The eVatican

As a highly-if-not-quite-exclusively visual person, this story from the University of Villanova really caught my attention:

A team from Villanova University has made touring the Sistine Chapel a reality with just the simple click of a mouse. For the last two years, students and faculty from Villanova have been granted rare clearance to photograph some of Rome’s most sacred, and restricted spaces – work that has led to the creation of state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Tours for the Vatican. Anyone with access to a computer can now tour some of Italy’s most historic cathedrals, including the Sistine Chapel.

The “tour” of St. Peter’s at night is particularly spectacular, and the Sistine Chapel is none-too-shabby, either. I can’t seem to find a section of the Vatican website that includes a listing of every available tour, but I always get a bit lost on their website, anyway. It’s not all in English, which is probably as close to a “native tongue” as I am ever likely to have.)

(A nod of thanks to The National Catholic Reporter’s Thomas C. Fox, who also includes links to the various other churches available through the virtual tour. I was too lazy to do what he did, but I’m not above taking advantage of someone else’s hard work.)


Joseph Susanka has been doing development work for institutions of Catholic higher education since his graduation from Thomas Aquinas College in 1999. Currently residing in Lander, Wyoming -- "where Stetsons meet Birkenstocks" -- he is a columnist for Crisis Magazine and the Patheos Catholic portal.

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