “twerking” and Bill Simmons is a racist because he didn’t know the difference between “corn rows” and “dread locks” and if we don’t support “gay marriage” we are all racists too?.! Insane clown posse? juggalos? Is anyone else concerned about the cultural compass in America?

      Accepting Reality, cutting of cable was the best thing we every did for our kids!

      • TheodoreSeeber

        The entire intent of America is to NOT have a moral compass. Or at least, that is what came out of the monstrous anti-Calvinist free masonry of the Founding Fathers.

        • smokes

          Nonsense. George Washington NEVER twerked.

          • Bono95

            George Washington dropped out of the masons when he discovered what they were really all about, and from then until his death, denounced them.

            • HigherCalling

              Wonder why his funeral was conducted under Masonic funeral rites by members of his Lodge. Unfortunately there has been a lot of myth-making surrounding Washington. The best one could say of his religious beliefs is that he was a nominal Episcopalian (never confirmed, refused Holy Communion, insisted on standing while others knelt, never used the words “Savoir,” “Redeemer,” or “Son of God,” eschewed the loaded word “God,” never wrote the name of Jesus Christ in the thousands of his letters, disbelieved in the divinity of Christ and the authority of Scripture, and held a very non-Christian view of the afterlife), and is better described as a Unitarian and a Deist, and even better as a devoted Freemason. He swore his presidential oath on a Masonic bible, consecrated the Capitol Building according to Masonic ritual, and is commemorated by the world’s second tallest obelisk — an important Masonic symbol (the three tallest all exist in America — all national landmarks — for a reason).

              • Howard

                Sorry, I see you already made the same point!

                Though I have to say, the evidence does not really show him to be a committed Freemason, but more of a nominal member. The Masons, on the other hand, exploited his name and reputation like crazy, especially after his death.

              • smokes

                First in war, first in peace and still first in the hearts of his countrymen. He’d chase half our corrupt pols, Catholic and non, in Washington into the Potomac.

                • Slainte

                  And first to say the U.S should avoid foreign entanglements.

                • athelstane

                  First in war, first in peace and still first in the hearts of his countrymen. He’d chase half our corrupt pols, Catholic and non, in Washington into the Potomac.

                  Washington on all available evidence seems to have been, at best, a Deist and reasonably content freemason – not, in short, really a Christian, let alone a Catholic – but among the leaders of history, it is difficult to name a man (or woman) who had all of the classical virtues (temperance, fortitude, justice, courage) in such abundance. He voluntarily surrendered power twice, and accepted little or no compensation for his efforts…and it is hard to think of any but a tiny handful of men in power who have ever done such a thing.

              • Slainte

                Freemasonry…would that Crisis Magazine might commission an in depth article on this theology, which so many popes have warned against, but so few Catholic apologists will even discuss. It is the 500 pound gorilla in the room.

              • hirider

                Freemasonry has no masonic bible! You are making this up!

                • HigherCalling
                  • hirider

                    Your link means nothing. Again, you are making this up. The items shown in your link shows books that were on sale by authors who produced them for sale to Masons who want teir books. For instance, the first three books are the King James Version bible with a Masonic emblem on the covers, and are called Masonic Heirloom Bible, Masonic Bible, and Master Mason’s Bible. These are simply KJV Bibles with a Masonic cover, which changes NOTHING internally. Other books listed are simply those written by someone about how to live, work and act during your normal everyday life, and is called a BIBLE by the author. Authors Sutton and Andrews have published the 100th edition of their SHOOTER’S BIBLE but that doesn’t mean they are demonic or are changing religion in any way. Pilots have an AVIATOR’S BIBLE that helps them with general aviation facts, but that doesn’t make them demonic. Since you are not a Mason, you are spewing information that you have gathered from other unreliable sources and are expounding those false statements as true. This has gone on for a century with others just like you. You don’t know what you are talking about.
                    I was taught that if I couldn’t say anything good about anyone, then don’t say anything. I try to live by that. I cause less trouble that way, and have many more respectful friends.

                    • HigherCalling

                      I merely stated that Washington swore his presidential oath on a Masonic bible, which is an irrefutable fact.


                      As to its contents, I made no comment, but there are claims that Freemasons have added their history to the KJV. I haven’t investigated those claims. You brought up links to the “demonic,” which seems reflexively defensive.

                      Another irrefutable fact is that Freemasonry is condemned by the Catholic Church.


            • Howard

              Sources, please. My understanding is that although he rarely attended their meetings, he never renounced them. It is worth pointing out that he even more rarely made reference to Christ.

            • Valentin

              What I hear is that he converted on his death bed but you would be surprised by the changes made by the following presidents for example the institution of the party system, somewhat later the proclamation (where Lincoln himself states that the civil war is not about slavery, and somewhat later the institution of taxes.

            • Bill

              Where do you get your information??? WIKIPEDIA??
              He went on to be Grand Master of Masons in Virginia. What they are about is Charity and Morality. If they were looking to rule anything, they’d be doing it already…
              Grow up and stop looking over your shoulder for something that’ll never attack…

          • TheodoreSeeber

            George Washington never signed either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution either.

            • Valentin

              It is also important to keep in mind (I am not sure how relevent this is) that George Washington was also not in favor of having a “party system” (quite reasonably) and at the time the people who voted were land owning gentlemen with experiance as fathers not just any Joe Shmoe.

        • Jacob Suggs

          Protip: even if you are absolutely correct, if you bring up masonic conspiracies most sane people write you off.

          • TheodoreSeeber

            No conspiracy, just comparative theology.

          • Slainte

            Pope Francis recently alluded to the machinations of the “Masonic lobbies”.

          • athelstane

            Protip: even if you are absolutely correct, if you bring up masonic conspiracies most sane people write you off.

            In part because masons in America have been somewhat different creatures than they have been in Europe (where they overthrew more than one Catholic monarchy, and actively persecuted the Church). Still wrong (and spiritually dangerous), of course; but the lived experience of Masons here helps shape a greater skepticism about such accusations. Especially today, when they look like just another Elks or Lions Club to many people.

        • Alecto

          Then, please, do all of America a favor and get the hell out and take your crazy, corrupt Catholic treachery with you!

          • TheodoreSeeber

            Didn’t know you were that anti-Catholic to actually display being a Know Nothing on a Catholic website, Alecto.

            • Alecto

              Discussing weighty issues are you? Guess you’re the expert fatso!

          • slainte

            Welcome back Alecto. The pot has not been stirred so vigorously since you left. Pax.

            • Adam__Baum

              She isn’t stirring it anymore, but excreting in it.

              • slainte

                She is, as we all are, a much loved child of God.

          • Bono95

            I’ve got a couple of questions for you. #1 if you are no longer Catholic, why is your profile picture still that of an angel, and #2, why did you leave? Looking back at several of your past comments on other articles, you’ve defended the Catholic faith and position vigorously and with great skill and knowledge. Don’t throw that all away. The Church needs informed defenders like you, and you need the Church, the Bride of Christ, who speaks for Him on earth and will guide you on the surest path to Salvation and Eternal Happiness. Please don’t be put off by members of the Church who make mistakes or commit deliberate sins. Pray for them and instruct them. God Bless you, and go in peace.

            • Alecto

              1. It’s not an angel, it’s “Alecto” (the “unnameable”), one of the Erinyes, the Furies: Tisiphone, Alecto and Megaera, daughters of Cronus, who is also the father of Aphrodite in Greek mythology. These three unrelentingly pursued and meted out justice.

              2. Who can intellectually or spiritually support or defend a Church, a belief that is corrupted by evil, unrepentant men, the opposite of what I know to be good, right and true? This does not teach piety and humility, the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ and his teachings, the fruits of which are unity and peace. It is division and dissension, envy, greed, self-satisfaction and ignorance. It breathes and breeds immorality through subterfuge and cunning.

              Whatever it once was, it is not now and shall never again be. What it is now is effete, overindulged, unworthy masters in Rome and slaves who pander to them elsewhere because they do not possess the good sense and judgement to use the minds God gave them, believing that by conceding to bishops and Rome, they will somehow be excused by God from judgment? It is dissipation, not holiness. It is simpering, not courageous. It is excessive, not judicious. It neither displays nor advances virtue, confusing the absence of vice with the presence of virtue. It exalts cultish “leaders” while trampling and seeking subjugation of others. It is so changed in essence and character as not to resemble that which I was taught and believe, it would be a blatant lie to claim I am “Catholic” because that name is offensive to me. You believe this is the Bride of Christ, but you Catholics have made the Church of Jesus Christ a whore out of your narcissistic, oppressive need to place men above God. You do not exalt or worship God, you exalt and worship yourselves.

              • Bono95

                All right, I see your first point now, but according to the story I read, no one knew who Aphrodite’s parents were. She just rose up out of the sea one day and drifted ashore in a giant scallop shell a la the famous Bottecelli painting.

                On your second point, any institution that contains human beings will necessarily have flaws, including the Church. The Church’s flaws are all human, not divine, and it is the divine foundation, goodness, and guidance that I and my fellow faithful Catholics living and dead intellectually and spiritually support. We are very saddened and shocked by the immorality of our brothers and sisters (and of ourselves) in the Church, but these evils can not only be and are dealt with, they in no way invalidate the Catholic Church. Christ promised that the gates of hell will not prevail, but he did not promise that they won’t try to. Satan and company really, really hate us, so they attack us vigorously, and being weak humans, we all fall for them at times, and sometimes fall very hard indeed. But if we recognize and repent of our misdeeds, God will forgive us and help us. And I must ask, if the Catholic Church doesn’t teach what you know to be good, right, and true, who or what does?

                Furthermore, faithfully adhering to the Catholic Church does not exempt one from God’s judgment; it is rather the easiest and most guaranteed way (and one given and established by Our Lord Himself) for one to live a good, holy life and receive a judgment of righteousness and a reward of eternal happiness. Not all judgments are negative.

                • Alecto

                  Your excuses are showing. You can’t have it both ways: the “Church” is God’s people, and they’re only human and make mistakes but by the way the “Church” is infallible? Uh, no.

                  For the record, the Church, at every possible moment, is bombarding me with requests for money at the same time it conducts a tax-exempt war on me and every American, undermining and diluting our rights which are far more precious to me than this loony religion because those rights come from God, not this corrupt institution, not the government and not the damned Jesuits. I have friends and relatives who have lost everything since 2008 because their jobs were given to Indians and Mexicans. Mr. – you want to sit in a pew like a dupe for the pope, go ahead, that’s your right. I have a conscience, even if you don’t and the suffering I care most about? Well, it’s the suffering I see around me caused by your nefarious “religion”. Any one of you who financially, materially, spiritually supports this outfit is violating the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ.

                  I think 2,000 years of corruption and being led around by the nose by a bunch of homosexuals in dresses who conspire to cover up child rape, collaborate with the enemies of all that is good and decent in exchange for money, and conduct a war against women is long enough, thank you very much.

                  • Bono95

                    Soooooo, you’re 2000 years old and spent all that time being dragged around by Judas Iscariot and the handful of those other clergy who failed to do their proper priestly duty. Why didn’t you call out for help from the far more numerous GOOD “men in dresses”? including, but not limited to, St.s Peter, Andrew, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, James, James, Jude, Thomas, Matthias, Simon, Linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus, Cornelius, Polycarp, Paul, Jerome, Augustine, Ambrose, Ignatius, Elmo/Erasmus, Benedict, Cyril, Methodius, Patrick, Gregory the Great, Anselm, Richard, Thomas Beckett, Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventure, Boniface, Dominic, Innocent III, Bernard of Clairveaux, Pius V, Thomas of Villanova, John Fisher, John Vianney, Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Isaac Jogues, Edmund Campion, John Neumann, Peter Claver, Pius X, Maximilian Kolbe, Bl. John Henry Newman, and soon-to-be saint John Paul II/the great.

                    When I say that the Church is infallible, I don’t mean that I and every single other person within the Church (except the Pope when he speaks ex cathedra on matters of Faith and Morals) is infallible, we aren’t. I mean that the Pope and the Magesterium, acting ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, speak and teach certain and infallible Truths about the Catholic faith which all the faithful are bound to believe and defend. And it is because we faithful are not infallible that we must follow the rules laid out for us by God through his Church.

                    You say the Church is constantly bombarding you with requests for money. Is it bombarding you more than the government? Is it, like the IRS, targeting and extorting groups that it doesn’t agree with? Is it, like Obama, tossing trillions of dollars we don’t have into useless government projects in spite of the increasingly bleak economy?

                    You say the Church is the cause of all the suffering you see. Is it causing as much suffering as al-qaeda is to it and other groups in the Middle East, or the Muslim radicals in Syria, or Obamacare and Roe v. Wade to unborn children in America, or the 1-child policy in China?

                    And you still didn’t answer my question. Who or what is the source of what you belief to be the Ultimate Truth if it’s not the Catholic Church?

                    • Alecto

                      I know what it means, and it is a false doctrine. No man is infallible, no one. All are equal before God and this ridiculous elevation of one man to the status of a god is blasphemy.

                      I never wrote that the Church is the cause of all suffering, but it IS the cause of what I see in my corner of AMERICA. Pushing its politics rather than SERVING people, to the point that it looks to its VICTIMS to FUND its PERPETUAL CORRUPTION.

                      WAKE UP! Jesus loves you, not your religion. Look at the pain and suffering caused by all of the cover-ups of child rape because of MONEY. Look at the suffering caused by Obama – elected by overwhelming CATHOLIC STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!! From the deepest recesses of my soul, I tell you the Catholic religion is wrong, and does NOT serve God.

                    • slainte

                      And from the deepest recesses of my soul, I tell you that the Catholic religion is True; that the Roman Catholic Church was created by Almighty God to cause men and women to worship Him and to understand that we are each individually made in His image and likeness and are thus partakers of the Divine spark.
                      It will never matter to God or the Church which sovereign earthly state a man or woman originates from or whether he or she crossed from one state to another legally or illegally. We all belong to Him and are accountable to Him; He loves us equally; and in HIs great mercy and love for us He created the earth to nourish all, not just a select and privileged few.

                    • Alecto

                      Your blind loyalty to an institution won’t save you, only your faith in Jesus Christ can save you. Papist indoctrination and global ambitions of control over every aspect of life are evil and not from God.

                      “It will never matter to God or the Church which sovereign earthly state a man or woman originates from or whether he or she crossed from one state to another legally or illegally.” Oh, but it matters very much as that is trespass and stealing, a violation of the eighth commandment. How conveniently you admonish everyone else for selectively applying God’s laws and exempt yourself from those you don’t like. Hypocrite.

                    • Adam__Baum

                      If practical men are slaves to some defunct economist, then impractical ones are slaves to defunct theologians, and it applies to women as well.

                      So here we have the seething angel of hate, not content to depart, but insisting on screaming 16th century invectives a side door, yet insisting she is the apostle of truth.

                      If you are going to align yourself with Luther or Henry Tudor, then align yourself completely.
                      No what was it that Luther said about women sitting still and keeping quiet?

                    • slainte

                      Hey Alecto, I am a huge hypocrite and a sinner and for a very long time was absent from the Church. During that time, I was very much present in the world aggressively building a career in a hard charging profession…just as I suspect you may be. Luckily though I managed to navigate my way back to the Church through a lot of personal pain and through God’s intervening Grace which was completely undeserved and completely unmerited. He broke me and re-formed me.
                      Sometimes what you write, Alecto, resonates with me and reminds me of my own thoughts and positions; sometimes not. I agree with you that some members of the Church (including clergy) can be really bad examples of Catholicism and Jesus Christ. And I also agree with you that I am often a bad example of being a good Catholic, and am probably guilty as charged of engaging in “pluperfect posturing”, as another poster opined, and yes I sometimes give offense.
                      But I try to catch myself when I screw up and try to re-route myself back onto the right path, that is….the Church’s path which is Jesus’ path. And when I get back on that path, I experience great joy which I cannot explain other than that Jesus’s Grace is somehow involved and it is good to be in alignment with Him.
                      I am a terminal and ever re-appearing patient in the hospital for Sinners that is the Roman Catholic Church. Care to join me and the other pluperfect posturing sinners who sometimes purposefully, sometimes unwittingly, give offense to others; and then with the help of God manage to right themselves just in time to start another day?

                • musicacre

                  Great reply; thanks for your trouble! It’s what I try to communicate to the kids.

      • Proteios

        SJ. Understand please that the counter culture was forged as a minority standing up against the huge powers that be. Now they are the power….although much more commercialized and using mass media to spread their agenda. So they need to constantly maintain the aura that they are standing up to something. The problem is there isn’t anything to stand up against. They are now ‘the man’. And that “man” so to speak is a useless, lazy, unappreciative one who never earned what they got and sits on the couch all day complaining about how everyone is out to get them. If he weren’t picked on so much he would move out, get a job and his own house.

    • I’ve been cable-free for over a year now and don’t look back. Even the shows I liked are not missed. Curiously, I tried to watch cable at someone’s home and couldn’t stand the thing. It’s like when you recover from a hang up and cannot stand the smell of alcohol, viscerally so. Couldn’t be more content with making better choices for entertainment now, be it on video or a book.

      • musicacre

        Know what you mean; got “rid” of our cable 21 years ago. The cable guy looked confused and didn’t really believe we wanted to un hook. In that time our 6 kids have had a huge range of extra-curricular activities (mostly music) just because there is more time! They also think outside the “box” I believe, since they haven’t been constantly exposed to the noise of the boob-tube. Internal noise (constant TV jingles and images creates this) competes with real brain space and reduces the chances of individual actually having ideas.

  • BK

    Austin, or Crisis, or whoever: did anybody check this for spelling? There are at least two howlers I have seen, and I have not got to the end of the article yet. Do yourselves a favour and stop undermining credibility with something so simple to remedy.

  • Pay

    I await the comments that will claim this is nothing new. They will call it the outrage of the day. As long as people have a few bucks in their pockets and cable tv is not down they will say things are not that bad and nothing really changes.

  • Sygurd Jonfski

    “Are we better off morally today than we were in 1956 or even 1969?”
    Ha, ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha…..

  • Steven Jonathan

    Sorry, accidental repeat.

    • larcolant

      Pray hard for her conversion. Many child stars are within reach of pedophiles. Based on behaviors its not difficult to recognize which ones were abused this way. Very sad, very, very sad.

  • Sygurd Jonfski

    It used to be called “cultural appropriation” or “cultural borrowing” and now it is “racism”? What a bunch of nonsense. As for Miley Cyrus, well, that’s pop culture for you. Keep away from it or start using a strong disinfectant after every contact.

  • grzybowskib

    I’m 24 with an almost 19 year old sister. We both hate “Blurred Lines.” My sister calls it “the sexual harassment song,” and I call it “the Fat Albert meets Hugh Hefner song.” :p

    • Bono95

      Never heard the song. Never plan to. Nearly all of my favorite songs were written and recorded by people older than my parents. (I’m 18, my parents are both 42)

      • grzybowskib

        Good for you. 🙂

        • Bono95

          Thanks. Great alternate songs titles there, by the way.

    • Valentin

      My brother showed it to me after I asked what it was even though he told me it wasn’t worth it, I stopped half way through, I couldn’t stand it, most rap songs that are bad I can suffer through but this is a song where bad lyrics get wrapped around your face as if someone were to softly and slowly blindfold and kidnap you.

      • Valentin

        In other words it is just creepy.

        • Bono95

          Exactly, I like to say that “rap” is a typo-ed word that’s missing a “c”. That’s rather crude, I know, but compared to what most rappers say . . .

  • Uuncle Max

    The mtv video show is known for its outrageousness. Among other things that means that every year there has to be an act that is more over-the-top than the previous year’s over-the-top winner. If they can get old fuddie-duddies like us talking about how outrageous it was then they have done their duty.

    I pity that girl’s parents, and i will have a Mass offered for her. .

    • Bono95

      How’d that old fuddie-duddie rock song about MTV-in-a-nutshell go? “money for nothing . . . and chicks for free . . .”

    • larcolant

      This is what all of us should do.

      I have been praying a St. Joseph novena for her conversion.

    • musicacre

      I think they accomplished what they set out to do if we’re all discussing this. It’s the circus, and I can’t remember that old line about suckers from Barnun and Bailey, but it’s high time we start paying attention to those who deserve out attention and not worry that people will think we, as Catholics are weird or irrelevant if we aren’t in the know about the latest pornographic atrocity! I have some devout Catholic friends (with large families, that are BUSY) who don’t know and couldn’t care less about these creature flinging themselves out there for money

  • Uuncle Max

    In 1986 there was a movie entitled ‘Saving Grace’. It starred Tom Conti and it was a gem. I saw it in 1990 or so – a rental. For years I looked for it and finally i got a copy for myself and it has not lost any of the punch it had. It is available on DVD and i heartily recommend it.

    Also – ‘The Spitfire Grill’ and ‘The Third Miracle’

  • Timothea

    This is one article in Crisis that I saw no reason to waste my time!

    • Augustus

      Did you come to that conclusion BEFORE actually having read the article to find out what the author said about cultural decline, or AFTER?

    • Billiamo

      Useless comment.

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  • roxwyfe

    A lot of Miley’s problems stem from the fact that her father was basically a one-hit wonder singer. He did “Achey Breaky Heart” and really nothing else anyone remembers. So, like a lot of parents, he pushed his child into show business and lives vicariously through her success. She was very cute when she first started the whole Hannah Montana thing, but obviously has changed direction.

    I am 56 and have NEVER watched MTV. I thought it was puerile from day one. It tried to do what earlier shows like “American Bandstand” and “Shindig” did decades earlier with great success and aplomb but failed miserably. However, it limps on like a wounded duck and everyone hails it as a triumph. But then our society seems to be modeled after the emperor and his wardrobe lately so no big surprise there. Up is down, day is night, black is white and no one seems to care about the truth any longer.

    In our modern, oh-so-nice world, there couldn’t possibly be anything as awful as shame. It just isn’t nice to make anyone feel bad about anything they say or do. It’s an extension of the 11th Commandment coined in the 60s – if it feels good do it and if it don’t feel good, you ain’t doing it right.

    • Adam Baum

      “and really nothing else anyone remembers.”
      Musically yes, but I remember him in pictures with his then 15ish year old daughter, notable only because she was topless.

    • Art Deco

      Apparently, she is estranged from her father, who is embarrassed by all this.

  • poetcomic1

    If she were truly shameless it would not be so….horrible. There are micro-moments in her ‘performance’ that ‘reek of innocence’ (I’m being ironic) despite all her pitiful efforts to be ‘bad’. Everything is so SAD these days.

  • davend

    If you think twerking is/should be restricted to old school hip-hop, you obviously were one of the few people on the planet who missed the whole “Gangnam Style” phenomenon.

    How about a story on how Billy Ray Cyrus has long served on the Board of the Parents Television Council?

  • Alphonsus

    For the longest time I thought there would be a natural limit to the depravity, an endpoint beyond which more depravity is not possible. Now, I am not so sure because clearly the imaginations of the perverts vastly exceed mine.

    • denise

      There is an end point. It’s called death.

  • windjammer

    The only surprise is anyone is surprised. Crude is the norm for the decadent. As a country, we not only live it but we export it like any other commodity. You could see this coming several years back with the famous photo shoot of Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter that went the equivalent of viral at that time. It was in poor taste and inappropriate at best. It crossed the line and objectified Miley. Her parents lost their credibility with their daughter that day. She has been just ramping it up (or down) ever since. More and more outrageous it seems. Train wreck coming.

  • hombre111

    Miles’ rictus of a smile says it all. A desperate grab for attention by someone still in her adolescence (it lasts until the early twenties). From Disney to a little demon. Sigh. The world of “entertainment” is a twisted bizarre culture of its own.

    • Bono95

      “From Disney to a little demon”

      Seems that goes for every Disney-backed pop-chick; Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Demi Lovarto, the HSM chicks, etc. ad nauseam. Someone should study this tragic phenomenon.

      BTW, “Miles” is a boy’s name.

      • Not just Disney. Just about any youth exploited by media. See sailor-mouthed Charlotte Church.

  • poptoy1949

    Ugly, slutty little girl.

    • Alecto

      and what of Mr. Thicke? No equal bashing here. And he’s MARRIED with CHILDREN. He’s 37, she’s 20. Who deserves more BLAME you Catholic misogynist.

      • poptoy1949

        Sorry darling, I do not hate or dislike women. I love women. And if you like I also say Alan Thicke Jr. is a slutty little boy for having done this also. However get off of the Catholic bashing.

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  • V

    This was very difficult to read.

  • Uuncle Max

    “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to Heaven especially those in most need of Your mercy.”

    He knows who they are.

  • Proteios

    This is the world that the counter culture of the 60s through 80s sought. It’s underpinnings can be readily found in hollywoods raunchy days of the 40s and 50s. These suppressed cultures have gradually become the mainstream. The counter culture is now the mainstream culture. The traditionalists, as we would now be known, are the ones getting suppressed, ostracized for our disagreeable nature and stance against what we see as a loss of purity, morality and general charitable character.

    Well, guess what. This new culture isn’t that great. It’s pillars are weak. In that they are not built on Truth, but on the machinations of philosophers, humanists and nihilists. The weakness doesn’t mean not strong, but means not based in a sustainable truth. For example, the term equality, or tolerance, for some, has been so badly misused as a pillar in the new culture that even obvious genetic differences, such as an X or Y chromosome are not sufficient to define male or femaleness. In that falsehood which is a pillar of their ideology, there is no way it won’t be constantly crumbling and rebuilt. Constant revolution as Lenin would say. They must always fight against some external force, even if its a weakened Church, who is the mighty power they will cast themselves as underlings against.

    Sorry. Rambling a bit. All I intended to say was this is change and not progress. Progress is the fact that we can grow enough food to feed 10 billion people or get clean water to most of the 6.8 billion we have now. Medicine. Vaccines. That is progress. This Cyrus silliness is simply a result of not having to work and toil for what you have. Getting things too easily with a healthy dose of not appreciating it mixed in.

  • I.C.

    Definitely a sign of the times…

    Read “I, Foam Finger” on

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  • Theorist

    I don’t think that liberals are going to awake just because of this since I don’t think liberals understand what a reductio ad absurdum is, nor do I think they understand that what they are seeing right now is a reductio ad absurdum. Instead they probably just register it as something instinctively gross however liberalism is predicated on erasing our disgusts (since disgust is divisive) so for them it is just another thing to overcome.

    Throughout history people have become more and more psychologically resistant to divisive emotions like hate and disgust. In principle most people have been liberals since the ancient times. So how can Christianity reclaim that psychological high-ground? I believe that there are 2 ways possible: (1) a great crisis occurs which makes even intolerant Christianity seem nice or (2) Christianity can take the zen route and say that unlike liberalism it promotes both the “haters” and “lovers” in society as complimentary parts (just like it promotes the complementarity of the male and female). Ultimately, unless one’s movement can make itself at least appear to favor something “nice” then it can never gain the fervent love of the masses of people. Right now Christianity is loosing because it seems to fight for a less nice world as opposed to liberalism which struggles for a nicer world.

  • Billiamo

    Robin Thicke also deserves censure for this obscene spectacle. Behold a 36 year-old married father who intones the following lyrics (and worse):

    What do they make dreams for

    When you got them jeans on

    What do we need steam for

    You the hottest bitch in this place

  • kendallpeak

    Of course we pray for these people. But after that, the only solution is to totally shun them, socially, in business, refusing to hire or rent to them etc. If they are going to create their own hell, so be it, but keep it out of my life and sphere of influence.

  • I_M_Forman

    Well, Hell isn’t half full yet, is it?

  • Valentin

    I am sometimes bothered by the fact that I can’t mention that a girl is slutty for doing this I mean seriously if they are white or black the only difference might be that a black girl might come from a slightly older degradation of culture than someone like Miley Cyrus but it’s the same thing I mean seriously the average guy around my age at least in Minnesota as well as other states seems to be in favor of it why? I am not quite sure but my guess is that it’s a mixture of them not being raised well, certain girls tempting them along with rap music, they happen to be horny and are shameless. Look at that one woman from Georgetown who wanted people to pay for her gratuituss amounts of condoms yet when one news guy calls her a slut hes chickens because “it’s a very mean thing to say”.

  • Uuncle Max

    Today is Sunday. In your prayers please remember that silly little girl, her parents, and our country, because if there were ever a time when we need prayer it is now.

  • Mugger Malcolmridge

    “When a girl ceases to blush, she loses the charm of her beauty.” — St Gregory the Great

  • Just a Guest

    I’m most disturbed about the sexual abuse perpetrated on that 17 year old by his mother and “make a wish” foundation. Didn’t anyone get in trouble for bringing a minor to that thing?

  • lyn bama

    I would have rather not read that. It’s pornography. This is a Catholic magazine?

    • Augustus

      Then why did you? Take a little responsibility for your actions. Your ignorance of the world won’t protect you from it and it won’t change anything for the better.

  • Alecto

    Cure for Cyrusitis: tune into “From the Top” on WETA, which features musical prodigies from 8-18. No lewdness, just brilliant music played by wunderkinds. Why not talk about them instead of screwed up Britney, Miley, Rhianna, Beyonce? There is talent all around you and within you, yet you continue to dredge up people who aren’t worth mention?

    How many believe spending $75-$300 for a ticket to the theater or opera, symphony is outrageous, but regard spending thousands to possess the technology that streams this depravity, nominal? Or, parents who claim they cannot afford the few bucks a month for an instrument and lessons, or canvas, paint, watercolors, or any number of artistic endeavors but the family BMW/Mercedes/Land Rover is a necessity? Or, that a $30,000+ Lyon & Healy, Steinway or Bosendorfer, is somehow an “extravagance”, not as Keats extolled, “a joy forever”?

    When you allow others to dictate the standards by which you live your life, guess what? They will!

  • Matteo

    “It’s a start”? Not really. Every time the anti-Christ culture takes another ratchet in the direction of Hell highly-paid professional nice people make gasping noises and act shocked. Their feigned shock benefits Cyrus’s handlers by ginning up more publicity and by signalling to hypnotized children how to outrage parental sensibilities (or what is left of them). Cyrus’s keepers also happen to be the same people who handle all the supposedly shocked TV people.

    These people make towering fortunes selling our passive viewership to their sponsors. The way to stop this smut is to unplug and cancel your cable. What is the difference between the cable viewer’s passive receptivity and that of the dying juggalo with his random lap dance? What the cable viewer gets is even worse: the moral destruction of himself and his posterity right in his own home. And he pays for it.

    But the American TV viewer won’t quit even when he sees his children’s precious souls shat upon by mega-rich, drug-addicted perverts who hold him in contempt. He loves it too much and he is too corrupt himself to let it go.

  • Chad

    I believe there reason for the uproar is due to everyone remembering her as being a sweet little girl on Disney, and than the shocking transformation.

    With others it’s expected, this is the new Rome, we shouldn’t be surprised, don’t watch tv.

  • mother

    had a discussion this passed labour day weekend at a very enjoyable large family party about the vma miley twerk out. after lots of adult beverages by all, one 30 year old cousin living in brooklyn was heard to bellow loudly ” I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SLUT SHAMING!”… causing an eruption of caterwauling rising above the 70’s dance music where many tried to point the finger just at robin thick and the patriarchy, giving miley a slut pass.
    blaming the ” culture” as if the ” culture ” was controlled by mom’s in the suburbs
    ( ones who shame miley while fearing for their daughters), while the youngish single female brooklyn benifactors of their daddy’s patriarchy and largess, expressed loudly the sad scholarless, experienceless activism one learns at elite houses of learning, provided generously by patriarchy which also provides rent trust fund vacations and tuition… like billy rae, we still love you..

  • Martial Artist

    Thank you, Mr. Ruse. Prior to reading this article I had not thought of “progress” as a signed (i.e., as falling on a numerical scale somewhere between -∞ and +∞) numerical quantity. You have enlightened me, and, I hope, other readers of your essay.
    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer