Will I need a bikini or a down-filled parka?

I’m so confused about which future climate scenario I’m supposed to be dreading: a mini ice age or an expansive drought? 

Live Science reported yesterday that some scientists are predicting a severe drought for two thirds of the Western hemisphere by the year 2030:

“We are facing the possibility of widespread drought in the coming decades, but this has yet to be fully recognized by both the public and the climate change research community,” said National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) scientist and study team member Aiguo Dai. “If the projections in this study come even close to being realized, the consequences for society worldwide will be enormous.”

However, other scientists have said we’re going into a small ice age, and it will continue for decades because of global warming’s effects on ocean temperatures.

So which is it: ice age or heat wave? Or will it be a mini ice age until 2030 and then a drought? Do any of these climate experts know what they’re talking about? Sometimes it seems like betting on the horse races. 


Zoe Romanowsky is writer, consultant, and coach. Her articles have appeared in "Catholic Digest," "Faith & Family," "National Catholic Register," "Our Sunday Visitor," "Urbanite," "Baltimore Eats," and Godspy.com. Zo

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