Friday Free-for-All: January 21

Happy Friday morning! Just a few links to get the day started:

  • The Man Who Loved Women Too Much“: A profile of pro-life lawyer Harold Cassidy… in Mother Jones. The author clearly isn’t too keen on his position, but he seems to have at least a grudging respect for the man.
  • The wild and wooly world of religious artifacts: A Cypriot monk was caught at a Greek airport smuggling a nun’s skeleton (whom he claimed was a saint) into the country. Meanwhile, an icon that had been stolen from a different Cyprus monastery has been returned to its rightful home… by Boy George.
  • Father Cutie, the former Catholic priest who later joined the Episcopal church and married his girlfriend, has been making the media rounds with his book on the experience. He was joined on The Diane Rehm Show by Father James Martin of America magazine, presenting the other side of the priestly celibacy debate. You can listen to the full segment here.

  • Everybody loves a good laugh at another country’s expense, so the New York Times has dutifully rounded up “a glossary of arcane national caricatures.” My favorite so far:

      One Frenchman, an intelligent man; two Frenchmen, a violent altercation; three Frenchmen, a relationship.
      One Englishman, an imbecile; two Englishmen, two imbeciles; three Englishmen, a great nation.
      One German, a pig; two Germans, beer; three Germans, war.
      One Italian, an artist; two Italians, a concert; three Italians, defeat.
      One American, a drunk; two Americans, two drunks; three Americans, Prohibition.

  • The first sci-fi — Le Voyage Dans le Lune  — released a year before the first manned flight, and 60-some odd years before the first moon landing (via Open Culture):
[video: 635×355]

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