Another Ordinary Year in America

The student congress at Harvard, America’s most prestigious “institution of higher learning,” as the euphemism goes, has voted to provide funds to a campus group promoting sadomasochistic sex.  Members of the Love and Fidelity Network, a group promoting chastity before marriage and faithfulness within, voice their opposition, and are widely denounced and ridiculed.

A female professor of philosophy at Queen’s University in Ontario writes a book whose title asks us to consider why we should have any children at all.  The word “marriage” does not appear in its index.  “Marriage” is, however, on the mind of an obscene advice columnist named Dan Savage, who believes not only that a man may marry a man, but that a man can marry a man.  He commends a loosey-goosey attitude towards adultery, and school districts across the nation commend him in turn, holding him up as a model of tolerance.  At one school, this model spits out a volley of venomous abuse against Christian students, who leave the hall in protest, and thereby become objects of general contempt.

About four hundred unborn children have their lives snuffed out, in the United States, every day.  That is not enough for Planned Predators, who issue a pleasant holiday card with the salutation, “Choice on Earth.”  It boasts a dove with an olive branch, evidently a softening of the more appropriate vulture with a dead rabbit in its talons.  A woman of no special intellectual attainment or moral heroism becomes a national celebrity for insisting that the Catholics at her university pony up the cash to defray the cost of her IUD or her boyfriend’s rubbers, as the case may be.

The President of the United States watches a live feed of an attack on American citizens, at an American consulate, and then sends a flunky out to announce to the press that the riot was a spontaneous reaction, on the anniversary of the September 11 massacre, to a wholly unknown anti-Islamic film made by someone in California.  That person, an American citizen, is identified to all the world and haled away for police questioning.

In the Race for the Sewer Sweepstakes, the filthiest of the major television networks broadcasts a supposed comedy called The New Normal.  To judge by the covers of magazines readily visible at every grocery store and drug store, the screenwriters are probably right.  A young football player, who grew up without a father and who minored in Fighting Domestic Violence, “cheats” on the unwed mother of his child, murders her in a fit of jealousy for “cheating” on him, and then commits suicide in front of his head coach, who tries and fails to talk him out of it.

Bullets fly in Chicago.  Whole sections of Detroit, once the boom city of the Midwest, are plowed under and returned to grassland.  The nation’s Senate has not passed a budget in three years.  The Supreme Court, a cadre of nine lawyers, is expected to tap into its collective philosophical, anthropological, political, pedagogical, and juridical wisdom to resolve cultural and moral questions, and this is somehow considered to be the nation’s highest form of self-government.

One out of every eight black men between the ages of twenty and thirty is in prison.  One out of three black men will have done some time there.  Seven out of ten black children are born out of wedlock.  Nearly four out of ten white children are born out of wedlock.  The use of psychoactive drugs to “control” the aggression and the restlessness of boys continues to rise.

A famous professor of psychology at Harvard declares that the whole concept of human dignity is, to use his technical term, “stupid.”  Physicians must be listening.  It is now accepted practice to “harvest” organs from still-living human bodies, on utilitarian grounds.  Several people supposedly in a “vegetative” state emerge from their comas, one of them asserting that he had been aware of everything going on around him.  Morphine is commonly used not to relieve pain but to nudge a dying person over the brink.

People look forward to the coming day when embryos will be manufactured according to specifications.  Some young women decide to have their eggs frozen so that they will be able to bear children after they turn fifty.  Cohabitation is now common practice, but dating is not.  College students drink themselves into a stupor so as to dull the conscience for the “hooking up” that follows.  The mechanical metaphor is apt.

A majority of those college students will engage in another form of cheating, too.  There are whole businesses that do nothing but hand out papers on any academic subject, for a price.  Tellingly, there are businesses that do nothing but scan the internet to nab the cheats.  Professors at the richest institutions, in a show of deep concern for the working poor, farm out much of the teaching of undergraduates to graduate students and to adjunct professors, at about one fifth of their own pay, if that.  College tuitions continue to soar far past the rate of inflation.  The typical graduate will have learned next to nothing about the literature, the history, the philosophy, the art, and the theology of the West.

Atheist groups across the country continue to try to rub out the last trace of Christianity from the public square.  They find a shill in my backyard, Woonsocket, to protest an old cross in a public cemetery.  They find another shill in my backyard, Cranston, to protest an old banner among a lot of other banners, hanging from the high school ceiling and expressing a pious religious sentiment.  They choose Advent for pasting a big billboard in New York City, featuring the face of Jesus and begging people to “dump the myth.”

The Pope writes a tender and deeply learned book on the infancy narratives in the New Testament, affirming their historicity and revealing the richness of all the Christian traditions surrounding those events.  The press headlines call him a killjoy, and report his contempt for those traditions.  An embittered old apostate queen writes a book portraying Mary as an embittered old apostate queen.  This is hailed by National Public Radio as tidings of great joy.

Self-fulfillment, defined by the self, is the sole “virtue” remaining; that, and indifference, called “tolerance,” toward others fulfilling themselves.  “Rights” multiply and responsibilities dwindle.  People take for granted that law has nothing whatever to do with morality.  Their schools proselytize young people for entry into this quaint phantasm of secular faith.

Common decencies fade; common language is vicious; chivalry is scorned.  The nation sends women off to battle.  The nation sends them and their brothers off to distant places, for no clear reason.  The nation’s chief military officer is discovered to be a common adulterer, in a scabrous tangle of lies and stupidity.  He resigns under duress.  “Drones” kill targeted terrorists and others who happen to be in the vicinity, including children.

There are some three dozen venereal diseases coursing about, where there once had been but two or three.  These are no longer called venereal diseases.  They are not even called diseases.  The new term is Sexually Transmitted Infections.  They are not at all limited to the sexual organs.

A young man is shot to death by a community watchman.  A major television network mendaciously alters a tape of his conversation with the emergency dispatchers to make him appear racist.  The government peddles guns to the heads of Mexican drug cartels, in hopes that the inevitable murders, preferably of Mexicans, will spur the American nation to enact stricter gun control laws.

A crazed young man in Connecticut, three years after his father and mother divorce, and two years since he has last seen his older brother, takes three of the guns his mother bought to protect them in her now mostly empty house, and enters an elementary school, murdering twenty six people, most of them small children, before taking his own disgusting and miserable life.  Some of the teachers give their lives to shield the children.  Churches there, the following Sunday, today, are full.  One of those churches, where I myself have lectured, has to be evacuated on another threat of mass violence.  “My friend didn’t finish the job,” says the prankster.  His sentiment, though not his action, would be approved by Hollywood, which hates the Catholic Church with a white hot passion.  A program on one of the more squalid of the cable channels features Catholic priests and nuns in the sixties as sadists and perverts.

On the television, to which I glance idly to see the Giants lose to the Falcons, commercials commend the usual fare of fornication and slaughter, to jaunty music.

Editor’s note: The woodcut of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev. 6:1-8) above by Albrecht Durer was produced in 1497-8 and represents war, famine, pestilence and death.

Anthony Esolen


Professor Esolen is a teaching fellow and writer in residence at Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Dr. Esolen is a regular contributor to Crisis Magazine and the author of many books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization (Regnery Press, 2008); Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (ISI Books, 2010) and Reflections on the Christian Life (Sophia Institute Press, 2013). His most recent books are Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching (Sophia Institute Press, 2014); Defending Marriage (Tan Books, 2014); Life Under Compulsion (ISI Books, 2015); and Out of the Ashes (Regnery, 2017).

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour

    “People take for granted that law has nothing whatever to do with morality.”
    Some Catholics have taken the same view.

    Pascal asked, “On what shall man found the order of the world which he would govern? Shall it be on the caprice of each individual? What confusion! Shall it be on justice? Man is ignorant of it.”

    Hence, “He who obeys them [the laws] because they are just, obeys a justice which is imaginary and not the essence of law; it is quite self-contained [elle est toute ramassée en soi], it is law and nothing more.” A remarkable early example of legal positivism.

    He regards appeals to Natural Law as futile, for, “You are not in the state of your creation” and the Fall means that “without Scripture, which has only Jesus Christ for its object, we know nothing and see only obscurity and confusion in God’s nature and ours.”

    Portalis, one of the commission that drew up the Code Napoléon of 1804 was, like Pascal, very devout, in the high Augustinian fashion and had suffered for the Faith during the Revolution. He declares that “Christianity, which speaks only to the conscience, guides by victorious grace the little number of the elect to salvation; the law restrains by force the unruly passions of wicked men, in the interests of public order/public policy [l’ordre public]” Like Pascal, he thought the two have very little to do with each other.

    This has profound implications for law and for politics.

    • Theorist

      I don’t understand the practical implication. We all want the law to reflect morality so, what does your historiographical analysis contribute to the practice of ethics or to the actions Catholics should take politically?

  • withhope

    the Church was/is THE bulwark against evil – for 50 years scores of ordained and consecrated souls have been betraying Truth, Life and the Way; that we have a post-virtue culture is a direct result. the Truth is no ‘hermetic’ bubble or potter’s putty – it’s Truth – period. the war on Catholicism heralded by intelligensia for decades has found its fruit; the lowering of the sovereignty of Our Lord (the Truth is a Person) raises lies (a real being) and the evil thereof.

    Lord have mercy – St Michael rout out the traitors of Truth – throw the wolves to the wolves.

  • Alecto

    Stop! Please, I beg you, stop. The litany of incessant horrors is well-known and wide-spread. What are we doing about it? Here is my short list:

    1. Pray and publicly practice our faith.

    2. Get involved in politics locally, by joining parties, volunteering and speaking out to our representatives..repeatedly and consistently. Correct their misconceptions at every opportunity.

    3. Boycott any and all businesses which do not affirm our values. I haven’t seen a film in years, canceled cable and refuse to support businesses that promote immorality and anti-Catholic sentiment.

    4. Do not investing money in companies which promote immorality. Review your investments, and sell them if they violate Catholic principles.
    5. Be consistent.

    • Tout

      Yes, ALECTO, Publicly practice my faith. Twice a month I prayed at a Mary-statue downtown, and hang sign “Whether glad,sad or wary, stay a while, say a Hail Mary”. Not knowing how to start a yearly procession, I went alone around 4 streets,praying, rosary in hand. The 7th time(2005), a mother and son came along. In 2008,a mother took over(I was 88).Had fine procession: 50 people praying,singing, carrying Mary-statue to church for crowning. I always make sign of cross before meals, also in restaurants. We had a statue of Mary outside against the wall besides the front door of our house. I always receive on tongue, tho 2 priests tried to open my hands.On Sunday I only give 25 c till we get communion-rail in church. I try to show Catholic belief in the open. In 2004 in Turnhout(Belgium) prayed at Sacred Heart statue on central market. It was in very bad shape, held together with 5 metal bands.. Back in Canada, wrote to 100+people & the Mayor there, the statue needed repairs.Was fully repaired in 2006. Please, Cathoiics, receive on tongue God wants to come in us,not in our unblessed hands. The Pope prefers it. The FSSP do only the Tridentine (Latin)Mass, provide communion-rail, give on tongue. Now in about 5 cities in Canada. Please, receive Communion on tongue !

      • J G

        This is all much bigger then Holy Communion on the tongue.

        • musicacre

          Actually…not really. It all boils down to Catholics FIRST comforming to decency, before we can expect the rest of the world to. To offer the proper respect to Christ that we should be inspired to, when we receive Him, would be to kneel in adoration and receive on the tongue. It takes humility and proper recognition of God to start changing the world.

          • J G

            Receiving in the hand was done even in patristic times. I have no objection to receiving on the tongue, but that will not suddenly create a perfect world. Following the rubrics and GIRM is an exercise in humility for all of us.

          • Tout

            MUSICACRE A long time, I always knelt on the floor to receive H.Host. I can no longer kneel safely, but still receive on tongue only.

      • Diane

        Are you aware that you have the moral obligation to support your parish? You are displeased with many things in your parish and wish they would change. However none of the things you against church law. Refusal to adequately support your parish is.


        • Tout

          DIANE if you feel like supporting a pastor who diminishes the aspect of your church, go right ahead.

          • Diane

            My Pastor is not my church. If I fail to support my church I am in disobedience to the precepts of the the Catholic Church. Last time I checked, that was a sin, None of the practices that you relate are in violation of licit practices.

            • Tout

              DIANE The pastor handles your money. If your pastor uses the money for drinking, you would still give the same amount of money. That is up to you. If he would use your money for any bad purpose, you would still provide him with your money. Go ahead. I choose to give my money where it supports the Church. God will judge me about my work, not you.

  • Jeff

    Why focus so much on what is negative — to the point of being disingenuous — when there is so much good in the world? If you’re looking for good in people, you’ll find it. If you are cynical and judgmental, you’ll find what you are looking for too. What the author says about “Hollywood” (and pretty much everything else) is about as stereotyped and mean-spirited as it could possibly be.

    • poetcomic1

      Life is terrifying now, Pollyanna. To anyone with eyes to see and a heart to feel.

  • Fr. Bill

    As you are I am appalled by the direction our country and our world is going. And I foresee dark days ahead. But we dare not forget that it was in the midst of darkness that the light of Christ came into our world and it is a light that cannot be extinguished. From this I gain hope. All that you listed tempt me to pessimism but if we truly believe, we cannot go in that direction. It is love and peace and joy that will conquer in the end and death and evil will disappear.

    • Tout

      Is this Fr.BILL, I met on the 8 day walk to Midland ?

  • Bill Russell

    Jeff – and all those who prefer the bright side of things: Some inspiration to lift our hearts, and it is even nicer on Prozac:

    Here’s a little song i wrote,
    you might want to sing it note for note,
    don’t worry, be happy

    in every life we have some trouble,
    when you worry you make it double
    don’t worry, be happy

    dont worry be happy now
    dont worry be happy
    dont worry be happy
    dont worry be happy
    dont worry be happy
    aint got no place to lay your head,
    somebody came and took your bed,
    don’t worry, be happy

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  • publiusnj

    There is no doubt that militant atheists, anti-Catholics, anti-Christians, etc., are on the march. However, our story is the most powerful story in the World. Christmas is a more powerful day than all the holidays manufactured by the amoral state and the market combined: MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday combined. Indeed, the last three are just the marketplace trying to horn in on the Christmas celebration in a new way, but those three days are just pale harbingers of Christmas.
    We ought to be noting that all the ruckus against Christmas has not diminished the great joy that day brings and that all the haters of Christmas have not come up with a single good Labor Day or Thanksgiving carol. We ought to remind people that the Message of Christmas is Peace on Earth , Good Will to men and that that is an older and dearer sentiment than the court-produced notion that this country is “the Land of the Free to Abort and the Home of the Gay.” And when the counter-attack comes about clerical pedophilia, we ought to note that there is pedophilia going on in so many of our public schools and spo many other public institutions but that never stops the state from supporting them and from taxing us for their support.

  • Power_of_Cheese

    Thank God for our precious gun rights! If Nancy Lanza had not had a personal arsenal for her protection, she might not be alive today.

  • Power_of_Cheese

    Thank God for our precious gun rights! If Nancy Lanza hadn’t had access to her own personal arsenal, she might not be alive today.

  • Ray Olson

    Professor Esolen–Reference notes, please, or links to reportage on the events you describe rather too obliquely for me to recognize them.

    • Meg

      Really? You can’t identify the events? I can identify every single one without any links, references, etc. Maybe you should pay attention to the news a little better.

      • Ray Olson

        You have a point, Meg. I have not read a newspaper regularly since 1970-something, and I stopped watching TV news long before then. That is part of practicing the simplicity I feel called to. I strongly feel that we must not become too excited by the sensationalism that is the stock-in-trade of the media. We should attend to our families, our friends, our church communities, and our neighborhoods much, much, much more than to widely publicized outrages that may not tell us anything significant or even meaningful about that true state of the world, the nation, and our immediate circumstances.

        • swoltze

          You are correct to shrug over “widely publicized outrages”, but how about the fact that the vast majority of americans live in a state of grave sin?

          • Ray Olson

            swoltze–I am unsure that “the vast majority of americans live in a state of grave sin” and wonder how one might ascertain that, short of knowing the mind of God. Prayer is a proper response, but it is hard to pray genuinely, I think, about matters so large as to be an abstraction to my mind, such as a vast majority, “grave sin,” and that old constant, peace on Earth.

            • Augustus

              Is this the Ray Olson of Booklist fame? If so, welcome to Crisis!

              • Ray Olson

                Yes. Thank you,

      • John200

        Maybe he will be better off not following the parade of krappe too closely. The insane media carefully packages the news, and one of its primary motives is to stir you up. They like you disappointed, depressed, and in (sinful) despair. They want you basically unhappy; why let them have their way?

        One response = I plan to read less of the news this coming year, just because I think it will improve everything in my little patch of paradise.

        • Michael

          I had very little access to news and current events during a week long summer vacation this past year, and was amazed at how relaxed and happy I was. Sometimes the news comes too fast, which isn’t a good thing when the news is often bad.

  • J G

    Wow, hit the nail on the head.

  • Alecto, Publius, and everybody: Yes, you are absolutely correct! We should publicly celebrate our faith, and I mean publicly. The secular world knows no joy. It is now drab and squalid. It has nothing real to offer. Last time I checked, something beats nothing every time. But we do not have a mere something. We have Someone, or He has us! Why, most people have no idea what a true celebration looks like — most people, that is, outside of the faith.

  • Flavius

    Excellent accounting. I would add only that as practical matters, it is important to keep the faith, to study the faith, to choose one’s friends carefully, and to bone up on how the dissidents, people such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, endured with integrity through some of history’s most Godless and repressive regimes. Some serious darkness appears on its way and our accustomed institutions of order are well along towards imposing an order that will be very far from customary. Make no mistake. Compliance will not be voluntary. The 21st century is not going to work that way.

  • Michael

    If we were told this was fiction, it might be considered over the top and far fetched, but the sad reality is that this is what the world has become. The other night, our President rightfully shed a tear with all of us while speaking about the tragedy in Connecticut. Since then, he has made statements regarding the safety of our children and the death of the innocents. He is right. But I think the question needs to be asked of our president: “Why do you not shed a tear for the 400 innocents lost to abortion everyday in our country, or a tear shed for the protection given to places like Planned Parenthood by our own government? Mr. President, why not the collective outrage over the millions of innocents lost since 1973?” What happened on Friday in Connecticut is one of the worst acts of violence we have ever witnessed, and our hearts and minds will be thinking of those victims for ever. We should pray for their families, thier souls, and for the future of our country and society. As usual Prof. Esolen, great and though provoking essay.

    • swoltze

      4,000 of the unborn are murdered each day in the US, not 400…

  • Anne Hendershott

    Thank you for writing this – sometimes we need to be reminded of this – And Professor Esolen does this better than anyone else.

  • aearon43

    Has it ever really been any better? For one, I’d take being a black man in America today over the 1950’s, especially in the South. So there’s that. And look at the other countries, are any better off? Not too many people emigrate from the US, but we still get millions coming here every year. There is a reason for that.

    Be thankful for what you have.

    (Oh, and I almost forgot– U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!)

    • swoltze

      People don’t move to the US to find God, they move here to have a higher standard of living. Though USCCB documents seem to be obsessed with making sure we all have a good standard of living, Jesus said and lived the opposite.

  • Tony

    To the fellow who asks if it has ever been any better:
    That stain on the wall in my classroom is what marks my having hit my head against it some five hundred thousand times, in disbelief, baffled by remarks like that. Let us put things this way. Forget about time for a moment. Focus on location, or culture. Is it better to live in Italy than to live in communist China? Is it better to live in Florida than to live in Cuba? Is it better to live in Canada than to live in Turkey? I am not claiming Edenic status for any of those “better” places, because they’re all infected with modern diseases too, but OF COURSE the decency of life varies from place to place and from age to age. History is filled with moral revivals, and moral collapses.
    Here is your best case for the moral improvement of Americans from 1950 to the present — and even that is a very hard case to make. Yes, we now see fully the evil of racism. I am delighted to see members of races marrying one another. Frankly, I never could see what the big deal was, about somebody’s epidermal conditions. And yet — no, it is not a better time for a black man now than in 1950. In very obvious ways it was worse then, but in the very ways I noted in the article it is much worse now. If you were a black man in 1950, you had to endure the stupidities of racism and the daily indignities, in places all over the country, of white-only this and white-only that. It was disgusting. Yet the evil was primarily done by whites and suffered by blacks — and suffered by them, in the main, with consummate dignity and Christian forbearance. Yet most blacks in that time grew up in intact families. Get that straight — it is crucial. The single most determinitive thing in this life, for some reasonable measure of happiness and of the ordinary virtues that make for a community life — the family — was intact. Now it is in shambles. It was NOT the case, in 1950, that one of every eight or nine black men in his twenties was in prison. It was not the case, in 1950, that seven of ten black children were born out of wedlock. Brown vs. Topeka was adjudicated in those 1950’s, and what do we have now? The schools where most blacks go, in our cities — Washington is a prime example — are immeasurably worse than what Thurgood Marshall justly fought against back then. The only “improvement” I am interested in is the only real improvement there ever is, in human existence — moral and spiritual improvement. I am not sure that a savage with expensive toys is to be preferred to a savage with rocks and sticks. We are the savages with expensive toys.

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  • John

    Yep, the world is terrible and getting worse! However, there is never need to fear. Nothing and no-one can destroy our faith or stop us practicing it. And at the end of the day, it’s our individual choice whether we join the madness or choose God and eternal life. If you want to know how to deal with the sort of thing we are facing, then get a copy of Nien Cheng’s Life and Death in Shanghai. She and other Christians faced oppression a thousand times worse than we had, including 6 years in prison, the destruction of all churches and hate campaigns by the usual suspects. And yet, not only did she survive, but Christianity in China is mushrooming. Oh, and BTW, just where is Mao Zedong these days? Courage, folks. Jesus foretold all this and all we have to do is live and keep the faith.

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  • A Physics Professor

    “Professors at the richest institutions, in a show of deep concern for the working poor, farm out much of the teaching of undergraduates to graduate students and to adjunct professors, at about one fifth of their own pay, if that.” Although I agree with you on the thrust of this article and even the main idea you are trying to get across in this line, you need to know that professors almost never have any real say in that decision, any more than a factory worker in Detroit has a say about the farming out of his work to overseas workers who get about one fifth of his own pay, if that. In both cases, it’s a management decision. Also, most of the adjuncts teach simply because they want to; their main jobs often pay more than a professor makes. At least that’s true in my case.

  • A Physics Professor

    By the way, although some of these things represent disturbing new lows, others are truly ordinary for every country and every year. “The nation’s chief military officer is discovered to be a common adulterer” — yeah, that’s about as rare as “Sailors use foul language” and “Soldiers are seen drinking to excess.”

    Seriously, I think you could make similarly dreadful-sounding lists for Victorian England, Tudor England, Renaissance Italy, the Kingdom of Judah — just about any time and any place. Adam did not eat of the apple just last January.

    One or two of your items are pretty doubtful. “There are some three dozen venereal diseases coursing about, where there once had been but two or three.” Had there *really* only been one or two, or did you only know the name of one or two? HIV is a recent jump to humans, but it’s a fair guess that most of these have been around for millenia, either misdiagnosed or primarily infecting people in parts of the world you don’t think about often.

  • David

    Thank God we have people like Dr. Esolen in our messed up little world. I suppose you must have a bit of a melancholic temperament, Professor, but I am glad to be able to read articles regularly that have your level of spiritual, moral, and intellectual sensitivity. Thanks.

  • Northern Adams

    No mention of legalized drugs or the fact that the government was overthrown this past November? It’s as though we cherry-pick what to pay attention to. Pot is illegal at the federal level. It would have to be legalized first at the federal level. To have it legalized at the state (subordinate) level first, in defiance of federal law, the federal government would have to have been overthrown. Just putting it on a state ballot is to overthrow the federal government. WA and CO legalized not just pot but what it implies: legalized and legitimized the act of using substances in order to get high, and legalized and legitimized selling substances to others in order to get them high. What kind of message does this send to both children and Christians? What does Christian silence absolutely scream out to both children and Christians?

    Why was Adam also cast out of the Garden of Eden? He did nothing, right? He said nothing, right? He stood there and threw Eve under the bus–she did it all, your honor. So why was Adam also cast out of the Garden, same as Eve who was the only one of them to lift actual hands in defiance of God?

    Silence and inaction. They leave you equally culpable as those who do evil. Allowing evil is to do evil.

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Nobody considers pot a threat, but are you expecting them to just break out with crack or meth right off the bat? Pot is infinitely more dangerous than any other illicit drug used for getting high, and it has nothing to do with that one joint. It’s infinitely more dangerous than coke, crack, meth, acid, heroin, or morphine. Why? Because none of those other drugs EVER tries to convince you they’re harmless. Evil is not going to make itself easy for us. If it can’t blend in, it can’t get in the door, right? Looking for red horns and a pitchfork? Is that going to be your excuse for not seeing evil where evil was?

    We’re being laid down. Take away guns, give us pot. There’s one unavoidable, undeniable problem with gun laws. Despite the best intentions, unless they go door-to-door with gun-sniffing dogs, the ONLY guns they can take away are the registered ones. Only law-abiding people register their guns. The reason this will make things worse is because it is only those law-abiding gun owners who will be disarmed. This is why several people are in absolute panic right now.

    In order to subdue decent people, you must erode morality and faith. Those two things are deadly to men in power. How do you subdue decency? There are three things that will quickly and completely throw any life into complete tailspin: sex, drugs, drinking.

    I’m not talking about sitting around at a barbecue having a beer–I’m talking about the bar culture, drinking to get drunk and nearly every day. I’m not talking about regular, normal, moral, HUMAN sex–I’m talking about a Sodom and Gomorrah kind of deviance (and both straights and gays do this–it’s not a question of homosexuality), living for ‘getting off’ in any and every sick, twisted, depraved way imaginable. If you want to really screw up your life, abuse any one of these three things: sex, drugs, drinking. And yet our culture is 100% sex, drugs, and drinking. Can’t really play at those things or turn a blind eye to those things dragging along a faith in God, right?

    Pot always comes around smiling. That’s why we let it in. We’re going to get what we deserve for our silence and inaction. The same thing Adam got for standing there, silent.

    Why are so many of us running scared right now? This has happened at dramatic, psychologically jarring speed in the past twenty years:

    1) Assault of all peoples of ALL faiths–you MUST erode all faith

    2) Sex as a public act and women’s bodies as public property

    3) Impairment–drugs and drinking. We watch Cheech and Chong and laugh at funny beer commercials

    It’s complete. And still we don’t speak out? Right off the bat, we divide our own numbers. Foolish. That’s why we’re getting beat by a demographic that only comprises 10% of our population. That’s how you do that–divide your own numbers. We do half of their work for them.

    • Alecto

      States are NOT subordinate to the federal apparatus. The key word is “federal” not “national”. Why is it so many Americans do not comprehend the form of government we actually established? Aside from federal pre-emption, states are sovereign. Unless you want gay marriage crammed down your throat from the nine black robes, you’d better pay attention. Further, citizens are well within their rights in overthrowing a government which refuses to act in accordance with the Constitution. I can’t help the sheeple who think they exist to serve this present tyranny.