Today is National Man Day

I had no idea this day even existed. I had to find out on the Facebook page of a 20-year old friend of mine.  Today — June 15, 2010 — is the second annual National Man Day. Started by three brothers as a Facebook page, the idea has caught on with men across the country.  It’s a day for us men to just do manly things, or something like that.  My friend Kyle is going to “GO CHOP DOWN SOME TREES, PUNCH A GRIZZLY BEAR IN THE FACE, EAT RAW STEAKS, AND WORK OUT FOR 4 HOURS”

In a society (and, alas! a church) dominated by effetes, this “holiday” is likely to become very popular.  And you can tell my bishop I said that.  Happy Man Day!

(H/T Kyle Kumke)




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