From Philly, a Grisly Reminder of Obama’s Past


The story about President Obama’s support for infanticide as an Illinois state senator came immediately to mind last week when a Philadelphia abortionist was arrested on eight counts of murder.

One of the counts faced by Dr. Kermit Gosnell includes the death of a woman following an abortion at his office. The other seven were late-term babies, born alive, who were then killed by Dr. Gosnell with a pair of scissors he used to sever their spines.

As gruesome as this sounds, it’s precisely the kind of procedure that led to the passage of the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act,” passed by the U.S. Congress in 2002 and signed by President George W. Bush.

When the same bill came before the Illinois legislature in 2001 and 2002, it was opposed by then-state senator Barack Obama. In 2002, Obama even made a speech on the floor against the bill — the only senator to do so — arguing that the “pre-viable fetus” should not be considered a person or offered protection under the Equal Protection Clause.

That determination then, essentially, if it were accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place. I mean, it…. it would essentially bar abortions, because the Equal Protection Clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute.

In other words, in order to protect the right to abortion, we need to allow abortion doctors to finish their job on the child outside the womb with a pair of scissors, if necessary.

Michelle Malkin’s treatment of the “Philadelphia horror” reveals how much, and for how long, Dr. Gosnell’s use of his scissors was known. Using the 281-page grand jury report, Malkin summarizes:

Whistleblowers informed public officials at all levels of the wanton killings of innocent life. But a parade of government health bureaucrats and advocates protecting the abortion racket looked the other way — until, that is, a Philadelphia grand jury finally exposed the infanticide factory run by abortionist Kermit B. Gosnell, M.D., and a crew of unlicensed, untrained butchers masquerading as noble providers of women’s “choice.”

Echoing the logic of State Senator Obama, Dr. Gosnell referred to his use of scissors as “ensuring fetal demise.” In other words, what he called “snipping” the spine was his way of making sure the right to abortion was fully carried out, regardless of the determination (or good luck) of the child to avoid it.

Malkin adds that Gosnell “rationalized his macabre habit of cutting off dead babies’ feet and saving them in rows and rows of specimen jars as ‘research.'”

Among the agencies that knew about Gosnell’s habit of “snipping” and his mistreatment of patients were the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pennsylvania Department of State, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, nearby hospital officials, and the National Abortion Federation.

Obama’s support for infanticide was brought up repeatedly during the 2008 presidential campaign, all based on the original evidence as presented by former nurse and pro-life activist Jill Stanek. Obama’s defenders, including his Catholic supporters, ignored the infanticide issue.

As Matt Smith reminds us at the Catholic Advocate, during the 2008 campaign Obama repeated the Clinton mantra that “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” After signing his health-care legislation containing federal funding for abortion, it’s highly unlikely President Obama would be able to say that again with a straight face.

Smith also notes Obama’s annual message to Planned Parenthood on the occasion of the anniversary Roe v. Wade. On the same day that thousands of Catholics and other pro-lifers will walk through the streets of the nation’s capital as witnesses to life, the president reflects:

Today marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters. I am committed to protecting this constitutional right.

In a Philadelphia jail today sits an abortion doctor who is facing murder charges for doing something President Obama thinks should be legal in order to protect the “abortion right.” In the 2008 campaign, Obama’s outspoken support for infanticide failed to inspire much outrage; but, perhaps, as the case of Dr. Gosnell makes its way through the courts, it will return as an unwanted theme in the president’s 2012 campaign.

Deal W. Hudson


Deal W. Hudson is ​publisher and editor of The Christian Review and the host of "Church and Culture," a weekly two-hour radio show on the Ave Maria Radio Network.​ Formerly publisher and editor of Crisis Magazine for ten years, his articles and comments have been published widely in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and U.S. News and World Report. He has also appeared on TV and radio news shows such as the O'Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, NBC News, and All Things Considered on National Public Radio. Hudson worked with Karl Rove in coordinating then-Gov. George W. Bush's outreach to Catholic voters in 2000 and 2004. In October 2003, President Bush appointed him a member of the official delegation from the United States to attend the 25th anniversary celebration of John Paul II's papacy. Hudson, a former professor of philosophy for 15 years, is the editor and author of eight books. He tells the story of his conversion from Southern Baptist to Catholic in An American Conversion (Crossroad, 2003), and his latest, Onward, Christian Soldiers: The Growing Political Power of Catholics and Evangelicals in the United States, was published in March 2008. He is married to Theresa Carver Hudson, also a Baptist convert, and they have two children, Hannah and Cyprian who was adopted from Romania in 2001.

  • Carl

    Let me see if I got this right.

    Conservative talk and print causes crazies to go on a shooting rampage; never mind they are Bush hating athesist who frequently do drugs amoung other things.

    But there is absolutely no connection between liberal words and legislation to the slaughter of about a million unborn babies a year in the U.S.

  • antigon

    In that blacks are & always have been the chief target of the abortion industry, this goes back rather further into Obama’s past. He slipped by the racist forceps, but – as M. Sanger (in) famously advocated for such lucky blacks in that letter to Clarence Gamble – has been recruited to champion the killers of other victims.

    More black children are killed via abortion than are born every year in that racist mecca New York City. Playthings of the Gosnellesque mass murderers that thrive there, NYC politicians now intend to close the pregnancy counseling centers that save hundreds, maybe thousands of black children in New York every year otherwise targeted for landfills & rat-food, & to provide still higher profits to these children’s killers.

    And New York is hardly alone. It would be interesting to see the black/white ratio of children aborted in Washington state, whose politicians have also targeted centers that rescue, in their view, too many of them. Also of interest would be to see the black/white ratio of children murdered in Dr. Gosnel’s private trade.

    As to Obama, it thus goes back still further: to the slave days when master recruited reliable Africans to enforce the cruelties on their brothers.

  • Deacon Ed

    Doug Kmiec and Sister Keehan be found among the marchers in Washington DC today? Will Fr. Larry Snyder of Catholic Charities USA be among the marchers as well? Will the head of the bishops’ CCHD office close down so that he can lead all his staff on the March for Life?

    Waiting for the answer…..I’m still waiting

    Perhaps others might want to throw out some names of people whom they would like to see marching in defense of life today.

  • bob

    I live in the Phaledelphia area and it looks like Dr. Gosnell might have been performing these infanticide-style abortions since 1979. He’s being charged with 7 counts of murder of 7 babies, which is all the police have evidence on. But they believe that Gosnell has performed the “snipping” procedure on hundreds, if not possibly thousands of babies over 31 years making him the biggest serial killer in US history. Pro-abortion proponents roll their eyes when you discuss the “slippery slope” argument of Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion, but here is an example of the “fruits” of Roe v. Wade.

  • Father of Seven

    We simply need conversion within the Church to end the horror of abortion. If Catholics were actually pro-life, then we wouldn’t be reading stories like this any longer. Catholics are a large enough voting block that politicians would soon have a conversion themselves on this issue if it meant their only path to elected office. God bless Deal for continuing to bring attention to this issue. His observation that Obama’s support for infanticide failed to inspire much outrage in the 2008 campaign is particularly true among Catholics as Obama actually won the Catholic vote outright. It’s time our Bishops put their words into action by, among other things, only hiring truly pro-life individuals within Catholic institutions. It’s time we were properly catechized during homilies. It’s time the scandal of openly pro-abortion politicians publicly reecieving sacraments ended. The Church must reform from within. I mean, Judas didn’t go immediately to betraying his Lord. He started down the slippery slope of deadening his conscience first. We are on the same path. Again, God bless Deal for not letting this story pass without comment.

  • bob

    Imagine if 60 million Catholics in the United States all decided this week to take vacation time, time off from school and activities and spent the week praying and protesting in front of their local abortion clinic, telling politicians they will vote them out unless they do away with pro-abortion laws, volunteering and supporting pro-life unplanned pregnancy clinics……

  • Jenny

    The reasons why more black and Latino women get abortions are their more impeded access to effective family planning and deadlier pregnancy complications. Black women disproportionately inherit pelvic structures dramatically increasing their risks for grisly divorce- and death-causing obstetric fistulas. I am appalled that mother-killing, child-raping priests and their wife-dumping adulterous theoCON apologists oppose the basic human right of medical self-defense of women threatened by pregnancy dangers. Keep in mind that “pro-lifers” oppose contraception and sterilizations that avoid abortions, even for non-Catholic women, and these pious MOTHER-KILLERS get their goose-stepping orders not from the Gospels but from pedophile genocidal heretics of the non-Christian Vatican. Paul VI is a perfect example — he funded priest-run Nazi death camps in Yugoslavia during World War II. John Paul II, before his ordination, worked as a salesman for an I.G. Farbin subsidiary and sold the notorious zyklon-B gas to the death camps. As pope, he also knighted and promoted numerous notorious Nazis like Kurt Waldheim and Hitler’s banker, Herman Abs. Also keep in mind that Mr. Hudson has been a fierce defender of bigamist/OWN SON-RAPIST/”priest” Marciel Maciel. Mr. Hudson is probably a supporter of gun ownership for sensible self-defense reasons, but as a professional misogynist, he twists medical facts to kick unwanted wives into early graves on behalf of pedophile priests and Pharisee wife-dumpers. Obama has educated himself on pregnancy and pedophile priest dangers, so the Philly abortionist’s malpractice record can only be blamed on the pro-poverty MOTHER-KILLERS of the Nazi-electing Vatican and GOP! Put the blame where it belongs instead of libelously grandstanding for the Vatican/GOP mafia.

  • bob

    The bottom line is that what is happening in the womb is a developing, unique human life! To end innocent developing human life at any point in a human’s existence (in the womb through abortion or outside of the womb with euthenasia for example) is always wrong.

  • Dan Deeny

    Great article. The information is correct and Dr. Gosnell’s actions reflect Rep. Obama’s vote in the Ill. legislature. Pres. Obama has continued his strong support for the abortion business.
    You are exactly right! The abortion business is a racist program designed to diminish the number of Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans. Black Americans are very definitely targeted by abortionists. So why does the Black Caucus support the abortion business?

  • Jenny

    It should also be pointed out that “pro-lifers” maliciously lied about the inconvenient medical facts behind St. Joe’s maternal life-saving abortion — the CATHOLIC mother’s health was already destroyed by her obedience to the pro-pedophile priest/merry widower Vatican ban on abortion-avoiding effective contraception and sterilization: her previous pregnancies destroyed her heart and lung health and she was warned that another pregnancy would certainly kill her. Because she FAITHFULLY relied on the mother-killing, pedophile priest-INDULGING NFP CRIMINAL MALPRACTICE SCAM, she became pregnant again! Now I know you cult Catholics believe she should have completely given up sex, but keep in mind that she is MARRIED AND ONLY 27! Moreover, the very hypocrites ordering her to risk spousal beatings, rape, murder or a misogynist annulment for total abstinence DON’T KEEP THEIR OWN VOWS OF CHASTITY OR FIDELITY!

    St. Joe’s followed Catholic directives by DELIVERING her DISEASED organ — the FETUS- AND MOTHER-KILLING PLACENTA!!! The diseased placenta was suffocating both the mother AND THE FETUS! NO DRUGS TREAT THIS CONDITION, AND THE MOTHER NEEDED HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTS AFTER HER LAST CHILDBIRTH! If the fetus had been older, placenta delivery could have saved BOTH lives, but the fetus was too young AND ALREADY DYING, and keeping the dead mother’s uterus on life support wouldn’t have prevented the placenta from killing the fetus. St. Joe’s didn’t have time or legal authority to transfer the mother to another hospital because she would have died before leaving St. Joe’s, which could then be charged with her criminal manslaughter. This whole tragedy could have been avoided if the pedophile- and Nazi-protecting Vatican allowed effective contraception and sterilization. That “pro-life” Pharisees can’t be honest about these medical facts speaks volumes about their own closet skeletons.

  • banjo pickin girl

    especially about the Popes. But one can tell by the venom that she doesn’t want the facts, she just wants to vent.

  • Michael

    settle down before you have a stroke. and stop drinking the kool aid sweetheart. (although these rants sound a lot like ben, don’t they?)

  • Kevin in Texas

    The vile, hateful bilge spewed from the bowels of people like Jenny do not usually come from nowhere. Often, people who emote profusely while libeling and wearing their hatred on their sleeves are motivated by something far deeper than hate: pain and guilt. I know nothing about Jenny as a person other than the outright incorrect information she seems to have imbibed deeply, but many, many people with so much hatred are deeply pained by their own past experiences with, or participation in, abortions.

    The cognitive dissonance involved between one’s feelings of guilt and one’s ideological belief that abortion and contraception should be considered “sacraments” is incredibly soul-destroying. Many thousands of women, as well as men, have benefitted from outreach programs based on Church teachings. like Rachel’s Vineyard and their retreats, and it is incumbent on the Catholic faithful and the religious to support and promote such healing ministries. God’s mercy is boundless and the only thing that can truly heal our wounded hearts and souls. I’m the first to admit that it’s incredibly difficult on a human level to reach out to people in pain who spew hate against you, but we don’t do it alone, or even primarily ourselves. God’s grace is at work when He allows these suffering souls to be reached and healed from their terrible pain. Keep supporting ministries like Rachel’s Vineyard and devotions like the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and reach out to people like this in pain to at least let them know what the Church offers.

  • Admin

    “Jenny” has been banned many times for similarly bizarre and offensive posts, but she keeps changing her IP to get around the block. We apologize that she slipped by yet again. Welcome to the Internet.

    We’ve blocked her latest address, and removed her comments, along with the shorter responses to her. I am leaving up Kevin’s response, though, since it’s fairly lengthy and has application beyond “Jenny.”

  • Gabriel Austin

    It seems to me that some closer study of the catechism would clarify the problem. The true source of abortion is the sin in the soul of the abortionist. The babies will be taken into the care of God, just as are those who die in floods and fires. Consider the number of innocents who are killed in the jungles of Africa and South America and Southeast Asia.
    This plague will not stop until the killers are converted. And chief among these killers are the mothers who submit to their choice. Consider Whoopi Goldberg who boasts of her six abortions.

  • Christine

    I am not excusing Whoopie Goldberg in the least. I don’t find her words funny, I find them repulsive in just about every way. That being said, I read that she had those six abortions while she was addicted to drugs and living in the street. This does not excuse the abortions, but rather demonstrates the darkness of soul and hopelessness that accompanies extreme addictions.

    Why she would say that this darkness should be venerated is beyond my comprehension. She definitely needs our prayers. My guess is that she is so shamed, guilty and unwilling to change her heart, that she persists in this sick bravado in attempts to heal the profound woundedness she has within her soul.

    As Saint Paul said, “But by the grace of God there goes I”…

    I wouldn’t want to be in her head – it must be a very sad and dark place.

  • Christine

    addictions not additions – oopsie.

  • Pamela

    Does anyone know if Fr. Jenkins took a group of Notre Dame students again this year? Or did he have to stay in South Bend to give testimony against the ND87 protestors, or possibly hold meetings to organize this year’s pro-homosexual agenda “Stand Against Hate week” with the Catholic university’s recognized GLBQ student group instead, since the outrage has died down. According to the ND press, his attendance last year was so ‘encouraging’, in light of his allowing the charges to stand against the peaceful pro-life protestors, while allowing pro-homosexual or anti-war protestors to go unchecked. And they made a big deal out of his attendance, pointing out he’d been invited every year and never gone before. Funny how it was only after all the fallout from his honoring Obama and having peaceful protestors arrested. Shameful.

  • Don L

    No sadder words were spoken in the last dacades than Paul XI’s comment about the “smoke of Satan” entering the tabernacle.”

  • AT

    Imagine if 60 million Catholics in the United States all decided to take vacation time, time off from school and activities and spent in front of their local abortion clinic and each adopted 2 children of any race, away from abortion, giving them a safe and loving home. Imagine if all the

  • Tony Wawrzynski

    President Obama has always been and continues to be a pro-abortion extremist as his voting record as a state and federal legislator, and his appointments and policies as President more than amply demonstrate. He has not evolved in the least bit toward the pro-life position, as his statement the other day on the anniversary of Roe v Wade clearly shows. On a related note, it would be interesting to hear some of the soothing commentators who, on this website and others, kept reassuring us that the Obama health plan would not cover abortion, address the case of the New York nurse, Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo, who is trying to protect her right not to be forced to participate in any. The Obama Health and Human Services Department, you see, is in the middle of rescinding the Bush Administration

  • David Elton

    I recently learned that Marilyn Monroe had 13 abortions. No wonder she was such a troubled woman.

  • Doug Moore

    Like many, I was aware of Mr. Obama

  • tom

    obama is now president and there are a lot of abortion friends. this is looking more like our future than obama’s past. we need to come together and vote against what he has done (and what hje did before a lot voted for him the first time), not vote for the lies and bull he spews.

  • Mary

    Obama said, “government should not intrude on private family matters.”???!!!

    Isn’t what I feed my child a “private family matter”?

    Isn’t the kind of lightbulb I use a “private family matter”?

    Of all the unmitigated gall! Talk about “audacity”.

  • Denita

    I deeply regret that I voted for Obama. I know a lot better now, but I never knew this about him. Next election, I’ll know better. As for that doctor, I hope they “throw the book” at him, and then some.smilies/sad.gif

  • John

    It is true that Obama has always been one of the biggest supporters of abortion and specially partial birth abortion and the democrats who supported him like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Casey and other so called Catholics knew this also but vigorously supported him. Even many nuns walked around with Obama buttons during the last election. The problem with us Catholics is that many who use that name have rejected the basic morality of the magisterium yet still go on the attack for the planned parenthood. The fake declaration that Joe Biden make that he is personally against abortion but will support it if his government tells him too is abominable. Let us make is clear that we as a church can no longer support this government and its culture of death, it might bring us outright persecution and massive betrayals by our bishops but let us stand fast against this infamy. As St Thomas Moore said on the scaffold ” I die the kings good servant but God’s first.” Let us pray that our bishops will get some courage and actually fulfill their role as teachers of the Christian Life and stop being stooges for the political system.

  • Rob

    “Perhaps, as the case of Dr. Gosnell makes its way through the courts, it will return as an unwanted theme in the president’s 2012 campaign.”

    Nope. The Beltway Catholics will take out the pom poms for a man who is not a Christian and is not pro-life. Mitt Romney come on down and here come the likes of Weigel to cheer him on.

    It’s the difference between being a Beltway Catholic and a Roman Catholic, between putting the GOP first or GOD first.

  • gill

    I take it all you people are also campaining vigorously against the death penalty.

  • Wow

    I’m sure this will be deleted soon, as you can’t tolerate anyone with a different opinion than yourselves. But for the few brave souls who can stand this line, thank you for reading it. If you are going to spew half-truths and outright lies, at least respond to the criticism with something that sounds reasonable, instead of just deleting anything you can’t handle.

    First and foremost: I agree that you believe abortion is murder. I respectfully disagree. More importantly, this is the United States of America, not the United States of the Vatican. If you think something I do is going to cause me to burn in hell, then fine, that is my God Given right. God gave us free will, and bade we use it. God also knows and see all, so any abortion was done in His eyes, and with His blessing, even if Satan himself had a hand in it. An unborn child is still of innocence, and blessed to th eKingdom of Heaven regardless. What right do YOU have to deny a child that instead of a hell on Earth that so many would live through if they weren’t aborted. It’s a two way street: save the baby, but screw those poor black folk.

    Holier than thou, indeed.

  • A Mitchell

    I read your comment and acknowledge that you do not consider abortion to be murder. Whether or not it is a crime, it is still an ending of a human life.
    You see all we disagree on is whether it is necessary to kill unborn children to secure a better USA. You feel that black folk will live a ” hell on earth” and should be aborted. Unfortunately, they are being aborted at such an alarming rate that it is not inconceivable to predict their eventual extinction in this land of the free. I don’t think that it is a case of those holier than thou Catholics trying to take away the democratic rights of the people, but rather a universal organization dedicated to promoting the sacredness of human beings who have a mandate to tell those precious but obstinate human beings that they are not using their reason, or exercising their compassion by using abortion to solve poverty.
    Keep reading this ignorant site. We will both benefit from the discussion.

  • bob

    Wow…..who are YOU to define whose life is “a hell on earth” if they weren’t aborted? Are you defining “hell on earth” based upon your own myopic, relativistic, untilitarian views of what defines a happy, fulfilled life? Is your definition solely based upon socio-economic factors? That abortion is favorable to someone born in a poor household (and your definition of “poor”)? Possibly that “poor” baby will go on and live a happier, more fullfilled life than you ever will? Perhaps my definition of “hell on earth” describes your life? Should you then have been aborted?

  • E Fros

    @Gill: Are you assuming that all pro-lifers are against the death penalty? And if yes, why do you think that they are against it?
    You should read this article by Mark Shea (from this site):…right.html
    You might find it enlightening (I sure did)!

  • John Jakubczyk

    Many do not remember the 1981 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer exposing the practice of saline abortions and the “dreaded complication” abortionists feared – that of a live infant born after the abortion. Then as now the solution to the problem – kill the child after birth. It has been going on throughout the nation since 1973. The abortion industry is about making money and killing people. Those who are complicit in its ongoing activities will have much to explain before the final judge.

    Great article. Keep the story alive. It might just save a life.

  • Sane Jane

    There are already too many people on the planet screwing up the world for all the other forms of life living here. Being snuffed before you can feel it is way better that living a shit life and bringing the rest of us down having to deal with your unwanted ass. Worry about the people that are already born that are suffering and stop bothering women like me that don’t want to bring a child into the world. Go adopt 10 foster kids. Oh, and if the imaginary guy in the sky cared about human life, why’d Moses go on that killing spree? Moses is revered and he killed every man, woman and child that didn’t buy his bullshit story. He’s way worse than Dr. Snip. The only reason that Catholics initiated all these stupid notions of “every sperm is sacred” is because they were trying to get power and they needed more people! Well we don’t need to take dramatic steps to make more people any more ok! Stop the nonsense and stay out of my body!

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