New Amazonian tribe found in Peru

A new indigenous tribe has been identified in Peru. The Yines are a nomadic people who have never had contact with the outside world. They were discovered living in a national reserve of the country’s Amazonian rainforest.

The government has promised the tribe protection, but that’s increasingly difficult to do. Drug traffickers continue to push further into native lands to grow coca plants; and communist guerrillas have infiltrated the forests.

The worst culprits, however, are said to be illegal loggers and miners (remember the murder of Sr. Dorothy Stang?) as well as multinational companies who, with the blessing of governments, move in to search for oil and natural resources.

Zoe Romanowsky


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  • John

    I seriously doubt that they have had no contact with the outside world. Even contact with other Indian groups would lead to evidence of an outside world. In addition, if they had no contact, it would be difficult to promise them protection or anything else since they would not speak a known language.

    Rather, they are probably a very isolated clan that has broken away from a better known group and is living a traditional life style. As a side note, the last “uncontacted tribe” had been known since the 1930s. A group monitoring illegal logging used a GPS to fly to the location of their known, but very isolated settlement as a publicity campaign.

  • Zoe

    All good points, John.

    I suppose it depends what “no contact with outside world” really means. There may be ways around the language issue, but the news reports don’t share those details.

    I assumed there are no more isolated indigenous tribes on the Earth anymore, but I don’t know…

  • Julie

    And surely they’ve seen planes fly past? They know, at least, that there IS an “outside world.”

  • John

    “I assumed there are no more isolated indigenous tribes on the Earth anymore, but I don’t know”

    I do not think there are any groups left with no contact with western civilization. There are very isolated Amazonian groups whose contact with western civilization is secondary (never seen a non Indian up close, but have obtained a few metal or plastic items by trading with other indians).

    As a side note, the last Australian Aborigione band to make full contact with Europeans was in the early 1960s. Only three of the 50 odd people in the band had seen Europeans and their secondary contact items were limited to a few metal pots. After the contact, one family group remained in the desert living a traditional life until 1984.

    P.S. I really like anthropology. Thanks for an interesting article.