Why Jesse James, Mark Souder, Tiger Woods, et. al Cheat

We Catholics used to be known for the importance we attached to marriage. But in my 13 years as a professional journalist, I rarely read Catholics discuss in detail why marriages succeed or fail. We talk about gay marriage, cohabitation, divorce and adultery, and out-of-wedlock childbearing. But never do we discuss a greater threat to the sacrament and institution:  couples don’t spend enough time together.  Marital counselor Dr. Willard Harley, for example, insists that couples must devote 15 hours minimum (no kids, no TV or movies) each week to meet each other’s emotional needs.

And if couples don’t … well, I’m not saying that your marriage will end up like Jesse James’, Mark Souder’s, and Tiger Woods’, but you get the picture. Over at my blog at True Slant, I make the case that marital quantity begets marital quality. Follow the link.

Mark Stricherz


Mark Stricherz is the author of Why the Democrats Are Blue: Secular Liberalism and the Decline of the People's Party.