The Classical Grammy Tidal Wave

Over at Ionarts, Charles Downey discusses an overlooked portion of last week’s Grammy Awards: the Classical Grammys.

Recounting that “they handed out the Classical Grammys in the parking lot before the show,” Downey seems unsurprised at the lack of attention generated by the classical genre. I suppose that should come as no surprise: no one showed up in an egg, and Justin Bieber was not even remotely involved. (He also mentions his belief that name recognition played a larger roll in the awards themselves than one might have wished; apparently, there is no Arcade Fire equivalent in the classical music realm.)

Based on his post, there’s a fantastic recording of Saleiri’s overtures and stage music performed by the Mannheimer Mozartorchester that I’ve been missing. Of course, I don’t like “buying blind,” and hunting down readily available (and also free) versions of classical music to sample is never easy, even with YouTube. Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of eggs.

Wait. Didn’t that guy kill Mozart?

[video: 635×355]


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