Obama vs. Catholics


The Brian Williams MSNBC debate in Florida was not only dreadfully boring — I never thought I could ever long for commercials — it was pathetic. Freed of the fear of triggering an avalanche of applause against loaded questions, Williams and his co-moderators couldn’t bring themselves to utter one single question asking the Republican candidates to respond to Obama’s mistakes. For almost two hours, not one Obama failure was cited. Apparently, his record is spotless.

Instead, the candidates (especially Rick Santorum) were thrown four questions surrounding the 2005 legal battle in Florida over pulling the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo, which pushed all the liberal media hot buttons about “far right” religious conservatives throwing their religion around where it didn’t belong. This isn’t breaking news. But like the ABC debate fixated on contraception, it’s evidence that liberal networks are focused on their agenda, not on the voters’ concerns.

Let’s reverse the conversation. How do these same reporters deal with the outrageous left-wing extreme on social issues? They don’t.

Take the order promulgated by Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services on Friday to require virtually all employers to offer insurance coverage of sterilization, abortifacients and contraceptives without deductibles or co-pays in their employee plans by Aug. 1. Churches are exempt, but not religiously inspired hospitals, schools and other charities that hire outside their faith tradition.

“The government should not force Americans to act as if pregnancy is a disease to be prevented at all costs,” insisted Archbishop (and Cardinal-designate) Timothy Dolan of New York, head of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops. “Historically, this represents a challenge and a compromise of our religious liberty.”

That’s putting it mildly. What it means is that the Catholic Church is faced with closing down its hospitals, universities and charities — or committing mortal sin.

Amazingly, the major media found nothing historic about this. ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC all ignored it. NPR covered it on Friday night — with a positive tone. The headline on their website was “Administration Stands Firm On Birth Control Coverage.” The Washington Post editorialized that Team Obama had made a mistake, but Brian Williams can’t seem to acknowledge that Obama has ever made a mistake, even when Obama boasts of his travels to 57 states.

So at what point do our country’s television networks notice that Team Obama has an ideological agenda against faith-based charitable organizations, most especially the Catholic Church? Across the country, Democrats have been pushing Catholic social workers out of government cooperation. In Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and most recently in Illinois, Democrats have insisted on forcing Catholic Charities to quit its long-time assistance in providing adoption and foster-care services because they refused to place children with homosexual couples.

How militant is their bigotry? Consider: The Catholic providers offered to refer them to other agencies (as they had been doing for unmarried couples), but Gov. Pat Quinn’s government drew a line in the sand, comparing gays to the black civil rights struggle. “Separate but equal was not a sufficient solution on other civil rights issues in the past either,” government spokesman Kendall Marlowe told The New York Times. “The child welfare system that Catholic Charities helped build is now strong enough to survive their departure.”

The Conference of Catholic Bishops lost a federal contract to aid survivors of sex trafficking because Obama’s HHS bureaucrats objected that contraceptive and abortion referrals would not be provided. Steven Wagner reported for National Review that senior officials at HHS, up to and including persons in the office of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, “overrode career staff to give federal funds to two organizations deemed by the professionals to be unqualified.”

Despite this open war on religious liberty, the networks haven’t moved a muscle, even after Newt Gingrich denounced their anti-religion bias in a Jan. 7 debate in New Hampshire.

“You don’t hear the opposite question asked: Should the Catholic Church be forced to close its adoption services in Massachusetts because it won’t accept gay couples? Which is exactly what the state has done,” Gingrich declared. “Should the Catholic Church be driven out of providing charitable services in the District of Columbia because it won’t give in to secular bigotry? Should the Catholic Church find itself discriminated against by the Obama administration on key delivery of services because of the bias and the bigotry of the administration?”

As Gingrich argued, the accusation of intolerance flows both ways. But Brian Williams and the other major-media “moderators” would rather shave their blow-dried heads than make Obama look bad at a Republican debate.



L. Brent Bozell III


Lecturer, syndicated columnist, television commentator, debater, marketer, businessman, author, publisher and activist, L. Brent Bozell III is one of the most outspoken and effective national leaders in the conservative movement today. Founder and president of the Media Research Center, Mr. Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.

  • Francis Wippel

    Thanks for (finally) posting something on this decision by Obama’s HHS. I sincerely hope that, this time, the USCCB is prepared for a legal fight to this affront by the Obama administration. It is simply not good enough anymore to sit back and just encourage Catholics to contact their representatives. We are being governed by an administration that has no respect for the beliefs of the Catholic Church on life issues. We need our bishops to initiate a lawsuit against this administration. This must be fought legally, as well as with the voices of American Catholics.

    I do not use these words lightly, but make no mistake: This is a declaration of war on the Catholic Church by this administration. Political liberals love to throw out that phrase “separation of Church and State” (which isn’t in the Constitution) whenever the Catholic Church tries to influence a political debate, especially over life issues. However, these same liberals who decry church involvement in state matters have no problem with the state mandating the Church to violate teachings which it has held for as long as it has taught on the subject.

    Furthermore, every Catholic institution effected by this (hospitals, colleges, schools, etc.) should be prepared (and have the courage) to close its doors rather than comply with this mandate. That may be the only way to force this administration back off.

    I can’t help but wonder what Catholics who supported Obama four years ago are thinking now. That honorary degree from Notre Dame sure didn’t do the Church any good, did it, Father Jenkins?

  • Rev Mr Flapatap

    Hmm…. Maybe, in order to comply with government regulations, Catholic institutions should start requiring proof of baptism or voluntary acknowledgement of faith before providing employment or services. That would keep them in compliance with the government and their consciences. I see three benefits to this:

    1. It will put the burden on the government to prove that those employed or served are not Catholic;
    2. I may help open the hearts of those who are lukewarm about faith or irreligious to look into the faith;
    3. It would drive the liberals crazy.

  • Thomas C. Coleman, Jr.

    How could Catholics who voted for and encouraged others vote for Obabma not have seen this Kulturkamf coming? Didn’t he oppose a bill in Illinois requring that babies that survived abortion attemtps be saved? Didn’t he claim that his pro-abort and pro-homosexual marriage running mate was a “committed Catholic”? Some Cathoics were even encouraged from the pulpit to vote for this man on the ridiculous groudns that his antipoverty measures would reduce the demand for abortions. And let us not forget that some believed that ensruing that anyone who wants to enter the US may do so is more important than protecting innocent life. We got what we asked for. And just where is the next battle in this war to be fought?

  • Alecto

    I read both Archbishop Dolan’s and Gomez’s pieces on this ruling. It must be legally challenged. There can be no compromise, no silence, no inaction. Today it’s the Catholics, but the Obama Administration is simply laying the foundation for “de-religionization” of the entire country. No person of any faith is safe and secure while these minions from hell occupy the government.

    The Catholic church had better recall Ecclesiastes 3:16 and start gearing up for these critical fights of which this is only the first. That means Archbishop Dolan cannot be kissing the ring of Cuomo, an Obama supporter, an abortion supporter, a gay marriage supporter. I recall Robert Bolt’s screenplay from A Man for All Seasons, “I am the king’s faithful servant, but God’s first.” Well, whose servant is Dolan? It’s difficult to tell. To the rest of these coward-bishops, enough with the “rights” to living wage jobs, green economic policies, universal healthcare and illegal alien amnesty – there’s $26 million frittered away collaborating with the enemy who are stripping us of our rights! Lenin had a term for these people, useful idiots. That they are.

  • Mark Higdon

    This the whirlwind now being reaped by the Catholic Church in the US, which sowed the wind decades ago by heartily embracing the secular welfare state and becoming its willing and eager auxiliary. Up to now, the charities, hospitals and schools of the institutional Church in America have scarcely met any federal subsidy whose chains they did not cooperatively and obediently shackle themselves with. The chickens of “faith-based initiatives” have come home to roost.

    Now, the Church’s back is to the wall. Now we’ll see, truly, “how many divisions the Pope has” in the US.

  • Thomas C. Coleman, Jr.

    Thank you boht, Aldcto and Mark Higdon. many Cathoics were indeed tricked into thinking that these hardened scualrists who claimed to seek a worlers paradise on Earth could be trusted. Noe of them had read Divini Redemptoris. Look what their gulliblity has wrought! And look where the Church has gotten by continuing to allow pro-aborts to pretend that they are Catholics in good standing. It was the pro- who aborts who sought use the Sacraments as poltical tools. Itis not stretching the turth to suggest that dreadful memorial for Ted Kennedy might have itslef been uased as prrof that the Chruch too neither the life or the marriage issue seriously. Well, those secualrists have asked for a Kulturkamf–leet’s give it to them!


    In 19th century Germany launched the Kultur Kampf against the Catholic Church; now Obama the god president of the Democrat partyis starting his war against the catholic church. We will soon see whether Obama worshippers at Notre Dame and most of the former Catholic univeristies will join him in his personal Jihad against Christianity; the Kennnedy family will most certainly use its extensive power to war against Catholics who will not bend the knee. Catholics in the American State should keep the words of St.Thomas More in mind; words he spoke before his execution ;”I die the King’s good servant but God’s first.” Maybe the accusation of 19th century American anti Catholics bigots concerning whether Catholics could be Americans and Catholics at the same time can be answered. Maybe now is the time to anwer no we cannot and will not be Americans anymore; fifty million abortions are too much to bear.