Sunday Comics: Catholics in Action, Part 9

Apologies for the gap in service…

Below is part nine of the ten-part serial “Catholics in Action,” which originally appeared in Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact in 1952-53.  This set of stories dealt with Catholic Social Doctrine as it is lived out in regular people’s lives, often without any politics whatsoever.

As always, these pages come from Catholic University’s online archive of Treasure Chest.

Interesting, having their study topic turn up “in person” at their meeting!  I was certainly taken by surprise.

Again, isn’t this surprisingly forward-thinking for 1953?  We’re not even at Brown v. Board of Education at this point in history.  I must admit that I’m pleased to see this kind of counter-cultural attitude being presented in Catholic comics from this point in history.

Finally, it’s hard not to notice that 4 out of the 5 males they’ve examined in this series are priests.   That pattern continues in our conclusion, next week!

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Eric Pavlat is a convert from Unitarian Universalism who entered the Church in 1996. He lives in Maryland with his wife and six children. He is also a perpetually professed Lay Dominican in St. Pius V Pro-Chapter, located in Catonsville, MD. He founded Democrats for Life of Maryland, Inc., in 2004, served one term as president, and stayed on the board of directors until 2010. He now considers himself more a Distributist than anything else. Eric teaches 10th grade honors and special education students in English literature, composition, and grammar at his alma mater, Parkdale High School.

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