The Chastisement Ceaseth

I just wanted to pop in for a quick post to thank those of you who offered words of encouragement and, far better, prayers, for the recent plight of my family. 

The great news is that just days after writing it, I got a job offer, and started right away. Through the generosity of friends, family, and even some anonymous donors, we managed to cover our bills and rent for the month so I could get us back on our feet. We’ve of course still got a ways to go, and a number of people to pay back, but I’m happy as anything just to be working again. So much for that whole stay-at-home dad thing. (It was fun while it lasted!)

I’ve been so busy at my new position, I haven’t had any time to read any content here, let alone post. It’s only the let down of the long weekend that’s given me a few minutes while I await my ride. 

So thank you, again. If you’ve been praying for us, we’ve been returning the favor. 


Steve Skojec serves as the Director of Community Relations for a professional association. He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he earned a BA in Communications and Theology. His passions include writing, photography, social media, and an avid appreciation of science fiction. Steve lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Jamie and their five children.

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