Friday Free-for-All: January 14

Happy Friday! A few links to get the day started:

  • It’s official: John Paul II will be beatified on May 1 this year, Divine Mercy Sunday.
  • After an incident where the child of a lesbian couple was asked to withdraw from his Catholic school, the Archdiocese of Boston has issued a “no discrimination” policy in all of its schools (provided that parents “accept and understand that the teachings of the Catholic Church are an essential and required part of the curriculum”).
  • People started panicking yesterday when a news story suggested that the zodiac calendar had changed, changing their sign along with it, but not to worry — it’s still the same silliness it always was.

  • How Iowa Trappists made and donated the casket for Christina Green, the 9-year-old victim in Saturday’s Tucson shooting. Christina’s funeral was yesterday.
  • Tim Drake on a new iPhone app, “Penance,” that allows users to “confess” their sins to others, offer “absolution,” and score “horns” or “halos.” Is this just a silly game or an attack on the Sacrament?
  • A quick shout-out to our friend Tito Edwards, who has launched The — a twice-daily collection of “the best punditry in the Catholic blogosphere.” Tito trolls the webs, looking for the most interesting tidbits from Catholic writers so you don’t have to. Definitely a handy resource to have bookmarked.
  • The flooding in Australia shows no signs of abating, and the government is facing a national disaster of biblical proportions. Here, a video tour through Brisbane gives you an idea of just how bad things are:
[video: 635×355]

Margaret Cabaniss


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