No progress on pro-life?

Political discussions here on IC tend to include numerous commentors who have chastised the Republican Party for paying lip service only to their erstwhile pro-life plank, observing that, since 1973, despite years of GOP control over both Congress and the POTUS, we still haven’t seen any real progress toward outlawing abortions in our nation.  The counterargument, of course, is that passing legislation is a fatally flawed approach anyway so long as we don’t have the Supreme Court sufficiently sympathetic to pro-life tenets.

This action by the House (holding hearings in preparation for introducing a bill that would make the Hyde Amendment restrictions permanent) is said to be purely symbolic, since pro-choice Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency.  So this effort is going nowhere.  

Knowing that this legislation has no realistic hope of achieving anything, does it bother IC readers that our Representatives are “wasting time” on pro-life posturing instead of addressing the economy and cutting spending, which is ostensibly what last November’s elections were all about?



Jason is a practicing attorney and the Assistant Director for the International Task Force on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide. Epitomizing the maxim