“Pillow talk” takes on a whole new meaning.

A man married a pillow in Korea.

No, seriously.

He dressed the Japanese anime character-themed body pillow in a wedding dress and had some kind of ceremony. When they go out to eat — as apparently, they do — he orders meals for his wife-pillow. They ride roller coasters together, for heaven’s sake. And according to the Toronto Sun, they’re not alone: Anime body pillows are “an underground trend… where men and young boys form relationships with them:”

This isn’t the first time someone has married an anime-inspired object. In November 2009, a Japanese man married his virtual girlfriend from a Nintendo DS romance simulator in Gwam.

An online petition, with over 500 signatures, calls on the Japanese government to officially recognize people’s right to marry two-dimensional characters.

“We’ve no interest in the 3D. If we could, we’d like to live in a 2D world…

“I’ve been married to Arcueid of Tsukihime for five years now. I’ve no doubt that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. As someone who lives in two dimensions, I’d very much like to support this measure!” wrote another.

I can’t help but be a bit glad that at least Americans still want to marry other human beings. And where are the Japanese psychologists? These poor boys are developmentally ill, incapable of living in reality and forming real relationships. So sad.


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